I just wish that they showed that

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who's Tiffany Vogt and true north crew?? sorry if that's a dumb question lol

The True North crew are radical be|larkers that disregard the entire story being told by the writers. These ‘shippers’ are entitled and basically shit on the writers and say that the show has ‘bad writing’ because their ship is not romantically canon. Just that statement alone you know that they have some serious mental problems. They mix up key plot points and only watch the show for be|larke to become canon. They look at the show with shipping googles on and have THE STUPIDEST headcanons known to mankind.

Now, these True Northers SHOULD NOT be mistaken for Be|larkers. Like in the Clexa fandom, there are ‘bad seeds’ that we wish we could vote out of the fandom because of their stupidity. (i’m talking about the people that say Bellamy was a rapist, the people that call the show racist, etc.) There are some wonderful Be|larke shippers that don’t demonize Lexa and support the writers and their vision, even if their chosen ship is not canon. These are the people I respect, not True Northers that attack the writers or the show. 

Tiffany Vogt (i honestly don’t know much about her) is a True Norther that is a critic and saw the screeners and has abused her privileges. She, as well as another True Norther on Tumblr (who shalt not be named), have constantly diminish the importance of Clexa and neglect key plot points in order to give ‘be|larkers hope’. 

Okay, I kinda got ‘mean’ in this response, but one thing I CANNOT stand is attacking the show, the writers, and cast. This is THEIR show and we are just observers. WE aren’t the ones that spend countless hours writing, editing, filming, etc. to make the show. This is not OUR story….it is theirs. Okay…rant done. This is just something that pisses me off. 

that nappy hair comment was pretty messed up considering the whole point of Beyonce’s song, but it really shows the reason she made this song, to fix small little slip ups like that, i personally thought her hair was BEAUTIFUL and some still see that beauty as “nappy”, it hurts because my little sister who is gorgeous has beautiful hair like that and i love when she has it natural because it slays and i always have to remind her that her hair is beautiful when she says she wishes she had white people hair or hair like me. she’s learning to love her hair and this song just made her so proud i could tell. Thank you Beyonce for being a role model and giving pride to all those little girls out their with beautiful hair


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Not really. I mean the writers have hinted a season long conflict between Jace and Alec. But no matter what Jace and Alec, at the end of the day, would die for each other. As shown when Jace pushed Alec out of the way from the memory demon.

That’s true. And they definitely show that in the end they’ll do anything for each other, it just seemed a little.. Excessive? at some parts…its not too bad really but I wish they would have some moments of showing how close they are when its not in a dire situation I guess

Another day, another week. Get up, get out, get things done. Get home, get dinner, get sleep. 

I feel like I’m living my life on the periphery, like I’m watching a tv show happen around me. I’m involved, but I’m not. I’m a character who doesn’t move the plot along, an extra listed in the credits in as “neighbor” or “coworker.” Waiting for the director to tell me where to stand, what to say, how to dress. Do I even have any lines? 

It’s all going to move along, this show I’m a part of. The plot will unfold. I’ll play my part. I just wish I didn’t feel like someone else was running the show. And that’s on me, I get it. I do. I’m complicit. But it’s so hard to move, sometimes. So hard to push yourself off script. And so it goes.


the thing about everyone saying bruno and beyonce stole the halftime show (in all fairness they were both really good, as was coldplay) is that chris martin probably feels the same way and high key could not be happier. chris is such a sweet cinnamon roll i’m sure he had the time of his fucking life he doesn’t even care if people say coldplay was outshined he was just happy to be there with beyonce and bruno and that’s why i love chris martin

