I just realized I am wearing 0 make up in this

Pentagon Reaction to you usually being cute but having a sexy performance on stage

A/N: I'm sorry if this is not good I hope you like and the request are still open srry for the delay also                                                                                  **************************************************************************************

Hui: Tbh he was busy judging your singing to notice your performance       Backstage after your performance: *lecturing you about your singing*

Hui: Hey y/n you did a great job out but during your solo you were a little off key, so I am going to coach from now on.

You: *thinking back to the last time he tried to coach you and the huge fight you got into and stop talking to each other for like a month*                  “you know I think it would be best if I do this myself it could help me grow as a singer” 

You make up some random excuse so you guys don't have to go through that again.

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Jinho: Hein be would be giggling and laughing because he felt awkward, he had never seen this side of you before.

Kino: You’re really enjoying the performance, huh? *weird look*

Jinho: No this is just weird; do you think it’s weird? 

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Hongseok: He would just be really confused

“She was doing agyeo like 2 minutes ago,. Does she have a split personality?” 

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Shinwon: He is actually enjoying the performance and he is happy to see a different side of you. He’s is also happy that you are comfortable with the concept and you don’t feel uncomfortable.

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Yanan: *gif* he is just so cute ahhhhhhhhh!

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Yeo One: He would just be questioning everything and he doesn't get how he never saw how sexy you are.

*in his head* “What is happening? What is she wearing? has she always been this sexy and I've never noticed? Am I not a good boyfriend? What is life even?”

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Yuto: Honestly he did realize it was you up there until tour solo came on and he recognized your voice.

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E’Dawn: Like Hongseok he would be really confused.

E’Dawn: *babbling to himself* “Why is she like this? She was just making me look at cat videos with her. Now I feel like I am watching one of Hyuna subnae’s performances.”

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Wooseok: Y/N are you gonna dress like that all the time now. Well, I already intimidate a lot of guys with my height so you could if you want to but I want the old y/n back.

to say the least you would have to spend the next hour explain that this was just a concept and you were really changing.

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Kino: Dancing along to your performance and actually really enjoying it.

“That's my girl!”

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absolxguardian  asked:

If you need me to narrow the prompt down I can, but can I have some canon era trans enjolras content? Most of the ones I can find are in modern aus.


Enjolras realizes he’s trans because he was going through his father’s clothes to try and find something to make him look masculine so he would be more respected. He ends up frequently wearing male clothes and is just accustomed to being recognized as a man. He doesn’t realize that he’s male tho. He just thinks he’s a really good actor.

Finally, someone at a protest realizes he’s female and calls him out on it. He automatically yells “CITIZEN I BELIEVE YOU ARE MISTAKEN, FOR I AM AS MUCH OF A MAN AS YOU ARE A HUMAN!” He only realizes later that what he said was facts. He begins to take away all traditionally feminine clothes from his wardrobe and replaces it with clothes his father doesn’t want. He does keep around a few dresses to keep up the act for his parents.

Courfeyrac and Combeferre are a bit weary when they find out. They are supportive, but they just don’t understand. Their friend group is very different from anyone else and they just don’t understand. Enjolras tries his best to explain but he’s not the best with emotions and it’s hard to say “I feel like a man.”

It’s finally Jehan who is like, “I am not a man, nor a woman, yet you all seem to understand. I know you think it’s because I am a poet, someone who observes the world around them, yet does not participate, but no. I am not a man nor woman, for I am just me. You must understand that our dear friend Enjolras is as man as Adam. He was born as Eve but no, the universe has made a mistake, and now he is correcting it.”

Everything cleared up after that. When it comes to his relationship with Grantaire, it’s complicated. He never denies the man anything, for he truly loves him, but he is unsure if he can provide for what Grantaire is looking for. It’s only when Grantaire wants to die along side him does he realize that physical form is not what Grantaire was looking for. He was looking for Enjolras. In his last moments he prays that in whatever comes after life, his spirit, the whole being of Enjolras, can be alongside Grantaire.

