I just wanted to see more of them in general I think

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The Guild reacts to genderbent versions of themselves?

Oh boy hmm, lemme see…

  • Fitzgerald gets along swimmingly with his, who let’s say is named Frances (irl Fitz’s daughter’s name). They chat a lot and are just ridiculous in general and buy so many unneeded things.
  • Montgomery is a bit awkward about it all, but ends up getting along with her counterpart fairly well.
  • Twain is in shock and gets along great with the female him. They both go shooting and brag so much to each other.
  • Melville is a bit…put off at first, but doesn’t seem too afraid to talk to her. They do eventually have a nice chat.
  • Hawthorne thinks it’s some work of the devil and the other him seems to think the same thing. They don’t get along well at all.
  • Mitchell is wary, but does give the other her a chance. He seems to be a gentleman, so it ends well.
  • Steinbeck is so confused and wants to keep his distance. He thinks it’s some sort of trick to mess with him.
  • Lovecraft has such a vague understanding of gender that it literally doesn’t at all phase him. Same with his counterpart.
  • The Poes are both scared of each other and just kind of…stare for a long while. There’s no talking.
  • Alcott runs from her counterpart as soon as she sees him, she wasn’t ready to see something like that.

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Do you prefer Snape's death in the movies or the book? I'm constantly debating this in my head. At times I really love the "You have your mothers eyes" because Snape compliments Harry. (Also I think that 'You have your mothers eyes' in general is meaningful bcuz Harry perceives things in a way in which Lily would.) It's special. But then there's "Look at Me" Which I see as his sort of final self assessment, maybe remorse, or maybe he just wants to see Lily's eyes one more time.

For me, the subtlety of the book wins out.

I’m quite relaxed about the movies - I enjoy them, but treat them almost as if they have their own line of canon.  Film is a very different medium, so it requires a different storytelling style - so whilst I don’t dislike Snape’s death in the film, I think it presents the whole scene very differently.

In the book, I think there’s something poetic about him dying in the shack at the hands of his supposed ‘master’ - the same place he was saved from dying in as a teenager by the hands of his enemies.  I ‘get’ the symbolism of boathouses and death, but I thought the location was a mistake.  

I like that he doesn’t give in.  He begs over and over to be allowed to go and find Harry.  I think that’s quite heartbreaking; Snape knows if he’s killed at this point, he’ll have failed in his mission - so he keeps trying, even though he knows it’s futile.

When Voldemort explains he intends to kill him, Snape doesn’t back down:  he draws his wand in retaliation.  He only doesn’t fight back because he mistakenly believes he’s been given a reprieve when Nagini is released.  

…and all of that is different in the film.  Rickman’s Snape is much more controlled and much more reserved, and almost seems to take death in his stride.   In the films, it almost looks as if he’s initially felled by Sectumsempra.

With Snape’s final line…  Well, I totally understand why the film adds the line about Harry’s eyes - after all, it’s a clear exit line and it makes Snape’s intent obvious.  It marks him out as someone aligned with Harry.

…whereas in the book, you’re left wondering - did Snape want Harry to look at him so he could take his last breath looking at Lily’s eyes?  Or did he order him to look at him because he’s begging him to take his memories and LOOK - to see Severus for who he really is.  

I like that ambiguity.  I like that it can be both.  I like that Snape is true to himself, and doesn’t go down the sentimental, “You have your mother’s eyes,” path - it wasn’t who he was in his life, and it’s not who he is in death…even if, deep down, that’s what he’s trying to say.

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What about Klance appeals to you?

  • neither of them are white
  • lance is ambiguously brown so i can project onto him (vietnamese hc)
  • i’ve always been a sucker for rivalmancies but k/lance is a rivalry where they don’t actually hate each other and in fact i love a onesided rivalry even more so its just…Great.
  • i love that keith wants to be friends w lance and even cares about him despite the fact that lance pisses him off i think it shows that keith is such a sweetheart wwww….
  • in general i think they show great sides of each other and push each other to grow!
  • i honestly thought keith was annoying (i pegged him as the cool loner protagonist that was better than everyone—– haha can you tell how much i relate to lance) but having him interact with lance showed he was so different… and you can see interacting with lance changes him, too, i think. it’s challenging for him. like it’s new
  • in the same way i like that lance is able to overcome this idea of what he thought keith was and grow to work with him
  • all in all: great job

