I just wanted to kiss you

BTS reaction to hurting you during sex

BTS reaction - hurting you during sex and you starting to cry


He would instantly stop and pull away from you, trying to stop you from crying and apologizing continuously. You knew he never wanted to hurt you, but you couldn’t stop the tears. It really hurt, and it wouldn’t be so bad if it wasn’t your first time.

“I’m so sorry, I really am.” “No, it’s not okay. Let me make you a nice bath real quick, okay?”

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He wouldn’t really notice because he’d enjoy it so much, but after hearing you whimper, he would stop. After finally figuring out why you are crying, he would shower your face with kisses, apologizing after every kiss. He wouldn’t try to continue if you didn’t want to. Instead, he’d just lay next to you and hold you tightly.

“You know I didn’t mean to, right?”

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Yoongi wouldn’t be always rough, just when you ask him. He’d end up losing control and accidentally hurting you. Realising what he did, he’d slow down, trying to make you feel better. Slow kisses on your neck relaxed you as his hands rubbed your stomach carefully.


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Hearing your whimper, he’d stop instantly. As an apology, he’d bring you hot chocolate to make you feel better. It hurt because it was your first time trying roughly after giving birth to your child and Hoseok understood that, so he stopped.

“I’m sorry for hurting you. Take your time.”

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He’d always try to go rough, but you’d always be too scared. After finally making you try, he’d end up hurting you, but wouldn’t stop. The pain would slowly start to fade when he starts to go slow and and kiss you passionately.

“I didn’t mean to.” “You sure you’re okay?”

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At first, he’d think you’re joking, but when he sees your tears, he stops. He wouldn’t move until you say he can, or even pull away and apologize repeatedly. He wouldn’t do it on purpose, but he would feel guilty, even after you tell him he’s not.

“But I hurt you, it is my fault!”

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It would scare him a little bit at first when seeing your tears, but then he’d move away immediately. Trying to figure out how to make you feel better, he’d hurt himself and end up just pulling you close to him and kissing you.

“I’m so sorry. I hope it doesn’t hurt that much?”

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Don’t mind me, I’m just scrolling through Sterek gifs looking for the one particular smug-as-shit Stiles gif I’ve seen a million times which has inspired the entire crackfic I am currently writing.

You know the gif I mean. The one where Stiles smiles all smugly and makes Derek want to simultaneously punch him in the face and kiss the crap out of him. Anyone know it? Here, show me your smug as shit early TW Stiles gifs and in exchange, here’s a sneak peak of this shitty fic I’m writing:

There’s a guy there who doesn’t belong in a place like this. He’s lit up by the swinging light overhead, a pool cue in one hand, propped up against the dirty floor, hip cocked and leaning against the side of the table. He’s grinning smugly, eyes wide and bright, and he’s way too beautiful to be playing pool in a dirty place like this.

Not that Derek can judge.

Isaac stops, jerks his chin, and says, “There he is. Total virgin.”

And there’s no fucking way that kid is a virgin.

“You said he was unattractive,” Derek snaps, because this is a waste of his time. 

Isaac nods. “Yep,” he says. “Unattractive, obnoxious, irritating – he’s hopeless.”

