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Hide and Seek (Part One)

Hey everyone! I thought it was about time to put some use to this blog and write something. So, as inspired by @mywritingsblog ‘s ‘Amends’ I decided to write a little something about my faves Tom and Seb. I hope you guys enjoy it, it’s my first Marvel fic and I’ve probably done a really crappy job but everyone needs to start somewhere, right?


Y/N meets wealthy photographer Tom Hiddleston and becomes hugely infatuated with him and his charm. She lets him whisk her away to wonderful places, to meet fascinating people and introduces her to a new, beautiful way of life filled with crisp white bed sheets, ocean view houses, limitless glasses of champagne and pure luxury. But when the money and leisure lands Tom into trouble with some bad people, he panics and leaves Y/N to her own devices. Heartbroken and afraid, she gathers what money she can find and moves to a small apartment complex in Brooklyn, where she meets goofy and sweet bartender Sebastian. Y/N and Seb fall for each other hard and fast, both of them seeing a bright future ahead of them. This is all cut short when Tom finds Y/N, telling her three things. One, he still loves her. Two, he’s still in trouble. Three, now she is too. And so is everyone around her. As well as now having to stay alive, she has to choose between the two men that mean the world to her.

Pairing(s): photographer!Tom x Reader and bartender!Sebastian x Reader.

Warnings? strong language, drinking, smoking, tons of fluff and romantic shit, violence, implied smut.

Requests are open for Marvel characters and actors, btw :)

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part 1 | part 2

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headcanon ; sam holland falling in love with you

First headcanon whoo! I’ve honestly thought of this more than I should have.

Pairing: Sam Holland x Fem!Reader

Word Count: 1053 (wow!)

Warning: Some curse words. Major fluff?

• you met sam after moving to london with your parent/parents
• he was 11 and you were 10
• tbh you were somewhat upset about the change in scenery but who wouldn’t be?
• your new house was just done the street from the hollands
• and a couple hours after you arrived, nikki and the boys were on your doorstep welcoming your family with a batch of fresh cookies
• sam helped make them of course
• you and the twins immediately hit it off seeing as the three of you were so close in age
• and let’s be honest: you were somewhat infatuated with tom when you met because he was older and a performer but that died down pretty quickly
• and paddy was only five and you couldn’t believe how adorable he was like wow?
• needless to say, you loved the holland family and your day was definitely better after meeting them
• you, sam, and harry would become best friends a week later during a playdate at the park
• after that, you all were inseparable
• either you were at their house or they were over at yours
• honestly you guys were the original holy trinity
• hanging out with them so much definitely led you to become more interested in what they were into
• harry introduced you to the world of photography (nikki sometimes even let you use her cameras)
• sam helped you discover your love of marvel and musicals (you two went to see la la land at least three times in theater)
• nothing could break the bond you three kids had created
• fast forward six or seven years and you and the holland twins were still tight af
• over time, you had developed a “slight” crush on sam
• and by “slight”, i mean you were totally head over heels for this boy
• you loved his bright hazel eyes and his reddish-brown hair and his freckles
• you loved his somewhat shy personality and how he could any play any song from memory on the piano
• you loved how there was also something new to learn about him and how he never failed to amaze you
• if only he knew how much you loved him.
• no one knew because you kept it hidden in the deepest, darkest part of your soul
• except tessa because she’s a dog and can keep secrets (unlike some hollands)
• around this time, tom’s career was taking off after being cast as the new spider-man
• and hanging around sam so much has turned you into self-proclaimed marvel trash™
• but that didn’t stop you from seeing tom as the protective older brother he had always been to you
• this was also the time when sam started acting different around you
• he wouldn’t look you in the eye like he used to
• he also seemed nervous and on edge around you
• you did try to ask sam if something was wrong, but he always brushed it off
• tbh he didn’t know what was going either
• there was just something about you that made his heart race and his palms sweat
• everyone else could see that this was obviously the start of something more between you two
• but harry was the first to figure it out
• he would notice the hugs that lasted too long to be friends and the stolen glances
• and he would just be like “why the fuCK ARENT YOU TOGETHER YET??”
• because you and sam are so oblivious but so clearly endgame
• the telltale signs of being in love continued to escalate in sam
• he would stutter every time you spoke or even looked at him
• and whenever your focus wasn’t on him, he would blatantly stare at you
• but not in a creepy way
• in a lovey-dovey way
• and when you weren’t around, you invaded his every thought
• you even visited him is his dreams at night
• it was honestly driving sam crazy
• and you were completely unaware of how much you affected him
• he couldn’t figure out what was going
• it wasn’t until one summer evening at the park that suddenly everything made sense in the world
• picture this: you and sam sitting on a hill watching the sun set over the city
• you’re wearing a flower print sundress and he’s wearing a t-shirt and his signature jeans
• the day was spent by the two of you revisiting your favorite parts of london and exploring some unfamiliar ones
• humming la la land songs while strolling through the plaza
• dancing with sam to street corner music (after much convincing from your side)
• reminiscing on all the memories you two had made over the years
• it really had been the perfect day
• the strange behaviors exhibited by sam over the past year were nearly forgotten
• and now you’re at the park where your first playdate had occurred
• you’re staring at the sky, watching as the colors mix together to create something more beautiful than any painting in any museum
• and sam is staring at you, watching as the warm hues of the coming night engulfed you in what could only be described as an ethereal glow
and you just looked so fucking beautiful
• more fucking beautiful than any painting in any museum
• more fucking beautiful than any sunset that ever graced the sky
• and he can’t fucking believe you exist and that you’re here with him
• why would someone as amazing and gorgeous and talented and kind and intelligent as you waste your time on someone like him?
• he wasn’t famous like his brothers, wasn’t as successful as them, wasn’t as handsome as them
• he was always the inferior one, the one always overlooked.
so why choose him?
• that was when the realization hit him
friends don’t think about each other like that.
• that was the thought that sent emotional shockwaves through sam
• he didn’t think of you as a friend
• he didn’t want to be your friend
oh no
• he wanted to be so much more to you
• sam is looking at you and you are looking at the sky and suddenly everything makes sense in the world
sam holland is in love with you.
• sam holland is totally and completely in love with you.
if only he knew how much you loved him in return

• it’s 6:42 in the morning and i’m crying
• why did i do this to myself?

Carl Doesn’t Have to Know (Negan x Kaitlin)

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Word Count: 2,025
Genre: Smut
Fandoms: Negan, The Walking Dead, Jeffrey Dean Morgan
Pairings: Negan x Kaitlin (Original Female Character)
Rating: Explicit
AO3 Link: http://archiveofourown.org/works/10058558
Warnings: Language. Zombies. Heights. Cheating. Oral sex. Vaginal sex.

