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i really hope the show doesn't go down the let's redeem a rapist route again. i know you're a regina stan but she is canonically a rapist and she never paid for her crime and neither did zelena and both of them became heroes, were redeemed. like for once the show needs to actually punish and not reward the rapist (in both previous cases the victim also wound up dead and one of them by the hand of their rapist no less)

just so we’re clear this isn’t an attack on you because you’re a regina stan, i’m not coming into your inbox to upset you or whatever but the wish!hook situation of getting deceived into sleeping with gothel/the non con thing there just reminded me of how poorly rape/sexual assault storylines were handled before, the show has a bad track record and this is one of regina’s crime, it’s not the only one and i don’t think it’s wrong to talk about it in context

Okay dear… let’s talk about the show and it’s terrible track record with sexual consent.

Regina and Graham:  The writers have explicitly said that she didn’t rape Graham because she didn’t use his heart for that.  This shows a clear lack of understanding of how consent works because he didn’t have a choice but to be with her.  She is a rapist.  There are arguments to be made that she as an absolute monarch had sexual rights to him.  I don’t think the writers thought that far into it.  I think they were giggling too much about him being a sex slave (Kitsis does so in the 1.22 episode commentary).  There are questionable circumstances in how much choice he had in Storybrooke as well.  The writers say he had free will.  But he also didn’t know who she was and she did.

Regina and Leopold:  There are those who believe Regina had a choice to walk away from the marriage after she pushed Cora through the mirror.  I do not believe that is realistic given Rumple’s interest in her and the consequences we know a young woman like her would face if she humiliated the king.  We do know that Leopold was prepared to do Bad Things™ to a man who gave her hope for love years later so he doesn’t seem like a man who would have taken that well.  His jealousy is also evidence that the anti-Regina head canon that she never had sex with Leopold is wrong.  In this case people making the extraordinary claim that a husband never slept with his wife are the ones who have to show proof not the people who are arguing the much more likely thing that a man doesn’t marry a woman a third his age to play chess with her.  Especially one who is fully aware that he’s marrying his former lover’s daughter.  Given her reaction and the fact that someone doesn’t rape a man as their first sexual act then Regina was also raped.  Now the culture of the Enchanted Forest seems to be that a husband has the right to sex with his wife.  But if we’re going to play that cultural card to excuse Leopold you have to accept the one that says the Queen has the right to the bodies of her subjects with Graham.  And none of us really wants to be that terrible a person do we?

Anyone who had sex during the curse with someone they wouldn’t ordinarily have slept with is an issue of sexual consent to be laid at the feet of anyone involved in the curse casting (i.e. Regina and Rumple).

Rumple’s relationship with Lacey and any sexual intercourse they had while he was not attempting to wake her up is highly questionable given that he was awake and aware that this is not who Belle would want to be.  He knows TLK isn’t going to work so it’s very sketchy.

Emma and Neal’s relationship relies entirely on knowing Neal’s age at the time of their relationship.  Which we do not know.  A prop wanted poster which is full of factually inaccurate information is not evidence.  Nor is what age MJR “looked” because JMo didn’t look 17 either.

Hook’s references to penetration during a fight that were played off as a joke by Colin don’t change the context of the writing was a rape threat.  He also allows Rumple to believe Milah is being gang raped by his crew.  And then there is the infamous line about using alcohol to get women to have sex being one of his tactics.  Hook did commit objective sexual assault when he was arrested after he kissed Emma in New York.  There is no “I was trying for TLK” lope holes if we’re excluding the cultural ones from the Enchanted Forest.  

Zelena kissed Rumple while he was her prisoner.  We know they didn’t have sex but the fact that Rumple was “playing along” in an attempt to escape doesn’t change the ickiness of it.  She objectively raped Robin which the show came as close to anyone as actually identifying as rape even though they never said the word.  But once her victim was no longer in the picture the show largely ignored it.  Long term consequences?  What’s that?