Jongdae || As your Boyfriend

@unloyal-jongdae - Here you go, sweetie! If only I got this out on his birthday

  • There would be a lot of random yelling and singing.
  • Like, just brace yourself I guess? Especially if that isn’t what you’re like because you know
  • ….
  • Joking aside, gosh… this guy is so sweet? He is so supportive of you and everything you do. He only wants the best for you, you are his world and that is his priority.
  • He always looks down at your lips first, ALWAYS. And his eyes bore into your soul, looking into your beautiful eyes before pulling you into him for an ephemeral, yet passionate kiss.
  • He could look into your eyes forever
  • If and when you two fight, he can’t stand it. Always begs for your forgiveness and seeing him so desperate (in a good way) really gives you hope for your future together.
  • Always gives you his jacket because he is a gentleman
  • So you can be sure he lets you wear his shirts too.
  • Always sending you videos of him jumping around the stage due to ‘pre-concert butterflies’, so to speak.
  • “Yes, honey, I know. Please mind yourself.”
  • Having you as his lock screen and having him as your own.
  • He always hogs the quilt/blankets when you guys are asleep. He strikes me as a person who sleeps like a starfish and doesn’t realize until the middle of the night when he randomly wakes up and sees you completely exposed.
  • So he pulls you close and wraps the quilt around you two properly.
  • Like a fajita.
  • Loads of pranks on the other members if you’re at the dorms. Like everyone hates it when you two are together. Of course, the members are happy to see Chen has someone like you to take care of him but goodness, shit happens when you two are together at times.
  • You two are just an indestructible and invincible duo.
  • Having him serenade you. He always sings to you whether he’s beside you or through a video call when you can’t sleep
  • While he’s a prankster and he definitely has a filter, of sorts, there are times when he teases you far too much for your liking, I’m sure. It’s not even that they’re hurtful, they’re just annoying.
  • (My ‘kind of bf’ does this to me all the time but that’s a story for another time.)
  • Ass-grabbing included ^^
  • In interviews, he’ll always vaguely hint that he’s in a relationship, or at least that he’s absolutely smitten with someone. He loves leaving his fans going crazy and he admires the theories at times

Let’s take it downstairs~

  • Jongdae strikes me as a person who isn’t so into morning sex. I mean, he likes it, but it means he has to hurry through it all if he has to practice.
  • Sex at night so he can take his time to caress you and feel you tremble and shake and just be in his arms for once since you two are practically long-distance.
  • Y’all have heard him sing.
  • He’s so vocal in bed.
  • It doesn’t matter what you’re doing - it may even be just because of the atmosphere that has been created - you’ll always hear him.
  • Like Chanyeol, he’s BIIIIIIG into dirty talk, even takes it to the next level.
  • Using that 1% of his brain to good use.
  •  “Let me please you, baby. I’m going to take you so hard your mind will be as blank as paper,” he’d whisper into your ear.
  • Also big into body worship and loves leaving marks and hickeys all over your body.
  • You’re constantly wearing a scarf after a night with him.
  • However, he can be extremely loving and gentle. Just like all of the members so far, they are more than happy to go from gentle to rough and vice-versa if it means their partner is happy and getting pleased.

Dating Jongdae is fabulous, everyone. Where can I get one?

here’s an idea for their first kiss uhmh they’re sharing a good sweet moment maybe a hug and it’s all quiet and then craig goes to Comforting Soft Voice Mode because he doesn’t wanna freak him out but god he really just wants to kiss him already, he goes “i’m going to kiss you.. is that okay?” And since Craig soothes him so much tweek just smiles and then, :)

Be More Chill Dragging Michael Along AU, It Takes Two

“Could you pretend to be my girlfriend from Canada?” Michael looked back at Jeremy with a confused face.


“Could you pretend to be my girlfriend from Canada? I mean…you are my best friend and you already like wearing dresses and wigs and stuff. You just need to show up, kiss me during play rehearsal and then leave!”


“Oh come on why not?”

“Because that’s stupid. Why should I cover for your dumb ass?”

“Because I’m your best friend ever?”

“Not happening.”

“Come on Michael, please? If you want, I’ll pay you. I have like three hundred dollars of Bar Mitzvah money left.”

“Jeremy if I accepted that I would be a prostitute.”

“I don’t want to have sex with you, I just want to show Rich I’m…not a virgin loser…” Michael’s look of anger seemed to disappear as he saw Jeremy’s face when he said that. He looked ready to cry making Michael feel guilt for arguing with him.
“Fine, I’ll pretend to be your girlfriend from Canada.”
“Really?!” Jeremy immediately brightened up almost tackling Michael to the ground with a hug. “Thank you, thank you, thank you!”
“Sure thing bro, just get off me. You’re ruining my makeup.”
“Oh right, sorry Mike.” Pulling away Michael adjusted his red ringlet wig before looking back at Jeremy.
“But what about Christine? If she thinks you have a girlfriend don’t you think she’s not gonna want to date you?”

“We can break up.”

“Wow we haven’t even started our relationship and you’re already breaking it off with me.”

“No, you’ll break up with me! And then she’ll feel really bad and try to comfort me!”

