I just started crying suddenly

I drew phil but

it needs improvements


i was on a farm full of horses and everything was normal until i looked at a horse. it was suddenly dead and had no eyes, like there were just gaping eye sockets. i started crying and suddenly i was in a museum, looking at the same horse with me still on it, but i had somehow astral projected 3 feet away and was watching myself sit on the dead horse. it was terrifying


I’m just taking a lot of time to process this boy’s face… HOW. He’s an angel one minute, and the next he’s pulling off the sexy serial killer look???

Suga’s been really giving me heartaches recently. Nevermind really hit me in the gut. Am I a Suga stan now? 
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anway  fun  fact  i  have  literally  never  been  in  love,  so  sometimes  i  watch  things  or  hear  things  where  people  like  ,,,  make  stupid  decisions  for  love  &  i  just  ,,,,  can’t  relate.  all  i  do  is  sit  there  like  ‘  are  you  fucking  serious  ?  ’  

the realization of what could happen with malec tonight just suddenly hit me full force and i started crying what is wrong with me

Harry on Spotify: Hints to Larry on Valentine’s Day

So yesterday I found out that Harry has an account on Spotify. It’s amazing, because it’s like some kind of a musical version of the RBB account we had on Twitter. Worth mentioning: many playlists were created shortly before or after the twitter account was deleted (including a list called Deleted). There are so many hints, so many references - I love it! 

And I’m gonna post some articles about Harry’s playlists.

One of them is already online, if you want to read it: 

Need more Larry proof? Harry and his Larry bedroom tunes

In this article, I will analyse a playlist called 14th - because I’ve read some rumors that something important for Larry could happen on Valentine’s Day. Right: on February 14th. 

The playlist could, of course, mean whatever you want, but in my opinion it has a lot of references to Larry. And yes, I believe it’s about a date, since it’s certainly not the list’s number: Harry doesn’t have 14 playlists yet. And I strongly believe it’s about the 14th of February (not another month), because all the songs are love songs. For Valentine’s Day. 

This playlist was created two days ago, so on February 11th. Some songs were added yesterday and one today.

Even without a detailed analysis, a Larrie will immediately recognize some songs that could refer to Larry:

Dagger & rose tattoo: Roses - James Arthur, Every Rose Has Its Torn - Miley Cyrus

“Always in my heart” tweet: I Will Always Love You - Whitney Houston

X-Factor (where they met): Total Eclipse Of The Heart - Glee Cast, Your Song - Elton John, Torn - Natalie Imbruglia

Now let’s take a closer look at the songs. :)

Roses - James Arthur

Besides the fact that it reminds us of the rose & dagger tattoos, look at the lyrics:

I’m Yours - Jason Mraz

I don’t think this title is for Louis (since he already knows that Harry is his), but for the people out there. Harry is letting them know that he is Louis’.

Also, these lyrics are interesting:

When We First Kissed - Hellogoodbye

A hint that something is coming on Valentine’s Day:

The Only Exception - Paramore

The song is about a person who doesn’t believe in true/long-lasting love. But it ends with these lyrics:

Which totally reminds me of “Love wins. Always”.

Plus: If something really happens tomorrow, then we’ll all start believing. That Larry is real. 

I Will Always Love You - Whitney Houston

I’ve mentioned it before, but here once again for the people in the back:

Burn - Ray LaMontagne

The lyrics:

… were tweeted by Harry in July 2014. Later, he deleted the tweet.

Wherever You Will Go - The Calling

Don’t these lyrics remind you of

a)  “ If I could fly, I’d be coming right back home to you”,

b) ship & compass (–> going back home) and

c) the AIMH tweet?

You and Me - Lifehouse

This totally reminds me of Harry looking at Louis while singing You and I

Marry Me - Jason Darulo

Marry You - Bruno Mars

When I saw these songs, my heart almost exploded! Because there were so many rumors that Larry were planning their wedding back in January (spotted at a church, in a location where they organize weddings, at a jeweler, at a bakery who specializes in making wedding cakes out of cupcakes).

Plus, fetus Harry tweeted this 5 years ago:

1st tweet –> ship & compass

2nd tweet –> Bruno Mars’ lyrics from Marry You

The title of Pink’s Raise Your Glass (another song on the list) could also hint to a wedding.

Grenade - Bruno Mars

This is a song that One Direction sang earlier in their career. Just watch fetus Larry (God, they’re so cute!): 

Any doubt that adding this song to the playlist is totally about them two?

crushcrushcrush - Paramore


Hero - Mariah Carey

I haven’t heard this song for years. When I heard it now, especially when I heard the lyrics, I started crying (and I’m not just saying that).

Suddenly, all the pain that I feel when seeing Larry wanting to touch each other but not being allowed to, came out. 

Is this a sign that they are finally brave enough?

Tie Me Down - Jack Savoretti (added yesterday)

The lyrics…

I Believe In A Thing Called Love - The Darkness (added yesterday)

Again, the lyrics. 

Love wins. Always.

And he believes that they could now finally make it and be free.

These songs were added later. Were Larry not sure if the things would run according to their plans? And, when they had the certainty, Harry added the songs?

Because they already had to change their plans at least 2 times until now: 

1. The fetus Larry coming out video was never published.

2. I believe they wanted to come out in October 2015. Read more here:

Larry, RBB, exposing accounts & stuff

When I Look At You - Miley Cyrus (added today)

I must say that - looking at the lyrics - I don’t understand why it was added today. But… don’t they just scream LARRY?

As a conclusion: I have no idea what’s going to happen tomorrow. Will it be lairport 3.0? Will they be spotted having dinner together on Valentine’s Day?

I don’t have an answer. But I’ll be extremely surprised (and disappointed) if nothing happens tomorrow. 

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ok so i was just watching Jane the Virgin, and imagine Anakin suddenly starts crying in pain and bending over and groaning at the most inconvenient moments and everyone is freaking out and thinking he is in labour, when he suddenly laughs and be like 'fooled you'. Bonus if he tries it multiple times and everyone still falls for it.

Of course they do, they fall for it EVERY SINGLE TIME. Then when he ACTUALLY goes into labor at an inconvenient time he forgets to even mention it to anyone because he’s dealing with whatever said inconvenience is, aka “probably beating a droid battalion off while his men lay covering fire”. 

The clones suffer so much. SO MUCH. 

Kodaka Christmas Tweets 2014 (DR)

Here’s the DR1 cast’s tweets. Read these all together as a coherent story to have your heart break into a thousand pieces like mine did

MAIZONO SAYAKA: Ah, Naegi-kun. This is a Santa outfit, but I was dead-set on making it have a miniskirt. …How do you like it? Does it suit me? …Oh, you don’t have to be so shy about it. You’re going to make me feel embarrassed about it too.

