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Stop hating on sausage party. Its just an animated film dang. Makes us laugh and makes you think "wait.. Maybe god isn't real and i dont have to worry about being Burned to death for following my interest" at least that's what i got from it. As a baptist Christian this movie really made religion seem pointless. We're just like the food

Stop hating on sausage party. Its just an animated film dang. Makes us laugh and makes you think “wait.. Maybe god isn’t real and i dont have to worry about being Burned to death for following my interest” at least that’s what i got from it. As a baptist Christian this movie really made religion seem pointless. We’re just like the food

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about your post about roses 7 lions, i think its an interesting theory and its fun to speculate but i also dont think the crewniverse would mislead us like that, its just weird to have a bunch of contradicting pieces of evidence in the show, and its not like real life where there are serious misunderstandings like that. I just think that unless its addressed that steven and connie were wrong about imagining the color of the lions, then thats how it really was. everything is there for a reason

“The Crewniverse would[n’t] intentionally mislead us like that.”

Did you mean:

> Waiting 50 episodes to reveal that Garnet is a fusion

> Waiting slightly longer than that to reveal that Rose wasn’t as perfect as Steven was always told that she was and actually struggled a lot with empathy

> Letting us spend two full episodes thinking Peridot was in immediate danger before “Where’s Jasper?”

> Letting us spend 26 episodes seeing corruptions as random monsters before telling us they all used to be humanoid like the Crystal Gems

> Telling us in episode 5 that gem shards contain a ‘weak partial consciousness’ and can do things like follow basic commands and letting us thing that was all there was to it until season 3 and The Cluster and revealing that every. single. gem shard is entirely aware of their situation and possesses enough power and control to both make the conscious decision and perform the mechanics required to bubble other gems while still in shard form

> On the note of fusion experiments, “Rose couldn’t have known”, as the careful observer spies that the hand pads in the Alpha Kindergarten and in Rose’s Armory are both left-handed, like Rose herself, while the one on the moon base was right-handed.

> Every bit of overwhelming evidence that Rose was Pink Diamond for the longest time, up until it started moving away from that and we finally got the reveal that Rose shattered Pink Diamond only very recently.

> Letting us think Jasper was part of Yellow Diamond’s court for two seasons before “MY Diamond, YOUR Diamond, PINK DIAMOND.”

I uh… I hate to tell you this, but the Crewniverse LOVES subverting our expectations and dropping hints (in this case: the fact that colors weren’t mentioned anywhere and that it was repeatedly emphasized that they were imagining things wrong).

As I’ve said a few times, that doesn’t prove it’s right, and if it’s not oh well. But it irks me when people keep trying to say it’s not possible because there is literally no evidence that can currently disprove it. If later there is some, cool. Argue then. Until then, maybe just wait and see, heh.

Since we first met my heartbeat has become irregular. Faster and slower during our highs and lows. Now that you’re gone I fear it’s stopped beating altogether.

How sad is it that I fear reblogging things from a movie because I don’t want hate in my inbox.  -sigh-

I tell myself daily that this is my blog, and no one but me will control what I put here…and yet

It’s so sad that we must fear complete strangers’ hate and threats just for liking a movie, ship, artist, writer, etc.  It’s just media.  Why must it all be so filled with rhetoric and politics.

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what type of person are you mostly attracted to? i have the biggest "tumblr crush" on you. this sounds super cheesy and im sorry. lol.

haha if you think thats cheesy, then your gonna think my response is cheesier. 

Before I got sick, I was superficial as fuck. When I got sick, everything changed. Everything I cared about changed, including the type of people I find myself interested in. Its no longer about looks, I mean yeah we have to find each other somewhat attractive, but most of all, I just want someone who I can have long deep convos with. Someone that wants to smoke and watch netflix and pig out. Order pizza and beer. Walk around and catch pokemon. Not talk for hours, but still glance over to make sure your okay. idk, I guess I’m looking more for a type of love as opposed to a type of person. 

im so jealous of ppl whose Special Interests™ r like… popular tv shows or a book series or a subject or something with loads of depth and content like ?? here i am obsessed with a fucking musical that only has one decent bootleg, not much content, pretty much no chance of going to broadway now and it’s . also never coming to england ever so there’s That

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Have you ever seen the movie Dogfight (1991)? I think you would like it: it has Lili Taylor and River Phoenix (R.I.P!) in it and the premise is really interesting and its honestly a pretty cute movie! I think you can find it on YouTube or torrent it!

omg so I just watched this and loved it thank u so much for recommending this to me !! as soon as I saw the plot description about guys looking for ugly girls to make fun of I was like…Me.. I must watch and I’m glad I did it’s so relatable it increased my paranoia about guys pretending they think I’m attractive but really thinking I’m ugly and getting a kick at my expense because it has happened to moi before so Dogfight is like a true life horror movie 2 me…… but ya River and Lili are amazing in it I was crying at the end I recommend it highly it’s representation for ugly womens tho Lili is not even ugly and but she’s Hollywood Ugly and that’s enough to get murked in this cruel world


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"You mean policing his diet over social media" what do you mean by that? What did she do?

