I just see his dad being all

I don’t think some of y’all understand how important having Black Panther in Civil War is to some people. When my father was growing up, Black Panther was the ONLY Black superhero he knew. My dad would run around pretending to be him. He was heartbroken when the Avengers went to Wakanda in Age of Ultron but made no mention of his favorite superhero. I got to listen to a 50 year old man talk excitedly about Black Panther being in the movie (which he hasn’t had time to see yet. He was just so excited after some of the teaser trailers) and telling me all the little tidbits about how “He is the Prince of a NATION!! He’s a DIPLOMAT!! He’s rich, he’s powerful, he is smart, he’s just so AWESOME! I wanted to BE him!!!” If a 50-year-old man can find one of the few Black superheroes relatable and still be this excited and pumped about seeing him, imagine a young Black boy who is just tired of seeing White superheroes or Black heroes in sidekick roles. 

Representation. It’s some powerful shit.

Shortly after the dog died, all of the birds died too.  All thirty of them just dropped dead on the same day within a 3-hour span.  Looking back, we probably should have checked the yard for chemicals, but this might’ve been before chemicals.

“We should consolidate if we can,” said Dad, his reasoning being that he had just laid down sod and preferred not to dig thirty-one holes in the yard.

“Plus we need the shoe boxes for Christmas presents,” he added. “Not bird coffins.”

“Fine,” said Mom, still dabbing at tears.  "I just don’t see why we have to do this now.“

"I still have the box from the basement TV,” said Dad.  "It’s the perfect coffin!“

But it wasn’t the perfect coffin; at least not at first.  

Dad spent the rest of that afternoon in the backyard, trying and failing to stuff every deceased animal into the one cardboard box.  It was too horrifying for the younger children to see, but just fascinating enough for the rest of us to gather around the kitchen window, watching.  

He started by putting the dog in first and then using the dead birds to fill in the empty spaces kind of like packing peanuts, but the box filled up fast and Dad was left with a pile of about five birds.  He sat and stared at the pile for about a minute before glancing back at the window and when he saw us watching him, our father seemed genuinely surprised.  He smiled weakly, but in that one moment of uncomfortable eye contact, it was clear that Dad had come to grips with one very important truth:  We would count the birds and so by god, they had better all be in there. He threw us a guilty wave and then tipped the box over to try again.

As the afternoon wore on, we held our places, observing as Dad grew increasingly frustrated at the futility of his efforts.  He cursed, he punched the box and then he kicked it.  At one point he even karate chopped the dog and I had to tell my crying siblings that the angle had played a trick on us; that dad had karate chopped the patch of grass next to the dog, but I could tell they didn’t believe me and I felt like a coward.

But it wasn’t until Dad began trying to physically manipulate the shape of the dog’s body, that I decided enough was enough.  

"Let’s go,” I said. “He’ll figure it out, but we should go.”

And that’s how we left it: Dad lying sideways in the yard, spooning the dead dog, and using his 240-pound frame to force the corpse into the fetal position.

“Finished!” said Dad proudly when he came in for dinner.

“Don’t bring that box in here!” Mom screamed.

“I’m just showing them!”

“Take it outside!”

“I will, but look!”

And we did, but what we saw made no sense.

“Where are the birds?” I asked, but as soon as I did so, my eyes took note of the bulging veins in my father’s forearms and it all made sense.

“Oh no…”

He explained that the birds had actually fit quite naturally into the dog’s mouth, making the act of stuffing the body full of dead birds surprisingly graceful.

“It was like nature, I think.”

“Get out,” said Mom.

She grabbed his arm to yank him towards the door, which caused him to drop the box and when it hit the ground, the dog jolted.  We froze.  And then the dog jolted again.

“He’s alive,” my sister screamed!  "He’s not dead!“

But he was dead.  The birds, however, were not.

After the crying and hysteria had cooled down a bit, Dad pulled me aside to discuss his next move.

