I just seriously love this video though

why is it that i feel so happy and delighted and just genuinely fresh after watching that colorful artist video seventeen did during predebut like they were all so cheerful and playful and just being the kids that they were and playing around with paint and smiling and laughing―this video made me realize why i love seventeen so much and how much i love seventeen.

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All of my friends are hardcore benslie shippers, which is cool, but I've always been a bigger April/Andy fan, with no one to talk to about it, so when one of my friends was thinking about watching, I told her all about April/Andy and showed her videos, all that kind of stuff. As soon as she got to season two though, she came up to me and was like yeah, I guess A/A are cute, but have you seen Ben and Leslie because they're the best my ultimate otp, and all I could do was sigh

I feel you to my bones. I mean, hey, nothing wrong with Ben and Leslie. They are totally cute and super compatible and supportive and healthy. I love them.

It’s just, seriously, look at these dorks. 



Yuber is killing me, omfg! They’re all like "Yeah, yeah, we know you’re getting impatient of causing destruction, but seriously though, you’re getting annoying, so just shut the fuck up now.“ and Yuyu is just here like "What? Did I say something wrong? …Oh well. *follows the others*” 

Oh Yuber, you’re a complete bastard, but damn I love you too much. How dare you. I can’t even be mad at you, with you being like that.

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I just wanted to say I love your pedrazar fics. Your "never have I ever" drunk Balthy fic may be my favorite ever. And the one you just posted was so perfect and heartbreaking. “They were my bagels." Weeps into keyboard. For real though. Thanks. <3

:’) thank you anon!!! that’s so kind! I’m so glad you like! <3 *gets emotional again* *and not just about bagels*

seriously considering writing a LLL series of fics that will be just me writing one shots after every video posted and then at the end the series will be ridiculously innacurate, quickly outdated fics that make no sense to the actual story line of LLL :D

these are the kind of things that amuse me…

I’m just really amused at how much Davepetasprite^2 is like an OC gone wrong though. I mean, a portmanteau named part alien-cat-girl part bird-boy part video-game-character with a neon clashing color scheme, and stereotypically cool clothing like sunglasses and a long coat and wolverine claws, but also a dress with pouffy sleeves and cat ears and wings (oops, forgot those, oh well), and then there’s a tragic romance because the cat part was in love with the alien part but then they’re also brother and sister… Do you ever start trying to explain a part of Homestuck and then wonder how it’s possibly a good story?

Me: so I might have borderline personality disorder? It would explain all the crying and why I freak out and need your affection all the time..?

Fiance: it’s just how you are. I don’t care as long as you love me and want to be with me. /pulls me to him

Me: /starts crying

Fiance: lol ihy /joke. You think too much about that stuff.

Me: seriously though, if I do have it
… what if later on you decide “She’s never getting better I’m tired of this” and you leave me. /shows him the explanatory video of borderline bill on youtube.

Fiance: even if you did, it doesn’t change that I want to be with you.

Me: /in my head “but almost everyone on the bpd-soffa or whatever reddit left their bpd SO because they couldn’t take it anymore, so it’s just a matter of time probably”.

Me: oh okay :’)



That’s how the song goes right? :)

Screenshots from Tembo The Badass Elephant #2! :D

Oh look everyone Jack finally fixed the name of the video. XD In all seriousness though I’m so happy Jack played this again it’s such a cool game and the art style is amazing. If you look at some of the backgrounds of the game in the video it looks so pretty! It’s really cool that this game is made by Game Freak I really love the pokemon series and I think it just makes the game 10x cooler knowing that the game is made by the same company. I knew I recognized the sound effects when Tembo collects peanuts in this game. Haha! :]

All right, then...

I just saw that I have 470 followers right now good lord, you guys are amazing people ;-; so I will make a deal with you all.

If I get to 500 followers before the end of the month, then I’ll read the runner-up in my recent poll, Risk and Reward, on video along with Recovery, but in a separate recording.

Well, then…let’s see what happens! :3

*Is continuesly being mistaken as the real The Spine*

……. How..?

*Helpless flailing* I don’t even know what to say anymore.. ;;-;; I’m just really flattered that people like my cosplay, and every time I see that my photoset has been reblogged, I go to see the caption, and I just get so flattered every time I read them, people stating that they though that it was pictures of the real one, and that they could have fooled them.. That’s probably the greatest compliment I, as a cosplayer, and huuuge SPG fan could get~ Seriously, all of you people who have reblogged that photoset, and complimented on it, and added those captions.. THANK YOU~! <3 I love you guys~ You give me a reason to want to keep cosplaying as that lovely robot, and fear not, for there shall soon be more photos and videoes, as I’m going to a convention on friday, dressed as him~ 

Okay… Just needed to get off of my chest.. Thanks a lot~ <3 <3

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when you get this ask, list 5 things that make you happy and pass it to the last ten people that reblogged/liked something on your blog !! c:


2) All of my JiCheol anons. You guys literally make my nights for real, I love nothing more in life than being about to spazz over JiCheol with you guys.<333

3) Anything that LME has ever put out, but specifically this collab and video. Seriously, check it out, it’s wonderful and I’m so happy to do collabs with all those wonderful people.♥ (i’m mimi if anyone watches and is curious.xD) #LMPride, eh taexlin, queenofcheeese?XDD

4) choivernonjpeg. She just makes me happy in general.XD verrnons too though i haven’t talked to her enough recently.Dx 

5) My cutie puppies~ just look at them. They so cute just using Travis as their pillow.c: 

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{ positivity - my url? :3 }

Finally I’m able to repay you for your beautiful video.

So, I never started watching Parks and Rec until recently~ (still a very long way to go from finishing up the seasons, aka I’m only on like season 3-4).

  But I’ve always seen gifs of Ben floating around the internet. He just clicks with me, he’s one of those characters I can kind of relate to, and you made him absolutely, positively, perfect.

  Seriously though, you’re ab absolutely perfect Ben Wyatt. I love seeing you pop up on my dash, and I actually have two starters I made, one on here and one on elisuscor that I have queued up, because I finally decided we needed to interact because AKA you are amazing.

You’re sooo cute and adorable and I love your accent and I just want to hug and love you to death because everything about you is amazing. Your writing, your characterization, everything. You’re one of those people who make me happy whenever I see you pop up on my dash.

    I hope you have an amazing week, and an amazing year, and many more to come because seriously I adore you to bits and have a obsession with your blog and all of the other Parks and Rec blogs.

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Hi! How are you? AND HOW IS YOUR HUBBY? I loved reading your report. Sounded like you had the time of your life. Can't wait for your vids. xx

Physically I’m fine but emotionally I’m bruised… Seriously though me and the husband are great! So happy and just pleased with the whole experience! My husband is pretty proud of himself lol. Videos soon! xoxo

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That video was pretty awesome. I actually felt myself tearing up watching you both get ready in the morning time! I think I felt your excitement and nerves. Made me remember how it feels to be in love and I think I'm missing that feeling! Thank's for that! Seriously though, I hope this is just the start of many more beautiful and special moments for both of you :)

this is a truly wonderful message, thank you so so so much!!!!!! this is ever so kind of you, we really liked this message tysm!!! :))

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for the date thing: male. 23. 5'6" (it's disgraceful, i know). blue-gray eyes. mousy brown hair. i like video games, cartoons, energy drinks and anything horror-related. my ideal date would probably be exploring some sort of abandoned facility at night (ROMANCE IS ALIVE), or maybe just a night in with pizza & netflix. pretty big contrasts, but i like a little variety.

Oh hush, that’s not disgraceful! You’d make a good armrest haha. But seriously though, you sound really cute! A bit old for me perhaps, but it could work. And those date ideas sound amazing. I myself love a bit of variety. 

Overall, you sound really adorable tbh. 

catdotjpeg ha dicho: people keep not tagging their nsfw crap on my dash too and im just like ~_~ please. please…,,.,, (ALSO i don’t normally reblog nsfw things but JUST IN CASE you didn’t know my tags are #nudity and #sexual content, in case u weren’t blocking those)

Ugh, seriously though! It’s so frustrating. (And thank you! Yes I’ve got nudity blocked <3)

daenerysswagaryen ha dicho: Does this include text posts with sex cws?

No, just photos/videos/gifs :3 thank you lovely!~ <3

Thoughts from this Bat-crazy Admin: Dorky Feels.

You’re allowed to express your opinions on this blog. You’re allowed to disagree with me or not like one of my fancanons. Maybe you don’t like me babying Mo and see him as a harder, stronger person. Maybe you don’t see Bodie as a klutz. Fine. That’s okay, as long as you please don’t skin me alive. ♥

But if you don’t think Maccoy in Dance Central 1 is the cutest ever, you’re wrong and I want you gone. Forever. And ever. Don’t come back.

Seriously, though, I just watched a few Coy videos on Youtube and fell in love with him. He’s dorky and sugary sweet, like funnel cake doused in powdered sugar and caramel. Voice and all. I personally prefer his Dance Central 1 self to his Dance Central 3 self. Maccoy, during DC’s beginning, had a witty, cute charisma that was impossible not to love. He was the nerdy, goggles-wearing kid pushing himself to become famous, loved and respected by everyone.


God Bless Our Dead Marines by A Silver Mt Zion is such a wonderful song in its entirety but the last few minutes of the song where the entire band is chanting has to be my favorite. The video is the second half of the song & should link around 4:25 but if it doesn’t just go to that and listen. How gorgeous. I always get lost in their voices.

“When the world is sick, can’t no one be well.
But I dreamt we was all beautiful and strong.”