ISHIMARU KIYOTAKA: You only get one Christmas a year! So I’ll read the atmosphere and stop telling you to be quiet! Haha, it’s only natural; we’re all classmates here. But cease popping those Christmas crackers. The noise is too loud, and it causes many small bits of trash… What? What do you mean, I’m not actually reading the atmosphere at all? How rude! I cancel my previous statement! A contest! Compete against me in a contest!

ASAHINA AOI: It’s not weird to celebrate Christmas with donuts, is it? Actually I think donuts are even more appropriate… There’s a possibility that they’re an authentic Christmas tradition, right? Right, right, it’s possible, right?! It’s fine, right?!

KUWATA LEON: Ahhh, sorry! I’m plannin’ on Christmas being booked full with plans! No, I’m not gonna give up until the day of. From here on out, I plan on bein’ totally SWAMPED with plans. Uwaaah, I’m gonna be soooo busy! …That’s my plan, anyway!

CELESTE: Let us engage in some appropriate Christmas entertainment. Please pick one of the two cards that I am holding. The one who holds the high card shall be the master, and the one who holds the other card shall be the slave. The slave must listen to anything and everything that the master says. Ufufu, if you’re confident that you will win, then please, go ahead.

YAMADA HIFUMI: Christmas is a busy time! After all, the following week, the holy war begins anew!

NAEGI: Kirigiri-san.
NAEGI: Is that… a reindeer costume?
NAEGI: Ah, Kirigiri-san! …No, she’s gone.
~a few minutes later~
NAEGI: Huh? Kirigiri-san… Did you change your clothes?
NAEGI: I kinda thought it suited you…
NAEGI: She left again… Was it really that embarrassing?

FUKAWA TOUKO: M-My editor told me something once… They said I should try writing a romance novel set during Christmas… It’s not like I could never do one, but I question that editor’s taste, giving me such a cheap concept. I-It’s really not like I could never do one; I’m a professional… I-It wouldn’t be painful to write or anyfing…

GENOCIDER: And after this, it’s wild, messy sex with Byakuya-sama–! Gyahahahaha!

OOWADA MONDO: I-I have to play the reindeer?! No fuckin’ way! Who’d agree to that?! …Ah? There ain’t anyone else you can ask? If I don’t do it, the whole party’s gonna be held up?! …Tch, can’t be helped then. Hold on, I’ll hook up a sleigh to my bike.

HAGAKURE YASUHIRO: No one’s gonna get their fortune told today… That’s what you’re thinkin’, right? But actually, everyone’s totally weak to divinations today! That means it’s payday for me! One crystal ball just isn’t enough! …Uh, hm? What’s with these branches? Hold these and just stand here? …Eh? I’m playing the Christmas tree? Eh? Eh?

OOGAMI SAKURA: I baked these cookies, but… My apologies, but could you girls distribute them to the others? No, they will be intimidated if they know it is I who baked them, would they not? I can vouch for the taste. I have studied diligently. However… could you leave just one of them behind? If possible, I would like to deliver that one personally.

TOGAMI BYAKUYA: Christmas… Hmph, you mean the “Commoners’ Stress Relief Day” that the global shadow council established. Hm? There’s going to be a party that day? …No, wait, I didn’t say I wouldn’t participate. Rejoice, because special permission for my participation… Oi, I’m telling you to wait!

ENOSHIMA: Ahhh, laaaame. This is the day I hate most in the whole year.
MUKURO: But… the lights are pretty.
ENOSHIMA: Huh? Did I just hear that from a war-crazed idiot?
MUKURO: And also… our birthday…
MUKURO: I mean…
MUKURO: I-I don’t like today. Mm, I hate it.

FUJISAKI CHIHIRO: *sob*… Ah, sorry. I just suddenly started crying. Oh, no! The party was fun! It was so much fun! …But, you know… cleaning everything up like this made me feel a little lonely. Somehow… I get the feeling that we’re not going to get the chance to do something fun like this all together again… Ah, sorry for saying something weird. We’d better hurry and finish cleaning up.

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A scenario where u & v have a fight and you hang around with the other members making him jealous (which turns to passion). I love your blog! ;-; where have you been.


I’m so sorry for disappearing ;-; I’m back. Thank you for sticking with us even though we were unactive~

Okay, I think I’m in love with this fanfiction. It might be not that good, but I put my heart in it and I hope you’ll be able to feel it. Hope you like it~

I checked twice for mistakes, if there are any, I’m sorry about it ✍(◔◡◔)


writer: Admin DiNa
genre: romance
words: 2000+
pairing: Taehyung (V) + Y/N 
PG-13 for cursing 

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151129 Touching speech IU made before singing Good Day at Busan concert

(photo by YourOxygen913)

- After singing You and I, IU said she had something to say, but would do so later. So before she started singing Good Day, she gave this speech. -

About what I wanted to say just now..
Ah it was a really really amazing experience.
Halfway while singing my song, I suddenly thought,

Wah I.. I can’t quit being a singer.’ (Fans cheer)

Of course, I.. I like singing the best now, but you never know. I might really have other talents (Laughs).
I may discover talents I never knew. I’ve thought of trying other careers and having other thoughts, but gradually, the thought that I can’t go back has become stronger. I really like being a singer. I really.. really enjoy singing.
I don’t usually say things like this, but

I really like music. (Cheers from the crowd)

I really like music, that’s not the kind of thing I say often. Reason being umm.. there’s lots of things I like. Of course, I like music a lot too, but umm..
Is music really what I like the most? When I ask myself that, I feel unsure about it. That’s how it has always been, but oh.. this year, I’m gradually thinking, ‘Oh I seem to like music. I actually like music more than I think eh?’
It’s become like, ‘Oh.. I really like music. Oh.. music is the best. I seem to like music the most.’
(We like IU!!)

So I’ve been telling people around me recently that I never knew I liked music this much.


Anothing thing I’ve felt during this concert, ah I seem to like the stage a lot eh?
All this time, I’ve enjoyed the creating and recording part of the process the best, but since last week, as I was having my concert,

I felt for the first time that the enjoyment I get from being on stage was greater than that from creating and recording my music

Actually, up until last week, I was still half in doubt.. I no longer worry about my stamina on stage.
But today.. I was really amazed. As I was singing ‘You and I’.. I’ve really sang this song many many times, but I’ve never felt this way.
As I was singing it, I thought to myself,

Wah.. I can’t quit being a singer.

I’m really thankful to the Busan concert audience for giving me these thoughts. Oh.. Oh.. You guys could just be in a good mood today, or because you slept well last night, or because you’re close to the friend you came with, or maybe you ate well just now, so you shouted ‘Ahh!!’ loudly during the song,
but putting all that together, something important changed in me today. Really. (Fans cheer loudly)

I’m going to be a singer for a long time, I’m serious. In future, when I grow old, even when I grow old, I want to continue being a singer. That’s how I feel..