Summary: Requested by @kaitlinlexieporrini. Carl’s girlfriend Kaitlin narrowly escapes the walker horde at Alexandria with Negan, returning to the Sanctuary with him for a naughty rooftop fling.

Note: I realize that Carl Grimes’ age is a hotly debated topic. His sex life with Kaitlin is vaguely mentioned in this fic, but as I wrote her as being 18 years old, I am also assuming at least for the duration of this story that he is at least 18 as well.


“Fuck!” Negan cursed as he ran away from Alexandria, the once quiet town now overrun with a horde of the walking dead. Rick and company escaped from the opposite end of the main street while Negan and a young girl that he’d never met escaped through a crack in the wall near the front gate. He dragged her along simply because she was there, trying to keep her safe. They careened around the trees, branches snapping beneath their feet, keeping an eye out for walkers and managing to avoid most of them.

“Let me go!” the girl screamed. “I know who you are!”

“Look, little girl, there is no time for this shit! We can get you back to your boy Carl later on! Every moment you waste fighting me is another moment for the walkers to close in. Now come on!” Negan tightened his grip on her arm and continued leading her through the woods to the place where he parked his truck. He shoved her roughly into the driver’s seat. “I call shotgun. Literally. I’m gonna keep this rifle aimed out the window at those walkers just in case. You drive. Fast!”

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Essays In Existentialism: Slow Dancing

clexa slow dancing, please! (Song Choice: Fools Rush In- Elvis)

The vineyard was filled with lights and dancing. Deep in the distance the ridge of the mountains hid the last bit of sunset, though they themselves burned like permanent bits of charred wood in the summer heat. The sky was a two tone eclipse of black in the night above and rimmed with a stubborn kind of blue. It made Clarke feel as if she were trapped in a big beautiful eye, as if she could look out into the universe from this one spot and see something purposeful or useful. As people floated around her in their best suits and dresses, sipping champagne and wine by the gallon, until their hiccupping laughs and overall merriness extinguished even the stars, Clarke felt very singular and she liked that, right now.

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Breeze 1 | Laugh Away

Jimin x Reader

Genre: High school AU, fluff

Word count: 1, 817 words

A/N: A fic for Jimin’s birthday! This fic is inspired by YUI’s Laugh Away. I really love the song and the video, and as it has two parts, this will be a two-shot! This is written in Jimin’s POV, but the second part will be a continuation in the reader’s POV :)

What is spring to Jimin?

He would say that it is the invigorating smell of newly cut grass. It is the refreshing wind that blows in when he throws his windows open in the morning. It is the return of melodies sung by birds returning to their perches on the tree branches. It is Mother Nature caressing Earth with her gentle touch after the harsh, cold winter has been blown away.

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anonymous asked:

Hi, I love your blog. I'm new, I just found it a couple days ago, and I absolutely love it! I have a request though, I don't know if this was a request or not, but RFA reacts to mc being a Latina. I'm a Latina, and I met my online friend for the first time, and his first reaction was "Wait.. You're a Latina?!" I thought his reaction was so cute. It's fine though if you don't reply

YOOOOOO BROOOOOOOO! “Wait.. You’re Latina?” Because same here! Klc and I both are!! Omg this is so exciting and yesssss


  • He had texted you and talked to you on the phone
  • So it felt like he knew you 100%
  • It almost made him forget that he never seen your face
  • Haha silly him
  • So when he saw you and you told him who you were he was confused
  • Probably thought “haha no you’re not”
  • Because, on the phone, you just sounded SO Korean
  • No accent or anything
  • It was so weird because he had never heard of a foreigner that could speak as perfectly was you
  • So he was SO impressed
  • And look at you!
  • You were so cute!
  • Your skin was such a pretty colour absolutely so gorgeous
  • You know love at first sight?
  • Basically that
  • He just can’t get enough of you
  • He thinks that Korea is so boring because 95% of the population is all Korean but you
  • Not you
  • You look so different and he can’t get enough
  • TBH he thinks you would have beautiful children
  • When he takes you to set with him he kinda gets a little jealous
  • Because you’re HIS girlfriend
  • But everyone wants to talk to you and get to know you because it’s not every day you see a Mexican in South Korea
  • So many people were just fascinated with you that it almost distracted all the actors and crew
  • It was almost a problem
  • Some people even asked you or pictures
  • Eventually he just kinda pulled you off to the side
  • And just lots of kisses and hugs
  • He just loves you SO
  • MUCH
  • He thinks it sounds so hot when you speak Spanish
  • So when you give him a lot of Spanish pet names, like “Mi alma(My soul), Mi amor(my love), Mi vida(My life), and Mi corazon(My heart/ my love).
  • It just
  • It broke him


  • He was on the phone with you as you were looking for each other
  • He was excited to meet you for the first time
  • So when he accidentally bumped into a small Latina girl while he was on the phone with you, he almost forgot to apologise when he saw that she was on the phone too
  • And when he called your name you knew he was looking for you
  • So you got up on your tip-toes and covered his eyes from behind him
  • He gave a small yelp and turned around
  • He was a little shocked when he saw you and apologised for not recognising you
  • But it was fine
  • He had never seen you, so it was understandable
  • Honestly, he hadn’t even thought that you weren’t Korean
  • But, God, that didn’t matter
  • You were so gorgeous
  • He was a little shy to tell you, though
  • Yeah, you had become super close, but he didn’t want you to think he was a creep or something.
  • So he kept quiet about that, at least for now
    • “So… where are you from?” He asked, “I’m sorry, it’s just, I can tell you’re not from here, but I hope that doesn’t offend you I’m so sorry.”
    • You gave him a small laugh, “It’s fine! I know I don’t look Korean. I’m Latina. I’m from the US, but I have Mexican heritage.”
  • He was SO fascinated by that, like woah that’s so cool!
  • It wasn’t really, but you let him keep thinking that.
  • After all, it wasn’t every day that someone took that much of an interest in you
  • He absolutely loved your skin and you were so TAN!
  • It was so gorgeous!
  • And when you went with him to school or the library it made you a little uncomfortable when everyone would stare a little
  • But he just wrapped his arm around your waist and kept you close and eventually everyone looked away.
  • After a while, everyone got used to having you around and you even had some friends at SKY.
  • He actually got little jealous when you went out with the friends you had made at his school
  • I mean
  • You don’t even go here
  • But you just give him a quick kiss and tell him you’ll be back soon
  • And he’s fine with that
  • As long as you give him the most attention


