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This spoke to me today as loud as anything has in a long time.

Last weekend my sister and I were going to go shopping for an interview outfit for me, and I went to the bathroom to check that my makeup looked okay, and she asked why I was putting on makeup- we were only going to the mall.

Because it’s the week before my period and I’m broken out everywhere?

Because if I don’t cover up the dark circles under my eyes and plant roses in my cheeks I look like I have the flu?

Because if I don’t line my eyes behind my inch-thick glasses, they vanish?

Because if I have to look myself in the face in the mirror, I prefer not to look like everything I have been taught for 30 years is wrong with female beauty?

“Female empowerment” doesn’t stop a dozen people from asking me if I’m sick on the days that I don’t wear makeup.  It doesn’t stop a well-meaning friend from suggesting an acne cream.  It doesn’t stop fluorescent lights from highlighting the yellow undertones of my skin and making me look jaundiced in any public place I might choose to go.

So tell me one more fucking time how you never wear makeup.  How you don’t need it.  How you don’t like it.

And I’ll tell you one more fucking time how I never don’t wear makeup.  How I do need it.  How I do like it.

And the next person who tells me that “you’re more beautiful without” can kindly shove that sentiment up their ass.

Daddy Issues

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Warnings: Abusive relationship between the reader and her father. Explicit scenes of it. Don’t read it if you are sensitve to this subject. If you are going throught something related or know somebody who are, you can talk to me, but please search for help.

Notes: Okay guys, i know i’m not posting a lot, but i will try to solve this problem okay? Part 2 is coming soon, please tell me if you like it and what do you think that will happen. 

This was based in some other fics i read, i really liked them so i decided to do something like that myself. If you want to be tagged in the next part, just let me know. 

Thank you guys <3 Thank you @realdiepie <3

“So… that’s it guys. I’m very excited to see you all on the VegasCon, love yoo…. What the hell Jensen!” You screamed, finishing the video on snapchat when you felt Jensen lift you up and put you on his shoulders. You felt him start to walk and heard his laugh. “Jensen put me down!”

“Not so easy.” He said starting to run and you screamed. He entered a trailer and you recognized it as Jared’s, and you had your assurance that even when upside down, you saw the guys starting to laugh. “I found our runaway girl. She was doing a lifestream or something” 

“I was snapping jackass.” You said when he threw you in a couch.

“Watch your language girl” He said pretending to be mad and the boys laughed again. 

“We were looking for you (Y/N)” Jared said when you sat next to Misha. He immediatally put his arms around you. 

“What for?” You asked starting to feel a bit frightened. Were you in trouble or something like that?

“Gen and Danneel are coming to the VegasCon so we can’t share the room with you.” Jared said, because you’d usually share a room with one of them or Kat in the conventions, mostly Jensen. 

“But i’m alone in my room, so if you want to…” Misha said with a cute smile. You smiled sadly, but it was so fast that you doubted that they even saw it. 

“Yeah, thanks Misha, but you guys don’t have to worry, my father is coming to this one.” You said feeling a bitter taste in your mouth. You really didn’t understand why your Dad had decided to come. Of course, it was Vegas and he obviously enjoyed to spend your money and make use of your privileges as a celebrity, but he hated the people you worked with. It made him angry. And when he was angry…. Well, it was not something very nice to think about. 

“Oh okay then, we will let Cliff know, and he will arrange the rest.” Jared said smilling and you forced one. 

It was gonna be a long weekend. 


You thanked God when you entered your house and your Dad was passed out in the couch. Every night was the same thing. He drank until he slept, but if you arrived before the he fell asleep, he’d always find a reason to scream at you and remind you about all of your insecurities. Or he made you clean all his mess and get him more beer. Or… well, in his worst nights, he’d hit you. You had already broken a rib and an arm because of him. Of course no one knew about it, and everybody thought that your fear of being around men was because you were shy. But with time, for your surprise, being around Jensen, Jared, Misha, Mark, Richard, Rob, Cliff and all the others had become your favorite thing. You felt safe with them, they were more protective than your father would ever be, and from the bottom of your heart, you knew they loved you.

As least somebody did.


