I just wanted to draw blood


Well since I’ve been on a roll with Anti and Dark universe (and have a whole story if Id just write it all down lol) @fangsmagicandinspiration came up with a dark version for Ethan at @crankgameplays. Say hello to Corroded Crank!

He was made out of a botched summoning/creation spell, the two key ingredients being the blood of the pure (Ethan in this case) and material for the physical body (Rusted, Corroded metal in this case) and due to the metal already being destroyed, it corrupted the final result and now we have our poor metal friend who is constantly falling apart and is a little self concious about all of his useless bits and bobs and bad welding and such. His whole skull is cracked open but he usually covers his brains with a wig.

I tried to keep him creepy and corpse like considering hes still suppose to be a dark half for Ethan, but when hes all put together I still think hes pretty cute! I imagine he moves sorta like the FNAF animatronics, very heavy but twitchy and jerky. I hope you like him! Me and fangsmagicandinspiration (aahah i need to call you by a name bc thats a mouthful) always have the BEST brainstorming sessions! Such a good egg, good friend, good writer. Go check them out!!!


ok theory time. In Voltron we’ve seen Allura give her life force to the Balmera. And we’ve seen Haggar and her minions take life force. 

So my theory is the Haggar is the same species as Allura and Coran. but Coran can’t project his energy. So it must be rare or only the royal bloods can do it. So maybe Haggar is a relative to Allura. Maybe Haggar even overthrew the royal family. I mean how common is white hair- I dont think that Haggars white hair didn’t come with old age with the amount of quintessence she has been collecting through the years.

Anyway, I think giving quintessence is ok. but taking is a big taboo and has consequences. Such as it changing the users appearance: their markings, skin tone, and eyes.

I don’t think that Allura would ever take someones quintessence, she has a lot built up. Maybe if she was pushed to do so. found another Avatar parallel, blood bending

 I just really wanted to draw a Dark!Allura


@fanciful-follies and I talked about this a while back, but then I had an URGE to draw it. I present a Legally Blonde AU! With Maria as Elle Woods. I might post a list of who’s who in this AU, but for this:

Elle - Maria Lewis
Warner - James Reynolds
Emmett - Angelica Schuyler
Paulette - James Madison
UPS guy - Thomas Jefferson
Professor Callahan - King George (like the parallels between “Blood in the Water” and “You’ll Be Back” is yes.)

Ah I haven’t had time to draw much lately so here is something unfinished I started a while ago that I probably wont finish. I got to the arm holding the gunblate and nope, not gonna finish:p Also, this drawing started less red than this lol. I just wanted to draw Squall wiping his face with his t-shirt, but then I needed a reason for him to do that and obviously (monster?) blood made sense as killing monsters is probably messy. Then I needed something in the background and hey, why not a lion??? So yeah, just pretend everything is finished and that everything makes sense. I’m very happy with the hair though!