So in February 2013 Louis and Eleanor had this ‘charming’ exchange:

[Eleanor Calder: @Louis_Tomlinson ..that’s not making tea!!!]

[Louis Tomlinson: @EleanorJCalder shut up and make me a sanwich]

[Eleanor Calder: @Louis_Tomlinson But you can’t eat bread…]

Fizzy was asked about this on ask.fm and said that it was because he was on a diet (see here).

I have very strong opinions about people who police their partner’s diets - very strong opinions.

And while obviously I don’t think Eleanor was his partner.  I still find this really awful. You can be really sure that Louis’ body was under surveillance by his bosses - that he was made to feel like only a particular version of him was acceptable.  And Eleanor’s just happily jabbing at that. 

(For the record I think this probably was them.  I think a professional would do a better job of actually coming across as charming.  This reads as two people who don’t like each other trying to pretend to be charming).

Conspiracy theory about Phan

(Ok this is just a thought I had and obviously it’s not true….but you never know O-O)

What IF D&P…..were actually NOT friends :O

Hear me out ok, so you know how a few youtubers have been found to be just a part of a crew or an act done by a company (Ex:Lonelygirl15) well what if Dan and Phil were actually just actors?

I mean think about it, what if a crew built the aesthetic apartment we see today and the reason they take so long to upload is because they are too busy writing and rehearsing scripts.

That could also explain why other youtubers don’t seem to know much about them other than “they are cool vloggers” and “they are best friends”

Well except for one youtuber….Sprinkle of Glitter. Louise was probably just their hair/wardrobe lady but when directors saw how well they got along, they decided to put her in the script.

In live shows it could be a little bit of a hassle since the crew can’t predict what the Phandom will ask. They just tell them to stay in character and improv it. That could explain why they seem so chill in live shows.

But that’s JUST a theory, a PHAN theory, thanks for reading :D

yesterday night I had so much fun!

I went out with a friend (finally!!!) in la Calle Chapultepec and we went to this very hipsterish but cute restaurant that sells a bunch of teas and organic food (it’s also funny that the waiter literally looked like he was from Portland or like the gentrified areas of the Bay!!!).

we were eating outside and they had Christmas lights around and they also had this cool lamps that were field by this liquid and rope. just the lighting was really pleasing and soft and calming.

and it’s so funny that they were also playing Homeshake and I literally freaked out lol.

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"And FYI if you need a safe space that excludes other people needing validation, than your safe space isn’t all that safe." Uhm what. What does this mean. Are you saying that LGBT people can't express romance in LGBT spaces because romance repressed aro people will be there. Are you saying the only place gay couples can hold hands is in private. Not every safe space has to be all encompassing it's called LGBT for a reason also stop appropriating AAVE whitey

Way to put words in my mouth there anon! But I guess when its 9:30 on a Wednesday afternoon you have nothing better to do with your time then try to tear someone down for having an opinion different than yours!

What I’m saying is if you feel the need to shove other people who are looking for safety out of your safe space, or trying to gate keep the community (hmm, very much like what happened and STILL happens to transgender and bisexual people in this community), than it’s not all that safe. You’re trying to set a bar that everyone views differently to be ‘safe’. Nice try though. I guess?

As for the AAVE thing, I do apologize since it’s really easy to pick up and echo what I see and hear. I also don’t fully understand the argument about mimicking AAVE but thats an anonymous attack for another time am I right? Off to bed now kiddo your play time is at an end.

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i cannot, for the life of me, think of any good starter scenarios, 
so if anyone wants some of their opens answered, i’d be more
than willing to do so – just give this post a like, dears!

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so uh, someone i went to see about autism was talking about symptoms and one of the things they mentioned was, 'inability to keep up with conversations, they have a hard time when others change the subject, they weave their special interest into every conversation' and well. they said i didnt do that but i do that all the time and like theyre saying thats the only reason they didnt think i was autistic and its just i do do those things. maybe not extremely ?? but i do it and im just, Upset,,,

it sounds like this person doesn’t know what they’re talking about. like, only some people are like that! and bringing up your special interest in every conversation? that sounds exhausting and impossible.