“Jensen! Jared!” The both were entering the hotel where the convention would happen, and there were a lot of fans already there. With Cliff’s help, after pictures and autografts they finally got out, going directly to the room where all the cast would be. Because Gen and Danneel weren’t in Vancouver, they took an early flight, and they were probably already in their rooms. 

They greeted everyone. Misha, Mark, Kim, Kat, Briana, Rich, Rob, but there was one person missing….

“Where’s (Y/N)?” Jensen asked no one in specific while getting a sandwich from the table.

“I’m here” You said getting behind him and he imeddiataly turned around smiling. Although the smile vanished when he saw you with an uncomfortable face and forcing a smile. He had been seeing this smile for a while now, which really worried him. He had known you for years now, he had practically seen you grow up, as you’d entered the series when you were only 10, and now with 16, he saw you like a daughter. 

“Hey sweetheart, had a nice flight?” He asked watching you hide behind sunglasses and a long sleeved shirt. He put his arms around your shoulders, starting to walk as the others were already going to where they had to be now, some people to panels, some to the autographs’ table, some to OP photos. You guys were going with autographs. “Where is your father?” 

“Hmm… he left. To see the city” You said and he raised his eyebrows.

“He won’t watch your panel with Kat?”He answered and you struggled again, giving him a humorless laugh. 

“I guess not.” But before he could say anything else, Jared appeared by his side and started talking to (Y/N). Jensen sighed, he knew something was not okay with his little girl and he couldn’t figure what it was. And it killed him.

“Okay guys, I have to go. See you later” You said to them, and after they both patted your head and messed with your hair, you went to the opposite direction from them. You were going to do a panel with Kathryn Newton, the one who was Claire, Castiel’s daughter in the series. She was just a few years older than you, which made you two become really good friends. 

“Don’t you think that (Y/N) is acting kind of weird these days?” Jensen asked and Jared took a deep breath looking at his friend.

“Definitely” He agreed. “In the beginning I thought she was just heartbroken or something…”

“Wait, what? Why would she be heartbroken?” Jensen said starting to get fatherly over you, being overprotective and a little… well, jealous. 

“You are saying that you didn’t see the hickey a few days ago in her neck? At least it seemed like a hickey. I thought she had been with some guy and was acting weird about it.” Jared said and Jensen’s eyes widened. “But after some time I started to change my mind.” 

“So if it’s not a teenage love story, why the hell is she acting so strange?” Jensen said sighing, a little frustrated as he ran his hand over his face.

“No idea man.” Jared said struggling when they heard somebody of the production call for them to go to the autograph tables. They had to forget this subject for now. At least try to.


The day passed incredibly fast for you. The panel was great, the photos and autografts… amazing. You had met so many fans and had a blast with your co-workers and everybody. The moments when you were with the cast, the conventions mainly, were some moments that you could forget about your dark reality. 

“(Y/N) come here!” Kat said and you saw that she was recording for snapchat, so you posed next to her. All the cast was already in the big room again, and you saw Danneel and Gen talking next to the food table. You hadn’t seen them earlier, so it wad the perfect time to go talk to them. You were on your way when someone stopped in front of you, making you gulp. 

“Dad” You said forcing a smile. Again.

“Time to go (Y/N)” He said forcing a smile too. You sighed, noticing he was already drunk. He really couldn’t haved picked a worst moment to do this.  

“Oh hey mr. (Y/L/N)” Jensen said in a friendly tone, appearing by your side and reaching his hand for your father, who quickly shook Jensen’s hand. “Your daughter was amazing today, she…” 

“Yeah, well, she always is.” You father said interrupting Jensen, who raised his eyebrows. “If you’ll excuse us, I’m taking (Y/N) out for dinner tonight.” He said putting a hand behind your neck, making you shiver, and pushing you. 

“Oh but you know that we’re gonna have a little celebration here? Well, at the seafood restaurant, here in the hotel. You are more than welcome to join us.” you felt your heart racing. You were scared, and you were 100% sure that Jensen had noticed it.

“Make it next time, pal.” Your father said and you closed your eyes sighing. Jensen didn’t say anything else. Your dad started pushing you to the exit of the room, and soon you were already in front of the door of your hotel room. “Time to have some fun right darling?”

