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I want to cosplay yoonbum really badly, but I don't really have the body type for it.

Anon, you should never have to feel that way. If you want to cosplay Yoon Bum, then you go for it, regardless of your body type or how you look. If anyone gives you shit for cosplaying a character you don’t look similar to, then fuck them. No one’s going to perfectly look like a 2D character.

This goes out to anyone: don’t let your physical appearance get in the way of having a good time and cosplaying.

((I did something productive for once– this is why I was up so late))

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The way he looked at me. Oh my, I’ve never felt such things. Here… I guess it was like this. You know… When you feel an unexpected gust of wind come by you and you shiver? That’s what it was like when he looked at me except my body didn’t shiver. My heart did.
—  She talked about him like he put the stars in the sky.

imagine trick or treating with pocket sized got7 really late because they know every house will just end up giving you the rest of the candy they have.

“man, i thought most people would stop trick or treating by this time.” mark huffed, arms crossed and half of his body hung out of the hood of your hoodie.

“i am too old and swag for trick or trea- wow, look at all the candy!” jb says wide eyed, glancing around at all the other trick or treaters’ bags full of sweets.

“OUR MISSION IS TO KNOCK ON EVERY DOOR AND RING EVERY DOORBELL!” jackson exclaimed, standing on your right shoulder and bambam on your left.


the remaining three were hanging out inside your hoodie’s front pocket and saluted the two on your shoulders.

“can you guys quit screaming in my ears?”

“onwards y/n! our candy awaits!” youngjae points his tiny finger forward to signal you to start walking.

jinyoung pokes his head out of the pocket with a ‘tsk’.

“you are all going to get cavities with all this candy.”

“yeah, whatever mom.” yugyeom snorts.

“i’m not your mom.”

“i’m your dad.”

I feel like Eren marveling over Levi’s beauty and making him feel special should be talked about more. Like, Eren kissing Levi’s neck and running his hands up and down his legs softly because he loves the feel of his soft skin. Eren stroking Levi’s silky locks and kissing his hands. Eren holding Levi in the late hours of the night for no reason other than to tell him how goregous he is and how lucky he is to have him. Think about it.

You know, here lately I’ve been getting called fat by some anonymous little bitch. I just wanted to make a quick post for who ever my cute anonymous fan/fans is to save you a little bit of time bc I’m a sweet person. First of all, I’m well aware of what my body looks like as I see myself every single day. Unlike you, considering you’re anonymous, I can’t imagine what you look like. But there’s no need to be ashamed, we all have flaws honey. I’m content & comfortable with who I am so please remember that, although I’m sure ill see you in my inbox shortly. 👍🏽❤️

a/n: I’m lowkey obsessed with anything set in a coffeeshop, so here’s a little something with Mikey. I think I have plans for more like this, so let me know if it’s worth continuing. :) 

Getting up before the sun lost its appeal on day one. Your body aches slightly as you roll out of bed and feel your way to the shower. If it weren’t for the promising prospect of free coffee, you would most definitely still be in bed right now. Nearly an hour later you find yourself pulling the coffee shop keys from your bag and unlocking the door for yourself and equally drowsy coworker.

Michael yawns as he pulls his beanie down over his aqua colored locks before setting to work overturning the chairs in the café area. You make yourself busy with starting up the espresso bars and getting the pastry case ready for what’s sure to be a busy morning.

“Whatcha want to drink this morning, Mike?” You ask as the final rinse cycle runs its course on your favourite bar. You’ve already begun pulling shots for your own drink, a simple Americano with vanilla.

“I don’t care so long as it’s got enough caffeine to knock a buffalo on his ass,” Michael responds through a yawn. “What about that drink you made me last week. The mocha chai caramel thing?”

You scrunch your nose at his suggestion. “Okay first of all that sounds absolutely disgusting. How could you even think I would make something like that.”

Michael shrugs and makes his way over to the bar height stools perpendicular to the espresso bars. He climbs up into the chair closest to you. “I don’t know. All I remember was that it tasted really damn delicious.”

“I think your memory is playing tricks on you,” you smile. “How about a peach mocha?”

This time it’s Michael that scrunches his nose at your suggested coffee concoction. “Mocha and peach? How is that any better than what I suggested?”

“Do you trust me?” You show him a sly smile as you glance towards him. Michael nods slowly before slumping down in the chair and resting his chin in his hands. “Good. I’m making you a peach mocha.”

Michael watches intently as you go through the motions of making him a drink. He won’t admit it to most, but Michael deeply admires you. Everything about you has always intrigued him. The two of you formed a bond almost instantaneously when he got the job at the coffee shop. That allowed you to open up to him about your life quicker than you did with most everyone else in your life. You’re only in your early twenties, but you have put yourself through college, lived on your own, and helped open the establishment you both currently work in.

In all honesty, Michael would be lying to himself if he didn’t admit he found you incredibly attractive. But there’s just something about you that makes him think, makes him know, that he isn’t good enough for you. After all, at the same age as you, he still lives with three other roommates, he doesn’t have a degree of any kind, and he feels like a failure 80% of the time.

But you don’t see that. When you look at the blue haired boy sitting to your right, you see someone just as driven as you. You can’t deny the way your heart skips a beat every time you catch Michael’s gaze on you. He’s kind and respectful, two traits you don’t often see in people. And he’s fit as hell. But beyond that, Michael has a heart of gold. You love watching him interact with the customers that walk through the doors. Whether it’s a regular like Miss Price, the old lady who loves to comment on Michael’s ever changing hair color, or someone visiting the shop just passing through town, he always takes the time to learn something about them and make them feel like they’re family, like they belong within the four walls of the coffee shop.

You smile as you place your latest concoction in front of Michael. Wrapping your hands around your own cup of coffee, you lean your hip against the bar anticipating his verdict.

Michael takes a tentative sip, letting his lips smack together against his tongue. He shifts his gaze toward the ceiling before taking another sip. A slight nod of his head mirrors the satisfied look on his face as he lowers his sight back down to you.

“I must say…this is actually pretty tasty.”

You smile brightly. “Thanks. It’s always been one of my favorites.” A glance down at your watch reminds you that you open the doors in less than half an hour. “Come on, kid. Let’s get this place ready for customers.”

Begrudgingly, Michael slips from his seat and goes back to his job of prepping the café for opening. But in the back of his mind he files away the proud look on your face when he told you of his love for your drink. His heart flutters a bit at the memory, and he never wants to forget that feeling. Across the shop, you smile to yourself, a swelling in your chest at the idea that Michael enjoyed one of your favorite beverages. It’s a small thing in the grand scheme of things, but in this moment, it means the world to you. Both of you, actually.