I just... he's become more and more beaten down

All Smiles || Bri & Gideon

( @indissoluta )

    Not one who was used to being on the receiving end of compliments her words took Gideon by surprise. He glanced up to her and found that reflectively he was smiling and even as he shook his head he couldn’t be rid of it.

    A hand moved through his hair and then laughter , albeit light , followed.  “ Well…Thank you. I’m glad that I can uh…” And  just then he had to put his head down not realizing he was blushing far more than he ever thought was possible.

Brighid had spent more and more time with Gideon over the last few months; ever since that night she had found him beaten up behind the bar.  He had become a close friend, and someone that even her daughter approved of.  

She pulled her knee up to her chest, chin resting atop of it.  The fae smirked, happily, seeing his reaction to her words.  “You aren’t used to compliments, I swear,” Bri teased, but she was just as bad as him.  Something, Gideon knew.  “I don’t have many people close to me, Gideon….so, I just wanted you to know what effect you have on my life.”  Her words carried an honesty that went deeper than he knew.  Since Caden had died, Brighid had been on the run, hiding from those that still wanted her life, or worse, the life of her daughter.

For now, she had stability.  Even more importantly, Moira had stability.  “Would you want to stay for dinner tonight?  My Mum has Mo for the weekend.”