R&M episodes that I need

-More tiny Rick
-Rick flashbacks (maybe Flesh Curtains flashbacks or when he was still a kid??)
-Beth and Rick bonding
-Summer and Rick bonding
-Beth goes on an adventure with Rick??
-Rick’s ex ((Beth’s mom)) to show up and embarrass Rick u know
-I’m sure Rick has met at least one of the Stan twins before am I right????
-More of the younger & punk Rick
-I just wish Birdperson wasn’t dead
-maybe when Rick met Birdperson for the first time??
-and the first time he met Squanchy???
-Rick seeing Beth for the first time after so many years
-and actually meeting his grandkids
-Rick and Morty having a good time
-And I mean actually having fun and enjoying time together
-Rick sacrificing himself for his family
-make him suffer
-Rick breaking down in front of his family
-or at least almost breaking down but everyone can tell he’s hurting
-I’m sorry Rick I love u but it’s gotta happen
-more singing Rick
-I want Rick to be happy too u know

my science partner can’t go on the overnight trip because she just came out as a lesbian so none of the other girls want to room with her. i wish we were going at the same time otherwise i’d offer to be her roommate to show her what a good ally i am!!!

Perks of being my bf/gf:
1. I’ll write, sing, and play you stupid songs on my ukulele on your birthday, holidays, when you’re sad, when ever you want
2. I’ll text you the weird but funny ideas I get at like 2 am when neither of us can fall asleep
3 I’ll snapchat you pictures of me, my friends, my family members doing funny things
4. I will absolutely try my hardest to make you laugh
5. One of my favorite activities is listening to others vent. If you’re my bae, I’ll love it all the more
6. We can buy cheesy matching clothes that we look stupid in, and we can laugh and be embarrassed together
7. I’ll always let you copy and cheat of my homework, as long as I make sure you understand that most of my answers are wrong anyways
8. If you’re stressed out, I will rub your back and play you more dumb songs on my ukulele until you laugh
9. I will look up snacks on Pinterest, make them, and let you have all of them
10. I will love you. I’d never ever be with anyone who didn’t make me feel like I’m floating, and if you make me feel like that, you’re rare

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You're kind of a bitch actually. Like who made you the be all, end all of what effy would and wouldn't like? You didn't write the show or the character. You honestly sound like you believe you're like fucking "otherkin" with effy or some shit. Get over yourself.

I mean, of course Effy I’m not Effy.  Effy is fictional.  And of course I wasn’t a writer (although I very much wish I was, because I think they did amazing work).  I do, however, think I know a lot about Effy just by virtue of the fact that people have asked me questions about her for the past two-odd years and I’ve spent a lot of time looking for answers that are supported by what we see in the show.  And that’s how I decide what I think she would and wouldn’t like- by what we’re shown by the writers, directors, actors, and production team within the show.  I try really hard not to speculate or say things about her that aren’t supported, which is where, for example, the idea that Effy’s favorite music is 50s rock and roll and not something like Lana Del Rey or Melanie Martinez or Halsey comes from.  But very rarely will I say anything that I don’t think can be backed up.

This blog really isn’t an emotionally driven project for me.  It’s one where I try to give people factual answers to the questions they ask.  And if you don’t like the answers I give that’s absolutely fine.  There are lots of other blogs that say other things.  But that’s just how I approach this one.

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She doesn't turn into an alien? How the actual fuck is it a metaphor when she says she has alien dna and then turns into an alien? I'm looking at an alien yet she's not an alien and they released that footage at a moment when they had the most eyes on them before the episode, only it's just pretend? I know c c well enough and his bs writing to know he would actually be this cruel. The man is scum and I wish I never wasted so many years getting involved in this stupid ass show that makes me cry.

The morph was meant to demonstrate that Scully has alien DNA, not that she is literally going to morph into an alien. It was supposed to be a powerful visual, delivered to a wide audience. I wish I didn’t personally find it totally ridiculous, but that’s another story. 

I’ve said for years that CC has lost his writing mojo and that was always my concern about more XF. I don’t think he is “scum” but I do wish he would let the show go writing-wise. Anyway, you WILL cry tonight apparently but not because of CC’s writing. Anyway, that is all part of being a phile; as soon as you declare yourself an XF fan, you stock up on tissues. It’s just part of the deal. ;)

Okay, so something that’s just starting to really bug me about MLB.
The show’s making it super obvious that, somehow, Chat Noir is really inferior to Ladybug (for no apparent reason.)