Arthur raped, drugged, and imprisoned Guinevere for apparently years.  He never paid a consequence for that and we were never even told if she was freed from that spell.

Gothel raped Wish Hook without apparent consequence.

But all of the above is in a context where …

Emma never faced any consequences for ripping out Violet’s heart, for sending Regina off to die, for allowing her family to think they’d failed her.

Snow and David never faced any consequences for kidnapping and assaulting a baby. 

Regina is walking free after countless murders.

Rumple is walking free after even more countless murders than Regina.

Hook is walking free after centuries of looting and pillaging which also involves… murdering.  He also didn’t face any consequences for murdering Merlin.  And Emma faced none for covering up for his murder.

The only main cast members who don’t belong in prison as far as I can tell are Belle and Henry.

This is not a show where anyone faces consequences.  Stop demanding that women face them in particular.  Realize this is not a show where punishment and revenge are considered good things especially after the character has changed their behavior.

The writers have never and will never deal with sexual assault in a respectful or sane manner.  

Katia Gets Physical

Well this was different! This time the artist isn’t Kaz or Cider or even FurNut. No, this is from Raydio who has been drawing for all of… (September, October, Novermber) yeah, 3 months. He asked me to color it and I did. Then I actually had a chance to show it to him and we fixed a few things.

I won’t go through the layers this time. Just the finished product. Katia Managan getting fit. Fitia Managan.

That’s the official product… but, being a perv, I had to take it a little farther of course. I made a sweaty version with some inappropriate bumps in places. Because this is my clean blog, I won’t put it here. But those of you who wish to find it I suspect can do so. bdnsfw is your key. If you can’t figure it out from there, you don’t want it bad enough.  (And really it’s not that bad anyway.)

Someone on the Booru commented that her head is NOT the largest part of her body here, so it can’t be canon. It occurred to me that maybe she lost some weight after all that exercise - from her head.  

And then it occurred to me that it wasn’t so much as “lost” as “redistributed”. 

Then I remembered an animated thing Kaz did showing Quill-Weave lifting weights with parts of the body not normally associated with strength training. Maybe that’s how she gained such substantial mass elsewhere!

My mind takes devious pathways.

Like, I love stranger things but the one thing that I really wish the show had was a female character who was into all of the stuff that will, mike, lucas and dustin are into because I need a girl like that? Like, just a normal bookish fangirl?? And I get that there’s barb and stuff but like?? She died???

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I have to say I deeply enjoyed your story of the Incubus x Virginal/Shy Female reader story! Made me blush all over the place. The way you wrote the Incubus in your story reminded me immediately of the Incubus I write myself so it was a nice fresh of air to be able to read that truly. I do wish for that to continue to see what would come next but that's entirely up to you! It just was beautifully written that I had to read it again afterwards. Keep up the lovely work your blog is one of my favs!

What a wonderful comment, thank you so much!! I tried to find a nice gif to show my gratitude and came up with this. Enjoy.

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so many ppl getting pissed at adam over his "cushy" job as though half of them wouldnt jump at the chance to have it themselves


I would fucking jump at a job like that in a second without even thinking about it.

A nice, well-payed job that utilizes at least part of my skills, whilst leaving me room to do my own thing at the side, and at the same time leaving me with enough funds to not only not have to worry about surviving the week, but also have some left for luxury? SIGN ME THE FUCK UP.

The idea of a starving artist who has to suffer for their art so it can have heart is bullshit, along with the idea that all art has to mean something, something more and refined and genius. I had enough of those, especially the second one, from the people I went to art college with.

Sometimes art is just doodling funny comics for the masses. Sometimes art is drawing your favorite shows. Sometimes it’s indulging in your own self-insert wishes. Whatever it is, others have no right to bring you down for it, you do you.