(I love it whenever you come into my ask/interact with my blog, bc it’s amazing. I hope this satisfies your needs :) )

i was your typical tomboy as a child (wearing boy’s clothes, being mostly friends with boys, having what was seen as the time as “boyish” interests like football or video games) and my mother was pretty supportive and let me e.g. wear suits instead of dresses to Important Events and stuff like that

of course there was opposition to it but not enough to make me feel like what i liked and felt comfortable with was intrinsically wrong (which is much more privilege than other girls in my position are afforded)

that only started when i hit puberty. suddenly people were tapping their watches and asking me when i would “grow out” of this childish phase and become interested in Real Woman Things like make-up and… boys lol

i forced myself into femininity and make up (and dating boys!) and it made me absolutely miserable

and in all honesty? when i got into Baby’s First Feminism and saw all this writing about how women only hate the colour pink and femininity and all that because of internalized misogyny and accepting your womanhood means accepting you like these things after all, it made me feel like all those people who scolded me for not growing up like i should have were right. like not being into femininity as a girl is failing to adequately grow into womanhood, on top of betraying your fellow women or whatever

there was never any acknowledgement that, sure, for some (maybe even many) women deriding feminine things is a defense mechanism, but some also are just genuinely tired of having those things forced onto them all the time

what i am saying is: i don’t understand how people don’t see that the idea that “tomboys” need to grow out of this childish phase and the idea that hating femininity is just not being adequately feminist yet are related. how it’s harmful to not take into account the many women who’s antipathy to femininity in themselves is as valid as the many women who did realize that they were posturing.

years later, when i cut my hair off and stopped wearing make up and threw away most of my skirts and dresses, even though i felt happier and more comfortable in my skin than i had in ages, i still felt like i had Failed Feminism somehow. that the years in which i forced myself into femininity were a test and i didn’t pass.

you need to think deeply about the kind of rhetoric you let young impressionable girls see. a lot of it reveals a complete lack of perspective when it comes to what society actually let’s women get away with


This is Part Six in “Together”

Pairing: Jensen x Reader x Jared
Words:  1081

Read “Needy”
Read “Deserving”
Read “Loving”
Read “Vacation”
Read “Try”

A/N: The “Our Girl” series will be back after the first 6 parts of “Together,” (So…after this one) but I’m not taking anymore requests for it.
A/N2: If you want to be tagged in anything, just let me know.

Jensen’s Point Of View 

           Jared and I could only hold Y/N’s hands as she remembered what happened the night she got stabbed. It was hard to watch as tears streamed down her cheeks. But it was good that she remembered what happened. Maybe it would help the police find who attacked her.

           “I was walking, just enjoying the beach at night,” she said, starting slowly, “Everything was so beautiful. And I was thinking about how lucky I was to be here with you two. How lucky I am to have both of you in my life. I heard someone coming up behind me. I got spooked and turned around. He was wearing a mask. He told me to give me all the money I had. But I didn’t have anything with me. He kept coming closer to me and I couldn’t make myself run away. And when he realized I really didn’t have anything to give him, he stabbed me.”

           “Hey,” Jared put his hands on her shoulders, trying to ease the shaking, “It’s okay. We got to you. You’re going to be okay.”

           “He just . . . didn’t care. I was just some random girl walking around and he didn’t care. He stabbed me. I could have been anyone. What if he stabbed someone else? What if he does it again? What if he kills someone?”

           “They’re gonna find him,” I said, putting my hand on her back, “They’ll make sure no one else gets hurt.”

           “How do you know?” she asked.

           “I believe they will.”

           “Come on. Let’s get you back to the house. You need to rest,” Jared said, trying to take her mind off of the panic.

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A Million Tiny Pieces

Intro: This was requested by anon: Do you mind Spock x Reader?  

Okay okay so I never thought I would like writing Spock x reader but this was way too much fun.  When I got this request I panicked thinking I would never come up with a good idea but once I got one, the words just started flowing and I wrote it basically all in one sitting.  I love this piece so much I read it over and over again instead of writing new fics (sorry @outside-the-government I know your request came before this one but I needed to give this one to the world first - yours is almost done!)