“Sounds thought out except for one tiny thing, what about Jake?”

“We’ll worry about Jake later.”

“Whatever you say dude.” Michael’s phone vibrated as he looked down to read it. “Oh shit, they moved my show up. I’ll drop you off on the way there.” Michael grabbed his keys as Jeremy followed closely behind. The cardigan wearing teen almost ran into Michael when he came to a sudden stop. “And you have to promise me one thing.”

“Yeah, whatever you want Michael.”

“You’ll come to one shows.”

“I can’t go tonight my da-”

“Not tonight, just any night.”

“Y-yeah…I can do that.”

“Cool, if I get off early we can play Apocalypse of the Damned tonight!”

“That sounds awesome!” They fist bumped heading out the door to Michael’s PT Cruiser.
As Jeremy sat in his bed he began to think about play rehearsal tomorrow. He tried not to be a pessimist but sometimes all he could think about was how everything could go wrong tomorrow. He just needed Michael to come, pretend to be his girlfriend for a little bit…possibly make Christine jealous and then they’d leave together and it would be over. No matter how many times Jeremy told himself that a little voice in the back of his head nagged at how everything could go wrong.

‘What if one of them saw his shows?’
Who would go see a drag show with Michael in it?
‘What if they know he’s a boy?’
'What if they think Michael’s ugly?’
Michael’s not ugly…
'As a boy.’
Now that’s just rude.

Before Jeremy could argue with himself anymore the door to his bedroom opened making him jump in surprise as his dad came in.

“Jesus dad, there’s this thing called knocking.”

“Sorry son, just checking on you. Sounded like you were talking to someone.”

'Oh shit…did I say that stuff out loud?’

“Oh, uh just playing a game on my phone.”

“Alright.” His dad awkwardly lingered in the room letting him know he wanted to say.

“Something you want to talk about?”

“So…I saw that girl who dropped you off today. She’s really pretty.”

“Oh that’s…Anne she’s a friend from Canada.”


“Yeah she’s going to be here for a few days.”

“Okay.” Another awkward silence fell over the room before Mr.Heere began to back out the door. “Night son, see you in the morning.”

“Night dad.”

BTS Reactions - You feel down

You feel your lips tug down into a frown, and you sigh as you sit down on the couch. You bring your knees up to your chin and hug onto them as you stare at the wall. Lately, you’ve been feeling so down and you can’t explain it. When your boyfriend comes in two hours later to find you sat like that, he frowns and walks over.

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Emma can’t fully pronounce ‘salud’ yet so when someone sneezes, it sounds like she said 'choo!’. It’s just a coincidence but it’s so cute!

She’s also learned 'kiss’ and 'brother’–and she’ll tell you if she wants to kiss her brother and you’re in her way 😂😂😂 She’ll point and demand 'kiss brother!’

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Merman!Bucky knows you can't swim, but always wanted to. He'd have you cling onto him as he held you tightly, taking you around the ocean but not too far because you weren't able to be fast like he was. "S'beautiful isn't it, Darlin?" "Not as pretty and sweet as you." He'd blush immensely and roll his eyes, kissing you sweetly. "That was a very salty kiss babe, maybe I should retract my statement." "No doll, just gimme some of your sweetness to make it better," he giggled.

Oh my heart

Spinoff Saturday

Dear Future Girlfriend,

I promise to hold your hand through all your hard times, even though it’ll be hard for me to watch you go through it. I’ll love you even when I’m mad at you and I’ll kiss your forehead and listen to your words even when you slurring them, drunk and make no sense. We’ll get into stupid fights over ridiculous things and I’ll be a stubborn asshole but I promise to admit that I’m wrong when I am and hold you when tears are streaming down your cheeks in rivers of sadness, and tell you that it’s going to be okay. I’ll be there for you when you’ve just watched a scary movie and don’t want to sleep alone.. heck, I’ll even watch the movie with you. I’ll be right at the end of the phone for when you want to tell someone how awesome your day was and I’ll be right there when you’re lonely and want someone to cuddle with and watch Netflix. I’ll bring you up breakfast in bed when you’re too tired to move but too hungry to go back to sleep. I’ll be right by your side to remind how beautiful you are to me every single day and when nothing seems to be going right in your life, I’ll be there to give you a long, tight hug. I’ll try my best to make sure that you don’t feel the weight of the world on your shoulders, and even if I’m halfway across the world, I’ll make sure that you feel the weight of my love more. When you fight with one of your parents, I’ll help you sort it out because you take after both of them far too much and if they had not given you life then I would be without you. We’ll go to a train station and get a ticket to a random place and spend the day exploring every corner of that location. I’ll be a sarcastic little shit, and take our banter to a next level, you’ll playfully hit me and I’ll tell you that I love you and steal a kiss before you can say anything else. Whether it’s the best day that you’ve had or your worst, I’ll always be there for you. I promise to love you through it all.