Also, “hurr durr it’s just criticism you need to learn to accept criticism” yeah man, maybe some people don’t want criticism, especially harassment thinly veiled as criticism

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Your blog title should be "welcome top the black paladin lance parade" bc... Puns...

ppfffttt akdnsklfklgdf i know i had someone awhile back send me a screenshot where my title got cut off and it said “Welcome to the Black Pa-” and they wrote “rade” on the end honestly it really looks like it huh?

it used to be just “Welcome to the Lance Show.” because of that stupid meta that went around a few months back by a “lance stan” who said something along the lines of “honestly it’s like this show is becoming the lance show.” and i was like BOY i fuckin wish you bitch. lmfao.

and i’ve always loved bp lance but after season 4 i became an even harder corer bp lance advocate. 

anyway lmfao

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i wish people would shut up about dany burning the food. do people honestly think that like fifteen wagons could've fed the entirety of kings landing??? or that she could've used it for her soldiers who were miles away at casterly rock???

i feel like answering questions re: the show is almost pointless in the sense that D&D really don’t know what they’re doing or what they’re writing. as they exemplified with the dornish storyline, D&D just think everything happens in a bubble. but in this case, there are a few ways to look at it:

1) Controlling food is how you can put pressure on your opponents. In the books we read about sieges and loss of supply lines often enough to realize that food is a huge motivator. If your enemy is in between you and your supply lines and you’re running low on food, it’s a good idea to strike quickly before your men get too weak to fight and give them a chance at reaching new food sources. There are even less militant ways of doing this, as the Tyrells did with blocking movement of food on the Roseroad. They starved out King’s Landing and put considerable pressure on them; when they chose to join forces with the Crown, they restored those roads and were hailed as heroes for it even though they were the reason the people were starving.

2) I doubt the food would have reached Casterly Rock. Aren’t Euron’s ships camping outside the Rock? Lmao

3) Destruction of the food looks especially bad bc the show has never actually shown this tactic being used before. Even though starving out and similar war tactics definitely went down in the books, the show never bothered to highlight it before that scene.

4) IDK what Dany’s food situation was, but clearly she had enough food to where she could destroy the carts to send a message to KL– starve or submit. That’s the only logical reason I can surmise as to why she would destroy them. Idk how D&D wanted us to read that or why they wrote it in, but if that’s not the reason for the destruction then I don’t understand why she’d destroy the food lmao.

if this is the hill people wanna die upon they can go for it. season 7 made so little logical sense as it is that it’s seems sort of fruitless to try and argue that D&D meant this or something else. there have definitely been worse things that other ppl on that show have done so who cares about arguing w anyone about this.

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Idk if this is too personal but are you planning your own animated series someday or is cartooning more of a hobby?

I still want to work on Ed, Edd n Eddy Highschool, but the problem is that I want it to be like the original show. My wish forces me to be dependent on strangers who possess the talent and time available to help me, and want to do so for free. It’s a difficult combination. I’ve visited a few voice acting forums and found out that charity is something the professionals out there avoid. These places were surprisingly unfruitful.
The voice actors I have now approached me themselves, through Deviantart, while I couldn’t make a single person interested in my ideas at these forums. I’m just too lame-sauce.

There are also alot of things you have to keep recognizable when you take an existing concept and explore it. There’s not all that much creative freedom.
When I returned to DenNIM years ago, it made me wonder if I should be this focused on creations that aren’t even mine. I thought of a few shorts starring my DenNIM characters and Dee Rhymz, but I can’t call this a plan.

I do have a growing preference for my original content, though, despite the fact not many people care for it and Ed, Edd n Eddy Highschool should get the priority. But I’m wondering more and more if this is the route I should take.

