I know I don't look it

news: tony stark is bedridden!!!! a hermit!!! no one expects to see him at this charity gala tonight!!!!

tony: okay well Fuck yOu just because i’ve been Existing Anxiously With Panic And Anger in my garage for an uncomfortable amount of time since My Shitty Desert Vacation does not mean i can’t get in a nice suit, drive a nice car too fast, and go be Tony Stark™ for a few hours

tony: *shows up at the gala*



tony: oh my god who the Fuck is Tony Stark™ and why did i think i’d know how to be him. when can i leave. people are talking to me and i miss my garage i can’t believe i showered for this, 

I’m calling it right now, the FE fandom is gonna be freaking out over Leo and Takumi, making posts about Camilla’s boobs, complaining Hinoka is in the game because she’ll be similar to cordelia and asking where the Shadow Dragon characters are





#so much tongue #so little time

On one hand killing off Toffee that easily would be seen as “anti-climatic” or “Too soon” and we still have another season after this one, and he was so far the best villain and will be difficult to top, but on the other hand that was the most epic and most fitting way to kill him off.