“Dad… what are you talking about?” You asked with a nervous laugh, knowing exactly what he was talking about. He pushed you into the room so hard that you almost fell. 

“I’m talking about those people that you work with.” He said, low and rough. One of the signs that he was becoming aggressive. Your hands were sweating and your heart racing. “Can you believe that your worthless driver didn’t want to take me to the tourist hotspots? 

“But he-he…” You said, your voice already failing because of how nervous you were. It didn’t matter how many times this happened, you would never be prepared for it. 

“He-he.” He said copying your voice giving a hurmoless laugh. “Yeah right. And that Jensen guy and his tall friend.” He said getting close, and grabing your neck and making you gasp. “They make me so angry… and they have this strange possession over you. Perverts. That’s what they are.”

“No dad, they’re not…” You tried, already feeling the tears falling as he hit your head against the wall, still holding your nick. 

“Shut up! I didn’t give you permission to talk.” He said tightening the grip into your neck, and you gasped again. “I met some of your ‘fans’ today. I really can’t understand how they idolize you so much. I mean… what is so special about you?” 

You cried hard and you saw him roll his eyes. 

“I said… Shut. Up” He said angrily and you tried not to make any noise, but you sniffed. And he punched you. Not slapped, punched. Hard.

You groaned in pain, feeling a little dizzy and starting to see black spots. He pushed you into the ground and you hit your head on the floor. 

“We’re in Las Vegas, and I’m not half as drunk as I wanted to be.” He said leaning down and purposefully treading his fingers on your hair, making you look at him. “I don’t want you near those people anymore, you heard me? Now here’s what we’re gonna do. I’m gonna get drunk. And after this, I’m going to a strip club, and yeah, I don’t want you in this room when I come back with a whore.” He said hitting your head on the ground one more time. “Did you understand?” You tried to talk, you really did, but you had no strength. He kicked you in the ribs, making you groan. “I said: did you understand me?” He asked again and stepped on your ribs, forcing his foot down. You answered with a low voice. 


“Good, now if you’ll excuse me.” He said forcing his foot down again before walking out of the room. You felt a giant pain and immediately started to have touble to breathe. Unfortunately, you already knew this feeling. He broke one rib of yours. Again. 

The pain was so intense that you tried to scream but nothing came out. Your eyes were watering and no matter how hard you tried, you just couldn’t breathe. The black spots came back, and you couldn’t stop yourself from thinking that tomorrow morning, you could be dead.

Part 2

  • never not tear up at Mainstay Pro’s cave scene

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hi okay so like i LOVE dnp w all my heart but i feel like dan has been trying SO hard to "stay on brand" that hes just cringey lately like in the rosanna video he justnused recycled jokes and had this fake smile on the whole time and (pt 1)

(pt 2) rosanna and phil seemed really uncomfortable as well i dont know it seems like phils getting a bit tired of it as well.



Jk no yeah i can see that hes trying to be entertaining but they seem to forget sometimes that when they collab the audience watching is not necessarily going to be only theirs? I mean ofc the inside jokes are one thing but they do remind me of those embarassing parents who would like try to be cool and relatable but you just facepalm cause theyre failing so hard- i cant even imagine what the bloopers are like

As for phil i feel like hes probably already used to dan being like this (7 years holyshit) but mostly ofc its an act / persona and i guess there will be a time when he would eventually stop the jokes but for the time being i guess we’ll have to endure ^^“

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Hi! Can I request seventeen's reaction of you crying while doing their fan chants at an award show?

im not sure if they could see you??????? im just gonna go like they saw pics&vids of you crying like they found out later!!! sorry if this isnt what u want :(

coups, hoshi, seokmin: when he found out tho… …..omg that is really my baby crying!!!! no!!!! but shes still doing them fan chants!!! “BABY????” “yes” “OMG I LOVE U SO MUCH” “um okay??? i love u too” “i cant believe u cried at our last night WHY DIDNT U TELL ME” “OMG DID U LOOK AT THE VIDEOS I LOOK LIKE A MESS” “I LOV E UUUUUUUUU” probably be by your side the whole day and shower u with hugs and kisses

