I kinda find that interesting


It’s equal parts frustrating and wonderful that the Counselors in the Friday the 13th game have very little established personality, because while on the one hand it means nobody sees them quite the same… on the other it gives you free reign to develop fun, quirky details about them. And somehow, perhaps because I play Deborah almost exclusively and it’s something both myself and my sister have used when being camp counselors in real life… I can’t help seeing Deborah deliberately giving people the wrong middle name to get their attention. The more ridiculous the name, the more frustrated she may be, or the more she wants their attention. And sometimes it may be a very awkward attempt to flirt, who knows.

It does bring a lovely picture to mind of her wearing Pamela’s sweater and scolding him with a fake middle name too! (Who knows, it might work for a moment even!)

As for the blushy picture… well I just couldn’t help myself. XD Not sure if the cute blond guy she’s swooning over is Chad or maybe even Tommy (he IS sort of an ash blond in the movie, after all!) I can kinda see either or even both; Chad’s cute even if he’s about as smart as a rock, and Tommy’s not too hard on the eyes either, plus he’s canonically quite good at tech things like repairing machines. They can bond while repairing the phone, maybe!

Izuku and Shinsou’s relationship, and eventual partnership

So I answered an ask (this one) about how Shinsou would deserve to learn Izuku was quirkless and be told the secret behind One for All, and couldn’t help but wanted to write a proper post on his and Izuku’s relationship, as I came up with other thoughts shortly after. I really believe Shinsou and Izuku would become good friends, and could even be close to each other if they came to share their past and painful experiences of being quirkless/having a quirk labelled as evil and being mocked for that.

To begin with, I find interesting to notice the good chemistry going on between Izuku and Shinsou. Shinsou had no problem to understand Izuku, and Izuku was moved by Shinsou’s words. Izuku was warned by Ojiro about Shinsou’s quirk. He was aware he had to be careful to not fall for any trap, but Shinsou succeed anyway because he knew exactly what to say to set up Izuku. 

He could set up others students before without relying on strategy and guessing their personality because they weren’t aware of his quirk. But after that he had to think about how to force Izuku to talk because he knew how his quirk worked. So he had to read through Izuku and come up with something that would make him commit a mistake quickly, before he could throw him out of the ring. Shinsou didn’t know Izuku personally, never talked to him before, but surprisingly, he knew exactly what to say because he guessed well what would throw Izuku off. I don’t think this could’ve worked with others students, like Todoroki, Tsukuyami or Bakugou. Shinsou probably guessed Izuku was a loyal and honest friend, and could feel he was compassionate. He tried in a last resort to make him talk by provoking him on how blessed he was and how little Izuku must have known about being cast aside and seeing his dream denied because he couldn’t fit. And he was right, as Izuku was fighting back against his instinct to don’t answer Shinsou. 

It wasn’t a matter or making him fall in his trap anymore, as Shinsou was really pouring his heart out in front of Izuku, and, once again, I don’t think he would’ve done the same in front of someone else. I truly believe he could do so in front of Izuku because he felt listened enough to voice his feelings to him. Their relationship kinda feel like these ones when you meet someone for the first time but it’s like you knew them since forever. Had it not been during a fight, Izuku would have probably let some information slip or at least suggest he was the same, because he can’t watch people being hurt and do nothing about it. It was physically hard for him to not talk back to Shinsou. Izuku felt Shinsou’s distress, and was really holding back because he really wanted to help him and find a way to heal him mentally and emotionally speaking. At the end, he eventually took a step forward and talked to him, without even contemplating Shinsou could use his quirk again. 

Shinsou looked mischievous when he told Izuku he should be more careful when he’s talking to him, like he’s surprised but pleased with how Izuku lowered his guard just after their fight despite falling for his trap once. To be honest, I find that very cute. It’s noticeable that Shinsou’s already kinda fond of Izuku.

Shinsou has experienced painful words and wrong assumptions, exactly like Izuku (though on a different level) because of similar reasons ; because they didn’t fit in.