“Don’t rewrite someone’s work how YOU would have written it. That isn’t editing. Editing is bringing out the best of the story in line with the author’s voice, tone and goal.” - Amanda Pillar 

I have seen too many non-professional people who fancy themselves to be editors (and a couple of pro editors) fail at this very thing. Not to mention editors confusing ‘editing advice’ with ‘emotionally abusing a writer.’ If your editor - after you get back rewrites and notes - makes you feel like you want to write less, sweat bullets over the idea of writing, stress out about writing ‘right’ or feel like the process of creating is becoming only more and more painful over time, ditch them, and ditch them fast. Not everyone gets notes they like (that is the point of editing, after all), but you always have the right to reject anything that doesn’t click, and you should always walk away from a collaboration with an editor feeling stronger, not weaker.

I’m very fortunate that I got to interact with professional, lauded editors of great projects at university, and then later on in life as I pursued varied professional projects. All in all, I’ve probably met about 20-30 editors over the years, and I’ve learned much, including what a good editor won’t do to you or your work. I’ve had the privilege to work with professional editors on different published works (from poetry, to short stories, and now onto novels - some award winning and nominated) and I know how this process is supposed to go. I’ve seen too many authors and authors-who-don’t-know-better get crushed by people who believe they know best for a story and really don’t. 

Remember - You always have the right to ask for a new editor at a publishing house if your visions don’t mesh (and they won’t always). You always have the right to pull your work from an editor if they are destroying your work (it does happen, and I’ve recently seen one publisher in particular begin to fall apart because of this). A relationship with an editor should be collaborative. The editor needs to be consummately respectful of the author’s concept of style, execution. Ultimately an editor is there to assist a writer in the writer’s own work, not sneak their own voice and style into someone else’s work. The latter is not making a work stronger, but making it into something twisted. The true collaboration is when two people come together to make the original story shine in the way the author always intended it to, and the editor knows exactly what to bring to make that happen. 

An editor who insists brutality is key is not a professional. They go against most codes of ethics in many editing organisations in the world. An editor who uses abusive language is not a professional. An editor who tells you ‘this is how real editing is’ when they aren’t a member of an Editing Society and do not have an Editing Degree and don’t have any published books behind them is grandstanding. They are also lying to you about what the editing industry is like. Don’t believe me? Ask an editor affiliated with a Society with multiple published books behind them. An editor who is proud of their ability to be brutal above and beyond respecting the author’s voice, is an editor who enjoys the feeling of being right (whether or not they are) above respecting your creative work and passion.

If you tried to write the equivalent of a rose quartz, and your editor insists you need to be writing the equivalent of a smokey quartz - do yourself a favour, get the fuck out. 

Spying Eyes

read it on the AO3 at http://ift.tt/2b9oQb4

by oorsprong, PolypusRegina

“I can show them to you,” Ren was saying, casually tossing his head back with a smile. He looked so different in private that it stunned Mitaka that this was the same Lord Ren who occasionally terrified him.

“Oh, you can?” Hux answered, brows lifting in mock surprise. “And here I was beginning to think you might be content to just describe them. I want to see.” It was a playfulness he wasn’t used to seeing from Hux. More than just the way he looked, Mitaka was getting a glimpse into something much deeper, and it had his stomach giving a funny little flip.

Words: 2515, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

read it on the AO3 at http://ift.tt/2b9oQb4

I’ve stayed silent on this for a really long time but I want to talk about the asexual discourse regarding ace people being part of the community, specifically het or cis ace people.

Prefacing this with I am homoromantic asexual, but I’ll probably still write in a general not personal way

I can see both issues with this. I’m open for more discussion with this. But I absolutely think every asexual person should be allowed in the community. No they wont face as much outward discrimination but they go their whole lives wondering what’s wrong with them? There’s this thing they don’t feel that the rest of the world feels? It’s considered completely abnormal to not want sex.

They’re going to have to deal with dating. Dating is actually going to be harder than for anyone else. at what point do you need to tell someone you won’t have sex (excluding ace people who can for the sake of their partner)? Do you know what it’s like to constantly be told “you just need to try it” “ you’ll like it eventually” “you’re supposed to want this”

No their discrimination isn’t going to be on the same level, but it’s going to exist. They’re going to feel invalid and abnormal. They deserve a place where they belong as much as everyone else.