  • He had been to several countries because of business
  • But never Mexico
  • And it was hard for him to deny that the women were stunning in all those places.
  • He even picked up the language a bit and could hold small conversations in most of the languages of the countries he had been to.
  • But he wasn’t really looking for a relationship at the time, so he never gave any of the women who had made advances at him a second thought
  • So, when you arrived at his house, he didn’t really have much of a big reaction since he had been exposed to so many different nationalities and cultures
  • Outwardly, of course, he had no reaction
  • But on the inside
  • Boy, that was a bit of a different story
  • He was a little completely in love with you
  • I mean, he was already in love with you
  • But you were just so pretty!
  • And smart
  • And adorable
  • And your skin was the prettiest thing he had ever seen
  • It was just so tan???
  • What more could he ask for?
  • He could more than safely say that Sarah had absolutely nothing on you
  • You were already an angel in his eyes
  • And compared to her, you were ethereal and the most amazing and wonderful and pure thing on the whole earth
  • He was a little worried about how the media would picture your relationship
  • But he knew that if they knew what was good for them, that they would not write anything awful
  • But, of course, the media is a shark tank
  • And so, while there were occasional crude articles, most of them were surprisingly good
  • In fact, they wanted to know more about this mystery foreigner who was dating one of the most powerful men in Korea
  • After all, they only knew your first name


  • He already knew how you looked because he had seen your pictures in the background check he did on you
  • So he knew what you looked like, where you were from, the whole shebang
  • But those pictures did NOT do you justice
  • When he went to Rika’s apartment and saw you in person for the first time
  • He had to hide how absolutely STUNNED he was
  • He had to pretend not to be phased by it
  • Most difficult moment of his life tbh
  • But eventually, when you got through to him, he opened up to you about everything
  • He showered you with compliments on everything
  • Anything from the way you look to the way that you walk to the words you use
  • He just loves everything about you and he just can’t get enough
  • Sooooo many hugs and kisses
  • He wants you to teach him how to swear in Spanish
  • But that’s not going to happen
  • Probably teach him the “softer” words to use
    • “con una manzana” (with an apple)
    • “hijo de tu perro” (son of your dog)
    • “menzo” (idiot/ dummy)
    • Manzanita Sol(this is literally a Mexican soda brand, but he doesn’t need to know that)
  • So when you hear him yelling those around the house you can barely help yourself from laughing
  • It’s so hilarious to hear him say all of these random and silly Spanish phrases that make zero sense.
  • And when you eventually take a vacation to see your family everyone loves him because 1) red hair is so rare in general, let alone for a Mexican to see, and 2), Hey, (MC), so where’d you get this hot Korean boyfriend of yours?
  • And cue all the standard Mexican, are you getting married soon? How many kids are you gonna have?
  • Your abuelita(grandma) wants grandkids already darn it
  • It was a little overwhelming for him, but it was nice to see how much your family cared for him and you, even though they had just barely met him
  • And don’t even get him started on the food oh Lord
  • Pan Dulce(sweet bread) is his new favourite thing and you can not tell him otherwise
  • Highkey wants to know if you can cook like that
[Miraculous Ladybug]: It’s a Match!

Finally got the last chapter out! Thank you all so much for reading, liking, reblogging, and leaving such sweet comments. I really appreciate it. Hope you enjoy the last chapter :)

And, of course, @neverbetheexpectation​ I hope you liked the story (even though it dragged on for a bit ^^;)

[Chapter 1]  [Chapter 2] [Chapter 3] [Chapter 4]

Link to Archive of Our Own: [AO3]

Title: It’s a Match!

Summary: “Oh my God, I just matched with Adrien Agreste, oh my freaking God! Chat!! Chat, come come come! Look look!”

But Chat Noir wasn’t paying her any mind. Because the moment she started screaming about her new match, Chat Noir tried to quickly exit out of his matches page so that he wouldn’t see who popped up. But it was far too late, because right when he blinked, his phone buzzed with an excited message about his new match.

He was not expecting it to be Marinette Dupain-Cheng.

Chapter 5: Kiss

“Should I have kissed her?”

Adrien was laying on the floor, his arms and legs splayed out carelessly, with a pillow over his face that was muffling his words. The moment he’d gotten home and finally had the chance to freak out in private, he screamed into his pillow for a few minutes — he needed to remember to apologize for judging Marinette for that because wow was it helpful — and collapsed onto the floor, unable to move. He felt excited, restless, and emotionally exhausted all at the same time and he wasn’t sure how to deal with all of that. He couldn’t tell if his heart was racing because of the adrenaline left over from being so close to Marinette only minutes before or the anxiety over what she was thinking, what she was doing right now, and the fact that he was going to be seeing her again for patrol in only a few minutes.

And the fact that he definitely could have kissed her had he been quicker about it.

Adrien groaned and blindly reached a hand out. “Plagg? I need assistance and counsel.”

“You need to get a grip.”

He left his hand flop uselessly on the ground. “Should I have kissed her?” he repeated.

Plagg sighed and sat on Adrien’s stomach. “I don’t know. Should you have?”

“I mean, maybe?” Adrien thought. “It seemed like I was supposed to. We were so close to each other and Marinette wasn’t saying no….ugh, but she wasn’t saying yes either and I didn’t know what she wanted me to do and I didn’t want to end the night weird or make it uncomfortable.”

Plagg shrugged. “Then you shouldn’t have kissed her.”

Adrien paused for a moment. “….but she had her arms around my neck and she initiated the proximity! Plus she kissed me on the cheek and didn’t move away from my face. I mean, maybe I’m bad at reading signals or maybe I shouldn’t ever assume, but I would think that’s a sign that a person wants you to kiss them. I hesitated and we were interrupted but maybe I still should’ve done it?”

“Yeah,” Plagg said. “You should’ve done it.”

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Disney World


Ashton had always liked photographs.

His apartment was littered with them, each one paired with a story he could recall at a moments notice. His phone contained even more, each of them holding memories he could look back on wherever he was. Ashton’s photographs were of everything, of landscapes, of artwork, of his friends, of his family.

Of you.

So logically, you should have guessed your trip to Disney World would consist of more photographs than you could count. Every ride with a photo opportunity, Ashton got the photo. At breakfast, you had your pictures taken with the characters. And as you wandered around the Parks, Ashton was taking photos after photo of the brightly coloured scenes around you. You didn’t blame him. The trip was a break from the real world for the two of you, both of you able to be happy and care free for just a few days. Ashton’s habit of taking and collecting photographs was something you were more than used to, and when it came to this holiday, you were more than happy for him to document it through photos.

You didn’t realise he was taking pictures of you as well.

And it wasn’t until the two of you were planning your wedding, looking through pictures to display at the reception, when you noticed. Amongst the pictures of you screaming on roller coasters and grinning beside Mickey Mouse, you found the candids you didn’t even realise had happened. 

“Ash?” You called, his hum of affirmation calling from the kitchen. “What are these?”

“Photos from Disney World two years ago.” He replied, coming back with drinks for you both. “Thought that would be evident from your Minnie Ears.”