They didn’t because one had an ‘evil quirk’, and the other was quirkless and 'weak’. It would be moving to see Shinsou and Izuku share their experiences and support each other whenever they would admit it was really hard and painful. They both have friends who support them now, but finding someone you can relate to and share your experience with when you’ve been hurt by how others treated you unfairly is life-changing. It makes you feel you’re not the only one, you’re not facing those hardships alone and someone can actually really understand and identify with what you’ve been through. It’s incredibly healing and comforting, and I do hope Izuku and Shinsou will eventually come to talk about it. 

Shinsou is someone who’s very reliable and trustworthy; he has this incredible quirk that could give him access to absolutely everything, but he decided to use it fairly to be a hero. He didn’t take the easy way, because not only his quirk isn’t adapted to what UA hero course expects, but also because he’ll face a lot of prejudices because of his ‘evil quirk’, and will constantly be told by people he can’t be trust. This kind of assumption, especially when you’re still a kid growing up and building your identity, is incredibly painful and breaks more people than you’d think. So Izuku and Shinsou couldn’t do anything but accept painful words and wrong assumptions, waiting for the day they could prove to everyone else how wrong they were to treat them this way. They’re both moving forward, but their past are an important part of who they are. Izuku especially can’t talk about his past for obvious reasons, but he and Shinsou would probably be unwilling to talk about their past, at least not genuinely, with most people because what could they give them apart from sympathy? People fitting in because they have good quirks didn’t have to live what they’ve been through, so maybe they’ll be compassionate, but they won’t understand. Izuku and Shinsou won’t see that light of understanding in anyone else’s eyes, like they could with each other because they can relate with what they’ve really been through, and how painful it was because they know. For now only Izuku can feel that way towards Shinsou, and he’s already concerned about him after their fight, where he felt sorry he couldn’t do a thing, and privileged his victory over Shinsou’s feeling of achievement.

Shinsou, like Izuku, is incredibly brave, because even though people doubted him, even though he failed to enter the hero course, still tried and pushed his way through, enough to be the only student of the general course to attain the last stage. Because he can’t help what he long to be and after all, can’t give up on being a hero. That’s truly admirable, and Izuku did the same when he didn’t give up even though his entire class in middle school mocked hip for taking UA entrance exam. They both didn’t gave anything up and still tried because there was no way for them to just turn their back to their convictions. For them to stay true to who they are and stick to their convictions without going astray mean they share high morals and a strong sense of justice where power isn’t to be used so you can take advantages of others. In that sense, they’re very similar, and I believe they could be friends and for that reason, be very dear to each other. It wouldn’t be unexpected at all for them to become close. It would also be very interesting in regards to the plot and character development, and also endearing for all the reasons I wrote above. From the little interactions we’ve seen of them later, when they cross path and Shinsou’s with Aizawa, it’s hinted that Shinsou will take part of Izuku’s life later. I sure hope Hori will explore their relationship because Shinsou and Izuku are unique to each other in UA and would really benefit for being close friends. In a interview, Hori confirmed Shinsou will later take an important part in the story.

Given how Izuku was the only one of the hero course he bonded with, it would totally make sense for them to work together and gradually become closer. I’m looking forward to that, because I really feel a special chemistry between those two, for the way Shinsou is amused and comforted by Izuku’s honesty and how Izuku relate to Shinsou and already care about him.

I find kinda interesting that in this season, Sana’s season, we don’t have literally enough time to be sad for sana. We never experienced this before. In season 3, we were desperate as hell only for isak and noora in s2 and Eva in s1. We weren’t sad for anyone else, just for the main. We were focused on the main.

But in this season, first we were worried about even and now we are upset about noora. And from the beginning of the season I asked the same question with anger ; WHY DO I FEEL WORRIED ABOUT OTHERS? THIS IS SANA’S SEASON, WHY DO I KNOW FEEL ANXIOUS ABOUT OTHERS? and I feel so dumb that I finally understand this now. Because Sana is worried about others. This is why I feel anxious. because she feels anxious. Sana is not only fighting with her own demons, but fighting for/with others. Everyone trusts her because Sana knows™, right? She takes everyone’s problems as herselfs and be sad for them. She even can’t find enough time to be sad for herself because her friends are not doing ok. And even though this fills my heart with warm feelings, it triples the pain. Now we are sorry not only for Sana but even and noora and others. Because my girl has this huge heart that can’t stand see anyone sad.