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Chuuya: happy Birthday! ( Kisses Aya on the forehead) Aya: thank you! ( : Chuuya: I haven't gotten you a proper present yet, but for today I'll Grant you one reques- Aya: DUMP DAZAIS ASS Chuuya: except that one. Aya: are you not going to give me what I want for my birthday?! Chuuya:....(dials Dazais #) We're breaking up Dazai, bye. (Hangs up) Aya: : D (When she's out of sight) Chuuya: calls Dazai again) We didn't actually break up, just pretend for a few days ok?



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Do you have any headcanons for the dads sleepwalking/sleeptalking/whatever?

Just as a warning, Joseph’s scene involves someone trying to kiss the narrator and to touch their chest while sleepwalking. Nothing happens, but I wanted to let you know beforehand, just in case.

RIP Martha.

🥃  “Hey, Robert, what are you—JESUS FUCKING CHRIST, PUT THAT DOWN!” You’ve never run so fast in your life. Your scream thankfully made Robert pause mid-motion, so you can take the knife from his hands and chuck it into the corner, out of reach. Robert just looks at you in confusion. He doesn’t even put up a fight or complain as you push him down to sit on the couch. You flop down next to him, pressing a hand to your chest in hopes of calming down your racing heart. That’s not what you expected to see after waking up in the middle of the night to find Robert gone. “What are you doing? Why are you awake…?” Robert shrugs and throws his arm around your shoulders. “Dunno.” The response itself isn’t alarming, it’s the way Robert said it, as if he is just as confused as you are. “Why were you trying to carve something into the TV screen? What did you want to carve?”
“Our initials.” When all you do is stare at him blankly, he scoffs. “’s romantic. Isn’t that what you’re s’posed to do? Y/N and Robert, and a big heart around it.” Talking about it seems to agitate him again and he tries to stand up, but you quickly lie over his lap to stop him. He struggles, but for once, you have the upper hand. “Yes, babe, but not into your very expensive flat screen TV. We can go find some random tree tomorrow, how’s that sound?” Robert doesn’t reply. You look up to see his eyes closed and his mouth hanging open slightly as he snores. You deflate and sigh in relief.

 🍸 You don’t even know why you’re still surprised at the strange things that happen in the Christiansen house. Just last week, you woke up to find ‘REDRUM’ written on the door and now, it’s finding Joseph wearing only an apron while baking at ass-o’clock in the morning. For a moment, you consider turning around and going back to bed, but then you remember just how many dangerous things Joseph has in his kitchen and slowly walk over to him. “Joseph?” He doesn’t react, just keeps on adding flour to the batter-like substance in the bowl in front of him. And keeps on pouring. You reach out and turn the box upright before the bowl can overflow. As in a trance, Joseph simply turns and picks up his electric whisk. “Joseph, no, give me that—“ After some struggle, you manage to take the device out of his hands. He frowns at you, then turns around and walks out of the kitchen. Hurriedly, you follow. He wanders around the living room for a bit, occasionally bumping against the wall, before suddenly turning and stalking towards you. You back away until your back hits the wall; the next moment, his lips are pressed against yours and he slips a hand under your shirt. “Joseph! Joseph, stop, what—“ You once read you shouldn’t shake sleepwalking people, but wake them with loud noises, so, thankful you had taken it with you, you reach for your phone and play the loudest song you know. Joseph flinches. He releases his grip on you and stumbles backwards, blinking at you confusedly, barely awake. “Y/N?”
“It’s a long story. Let’s go to bed…”