I don’t know. My talk is starting to get really long, but I’ve felt this way before.
That doing this is really fun and great for me, but I shouldn’t like it too much.
If I get too used to this and this isn’t what I really want..
In case I can no longer do well in this, I’d be really sad, so I should control the extent that I enjoy it.
And no matter how much I like it, that I shouldn’t acknowledge the fact that it’s shaking my whole existence.
These were the thoughts I’ve had for a long time and settled myself into.

Recently, I’m acknowledging it. That honestly, I really like to sing. Standing on stage is the most fun for me. Music.. Music can bring comfort.

Receiving and acknowledging these things.. is something I’ll begin to do now.
So I’m really thankful towards the Seoul audience and towards the audience today too. I’ve never imagined myself receiving such great cheers and that I’d be able to gather people who like me so much..
I’m kind of.. surprised. (Cheers from the audience)

Thank you.. for liking it so much even if I’m just drinking water.

I’ve started acknowledging these things because of today’s Busan concert. That I really like music.. (Fans cheer)
I must be crazy. (watery eyes) (Fans: Don’t cry!!)
Ah.. I won’t cry. I’ve put my emotions in check (Laughs) I can do that quickly.
I was surprised when I suddenly felt like that while singing ‘You and I’ just now. Would I start crying suddenly while singing?
Luckily I didn’t cry, but you guys are amazing for making me feel that way. I don’t cry easily on stage, but.. you guys are amazing. (Fans cheer)

I’ll continue to enjoy music. Acknowledge this fact and not be afraid to like it more, and make better music for all of you.

Ah really.. thank you. Thank you.
I’ll sing the last song now and finish the setlist for the concert.
After that, well.. the concert is for the audience, so what shall I sing for you?
Today is a really good day.
It’s a really good day. I’ll sing ‘Good Day’ for everyone. Thank you.

Translated by squishy with love


Nessun Dorma (Full Perf)
Onew Solo Stage
Kyocera Dome Concert

Shitty customers and anxiety

I work at a fast food place and I’m usually put on drive thru (since I’m pretty efficient and have more experience than half of the employees there, so I get a lot of things done fast), and even though I’ve worked there for a long time, I still stress out a lot and quite often get anxiety attacks during rush or when customers get pissy but I still somehow manage to act fine and keep working through it. One time, this one lady came through drive and started YELLING at me for supposedly incorrect pricing, saying how it was unacceptable and she was gonna sue us or something, that what “I” was doing was illegal. So I go over her order and the price and calmly ask if she would like to speak to a supervisor (because buddy, I’m just a fucking cashier, I have no authority whatsoever and I can’t do shit about prices). She proceeded to yell at my other coworker who was trying to calm the situation, and also yelled at the supervisor for several minutes. During that time I just stayed back and waited for it to be over, and I was starting to panic inside. As soon as she left and I was going to start taking orders again, I just suddenly broke down crying and ran to the back. Obviously I felt really bad because we were super busy and I should have been taking orders and taking cash, but a few coworkers and my supervisor helped calm me down and reassure me that it was okay, and to stay in the back until I calmed down and felt better. I think that more workplaces should act like this concerning anxiety disorders and such, rather than force employees to keep working past a point where they currently cannot function properly mentally/emotionally.

You're Dead to Me CHAPTER 3

Guys I am so sorry this has taken so long… You have all been so unbelievably patient and amazing… I love every single one of you so thank you so much… I also want to thank you all for the amazing success that You’re Dead to me has had especially as it has been one of my most popular stories xx

Also my computer has told me we are getting close to 1.5 K followers which is just amazing and so touching to me so again THANK YOU YOU ARE FRICKING AMAZING!

………………………. Here it is…………………………………………………… :

I fluttered my eyes open to see almost nothing but a dark black room. I was laid down on a small single bed with old covers and candles everywhere. It was a reasonably dusty and stiff bed that was not comfortable at all… I looked around to see where I was but this place was unfamiliar. I felt scared. Worried about my safety. I didn’t understand what had happened or how I ended up in this strange area. The last thing I remember is seeing Harry’s face and then nothing… What happened? Did I faint? I looked around to try and find my phone but I couldn’t see it anywhere. The place I was in seemed to be an old fashioned hotel room with junk everywhere. But it looked also almost like a storage room with all the light bulbs and power cords surrounding. An odd mix of curtains and broken televisions. The room was medium size but from how much space was being occupied by the junk around it was quite small. I called out to see if anyone was there… But no one answered. I looked down and realised I was still wearing the same clothes which gave me comfort… I looked to find my bag but it wasn’t there. I called out once more.

Hello” I said while feeling the nerves in my back continue to shiver around my spine as I heard footsteps coming closer. My heart racing at the idea of who was around the corner. Would it be Harry? Did he bring me here?

A 40 something bald chubby man with little hygiene approached me with grunts as walked past the room from the hallway. Noticing me he walked over and entered the area where I was laying. He looked down at me with confusion and somewhat frustration in his eyes as I could smell his sweet and body odder.

“You alright?”
“Yeah… Ah where the hell am I”

Kaye” I heard in the background as I saw Harry enter the room with a glass of water in a chipped rustic mug
“its okay Dave… I got it from here” he said as the man known as Dave left me. Harry climbed onto the small bed with me and wrapped his arms around me. I leant on his body as he put the cup up to my mouth and helped me drink my water. He stroked my head and felt my forehead.
“You don’t have a temperature… Are you feeling alright now?” he asked
“Yeah… Ah… What happened”
“You fainted… Are you okay…? Have you been sick
” he asked
“No… Just a little stressed lately”
“Yeah that’s my fault”
“Yeah it is” I laughed
“Thanks for the water” I told him as he still held me in his arms. He put it down and got out of the position of holding me and stood up awkwardly. He had one hand in his pocket and the other one out.
“Sorry I shouldn’t touch you like that… You ah… You have a boyfriend now… I get it”
“Harry… I am sorry about the other night”
“Me too”
he said as he bent his head down, with that puppy dog face that I could never really say no to. It why he got so much sex. I could not resist that pouty lip and those sunken green orbs. I got up from my place and slowly made my way over to him… Starting to feel a little better now, like I could stand. He went to go hold me in case I fell.
“I am alright Harry… I am not going to break”
“You took a pretty hard fall Kaye”
“I’m fine now
” I told him.
I placed my hand on his cheek forcing me to stare into his eyes. He took a grip of my hand and held it to his cheek. Keeping my hand positioned on his skin, his face almost weak from my touch while he kept his gript on my hand strong, making sure I wouldn’t take it off.
Harry” I said
“I am sorry… I know I shouldn’t do that… it’s just hard for me love”
“It’s hard for me too… I never thought in a million years that I would see you again”
“Kaye… I am sorry… I know you want answers… I just can’t give them to you”
“Harry… Yesterday I went to your house to see Anne… And Gemma was there”
“Kaye! Did you tell them I was alive!?”
“No” I told him
“Kaye! I am serious!”
“No Harry I didn’t! I kept that little Gem to myself but it doesn’t mean I don’t think they should know”
“You don’t understand Kaye”
“Actually I do”
“What does that mean”