Pairing: Spock x Reader

Word Count: 2410

Triggers: none really, attempt at slipping something into reader’s drink.

Summary: Reader goes to the bar after a long day and some crewman tries to slip something into their drink.  Spock comes to save the day and ends up walking reader back to their quarters.  Fluff ensues. 

Also: I kept picturing the reader in a leather jacket for some reason when I realized that Uhura wears leather jackets in aos so I guess I am not that original lol. 

Also (p.t.2): This is my first Spock fic so please be gentle :)


You had a bad day and just needed something to make you feel better.  So you made your way to the bar and practically crashed onto the bar stool, leaning your forearms heavily on the counter in front of you and laid your head on the cool surface.  

Letting out a deep sigh you closed your eyes and thanked the stars that this day was over.  You pulled the collar of your favourite leather jacket around your neck tightly as you continued to lean against the bar. 

“Long day?” You heard a deep voice ask, but you didn’t know if it was directed at you so you pretended to ignore it.  

Only when the cool exterior of a glass pressed against your elbow did you pick your forehead up off the counter and look up.   A small glass of brown liquid rested in front of you, standing there alone, like a lone soldier.  You turned your head and fixed your tired eyes on the bartender who offered you a weak smile as he picked up a cloth and started cleaning glasses.  

He nodded and gestured with his eyes between you and the person you assumed bought you a drink and you looked over to the stools beside you.  

One stool down sat a rather handsome, if not a little burly, looking crewman in a blue shirt.  He flashed a flirty grin at you and you smiled back.  You really were not in the mood for company, but if he was going to buy you drinks, you weren’t going to stop him.  He slid to the stool beside you and leaned on the counter as you lifted the glass to your lips and downed it in one shot.  Whiskey.  You hated whiskey, you were more of a ‘beer’ type of girl, but you soon felt it taking the edge off your bad mood and you turned to face the crewman.  He gestured to the bartender to fill your glass again before looking at you, his eyes flicking to your bag that had the medical insignia sewn onto it. 

“Medical, huh?  You a nurse or something?” He asked and suddenly you didn’t like him anymore, you hated when people asked if you were a nurse like it was a bad thing to be.  Like they were saying, “You not-a-doctor or something?”

You grimaced and knocked back the newly filled glass, slamming it back down on the counter with a 'tink’.  
“Yep, I’m a nurse, and a damn good one at that.” You replied dryly, but he still looked at you like you were naked and in his bed.  You shifted uncomfortably and crossed your arms over your chest. 

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RFA with a delinquent MC? Can I request that?

(ο´ω`ο)ゝ I don’t see an issue with it! Since MC seems to be an adult, I’m going to make her an adult one? Like 20 or 21? Does that still work for you? If not, message me again and I’ll make another one where’s she like some young punk delinquent! I just won’t have her romantically involved with them tho.


-He never really expected you to be one to steal, especially since you were helping out the RFA and what they stood for

-So when he saw you pull out something from your purse at the store the two of you were just browsing in, in the car, he nearly yelled out at you.

-”D-did you just steal that??”

-You shrugged. “Yeah. It’s over-priced anyway.”

-He just gaped at you for a moment, before just keeping quiet until the two of you got back to his place.

-Now he was just questioning everything you owned. Was it all stolen? Did you just steal from people or from stores?

-”Mc, why would you steal? What if you get caught one day?”

-”I’ve never been caught-”

-”That’s…Not my point.”

-He just didn’t know how to talk about this. You kept acting so casual about it. It certainly turned him off from you, though.

-”Mc….I’m okay with you cussing and drinking, and maybe even smoking, but…Please don’t steal. From anyone. That’s something I can’t really stand.”

-He’d probably stop viewing you as a romantic interest, and just switch his feelings for you into feelings for friendship. I don’t think he’d like a delinquent mc much…


-Her big time realizing it was when she was assigned to help get you ready for the RFA party. 