You know what I find kinda interesting? In this fandom, we all have pretty much the same ideas for what most of the characters look like. Valkyrie is a adorable teenage girl with dark hair and dark eyes, Dexter is blond and hot af, Ghastly is balnd and scared and has muscles and dresses nice ect ect. Apart from China. Everyone draws her differently, everyone imagines her differently. It’s like she’s the most beautiful woman in the world so we picture her as what the most beautiful woman in the world would look like to us all seperatley

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i feel like keith's situation is a cross section between luke skywalker and anastasia (except in a more generalized sense). like those other two find out that they're descended from people who were hated rather than just merely being the same species as the imperialists in question. anastasia got amnesia, and once she found out the truth she was elated because being a princess is great when you don't die. luke was less elated and he gets no real benefit from being vaders son besides the powers.

Oh that’s an interesting parallel! I’m not too familiar with Anastasia, and I’ve never watched the movie myself, but I’ve heard of it before. I can kinda see what you’re saying. Keith does go through a lot of self loathing and struggles with this notion that he’s a monster, that he’s part of the galra empire–a character arc that’s very similar to Shiro’s, I think–so you can really see the toll his heritage has on him. 

Anastasia and Luke are also a prince and a princess though. If Keith was a secret space royal Lotor would probably be pissed that he isn’t the only half-galra prince lmao 

On the topic of Keith being kinda like a space prince though, I do think it’s interesting that he takes such a personal interest in defeating the galra (this starts before he supposedly realizes that he’s one of them). Like, he makes it his personal mission to overthrow Zarkon

And no one was as livid as Keith at what Lubos had done to his people. Corrupt tyrants are really something Keith especially gets riled up about. He says “You’re no king,” like he understands what that kind of responsibility means; wouldn’t it make more sense to hear that line from someone like Allura? I just think Keith’s very personally invested interest in the greater good is very interesting. Particularly for someone who spent much of their life isolated and all alone 

Writing Tip (that nobody asked for)

Lemme tell y’all about my personal writer’s hack that has made my life soo much easier!

You know that feel when you’re writing and you suddenly stop like, “shit, what’s the word I’m looking for?” and then spend the next however many minutes searching until you either find it or give up? And then you come back to what you were writing like, “…I don’t know where I was anymore…”

Well I’m here to help you out with that problem!

The best piece of advice I can offer to writers is once you start writing, do not stop. Get in the zone, let the ideas flow and let that Writer’s Rush really hit you! Don’t worry about spelling, or paragraphing, and, as I mentioned, specific words.

When you come to that gap, that “what’s the word I’m looking for” feel, just take a set of double brackets, ((like so)), and describe the word you are searching for. It can be similar words, or just anything that will help you remember once you come back. This also works great if you’re trying to decide between two different words or phrases.

I go for double brackets because I use singles as part of my writing and don’t want to get confused, but also because my thoughts kinda do function like words in a bracket, if that makes sense? Like it’s not to be taken into account with the rest of the story. You can use any symbol you feel like really, just anything that’s not used too often and can be easily found, especially using Google Doc’s “find and replace” feature. (Another freaking good writer’s hack!)

Once you’ve done most of the framework for your story, that’s when you come back to your double brackets. That’s when you can take the time to search through your thesaurus (yet another good hack! I mean it! Use it!) or simply ponder your word choices.

Anyways this is what works best for me. Keep in mind that everyone is different and has their own ways of writing, so my advice may not apply to every writer out there. But yeah, if you want, feel free to try this out! Or perhaps you already have a similar system. Either way, I hope this helped in some way or another!