"I guess I could hit him with a shovel.  You know, until they’re all dead.”

“I don’t think that’s a good idea.”

“Yeah, I was just kidding,” Dad lied.

And just like that, he decided that the best thing he could do as a father was to give his family one more day with their dog.  Sure, it wouldn’t be the version of our pet who had been able to respond to various vocal commands, but was it so insane to think that maybe, just maybe the birds couldn’t provide the illusion that the dog was still alive?  The answer was yes.

As the birds tried to free themselves, they sent the dog careening around the yard like a pinball.  He ran into fences and even steamrolled a few of the saplings we’d planted for Arbor Day.

“Bad dog!” Dad scolded.

A few weeks later, we found out that Dad had been dead for over twenty years and was existing in the form of a soulless entity.

Zaheer and Kids: Humanizing our villains

I just wanted to make a quick post to talk about how I love how genuine Zaheer seems to be when talking to Ikki and Meelo. I never thought he was just sucking up or being manipulative, he just seemed to like talking to them or, in Meelo’s case, be respectful to the little guy. I sorta theorize this is because (as he said) hes been a fan and scholar of airbenders for a long time, he probably has a LOT of respect for original airbenders like Meelo and Ikki. Sure, its definitely creepy to see Ikki discover Zaheer in her dads study in the dark, but the way he tells Ikki about the pendants poem and even says goodnight to her before he fights Kya makes the character seem more human. besides, he seemed to get a lot of happiness from getting to share some knowledge about Guru Laghima to Ikki, as he’s smiling pretty genuinely the whole time, but as soon as Kya walks in his smile goes away and hes immediately scowling a bit and more defensive.

This is something I think book 3 is doing so well at. We have all of the villains having their moment of being relate-able. Whether it be Gazan being uncomfortable around his friends making out, to Ming hua “Showing off” around P'li, these characters all feel like bros and are all relate-able in some way. I don’t know, I just love these villains!


Ahhhhhhhhhhhh my precious little babies :’) 

Y'know how Burrito is all tsundere I-want your-attention-but-I-wont-admit-it- thing with his dad? I have a headcanon where he just becomes a complete sweetheart with his mama and kisses or hugs her whenever he has the chance (secretly ofc no one can see THE Bolt Uzumaki kissing his mother in public. pls.) 

And I can’t help but imagine Naruto’s expression when he sees his cute little family being adorable :’) ahsjdkfl

Some Post-Matt Being Rescued Shatt Things
  • Shiro insisting on helping Matt get around on days when his leg wound is acting up. It only seems fair, seeing as Shiro gave it to him. Matt would object, but it means he gets to cling to Shiro all day
  • Matt dragging Shiro around to excitedly explore alien planets because he loves learning new things. Shiro happily tags along because he loves seeing Matt happy
  • Matt and Shiro taking turns waking each other up from nightmares, and holding each other and whispering to each other that it’s over, they’re free
  • Matt becoming obsessed with figuring out how Shiro’s arm works, so that if it ever breaks he can fix it
  • Shiro becoming very overprotective of Matt. If he ever feels like Matt is being physically threatened by anyone, he’ll plant himself in front of Matt and refuse to move
  • Matt insisting on holding Shiro’s Galra hand as much as possible to show Shiro he’s not afraid of it, or him
  • Shiro has to be there when Pidge finally offers to cut Matt’s hair, because Matt gets really nervous around sharp things after his time in captivity. Even if it’s family that’s holding the scissors. He feels awful after, and both Pidge and Shiro have to comfort him.
  • Matt and Shiro taking turns coming up with ridiculous stories for how they got their scars - like Shiro got the gashes on his arm rescuing a Galra cat from a Galra tree - because Shiro doesn’t remember how he got most of his and Matt doesn’t want to remember how he got his
  • Shiro wants Matt to know how to fight, to defend himself just in case. But when Shiro tries to train him, Matt keeps flinching away, and Shiro realizes that Matt’s still a little bit afraid of him, even if he insists he isn’t. Eventually Shiro figures out that he can’t train Matt, and he has to ask Allura to step in instead. Both Matt and Shiro are devastated that the just can’t get past this.
  • Matt knows everything Shiro did as a gladiator; the slaves were allowed to watch the matches. He’s the only one who knows exactly what Shiro did, and he refuses to tell anyone.
  • Pidge tracking Shiro down one day and demanding to know his intentions towards their brother.
  • The rest of the voltron team tracking Matt down one day and demanding to know his intentions towards Shiro
  • Basically everyone takes advantage of Shiro and Matt’s relationship to take the piss out of Shiro at every chance they get. It’s so hard to get Shiro flustered, they can’t resist now that the opportunity is here!
  • Pidge actually does admit to Matt privately one day that they’re happy for them. Shiro makes Matt happy, and that’s all Pidge needs to know.

