I just really love this video okay

Reasons why you should subscribe to Phil Lester! (yay)

It’s 11:17pm and I suddenly got feels over Phil Lester, so okay let’s just. go with this.

  • Phil Lester actually overcame a friends’ death. (Thank you to the people that pointed out to me that depression was a strong word!).

It’s really weird to see people forgetting constantly that Phil also had a really sad moment on his life, but was able to overcome it, as you can see on his Draw my Life video.

And that’s tough. As fuck. Losing someone is never easy, but Phil actually managed to put himself together and overcome his own sadness and fuck that is savage. He keeps making people happy and being the nicest person in the world maybe for this reason, maybe because he remembers how sad he was, or maybe because he’s just a sunshine. It doesn’t matter. If Phil Lester could overcome his sadness, you could look up to him and try and you can end up as happy as he is.

  • He is fucking smart.

Phil is indeed a cinnamon roll, but he can probably rekt you in one argument while being polite! As seen in panels at Vidcon/SITC, Phil Lester could probably win every single argument in the world as long as he’s well informed. He also ompleted a degree in English Language and Linguistics and then a post graduate in the Department of Theatre, Film and television, going on to obtain a Master of Arts in Video Postproduction with Specialisation in Visual Effects at the University of York, and he’s one of the notable alumni! Like fuck this is so impressive. People might believe he’s childish and kind of immature, but let’s be real, he’s smarter than you.

  • He’s such a kind and protective friend! And a good person in general.

Who wouldn’t want Phil as their friend t b h. Dan Howell is one lucky guy. Like, he’s 50% of Phil’s channel and Phil just really cares about him. Not only he’s kind to his friends but to complete strangers—and strangers who are jerks to him.

Look at this cinnamon roll. Who couldn’t love him? FUCK JUST SUBSCRIBE TO HIM—ok wait I have more reasons shh.

  • He inspired a lot of people. 

He’s like the dad of YouTube. Almost every single youtuber knows who AmazingPhil is (and he still only has 2M SMH), but to name at least three examples:

(of fucking course)

And those are just a small part of people who Phil inspired. There are so many other Youtubers but I’m such a lazy person so just have the three I remembered. Not only he inspired them, but these people admired him (and still do) (cough, Dan, cough), and half of the internet wouldn’t be the same if Phil wasn’t there.


Those challenges/tag you liked so much when other YouTuber did it? Phil probably invented it.

also the Toilet Tag and the Tour of my Brain, and the beloved baking videos:

Phil Lester (and Dan Howell) literally teach you to cook. COME ON. 

  • “But I can’t relate to his content!”

Trapped in my Jeans!


The Breakup

Stop looking at my spot!

My body sucks!

Smoking Fail!



In this video we see a wild Jacksepticeye butchering multiple languages instead of just his own! xD 

Screenshots from Guessing Phrases In Other Languages! :D

This video was so fun to watch but it was a complete nightmare to figure out how to screenshot. I originally was going to screenshot all the tweets in this video but because of youtube’s video player it covered up half of the tweets so I couldn’t do that idea. So here is some weirdly cropped screenshots of mostly Jack smiling! xD I hope that’s okay with you all instead of my original idea. I really did love this video though it’s cool that Jack found a way to interact with the non native English speakers who watch his videos. :) 

Although I have a huge feeling not a lot of the translations were correct. Haha! 

  • never not tear up at Mainstay Pro’s cave scene

NEW SYFY PROMO | It’s the places, the people and the s t o r i e s that make sci-fi so great.  

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Okay thanks, this is more of a thing in the GG fandom on Reddit, I think, but I do see it here too. Everyone's just really mean to Arin? Danny's seems to be everyone's role model, everything he does it Hilarious/adorable/inspiring. But whenever I see people talking about Arin he's always obnoxious/pretentious/bad at video games. The grumps used to visit the subreddit all the time, but you can tell the negativity real got to Arin so he left. I just feel bad.

Me, too. I love Arin, he’s honestly such a sweetie. So he’s shit at video games? Ok? He’s a sweetheart and genuinely cares and he’s just the best. I don’t understand the Arin hate.

Just a lil rant about something:

Okay so as you probably already know, Dan just hit 5,000,000 subscribers (I’m just gonna say now that I’m v proud of Dan and I’m also v happy for him) bUT- Phil hasn’t even reached 3,000,000 yet, so to everyone celebrating about how the phandom now consists of 5M people, NO, the phandom still consists of 2,843,855 people because it’s called the PHANdom for a reason okay. Now don’t get me wrong, I totally understand having a preference (I personally love them both exactly the same but we all have our own opinions) but doesn’t 2 million sound a lot to you? Like over 2 million people are only subscribed to Dan, and unless you’re inactive, I see it as pretty much impossible to watch Dans videos and still have no clue who Phil is, so it is really a matter of people just not liking Phils content.