-You looked like you had never worn a dress that was ‘girly’ in your whole life, and the glare you gave the piece of clothing helped proved her assumption.

-”Jaehee- No. No no. I am not going to wear that.”

-It took so many outfits until they found a simple black dress you agreed to wear, and even though she didn’t know much about make-up, the stuff you arrived in was not suitable as well.

-From that point on, she understood a bit more about your attitude from the chat around Zen and the others. 

-When the two of you went on little coffee dates (were they dates? Friendly dates? God, she didn’t know.) you always snapped at people staring at the two of you.

-You were…Very hot headed, to say the least.

-One night the two of you were walking in town- You were walking her back to her place- when a couple of rough looking guys blocked the way.

-Jaehee was a bit intimidated, but she had ages of Judo lessons behind her.

-She was not prepared when you started chatting them up, however.

-After an awkward few minutes of her nearly squirming and you and the guys talking about some…colorful subjects… You finally waved goodbye and continued your conversation with her.

-”Mc, you know them??”

-”Yeah, they’re pretty okay. You just gotta watch out for the buzz cut one. He has too much fun with the gang’s stash.”

-Stash??? oh lord. You kept proving her first assumptions wrong each day.

-She’d lowkey be constantly worried over you.


-He found out when he called you and mentioned his bike, and the two of you had a long conversation about it.

-He brought up his old highschool gang and when you did too, he panicked.

-”You still keep in touch with them? But they’ve changed, right?”

-”Kinda. The leader stepped down but everyone still respects him. The new guy is kinda annoying but. Whatever.”

-Oh god. What??

-”Mc….Isn’t that dangerous?? You still do these things??”

-You just rolled your eyes. This coming from the used-to-be wild card? Jeez.

-He didn’t know what to think. Every now and then he’d push the idea of you not really talking to your old gang anymore, especially since they were still punks, but you always shot it down saying they were family.

-Would explain how you could hold your liquor well though….

-As long as you didn’t steal or hurt anyone, or do any hard drugs, he’d be slightly okay with it. Just be nervous when you brought it up.


-He never thought much about it. You did dress a bit like a punk, but he pushed the thought away. He never really understood women’s fashion anyway.

-He didn’t realize or ask about it until one day you mentioned you dropped out of high school.

-”What? Do you want to keep going? I can send you to a better school than what you were going to-”

-”Noooo, no no no. I am not going back to school, especially high school. Jeez, Jumin.”

-You went on to lament on how stupid and boring it was anyway. The only good thing was your gang.

-”I’m sorry, your what?”

-Immediate disapproval. Just hands down. “Don’t keep talking to them, they’re just a bad influence.”

-”What, are you my dad now?”

-(He was last night)

-The convo would probably turn into an argument pretty quickly. He’d have to spend a while thinking of if he really wanted to date you or not…


-”Can you steal Elly for me?”


-He found out and was just. Littering you with ridiculous questions. Weirdest thing you stole? Why? Stupidest thing your gang did? Weird things?

-He’d think it was funny until he found out you were still doing these things.

-And that the weirdest thing you stole was…last week??

-”Hey, come on mc, stealing isn’t cool.”

-”It is when it’s all overpriced bullshit. I’m pretty sure I’ve taken a few things from C&R branch stores.”

-Oh my god. Okay, never tell Jumin about this..

-”Yeah, but like…You’ve already stolen my heart. Isn’t that enough?”


-Regardless, he’d slowly try to ease you away from harmful bad habits. Give you spending money, never let you near one of his damn cars, hack into gang member’s phones to make sure they don’t hang out with you too much…. The small things!

-Constantly, constantly, worried.

Here’s some nice punk hcs if you’re interested!