“I’m talking about the ones where I’m not looking at the camera.” You show him one of you looking up at the castle, the majority of the frame your smiling face rather than the beautiful castle itself. “Why did you take so many?”

“Because I love you.” He smiles, his arm winding around you to pull you into his side. “And I remember being in that Park, surrounded by all those happy faces. And all I could think about was how happy Disney was making you, and I thought that was what I wanted to remember. You, being that happy. I don’t think I’ve ever seen you smile as much. I decided you were just as worthy of being photographed as everything else in Disney World.”

You don’t reply, instead twisting your head to capture his lips, kissing him softly as he smiles against your lips. His fingers drum against your side as yours lace through his hair, before you both pull away, smiles still evident.

“I’m lucky to be marrying you.” You tell him, Ashton’s grin somehow widening.

“Not a lucky as I am to be marrying you.” He smirks, eyes falling to the picture still in your other hand. “I think we should go back.”

“To Disney World?”

“Yeah. I want more photos. Plus, we had a great time there didn’t we?”

“Yeah. We did.” You nod, kissing him once more. “So, extra honeymoon to Disney World?”

“Sounds like a plan Baby.”


Michael had spent all day waiting for the fireworks.

The rest of the day had been fun of course. He’d enjoyed watching the parade, his arm around your shoulders as you’d leant into his side whilst the characters went by. He’d found your screams funny as you’d plummeted on the Tower of Terror, and he’d definitely enjoyed the kisses he’d managed to steal whilst queueing for all of the rides.

But the fireworks were what he’d been looking forward to.

As the darkness began to creep into the parks, and the tall old fashioned street lamps illuminated, Michael grew more and more excited, lacing his fingers with yours and dragging you towards the castle in the hope of finding the perfect spot. When he did, he leant back against the railings you were near, pulling you between his legs as you pulled snacks from your bag.

“You know these are supposed to be the best fireworks you’ll ever see.” He grinned, taking a handful of popcorn from the tub in your hands. 

“Yes Mikey, you’ve only told me six million times.” You smirked, Michael huffing in response, pouting at you.

“Well sorry for being excited about something.” He mumbled, releasing you completely to through his arms across his chest with a sigh. You laugh, rolling your eyes as you leant up to kiss his lips, smiling as he kissed you back. “Not fair.”


“I can’t be mad when you kiss me.”

“You can’t be mad anyway.” You tell him triumphantly. “We’re at Disney World.”

“I have a right to continue this pout when we leave.” He grins, arms once again encircling you. You roll your eyes again, placing a piece of popcorn in his mouth when he opens it expectantly.

“Whatever Mikey.” You smile, smirking slightly when his eyes light up at the announcement the fireworks will begin in five minutes. “You’re like an excited child.”

“Can’t help it. I really want to see these fireworks.”

“Why? I thought you would hate them since the pyro incident.”

“Oh ha ha. You’re  hilarious.”He rolls his eyes at you, pouting slightly before shrugging. “I don’t know. I’ve always liked fireworks. They’re loud and they look pretty.”

“Hey that’s the same reasons as to why I like you!” You grin, Michael letting out a bark of laughter at your words. “See, I am funny.”

“Hilarious Princess.” He nods, leaning down to kiss you again. You smirk against his lips, your free hand cupping his jaw to keep his face close to yours as he pulled away. “I sort of love you, you know?”

“Only sort of?” You smile, trying not to freak out at the half declaration of love.

“Yeah.” He smirks, arms tightening around you. “Not a fan of the jokes, but I love everything else.”

“Yeah well I sort of love you too.” You smile, the end of your sentence interrupted by the announcement declaring that the fireworks were beginning, Michael’s smile growing even more. “Not a fan of the tendency to disappear for days on end with no communication.”

“I can work on that.” He nods, leaning forward to capture your lips as the firts firework explodes in the sky, his smile seeming triumphant.

You realise there was a reason Michael had been excited for the fireworks, and you didn’t mind that reason at all.


Luke doesn’t think you’ve ever looked more beautiful.

You’ve got a pair of Minnie ears balanced on your head, and a Tinkerbell tank top that goes to about mid thigh, your leggings underneath. Your hair’s braided in two loose plaits and he swears you haven’t smiled like this in a long time. You look so care free and happy and all the more gorgeous he decides Disney World really is the most magical place on Earth.

It only makes him more nervous though, the ring hidden in his jacket pocket burning through the fabric to scorch his skin, weighing him down a little bit more every step closer to the castle you get. You chat excitedly beside him, planning exactly which rides you were going on and in what order ebfore your gasping, eyes scanning the beautiful castle towering abouve you and Lue realises it’s his moment to shine.

Now or never, he thinks.

“Y/N.” He pulls you to a stop right in the centre of the path, the castle standing tall and proud beside you. “Before we go in, there’s something I need to say.”

“You’re not going to tell me you’ve cheated are you, because Luke that would be a sucky way to start our Disney Date.” You tell him, your smile showing how you were joking. He chuckles, surprised at how he’s even managing to speak clearly with how nervous he is.

“No. You know I never would.” He replies, hand squeezing yours reassuringly. He can hear the whispers that have started, people recognising him, and he prays no one asks for a photo at this moment and ruins his whole plan. “Anyway, I just…you’re really beautiful you know?”

“Thanks Lu.” You giggle. “You too.”

“No, I mean you’re breathtaking. I don’t remember ever looking at anyone else and thinking, wow, they’re stunning. You’re this ray of sunshine, and it isn’t just because you’re looks are beautiful. Everything about you is, from the way you look to the way you are and even to the way you make a cup of coffee, it’s all beautiful. And every time I’m with you, when your hand is in mine, I can’t help but thank whoever it is up there that made our paths cross, that gave me the good fortune to meet you and actually be able to call you mine. Basically, what I’m trying to say is…” He takes a deep breath, pulling the box from his pocket and dropping to one knee, hearing your sharp intake of breath and the talk around the two of you hush. “Pretty Girl, will you marry me?”

“Yes.” The word leaves your lips less than a second after he finishes his question, a smile taking over both of your features. He slips the ring onto your finger as the crowd around you bursts into applause, the shutter of cameras being heard as he stands to pull your body into his, lips finding yours. “Best Disney Date ever.”

“I should hope so.” He smirks against your lips. “I love you.”

“I love you too.”


Ever since she could understand films, Elise’s favourite Princess had been Snow White.

You said it was the hair, the fact that the Princess’ raven locks matched your daughter’s so perfectly. Calum disagreed, saying it was your daughter’s love of animals that connected her with one of Disney’s oldest Princesses.

Either way, the second you had arrived at Disney World, she’d dragged Calum into one of the stores to buy the perfect Snow White dress. You’d laughed, walking behind clasping your son Tai’s hand in yours.