jeonghan, wonwoo, jihoon, vernon: he would be like :000000 you were crying????? but you looked just fine last night what he’d be so touched like omg you support them so much and he felt so emotional.. …..youd be in the house doing something and he’d just hug you and mutters ‘i love you’ and youd be ????? what is up, i felt like he wouldnt tell about it “nothing i just love you” and just start to appreciate you more than before which is super cute frick

jisoo, jun, mingyu, seungkwan: would watch calmly and when u start crying he’d be OMG :0 and start freaking out like you cried??? and still doing fanchats??? he’d call you and youd be like “what” and when u see what he’s watching….. “OMG WHAT ARE U DOING???? TURN IT OFF I LOOK LIKE A MESS” “I CANT BELIEVE U CRIED I LOVE U” “im just so proud of u guys ok :( u went through so much” he’d be like aw and hug u and then probably said something like “and yeah u look like a mess here but i still love u” “YAH”

minghao, dino: would be speechless, i dont know if theyll talk about it to you or not bc i can see them doing both like either coups or jeonghan but if they were to tell you they wouldnt be hype or anything but more lovingly :,) “omg i cant believe u cried ok you looked fine when i came back!!” “well i just cant believe it IM SO PROUD OF U GUYS” “thankyou so much for supporting us ok :( how do i become so lucky” 


Screenshots from OUR FIRST KISS | Pewdiebot #2! :D

Okay this was a really fun video to screenshot! xD That’s mostly because Jack made his face cam much bigger for this video and it’s also the kind of video where he had big reactions to things or for this video what weird stuff Pewdiebot will say. But screenshoting this video aside this also was a fun video to watch as well. :) I love when Jack talks to the clever bots because most of the time they just make no sense at all and a lot of funny, weird and memorable moments can come out of these videos. ^_^

Plus I still think it’s really cool to see that a youtuber has a clever bot made after them now it’s so awesome! :D 

hi! i really wanted to make this post because these are some youtube channels that i love and enjoy watching so why not share it? :D 

you probably know all of these but i still am going to share this post ._.

thank you for reading my first post and I’m more than happy if this post helped you or had a positive effect on you! 💕

more “helpful” posts:

online stationery shops


Prompt (that was fast lol)

World: Sonic 2017 game again

Couple: Sonamy (Possible classic Sonamy?)

Prompt: Okay, wow, I really want like the rebellion losing hope, and Sonic just raises morale or whatever by asking Tails to play an old record and dancing with amy, I just really want a dramatic ‘Hey, Amy. Let’s dance’ moment, okay??? (you can put classic learning how to dance too btw, okay thx bye)


The team looked at the world falling apart around them, seeing the old projector show a lovely home video of a human family playing in the park, before Eggman’s invasion started happening.

They turned it off and Tails started to look through more of the old box, but Rouge stopped him, gesturing with her hand, “Stop it, Fox boy. It’s not doing anyone any good….” she put her arms around herself, as if showing that she was closing herself off for a moment. Blaze held her arm and looked away while Silver closed his eyes and turned away, ashamed he was also too late.

Shadow folded his arms, and Sonic looked to everyone, upset by the loss of hope everyone was showing through their body language.

“Pfft.” Sonic flicked his nose, “Don’t give them any mind, Tails.” he waltz on over and put an arm on Tails’s shoulder, bending down and taking out a record player disc, and spinning it in his hands for a minute. “Now that’s what I’m talking about.” he looked around, bouncing it in his arms for a moment, and moved past team Chaotix. “Excuse me for a moment.” he scooted by them and dusted off an old record player in the back, and blew off any remaining dust from inside. He put the disc down, and a nice old time beat started playing.

He had his arms folded, before his head started nodding and his feet began to tap. “Yeah… that’s more like it!” he turned around, everyone’s eyes on Sonic, as he sped over in front of Amy, surprised at his action. “Amy! Care to dance?” he winked with every bit of his natural charm.

She giggled excitedly, she wasn’t one to despair for too long either, and took his hand as he quickly spun her around and started to dance with her, the box formation.

