I just...idk any more

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driftrod hcs? I need the goods pls.

!!!!! here u go friend

  • they’re literally the friends => best friends => boyfriends trope it’s Great
  • “we’re best boyfriends!” “aW YEAH”
  • they don’t kiss all that often. they see it as something incredibly intimate, but that still doesn’t stop them from giving each other quick smooches
  • honestly they’re the source of like,, just about every prank. rodimus gets blamed for a lot of them though
  • drift absolutely still teaches rodi how to use a sword, and they spar every now and then to help
  • they’re always holding hands in public, drift being a little more cautious about it since the rest of the crew still don’t like him
  • despite the crew, rodimus does everything in his power to make drift feel appreciated and welcomed 
  • drift appreciates it so much
  • rodimus trusts drift with his life, and when they’re in private, he’s able to talk about his insecurities and problems freely, something he feels he’s never been able to do with anyone
  • likewise, drift can talk to rodimus about,, well, everthing. his past as a decepticon, his time with wing, being on the LL and not exactly feeling very welcomed
  • rodi loves his best friend and best boyfriend and will fight everyone that makes him feel like shit so watch out
Question!!! Being as I'm not streaming.
  • When I draw Overwatch characters, should I do what I did with D. Vs and make them more semi realistic? Or should I make them more of my more cartoony style like usual?
  • I've been thinking about it and literally everyone makes them all on the more semi realistic side but not a mix of that and cartoon and maybe I should just stick to my roots and be more cartoony? Idk. : V
  • Any input/thoughts?

you walk through the broken village. the homes which used to hold families crumbled beneath your feet. ash still lays on the town such as snow on a fresh winter morning. if you stop in your tracks, and listen quietly, you can still hear the screams. the screams of those who didn’t make it, who were too young, and those who just didn’t deserve it.

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I know its waaay back there?? But ask 1 for the risky asks.

@ the simblrs you wanna be friends with

@bratsims @kismet-sims @starryllamas @simlydarling @ughplumb @ohpuppets @rosecoffeesims @2kidsplaythesims and @sandy-sims 

soooo all the cool kids pretty much 

Go ahead and send in some more if you’d like! :D

i been dissociating wildly for the past two days and am Very Sad.
drawing is very difficult bc i cant focus but i think i’ll try to sew maybe.

except i’ve got some shit that needs doing but im, not able to remember what it is and also i’ve managed to hide all my fabric from myself. 

ive been having non stop nightmares abt trauma and my ex and shit so. even though i want to sleep constantly and am exhausted im just. i cant deal with seeing his face any more.

idk how to make it stop. 

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You wanna know what the funniest thing about this Ney, PSG situation drama. Ney doesn't have a care in the world. Like there is pandemonium running through the Barça fandom and he's sitting on a yacht in Ibiza, partying, enjoying the Spanish sun. He's chilling man, idk I just thought that was funny, it doesn't get any more unbothered than this.

LMAOOOO I KNOW we’re here freaking out and making desperate text posts or whatever about it and he couldn’t care less about what’s going he’s just doing him before the pre season starts in the us i love a man

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Are there other programming blogs on tumblr? Like any kind.. Memes, articles idk I just need more of it on my dash

I like to take hella long to answer things sometimes, so I apologize if your dash is less programmatic than you’d like it to be!

Okay, I’m going to list out my personal favorite blogs below. I’ll try my best to categorize them.


Art Through Computer Science

  • Computers Are Art - Mostly a collection of art done with the aide of computers/technology
  • wavegrower - I just stumbled on this yesterday, actually, and the posts are gorgeous! I hope to start using things like Processing (see below) to make some cool stuff in the future!
  • p5art - A wonderful resource on the powers of Processing! I love to look at the sample code and tips from this blog. I’ll definitely use it in the future, but for now, it’s pretty to look at :)
  • fyprocessing - Yet another Processing blog (this was the first one that I stumbled upon). This is more about the art than the how-to
  • elyanparker - This blog is created by Elyan Parker, who creates Cinemagraphs (in this case, endless gifs from real-life subjects). I’m not sure how he edits his work, but I’ll be damned if it isn’t beautiful to look at
  • FLRN GIF - Oooo, pretty colors and shapesssss


  • Relica - This is a blog about a game that is currently in development. If you’ve ever spent some time on Imgur, odds are that you’ve seen this game a couple of times. The graphics are beautiful and I can’t wait to play it!
  • Designers of Tumblr - A cool place to look at submitted designs of tumblr users
  • Visualize - Same type of thing as DoT
  • UX RAVE - Various degrees of rants and raves in the User Experience field
  • Typography Lovers - Pretty self-explanatory
  • Little Big Details - One of my personal favorites! This blog shows some of the subtle things that remind us that programming can be an art


  • passoutpriest - I like to follow this blog because she posts regularly about coding. Also, her non-coding posts are entertaining
  • XKCD - If you don’t know what XKCD is, I’m sorry, but you won’t be sleeping tonight because you’ll be reading all of these comics!

>>Tutorial: *UPDATE/2.0* How to cut posts with tumblr’s new update.


I’ve seen many people liking/reblogging my first version of this however it’s now over 7 months old and even though the method still works, tumblr’s layout has changed meaning you have to click different things, so I’ve decided to make an update/2.0 that is relevant to the current layout.

Tumblr has decided to make it harder to cut posts but there is a way without using extensions, even if gifs or gif icons are used. It looks confusing but trust me it’s just copy, paste, and type a couple of things.

I used Google Chrome so I don’t know if it is different in other browsers but I doubt it.

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listen not to get sappy on my blog cos that’s not what it’s for but i love the 1975 a lot i love matty a lot and i really am heartbroken that idk when i’m next gonna see them like…. doing this is pretty much the only thing i look forward to any more and idk i just… really hope they’re not gone for too long

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Well in the new canon red lightsabers are made by making the kybercristal bleed. Do you think Rey would ever have a red lightsaber? I mean you don't have to live by sith ideals anymore to make one. And do you think should Kylo be redeemed and lives till the end that he will keep his saber or make a new one? I hope he keeps it. Idk I just like red lightsabers more than any other color 😂

TBH, I don’t have particularly strong feelings either way on this issue - I’m not all that interested in the lightsabers the characters use. I expect that if Rey does go to and stay on the dark side for any length of time, they’d give her a red saber.

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( Liked you anon) we're both trans and both liked Sufjan stevens so I was like "yeah boy" but like.. idk I guess I didn't really know sufjan as much as I thought and I was really just into a few of his songs and you like exposed him to me and then I just couldn't relate to you any more :/ idk man I wanted to really know you bc you were genuinely interesting but I think I just never connected

that’s interesting, thanks for sharing