Let me say this, Phil Lester is the most kind hearted, preciously beautiful human being I have ever set eyes on. He’s so positive, he doesn’t care when people steal his ideas without crediting him (which I know I would personally find very annoying), he is so so kind and really cares about the people around him and all of his fans, do you think he’s spending today being upset over how he hasn’t got 3 million yet? No, he’ll be spending today celebrating Dan hitting 5 million, and his amount of subscribers will be irrelevant to him today as he’s too busy being happy for Dan. And may I also remind you, that it was Phil who got Dan to start YouTube, THERE WOULD BE NO DANISNOTONFIRE IF IT WASNT FOR PHIL LESTER.

I don’t really know what else I can say other than please can we get Phil the same amount of subscribers as Dan, we all know it’s more than possible. I doubt anyone read this entire thing but thank you if you did okay bye I love you have a wonderful day everyone.

Dear Dan,

I really don’t know what is going on right now but I really hope you are okay. Please never think you are alone, for my sake and the phandoms sake. It makes me so upset thinking that you are upset. Please don’t doubt we don’t love you, we adore the crap out of you.

You make the best videos and you put a shit ton of effort in every single one. Please never think you aren’t enough, you are so special to every single subscriber on that amazing channel of yours. Please just don’t doubt yourself, please be okay, it makes me cry to know someone as great as you is feeling down. Keep your head up, bear. You’re doing okay.

Please don’t give up on yourself, I’m begging you. You, Daniel James Howell, are the best man, when I wanted to give up you was there for me, not in person, but you really got to me. I’ve been in the phandom for more than 5 years and all that time I found that you and Phil are excellent people for everything you do. 

Keep your head up, bear. You’re doing great.

From, Nepeta and the Phandom


Okay but I’m already so in love with this video I mean the way that the trailer we got opens and closes with her eye blinking like almost as if everything is just being played back in her own head because everything is moving backwards anyway and how it’s placed in the 1950’s which means everything will look so vintage and beautiful I am so excited to see what it’s really going to be like

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Is it bad that I really don't like Cat??? Like her voice/face/videos annoy me so much and I don't get why people love her so much she's not that great people just deal with her because she's Dan and Phils friend and that's all she'll ever be really

it is okay to not like cat,  but this is what you need to understand - she is a human being. “she’s dan and phil’s friend and that’s all she’ll ever be really” ???? what ??? she is far far more than just dan and phil’s friend, and the fact that you would reduce her to that makes me quite sad. people like me and many others i know don’t “just deal with her” i like her content and personality!! even if i didn’t i wouldn’t disrespect her existence like that??? she has made mistakes, and i don’t condone them whatsoever but saying things like this won’t better anything: calling her out is fine but hating on her isn’t. it is completely okay to not like her but saying things like that isn’t okay

Sheldon and Amy: To Make You Feel My Love - YouTube

Okay I had to make another Shamy video before my school year starts again. I was listening to music and this song came on. It was my sisters wedding song. I really listened to the words and it made me think how much Sheldon and Amy love each other and how much they really will do for each other. This song is just perfect for them. And let’s face it….Billy Joel is awesome(okay my opinion) anyway enjoy.

  • Me:I hope Dan knows we love him and are really proud for all he accomplished.
  • Phandom member:Why?
  • Me:People don't appreciate Dan the way they should. They don't appreciate his intelligence. On YouNow people tell him to be quiet when he's expressing opinions. People bully him as a joke, thinking it's okay. But in reality they don't know Dan personally. They're just cyber bullying him and it's not fair. If you care for him you wouldn't put him down 24/7 on each video and tweet. It's mean. I'm afraid he'll start believing what the bullies say; that all of us don't appreciate him. I'm afraid that he'll think that we hate him. I just want the mean jokes to stop.
  • Phandom member:dude they're just kidding you're overreacting.
  • Me:*headdesk*

Look at this nerd getting all excited about space! xD

Screenshots from Universe Sandbox ²! :)

Okay don’t take me seriously with what I just said at top of this caption I love space too! It’s super interesting and fascinating to me and I actually took an astronomy class in high school for one semester because I think space is so cool and interesting. :] I’ll admit I was nerding out over the video and as you could probably tell I really liked this game! The physics were really well done and it’s really cool that it’s basically playing around with space and you can pretty much do what ever you want. So yes I really liked watching this video but that’s just me! xD


Okay so this is so lame… and soo cheesy… 

But I just watched a video of Perrie Edwards breaking down after singing lyrics along the line of “no one will love you like i use to” or something like that, and she wasn’t able to finish the song… It was so heartbreaking. 

If I got a chance to sit down and talk to her.. i’d tell her: It’s really fucking tough right now, I can only imagine the state she’s in when comparing it to my own breakup, but she’s got the whole world watching her… 

I’d tell her, that I wish her own songs could help her come to terms with her break up the way they helped me… 

I’d tell her that boys are stupid… And even though its NOT gonna make her feel any better at this very moment, but it will get better… She will feel better and she will be okay at some point. 

I’d tell her that I understand that no one, especially me, will ever understand what her and Zayn had, apart from her and Zayn. Which makes it so much harder when people just say “you deserve so much better” or “he’s not worth it”. 