I am bisexual,
and that doesn’t mean
that I’m confused;
I think, no, I know
that I know more about my own
personal sexual attraction than a
perfect stranger who’s convinced
they need to define me
by their own standards.
I am bisexual
and that does not mean
I am compelled by greed
to have everything,
snatching it up with my grubby fingers;
I do not have a tally-mark on my back
of the people I have slept with,
I do not keep score,
it is not my goal to gobble up
attention from both men and women
when I meet them,
it is simply a matter
of who I am attracted to.
I am bisexual
and that does not make me easy;
I am not bound with loosely-tied shoestrings
falling open at the seams,
I do not bat my eyelashes at
every person walking by to
lure them into my bed,
I am not a set of revolving doors that
just anyone can take a spin in.
I am bisexual
and that does not mean
I do not have standards,
nor am I looking for attention.
I didn’t realize my life was a stage
meant for your entertainment anyway,
but let me make up my face
and play a role for you
if that’s what you expect of me,
or wear a mask
whenever I am with my partner of choice
because regardless of their gender,
you will erase me
based on that alone.
If I’m with a man,
you will call me straight;
if I’m with a woman,
clearly I’m a lesbian.
It’s one or the other, but no,
I am still bisexual
because the person I’ve chosen to be with
does not negate
what my sexual orientation means.
I am bisexual
and it does not mean
that I require your approval
but I do require that you acknowledge
that I am real,
that I exist,
that my sexuality is valid,
that I am a bisexual human being
who knows what she wants
and what she likes
and it doesn’t have to fit into
your standard definitions of what a sexuality
is supposed to be.
I know that my mind and heart
are as clear as a glass vase
holding my attraction within it,
a swirling mix of colors that are
just as real as your own identity,
so why would you deny me mine?
This vase will not become a glass prison
that I one day outgrow,
shattering around me,
and suddenly I will see the light
I was evidently blind to.
I will not dismiss this term
I slap proudly upon my chest
in my later days as a “phase”
because it is just a part of me
as my hair color,
my eyes,
the fumbling fingers that
write this even now.
I shouldn’t have to shout
into this void about how
ridiculous your notions of me are,
nor should I have to prove my existence
like some ancient God
when I stand before you,
flesh and blood,
and a pulsing, beating heart.
Where are my temples,
where is my prayer,
if this is the case?
Either acknowledge me
standing before you
or build a monument in my honor.
I am bisexual
and I am here:
I am not some stitched up doll
sewn into a faulty pattern
that is discounted
because it is damaged.
I am bisexual
and the word describes my sexual orientation -
it should not give you any conceived notions
of what type of person I am,
it should not define my promiscuity
if there is any to be had,
it should not determine the clarity
of my mind,
it should not convince anyone
which of the seven deadly sins
is my chosen vice,
and it should not conjure any judgement
whatsoever by those determined to have a say
in what it means.
I am bisexual,
and that is an important element
to who I am,
one you cannot dismiss,
cover up,
or erase,
but it is not the most intriguing
thing about me,
it is simply one rather
relevant piece of a far more
complex puzzle.
I Can Wear What I Want

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Request:  Hi I loved your producer scenario it was amazing xxx please do a scenario where you and Chanyeol are about to go somewhere and you’re wearing something quite “revealing” so he gets angry and you get angry because he gets angry? Thanks, sorry if this is too long, plus I don’t feel Chan is the type to slut shame…

Word Count: 2489


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Things are changing.

Watching this show Dear White people and seeing more on the character Coco. I didn’t realize just how much I relate mostly to her. Growing up being a dark skinned girl people always called me an “oreo” because I spoke proper English, or i didn’t speak like a “black person” should. I used to ask my mom to straighten my hair all the time or to make my hair look “better” like the girls in the magazine’s . Even now I am always wearing my wigs or putting weave in so that i feel a little more accepted in this ass backwards society we live in. Dark skin women in this day and age unless we look like “them” or curing some ignorant S.O.B’S jungle fever are not seen as the powerful and beautiful women that we are. It’s sad. It’s gotta end.

Best and Worst of: Block B Photoshoots

Looking at Block B photoshoots is such a wild ride because on the one hand half of them look like this:

Thrift shop meets witch aesthetics and Park Kyung is holding a fake bird but it still looks good?