“Come on, everybody! Loosen up!” he then sped off to pair people up, Cream and Tails, Silver and Blaze, Rouge got Shadow, and Sonic zipped by Knuckles, placing a half dolled up broom with a tapped ruler for arms in his hands. “Figure it out yourself!”

Knuckles looked at the broom, then groaned and shrugged, dancing a close slow dance with the broomed figure.

Vector looked around too, before laughing and scooping his two partners up and twirling around with them, ‘Wweee’ing all the way across the room; Espeo and Charmy looking a little dizzy… not to mention uncomfortable.

Everyone was a little awkward, as the classics looked up at all the pairs in curiosity. “Woah!” “haha!”

Sonic went straight back to Amy, getting into the right position for dancing again. “Now, where were we?”

She was over thrilled at his ‘idea’ to lighten the mood and followed his lead.

Rosy stared as if entranced at the two, putting her hands together and admiring them, even with slight envy. She then covered her face as she blushed and looked to Sonic, batting her eyes away and moving her hands down as if implying she was waiting for him to ask her to dance as well.

Classic Sonic got the hint, but leaned away, folding his arms and scratching his nose, before Classic Tails looked over. “You’re not gonna dance?”

Classic Sonic shook his head defiantly.

“Ohh… it looks fun.” Classic Tails encouraged, seeing as Classic Knuckles was dancing by himself with a little dustpan he had acquired.

Classic Sonic remained well stated… And poor Classic Amy, the Rascal as she was, only let her face hang long in sorrow, seeing as he might not ask her to dance either.

“Well, suit yourself.” Classic Tails shrugged and flew over to Classic Amy, tapping her shoulder, “Hey, you wanna dance-?”

The second he made that bold move, Classic Sonic pouted, narrowing his eyes in anger and grabbing her, racing out near his other self, glaring back at Classic Tails. (lol, I’m pretty sure it’s a bro-code thing. #BROken)

Classic Tails looked amazed one moment, but then cheekily smirked in his hand, chuckling, as if he knew he would do that all along, and went to dance with a small doll figure with red hair.

Classic Sonic looked down but still eyeing Classic Tails, before looking up at Classic Amy, whose joy was radiant and almost scary at how excited she was. He sweat-dropped as she grabbed his two hands and started spinning around, making him dizzy.

He quickly got out of her hold and started running away, causing her to happily chase after him with hearts everywhere after her.

Modern Sonic rolled his eyes up, as Amy just laughed, thinking the two cute, and looked to Sonic. “Aren’t they darling?”

“Classic us.” Sonic sarcastically stated, going for the pun.

Amy looked back at them, “Rosy, sweetie? Why not let Sonic lead?” she encouraged, as Classic Amy stopped, hearing her nickname, and nodded, waiting for Classic Sonic to return.

Once he knew she had stopped, he skid to a halt, dodging people while he did so, and folded his arms, still not happy about the idea…

“Look, if it makes other happy…” Sonic looked down to his old self, giving him a reason.

Classic Sonic didn’t approve, looking up at Sonic, before back at Classic Amy, swaying back and forth, her hands tight together in front of her, chin down, hopelessly waiting for him to sweep her up again and pull her to the dance floor.

“It’ll be fun~” Amy encouraged, but even Modern Sonic’s expression looked like he didn’t believe her.

Classic Amy made one final attempt at appeal, and looked sadly to him, before outstretching her hand, and smiling cutely. A sweet invitation…

He looked away, then back, and finally took her hand and started to look down, back and forth, at his feet, not knowing where to place them.

Sonic caught his attention quickly and started doing the box formation again, showing Little Blue how it’s done.

Classic Sonic followed, tilting and turning every now and then, but boy was Rosy that Rascal giggling with an open smile, jumping every now and again in her joy at dancing with her hero.

“Sonic…” Amy looked up from the two below to Modern Sonic, who also, surprisingly, had a smile at the two. “This was a good idea.”

“Swell, right?” he winked and teased.

She laughed, and nodded. “I never knew you were so good on your feet.” she slightly flirted, at least, tried to be funny about it, lowering her eyelids as she did so, and turned her head slightly.

Sonic took it more as a challenge or dare, and raised an eyebrow with a wicked grin. “Oh? There’s plenty more fancy footwork where that came from!” he suddenly did an elaborate dance step and dipped her.