I decided to share one of my Ed, Edd n Eddy animations on Youtube at one point, which got dogpiled by a group of people after a whole year of being online and not having garnered any traffic during that period. It was rather obvious they were riled up to do this; maybe the video was shared at some forum with whatever message, but it still bothered me. Nothing in the video warranted the responses they gave. The badgering went on for a week or 2, and it drove me insane that nobody wanted to tell me where they came from. It drove me insane that stupid meme shit like PaffenEd got so many upvotes, but this proper animation got boycotted into the ground.
Most people don’t (care to) understand how much work and time it takes to create a smooth series of movements or come up with a story worth animating, even though this keeps being said, and the incident made me wonder if Ed, Edd n Eddy Highschool is going to give me any satisfaction if the audience won’t acknowledge the work put in it.

People familiar with the original show will judge it, as is their right, and I’m expecting it. By default, there’ll be fans, as there’ll be critics, but they won’t be critics of animation/art, but people who will hate it for what’s been done to existing characters that they personally disagree with. Having these kind of comments on a drawing is fine, but an animation has more effort behind it, so it stings.
Actually, this reminds me of that Eddy’s brother fan episode on Youtube, where the comments are disabled. This can’t be for no reason. Maybe the problem is simply Youtube, as I think the Deviantart upload has everything enabled. But this is not a solution for me, my plans have always been to start this series on Youtube, and I still believe this is the right platform to go to.

When anyone asks me about my plans for an animated series, I’m urged to mention Ed, Edd n Eddy Highschool, but the experience I’ve gotten over the years turned my feelings towards it lukewarm. I can’t upload a single video on Youtube without getting at least 2 comments asking about or complaining about it not being Ed, Edd n Eddy Highschool. Doesn’t sound too extreme, but I don’t get all that many comments on my stuff to begin with, so it stands out.

I want to say DenNIM is on my mind, but there’s nothing set in stone. It helps that original content wlll remove the department of angered nostalgic critics, as there’s nothing they have to compare with, but this shouldn’t be the sole reason I’d let a whole fanseries die. I don’t think I can let it die.

So, the gist of my answer is that my plans for an animated series are as unclear as the rest of my future.

Deborah -  How can you be so confident?! Jason almost killed you! The world’s going crazy! How are you okay with any of this?!!

Tommy - *Sigh* In the times I have encountered Jason,  I lost two people I cared about: My mother and my best friend Allen Hawes. They were two of the most kind-hearted people I have ever met. But that didn’t save them. My mother died without me even knowing it. And Allen… was killed… because of me.

Tommy -  I am scared, but not just for me. What has happened shows that Jason doesn’t care if you’re standing against him or not. He’ll kill anybody, and that scares me most of all. Hawes… my mother… I’d be lying if I said that it didn’t hurt, that I didn’t think about them every day since I lost them, that I didn’t wish I had spent more time with them. If it had been me instead, I know they would have kept fighting too, no matter how dangerous it was. So that’s what I choose to do - to keep moving forward.

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really, you do reblog some nice anime stuff, but the rest is just garbage and porn everywhere. the things you write just show you have no content ... unfollowed, sorry about the 'hate'. just wished you were more consistent and interesting in the things you post though

did you just really took 5 min of your life to write me this? it’s MY BLOG. i post whatever the fuck i want and if you don’t like just unfollow me sweetie, you don’t need to come to my messages and write me this, it’s so pointless. 

after this i’ll still post and write the things i want. and you need to learn that people are not here to please you or to be consistent or interesting. 

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So I just finished binging all of Legends of Tomorrow (don't know why I took me so long to watch the show) but I really wish that Leonard and Nate had been on the team together (well, I miss Leonard in general). Like, I feel like those two would have had some hilarious dialogue together.

(I apologize—for some reason I’m not getting inbox notifications anymore, which is why my response is so delayed).

I feel like Len would’ve given Nate a hilarious smackdown on a regular basis, just because he and Mick seemed to enjoy pushing Ray’s buttons in the first season. I’m really hoping the Earth-X Len is just as snarky.

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“Keith look, make a wish!”~

This is my attempt at a fake screen-cap(??) I spent tooooo long on this, please just take it lol