There is something odd...

to me about some people’s insistence that personal friends of Jensen, or random fans, are required to congratulate him in public/on social media on the news that Danneel is pregnant again (with twins, as we all know).  Do you really think Jared hasn’t known for weeks, that congratulations et al were not offered in a much more personal manner than a tweet?  From what I can tell, it has absolutely nothing to do with what Jared does or does not “owe” Jensen and Danneel (whom he no doubt hugged the bejeezus out of, at least once).  What you’re really saying is that Jared OWES YOU the chance to witness his sentiments being expressed to his best friend.  YOU want to see them parade their sentiments out for your own gratification.  

I also find congratulating people on pregnancies to be a bit odd in general - I mean, it’s not a major accomplishment for most couples, who spend a huge portion of their months/years together actively avoiding just such an occurrence, and it’s a bit like “hey, good job on fucking your spouse”.  With my friends, I usually opt for something more like “oh, that’s great news, I’m happy for you” and save congrats for accomplishments.  It’s happy news, no doubt, but just bear in mind that Jensen may not really want to be ‘congratulated’ on sleeping with his wife in front of 2,000 or so people.  Look at what was actually tweeted from some of Jensen’s personal friends/fellow cast:  “woohoo best news ever” (Genevieve Padalecki); “All our love…. and may we be the first to suggest “Mark” and “Sarah”.” (Mark Sheppard); “ Hello two more bundles of joy, goodbye sleep! (Just for the first 18 years, though.)” (Richard Speight) - there are options besides congratulations, y’all, if you feel compelled to comment on the happy news.  Just my random couple pennies on that issue.

I’m stealing this idea from @shherie, who wrote this in honor of Fanfic Writer’s Appreciation Day. Their post totally made my day, so I figured I’d do the same. :) Some of my favorite authors don’t have Tumblrs (or I haven’t found them), so I’ll just comment their fics.

When Naruto ended, it encouraged me to write more SasuNaru rather than discouraged me. I didn’t like the canon ending, so I wanted to write my own stories. In general, I’m so happy to see that people are still writing. Sometimes I feel like our fandom is dying, especially after the ending, but I don’t think it ever will if we keep on putting stuff out there.

@vernajast : I haven’t seen you around in a while, but your writing is just…incredibly soulful and really got me emotionally invested. You’re an amazing writer!

@uchihanochidori : Debbie, I seriously adore your writing. You are so crazy talented, and I really feel like I’m immersed into the situation when I read your writing. When I found out you were reading my stuff I was shocked and semi-nervous, because maaan.

@capturedbynoodles : Hello, Emi! I am so proud of you for writing, and I’ve seen you progress over the years so much. The thought that I’m the one who inspired you to write is just…wow, especially considering that you’re such a great writer yourself. I am loving Shadows in the Sand. You have a unique story concept, hilarious dialogue, complex and interesting backstories, great and realistic pacing… The Worst Shift, also, was gold. Keep on going.

@theamazinguchihabruhs : I love it when your stuff comes on my dash. Your version of Sasuke is that of someone who’s troubled, a little awkward, and is just so extremely relatable. I love his backstory and his interactions with his brothers. He feels like such a complete and real person, and seriously he is just adorable.

@sangostar-blog : Oh my god. Beyond an Identity, YES. When we first started talking, I was shocked by how approachable you were, but then we became friends and I’m so glad I got to know you as a person.

@rasengantutu : You are the first SasuNaru author I really fell in love with. I read Talk to Me so long ago, and ever since then you’ve been one of the people who inspired me to write. I feel like I could never even touch you in terms of talent, so I just sit back and admire your unique style. Your dialogue, story concepts, characterization, etc… Spot on.

@daydreamer79 : You’re another person who really inspired me to start writing at the beginning. I have loved reading your work!

@kizukatana : I adore your writing! With a life as busy as yours, I don’t even know how you can be prolific and just have everything still be so top notch. 

@theatricalplacenta : Hello Emi twin fiend. I know you are a new writer, but you are progressing so fast it makes my head spin. Your story concepts are amazing, I mean seriously how do you even come up with this stuff. Your work is both fun and also very unique and engaging. I think you’re one of those people who just picks up anything really, really quickly. Keep up the good work!

Thank you, everyone!

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Hello can i please get a dating John Murphy in a zombie Apocalypse woukd include? Or just John Murphy zombie Apocalypse headcanons in general please ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)?

