I kept getting a error message


Pete Dunne - I hate you, I love you

So… I made a thing… I don’t know I was bored and missed making videos.

I was thinking I could make more of these?? You guys can just tell me what wrestler and song and whether you want it just the wrestler or a couple thing like this (if you want you can tell me an actress or someone to put in or I’ll randomly put someone in). Also, I used the character Callie from the ABC Family show ‘the Fosters’ because I love Mia Mitchell.

I know this is pretty shit but media was my fav class at school and I’ve missed editing so much.

Also, I tried to upload it straight to Tumblr but I kept getting video error message. It’s under 100MB and is a mp4 file so if anyone can help me figure out how to upload straight to Tumblr would be great!

my first Bed

my first Bed

There is a small story … I absolutely wanted to have the single bed from City Living as a double bed. Now I have to say that my knowledge with Blender are still quite modest. So I tried, the frame was easy to scale. With the mattress was unfortunately not so easy, but I simply stole the other of a double bed and inserted into my new mesh. Yay, that worked! When I finished so far I wanted to insert my new mesh in the S4S on a CityLiving double bed, but that did not work. I kept getting error messages and did not know whats up?! Then i tried it with a basegame bed and it finally worked! Since I have no solution to the error messages remains the bed now as it is and everyone can use it. I hope you like it anyway!

Oh, I forgot one! After everything works I still tried to make the mattress and the Frame as individual objects. Of course, the frame was all well but the mattress did not want. I have a lot of error messages again…. I hope to find a solution!

10 Swatches - Basegame

(The color options are the same as on the single bed from CL)

Download: SFS


So I kept getting this error all day yesterday and I cleaned the connections as it said….and still after every picture I would try to take….I would get an error message and have to shut my camera off and back on.
I put it away and went back to my hotel room (I’m in Ireland).
When I took my lens out to check it I saw something in the glass…obviously its not just the connection pads that need cleaning.
It will cost almost as much to repair as it is to get a new lens.
I’m bummed….this year has been nothing but one horrible struggle after another and even worse timing. It doesn’t affect the pics I take of me…those are all with my cellphone

She showed up on an apartment lot and started multiplying instantly. They started telling inside jokes and really getting along. I had to use a cheat to get rid of them all, but even after they were gone I kept getting error messages each time another was about to appear. In total there were nineteen clones/messages by the end of the nightmare.

In a way, Hook is a victim

Like just about every other character on this show, he’s a victim of bad writing.

I keep wondering why the writers write the characters the way they have. Why is Belle always clueless leverage when she was originally written to be the Brains of the Ball? Why is Rumple suddenly always the heartless villain when he’s been pushed through “redemption arcs” for five seasons?

Why is Hook put on a pedestal as a Hero when he’s still presenting traits of a villain?

And not even a villain, just an overall asshole.

The problem with the way they write Hook is that they try to make him do something heroic (protect Belle, go back for Baelfire in S3, etc.) but then they turn around and make him do something totally asshole-ish that no one can see where this character is going.

Here are my three biggest peeves:

Example 1:  Hook “apologizes” to Belle (let’s be fair: Belle ain’t buying it) and protects her from a potential threat, all in the name of honor to make up for his attempts of murder on her. Yet barely four episodes in the next season, he’s using her as blackmail to her husband. Why would someone who’s being presented as her ally use her in such a way?

Example 2:  There was a split second in S5 when I finally thought we were going to see some actual character change with Hook. Hook tells Dark!Emma during their date that he was the villain in Rumplestiltskin’s story. Okay, great! Finally he’s out of denial! But then he states “I’m the one who came out better. He became an evil, manipulative killer.”

What. The. Actual. Fuckary?

When did Hook become “better” after the 300+ years he spent pillaging, sleeping around, and killing?

