I just wanted to make something for his bday


Q  (About Steve’s checklist in CATWS): If you had to recommend anything for Steve, what would it be and why? S: The Godfather for sure, I mean, right? The Godfather and maybe cronuts? I don’t know.

Happy 32nd Birthday, Sebastian Stan!

{August, 13; 1982}.

anonymous asked:

do you plan to celebrate Jinani's birthday with something? I will mostly eat a burger since it's one of his fave foods, but other than that, I haven't planned anything. I look at those people celebrating anime character bdays and I feel somewhat inclined to make it a bit fun since I really love iKON's shortest member, but no clue for now.

I won’t be doing anything special. I will just make few gifs, post them here on tumblr then go to twitter and use the hashtag… 

I wanted to do something meaningful but my winter break has ended and I have only 3 months till my finals so I have to study everyday TT__TT 

And I can’t even eat some cake to celebrate it since I’m allergic to most of sweets >_<

i am so overstressed from school and work and just trying to have enough money to pay rent and eat (which I barely do) and my main source of emotional support is gone and I haven’t been able to sleep much (averaging about 2-3 hours of sleep a night for the past week) and I constantly feel like I’m drowning in obligations and I have 5 more chapters of coursework due within the week and a friend of mine texted me asking if I was free this week and I thought he needed help with something (I don’t think he’s ever once texted me to hang out so I just assumed he needed something from me) so I told him I would make time for him. it turned out he just wanted to make sure I wasn’t alone for my bday (I didn’t even know he knew my bday) and I was touched by his kindness so I began making plans with him for my bday but then another friend found out that we were making plans before I could properly invite them and their feelings were understandably hurt (esp because they’ve been wanting to hang out for a while and I had just told them I would be too busy until next month) and they thought I just didn’t want to hang out with them and now I just feel like a really shitty friend and I am really bad at damage control so I probably just made them feel worse and I don’t have anyone I can talk to about things like this (on account of me being a shitty friend) so I will just continue yelling into the tumblr void

if you’ll excuse me I’m going to wallow in self-loathing and reflect on what a terrible person I am