I know I grew up middle class

Have you ever had experiences like this? 

Okay so I was telling Alafiya some ghost stories the other night and she was so spooked by the stories I told her I thought I’d share this because, hey when are ghost stories not entertaining? I’ve known this story ever since I was a kid. It wasn’t specifically meant for me, since it’s not a bedtime story, lol. I learned about this because my dad loved evening chats whilst playing cards with his siblings, and I liked to eavesdrop. This one account like. Is still vivid in my adult mind, because?? What the fuck happened??

 My dad is a very fun-loving guy. I know I already mentioned this, but dad is obsessed with the paranormal. But he’s also a big scaredy-cat. He lived in a small island in the northeast Philippines. You know the Philippines, we were a colony, and the country has plantations scattered everywhere, known locally as Haciendas.

Well. Dad grew up a lower-middle class kid with his other 12 siblings (yes, THAT many, haha.) 

So, in order to earn some extra cash, dad offered to clean up some haciendas that were uninhabited. Rich folk lived in the city, in Manila, and not in some big old plantation on some lonely island. I think dad was with his brother, and they were joking around, when suddenly?? They heard really, heavy footsteps?? Like giant feet bound with cuffs and chains??

 And mind you, they were in a hacienda, which means the floor wasn’t creaky or anything. They were polished granite tiles. At first, dad thought it was his imagination and they went on cleaning and waxing the floors, when they heard it again, but this time closer. This time, you best believe dad and my uncle ran like the devil himself was on their heels, and dad?? He looked back because of god knows what, and he saw behind him a very crooked figure of something that looked like a hobbled old lady, despite the bent back, she was still unnaturally.. large? And she had a face like a leper’s, or something. It’s just so? Weird?? I still ask dad about it but he won’t elaborate for me. I don’t know what dad did after that, or if they ever went back to the plantation. Or if the owners ever offered an explanation. Who knows.

A 7 year old girl's reaction to TFA

So I was looking after a family friend of mine who had a 7 year old daughter Annie (her unofficial English name) and I showed her first SW movie which was The Force Awakens and without me instigating or hinting anything she was like “He'a gonna like her” I asked her why she thought that and she said “Because that’s how my mummy and daddy fell in love”

I know how her parent met and got married and their story is literally like a drama. Her mum was an orphan who grew up really poor and she couldn’t afford to go to Uni while the dad was born to a middle class family. They met while she worked in convenient store to save up for uni and he ran away from home because of the pressure his family was putting on him to go to good uni and get a job at a conglomerate company (many Korean parents dream for their children) and he’d eat there with his suitcase and she worked graveyard shift so they’d always see each other around. One day he didn’t have enough money for food and she asked if he ran away from home and he said yes she paid for the remaining amount of money and told him to go back home as payback. The dad being stubborn teen he was like I’m not going back to that place but she still paid for him. Long story short they got talking, asked about each other and their reason for why they were doing what they were doing and she helped him realise his dream and now he works as a curator in a museum and she went to uni at 25 and is a writer.

Annie looked at me for reaction and I put on my best poker face and she was like “She’s everything he’s not that’s why he’ll probably like her because he’s surrounded by people like him and he doesn’t seem to like himself or anyone like him. That’s why my dad ran away. Daddy said he felt suffocated by everything and when mummy appeared she brought bags of fresh air with her. Rey is like Anna and Kylo is like Elsa. She’s gonna help him melt his ice palace.”

I asked her why she’s gonna help instead of Rey being the reason his ice palace melts.

Annie: because he’s the one who built his ice palace so he’s the only one who has the power to melt it; he just don’t know that yet but she’s gonna help him see that.

I’m like are you actually seven? I was eating worms I found in the garden at that age.

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I'm a white author and one of my main characters is a black man. He has just escaped from being kidnapped but now one his friends, a black woman, is still being held hostage and he doesn't know where. Because of the violence done to the black community by the police, do you think it is likely he would call the police or no? He grew up in a lower middle class area and went to very good university if that helps. Sorry if this is an inconvenience...

Hmm…I feel like I may not be the right person to answer this. I’m gonna turn this to the followers->

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This has been a rant that has been formulating in my head for a couple of months (since I was introduced to the hashtag world of Instagram), so I figured #reclaimthebindi week was an appropriate time to post this.

“They rip off our culture, then ignore our struggle”-Huey Freeman of The Boondocks

1)      As a child, I grew up in a predominantly white upper middle class community and mostly everyone was Christian. When a lot of people asked about my religion, they always had a slightly condescending and judgmental tone to go along with it. “Oh, I hear your Hindu, don’t you have multiple monkey and elephant gods….like a Pagan”. I would always lie about celebrating Christmas and Easter, you know because I didn’t want anyone to think I was the devil or something.  Nowadays though, I feel that many Christians have picked and chosen the parts of the religion I grew up worshipping for the sake of being  #spiritual #trendy #pinealgland #gypsy #yogini #ChakrasAligned. I see screen printed t-shirts with those Hindu gods on it and Hindu god tattoos worn by people who don’t even know or understand Hindu culture. When girls in their tight ass lululemon pants post videos on Instagram doing surya namaskara without knowing or caring about the meaning of the mantra or the religion that goes along with it. It’s not that Yoga is necessarily a problematic thing (not from a cultural appropriation standpoint anyways…biomechanically and posturally EHHHH), it is that yoga has become so associated with white people, that the “Hinduness” of it has purposely been taken out, to make it more digestible for the common masses. And it’s ironic when many of those who are judgmental of Hinduism as a religion, rip it off and make it a #YogaLifestyle (PS: I am totally Atheist/Agnostic by the way. However being raised in a Hindu household, this really bothers me).