(Inspired by the recent Shatt post by @klanced bless you)

Okay, okay, okay. I see all of these posts about Draco getting his comeuppance for being a Potter-obsessed little shit as a kid to Lucius with Scorpius doing the same to him, but have you considered the alternative? That Draco and Scorpius bond over their Potter nemeses/crushes?

Scorpius (about Albus): I just don’t understand why his hair is like that all the time, dad! It doesn’t make sense!
Draco (about Harry): I know! It always looks like he’s just fought a a herd of hippogriffs!
Scorpius: Or been flying in rain. He does know brushes were invented, right?
Draco: I’ve felt the exact same way since the first time I saw him! Is wild hair genetic? Can wild hair be genetic?
Scorpius: Do you think he’d do it intentionally? That seems really… conniving.
Draco: I’ve learned not to make hasty assumptions when Potter is concerned. He might just do it on purpose to annoy me… it seems like the kind of thing he would do….
Scorpius and Draco together: Ugh, Potter!
Lucius crying into his hands in the background.


Am I the only one who watches this scene and see’s Henry in 5 years, trying to run away, sneak out, run away with a girl, something, and Emma and him fight and she’s all

“You talk to him, I don’t know what to say to him. You were a teenage boy once, you can relate better than me.”

So Killian goes and does his step-dad pep talk to Henry about how “life really isn’t that bad, and being a teen sucks, and it gets better, and your mother is just worried that’s all. I’ve been there. I know.”

Because that’s all I see.

so, like single dad!gabe getting called to the principal’s office because trouble maker kids can’t stay out of the fire, and he’s all ready to hash it out with mrs. whatsherface only to find out that she retired (probably because of your children, gabe) and is replaced mr. ‘angry and gorgeous’ morrison and gabe has no idea what to do because: on one hand he wants his kids to fucking behave, holy shit, why do you do this? everything i do is for you but on the other hand he wants the excuse to see this man as much as possible.

and his two wonderful kids jesse and sombra figure it out pretty fast that dad has the hots for principal and start work together to bring them together, because all-in-all dad being happy is pretty high priority and principal morrison isn’t that bad of a dude, and they are fairly he has a crush to because sometimes he calls in gabe for the smallest reasons when he could just assign a detention.

sombra and jesse’s plan doesn’t work exactly like they thought, but in the end gabe and jack get together and they are a beautiful family, and the kids are still fucking troublemakers, and everything is perfect and nothing hurts.

ugh. fuck. someone send help, i am stuck in OW shipping hell. please. someone. help me. 

ps. it’s totes cool to reblog and/or comment. if you won’t help me out of hell, please come and join me, give me your feels.


Maya + happiness [lucaya edition]; Direct & Indirect

I’ve been on a much needed hiatus due to my dad being in the hospital, and needing open heart surgery. Fortunately, he’s alive. He made it through it thanks to all the praying my mother and I did as well as some of you praying for him as well. Thank you again, by the way it meant so much to me. Now I just can’t wait until he comes home, and I can see his face anytime I want. Nonetheless, I’m going to try to pick up with posting again, and I’m starting off with my first Lucaya gifset for 2016. Happy New Year, everyone and thank you, thank you, thank you again! ♥

Hey! You- yes, YOU!