☕ You wake up to the smell of… something unpleasant. You scrunch up your nose and turn on your side so you can peek at the clock, which reads half past four am. Slowly, you stand up and walk into the kitchen. The light is on, but there is no sign of the perpetrator. No sign of Mat, whose side of the bed had been suspiciously empty. A strange noise coming from the living room attracts your attention, so, rubbing your eyes, you walk over there. To find Mat stand in front of the potted plant he got Carmensita as a test to see whether she could keep another being alive before getting her a cat. You’re not sure what he’s doing until you walk around him. “Um, baby, why are you applying nail polish to the plant…” He must have been at it for some time, too, given how much of the large leaf is already pink and not its natural green. There was no salvaging this poor creature, you think, taking a moment to mourn the plant’s inevitable death (you’d have to ask Damien if plants could survive nail polish). Right now, though, you have better things to worry about. Namely, Mat. He doesn’t react to your presence, but keeps on applying the nail polish with shaky but rhythmical strokes. Half the bottle is already gone, most of it on his hands. You shake your head and take the bottle from him. “Come on, Mat, let’s get you cleaned up…”
“But Martha…” You don’t even ask. “She’ll still be there when we’re done. Come on, chopp chopp.” You thank whoever is in charge up in the heavens that Mat obeys without any protest.

🌹”Dude, Y/N, you have to get up.” You groan and turn around to bury your face in the pillow, but the annoying voice won’t have any of that. Its owner shakes you until you give in and look up, just to wake instantly. “Lucien,” you say, already jumping out of bed. His expression activates all your Dad senses. “What’s wrong? Where’s Damien?” The other side of the bed, you only realised now, is empty. Immediately, your brain jumps to the worst conclusions. It must have been visible in your face, since Lucien reaches and squeezes your shoulder. “Don’t worry. Dad is fine. Just…” His lips twitch; you realise he’s trying not to snicker. “Just follow me.” You do, not so much worried anymore as utterly confused. Lucien leads you into the bathroom and flicks on the light. Your eyes adjust after a few seconds and you see… Unlike Lucien, you cannot stop yourself from laughing. Damien is lying in the bathtub, wrapped snuggly in his cape. Instead of water, there are marshmallows in the tub. You didn’t even know you had some in the house. “What the…?” Lucien shrugs. “I think he’s sleepwalking. Well, sleepwalked. Looks like he’s asleep now.” You shake your head and sit on the edge of the tub. “Should we carry him—“
A knock on the door interrupts you and a voice calls out. “Um, hello? Is anyone awake? There’s a trail of what I believe to be my stolen marshmallows leading up to your front door…” You and Lucien groan in unison.

🎣 Maxwell’s excited barking is what wakes you up, though the lack of body heat from next to you had slowly started to unsettle your unconsciousness by then. You crack open an eye and frown. A glance at the clock doesn’t help, either, and so all you can do is sit up and investigate. From under the bed you take the plank Brian had given you after someone broke into a house near yours; you hope you won’t have to use it now. You turn around the corner and squint as light assaults your eyes. It takes a few seconds for them to adjust, but once they do, you’re left just as confused as you were before. There’s Brian, only in his boxers, holding Maxwell’s leash in one hand and a banana in the other. He looks awake, but something doesn’t feel right. His voice sounds sluggish almost, off. “We’re going on a walk, Maxwell! Are you excited? I know I am excited! Walkies, Maxwell!” You rub your eyes, just to make sure you aren’t dreaming, but when the scene doesn’t dissipate you step forward and clear your throat. “Brian, what… what are you doing? It’s, like, five am.”
“Taking Maxwell on a walk.” The corgi barks and jumps up and down. “That’s right, Maxwell, we’re going on a walk!” After blinking a few times in disbelief, you pinch your nose and sigh. “No, Brian, why don’t we go back into the living room…” You take the leash from his hands. The banana, you let him keep, even though you don’t understand what it’s for.