He would be a lot more protective and would be a lot more… dickish. He wouldn’t want to date you, purely because he didn’t want you to be his weakness and vice versa and he wouldn’t want to you to get hurt because of him, so it would take a while until he was completely comfortable with it. Even then, I don’t really see him being completely open to the idea. I think that despite his feelings for you, he would lock them up and push you out. It’s better having you hate him and be alive than you being dead. Though in general, he’s very protective of his friends and people he cares for and would be a lot more stubborn than usual due to the circumstances.

beg dead trees for money next

pairing: meyer/charlie
rating: general
A/N:  the post-hampton farms fic i didn’t know i needed and vomited into existence in about three days’ time! set the evening charlie got out of HF, which was both christmas day and the seventh day of hanukkah that year, so. unintentional holiday fic. title is very slightly tweaked from this poem. also on AO3 here

The harsh buzz of the doorbell had startled his parents, his father actually home before midnight thanks to the holiday and the two of them always edgy around this time of year—Meyer understands why, remembers more than they think he does, but why let them know when it’ll only upset them? So Meyer offered to get the door and get rid of whoever was interrupting their evening. He opens the door ready to tell whoever it is to fuck off, but his annoyed expression melts away when he catches sight of who’s on the doorstep, shoulders hunched against the December cold. “Sal?” Any other situation, Meyer’d be embarrassed at the way his voice cracks over the name, but he’s too surprised to care now. Distantly, he’s sure he looks stupid, eyes wide and shocked, but the absolute last person he was expecting to see is right here in front of him.

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Bokuto for the character ask, because I love to see you scream about Bokuto :*

i think u just like to see me scream all the time

1: sexuality headcanon - i can see him trying with both teams, being really open-minded about things and wanting to try for the sake of trying. He chill like this.

2: otp - Bokuaka trash right here along with u my bud

3: brotp - obvs him and Kuroo

4: notp - ..its not really NOtp, but i just have a hard time seeing him with Oikawa. Not cuz its gross but cuz i would need to see more of them interacting.

5: first headcanon that pops into my head - he clicks his tongue when he needs to think of somthing quick and on the spot. totally didnt just do that as i had to do that for this question

6: favorite line from this character - not a line, more like the general underlying meaning of the scene where hes telling tsukki for ‘live in the moment’ type deal.    

7: one way in which I relate to this character- OH MY GOD WHERE/HOW DO I START??? im giving more than one way stfu i love this man. ok. 

  • his mentality. Especially how/why he falls into his bad moods A+++
  • not to mention HOW he handles them and how he needs the attention to cheer up.
  • How he tried even harder to become better rather than let competition get him down, he used it to gain rather than fall. 
  • having his star sign and month <3
  • and ..i know a few people can put in.. how im a dork like that. 
  • all these random noises?? 
  • i can go on all day but ima stop now.

8: thing that gives me second hand embarrassment about this character - when he does oya oya. i just shiver lol its not a bad kind, like a dfjklngkj<3 kind of embarassment. such a beeb. <3

9: cinnamon roll or problematic fave? Cinnamon Roll, look at him ,fuck.

i hate him. 

and now i am done. 

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Did you mean you don't have an emotional attachment to Harley/DC stuff in general anymore, or just in the specific versions they're going with in the DCEU? Tbh I wish I didn't have any emotional attachment at all to these characters anymore because it's genuinely upsetting to see them written so shoddily and OOC.

I’ll always love Harley and Joker, and the Batman universe in general. Always. But the qualities that made me love them are not present in any of the DC properties anymore, which is such a shame. I was really hoping the dceu would deliver on the ol’ DC magic, on quality and characters, but it didn’t. I knew they wouldn’t give me exactly the Harley I wanted - the btas Harley, but all the hype surrounding the movie and all the talk behind the scenes had me thinking, ‘they at least know what they’re doing. Even if it’s not the characters the way I want them, it’ll still be good on quality and we’ll have a new, exciting vision on the Batman mythos, and they’ll have some of the qualities that made me love them,’ - which they did, but only because the characterizations were so generic. It’s wasn’t exciting or new. It was generic blockbuster material; and considering how good the DC mythos are, to have something so plain and unoriginal come out of it is such a waste and a disappointment. The dceu was suppose to give us back the characters and universe that we love, but for me it hasn’t. I thought the movies would restore my emotional attachment, or at least remind me that’s it’s there, but they aren’t delivering anything that gave me the emotional attachment in the first place. So yeah, it’s DC stuff in general, because none of it closely resembles it enough to really make me care. Sorry this is so long, I’ll try to shorten my responses. 

