I just started crying suddenly

the last time I cried it was actually because of that student teacher we had in english (forinash) so if anyone in the veneer got his facebook or some shit that would be appreciated

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After being raped more than once, i have afraid of the world. I'm even afraid of my father that wouldn't hurt a fly. I can't even look at my own body without feeling disgusted. When a man comes near to me, i suddenly start crying. I think i should just kill myself. I'm sorry bother you, but i didn't tell anyone.. I just needed someone...

F*ck them you deserve a better life, be strong and don’t give a shit about men in general just live a life you will remember leave the past to god and start a new beginning, your father can help all of your family too never mind about anything else girl.. You are a queen of yourself 👼🏽 and am here always if you need anyone to talk to 🙏🏼

The ongoing frustration

Today has been such a beautiful and fulfilling day. Helping friends deal with psychological issues and keeping them safe with love, creating and making music with my loved one, sitting in quiet bars with beautiful friends from interstate and.. I also got a new job today. But the allowence of joy always become so short lived. I was meant to go and be with the people i love to a really fun and intimate show tonight, but after my last bathroom visit at the bar my insides started to collapse and i spiralled into sadness and just started crying without stopping. Ive had to suddenly leave my friends and bail out on a train where i am crying the rest of the journey home because my evening has been tarnished by my sick brain. Im really sad that i am really sad. I was really enjoying feeling good about myself and my life today.

I cant keep up with myself. Im so tired of getting scared of being happy because i always know a huge and deafening crash will follow.

This is really unfair.

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Honestly I made it through 6 seasons of Glee.

ok but u know what i realized last thursday when i was supposed to be studying for a very important test but instead started watching a few of glee’s season 5 episodes w my brother?? u can leave glee and try to forget it but glee never truly leaves u. like i might be minding my own business and doing my own things but as soon as i see the words “on my way” i’ll be like “fucking quinn fabray”. i might be thinking about my life and remember all of the greatness that pezberry could’ve been and just literally start crying. i can be having fun w my friends and suddenly remember cory’s version of losing my religion. like…….. glee is a part of me that i cant let go of so i just pretend it never happened even tho everyone knows…

Ohh my god I don’t know why Katy Perry hate bothers me so so much like I try to understand and acknowledge she’s done really shitty things and people are allowed to criticize her but whenever I see people hating on her I suddenly feel like crying and I just start shaking and it hits me so badly and it shouldn’t and I don’t know why and I think it’s cause I care about her so much and she means so much to me and I just whenever I see it I feel absolutely terrible and I don’t want to cause I’m trying to tell myself that it’s okay for people to not like her or call her out on stuff she’s done but my body won’t listen and I just aaaaaaaaaa


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“[[MOR] I’m having one of those days where it’s really hitting me…”

You are not under any obligation to know what you should do in this world that is dying. Even if it takes you another 24 years, you can do hard things! And even if we’ve never met, I think of you as my friend; making this dying world worth it. <3

*buries head against your shoulder* I love you. Not sure I’ve told you that before, but it’s true and you’re also a wonderful friend. I’ll be okay and I’ll get over feelings like this eventually, it’s just the first two weeks of August are always the worst part of the year for me and so everything’ll suck for a while first.

rant ahead, my apologies

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Hi Daisy, do you remember me? My boyfriend came to my house and I wanted to talk seriously about what happened, he got mad again, I suddenly started crying, he just looked at me, hugged me and left. I called him this morning but he didn't answere..

Hi Anonymous,

I do remember. Try to keep yourself busy and surround yourself with good people who make you happy.

Cry and be sad if you need to and then pick yourself back up, wipe away the tears and live…but give him space. It sounds like you two should have some space for a little bit to clear your heads. When your heads are clear hopefully you’ll both be able to have a conversation and come to a conclusion as to what type of relationship you want to have.

Just focus on you and your happiness right now. :)

sometimes i’ll be doing normal things when suddenly i’ll just start crying because i saw the maine for the first time in april and then i remember i’m seeing them again in october for free because theyre doing a free tour and who the hell does stuff like a freaking free tour to give back to the fans for 8 years of support like who is so thoughtful and giving i’ll tell you who the maine that’s who and they make me cry a freaking lot like holy shit have you ever loved a group of people so much like i cant