“W-woah!” she was pleasantly surprised! As he winked again, and laughed as he brought her up.

“I’ve got a few tricks up my sleeve.”

Suddenly, Classic Amy also let out a shocked noise, as Classic Sonic had mimicked his older self and dipped her too, doing more flare by lifting his hand behind him, moving his leg behind the other in a crisscross form, then looking up at his older self, and winking.

After that, the two Sonic’s battled it out in dance, swinging Amy around as they tried to out-best the other.

If you want more, you know who to call!

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You posted something about a solangelo au based on a video game? Would you tell me what is was about? I'm actually really interested now :)

Okay, so it’s pretty dumb but I’m obsessed with the video game The Last of Us and last night I just started wondering what if Will and Nico were Joel and Ellie?? Like, it’s the zombie apocalypse and Nico has to take Will across the country because he’s the cure to the virus. And then all the other character slots just started filling out and relationships started forming and ideas and I got so carried away oml. I love The Last of Us and I love Solangelo so it just made sense for me to combine them

Sean Mcloughlin

Sean’s new would you rather video made me extremely happy for so many reasons. When he talked about how experiencing sadness is okay, and is something that we should do, it really made me happy. I’ve dealt with depression for a few years now (of course I know depression isn’t just feeling sad) and hearing Sean talk about that just.. I don’t know it really made think and I love Sean even more for it. One thing that Sean said that made me really happy was: “That’s the thing with happy and sadness as well, that if you’re really really sad sometimes, and then something or someone comes along and makes you incredibly happy, then you really experience that happiness.” It made me incredibly happy that he said that because he is that person to me. He makes me so fucking happy, and I don’t even think Sean realizes how many people’s lives he’s saved, or how many people he can make happy just by one little smile. I don’t think I could ever live without Sean and his videos, and I’m so grateful to have been given the blessing of living in the same time period as Sean Mcloughlin. Another reason this video made me extremely happy was he addressed the fact that some of his viewers didn’t have one of their parents, or had 2 moms, or 2 dads. It makes me so fucking happy that he is so supportive of us, of his community. Also, when Sean got to the “male or female” question, I loved how he said “Any person that has to go to periods, I feel for you.” Because again he was addressing that some men can have periods and you know, it really made me realize how fucking amazing Sean is. We do not deserve such an amazing, supportive, person like him. I truly believe we have been blessed with Sean and I’m so grateful. Sean, if you’re reading this, thank you for saving my life, thank you for being so supportive, thank you for being able to make me smile when I feel like life is shot.. You mean everything to me, and I will continue to support you for as long as I can. I love you so much. @therealjacksepticeye

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SDCC 2016

You know what photos I always liked?

The ones with Andrew, Steven, and Norman, but very much Steven and Norman. I always liked their opposing energy forces in one photo. Very similar to how I feel with Melissa’s energy against Norman’s. Steven and Melissa just exude tranquility. But yeah, the original Atlanta 5 boys, I loved those shots.

I also enjoyed a lot of the Abraham Trio photos. Christian is a bit too concerned with her glam in every shot, so it’s nice when the other two drag it out of her and just have silly fun.

But what did I get?

(You know, besides no Melissa and no amount of PR bullshit, very special videos, mediocre trailer, or Panda emoji will make me okay about that.)

What I got was the RayBan squad of Andy, Norman, and JDM. Over and over and over. And to me, it felt really cold, no matter how much JDM and Norman cuddled and mugged.

JDM seems to be a great guy, but having him grinning in every photo, it’s like an intruder at a family dinner. Like he hasn’t earned his place. And maybe I felt that way about others too…

I dunno, I’m obviously biased, but that familial feeling I always got from these events in seasons past seemed lacking here. It really felt like everyone was going through the motions and just doing their job. Maybe they’re hyper aware of not wanting to show their emotions, I don’t know. The tone was just different. Different in a bad way. Like the fun was just sucked right out and what was left was… That.