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Hi there. I just wanted to ask your opinion on something. I know Jacob is canonically bisexual, but do you think it was written in well enough in the game? Because I didn't feel it. I'm not against it or anything, it's good of Ubisoft to do it. I just feel like the only person in the world who was surprised by it.

You are most certainly not alone in being surprised, nonnie!

I honestly was too, as I agree with you, I honestly didn’t feel it in-game that much either.

Heh, unpopular opinion time I guess *sweats nervously*

I have nothing against Jacob being bisexual either, but I truly feel it was barely written into the game. The only “relationship” that could support such an assumption was the one Jacob supposedly had with Roth, which, in my opinion, doesn’t even look like Jacob had any romantic feelings for Roth, more like a father/son admiration thing. (And just in general if that truly was the relationship Ubisoft decided to use to exemplify him being bisexual, well, they made a piss poor decision because that’s probably the most unhealthy relationship ever seeing as Roth is literally insane with no sense of morals mm can you smell that emotionally abusive relationship from here and it was barely hinted at. Like, it wasn’t obvious, at all)

The only other relationship seen to promote Jacob being bisexual was his teasings with Freddy, but, once again that’s not clear cut either. I honestly thought Jacob was just being, well, Jacob. He’s a teaser/playful flirt. But that all has to do with my own personal view of Jacob, I guess. Perhaps Ubisoft once again was using that, and were trying to make Jacob be romantic, but if so, it’s a thumbs down from me. that could have been handled a lot better. Ubisoft could have done just a much better job in general in showing Jacob was bisexual, because honestly, if it weren’t for the podcast/announcement, I never would have guessed Jacob as being bisexual.

Right now, I of course like to keep Jacob canon, so he is bisexual to me, but seeing as that is about as much as we know, and with how little it was emphasized in-game I just have my view of Jacob where he likes both men and women- but prefers women over men. If anything, that is what I could see in-game, as in the last maharaja DLC in the beginning, (and I do believe there is a gifset of this), where Jacob blatantly flirts/checks out a pair of women. (And it’s downright hilarious).

And yeah, I know Jacob can’t be open with liking men as much seeing as that was illegal in Victorian times, but other than Roth and Freddy there really isn’t any other material used to emphasize Jacob liking both sexes. And that frustrates me to no end

I need to stop thinking, “No one wants to see that, hear that, listen to you, have to deal with your passions, pleas shut up, you post too much in general, et cetera.” This self-conscious attitude needs to end.

And yeah, sometimes I do what I want. But my knees are shaking, my heart is racing, my entire body is clenching.

I need to relax. I’m a writer. I’m a Halloween enthusiast. I’m a masochist. I’m all those things and more, and some people love certain parts of me, but I’m not going to stop being the other parts. I am going to stop being ashamed of those different sides just because I worry they might not want to see them.

lmao boi okay so i started ranting under the cut but I thought up this youtube!Voltron au okay read it

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Also am i the only one that wants them to date a non-famous type of girl? You know a girl that isn't a model or an actress or just famous in general. Like it'd be nice to see them date someone that isn't so stuck up, or mean, with lots of followers. Idek if it's just me?

It’s better that way I think, i think if the girls isn’t really that famous she’ll love them for them and not to get more fame?

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IAN/CALEB. It’s a bit of a controversial ship, isn’t it? I don’t ship it whatsoever, but I do think it’s been nice to see a softer, happier side of Ian. However, I think it would’ve been much nicer to see him become MORE INDEPENDENT without rushing his character into a new love interest. I also kinda liked FIONA/TONY until Tony become a lil stalker & moved next door. 


LIP/KAREN. I won’t go into details because I don’t want to offend other followers but I just find it abusive and poisonous, tbh. I’m not keen on FRANK/MONICA either. 


FIONA/JIMMY. Jimmy in general needs more love. He’s got his flaws, he’s an asshole, but man, he’s got his positives too. Out of all of Fiona’s relationships, I don’t think ANY OF THEM have loved her as much as ol’ Jimmy Steve. 

DA Elves have NEVER been portrayed as “special/perfect,” so it’s not an excuse for how they’ve been handled.