“did you see the news about that kid who went missing? i think i talked to him once.” “no but i saw a flyer for a lost dog.”

“so then this happened at the sports game last weekend!” “okay but did you know this random fact about dogs?”

“i have to go to the bathroom. also i love dogs”

“what do you want for dinn-” “dogs.”

you’re still valid. you’re still autistic. this person is just not someone you want to work with.

-mod har


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I definitely don’t work my special interests into everyday conversation because they’re such controversial things (LGBTQ stuff & clinical psychology) that I don’t wanna be judged for them so I really don’t talk about them with other people unless I’m 100% sure the person won’t judge me for it.

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So my only hangup with the destroy ending is that the geth and EDI die. So I gotta ask, do you think Legion and EDI would sacrifice themselves for everyone else? Do you think Legion and EDI would sacrifice all synthetics for everyone else? Do you think Legion or EDI would choose the destroy option? I'm pretty sure Legion would go with destroy. Or maybe control. Idk about EDI. Thoughts?

I think EDI would be willing to choose Destroy. When she modifies her core programming, she understands that self-preservation isn’t the end-all-be-all. I think all the Normandy crewmembers are prepared to die. I think pre-ME2 EDI would be interested in Control, but post-ME3 EDI would either lean toward Destroy or Synthesis.

Legion is a bit harder, because its not just sacrificing itself, but all of the Geth. I think the Geth would initially lean toward Control, but after being manipulated by the Reapers they would reject that. Again, I think they would be in favor of Synthesis because they probably want to live lol but I do think that they would choose Destroy.

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so i got a half baked theory something happened to garnet and she lost her future vision and she and pearl are keeping it a secret, in kindergarten kid garnet couldn't foresee what happen and the corrupted gem escaped, but more evidence is in know your fusion with how completely she was taken by surprise of smokey quartz and when pearl asked garnet if she should ask what Steven and amethyst what going on and her response was i cant, what do you think?

Hmmm I don’t know! I’ve never heard this theory before and its very interesting.

I think that in Kindergarten Kid though, she purposely failed to catch the corrupted gem because she knew that Peridot would eventually catch it. I think that she was trying to give Peri a chance to prove to herself that she was a valuable gem.

Idk about Know Your Fusion though. Maybe she already knew but was just extremely excited to see Smoky?

Either way, it’s a pretty interesting theory!

Do you ever get that feeling that you’re the woman in the room, so you’re just expected to do [insert task here]? Like clearly no one specific person is obligated, but you feel like everyone expects you to feel a little bit more obligated.

first-light-weaves-living-song replied to your post “It has just struck me that it would be potentially interesting if the…”

Who’s to say MB hasn’t already used it to leave the ark

That’s a possibility, but I doubt it.

Mendicant was commanded to sit on its ass and think about what it did until it’s sought out to combat the Flood upon their return, since the IsoDidact knew from the Timeless One that humanity was to face a ‘test’ in the future - which hasn’t happened yet.

Thinking about this has reminded me of how Mendicant could have easily been made Halo 5′s antagonist and a grey character by being in Cortana’s place because it would be trying to force galactic society into a state fit to fight the Flood. Mendicant went to Janjur Qom and taught the SanShyuum to make plasma weapons so they might assist in combating the Flood in the future (I still think that it was trying to recreate the human-San’Shyuum alliance). And the result of what the San’Shyuum did with their power was devastating to the species of the galaxy, so Mendicant decides “screw this, we’re running out of time and these idiots just can’t help themselves, I’m stepping in”.

Not to mention, this particular line in Halo 3′s Terminals from Offensive Bias regarding the final battle of the Maginot Sphere:

It is best that our crews perished now; because the battle that is about to ensue would have driven them mad.

I throw away all the rules of acceptable conduct during battle; near the ruptures I throw away all the accepted ideas of how the natural world is supposed to behave. I toss around [37,654 tonne] dreadnoughts like they were fighters; dimly aware of the former crews being crushed to liquescence.

Where the Flood is concerned, at the height of their power as they were, morality loses all meaning. There is only the ruthless calculus of how to defeat them.

That kind of set-up would have been so much more interesting, especially in-conjunction with the Ur-Didact’s plan with the Composer, and the IsoDidact with the Halos.

There’s just no good way to beat the Flood. The only choices you have are terrible ones, but you still have to choose.