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So yesterday I wore make up (I don’t know why, I felt compelled for some reason) and by the end of the night my eyes started feeling a mild burning. Maybe it’s my almost year old mascara? Anyway I went to bed without washing my face. And I showered this morning and put on no makeup like usual. I just rubbed my eye and I could feel remnants of mascara clinging to my lashes, and now my eye is kinda burning again.

Is this something women who wear make up regularly just ignore?? Do you just get used to it and not realize it’s happening??? Am I possibly allergic to something in mascara????? Fucking make up man fuck

Somebody kept bitching at me about how I should wear less make up and it got to me. So I tried it. I've realized that Ito made me feel sad and uncomfortable It's not who I am I love make up it seems so petty but the fact that somebody tried to alter my appearance just so they could be okay is really fucked up
  • Me: I do not care about make up. I find it a very boring topic and would like to stop hearing about it, getting advertisements about it, and having people assume I'm interested in it. I hate how it has been forced onto me by family or friends whenever I am going to an event. I don't want to hear about it. I just don't care.
  • Every girl who wears make up within ten miles of me: Wow I didn't realize you hate other women!
The rollercoaster called my life.

Here you go with my entry for the Sam´s Sixty June Job challenge for @teamfreewill-imagine and @latinenglishfandomblog.

Even tough I got in pretty much last minute, I got exactly the thing I wanted to do and this is the first time I upload such a long oneshot, but I´m really, really proud of it and I hope a lot of you will take the time to read trough this work because it´ll mean a lot to me if you do.
I haven´t gotten around yet to read the other entries but I definitely will and I just think that´s such a great idea.

Also I know this isn´t like my typical reader insert stories (even though it is in fact a reader insert) but this is different than my usual entries so I hope it´s fine.

Summary: Sam wants to spent the summer before college interning in a law firm, but when his family has to move from New York to Florida, he suddenly has to take a job at an Amusement Park.
Little does he know that he´s about to meet someone who makes working in a can knockdown booth pretty much the best thing ever.

My Sam-job is: Amusement Park Employee.

Pairing: Sam x Reader

Length: 2560 Words

Warnings: fluff (a lot), smut (how did that get in there?), unprotected sex (use Condoms ya all, amuesementparkemployee!Sam, I guess in the US it would be underage drinking, in germany it´s fine :D

Originally posted by demondetoxmanual


Working in a crappy amusement park surly hadn´t been what Sam imagined the last summer before college to be.
He had wanted to do an internship in a law-firm, hoping to get some kind of insight before he would go off to Sanford in September and he was almost positive, that he would have gotten into one of the famous ones in New York, if his Dad hadn´t decided to move again.
Now he was stuck in a small town in southern Florida, and all there was to do for a summer´s job, was a temporary job in the town´s only tourist attraction, an old amusement park.
Today was Sam´s first day and when he walked into the small container that was used as an office, he already felt like he was done with this place.
An old man was sitting behind a pretty messy desk and was smoking a cigarette, which made Sam want to cough but he tried to keep it together.
“Good Morning, Mister Crowley, I´m here for my first day of work. It´s Sam Winchester”, Sam offered when the man ignored him completely.
“Good for you, Sam Winchester. Just find (Y/N), she will show you around and tell you what there is to do”, the British guy gave back and Sam wondered how someone like him had gotten here.
He looked like he had used to be a business man.
Maybe he once had been and now he was frustrated and that was why he was so grumpy.