What I always find interesting and kinda funny about Japanese twitter is that whenever people follow my account they’re like

Pardon me, but may I follow your account?” (失礼します!フォローさせて頂いてもいいですか?)

and whenever I follow someone back they go like

Thank you very much for following me back. Nice to meet you.” (フォロバありがとうございます!よろしくお願いします).

and whenever someone who doesn’t follow me replies to my tweets they’re like

Excuse me for replying to your tweet even though I am not in your circle of followers, but…” (FF外から失礼します)

I had heard of this typically Japanese twitter culture before but seeing people actually using these infamous phrases was interesting nevertheless (I got too used to the casual “follow me if you like, unfollow if you don’t” relationship on tumblr)! (≧▽≦)

Also, another thing I find interesting about the Japanese Kuro fandom is that many of my followers (I’d say ¼ or even 1/3?) are women in their 30s~40s who have children, some of them even read Kuro together with their daughter(s)! That’s why my twitter timeline is very interesting/funny because you get to see their daily life tweets like “I brought my son to the football club this afternoon” or “I had a quarrel with my husband. I won’t talk to him until he apologizes to me” as well as detailed Kuro analyses in a ratio of 1:3 xD The rest, i.e. ¾ of my followers, seems to be middle/highschool/college students, I think people in their 20s like me are rather in the minority, at least I haven’t acquainted myself with anyone of my age yet! (*‘ω‘ *)


2017/10/26 Blog post by Keiko 『26日』

October 26

Good evening ♪ This is Keiko.

I have started eating a lot more hot meals. The other day I had one of my all time favourite meals, hot pot!
Since this is Yakuzen Nabe [hotpot that’s prepared according to TCM with lots of healthy stuff], there are various things added to the soup ♪ By the way, the soup on the left side of the picture was super spicy (Chongqing) so I mostly cooked my food in the right soup (plain water) *laughs*

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Does anyone ever get this feeling, where you discover a new thing/rediscover an old thing, and suddenly EVERYTHING in your life has to revolve around that? Like, you buy as much stuff including it as possible, talk about it non-stop, making 3 new folders on your phone for photos dedicated to that ONE THING and then like…a week later you’ve gone off it/moved onto something else, and you’re just waiting on a shitload of stuff to arrive that you ordered a week ago when you were obsessed

Like, 2 years ago at Christmas, I was SUDDENLY OBSESSED with dinosaurs. I knew the etymology of names, different classifications, I followed loads of dinosaur blogs, and worst of all, all the stuff that was on my Christmas list was dinosaur related (books, fossil kits, models, etc), and whenever my mum and I were out shopping and I saw something dinosaur-y, I’d say “oh, can I have this as a Christmas present?”. So then about a week after Christmas, I was surrounded by all this dinosaur stuff that I was like, casually interested in, but not mega obsessed with

Like what is it???? Is it even a thing????

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Please tell me your thoughts on Dan Stevens growl during the ending dance

…to be honest, I didn’t even hear it the first time I saw it.  I just thought he said something to her or laughed; it took a friend pointing it out to me before I went to see it a second time that I was like “oh, that’s…interesting.”  Though now I find it kinda funny, since everyone was so shook over it when they heard it.

Upon first thinking about this question, I thought it to be an appropriate, humorous answer to Belle’s question about growing a beard, which was a line that was cut from the 1991 animation.  It definitely caused some laughter in my theatre.

But then, after thinking about it a little more, I realized something else.  There was a considerable gap of time between the curse being broken and the ball at the end.  I always assumed that it took place a few days after, but no, it must have been weeks after, two at the very least, and even then I feel like there should be more time.

The curse in and of itself was a traumatic experience.  Not just for Adam, but for the other members of the staff and (even though they weren’t affected as much) the villagers.  Especially now that everyone’s human again, looking back on time that you know was spent as a monster, a teacup, or whatever else is straight-up agonizing to think about.  Imagine you actually spending time as…something inhuman only to realize that that’s not the norm anymore.  I can bet that Adam woke up one morning after the curse thinking that he had to dull down his claws or something, only to realize that the curse is broken.  So there’s relief, but then there’s horror at the fact that he even thought that to begin with.  I even read a fanfic once where Adam couldn’t even hear the Aria without having a breakdown because his mind immediately went to that night and he couldn’t take it.