👟 You’re not sure what’s funnier: River’s confused face or Craig’s actions. In the end, you go for the most neutral decision, which is both. You had been woken up by River repeatedly saying “Pwane!”, like she always does when you or Craig feed her. Which, in itself, wouldn’t have been that weird and worthy getting out of the very warm and comfortable bed for, but after you looked at the clock, you realised it was in the middle of the night. Also, the bed next to you was empty. The sight you were presented with upon walking into the kitchen, bare-footed and very confused, explained some things, but also raised far more questions than it could answer. Craig is standing in front of River, still only dressed in his pyjamas, holding a spoon which he brings down to River’s mouth while making plane noises. There’s nothing on the spoon, but River isn’t complaining, and Craig doesn’t seem to notice. Amused, you sit down at the table and rest your chin on your folded arms. With no knives or other dangerous objects in the vicinity, there’s no reason to try to force Craig out of the kitchen. You doubt he’d let you, anyway, not until he finishes feeding his baby girl. Craig starts making engine noises again and brings down the spoon; River, clapping excitedly, opens her mouth but Craig misses by several inches. You watch the same thing happen two dozen more times before you scoop River into your arms and herd Craig out of the kitchen.

📖 You find Hugo trying to button up his vest. Half the buttons he managed so far are wrong and upon looking more closely, you realise that it’s because the vest is on backwards. Which shouldn’t be the first thing you notice that’s out of order, but then, you’re still half-asleep, so you feel like you can cut yourself some slack. You rub your eyes and stifle a yawn. It’s five in the morning, it’s still dark outside and while night owls like Robert might still be awake at this point, you usually aren’t. “Hugo, what are you doing?” At first it doesn’t look like he hears or even notices you, but then you hear him whisper, so faintly you almost miss it. “Got to go to work…” With a fond sigh you walk over to him and put your hands on his shoulders. “Hugo, dear, school doesn’t start for another two hours. Not that you have to go to work tomorrow, well, today, because it’s Saturday. Why don’t we go back to bed?” Thankfully, he doesn’t resist as you gently nudge him forward, back to your bedroom. If he had, you’re certain you wouldn’t have been able to stop him. He’s muscular, much stronger than you, and the last thing you want is to be slammed on the ground by your sleepwalking boyfriend. You help Hugo out of his vest and take off his shoes. Then, you push him to lie back down and settle in next to him. This time, Hugo actually stays asleep and unmoving.

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do you want a headcanon? then headcanon it is. i think the first person remus kissed was sirius. it was after a particularly bad full moon, remus was self-conscious about his new scars and sirius tried to put in moony's head that he (remus) is truly handsome, then it just happened. after that day they kissed a few more time and that's how remus realized he was bi and sirius assumed his homosexuality. and i don't even ship wolfstar.

lol, this is soooooo headcanon you guys! this must had happened, no question.

tbh now I’m kinda thinking about writing a fic about it…what do you guys think??? and you anon??  ♥️

Love, ya! xx

The One...
  • (I had a hard time with this one. Might not be that good.)
  • Jonah: The one that you want. He's the guy who you would immediately want to kiss him and get to know him and just simply be with him.
  • Zach: The one that got away. You regret never getting to meet him because he would make you feel special and would cherish you.
  • Corbyn: The one that you need. He's the type of guy that would always puts you first and would do anything just to see you smile.
  • Daniel: The one that everyone wants. Everybody loves him for his amazing personality. Everyone wants to date him because he is happiness.
  • Jack: The one that you'll always love. He is the guy who makes you feel safe and comfortable. He just spreads love and would never leave your heart.
Blackthorn Tourists

So this is for @smolbean-hunters456​ who originally came up with the idea of the Blackthorns being really tacky tourists.

It been one of those days in which Julian Blackthorn had simply crashed onto his bed next to Emma groaning “we need a holiday” which made her chuckle. “It’s not funny Em” he mumbled into his pillow. Emma just lay down next to him, and started running her fingers through his hair. “I’m laughing because the day you claim to need a holiday is the day I get a text from Cristina saying she miss’s us all terribly and wanted to know if we would all like to visit her in Mexico City” she said. Jules looked up then and then at Emma. “You said yes right?” he asked, and when Emma smiled and nodded, he leant over and kissed her.