“Elise looks like Daddy when she makes that face.” He giggled, his own resemblance to his father strong as he laughed. You grinned down at your five year old, nodding at his words.

“Definitely.” You agree as you walk into the Emporium, noting where Calum was already helping your seven year old find the right size dress. “Do you want an outfit baby?”

“Do you think they have Woody costumes?”

“I’m sure they do.”

Ten minutes later, and your children are kitted up in their brand new outfits, Calum even buying Elise a tiara, claiming it was only fair as Tai got a hat. Elise grabbed Tai’s hand, the pair skipping in front of you as you felt Calum but a headband on top of your own  head.

“You’ve got to have Minnie ears Angel!” He smiled, pulling his own Mickey ears on, the small blue had from Fantasia sitting between them. You rolled your eyes playfully, Calum’s hand finding yours as you made your way towards the castle.

Two days later, and you’re all still in the same costumes, both Elise and Tai refusing to wear anything other than their new outfits. Calum had promised Elise she could meet a Princess, and since Tai had been able to see the car show the day before, he was more than happy to stand in line in the Princess Plaza with you. Calum held him on his hip, the two of them whispering about something you clearly weren’t supposed to hear.

“Boy talk Mummy!” Tai had told you, Calum smirking as Elise pulled on your shirt sleeve.

“Do you think it will be Snow White?” She whispered, eyes that matched your own so perfectly full of innocence.

“You’ll have to wish really hard.” You tell her, smiling as she closes her eyes and begins to whisper to herself.

“Mummy! Daddy says you think Buzz is better than Woody!” Tai’s shout causes your head to snap around to Calum,  a triumphant smirk on his lips.

“Stop lying to my son Hood.” You glare at him. “Tai, Daddy’s lying. Everybody knows Woody is the best.”

“He’s my son too, Hood.” Calum replies, arm snaking around your waist as his lips find your ear. “Love you.”

“Yeah yeah, you too.” You grin, shuffling forward, much to Elise’s delight as you reach the front of the queue.

“I really hope it’s Snow White.” She sighs, making both you and Calum chuckle. The attendant catches your eye, nodding encouragingly much to your delight. Calum nudges your hip, sending you a grin as you move around the corner, a small gasp leaving your daughter’s lips as she’s met with the sight of her her.

“Go on then Princess.” Calum encourages, Elise freezing in place. “Go and meet Snow White.”

Numb - Surfer!Ashton one shot

Summary: Ashton was nearly pro, until a bad accident halted his surfing career. Angry and caught between medication and depression, Ashton met Y/n, the new girl in the picturesque coastal town. He crushes hard, and you two have a bit of fun…


Rated: Explicit. Smut. 

In Ashton’s POV

DISCLAIMER: Includes talk of injuries, scars, depression and medication use.

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toss-ssu  asked:

Mermaid!Reader is very curious of the human world and got a little too close to the shore. Takao + Midorima + Hayama, and just for you Tia, + Kasamatsu takes notice of her. When they got a good look at her, her beauty is overwhelming. What's their/her next move? or What kind of scenario would play out?

Waifu!! hehe. You’re too kind to me *^* Either way, I hope you really like it! (I got carried away with Kasamatsu’s.. But damn.. I love how it turned out xD)

Hayama: He could hardly keep his golden hues off you, wide and filled with a surge of happiness he hadn’t felt in a long time. You, on the other hand, were a bit scared, unsure of what to do.. You would get in trouble, you weren’t supposed to interact with humans! But.. The look in his eyes made you stay. though if anyone asked, you were stuck.

He came running, helping you into a more comfortable position, looking you up and down for several moments. His actions made you just a bit nervous, but there was a soft thudding in your heart, and you remained still, assessing this.. creature..

So this is a human…

“O…OH! You’re a mermaid!!” He stated the obvious, but the excitement made you giggle just a little, Rather than say anything, you nodded, giving him a shy smile. He blinked several times, turning his head to the side as he stood up, returning the smile with an even bigger grin.

“Let’s go swimming!”

He yanked you by the hand, ignoring the squeal from your lips as his laugh was infectious.. contagious.. Not to mention gorgeous. You only responded with a light laugh of your own, and while he forgot to ask your name, too excited to remember, he decided there’d be plenty of time to be acquainted. 

Kasamatsu: His first instinct is to run away. He’s not good with girls, and he thinks a mermaid would be no exception. However, despite feeling some heat rushing to his cheeks, considering you weren’t wearing clothing, he found himself sitting on the beach. When you got closer, he took off his jacket, wrapping it around your form as he looked away, coughing slightly.

“Y…You could get sick…” he mumbles, though that only makes you laugh, and shake your head in amusement.

“Mermaids don’t get colds like you humans..” There was a playful smile on your lips, and you raised your hand, cupping his cheek so you can look at him. This only made him fluster more, cheeks almost a dark tinge of red, but he felt breathless when you smiled big at him.

“H..Has anyone ever said your eyes are gorgeous..?” you whisper, lightly tracing it with a finger, “They’re the perfect shade of blue.. I’m almost jealous.”

“T…T…Thank you…” he manages to say, frowning when you continue to trace his face, and on instinct, smacks your hand away.. At your surprised face, he tried avoiding eye contact, almost burying his face in his shorts, but didn’t want to be rude.. “S..Sorry.. I .. I don’t like.. to be.. touched..”

Shaking your head, you smiled softly, “It’s okay.. I.. I got a little too curious..” you mumble, but keep your eyes on him, unable to look away..

“So..” at this he somewhat straightened his posture, though he was still a bit tense from your previous ministrations, “What else can you tell me about yourself.. human?”

“It’s not ‘human’” he speaks sharply, noticing the shocked look on your face again, earning him yet another blush. “I.. I mean.. I.. I have a name…”

“Oh?” she asks, tilting her head, “What’s your name then?”

Biting his lip, he finally looks you in the eye this time, without feeling nervous, 

“K..Kasamatsu… Yukio..”

“Kasamatsu Yukio…” You repeat, loving the way his name rolls off your tongue. You smile then, nodding, “It’s nice to meet you, Kasamatsu-kun.. I’m ____.”

He finds himself nodding, though there’s a faint smile on his lips as he listens to you talk about your world. And likewise, he exchanges pieces of the human world, loving every reaction you give him when he talks about gadgets and gizmos. When the sun starts to set, he finds himself a bit lonely when you leave, but it instantly vanishes when you ask him to meet up the same time tomorrow.

Midorima: The two of you are staring.. more like glaring at each other when you first meet. Midorima thought he was drugged or really tired because last time he checked, mermaids are part of fairy tales. 

However, when you smacked his face for being so rude, he realized you were very real.. and very strong.. Damn that tail.. He continued to rub his cheek, despite feeling his skin heat up, and not just from being disciplined by a girl.

