I kinda find that interesting

i find it interesting that Page Turner, the episode that introduced Hekapoo

also featured Marco reading Eclipsa’s chapter and … this

and her seeing the whole thing.

I wonder if she was remembering it during Running With Scissors?

Some keypoints:

  • Castiel was amazing
  • I got so upset when Mary got angry at Castiel
  • I don’t like Mick’s weird beard but I kinda find him interesting anyway. At least so far he and Ketch have been very consistent characters
  • Dean and Sam (especially Dean) are… terrifying. Dean reminded me of purgatory!Dean, which I greatly appreciated
  • I didn’t understand why Dean could say that imprisonment was worse than hell…? Sure, Dean also begged for the torture to stop back in Hell. So maybe he just has a breaking point and it can be reached certain ways (such as isolation)
  • Of course they made a deal with Billie
  • I’m sad that Cas killed her…!
  • But his little, heartfelt, tearful speech? The highlight.
  • Cas got two hugs!!!!!!!!
  • Ketch looked like he wanted to eat Cas alive. What’s your deal Ketch? Are the British MoL so interested in Cas because he’s a powerful creature or because they think he’s hot.
  • Shout out to Crowley not being sentimental and tiny tears for Cas who thought that everyone would miss them/ want them back, even the king of hell.
  • I wonder if breaking Billie’s deal will have consequences for Cas. If yes. Bring it. My heart is ready to be torn apart.

And that’s it for the moment. Feel free to share your thoughts, squee and grievances.

Alright Voltron theory time

Okay so we all know about Shiro asking Keith to lead the team and how in the original Voltron Keith was the leader.


But, our Keith doesn’t exactly seem like the leader type??

When I heard that I was like no if anyone is gonna pilot the black lion if Shiro dies, it should be Allura.

And then I realized. There is canon evidence that Allura is qualified to pilot the black lion.

Exhibit A:

This describes both Shiro and Allura. (It’s also worth noting that the image of Allura fades away in a visual transition to Shiro. Probably means nothing, but it could symbolize the shared traits. More on this at the end of the post.)

So, okay, Allura is qualified on a personality level. But that doesn’t mean she can pilot the lion.


Exhibit B:

Allura says “we must form Voltron.” Not, “you and the paladins must form Voltron,” or “the paladins must form Voltron.”

AND, this gets even more specific. Thus far we have no evidence that all of the original paladins (minus Zarkon) are not available.

So, assume they have all the paladins. But, they can’t form Voltron because the pilot of the black lion betrayed them. But if Allura is suggesting it, that means she must know they can form Voltron.

And what pilot is missing? The pilot of the black lion. Allura is Zarkon’s replacement as the black lion’s pilot.

(And going back to the fading out symbolism with Allura and Shiro, it could also symbolize Allura handing over the mantel of the black lion pilot to Shiro.)

What I find interesting and kinda funny in the next Dragon Ball Super arc , its that it seems like they are trying to please most if not all of the fans

  • Want Buu back? DONE
  • The original Dragon Ball characters? Tien , Roshi and Krillin are ready!
  • Android 17? Fuck it, put him there too
  • Gohan to be relevant again? Sure, we’ve been building to this
  • Piccolo is also ready to throw down.
  • Also Android 18 cause she is badass.
  • Cabba , Hit and Magetta are back cause they were awesome!
  • Broly? Look at this Broly, she is a girl, and is massive. First Woman SSJ
  • New chracters too! We’ve got a ton of interesting designs
  • And probably a new Super Sayain form for those who like that.
  •  Want to see the rest of the Kaoi-shin, Hakai-shin and Angels? OK then.

Honestly the only thing they would be missing to please everyone would be somehow involving Yamcha, Gotenks and maybe making some of the other girl fighters relevant and it would be perfect.