I’ve been part of the Dragon Age fandom for five solid years, so I can say with some authority that I have NEVER, NOT ONCE seen an elf fan claim that they see elves and/or Dalish as “perfect” or “special.”

Often, it’s the opposite; elves are underdogs in this world. Elves are portrayed as more flawed or less special than other franchises. Elves/Dalish are downtrodden minorities trying to hold onto what little makes them special in a world that wants to assimilate them.

However, I have seen PLENTY of elf-haters and/or Dalish-haters claim they think elf/Dalish fans see elves/Dalish as “perfect/special.” I have seen plenty of general DA fans try to defend questionable elf/Dalish revelations because “it proves elves/Dalish are flawed/jerks just like everyone else.” 

Okay, when have DA elves NOT been portrayed as flawed or jerks? Did you miss the City Elf Origin where Papa Tabris forces you into an arranged marriage because it’s tradition, Cousin Shianni is an impulsive drunk, Cousin Soris is a coward, drunken louts fill your wedding, and Elvana is a spiteful wench? Or the followup Unrest in the Alienage where the player enters the alienage where the first thing they see is a group of elves robbing a human, then line up like lemmings to the Tevinter “healers” obvious trap? Did you miss the Dalish Origin, which OPENS with Tamlen and Mahariel pointing their arrows at terrified humans? Did you miss Zathrien’s Clan, where Mithra and Zathrien greet the Warden with coldness no matter what, and Sarel is rude to every Warden? Did you miss all of DA2, where Clan Sabrae treats Hawke rudely at first for being a “shemlen,” and then all of Clan Sabrae treat Merrill like a monster in a person’s skin no matter what you or she says?

I have also seen general DA fans try to reflect legitimate criticism of BioWare’s portrayal or handling of elves/Dalish (particularly in DAI and Trespasser) with the catch-all excuse, “You just don’t like them being portrayed as flawed” or “You just want them to be more perfect than they already are.”

First, see paragraph two above. Second, see paragraph four above. 

Dismissing criticisms of how elves are being handled with “you just want them to be more perfect/special than they are” is both untrue and a lazy catch-all excuse that doesn’t ever address whatever issue is brought up. The unfortunate undertones of BioWare basing elven culture on several real-world minorities and then engaging in victim-blaming regarding their plight? The inconsistent lore from saying Dalish elves cherish magic in DAO and DA2 and then DAI saying every Clan only allows three mages and leaves any excess to die in the woods? The unequal handling of in-universe religions by treating the Andrastian religion and characters with respect but the elven religion and characters with contempt? The unfortunate undertones of Mighty Whitey and White Man’s Burden that comes from European Christian-inspired humans utilizing elven technology (and godhood) better than minority-inspired elves can? ,.., NAH! Elf/Dalish fans can’t have a point that warrants discussion; they must just be mad that the elves that have never been portrayed as special or perfect… aren’t portrayed as special or perfect! (Shock of shocks.)

I don’t think so, Tim.

Why I created a studyblr

So I know there have been a few issues I’ve seen about studyblrs; 
     -They are classist
     -They place a lot of pressure to be a ‘perfect student’
     -They focus more on aesthetic then studying
and various other things.

     Are they classist? Hell yeah they are from what I’ve seen. However in my situation, the honest truth is that I can afford various things as I am a solidly middle class kid. But I definitely can see why it would bother a lot of people.
     Honestly, there is a bit of pressure that I feel from it. Depending on my mental state, this pressure could increase and have negative effects. But as of right now it is not.
     Is there a huuuge focus on aesthetic? Of course there is. But right now, I’d rather focus on an aesthetic related to studying then just aesthetic in general.

Point being, studyblr isnt for everyone and I totally get most of the arguments against them. But right now, I honestly think it will help me study and with college. Maybe in the future I will find it too stressful to keep up this blog and leave the community for either a break or indefinitely. But I am going to try to keep up a studyblr for as long as it helps me.

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Amon at last!!!!!! Can't wait to see more of his character!!! Will we finally see what exactly happened to him and Taki back at the end of TG???

I’m surely hoping so! o/ 

I also want to know how did Amon leave Aogiri and if Seidou chose by his own free will to stay. I also want to know what they think of each other now. I want to see how much they’ve changed and how much hasn’t. Basically, I just want to see more of them in general. I’m curious as for Akira’s role, too. I want to see Akira follow her intuition instead of her orders and try to understand them, instead of attacking either one (or both).