I just want this bit because it's so cute

So I’ve been playing Slime Rancher…

Took a bit longer than I wanted, but I kept playing with it as I went along. THIS GAME IS SO CUTE. ;; I don’t recommend buying it just yet because it’s still early access and it doesn’t have all of its features right now, but it is looking really adorable and I’ve enjoyed it so far. I can’t wait to see what will be added~

My favorites are the Tabby and Honey slimes. :‘3

Slime Rancher © Monomi Park


Basically if you liked Kids Next Door and Spy Kids you’ll love it. If you love dorky nerd cartoon characters you’ll love it. If you love really cute and sweet friendships that develop very nicely and without the characters being nasty to each other you’ll love it. BASICALLY IF YOU WANT ANOTHER GOOD CARTOON TO WATCH YOU’LL LOVE IT.

Just click the picture to watch it its a six part little short on nick.com (and i know nick’s video player sucks but please bear with it) but it’s going to become a series soon and its just?? its so good please watch it please please

Imagine: You meet college!luke outside your dorm after the fire alarm goes off. You look around to find your roommate who got lost in the mix of people and you make eye contact with a disheveled blond boy across the way. He comes over and introduces himself, probably with some dumb pick up line like “I see why the fire alarm went off, because you’re smokin’” and you giggle so he goes in for a handshake and says “I’m Luke” and you reply with “Nice to meet you, I’m Y/N” and you guys stand and chat for a little bit and he gives you his flannel to wear since its like the middle of winter, even though you insisted he didn’t need to, because you felt fine but he made up something about how he was getting too warm anyways (but he really just wanted to see how cute you looked wrapped in his 2 sizes too big flannel). Then when you guys were told that it was a false alarm and could go back inside you would try to given the flannel back and Luke says something like “nah it’s okay just bring it by sometime tomorrow, I’m in room 524”. So you would head back to your respective rooms, but you had trouble falling asleep because you couldn’t wait to see Luke again the next day and “return” his flannel that you were still wearing.

hey hai hallo here is my summer ‘14 follow forever

I get asked multiple times of blogs to recommend and who my favourite bloggers or friends are on here so here they are. They’re all lovely and my blog depends on their fabulous posts and funny, cute, idiotic and kind words. Enjoy!

-many thanks to each blogger individually, you’re wonderful and I adore every bit of you, okay? stay you because that’s just perfect and why I love you-

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Inktober day 27

Lyndon wants to be like his owner and build a protessional pool.

fvfvxcvxcv requested a cat. I know you like nilesy a lot so I decided to draw you a Lyndon^^ Enjoy!

Also here is a bit of an explanation (kinda) about where inktober has gone.

Thanks for the request^^