She is old
and tired
- a myth

She understands why they choose to sleep
But it’s never been an option for her

But the Force
Comes to her
One last time

So once again she takes up the role of fixing things
Fighting and loving and breaking until the galaxy’s at peace

It has been aeons
Her phone died
Two millennia ago

But the first thing she sees upon her waking in the Force
Is his smile, and then she is embraced by her soulmates

(They never stopped waiting
She’s never been happier
And now she’s at peace)

Yknow I find it interesting that Inigo is doing both masculine and feminine flirting signals in this official art, specifically the hair twirl (considered a really obvious feminine flirting signals) and hand on belt (less obvious, but considered more masculine as it makes the person seem more tall and confident)

I do wonder why they chose to make him do a hair twirl in the official art, considering how that’s mostly not done by guys when they’re trying to flirt. Either this implies that he’s literally so good/bad at flirting with people he does the feminine techniques as well, implying something about his sexuality (but that’s a bit of a far stretch.) Or they just drew him in the pose because why the heck not. Who knows lol

also I’ve said this before and I still find it kinda interesting
but I feel more masculine with longer hair
I think it’s because when I was younger I cut my hair short a lot and was still called “she” and everytime I do cut my hair short I hear a lot of “you’re so daring I could never cut off all my hair” “you are pretty for a girl with short hair” so it’s like, now they say nothing about that when my hair is longer.
I mean one girl once said “then you’ll actually look like a girl” when I mentioned growing out my hair in the past, to which I shaved my head, but still
I don’t talk to her
I am just a pretty boy with pretty long hair

Do you ever look at romantic relationships from the outside and think that it looks nice… and kinda wonder if maybe you do want it after all? But you know there’s no one you feel that way about and there never has been, even though you tried so many times to convince yourself you did.

And some part of you thinks maybe it really IS that you haven’t met the right person yet, even though deep down you know it that’s not the case.

Just me? Ok

Sometimes I think about trying to learn sign language. There were multiple people at this convention (and honestly there’s usually at least one or two each con) who use ASL.

I dunno if I’d struggle with trying to learn it though. I took Spanish in high school and I actually really liked it… for like the first year and then I struggled pretty damn bad and now I barely remember any of it. But high school also seems to kinda kill the joy of learning any language.

I dunno. I find ASL interesting and it would be cool to be able to sign with people at cons.

bekkomi  asked:

League ask: 43, 9, and 45 :V

43- Favorite Lore champion?

Kalista. Not to sure why but just her backstory is kinda sad but I find it interesting. How she’s not one but many souls taking revenge against those who backstab. Really awesome!
Tie between Kalista and Kindred. I love all lore about avatars of death.

9- if you could date a champion irl who would it be?

I would date/marry graves. That man can put his babies in me. He’s one fine beast I’d love to tango with!

45- if you could be a league champion what would your kit/role be?

I would be some sort of healer support. I really feel like a support main here but I love the satisfaction of keeping someone alive and I’m always playing healers. All games. Wow/overwatch/league/Tera etc!
Just the role resonated with me.
I’d be heals like Soraka and Sona but I’d love to have a shield like Lulu and Janna.
Maybe some sort of knock back to keep people’s off my adc. Like a lulu but in a sona form. Like a “fuck off brah” kinda thing. Yeeee and some damage ofc I need a good poke!~

im tempted to do my dissertation on a hybrid of a critical analysis of linguistic imperialism with a side of exploring linguistic growth through pop culture and social media and potential future of language (perhaps a formation of a new lingua franca? a neo lingua franca, if you will???? hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm)

but i’m lowkey scared that that’s such a “typical” topic? like… it’s something that i find super interesting but… idk, just kinda feel it’s not “smart” enough

“I’m not gonna lie, I’m annoyed that Lila is another kinda bratty girl. I find her interesting now that I think back on the episode, though. Unlike Chloé who is honest to a fault, Lila consistently lies. I feel like Chloé’s actions are because she feels superior, whereas Lila’s are because she feels inferior. I hope both of them get some development over the next season.”