You were very gorgeous.. 

Just his luck, having to run into someone who’s not part of his world, may never be part of it, yet takes an interest in him. He quickly learns you’re very curious, and although you’re a girl, you’re strong and tough, and won’t take anyone’s shit.

He’s not sure if he should feel intimidated or happy you only associate with him.

“W..Why don’t you ever wear a shirt?!”

You looked at him, huffing as your arms cross over your chest, “Mermaids don’t need to wear clothes! We’re used to cold climates.”

He sighed heavily, rubbing his forehead, yet reminds himself you’re not human, so it’d be kind of dumb to lecture about the lack of clothing.

“Still.. To anyone else, you look like a human girl…” he looks at the tail hidden in the water. “Someone might try to take advantage of you.”

You snorted, shaking your head before looking at the sky, 

“If that’s the case, I’ll beat them up..” you grin, looking at him, “I had no trouble beating the shit out of you.”

He scoffs, throwing a blanket over you and avoids eye contact for the rest of the day. Because, as much as he wants to deny it, the mark on his face was proof that you, indeed, beat him, and he really couldn’t argue with that. Even if it was embarrassing.

Takao: He was very curious about you when he’d been trekking on the hot sands. To think.. On his visit in a new place, he’d find you washed up on shore, a mermaid… That’s what you’re called right? He really can’t help himself, and he runs towards you, though slows down when you start to slowly back away.

“W..Wait! Please don’t go!”

For some reason, you halt, turning your head back to him, noticing the way his blue hues glimmer in the sun, and you feel captivated.. Mesmerized.. 

Were all humans as gorgeous as him?

You carefully walked closer to him, though remained close enough to the water in case there was any sign of danger. But you didn’t sense anything off with him, so you stayed put, watching like a hawk as he came up to you, and bent to your level.

“W..Wow..” he breathes, a soft hand caressing your face, before moving to your hair, and takes his time exploring you. He doesn’t touch your breasts, sensing your slight nervousness, so he goes down your arm, and when he reaches your fins, he hesitates.. Will it be soft..? Hard..? Edgy..? He doesn’t want to hurt himself or you, so he looks into your eyes, waiting for you to make the move.

“Y..You can touch my scales.. They won’t harm you..”

Wow.. Even your voice is music to his ears, soft and tender.. He gives a huge grin then, eyes going to the colourful scales. He takes his time exploring, and although there’s a bit of movement from them, he can only stare at how they move. He doesn’t touch the end though, feeling that’s a bit.. too personal.. and sits down close enough to you but far away from the water.

“To think I’d run into a mermaid during my travels..” he murmurs, giving you a gentle smile. “I’m such a lucky guy!”

Your eyes wide, a soft blush coats your cheeks as you grin, swallowing the bit of nervousness in your system. 

“Y..You think so..? I.. I’ve never met a human before..”

He laughs at that then, the word ‘really?’ mixing in but you couldn’t hear it within the laughter. You find yourself enthralled with his voice, and kind of wish you could record it..

Ah. that’s absurd..

“So.. There’s a first for everything.. You got to meet me… and I got to meet you!” 

You could only nod, giving a soft smile in return to his eagerness.

“Say.. mermaid-chan.. Can I get a picture with the two of us? I won’t show it to anyone else! It’ll be a secret between you and me!”

At first, you hesitate, because you’d just met this guy, and no one was supposed to know about your kind.. But.. the twinkle in his blue hues, the way he looks at you like you do to humans.. It’s.. hard to say no.. So you nod, making sure your fins aren’t part of it.

A slight yelp leaves your lips when he pulls you against him, taking a quick photo of the two of you grinning, and he can only grin when he looks at it.

“It’s perfect..” he whispers, before standing up. “Well.. I should be getting back,.. It was nice to see you Mermaid-chan!”

Before you could say anything, he was gone, and you frowned, turning your head to the sun. The only regret you have is not getting his name.

anonymous asked:

Did you ever get those color-blindness glasses? I keep checking back!


I can’t believe I never talked about this. 

YES. I got them. They’re amazing. Fuck. I mean, it’s literally impossible to describe the sensations of new colors you never imagined fading into existence. And to clarify that, while they don’t let you see colors your eyes are physically incapable of seeing, they cut out all the “noise” that keeps you from seeing the full range of colors that your individual colorblindness does allow. Essentially, there’s a range of colors that every colorblind person will have that they can’t perceive, even though they have the hardware, while they also will have a range of colors that, barring a cure, they will never see. What EnChromas do is cut out the confusion of the colors that they can see but have never actually perceived, if that makes sense.

So I put them on for the first time in a garden in DC during the cherry blossom festival. It was full of white and blue flowers, and there were some blue-grey trees, along with a few white flowery trees scattered throughout. So I put the glasses on, and?

Nothing was different. I was so, so bummed. I almost teared up tbh. I had gotten my hopes up so high despite telling myself, swearing on my life that I wouldn’t. They don’t work for everybody. Some people don’t have the cones required. I thought I did, but I had walked around with the glasses on for 5 minutes or so without seeing a damned thing different, it was all just darker, as if they were nothing more than regular sunglasses. So I turned to Allyssa to tell her that it was a bust.

Fucking boom. Like a cannonball, there it was. A purple blossom tree. I had NEVER seen anything like that. The last time I looked at it a minute ago, it was grey-blue. Now, fuck. Purple. PURPLE. That picture may not look that special to you, but I could hardly breathe. I had never, ever seen anything this color. And then, like bubbles popping, more things just fucked themselves into being right in front of my eyes. By some stroke of coincidence, there were so many people wearing pink and purple that day. They were everywhere, and I just stared, my mouth agape and dry as hell, watching these things just glow

I hadn’t said anything since I had turned to Allyssa, and she was tugging at my arm gently like, “What? What? Is it working?”, and I looked at her. And her hair, her gorgeous, blood orange “it’s fucking red” hair, was like a star, erupting in sanguine color. It was unbelievable. And that’s when I started to really lose it. I was really, really overwhelmed. I almost wanted to take them off to gather myself, but I kept them on, because they specifically state to leave them on to allow your eyes to fully adjust (if you do that stupid thing where you flip them up and down off your eyes, guess what, you’re not letting them work, bros). 