The fact that he can joke about it during the ball shows that he’s either good at recovering or that it took a butt-load of time and courage to say that out loud.  And according to Belle’s reaction, she wasn’t entirely expecting it, but she was proud nonetheless, proud because he’s finally started to embrace his future instead of being haunted and weighed down by the past.

Aaaaand I feel like I made that a lot deeper than I should have.  Whoops.


the idea of venomous being a corrupted lazerblast is cool n all, but consider THIS! lazer blast and venomous, are brothers. one becoming a hero, one being an enemy. despite being on different spectrum’s their still brothers, so they have some care for each other.

so like, maybe in this scenario, if lazer was killed like theorized, and father’d KO. and venomous being shadowy figure n all.

  • venomous might want to destroy ko, to get revenge on those who took his brother out of the world
  • he wants rid of ko, being a cruel reminder of the people that he was associated with.
  • OR he wants ko to join him, to keep the last of his brother safe from succumbing to the same fate as his father.

either that or im dumb and kinda overthinking it. i just find these interesting to ponder and i also kinda want to join the theory train cause i got some too.

“Yeah, my wand isn’t so pretty.”

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i find it kinda interesting that bruce is almost never portrayed as 'evil' in any dark future or parallel universe. even in earth-3 owlman isn't bruce and now in batwoman (in the future) the evil batman is revealed to be tim. the closest one to being evil is in the justice lords universe and even then he defected in the end. even dick is getting the same treatment as tim currently in nightwing: new order. then again,metal is coming, i hear the green lantern one is actually a bruce

well, there are evil versions of batman - my favorite is the alternate universe batman and superman who were Evil Collaborative Brothers, and when batman was killed superman mcfreakin lost it, and it was beautiful. fantastic. phenomenal. there’s even seven new evil batmans involved in dark nights metal, but i’d hesitate to call them truly evil batmans because - in my opinion - this dark multiverse sounds like something that corrupts everything it touches, almost like a sickness, but we don’t know yet, so i won’t count them. but yes, you are right that bruce doesn’t have a new order, or an injustice, or an evil future self that reminds me of that one danny phantom episode. i do, actually, have a theory on this. incidentally, there are two.

my doylist explanation is that i think it’s because batman’s already a dark character. there is nothing, really, to be gained from exploring an evil batman - i mean, look at TDKR, tell me something truly sinister isn’t just a skip to the left. a tug on the moral rug beneath batman’s boots is all it’d take, there. and i’m only mentioning TDKR because it’s the only DK installment anywhere close to a reasonable batman characterization, ASBAR……. ASBAR does not fucking count, man. it’s not going to have the same effect, to take batman and do unsettling things to his personality, as it is with characters who are much brighter like nightwing or superman. the most interesting space for a character like batman to inhabit is the one between angry, violent crusader and eight-year-old kid who really just wants to make sure no one hurts ever again. that’s the money spot. that’s the reason we can publish comics that are literally just batman talking to himself, or having a nightmare, and they’ll still be gripping. Evil Batman intentionally leaves the money spot. Evil Batman is a very, very hard batman to make as dynamic as his heroic counterpart.

my watsonian explanation is that bruce is really, really, really fucking stubborn. in order to make him change his worldview, you’re going to have to rock his world, and there have been two (2) times i really think bruce’s world was truly rocked; one, when dear old ma and pop died, two, when jason died. my thing is, i don’t think you will ever manage to do something to bruce again that hurts him as bad as losing jason did - he lost his world, and so he resolved to make his world smaller. he got colder. he got meaner. he built himself a wall, and this time, it was that much harder to get past it - and as horrible as this is going to sound, i don’t think losing another robin would hurt quite as much as losing jason did, because he never expected to lose jason, and now he wakes up every day knowing that it’s likely someone could die, even probable. i’m not saying that it doesn’t hurt, because it does, and it’s awful, but it won’t carve him into someone different, like losing jason did.

so what i’m saying is, if you wanted to pull the aforementioned moral rug out from under bruce’s feet, you got two chances, and you won’t get any more, because bruce’s stubborness is one of his most universal personality traits. but i’m also saying that people don’t pull that rug, because there’s nothing under it that we haven’t already come to understand. also i make no fucking sense guys why do you pay attention to me

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Why do you ship rivamika that much? I don't wanna hate I'm curious, personally I just don't get that ship

ALRIGHT. First of all, thank you for the kind, respectful anon! I love you already, you are the real MVP.

