I just really love this video okay

I srsly think I have horrible taste in video games. Like, all the games I really love– Resident Evil 6, The Evil Within, F.E.A.R.3, Silent Hill: Shattered Memories– everyone seems to really hate them. No one even acknowledges Siren: Blood Curse or The Wolf Among Us. Everyone gushes over The Last of Us, which I think was just okayish. I think the only one I really like that everyone seemed to like was Bioshock Infinite. Why must I have such bad taste?? Okay, well I think my taste is awesome at least.


NEW VIDEO: “Go Deep Throat a Hog Dog

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Hi! Okay so not to be annoying but is there a interview or a video (or a few) that a fan of fob MUST see? I have listened to their music through my friend for a while but recently got really into them but I know with some bands there are like 3 videos that are just iconic for them (like interviews) and I thought you could help.

yes id love to help!! okay so

  • this is the drunk history video watch this and thank me later
  • here u have fob reading fan confessions
  • in this one pete wentz thinks hes funny and for some reason throws himself on the floor like a lot of times. a lot.
  • THIS VIDEO IS LITERALLY PERFECT AND I ALWAYS END UP ON THE FLOOR SOBBING ((also known as the one year later video))
  • two words: thanks pete
  • nobody really knows whats going on here but they destroy a dressing room and blink 182 is there idk
  • in this one pete interviews patrick and andy and they make fun of p!atd its cool
  • the greatest interview in the whole fall out boy history also known as the jason video
  • also the rocksound interviews
  • in here patrick says he and pete are married and its v cute
  • in this one they talk about videogames and basically are nerds
  • have u ever wondered if u needed patrick stump pete wentz and ellen degeneres singing womanizer in a bathroom? now u have it
  • fall out boy for dosomething.org: nobody knows whats going on here
  • v v v young fob during bside to my tongue 
  • bedussey a national treasure
  • also theres a video somewhere during the tttyg era iu think and pete jumpos off a roof and its v weird but i cant find the link rn so if any of u guys have it pls add it to this post
  • if any of u have other videos to add please do it!!

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zayn malik appreciation week // day 5 - favorite solo

one way or another (teenage kicks)

ZW ‘12: Serendipity by ~Nightmarin


NEW SYFY PROMO | It’s the places, the people and the s t o r i e s that make sci-fi so great.