“Gemma told me all about Henry”
“Yeah… She told me everything yesterday… She broke down… She told me about Henry… About her being hurt… About you supposedly killing someone and then becoming a target yourself”
“She told you all that”
“Yeah she did… Because she thinks it’s her fault that you’re dead… And I just had to sit there and watch her cry her eyes out because she thinks she is responsible for everything shooting to shit”
I said, my voice suddenly becoming angry from the words coming out of my mouth. I still couldn’t believe he would let his sister feel so bad about something she didn’t cause.
“Don’t give me that Kaye I am doing this to protect her”
“You’re also hurting her!”
Harry looked hurt and turned away from me.
Hey” I said in a soft loving voice as I put my hand on his shoulder and gestured him to turn around but he wouldn’t budge. He stood there coldly turned away from me like I was the enemy
“Hey” I pushed him around to me as he held his arms across his chest. I pushed them away and entangled my fingers in his.
I am not trying to upset you… I just… I want to understand… Please help me understand?” I asked
“I think you know Kaye”
“Tell me it’s not true Harry? Tell me you didn’t kill someone”
“I can’t do that”
“Meaning you did?”

“He wasn’t someone Kaye… He was an evil bastard who deserved to go to hell”
“He was a living breathing person”
“Are you defending him!?”
“No! Of course not”

“So you think I should have let him live… You think after him nearly strangling the life out of Gemma he deserved to keep his”
“Harry… Everyone is someone’s son, someone’s friend, someone’s love… Okay… You taught me that when you left… When one person dies… So many others do as well”
I said, knowing that truth all too well. His eyes turned Dark at my words and I suddenly felt a coldness in him I hadn’t experienced before.  
“Maybe I should go” I said as I stopped holding his hand
“Were not close to home… I mean your home” he said with that same coldness
“Where are we?”
“In a very dangerous part of town. I can’t let you leave”
“I will be okay… I am a tough girl remember”
I chuckled. His eyes met mine
“Seriously Kaye… It’s not safe”
“It seems to be safe enough for you to stay”
“Not for long”
“You’re leaving?”
“I can’t stay here for much longer”
He said. I sat down on the bed and crossed my legs.
“Before I go… I just need to know something Kaye?”
“Is he good to you” He said continuing to bring up Patrick.
Harry don’t go there”
“Please I know you don’t owe it to me but please just let me know”
“He is… He’s very good to me”
“Does he make you happy?
” he said with complete sorrow in his voice
“Do you love him”
“He loves me… Very much… When are you leaving”
“Ah… I was planning on leaving a few hours ago… But you wanted to see me”
“Right… I wanted to see you because I wanted to talk to you”
I said as I got up from the bed and looked away from him. Shaking from the anticipation of telling him what I was feeling.
“About what?” he asked
He loves me… He really does and it makes me feel guilty”
Why” I gulped at this question, I didn’t know where to begin to tell him how guilty I felt but I knew I just had to let it all pour out.
I couldn’t love him nearly as much as I loved you… As I still love you… That’s why I wanted to see you… in the café… I wanted to let you know that as much as I hate you for what you did… And trust me I do hate you for what you did… In fact I really despise you for deceiving me and hurting me like that… But there is always going to be a part of my heart that belongs to you… Time won’t heal that”
“Really… You still love me”
I heard him say as I felt him come up behind me and move me closer to him. I turned around.
“I don’t want you to go harry” I told him. Our eyes completely lost in the love of the past.
“It’s not safe for me”
“Who is after you Harry”
“The less you know the better”

“Okay just stop! Stop the mysterious stranger act okay! I was your girlfriend for years! We lost our virginity to each other! We lived together! We loved each other! You can’t just come back into my life after 10 years of being a ghost and then expect me not to ask these questions… I deserve answers harry… You at least owe me that for making my life a living hell for the past 10 years”
“I know I owe it to you… But I am sorry Kaye I just can’t!”
“Fine… But we used to share everything Harry… Everything… I really miss that
” I said as I stroked up and down his arm. He looked into my eyes and stroked my cheek with his hands. I took a deep breath in and grabbed his shoulders. It had been so long since I had touched him like this…

Suddenly I just broke down. I started to cry and I couldn’t hide it. He looked really concerned as he still held me.
I just… I shouldn’t have let you walk out that door that morning… I shouldn’t have let you get in that car… Everything would have been different… I wouldn’t have wasted 10 years of my life loving a ghost” I sobbed as I leant my head down. He stood there holding me, completely shocked at the fact that I spent 10 years still thinking about him. He looked at me like he finally understood just how much I did and still love him. He pushed my jaw up so I was staring in his eyes as he leant in to me.

He was about to kiss me. About to love me again… And I couldn’t hold back, because no matter what my feelings were… I just couldn’t deny the fact that I still loved him, that I still wanted him. I placed my hands behind his neck as I leant in as well. He smiled knowing he was allowed to kiss me as his lips finally met mine. His soft pink lips tenderly pressing against mine as he began to lean on them for passion. He sucked on my lower lip as he put his hands on my waist and pushed me closer to his body. Feeling the heat between our rubbing chests as we were combined as one in each other’s grip. Wrapping his arms around my back as I entangled my hands in my hair. I felt something hard hit me.
“Really” I asked. Wondering if it was him I felt on my leg.
“Oh no” he said as he pulled away and reached into his pants pocket to get out my vibrating phone
“Your phone” he giggled as he handed me the phone.
I said as I took it in my hand, feeling a bit awkward for thinking what I just thought
“Its work…. I should take it” I said
“Okay” He said while I answered it.
“Hello… Wait… Joan… Joan… Calm down! Yes I will be there soon… YEAH! I WILL!”
I Screamed trying to calm Joan down who seemed to be having some kind of catering mental breakdown.
“Harry… I am sorry I have to go”
I told him as I looked around for my bag. He grabbed me from behind by the waste and pulled me close.
“Kaye… Don’t go”
he whispered in my ear as he kissed down my neck. I tugged on his hair from the passion and excitement but had to top myself from letting it get any more heated. I turned around and held his hands in mine. Stopping them from touching my waste.
“Harry… This is work… I have to” I told him
“I will drive you”
he said.
“What if someone’s sees”
“We will be careful”
he tried to convince me while entangling his fingers in mine
“Harry… I don’t want to risk it… I will be fine… Just tell me where the hell we are”
I giggled
“We are in Newton Street”
“Oh god”
I said, realising we were in the most filthy, dangerous, moral less part of town. It was feared by everyone even the people that lived there
“What the hell are you doing here?”
I asked
“Keeping a low profile… Kaye… You know how dangerous it is here… I have to get you out of here safely… A beautiful girl like you would be easy prey in this part of town”
he told me. The sad thing was I knew it was true.
“I will get my way back”
“I don’t think so”
“Harry I will be fine… I will get a cab or something”
“Are you sure?”
he said hesitantly.
“Yes!” I giggled. His green orbs started to glean at my childish grin. I continued to tangle my hands in his. Feeling our fingers dance through the gabs of each other’s.
“So when can I see you again” I asked. Wanting so badly to connect with him.
“You can’t”
he said as he held me tight. Knowing I wouldn’t react well
“What do you mean?” I asked
“I am leaving Kaye for good”
He told me. I quickly pulled away
I questioned
“Yeah… I am going… And I am not coming back… I just needed you to know that I was alright”
“What about… us?”
I asked
“There isn’t an us anymore Kaye… I hate to say it but there’s not… You have a new life… You have moved on. I just couldn’t let you think I was dead this whole time”
“So your solution is to leave me… again!?
I couldn’t believe what he was saying.
“Yeah” he said in a soft and disappointed tone. I was feeling like I was always lost with him. I didn’t know how to feel secure anymore, he was always placing me on the edge of a breakdown… But I was still so drawn to him.
“You’re kidding me right?”
“No… I am not”
“You are fucking unbelievable”
“Kaye please”
“No Harry. How long are you going to string me along like this”
“Kaye that’s not how it is”
I felt the anger that was being bottled up over the last 10 years about to explode out of me. And even I was scared of how I was going to react and what I was going to say.
“Really because first we are together, and I love you, then you leave me and oh yeah supposedly die, and then you come back to life, and now you’re just going to go missing when I want you back… YOU ARE JUST… YOU MAKE WANT TO…”
I couldn’t finish the sentence… I didn’t know how much longer I could take this… I felt like I was going to explode and collapse all at the same time. I felt myself beginning to shake. I couldn’t even begin to comprehend him leaving me again, but I knew it was going to happen. I wasn’t just going to sit around watching it happen. I really didn’t think I would survive it.