Example 3: Emma gets turned into the dark one. In their date scene, Hook is obviously uncomfortable with this “new” Emma (*coughwasteofdarkonearccough*) despite how Emma seems to be generally…well…happy. She feels stronger now that she has power and wants Killian, the man she loves and the man who is supposed to love her in return, to be happy for her but instead he immediately rejects her. No “I need time to process this”, just “I loved the old you better”. We went through two seasons of them falling for each other, faults and all, just for him to turn away just because she sacrificed her very soul to save Regina and the town? No brownie points for you Swan.

Not to mention Emma is generally scared in this scene. She can’t go to her family; just look at what they did to Lily just to make sure Emma turned out “good”. Wasted efforts in her eyes. She doesn’t want to drag her son into this nasty mess and Regina has to be kept at bay for Henry’s sake. Hook is literally the only person she feels she can go to and he all but spits in her face. After being “redeemed” from a villain who was nearly darkness-to-darkness to the Dark One, why is he turning her away? I get that there was a lot of trust issues at this point but isn’t “true love” supposed to conquer all?

I wonder if the writers are trying to tell us something. Are they intently presenting Hook as this herocrite on a pedestal to send us a message? Are they trying to show us the errors of heroism, how having such a title weighed upon someone can blur the lines of what’s right and what’s wrong? The same sickness seems to be spreading to the rest of the “heroes”.

They saddest part is that Hook could have been redeemed. They grazed on it in Season 3b. Hook attempted to help Belle, the Charmings, and even bonded with Henry. But then suddenly he jumped back to season 2 and broke out with a blackmailing scheme for his own personal gain. This is when Hook (and really, the whole show) started going downhill. It’s almost like the writers saw their mistake and instead of having Hook confess to what he did and take responsibility for his mess he’s made out to be a victim while Rumple is pushed further back into the villain spectrum.

It’s repulsive really, and just so unfortunate for the rest of the characters. They seem to keep covering it up with side characters and less than detailed story arcs to distract the audience but we see right through it.

The characters deserve better. They’re the ones that the audience sees, not the actors.

The actors deserve better. They don’t deserve to have their entire reputations ruined because of some bad characterization.

Even the writers deserve better. Some of these people may never find a decent job again because if this train wreck of a show.

Hell, I’ll just say it: Hook deserves better.

Spending the Night – Preference #124



You had spent the entire afternoon watching movies with your boyfriend Dan. It was nearing 11:00 pm, and since you lost track of time, you decided to stay the night at his flat instead of going back home at such a late time. Since you just finished a movie, you went back to Dan’s room and changed into one of his shirts and a pair of his boxers to be more comfortable before going back to the lounge while Dan made more popcorn. “You ready?” he asked as he came back in with a large bowl of popcorn to share between the two of you, and you nodded as he sat down beside you. You curled into his side and rested your head on his shoulder and wrapped a blanket around both of your legs. Halfway through the movie, your eyes began to get droopy, and you buried your head into his shoulder to hide a yawn. Noticing your yawn, Dan chuckled and shifted positions so you were both lying on the couch with you in front of him. “Just go to sleep, Y/N,” Dan whispered and you nodded. “Goodnight, Dan,” you said quietly and fell asleep almost instantly with Dan falling asleep shortly after you.



“Are you sure? I can sleep on the couch, and you can have the bed,” your boyfriend Phil asked as he looked over at you clad in fuzzy pajama pants and one of his shirts that you “stole” a few hours prior. You giggled at his expression. This was the first time you were actually staying the night at his flat, and he looked hesitant while he tried to figure out the sleeping arrangements after you mentioned you were getting tired. He then said he’d leave so you could go to sleep, and you asked him to stay. “Yes I’m sure, Phil. Come on, please?” you pouted, jutting your lower lip out and giving him your signature ‘puppy dog look.’ He laughed before lying down beside you, and you instantly cuddled into his embrace. “Anything for you. Goodnight, love, sweet dreams,” he said into your hair before kissing the top of your head, you both instantly falling asleep to the sounds of each other’s breathing.



I’m still upset over yesterday being the last Sunday radio show and I barely got to watch it because I kept getting an error message every time I tried going on the bbcr1 site :(