I’d tell her that I really admire her, now more than ever, because she’s been so strong with this stuff. And its gotta be hard facing, literally, the whole world after shit like that goes down. 

And lastly, i’d tell her, even though she probably doesn’t need me to… That her friends are so important right now. Her family will have the perspective of “our little girl” and they will ALWAYS be on your side just because you’re their little girl. But her friends would just be there on a different level. Even if its just physically. Which is something I also learnt, and I was so thankful that I had them more than anyone. 

I just really want to give her a hug… And I want her to be okay, and I honestly wish there was something I could do to help… But when it was me… Nothing could make me feel better apart from the guy who broke my heart… And I only assume its the same with her which is what makes this extra heartbreaking… Because the likelyhood is that he won’t be there to make it all better, and she’s just gonna have to suck it up until she’s moved on is very high (Or so it seems)… Even though i’m not a die hard Little Mix fan I really really really want her to be okay.

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okay so I'm new to the Smosh Games fandom and I was wondering... is Lasercorn married? Because I noticed in one video he had a ring on... (sorry if this is stupid I'm just really curious??)

Welcome to the fandom, you lovely anonymous! :D
Enjoy your stay and prepare for… well, anything and everything really. :)

Yes, Lasercorn is married, since August 2013, so far as I recall. Also, Lasercorn and his wife Sabrina had their first son Tyler earlier this year. Check his Instagram if you’re interested! :)

What’s up with G-Dragons hair? ;-;

So, I was watching the latest upload of Zutter, and happened to notice that something is wrong with GD’s hair… To me, it looks patchy. I showed it to some friends thinking maybe I’m paranoid, but they see it too.

Does anyone have any idea what is going on? Is it stress? Is he maybe sick? Did he develop Trichotillomania?

Or am I just paranoid, maybe it’s the camera/lighting.

But if you watch the video (here) and look at his hair, the patches don’t really move like the rest of his hair does. It just looks like chunks of it aren’t there. Here are some screenshots I got.





At some points it looks like it’s starting to grow back.

If you want, give me your opinions or anything that I’ve missed.

I love G-Dragon with all my heart, I hope he’s okay and healthy. I’m hoping this is me seeing it wrong.


i was rly sad and annoyed with myself because i hadnt written much lately and i was running out of inspiration but then LR came out with this video and i suddenly wanted to write a score for it because its so beautiful and wow. i had a lot of fun doin weird sound stuff that ive never done before and strange messy chords and key signatures it might be a bit avant-garde-y for some people lmao but the MV felt really symbolic to me and i wanted to match that with the music.

the video may seem a lil choppy at parts as i cut out some of the shots because it would look weird ravi silently going off to an orchestral score…it makes a pretty awesome short film though right? (also sorry ravi i made you seem like 100000% more evil but i loVE IT okay)

anyway this is just a fun composition exercise thing i did and i swore i wouldnt spend too much time on it because im a perfectionist and if i didnt force myself to finish it i would have never stopped with the mixing help me i need someone to mix for me im so bad at it

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Hi kimmy, I love ur videos. I've been smoking pot for little over a year & it helps me so much with depression & anxiety. My girlfriend is very against it, but I don't want to sneak around anymore. How do I do that without letting her down?

Ugh that’s the worst! Well IMHO if shes making you choose “her or weed”, that’s really manipulative and fucked up. There are people who don’t smoke but are okay with the culture, and some reject it completely..

I’m just saying there aren’t many other medication alternatives to something as organic and faultless as weed for depression/anxiety (i despise SSRIs), but there are many alternatives to a girlfriend who cares more about her opinions over her partner’s well-being

I really hope that Dan will be okay and it’s fine to feel down sometimes and have a crisis because nobody is happy all the time. And you know what? That is fine and he doesn’t should say that it’s just a joke.
It’s fine if he doesn’t upload a video soon when he doesn’t feel like uploading a video because he doesn’t know what to film.
To be honest I think he overworked himself with the book,book tour, app, stuff for the shop, the BBC gaming thing and uploading videos on his channel. I think it will be good for Dan to be on holiday with some of his friends and just come down a bit.
So before you tweet him that he is lazy and should upload a video think about that! Also I will fight you when I see a tweet like that!

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Top 5 favorite things abt frank ;-)

1) ahh hhe’s just a really kind person idk when he does things like caring for ppl at his shows or that video where he says “Are you okay…? You will be” I dunno I love that som uch

2) that he loves dogs & adopts/rescues a lot of them especially the ones that nobody else would want!!!

3) that he doesn’t let his illnesses get in the way of his life…. i mean both physical & mental like he was sick every day when recording stomachaches & I think he was v depressed too?? And as someone who is sick a lot (physically) & very mentally ill as well, that really inspires me because I spend a lot of time laying in bed because I can’t bring myself to do anything else…. so, I want to be more like him :’)


5) his hands & hand/arm tattoos tbh like just fuck me up……………..