Without me even realising it I clutched my bag and ran for the nearest exit. I couldn’t believe this was happening to me… This was the most drama I had ever experienced in my life and I hated it. I swore I would never go back.

As I finally found an exit to the huge building that I had now realised was a warehouse I entered the cold atmosphere of the streets of the dangerous town. The air was cruel and strong as it began to nudge me from its force. I looked around to see nothing but dirty grounds covered in broken glass from beer bottles, cigarettes and what could possibly disease infected needles. It really was the stereotype of a bad town, but none of that mattered at that moment. I couldn’t feel anything, I was almost shutting down my emotions and focusing on the disgusting atmosphere in front of me so I wouldn’t have to focus on the depression of my life.

My phone continued to buzz from my pocket. I reached down to see that it was Joan again, she really wasn’t going to leave me alone until I was at work and under her control. I reluctantly answered the phone to be screamed at by the cow that was my boss.

“KAYE I SAID GET HERE NOW!!!” She screamed
“I am not close Joan but I will be there as soon as I can okay!?” I said in a rude voice as I hung up the phone. That was unusual for me. I often was polite and held back all my emotions to rip her a new one. But I refused to be the nice little girl I had always been when no one seemed to show me any kindness anymore… what was the point?

I hailed the closest cab and jumped in to the dirt stained taxi covered with mud. It looked like it had almost not been washed for 6 months. The inside was even worse, I think I may have even seen a condom on the floor. I clutched onto my bag as I saw the cab drivers face that was quite shocking. He had a long deep scar underneath his eye brow that must have made him distinctive from others.

Why hello there pretty lady” he winked at me. One of the scariest parts of this town was rape and it made my blood run cold, I so was not in the mood for any disgusting vile mad to hit on me and I wasn’t going to allow it.
“Michelson’s street and step on it” I ordered.
“You got it” he said as he put on Nature feels by Frank Ocean.

A song completely devoted to sex and doing raunchy activities in the nature. One that describes the love between a man and a women in a subtle but also completely obvious manner. He listened to the music while he looked at me from his mirror, biting his lip at the cleavage I didn’t realise I was revealing.

“Would you keep your eyes on the road buddy!” I screamed. I was so over being treated like a piece of meat.
“Sorry your just a very attractive lady”
“Yes a very attractive lady who feels no need to be picked up on in a cab on her way to work to her painfully rude asshole of a boss… okay I am not in the mood now please turn that down” I told him… Lord I was really letting my emotions get the best of me.

I am sorry… penny for your thoughts?” he asked as he turned the volume down to the suggestive song.
“Why do you care?”
“Satisfy my curiosity”
“There’s nothing curious about me”
I told him
“I highly doubt that… where are you coming from… What’s a pretty little thing like you doing in these parts of town anyway”
“Again why do you care?”
“Again… satisfy my curiosity?”
he said in a cheeky tone. I had to smirk at this… At least he wasn’t taking my rudeness too much to heart and was being a bit playful. Which in some ways was what I felt like I needed after all the drama that had been revolving my life.
“Let’s just say I had someone here I cared about… but I won’t be coming back here… ever again”
“Bad breakup?”
he asked
“Something like that”
“I am sure you could do better”
“That’s the thing… I don’t think I can…”
“Trust me… you can”
he said in a mysterious tone of voice. I couldn’t tell whether he said it because he was still trying to get into my pants in the back of a cab or whether he was actually being genuine.

Before I knew it we were at my work looking out at the dreaded building with the huge chef’s hat outside marking the name that my boss owned. The place that somewhat owned me and my pay check as well.

“Thanks for the ride” I said as I pulled out my purse to pay him
“No no no – This ones on me” he told me
“And why is that?” I leaned forward in an almost flirtatious way, not that I meant to
Because… I am sure you will repay me one day” he said in an even more flirtatious way. After this I grabbed a hold tighter of my bag, unbuckled my seatbelt and opened the door to leave.
“Keep dreaming buddy” I chuckled as I closed the door of the cab and watched him drive off.

Then there I was….

I looked up at the building once more, it was almost taunting me… I must say I wasn’t over the moon for going into work… but I knew I had to.

I made my way inside the front entrance and opened the doors to the kitchen where an exhausted Joan sat alone. I had never seen her look so tired, then again I had never seen her do any actual work either.

“I am here” I said, announcing my presence
THANK GOD!” She jumped out of her chair and through me an apron.
“Get your ass into gear girl you will be working solo tonight” She continued.
“Where’s Bree?” I asked as I noticed her absence.
She’s at the hospital” she informed me with absolutely no emotion in her voice.
“WHAT! WHAT DO YOU MEAN!?” I asked, terrified she had hurt herself.
“Something about her mum”
“Oh my god, is she okay!!!?”
“How should I know”

Her mum apparently had some problem with her cancer and Bree had to go… Well actually she stormed out when I told her she wasn’t allowed… Rude little bitch not listening to my orders. Silly little girl might get fired if I am not in a better mood by tomorrow”
“What the fuck!?”
I screamed, furious with Joan’s complete heartless behaviour.
“Excuse me!?”
“Joan, is Bree’s mother okay!?”
“I don’t give a fuck Kaye! Now drop that bullshit tone or you will be out of a job!!!!!!”
she screamed.