I still need that 50k au where Jack decided to follow his mom’s footsteps instead of his Dad’s.

-Alicia Zimmermann teaching him all about fashion and shit from a young age. Little awkward and Lumpy Jack being amazed every time he sees the interior of his mom’s walk in closet.

-idk if any of you have seen Princess Jellyfish, but it’s definitely like that one scene where Kuranosuke is looking at his mom’s closet, and he’s just giggling and asking his mom questions. Except none of the drama.

-he tries so. Hard. It’s only when puberty kinda hits him his career sails. Photo shoot bookings. Movies. Everything.

-Kent was one of those Disney kids, and at age 17 he wants to move on from Disney. He and Jack play best friends in The Movie

-Kent and Jack are both method actors

-they became best friends wicked quick. They just “click”

-it’s hell though. The diets and workouts and people fucking trashing Jack online- it gets to him. This is where it kinda gets… Heavy.

-he od’s on the anti anxiety meds after Kent wins some huge and very coveted award for being best teen actor or smth.

-it’s a big deal. It’s hella. Tabloids tear our boy Jacky Z apart. But Alicia and Bob are good at keeping him off the charts for a couple years while he’s in rehab.

-and THEN. then. He goes to Samwell. -The SMH team are all low key male models/aspiring actors who all do their own shit but show up to Lardo’s portrait classes. They still have the Haus, it’s just not a hockey frat, but the pretty-boy frat.

-ANYWAY: Jack wants to kinda take a break. He just models, doesn’t really want to do movies anymore- despite feeling guilty and wanting to make his mom proud. -but this boy dresses so g o o d when he wants to. Sometimes, yea? He dresses like he wants to rob a Burger King but. It’s intentional. It’s when he doesn’t want anyone to be seen/bothered -when he and either of his parents leave anywhere, it’s like that photo of Mark Hamill vs Daisy Ridley -like bob and Alicia are like FUCK YEA- you, yes YOU, Camera Man get to capture my Presence. Pose pose work- -while jack will wear six scarves in 90 degree weather, head down, hella big sunglasses- hopefully to not be seen by anyone -I don’t know how the rest of this works out I just want pretty boy actor Jack Zimmerman. Please.

I hardly see ANY Papyrus in the PTA AU though?  And that’s kinda unfair?

Papyrus absolutely LOVES Frisk and would so want to be a part of their lives!  They were first friend besides Undyne and Sans after all.  Imagine while Sans is more so the chill uncle/dad who’d greet Frisk with a noogie and a joke, Papyrus just lets Frisk absolutely LEAP into his arms for his hugs, always filled with a joyful NYEH-HEH-HEH laughter combined with Frisk’s squeals and giggles.  

Imagine since Papyrus has a car, being the one to drive Frisk home from school and stay to babysit at Toriel’s house since Toriel is attending PTA meetings for other parents and Sans went with at first just for the food the parents bring (even if most of it was sub-par brownies and lemon squares.  Papyrus is concerned his brother is gonna sleep through these important meetings and on the days he doesn’t stay home with Frisk, he goes with Toriel and Sans to the PTA meetings.  

What if Papyrus is usually the one to speak up for his ideas on how to improve the school, while Sans naps until Linda decides to rain on his ideas?  In which Sans goes protective big brother mode as he would tell her with a black, icy stare and his goofy grin turning into a scowl as he tells her ‘Really Linda?  Cause I don’t see your big mouth comin’ up with anything better.’