And I can’t even touch on the lack of Steven energy and Steven talking and Steven photos and Steven Instagramming. Because yeah :(

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bros reaction to /watch?v=rlONgZS7mhM ??

a-are you okay? I think i cried a little and shoved too much meat into my mouth. MIND YOU, I’m okay with vegans and stuff. But when theres usually drama in a “I eat plants” community in the internet for eating meat, Thats when i kinda question humanity as a whole.

Osomatsu: Wants to watch the world burn. So he shows everyone while slowly eating celery.

Karamatsu: “wha- just because you’re a vegetarian?! WHAT? How dare yOU!? I LOVE MEAT! I love mEAT IN MY MOUTH! I love the way it explodes with FLAVOR juice in my mouth! I really really love meat!” Needless to say he loves meat too much, and probably makes a video with the message of “eating meat”. (I’d watch that.)

Choromatsu: He shuts it off right away. He’s good with his meals, but understands that being vegan is a choice which is fine. But that was too much.

Ichimatsu: Watches intensely while eating bacon and eggs. I’m pretty sure he could be anime Rob Swanson.

Jyushimatsu: He laughs, “He should be careful with that humor! I learned people like and dont like dirty jokes! I need a big protein diet for baseball!!”

Todomatsu: I bet he tried to go vegan to fast, got sick, and didnt do it again once. The war flash backs started when he heard the video, and he responded by destroying the electronic.

@miraculousmako replied to your post “Hello�� There is a 2nd season trailer for voltron? I’ve seen people…”

Okay so Shiro isn’t dead but he is 25 and Pidge is 14. There’s a video of the preview floating around here that should easily sum everything up oh and Voltron comes back later this year.

i just saw the video!! aaa i can’t wait for season two!! im gonna tell my mom in the morning she’s gonna be so excited she loves voltron aaaa

as for the ages though, i don’t really trust that tweet from the person saying shiro is 25 and pidge is 14. i’m not saying that i’d dislike it (since i originally headcanoned pidge as 15 and shiro as like 23). i’m just saying we should all be a little more wary of trusting every rumor we see. it has no official confirmation as of now. the only official thing we’ve got to go off of is that the official description says “five teenagers” so that’s what we should go off of, in my opinion. not some random tweet. especially since people are now starting to spread hate and discourse regarding the “official” ages already like?? holy shit?? people are getting downright viscious over something that isn’t even confirmed.

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Hey, I just wanted to say some things~ first I really love your videos (and your love for wolf, like srsly it was the song that got me into kpop too, it's pure looove), second I saw the ask from the anon who asked if you've read "27th of October": I'VE READ THIS ON MY BDAY (which funnily is the title) AND THOUGHT SOMETHING LIKE "Oh nice some ChanBaek for my bday :D" I ENDED UP CRYING OKAY, IT'S AWESOME XD and third... you're all so small, I'm literally 187cm fight me (it sucks as a girl tho)


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so what would you recommend as a good episode of south park? ive honestly watched tweekxcraig like 50 times and i really love it but i feel like i need a break from it

i swear i’ve watched tweek x craig at least 100 times

okay so some good ones in no particular order!!:

- clubhouses

- gnomes

- tweek vs. craig (i’m sorry;;)

- super best friends

- proper condom use

- butter’s very own episode

- professor chaos

- simpsons already did it


- bebe’s boobs destroy society

- child abduction is not funny

 - season 6

- literally just watch season 6 it’s the best season

- krazy kripples


- casa bonita

- raisins

- good times with weapons

- stupid spoiled whore video playset

- the death of eric cartman (good)


- follow that egg


- make love, not warcraft

- lice capades

- le petit tourette 

- the imaginationland trilogy 


- breast cancer show ever


- the ring

- the coon


- it’s a jersey thing

- the coon trilogy

- T.M.I

- crack baby athletic association

- cartman finds love

- informative murder porn


- the black friday trilogy

- the hobbit

- the magic bush 

OKAY so i had a pretty successful pokewalk (i think?? i have no basis for comparison though), i caught 11 pokemon (i found a ghastly and named it casper and i lov it, idk anything about it but i love it anyway) and got 1 egg and i was JUST ABOUT to level up to level 5 finally and then my phone died >:( but apart from that it was all great!! and my brother and i saw two other ppl walking around catchin pokemon and it was Nice, we waved