The white flowery trees from before? Pink. A shade of pink I’d never seen. My red backpack? Crimson, actual crimson. I kept looking around, and just pointing at things and people like a little kid. I was walking through people’s shots and gently pushing lollygaggers out of the way, so that I could just touch some of the things I was seeing. Red brick? IT’S FUCKING RED. It’s not brown, it’s not some muddy mahogany, it’s fucking red. I was blown the hell away walking around the city with Allyssa, pointing at strangers with orange or pink or purple clothes on. Anything that was a mix of two colors was a brand new experience. Green grass? There’s more than one shade of green in it. Gradients? They’re everywhere. Cloudy skies? There’s actually some patches of the clouds where there’s “holes” in them, letting blue sky shine through. I’d never seen that before. We went to the botanical gardens and  ho-ho-holy shit. I found a flower, a purple one with a pink bud in the center. I had seen it before, but I’d always thought it was navy with a light orangish reddish bud. I saw teal for the first time. Do you know how good teal is? Teal is so good.

Since then I’ve worn them at every opportunity. Sunsets are amazing. They’ve helped me pick out clothes. They help me name colors correctly. I saw red flowers I never knew were there in bushes of green. I’m happy. I know I’m still missing out on A TON of shades of color, due to just being incapable of seeing them. But there might be a cure in a year or two, so hey, fingers crossed you guys.

If you’re colorblind, take the test. Give it a shot. See if they’ll work for you. I hope you get a chance to try these. Also happy to answer any more questions.

anonymous asked:

Super angsty prompt. I hope you fill it. Prompt: The James Bond offer came in around the season 2 finale. Instead of going to the Hamptons, Castle was going to talk to Beckett about the offer. When Demming mentioned the beach house with Beckett, Castle made a snap decision to take the Bond offer.

He leaves without telling her. He leaves without saying goodbye.

Esposito is the one he explains his disappearance to and it hurts in a sharp, unexpected way to have his absence explained to her by someone else. And the fact that Esposito seems to understand Castle’s reason for abandoning her, to condone it, hurts even more.

Had she really screwed up that badly?

“Did he say if he was coming back?” she asks, her voice numb as it releases the question to her colleague that she feels she already knows the answer to. She had been prepared to take him up on his offer to run away to the Hamptons for Memorial Day and now not only was her chance gone, but so is he.

“I don’t think so, Beckett,” Javi sighs. “He actually mentioned a new book deal that he plans to take.”

Her brow furrows and her hands tighten around the mug of cold coffee that’s remained cradled and clenched between her hands throughout his conversation.

“For Nikki Heat?”

Esposito shuffles his feet and gives her a slow shake of his head. “For a new character.”

“How could he-” Her indignation fizzles out and she scrapes a hand through her hair. “I’ll fix this.”

“Beckett,” Esposito starts to protest when she strides from the break room for her desk, snatching her jacket from the back of her chair, feeling a deep pang in her chest as her eyes graze over his empty seat. “He said he needed time to be-“

“I don’t care,” she snaps even if it’s a lie, ignoring Esposito’s frustrated growl while she stalks for the elevator and closes the door on his shaking head.

She considers calling him right then, but that would sacrifice the element of surprise and at this rate, she needs him to be unexpecting of her. So she dials another Castle’s number instead.

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The Notepad

Ok, I haven’t written in awhile. I have never posted anything to AOS, Tumblr, etc. I usually just write for myself. Now that I have more free time, I decided to start posting a few drabbles that I’ve had on the back burner. I hope you like it. This one is sort of based on The Notebook, from Oliver’s POV once they’re old. The end is the sweetest. Grammatical errors are mine. I did not proofread as carefully as I should have. No smut here, just sweet stuff. I do have plenty of smut in wait though ;-)


The old man slowly shuffled his way down the corridor of the assisted living facility. He waited in line for his morning pills, had an apple for breakfast, made small talk with the other residents, then made a beeline towards her room. He hasn’t seen her since yesterday, and he misses her. Please, God. Please let her have a good day.

He could tell that she’s being fussy with the nurse when he nears her room. 

She doesn’t want to eat. She doesn’t want to take a walk. She doesn’t want to talk about it. She just wants to be left alone. She still knows how to operate a tablet for crying out loud. She’s not an idiot.

There stands the love of his life, dressed in a pink cardigan sweater and a loose grey skirt that doesn’t remotely fit her tiny frame. She’s wearing panda flats, similar to the ones she wore all those years ago when they first met, yet more suitable for an elderly woman. She’s still kept her fashionable edge, no matter what, and he’s loved her all the more for it. He enters the room with a light tap on the door.

“She’s being pretty stubborn this morning, Mr. Ollie,” the nurse whispered to him with a knowing, understanding tone. “May I try anyway?” The nurse sweetly nodded at him, “Of course, Mr. Ollie. If anyone can reach her, it’s you.” With that sentiment, the nurse winked at Felicity, and exited the room. It was just the two of them.

“Felicity Smoak? Hi, I’m Oliver Queen.”

“That’s not my name,” she retorted sharply. “I mean, my name is Felicity, but you messed it up just a little bit. I mean, that’s not my actual name. Why are you here? I’m so sorry. Who are you? How rude. Whatever it is that you want, I’m sure it wasn’t so you could come down here, and listen to a nutty old woman like me babble, which will end in 3, 2, 1. What I meant to say, is that my name is Felicity Queen. How funny is that? You and I have the same last name." 

She turned around, facing the window, clearly embarrassed by her ramblings. God, she was still so adorable. She remembered her name. That was a good sign. A great sign, in fact. Please, God. Please.

Oliver looked down at the floor to regain his composure, and smiled, wrinkles creasing around his forever sparkling blue eyes. Not the wrinkles from old age, but the good kind, the type that had formed from over 55 years of laughter, partnership, and true love. The smile reserved only for her, the smile that still flushed his cheeks until it reached his ears, and ran down his neck.

She slowly turned from the window, nervously pushing her glasses up her nose, and smoothing her now soft grey, almost white ponytail. He had seen her do this countless times over the years, especially in the early days, when she still wasn’t sure of him. 

Those days when he would come to her with ridiculous excuses, and lies, yet she would help him anyway. Oh, God. Why didn’t he love her sooner?

She didn’t remember their life together, yet she still had the same reaction to him almost every time he entered her room. It never ceased to both elate him, and break his heart at the same time.

As he looked up at her, steel blue eyes met sky blue eyes, then suddenly, she smiled back at him. It was the first time he had seen that smile in weeks.


They’d had some really bad days recently. So bad, that Ava and Tommy had begged him to come home, to just let her go. He would never, ever let her go. Deep down, they knew that. She was his universe. They just missed their Dad.

Yes, they had awful days, some more heart-wrenching than others. Some days she would scream for the orderlies to get the crazy man away from her. Why was this stranger in her room? Those days he would just go back to his room, and break down.

The nurses would bring him coffee, just like she used to, after she vowed not to ever again. He had once told the nurses that particular story, about Felicity “violently” breaking the coffee maker after he made her his executive assistant without her consent. 

They had belly laughed at Felicity’s moxie, yet still chastised him for being so obtuse in his youth. He had shown the staff pictures of them when they were in their prime, he could tell they were genuinely impressed with what a striking couple they made back in the day.