***1 week later***

Emma had been so excited to be reunited with Cristina, and the rest of the Blackthorns (featuring Kit) were just happy to be going on an actual holiday. Diana had decided to stay behind and “look after the Institute” but the Blackthorns suspected that a certain Faerie had something to do with it, not that they minded. Everything had been packed (courtesy of Jules) and they were currently waiting for Tessa to create them a Portal to take them to Mexico.

When the Portal finally opened, Emma was the first though, and on seeing Cristina, the girls turned into stereotypical teenage girls, meaning they just ran screaming at each other and the result was a very over-enthusiastic hug. Once Emma finally released Cristina, the rest of the Blackthorns had come through, meaning Cristina was able to go round, giving them a smaller, less energized hug than the one she’d given Emma (Ty had gone for a handshake, and not wanting to make the boy uncomfortable, Cristina had accepted). Looping one arm in Emma’s, and another in Marks, Cristina lead them to the Institute she called home.

Giving them time to unpack, Cristina insisted on giving them a tour of Mexico City. Ty had slipped his hand into Kits, having gotten a little overwhelmed by the amount of people, and Kit had started rubbing his thumb over Ty’s knuckles to calm him down. Livvy and Dru had created a “selfie competition” on who could take the best selfie. Jules was trying to take some photos of his siblings, and the scenery, which was very hard when Tavvy was asking for for every bit of cheap and tacky souvenir he saw. Emma and Cristina had linked arms again and were gossiping like it was no ones business, with Cristina every so often giving bits of information. Mark, it seemed, sun burnt incredibly easily, and when he burnt, he burnt. By the time they had returned to the Institute, he looked like a walking tomato. Needless to say, when the Blackthorns went on holiday, they turned into the trashiest tourists known to the Shadowhunter kind

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Hi. I love this story a ton and a half! I adore the relationship between Mav & Felix but I was wondering if there was like a time skip between the time that they kiss and now? Or did their relationship just move real quickly? Either way just wanted to let you know that they're cutie pies (and that I wouldn't mind just pictures of them being love birds and stuff <3) Thanks for the effort you put into your story!

yoooooooo, no time skip! they were already really close before all the shit went down so their relationship just naturally progressed rlly fast. and thank you my love!!!! 

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If you feel comfortable doing this, could you do one where you give them their first blowjob?

asdfghjkl eeek!


-”uh you sure? i dont want to make you do anything you dont wan-nnnng”

-bites his lip when he sees you bobbing your head up and down

-brushes your hair out of your face, and cant help but lean his head back in pleasure at the sight of you looking up at him 

-”fuckkk… baby” him just repeating that every 6 minutes at least 


-it becomes a thing where you tease him and usually go down on him and give him a blowjob, he accepts his fate and jokes about it like “this is for life y/n.. i feel it”


-you suggest it and he kisses your temple “okay.. if you dont want too i get it..”

-you start to tease him and rub him through his boxers and he closes his eyes in pleasure and leans his head back 

-”oh god.. wow…. fuck fuckk”

-he bobs your head down and up and he loves it when you look up at him 

-he groans alot and curses too much 

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Bloopers are great but consider this: Malec makeout scene UNCUT

ok so here’s the deal idk who you are so i can’t speak for you but fellow ladies in the malec fandom: y’all need to think before speaking because sometimes the things you say about malec sound so umm fetish-like and it’s just…don’t. we can do better and i love malec kisses as much as the next person because they are so sweet and full of love but i don’t need to watch them try to swallow each other’s faces all the time… i’m kin with the representation and scenes we are getting in general and by the looks of it it’s only gonna get better so ummm no…and also i just want to see matt say fuck for five minutes straight because it’s funny as shit

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*In a VERY raspy voice👄* I want you to look me in the eyes and see Fire within them.. Passion in giving you the very Best of me to give you pleasure.. As we lock in our eyes I'm gonna back you to the wall and if you tryna go I'LL PIN YOU AND KISS YOU AND LEAVE YOU BREATHLESS. As you gasp for air I'll be there to suck on every inch of your body, trembling! And in between your legs will be aching.. You'll be craving of want! And I'll be there to satisfy you.. Qstn z wll u let me? My toast..

Oh boi, is it just me, or is it really getting hot in here? 😮🙊🙈😂 oh my, we’ll see 😏