It’s kind of funny that Chat keeps being the maiden in distress, but that PLUS the fact that he’s been semi-akumatized twice (while Ladybug hasn’t) and Ladybug has no problem beating him, I’m wondering if there’s a reason why he’s so much weaker than Ladybug. Probably not. I hope so.

I was already wishing they had equal protagonist status, but it’s starting to become obvious that Ladybug has that kind of magical protag-protection that Chat doesn’t.

EDIT: My friend said it’s because Chat Noir represents bad luck while Ladybug is good luck (plus Chat’s powers were originally planned to be a curse.) If that’s really why Chat’s so inferior, then I hope they make it clear soon in the show and that it gets some major acknowledgement in the eventual plot.
Because right now it still just looks like Ladybug’s magical protag powers.

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Ok, not trying to start a drama here, but can you explain how is Sam helping Cait ignoring her and the show (Claire?!)?. I mean it's ok not to flirt and banter, but to pretend he doesn't even know her? He could at least support her charity, because she did it for him. I don't see how that changes things. And I'm just going to be honest with you. This is changing my mind about him and even shipping them together. I'm starting to wish she would find someone that just support her always.

You are asking me to speak on Sam’s behalf. I can’t. I’m sorry if it affects your ability to ship them together, but as far as I know, the last thing he said publicly was that he wasn’t dating Cait, so I doubt your shipping him with Cait is his goal.

Go!! Breakthrough!


Elaine’s uniform is also hella cute <3 AND YES, she’s together with King! (and Jericho!) Despite all the teasing Ban does, he does trust King and Jericho it seems. So much he entrusts protecting Elaine to them which is quite something..
The chapter goes on to show how strong Meliodas and Ban are as they just… break through the fucking indestructable wall. Twice accidentily. Tbh I’m a bit dissappointed that the labyrinth part was shortened like that, I wish we’d have seen more of it because the idea to make an (purposedly) indestructable labyrinth with lots of deathly traps is really interesting and a way to show more of the other characters too.
Well, but that’s not how it went.
So now Mel and co are at the goal and there are already King, Elaine, Jericho, Slader, Hendy, Griamore, Matrona, the samurai guy, the barde, the three assasins, the priest (?) and… who the fuck is that to Slader’s right? He’s none of the new characters… Does anyone have any idea? I can’t remember this guy but maybe I’m forgetting something?

Anyway, though the preliminaries were disappointing the main event will rock for sure! (haha, “rock”! Because they’re on a rock!)

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Hey Amy! I had a sleepover with friends this weekend and told them all about babygate and a little bit about Larry and when I realized I had to tell them about the bears in order to keep the storytelling straight (lol) I struggled to find the words to describe them. I mean, how do you explain that two world famous musicians secretly communicate with their fans via teddybears?? (1)

Anonymous said:(2) So I was just like “Hold on I have to show you this because I honestly don’t know how to say this out loud” and showed them the RBB twitter acc and explained the context of some of the most recent pics. They genuinely seemed to think this was really cool and inventive and I’m just so frustrated bc I wish the GP could get in on all the amazing things that are happening right now. I am fairly certain this will be talked about for AGES when it all comes out :)


lol it’s so hard to explain the bears to outsiders LOL

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Hi, I love your blog, but I was wondering if you'd elaborate on what you meant when you tagged a reblogged article about Elton John mentoring Harry, 'i wished ed stayed out of the cheap stuff'. I dont really follow Ed so is he relying more on stunts than his music to stay in the mainstream media or something?

Thank you XD

Ed’s connection to Taylor Swift already suggests he’s got ties to stunty type stuff.  I’ve seen Ed on shows and he seems like a sweetheart, as does Harry. It’s just my personal opinion, but Taylor Swift does not seem like a sweetheart. 

I have trouble reconciling how Ed and Taylor work as friends when Taylor clearly used her advantage in the Haylor PR stunt to make Harry look like a bad guy.  I don’t know a ton about the situation, but I wouldn’t dismiss the idea that their friendship is more for PR than anything at this point.