2)      I remember when someone who I looked up to as a kid said, “Oh Indian people eat with their hands because they are savages, uncivilized and never learned how to use utensils properly”. I internalized this as well, and never ate with my hands again…..despite the fact that my parents always did it. Try eating naan with a knife and fork, shit ain’t easy.

3)      When in elementary school I wore henna to school and girls made fun of me like “oooooooh is that shit on your hands or what?”. I understand little kids are shits, and it’s natural, but what bothers me is when I look on Instagram and many people who are not south asian/arab wearing Henna  (for the sake of #henna, not for a specific cultural function).

4)      Other various racist comments I have heard that haven’t sat well with me are:

  •  I don’t want my personal trainer to be Indian
  •  I hate Indian people…..OH WAIT YOU’RE INDIAN?….JK didn’t mean that
  •  You’re really attractive….for an Indian girl
  • Guy at the gym: “Oh you’re Indian? Can we kama sutra?” **winky face*
  •  I like that you look exotic but are white washed, it’s sexy as fuck.
  •  You’re Indian? Are you a terrorist? You can terrorize me any day *winky face*
  •  I’d like to eat you out, because you probably taste like curry.

(notice how a lot of these are gross pick up lines from randos ugh I can write a whole other rant on that )

5)      And now for THE BINDI:

Out of all the Indian traditions that I abandoned because I got harassed/made fun of, the bindi or “pottu” takes the cake. The worst time was when I was walking with my grandparents at some Chuck E’ Cheese type place and have some older kid say “Oh yeah it’s good they look like they got shot in the head they deserve that”. My grandparents didn’t hear it, but I did. That made me really uncomfortable….to the point where I didn’t even want to be seen near my parents/grandparents when they were dressed up in Indian clothes. But more importantly, I felt like less of a person because of the fact that I am Indian, and I figured the bindi was the tell tale sign that I was an Indian. So I decided to abdandon it, as an 8 year old. Every time I DID wear on Indian clothes for a function , I was always fighting putting on a bindi. I always took it off and threw it away when my parents weren’t looking.  I guess now I should be happy that the western culture has finally accepted my cultures bindi as #spiritual, and I can finally embrace it and be a #bindibabe.

Indie/hipster people get all pissy when a band gets super popular, and claim that “they didn’t appreciate this band when they were underground, they don’t deserve to listen to this band”……well my dear friends, “You didn’t appreciate and support the bindi when people of color were being harassed for wearing one, you don’t deserve to  wear one now.”

i even stopped wearing my gold necklace given to me by my grandmother as a baby that has the word Allah on it and a hamsa pendant out of fear that people would see it and know that i’m a Moroccan Muslim and treat me differently

this is another reason why non Muslim/Jewish/Middle Eastern/North African people shouldn’t be wearing things like this, i grew up too afraid to wear clothing associated with my culture and religion, yet you guys can do it carefree lol

I scrubbed my hands red raw to get henna off of them after coming back home from spending Eid in Morocco with my family, I wanted it off before school but i couldn’t get it off, when i went to school everybody liked it except this dickhead in my class who made a remark that has stuck with me ever since

i can’t enjoy my culture without fear of being ridiculed and being a target of racism and Islamophobia so no you’re not allowed to either

i forgot if I’ve told y'all how everybody knows each other/is friends so basically ronny and piper met in middle school and grew up together from then on out and came out to each other/acted as beards and met Chris sophomore year in high school because of a group project and he ended up being pretty chill for being a straight guy and piper met deb in a WGS 101 class and piper hated the class while deb loved it but they both bonded over making fun of literally everybody else in the class and ronny and deb bonded over being dumbasses and also they share a television show that’s very much a guilty pleasure for the both of them and deb and Cassandra are both drama hogs on principle so they love each other. ronny met cassandra freshmen year before she came out to him the rest of the group at the time a few months later. her and ronny are friends because they both like punk shit and her and piper are both gay bitches who love drugs so they bond over that. chris and deb are friends because Chris takes notes on her feminist dissertations to try and be a better ally even though he doesn’t understand half of it and Chris and cassandra are friends because they both love video games and they both have a new gf every other week

I know I should feel sympathy for most Donald Trump supporters. I know they are mostly uneducated and uninformed . But...I still can’t quite manage it. (And I consider myself someone with a lot of empathy.)

Hey, I grew up in a (relatively) poor, working class background. I had a dad and various relatives who possessed some, well, very un-PC views, let’s put it that way. But still; They had a “live and let live attitude” attitude. Essentially. They weren’t actively out to get anyone.

And no one I knew was ever as fucking hatefully energetic as Trump supporters are. 

So, no:  I refuse to understand anyone who has made it their mission in life just to fuck over innocent people they don’t even know.

The spitefulness, man. The sheer spitefulness. That’s what I can’t get over.


I saw Bernie Sanders speak tonight and it was the closest I’ve been to a religious experience. Every proposal he gave came in the form of a promise to us. The promises he made was to make reform to the treatment of minorities, especially African American people since the youth who graduate with high school diplomas are 51% unemployed. He touched on the necessity of redistributing wealth is necessary; paralleling the middle class bailing out the banks and how it’s now their turn to bail us out of debt. He’s going to a church to speak tomorrow in the neighborhood I grew up in full of crack addicts, lowest income housing, shootings. He wants everyone to know he loves them. He talked about how villainous it is to have so much money, and people are dying because they don’t have insurance. I respect his lack of fear in becoming a scapegoat in order to show he’s not superior to us. I also took the best selfie of all time with him.