Papyrus having to hold back Sans especially when Linda defends her son’s actions for being disruptive in Toriel’s class and pulling Frisk’s hair and tripping them in the hallway when she attempts to complain about the D- given on his report card.  Toriel’s a strong, intimidating lady when she’s mad, but can’t do much to stand up for herself against Linda since that would risk her dream job… until Sans steps in, taps her on the shoulder and says ‘Hey Linda, for god’s sake.  You’re a grown ass adult, start settin an example for your kids or I promise you… you’re not gonna like me at the next meeting’ 

Papyrus not being sure what to think about Linda.  For one, he wants to believe she’s a good person deep down but bad mouthing his best friend and getting his usually laid back brother so worked up?

Papyrus comes to meetings more often, making many friends at the PTA… except Linda, who he’s still attempting to befriend.  


[compilation] 161030 ‘Reminiscence of a Novelist’ Concert Day

Donghae came to see Kyu today

Kyu dad n mom came for baby Kyu concert  Sorry couldn’t get mom

Saw mask manager just now went inside pharmacy n bought something. I hope it isn’t Kyu who need medicine 😥

161029 Kyuhyun concert
Kyu: That’s right, you said you only have me but y'all leave. And you make me can’t get married…

cho kyuhyun just missed the beat during The Time We Felt the Distance 😂😂😂😂

Just like yesterday the staff went to the stage to change his coat and whole audience were cheering hhhaa

Kyu said sorry to male fans for being cheesy lol

He is showing his nodule before and after just like ytdy

Kyu said thankful to fans who has been worrying his health but now no need to be worry bcs he has fully recovered 🤗

Kyuhyun: i hope many fans support my 3rd album by doing streaming a lot!!!

Guys!!! 👆🏻👆🏻👆🏻

Kyuhyun was calling out the fans based on the age and he said “thank you so much for my noona fandeul and imo fandeul” 😂😂😂😂

When kyu called out the fans in their 60s, someone from the back raised the hand and stood up then whole audiences cheered for her

There was a kyu fanboy from England!!!!

Kyu: Why do u like me?
Fanboy: Your voice is so good, and u’re so handsome
Kyu: 😆😆😆😆😆

Kyu: What is your fav song? 

Fanboy: Piano Forest Then Kyu sang a piano forest for him, at the end kyu said “saranghae” to that fanboy

Kyu: My name is Kyuhyun Cho, i am a member of popular boygroup called Super Junior.
Kyu: You speak Korean well?
Fanboy: Yes
Kyu: …

The fanboy came with his wife (?) and kyu was surprised like “ahhh u have married? How did u propose your wife?”

Kyu: woah i didnt expect to have fanboy from England. I couldnt help it, my popularity is global 😂😅🤗

Sung Sikyung’s song!!!! Ost. Secret Garden

Kyu: my first debut stage as rapper was with Ryeowook
Fans: sing it! sing it!!
Kyu: my second stage was Song Mino “Fear”
Fans: sing it!

Kyu: i like rap song much, people were questioning if my upcoming album has rap or not hahhaa “i am so independent” 😂

A million pieces as last song before encore 😭

Last song; At Gwanghwamun

Kyu: You guys can sing together with me

Kyu didnt sing for one part of the at gwanghwamun chorus and let fans sing and at the end of it, it looked like he was about to cry ;;;

Kyu says he feels that the pretty vocal chords we saw just now doesnt just belong to him but belongs to everyone ♡

The dancesteps for the beginning of Flying deep in the night(if i rmb this correctly?) are bonamana’s dancesteps haha

Kyu says he really hates the ripped jeans esp those that are ripped to the knees xD he says you might as well wear shorts instead HAHA

“HELLO UNIVERSE ITS THE GYUWHY"Then kyu asked the fanboy who he came with and he said his wife and KYU GENUINELY LOOKED DISAPPOINTED FOR ABIT HAHAHAH

Theres a fanboy from UK and kyu was like "let me introduce myself. I am kyuhyun cho from the group sj"then he realized the fan spoke korean😂

Kyuhyun shot the poor staff who came out on stage to give him his mic with the toy gun 😂😂😂

An jaehyun died when kyu lifted up the shirt with "your heart” on it for his new song HAHAHAHAHA ITS SO CUTE TO WATCH

