I just... he's become more and more beaten down

infamous-harlot  asked:

On the Topic of adult Asher, what would his adult personality be like, would he become more serious like Xander and would the other siblings effect any aspects of his personality?

I feel bad because this ask had been here for a while but I just never got around to answering it. But on to the topic of adult Asher!
He’d definitely be a man beaten down by what happened within Krakenburg to his younger siblings. As sheltered as he was, he couldn’t have avoided it altogether. His father’s change also would make Asher more solemn as an adult. He’d no longer believe that goodness always wins, especially since I think Garon would not tolerate such ideals in opposition to his orders. He’d still be a man who tries his best for his siblings, both his older brother whose burdens he understands and his younger siblings who he wants to protect and nurture. He’d be the older brother you could go to for help, unlike Xander who seems unapproachable at times. He’d think of himself very little and might have a self-worth problem, but he gives his all for his family. So you’d never know his problems or doubts but he’d always be open to listen to yours. As a public figure I think he’d have good PR as a prince, at least in comparison to his siblings. Which Garon would probably not like. I think he’d be Garon’s least favorite child outside of Corrin. But Asher has learned to look the other way when it comes to Garon so as to not displease his father. Overall he’d be a man who has little hope for a sudden positive change in his future but tries his best all the same in the situation he’s in. He has a little kindling hope that things will get better but he’s also not exactly expecting anything.