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I just read the pledius statement update and stayed up waiting for it... there's been more and more people standing up for dongho and I wanted to ask for your update opinion?

Hey, bud, I also stayed up for it rip my sleeping schedule.

I am so relieved Pledis has responded with clarifications about some of accuser’s evidence. I also appreciate that they’re taking full legal action and aren’t going to accept settlements so at least there will be closure. 

My stance, however, is still the same: I will not take sides- I will not defend nor condemn him or the girl. I will also not condemn anyone who does take sides, though. My staying neutral is honestly for more personal reasons. 

The only thing left to do is wait- but the fact that they’re taking action and investing time and effort into this does help settle my nerves some. Hopefully Pledis has conclusive evidence and the case doesn’t get dragged out. However there is still a lot of uncertainty in terms of how this will play out regardless if he is innocent. There’s no escaping this without some form of damage.

I am very very very depressed about the implications for real victims in the future though. :/ The fact that this might all be a lie to slander him coupled with the reception it’s gotten is going to make it harder for real victims to come forward. I’m also hoping that people who are siding with Dongho, which they are allowed to do as is their right to express their opinions, aren’t using dismissive logic to support him (i.e. victim waited too long so they’re clearly not a real victim, etc) because that kind of thinking is prevalent and the reason why it is hard for real victims to come forward. We should have faith that things will work out in the end and justice will be served to whoever is the liar (and I’m hoping it’s not Dongho). 

Personally, it’s very hard to me, as someone who was a victim, to side with him blindly until there is closure or something more concrete because of the cognitive dissonance that these situations create. I’d either have to use some the same logic that was used on me (i.e. dismissing based on waiting too long to talk, keeping in contact with harasser, treating harasser normally, confabulation, family glossing over events, etc) or I’d have to support blindly and both make me deeply uncomfortable. Both sides are contradicting each other and I have a lot emotional investment in Dongho which is at odds with my own personal experiences that are biasing how I perceive the accusations. I can’t choose a side without some part of me feeling extremely guilty about my choice. 

However, I do acknowledge the inconsistencies in the accuser’s story and I’m hoping very, very, very, very hard that the truth will be revealed in court and that Dongho will be okay in the end if he is innocent (which again, I am hoping very very very hard that he is). 

I love Dongho with all my heart and I want nothing but the best for him, so I hope anyone reading this doesn’t assume that my neutral stance means I’m against him or siding with the girl. This entire situation makes me very very uncomfortable because of my past and I already had a panic attack when it broke. To save myself from any more cognitive dissonance (that’s honestly wrecking me)- I’m trying hard to be neutral and detached throughout the entire situation. 

Again, if anyone wants to discuss this further, feel free to send me a private message. Also I apologize for any typos or parts that may not be clear.I had very little sleep last night and it looks like I won’t be getting much again tonight.

so, i’m trying to get a mag/zine up and running and i could really use some help from y’all!! 

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So I’m drawing a series of Jojo musclebabes in lingerie, right? And for my next one, I want to put the character in a leather teddy, as in, the garment. So I google ‘leather teddy’ for inspiration and this is one of the first results

It’s a sofa. Made of leather teddy bears.

I’m pretty sure this is /not/ what I was looking for, Google. 

wonder woman’s success just shows how powerful and inspiring a movie can be when a female superhero is at the forefront and when a female director is at the helm. it’s currently the #1 movie in the world and made $223 million dollars at the global box office in its opening weekend and it honestly deserves all of its success.

peridot as a character makes me uncomfortable and no its not bc shes loud and yells a lot and clearly is coded as autistic but its how the creators of the show/fandom treat her bc they know a lot of autistic people identify w/ her

its the fact that lauren zuke literally created a deleted scene where peridot was in a fucking high chair and being taught how to eat like a fucking baby, infantilizing her and just being really fucking creepy about her character. its the fact that everything that peridot would consider a comfort object - her limb enhancers, her tablet, etc. - has been taken away from her and her whole development on that is “it doesnt matter if it makes you comfortable you’re better off without them!!” basically giving autistic people who need comfort objects a hearty slap in the face

its just the fact that peridots character has been rendered into this yell-y baby when she was nothing like that on first appearance - like all zuke and the writers want to do w/ her now that a lot of autistic people like her is “well lets make her into the biggest and loudest baby ever!! thats good representation right!!”

like. i want to love peridot and i love pre-redemption peridot so much but she makes me so uncomfortable now bc it feels like the writers just love making her into a baby or shipping her off w/ other characters its gross