An jaehyun is cringing at the same exact scene heenim cringed at yesterday HAHAHA THE KYUHYUN BLOWING A BUBBLE GUM SCENE

kyu did “you’re now watching kyuhyun” in chinese for the chinese fans today

Well i guess no sm people will come today cuz of the halloween party

Someone Came and he looks familiar but idk who it is but he is not from an sm group hmm

Someone Came and he looks familiar but idk who it is but he is not from an sm group hmm Ah its An Jaehyun

cr: inchoherent |teukables | vitamintextile |

This really spangles my stars. Steve isn’t special because he was put in a hottie-maker machine. He was put in a hottie-maker machine because he’s special. 

The guy had some major health issues, yet he still picked fights with disrespectful bullies and tried with an intense determination to get into the war because he wanted to serve his country and fight some big bullies. 

I know Cap said some harsh things to Tony and everyone is angsty because of Loki’s staff, but Tony’s reaction is absolutely intriguing to me. I feel like he doesn’t actually mean what he says. He knows that Steve is humble. Steve doesn’t really see himself as a hero. In fact, I’m pretty sure he probably thinks what Tony says is true all on his own. He knows from his own dad that Steve was a good guy. Howard Stark knew Steve. Everyone else just knows about who Captain America is. Howard knew Steve. How many times do you think Tony heard stories about Steve opening doors for people or offering to carry heavy boxes of weapons for people who weren’t super-solider-strong? Then there were the Captain America stories. How many times do you think Tony had to listen to those, not only from Howard, but from the entire world? Tony makes it clear that he’s sick and tired of hearing about Cap, but if you just listen to Steve talk, you’ll know that what Tony says here is so incorrect, so ridiculous that he can’t be serious. I’ll even bet you the guy watched Hercules once or twice and KNOWS that a hero is really measured by the strength of his heart and he also KNOWS that applies to Steve insurmountably. This isn’t just about Tony either. For movie purposes, this totally works and it makes sense, but every time someone expresses this type of sentiment, it’s just so baffling. I just don’t get how this thinking can even exist.  

Sure, the only thing that makes Steve a superhero, is his super-solider abilities, which, yes, came from a bottle. But that has nothing to do with what makes him a hero. He’s a hero no matter what. Even if he never had that serum, he’d still be an every day hero. 


anonymous asked:


Xiumin: *dazzled*

Luhan: *totally in love with his baby*

Kris: *goes talk to his baby as soon as he can * Ahhh baby, look at daddy, c’mon, look at daddy. 

Suho: I can’t believe I’m finally a mom dad, omg *cries copiously*

Lay: *looks at baby then looks at you, completely dazzled with his baby’s cuteness*


Chenchen: I can totally see where he got his beautiful cheekbones from.


D.O: *he can’t even*

Tao: *so emotioned that ends up crying* 

Kai: Oh my…. *drowning in feels for his baby*

Sehun: Well, well, he ended up being as good looking as his dad…good

Hope y’all liked it <3 Thanks for requesting! :)

Second Chances, New Beginnings (Part 1)

Title: Second Chances, New Beginnings

Type: Parent AU

Warnings: Light swearing

Summary: Phil is a primary school teacher, Dan is a radio presenter and they’ve adopted a child together. Now they’re split up though and Dan faces the struggles of being a single dad while also having to deal with seeing Phil every time he takes his daughter to school.

Authors: @skinnyjeanshowell & phancywork

Beta: @miememegan

Word Count: 2800+ (this part) I 6300+ (total)

A/N: @skinnyjeanshowell and me have been talking about this fic for ages. But with me being extremely busy it just never got taken from an idea to an actual story. Now that I’m finally getting my shit together, we finally got around to writing it. 

Co-writing with Tori is always a great experience and I hope you all enjoy this little parent!phan story.

(Link to the second part can be found at the end of this post.)

