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How do you make the stickers? Does the store do it for you?

If you purchase from my redbubble, then yes the store makes it.
But everything in my storenvy is made by me.
From discussing with manufacturers, doing quality checks, packing and shipping is all done by me (and with the help of my mom :D)
Thats why I advice you guys to purchase from my storenvy whenever its reopen, instead from my redbubble cause I also handcraft each order and send them out with love and care :D

Also each sticker you purchase from storenvy is personally hand cut (my sincere apologies if its inconsistent :X)
Here is a photo of me flipping my stickers off after spending 5 hours cutting 200 pieces HAHAHAHAHAHAHA oh man :’D

“Do I look lonely? I see the shadows on my face,” Brendon Urie sings soulfully from the speakers of the phone. Lance dramatically shuffles his feet towards the couch, where Keith is reading a book.
“People have told me,” he sings “I don’t look the same. Maybe I lost weight,  I’m playing hooky,” he pauses just at the right time, and Keith peers at him blearily, but turns back to the book almost immediately.
“With the best of the best, put my heart on my chest, so that you can see it too,” Lance elongates the last sound artfully, gets closer to the couch. “I’m walking the long road, watching the sky fall,” he flops very close to Keith, so close that they’re actually touching. “The lace in your dress tingles my neck, how do I live?” he’s not half bad, Keith has to admit, but why is this happening to him.
“THE DEATH OF BACHELOR, OH OH OH,” Lance screams, directly in his ear, “LETTING THE WATER FALL.”
Keith has the displeasure of knowing what’s coming. He slams his book closed and actually gets up. “THE DEATH OF A BACHELOR,” Lance repeats, almost mournful, “Oh oh oh, seems so fitting for…”
“No,” Keith tells him, and makes a run for it. Except Lance is fast on his feet, and follows him as he bellows “HAPPILY EVER AFTEEER, UUUU, HOW COULD I ASK FOR MORE?”
Keith is now running for his life. He gets a last glance before slamming the door of his room shut: Lance is holding his phone as a boombox. “A LIFETIME OF LAUGHTER,” comes muffled from the outside (but not muffled enough, if you ask him) “AT THE EXPENSE OF THE DEATH OF A BACHELOR!”
Keith doesn’t think Lance will pull through with all the song. He’s done with the chorus, right? That should be enough. He’s wrong.

(In retaliation, Keith makes it a point to blast “I don’t love you” by MCR every day, in loop, for the next week. When Lance whines about it, his reply is “Better get used to the song that will accompany you as you walk down the aisle.” Lance deadass starts crying.)


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Ghost!Violet x female (living) reader?

I dunno what type of request this was for?? But I’m gonna do fluffy headcanons :))

- judges your choice in music 24/7

- leaves little encouragement notes for you before you leave the house

- is really needy but doesn’t let you know about it 

- loves playing with your hair

- is super protective 

- will even be invisible and just follow you everywhere in the house

- but unlike the other ghosts, she’ll turn away her eyes if you’re doing something private 

- she just wants to make sure you’re safe

- will always appear randomly on your bed reading your books

- helps with your homework

- nose kisses

- cuddles until you fall asleep