I don’t write meta because my brain doesn’t really work that way, I’m too spastic and get too excited, but I am going to try and lay out why I love RivaMika as much as I do…It’s not going to work that well, but I’m gonna try. This is going to end up being what mom facebook would call a “dear diary” post, in which the OP gives way more information than anyone asked for or wanted, but I just can’t help myself. 

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Looking for some new blogs to follow!

At the moment, my dashboard is centred around mainly one thing, but I’d love to observe some new blogs and maybe meet some new people!
There’s a couple of things which I’m interested in, so I’d like it if you’d like/reblog/leave a note so I can check your blog out! (if I haven’t yet) Especially if you’re based around the following:

  • Town of Salem
    I personally really enjoy this game, and should really be playing it more. I mean, a friend wants to watch me play it in under a weeks time… Whoops. Anyway, I’m not too partially bothered regarding what exactly you’re based around, for me, anything really goes.
  • Villainous
    A friend showed me the shorts, and I really like them! I can’t wait to see how Cartoon Network is going to make the show work, but I suppose only time’ll tell… Anyway, my favourite character is Demencia, and I’d love to view some blogs based around her (or any character really!) However, I dislike the paper hat ship (Dr. Flugg X Black hat) and I’d prefer not to steer away from it.
  • Astrology
    Oh boy, where to start with this? Generally, I find this kinda interesting, and I’m kinda curious about it. I’d love to find out more about it! I’m a Capricorn (Capricorn sun, Scorpio moon and cancer rising), so bonus points if you happen to be a blog based around Capricorns.
  • Art/Writing tutorials
    Honestly, I’m a rookie artist. I’m not the best, but I’d love to get better! If I could check out some other blogs with some tutorials, maybe I could find some use out of them! As for writing, I’m not really too based around it, but I’m always up for doing it and trying to improve it.
  • Aesthetics
    I… Really don’t know what to say about it. Just, if you post a ton of aesthetic related stuff, just let me know?
  • Pokemon
    I just really like the series.
  • Khonjin House/Supermental
    I adore this series and I think it’s hilarious! I’m also kinda excited for supermental and can’t wait to see the plans for it!

That’s about all I can think of for now…
Sorry if I’m appearing to be kinda picky about this sort of thing.
But, just one last thing:
Please don’t interact if you’re a NSFW/Gore/Kink based blog.

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Hi! I'm obsessed with both Sanvers and Karamel and I just saw you defending Karamel shippers although you don't ship it and I just want to thank you! That's really really sweet and I wish there were more people like you in the fandom. Keep being amazing!! <3

Thank you. I just don’t think you guys or the character deserve the hate you guys get. I understand why people may not like Mon-El, however, I think they’ve gone way too far for a TV show.

Everyone in the show has about the same moral code, about the same values, there’s not that diverse dynamics and people, and Mon-El I think adds more of a spin to the show. I personally like his character. Do I condone all of his actions? No. But I don’t think he’s inherently a bad person, if some people would stop being uptight, they might find it interesting his learning of the new culture and being around such kinda lawful - true good people. I find his interactions very interesting and that he’s quite funny.

I have I’d say a little different politics than the others in my community. I’m not as touchy. I’m not as PC. I’m not as demanding diversity. I’m not as quick to throw out racist, homophobic, etc cause I don’t think it’s accurate to be calling everyone all these names based upon liking a ship and characters? Nor do I think it’s even that bad as everyone concerns themselves about in Western societies. For people so concerned with righteousness and diversity and being “respectful” with PC culture it’s turning people into judgemental disrespectful angry condemning people.

Sorry for the rant, the point is, everyone just needs to chill out and try to enjoy the show.