The staff doted on him, gave him special privileges to see her as much as they could. After all, he still had that smoldering charm that worked in his favor. However, when Mr. Ollie was hurting like he did some nights, they didn’t know what else to do. 

They would stroke his back, assure him that she would be better tomorrow, and bring him coffee. He always appreciated the coffee, and he was sincerely grateful for their generosity and concern.


Then there were days like today, when she flashed that smile. The smile that would make his heart sing until the day he died. He didn’t have much time left, all he wanted was a few more smiles, a few more touches, a few more glances. He just wanted her. All he had ever wanted was her. He was going to try again. And again. And again.

"I live just down the hallway, and I was wondering if you’d like for me to read you a story? I have a really good one to tell. I think you’ll like it.” He sighed, and held his breath, awaiting her response. Please, God, please.

“Yes, Mr. Queen. I would love to hear your story. So long as it doesn’t involve kangaroos. Kangaroos really, really creep me out.” She scrunched her nose, and pouted her lips at the thought.

“By the way, if you don’t mind me saying so, your lips look like little pillow mountains. If that’s a thing, I mean. I bet you were really handsome when you were young.” She bit her lower lip, and it took every ounce of patience he had not to hug her, kiss her, beg her to remember him. Remember them. Please remember me.

His Felicity was still in there, and he was going to remind her. He took in another deep breath, then released it slowly.

“I have photo albums. I could show you. If you’d like. They do go along with the story.”

“A good story…and pictures? Do proceed, Mr. Queen. Do you have a note pad? As much as I love my tablet, I like to take notes by hand. And a red pen? Do you have a red pen? I prefer red. Oh, God. I’m babbling again. I don’t know why. It’s always been red. It was red.” Her faced relaxed, as if that fleeting memory from their first date had come back to her, if just for a moment. 

It was red,” she whispered.

Today was going to be a good day.


A long time ago, one beautiful June evening, amongst friends and family, they declared their sacred vows. It was the happiest night of his life. He wrapped her in his arms as they danced their first dance as Mr. & Mrs. Oliver Queen. They swayed slowly, they kissed beneath the stars, evaporated in the glowing candlelight, and the fireflies flickering in the forest behind them. 

The clinking of champagne glasses, the sweet taste of wedding cake on their lips, and delightful laughter from loved ones filled the air. He didn’t want to blink that night, because in the back of his mind, it couldn’t be real. 

He didn’t deserve her, did he? She told him that he did. She was an angel, his guardian angel, the light of his life. He would love her forever. It was all a beautiful whirlwind after that.


Long gone were the days of short skirts, shimmering cocktail dresses, and sky high heels that had always been his undoing. 

Long gone were the fitted suits, tuxedos with suspenders, and form fitting henleys that had always been her undoing. 

Long gone were the steamy nights of young lovers, firm bodies writhing together with unbridled moans of pleasure, a mass of tangled limbs, her long blonde hair cascading over his stubbled, chiseled face, locked in never ending kisses.

Long gone were the midnight dashes to the store to satisfy Felicity’s pregnancy cravings: mint chip and dill pickle flavored potato chips. He still shuddered over that combination. 

Long gone were the nights of chasing toddlers around the house until they were too exhausted to do anything but collapse into each others arms fully clothed, covered in peanut butter and finger paint. 

Long gone were the days of swimming lessons, science projects, baseball games, and graduations.

Long ago, he watched their son marry his soulmate. Laurel Lance’s gorgeous, wonderful daughter, of all people. What a small, wonderful world. After the ceremony, Tommy told his dad that all he wanted was to make his new bride, Dinah, happy. “As happy as you’ve made Mom." 

Oliver hugged his son tighter than he ever had, told him how proud he was. Then he went in the coat closet, and cried like a baby. He never told Felicity. It was one of the few things he ever kept from her.

Long ago, he gave their daughter away to the man of her dreams. Ava’s azure eyes danced with excitement and beauty, an exact replica of her mother’s eyes. She was perfect from the day she was born. He didn’t want to give her away, she was his, but he knew he had to. 

He wanted to keep her safely snuggled in his arms, same as the day she came home crying after pre-school because some mean boy had pushed her on the playground, calling her a four-eyed geek. "Oh, honey,” he whispered against her sweet smelling hair, “he’s only saying that because he likes you." 

Oliver chuckled as he remembered that day, because that "mean boy” really did “like” their precious Ava. In fact he loved her like the moon and the sun and the stars combined. One Mr. John Andrew Diggle was about to make one Ava Dearden Queen his wife.

Long gone were the days of enjoying an early retirement; they had conquered the world together, after all. As CEOs, a mayor, philanthropists. Together with friends, they saved the city. They were heroes, they were legends, and they had earned their happiness. 

They were finally content with simple pleasures such as long evening walks, curling under a blanket with a glass of wine as she read him Shakespeare, or reminiscing about their colorful past in front of a crackling fireplace. 

“Felicity, you’re remarkable." 

"Thank you for remarking on it.”


Long, long, long, gone were the nights of green leather, blonde ponytails, computer monitors, abs, biceps, salmon ladders, Glocks, blood, tears, sweat, arrows, and sacrifice. 

Yet love remained. He had found her love there. He didn’t regret a single moment. Neither did she.


Not so long ago, the doctor delivered a sobering blow to Oliver Queen. 

He then relayed the prognosis to their children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, best friends, nieces, and nephews. 

They were all gathered in a room together, full of concern, worry, hope, and love. 

Felicity had been forgetting things lately. Too many things. Felicity Megan Smoak. Felicity Smoak Queen. One of the most gifted, beautiful minds in the world, was losing hers.

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Fic: There’s no such place (Kurt/Blaine, chapter 1 of 11)

There’s no such place

Pairings: Kurt/Blaine, past Kurt/other, Blaine/other
Word count: this chapter 2200, total 26k
Warnings: grief, not for a canon character*
Rating: explicit, though not in this chapter

Summary: When Kurt lost the things he loved the most, he hid himself away from the world - until the night Blaine crashes into his life.

This is an AU. A snowbound cabin romance. And a story where Kurt and Blaine never met, until they did. 

Author’s Notes: A month ago I emailed chiasmuslovesme and said: I kind of want to write a snow bound cabin romance. The email finished: no need to write it as I just summarised it all.


But chiasmuslovesme was tenacious and imaginatively thoughtful. And podklb lent me her ear for words and understood what I was saying before I did. The story would be nothing without them.

Special note that chiasmuslovesme turned the article in this chapter into believable journalism. Because she is the finest.

Posting schedule: Tuesday and Thursday (mornings US EST, close to midnight Aust Eastern Time).

*Message me if you want any information beyond this.


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