I felt rage pouring through all different areas of my body. Why did I work for such a devilish women who didn’t care about anyone or anything besides herself. I hated her with a pure passion and couldn’t stand the thought of being around her for one more minute much less the rest of the day… If harry had taught me anything it was that life is too short to waste. And I was definitely wasting my life with this women and this job. She didn’t care about me or any of her staff, all she cared about was the money that she received and placed in her pocket… But in the end all I cared about after everything that had happened, was happiness… And I was not happy… At all.

I violently threw the apron in her face.

“You know what Joan, life is way too short to spend on you”
she said, completely confused from my last statement.
“You heard me. You don’t need to fire me. I quit, I don’t care about you and I don’t care about this job, I would rather be happy and mop up dropped milk in a grocery store then work for you as a head chef”
“Really… would you know?” she asked, thinking I would retract my last statement. But oh how wrong she was.
“Yes I would!” I said as I grabbed my bag and walked towards the door.
“Goodbye Joan, I really hope you can find someone who can tolerate you, because that’s a blessing in and of its self” I said with a huge smile on my face as I walked out the door.


I entered the only hospital in town in search for Bree. She had to be here and I would have to find her, I hoped nothing bad had happened. Her mother was such a wonderful lady and didn’t deserve anything that she had received, however, it also made her one hell of a strong women. I entered the waiting area in search of a nurse or doctor to help me find my friend when I noticed Bree already in front of me, sitting motionless on a waiting chair, staring at the wall blankly. This stance gave me an instant indication that there must have been complications with her mother, though I couldn’t be sure.

I made my way over to her and called out her name while I stood beside her, though she sat there, completely oblivious to the fact that I was there, of course this worried me even more. I began to shake her when she finally realised my presence and jolted in fright. Her eyes rolled back in her head and she almost looked like she was about to have a mental breakdown from my gentle nudge.

“Hey, hey, it’s okay” I said as I sat next to her and held her shoulders to make her feel secure. She really did seem like she was in a bad way. She shook her head and realised it was me next to her.
“What are you doing here?” She asked
“Joan told me you were here, is everything okay”
she said. Looking again at the wall and trying to not acknowledge my presence.
“Bree, babe, what happened? Is your mum going to be okay” I asked.

She turned to me… And before she had even said anything I knew. A tear escaped her eye and she began twisting her wrists in a nervous and devastating manner. Her breathes were deep and heavy while her voice way croaky. Her body continuously shook as she swayed herself back and forward in comfort.

“She’s dead… My mother… She-“and before she could even finish her sentence she broke down resting her head on her lap while huffing and puffing uncontrollably. This sight was all too familiar to me as I had been through it before. The state of someone who just lost someone they loved was an ugly seen and it made my heart pound hard for her as she had held me 10 years ago while I was in the exact same mess.

“Oh my god” I quickly grabbed her head and nudged it into the nook of my neck as she rested on me, crying uncontrollable from the pain she was enduring. She was absolutely destroyed.

I swayed and comforted her for what felt like days when really it had only been a couple of hours. She refused to move from her spot until her brother had arrived.

Her brother Daniel lived in a different state for the past 3 years and she had called him when their mother started to take a turn for the worst.

I watch Daniel walk down the cold, bleach clean hallways of the hospital a couple hours later, completely shaky in his movement. His eyes met Bree’s were he instantly knew the end result of what had happened through her devastated face. He ran up to her like it was his last goodbye to his mother and held her in his arms. I watched them as they consoled each other and swayed back and forth for half an hour, comforting each other and realising that they were the only family they had had left. This reminded me so much of Gemma and Anne when they thought harry was dead, the way they held each other for hours was almost exactly the same as what was in front of my eyes just then. The tears stained cheeks being overcome with more water invasions from their eyes and their weak shaky bodies in need of sleep.

It really is the worst thing in the world, losing someone you love. There is no pain greater or more devastatingly emotional. It almost enters your body through your mouth and decides to rip you to part from the inside… I would not wish it on my worst enemy.

Daniel was ready to take Bree home later that afternoon when he came up to me.

“Thank you so much Kaye for staying with her” he told me
“Of course, Daniel… Really I just wish I could do more… Are you okay…? I mean of course you are not that is a stupid question”
“No I am not, but I will be… at least for now I need to take care of my baby sister”
“Of course… When can I call her or come see her again?”
I asked, knowing she needed alone time with her brother.
“Give it a few days for her to stop shaking at least… And I will give you a call when she is ready”
I nodded.
“It’s a funny thing isn’t it…? You really don’t know what you have got till it’s gone”
“That’s so true”
“Yeah… I would do anything to say one last goodbye to my mum now, but I can’t… It really teaches you that if there is something in your life that you love more than anything… Hold onto it for as long as you can no matter what… I really wish I understood that much more before”
and with that he gave me a kiss on the cheek and took Bree home.

I sat on one of the waiting room chair’s for at least an hour thinking about that last statement because I understood it all too well. If you have someone you love you should hold onto them. I suddenly realised what an idiot I had been for walking away from harry. I thought of how I had lost him and in a way I had been given a second chance. To love and keep him with me, and I couldn’t just let that go. I had to tell him how I felt… I had to force him back in my life, even if it was dangerous.

I got up from my spot and ran outside for a cab… I had to fix what I had caused.


Newton Street where I had last seen harry. In desperate search of him. I came to the room where I had last touched him, hoping and praying that I still had time to catch him. That he was still there.

I ran into the dusty old room that was now empty. Everything was pretty much gone except the bed that I had laid on earlier that morning. I knew that he was gone… And that I was the biggest fool in the world. I took a deep breath out ready to fall into a coma when I heard a deep raspy voice behind me.

“Kaye what are you doing here!?”

I turned around and he was, my man. I quickly hugged him to make sure he was really there, that I wasn’t just imagining it.
“Harry… I am not going to spend another 10 years wondering what could have been if you stayed in my life
” I stated as I pulled away from him, not wasting any time in telling him how I felt. Time was too precious… and so was he.
Kaye it’s just so much more complicated than that” he told me. I was so angry to hear these words. Nothing could be more complicated then what he put me through. I was so over this crap. He had me in his grip for 10 years and without even realising it, it all became so simple. Through all the years of tears and heartbreak of losing him, I understood that he still held my heart. Even then, standing there in front of him telling me he was leaving me again… he still owned my body, my mind and my soul. I felt a fire erupt that shot up from my feet to my forehead. My body becoming shaky and completely needy for his touch.