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Korra 4x10 Beifong Family Dynamics Musings

Gonna try to do a photo recap tomorrow if I can, but I’ve got some major deadlines before the calendar year ends, so we’ll see. So far I’ve thought of one funny scene.

Anyway, as promised, here’s my musings that I held off from yesterday about the Beifong family dynamics:

  • The “hey chief” thing is exactly what I imagined their reunion would be like.
  • I kind of felt awful for Lin, because unlike Suyin she really can’t express her feelings in a constructive way (Air Temple Island being destroyed, anyone), so having a mom like Toph was probably awful growing up
  • I don’t think Lin’s outburst was really just about her dad. First of all, her lack of reaction to his name, coupled with her “having a father was important to me” line makes me think that Lin already used her detective skills to track him down. She was (rightfully) annoyed with Bolin for prying, and then to hear Toph actually talk about it for the first time, completely dispassionately and in front of a total stranger and Opal really just shows why Toph is such a difficult mother to have.
  • That’s when Lin blew up…she started by yelling about her dad, but it was in the context of “you choose now to talk about it despite me wanting to know for years??”
  • Then we got to the real meat of what Lin was bottling up: “You don’t understand why I’m upset, and when I tell you, you don’t care.” Toph seems like a very big “suck it up” kind of mother, and to have your feelings dismissed over the years must have really hurt.
  • Oh plus Toph disappeared for 20 years from Lin’s life.
  • All this being said, I love how Bryke portrayed Toph as a woman with sexual agency and no shame at all. It’s clear she chose the terms of her pregnancy and motherhood, and so what that it “didn’t work out”  with the guy. This was done in a really nice and non-moralizing way, which is rare.
  • I don’t know why Lin apologized at the end. Sure Toph saved them all, but Toph really ought to have been the one saying “sorry.” At least she said that she knows she wasn’t the best mom but she values her children.
  • I guess because Suyin and Toph “patched things up” there was really nothing to get into between them. Su was the one who could get away with everything, so once she “found herself” after the circus (?) I doubt it took much convincing for Toph to get over any disappointment about her rebellious teenage years.
  • Toph was more amused than curious about Lin and Suyin working out their differences when Lin told her. I feel like she doesn’t have any patience for emotions, which unfortunately took a major toll on Lin. Suyin was just more expressive by nature *shrugs*

Anyway, just my weird musings, probably as a result of some really awful family stuff I just dealt with over Thanksgiving. I do like that Bryke were willing to show the unsavory side of parenting from the Gaang, even if it does make for some uncomfortable moments. It’s very emotionally real. It also made me really feel for Lin…for some reason her issues with Su fell flat for me last season, but her complicated dynamic with her mom sort of contextualized everything.

Great, great episode.

i remember the first thanksgiving i spent with his family. i spent over a month, planning my outfit and thinking about what exactly to say and wear and do.

fast forward to now. spent the day barefoot in a bright red sundress, chilin on the couch with his siblings, chopping it up with his dad, helping his mom in the kitchen, with his grandma resting her head on my shoulder. all that stress, and in the end, by being myself, and them just loving and accepting me, it feels comfortable and like my second home. i’m always over there, and he’s always over here. our parents literally ask for the other when we don’t bring each other around. i can feel when i’m missed in the excitement when their faces light up when they see me. and i know he can feel when he’s missed in the way my mom laughs in a way that only he can make her laugh.

it’s so effortless. and comfortable.


TO BE HONEST this scene is what gets me the most because Connor does not hold the hand he caresses his hand into Jude’s hand and it’s like he was scared about it being a dream because he’s been picturing seeing Jude again and he doesn’t want to be let down and we all make this a Jonnor moment but if Connor’s purpose in life was to stay with Jude it’d probably be safer to just lie to his dad and Daria. Connor told his dad about being gay not necessarily for Jude but for himself and to stop hiding and refusing to be ashamed and Jude’s hand is like a fucking reward somebody hold me.