The Ed/Ellie/Niall Don’t thing was a classic Taylor situation where Ed used a fake relationship stunt to promote a song.  Both people he was stunting with came off looking worse than him in the situation, just like tends to happen with Taylor all the time.  

The fact that Ellie had Ed touching her thigh and holding her hand at the same exact event where she was seen whispering to Niall and supposedly kissing him is already enough to prove it’s a stunt.  No celeb is stupid enough to two-time a guy in a crowd that’s being officially filmed and broadcast.

That’s already too many ties to stunts for my tastes.  Ed seems sweet, has amazing music, and has an amazing performance style, so I would love it if he were able to promote his music without resorting to stunts that make other people look bad.

I N S T A G R A M : gemmakate10 T W I T T E R : https://twitter.com/gemmakate10

Everyones meeting Grace this week and i’m wishing I could relive this day. The day that i finally got to meet the human being that inspires me everyday. I was the last person in line and unfortunately I worked myself up so much that i forgot how the english language worked and could barely put together a sentence, so i just kept saying “thanks for coming, thanks for coming” 

Looking for Requests!

First up, thank you all so much for following me, it really means the world to me that you guys like my stuff.

Now, the mane business:

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I’m always looking for inspiration, manely with other askblogs (who would have guesses), for new outfits, but right now I kind of made everything I wanted to make, which means, I’m looking for outfit ideas.

Things I accept (among other things):

  1. Show-style
  2. own designs
  3. Themes (example: Valentines Day, Spring, etc.)
  4. Entries in one of my ‘series’:
  • Gala Dresses
  • Pokemon
  • Disney
  • G3 inspired
  • Ever After High Dragon Games

TLDR; Send me requests. >>Click Here<<, reblog this post with a reference, theme or idea, or answer this post (see below).

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Also, you can ask the ponies running this Boutique stuff. Just saying.

Now, who has some ideas/wishes?

Happiness x3: 2.7.16

1. J left for another work trip today…but I was honestly fine with it. I guess I am just getting used to all the coming and goings.
2. Skipped a big Super Bowl party and instead had a friend over to watch and eat. 🍕🍗🍪🍺 Not the best day food wise but I am not going to get mad at myself, just reign it in tomorrow.
2a. Beyonce. W-O-W. Wish we saw more of her during the halftime show.
2b. Was Bruno Mars wearing a trash bag? I did like his shoes though. Black and gold Nikes for the win!
2c. Not enough Cam Newton daping!
2d. Super bowl baby commercial! Literal LOL!
3. Feel like I am becoming more confident in who I am as a person. Now I just need to try a little harder in the makeup, hair, outfit areas. I’m by no means a slug but I need a little boost. Look good feel good, right?

The nightmare of an event i did not wish to experience happened to the Dallas fans. Kai will not be able to attend exo'luxion in Dallas because of visa issues. They are currently pushing so that he may attend exo'luxion in North America. But pleadse, if you are considering that full refund, please keep in mind that the boys have worked hard for MONTHS just to give you a show. Please attend no matter what. It’s not fair to leave them on that stage with a mass amount of fans not there simply because “It’s not what I wanted right now. I can go later. Kai isnt here so there is no point.” Now how does that make sense? You should support EXO even so. EXO-Ls didn’t push for Dallas to be on the map for nothing. Be considerate to others, not just yourself. Good Luck everyone. Pray and hope that Kai will be able to attend the rest of the NA tour.

#now I just wish it was a musical and there was silly dance choreography  (via @courtingstars

NO NO NO! DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA HOW AMAZING A KUROKO NO BASUKE MUSICAL WOULD BE. You put this idea in my head and now I am dying to have it. Kat, why did you do this? 

As a P.S. Did you know that when I was younger, I used to try and write musical numbers for my favorite shows? I wrote an opening number for a Gundam Wing musical called Operation Meteor. Maybe I should write a Kuroko musical?