I walked over to him with a purpose in my step as I grabbed his chest with my hands, feeling the strength of his muscles underneath the thin fabric of his blue shirt. Looking into his dreamy green orbs I felt such a connection to him. I quickly took force and pushed him with all my power off of his balance as he began to fall onto the bed. His back hit the clean white sheet that hadn’t been stripped yet. I watched him down on the bed, looking at me confused. I slowly climbed onto the bed and hovered over him like a lioness. Crawling over him to take action. My body sitting on top of his stomach as I ran my fingers up his shirt, revealing the tanned masterpiece that was his stomach. My eyes ran from his belly button down to his zipped blue jeans, examining the sexy dark snail trail that was evident. I bit my lip at the thoughts of what I would do to him. He shockingly grabbed my hands strongly from unzipping his pants and pulled his shirt back down, covering his stomach.

Kaye… Please… I can’t do this… We can’t do this… It will just make everything 100 times harder… Please just leave baby” he told me with a worried look on his face. I switched positions as I now had his hands in mine.
“Harry… We are lucky enough to be here. You are lucky enough to live… Please… I am not going to spend the rest of my life wondering what could have been…”
“Kaye please-”
“Listen to me Harry”
I cut him off
“There is not a day that goes by where I haven’t regretted stopping you from walking out that day. I want to be with you… I want to be us again… I love you Harry… I never stopped loving you… Patrick means nothing to me when it comes to you…You are my whole world… And the day you left it, it came crumbling down… I am not letting you leave again… I am yours Harry… I always will be” I told him. Completely terrified of his answer… There were no more words that could describe just how much I cared for him… The thought of rejection made me feel sick to my core.
“Please” I said as my body shivered from fear.

I felt his hands move from mine to my cheeks as he brought his body up and kissed my forehead in such a loving way it made me ache.

“I love you too Kaye… I never stopped either… But I can’t put you in anymore danger then I already have… I need you to be okay” he said as his eyes never left mine.
“Please Harry… If you want me to be okay… You will love me… You will be with me” I said
“But Kaye-“He said
“Harry… Don’t you want me? Don’t you love me?” I asked rubbed my hands up and down his muscle tattooed stained arms.
“Of course I do”
“Are you sure
” I said as a tear escaped my eyes… Feeling my body shiver and quake from the thought of losing him one last time. He moved his arms and wrapped them around my back as I still sat on his waist.
“Kaye… Leaving you was the hardest thing I ever had to do… I felt like I would never find another love like you… And I never did baby… The thought of being alone again… leaving you again… makes me sick… I want to hold you so badly. To kiss you… To touch you” He said as he began to cry like a father who had just lost his only daughter. Completely uncontrollable with utter heartbreak.
“Then touch me” I said as I ran my hand back down his chest to his area.
“Harry I am not leaving… I love you too much” I said as I ran my hand through his hair.
“I love you too” he said with such passion in his eyes.

I slowly began to move my head close to his, ready to kiss his lips… still scared of rejection. I slowly closed my eyes and saw nothing but darkness. I felt his lips brush against mine. Feeling his plump wet mouth now touching mine. I began to suck on his lower lip as I began to passionately pull at his cute little chocolate wavy curls. I felt his grip become stronger on my body as he squeezed his arms around my back and quickly flipped me around so my back was on the bed and he was on top. His hands still around my back while he kissed down from my mouth, to my jaw, to my neck. In the beginning leaving delicate kisses that later turned into hungry bites. Feeling his teeth nibble on my skin and working their way up to behind my ear made me moaned.

I couldn’t describe how much I longer for him. I ran my hands from his front to his back and squeezed his bum. I traced my fingers up his back trying to feel his skin. I wanted to see his body. I wanted to feel closer to him. I tugged at his shirt trying to give him the impression that I wanted it off.

I felt his nibbles stop as he looked deeply into my eyes, asking permission to take things further. All I could do is nod at his expression.

I slowly moved my hands to his front as he leant off me and positioned himself in front of me, so I would be able to take off of his shirt. I pushed up the material to reveal his toned abbs that he used to spend so much time working on… Just for me.

I looked at him, completely at awe… Feeling so blessed that this magnificent creature in front of me was mine. That I was blessed to have someone so amazing love me. Someone that I looked at like a goofy kid, while at the same time finding him completely irresistible. Looking at the sexy tattoos that marked his skin forever. To be connected with him at this moment would be pure bliss, but I would have to take it slow. It had been so long, honestly I was scared to disappoint him… but I loved him too much to stop.

I pushed the shirt off of his front, now looking at his chest completely bare. Feeling tingles making my whole body shiver with anticipation of his touch. I felt the heat generating from his body onto mine. Feelings of confusion travelled through my mind, though I couldn’t deny how much I wanted him, I knew I would feel like a ripped up piece of paper by the end of it. Because I knew it wouldn’t last forever. I leant back onto the bed and rested my head on an old pillow as I took a deep breath of relief in and an exhale of excitement out. I felt his skin touch me as he learnt on top of me while he kissed me passionately. His tongue moving from my mouth to the nibbling of my ear as he pushed his hand from beneath my hair and rested it on the back of my neck. Moving his fingers through my messy hair while he began to kiss down my neck. The pleasure was indescribable. I felt myself already moaning for him which caused him to stop and look up at me, not with a smirk or some form of cheek, but just with pure care in his eyes. He didn’t smile nor did he frown, he just kept a blank stare that said everything.

The loss, the heartache, the lust, the love and the loneliness, it said it all. I reached my hands up and placed them on the back of his neck as I pushed his face closer to mine and closed my eyes, our noses touching as we sighed in relief to be back together.

I felt like I could just float away. I pushed my lips against his as I moved from underneath him to his side. I pushed his back down as his stomach hit the sheets. He seemed confused and somewhat excited. I flipped him around so his chest was now upright. I felt my body shiver as I climbed on top of him. Feeling his manly hood become hard on my leg as I accidentally rubbed my body over it. It was a feeling I missed, knowing that I and only I could make him feel this way. I began to unzip his jeans when he stopped my once more, though I knew what he wanted to do. He leant up from his position and lifted up that bugs bunny shirt that I adored, revealing my sexy black lace bra that I had put one day earlier. I felt consumed with happiness as he unhooked my bra and revealed my two breasts. Sitting naturally and shivering from the cold. He grabbed a hold of them as he slowly massaged my nipples and other parts of them. Rubbing them with hunger and care. I felt so sexually excited and could feel his penis beginning to grow as I through my head back and moaned in pleasure. He took a hold of my back and held me closer to him as he kissed down my collarbones and in between my boobs, my head still hanging from pure ecstasy.

I can’t even begin to explain how I felt. It is too hard to present the emotions that I was consumed by. It almost felt like our first time only better. I needed him, I couldn’t wait any longer though I wanted to make this moment last forever. I brought my head back as I pushed him back down to the bed and forcefully unzipped his jeans, beginning to pull them down to his ankles. Revealing the crease in his black boxers from his erection. I pushed my black boots off of my feet and began to strip off my black leggings. Making us both only have our bottoms on and our chests bare. We took our time as we rubbed around each other’s areas and pushed the one another’s underwear off. We couldn’t even attempt to hold out our moans as we reached pleasure from each other’s touch… Then, there we both were, naked in the others presence after so long. I still felt the tingles in my spine, I didn’t know how I even wanted to begin or how it was going to begin.

He slowly tickled his fingers from my knees up to the top of my legs, beginning to rub in circles my thighs with his hands when he made contact with my vagina. He bit his lip at this action and almost asked for permission from the look on his face. I turned around and laid back, confirming how much I wanted him to touch me. His finger slowly entered my area as it began to slowly pumping in and out of me, somehow hitting my G spot each time so perfectly. Slowly going from 1 to 2 to 3 fingers and creating much friction at each push. I didn’t even realise how loud I was moaning until I took a moment to understand my reaction to it.

“Harry… I, I, I, need you!” I begged almost breathless.
“Not yet baby” he said with a deep whisper.

At this moment I felt his fingers leave me and his tongue explore me. Sucking at different areas of me in ways he had never before. This technique was new to me, and I also believe it was new to him. It made me smile he was trying so hard to pleasure me after so long, though to be honest I wouldn’t have cared if it was worse than Patrick, as long as it was Harry. I giggled at one manoeuvre he did that tickled my clitoris as he brought his head up to me and stared me in the eyes.

“It’s not meant to be funny” he playfully giggled
It’s not” I said, looking at him deeply in his eyes… The fact was as much as I loved him trying to prove that he could pleasure me, I just wanted him inside of me, not his tongue, him, his manhood… The part of him that made us feel even more connected then we already were. I pulled him forward and leant my forehead on his
“I want you harry… I want-“


All of the sudden I heard a shot, a loud sound in the background sounding like a door slamming open. I jumped up from fright and looked at him in wonderment of what it was. His eyes suddenly shot up from worry as he obviously didn’t know what the unknown sound was either.

What was that?” I asked though he quickly put his finger up to my mouth to keep me quite.
“Shh… Be quite okay?” he asked in a whisper. I nodded completely unsure of what was going on. He swiftly got up from his position on the bed and through a blanket, my leggings and shirt to me to cover myself up as he quickly put his jeans on and began to leave the room shirtless with his hair in a mess.

I quickly lifted my shirt over my bare boobs and began to cover up my body.

Harry quickly ran into the room with silence in his step, trying to be as quick and quite as possible. He pushed the door closed without making a sound and placed a chair underneath the doorhandle to lock it.
“What is going on?” I asked him, completely terrified by the expression on his face.
“Be quite, someone’s here!” he whispered with a stern tone in his voice
“Who!?” I whispered
“I don’t know, he looks familiar… too familiar” he said as he quickly put his shirt on and lifted me off of the bed and began to help me put my leggings on.
“Wait is this someone you have been running from… Have they found you” I asked as I put my foot through the left whole of my pants he was holding up for me and slipped them on.
“I think so” he said as he shuffled around looking for my wallet and all my belongings.
Harry stop” I grabbed his shoulders and stopped him in his path.
What is going on” I continued
“I think they are here”

We both heard a creak in the floor a few halls down. This place seemed to be a hard place to be quite, whether it was us or the person who was looking for us. But was he looking for us, was it what we thought it was.

“Quick get out” he said as he pointed to a window
“Without you”
“I will be fine”
No you won’t!”
I said a bit too loud
“Be quite!” he said in a harsh but quite tone.
“Harry, I am not leaving you here with someone who’s probably trying to kill you. They don’t know me. Leave me here and you go… I will be fine”
“No way in hell!”
“Well then come with me”
“I don’t want you near me”
“I don’t give a crap
” I said In a harsher tone when I grabbed his arm and forced him to the area where the window was. It was quite high up and we would have to get on a chair to be able to reach it to climb out. I tried to find a chair to climb on but the only one in the room seemed to be the one locking the door. We needed it, even though it was somewhat protecting us.

Harry nodded giving me permission to grab it, I must say I was terrified. The thought of losing him made the adrenalin in my body beat fast causing me to act with whatever idea of safety popped into my head.

I quickly grabbed the chair and put it under the window. He put his hand out for me to climb on first, though I had to pull away. I knew if I went first he would later close the window and cut himself off from me for my safety. I wasn’t going to risk that.

“No you first” he told me
“No… Harry I know what you will do”
“What are you not understanding. I AM NOT LEAVING YOU OKAY! If you stay I am staying so don’t be a fucking dumbass hero and get your ass on that chair and out that window or I swear to god I will run out that door and I will make sure I am seen with you!”

His eyes filled with something, I am still not sure what it was… They almost went hazel and it was a look I had never seen on him. I couldn’t even begin to describe it to you, I still don’t understand it myself. All I know is it was deep… and it was real.

Suddenly to my surprise he climbed up on the chair and looked down at me from where he was standing.

“Don’t you dare stay here”
“I won’t
” I nodded him, making him absolutely sure I wouldn’t leave his side… the way he left mine.

He grabbed a hold of the part of the wall that was able to balance him as he climbed up to the top of the window and swung his leg outside. It was a reasonably big opening so it wasn’t hard. I watched him swing his body and heard him land from the other end. The loud hit to the ground that gave me a warm sensation making me feel a little better as I knew he had escaped.

I got onto the chair and swung my left leg onto the window. I looked down to see harry on the other end ready to catch me from the high fall when I suddenly felt a violent pull on my leg. I screamed at the shock and looked down at the taxi driver that had given me a lift before. His scar taunting me

“Jump out and I will cut your foot off!” He screamed.

I watched harry recognise his voice and his eyes suddenly became violently enraged while at the same time terrified.

“LET GO OF HER!” I heard him scream
“Don’t try anything hasty Styles or I swear to god I will kill her!” the man screamed back to him.

I felt the man I thought was safe push my leg harder causing me to fall to the ground and wack my shoulder on the floor. The pain was unbelievable. I felt like I had shattered half my body from the rock hard ground that broke my fall. The aching in the right side of my body causing me to scream out in pain while tears escaped my eyes. I was so scared, probably the most I had ever been in my life. The rush of fear completely controlling my body making me a vessel of horror and panic. I cried uncontrollably, I suddenly didn’t feel like the strong women I was, rather a weak little girl who had finally gotten herself in too much trouble.

I blacked out after that, the pain was too much to even begin to describe… my body obviously couldn’t handle it and stopped me from feeling it.

I remember waking up in the middle of a dark forest somewhere… Completely confused as to where I was. Laying on the cold wet muddy ground, trying to find light but finding it almost impossible. I looked up to the evil man that had injured me. Looking down at me with absolutely no remorse, completely dead to the feeling of causing another human being so much pain, in fact… he almost enjoyed it.

I watched him bend down to me with a disgusting smirk on his face as he pulled out a syringe and uttered evil words.

“Your mine now” he said in a throaty whisper that was colder than the ground I was laying on.

I felt him insert the needle into me and then suddenly, a few moments later, everything went numb…

And then once again… Everything went black. 


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