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This is a video about platform shoes
Among other things as well, but mostly about platform shoes
For as long as I’ve been creative, I’ve been fearful
Fearful of rejection
Fearful of failure
Fearful of “who does this kid think he is?”
But a year ago I signed my record deal
And I thought I was going to wake up one morning
And all of a sudden be the dopest person the planet
With sick style and incredible music
I realized soon after that it was not going to be that easy
I realized that the art I appreciate and the people I appreciate
Are not just your average person walking down the street
You could take away their money and take away their fame
And they would cut up a garbage bag
And be wearing it like it just came off the runway in Paris
They would still be doing that thing that is just left of centre
That you either love or you hate
But frankly, they dont give a fuck what you think
Art is risk
Upon realizing this, it has been an interesting journey
I’m on the path to being a person that I am equally terrified by
And obsessed with
My true self
I realized that if I wanted to make cool stuff
I had to make cool stuff
If that cool stuff was letting myself scream into a microphone
In a room full of people, looking like a complete idiot
Because I know that it’s going to sound amazing on the final track
It’s about doing that
But this doesn’t only apply to me
If it means taking rad photos
That your friends are going to call ‘so tumblr’
It’s about doing that
If it’s about singing at the top of your lungs when your tone deaf
It’s about doing that
If it’s about showing off your ass
Because you know you look cute
Even though you might get called a slut
It’s doing that
If it’s about wearing something that you probably can’t pull off
Like women’s Converse platform shoes
When you’re a 19 year old man
It’s about doing that
Whatever it is, I urge you to do it
Don’t let people stifle you because you’re doing the shit
That they have always been too scared to do
Love your body
Let your mind wander
And let yourself be the person
That you have secretly always wanted to be
Life isn’t about finding yourself
It is about creating yourself
—  Troye Sivan, Becoming You

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Prompt: Felicity wears the black cut out dress for a fundraising event weeks prior to the August mayoral election.

“Oh, I’m late, I’m so late!” Felicity hissed, dashing through the small, cluttered offices of Smoak Technologies.  The company she had started after regaining the CEO position at Palmer Tech had become impossible, Smoak Technologies was her new baby.  She had been doing a presentation to the Star City Entrepreneurship Institute, trying to gain their support for her company.  It was a great opportunity, but the Institute’s board had asked a lot of questions.  And now, she was late for Oliver’s fundraising event.  

“Curtis!  Please tell me you got my dress!” she yelled as she headed for the bathroom.  

Smoak Technologies’ only paid employee, Curtis gestured in the direction of the bathroom as she dashed past him.  “In the bathroom.”  

“Thank you!” she called out, kicking off her shoes and hoping she would have enough time to freshen up her makeup here instead of in the taxi.  But when she saw the dress hanging on the back of the door, she nearly had a panic attack.

“Curtis!  This isn’t the right dress,” she wailed, feeling a wave of panic.  

“You told me to get the black dress with the cutouts,” Curtis said after a minute, his voice getting progressively closer until he was standing by the bathroom door.

Lifting the dress up, she turned to show it to him.  “But not this black dress with cutouts!”

Curtis eyed her.  “I hope you realize just how wrong that sentence is.  And I realize this might make me sound more straight than I am, but what woman needs more than one black dress with cutouts?”

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One of the hardest things I had to unlearn as a young woman in America is that other women are not my competition. I remember in HS and middle school every single girl that walked by me I would nit-pick something about her in my head like “ew her hair” or “ew what is she wearing” just real petty shit. And when I started getting more involved w/ feminism I realized I was doing that because I was insecure in myself and I thought all other woman were judging me as well. I had to let go of the respectability politics and all the other fucked up shit I had internalized and just let people live. And support woman in their choices. Bc who am I to judge? So now when I walk around and I see other women I notice something that I like about them, and I try to make more of an effort to compliment other girls. I truly think it’s a powerful thing when women support other women.

One too many

Pairing: Barry Allen x reader

@amayamei Request: Can you write a Barry imagine where you’re best friends and you get drunk and call him and he takes you home and you admit you’re into him. Thanks so much I love your imagines

A/n I’m so sorry for the lack of Barry/the flash imagines. I’ll work on that. If you have any request send them in.

Why am I waking up with a pounding headache, I didn’t drink that much, or did I? I got out of bed and realized I was wearing someone else’s shirt. I stumbled my way out of my room and was greeted by the smell of bacon and humming.

“Whose there?” I asked as I grabbed the closest thing to use as a weaponed, an umbrella.

“It’s just me y/n, I thought I would make you breakfast.” I heard my best friend Barry respond. I put the umbrella down and made my way over to my kitchen and was greeted to a shirtless Barry. “How are you feeling?”

“Like my head is about to explode” I responded. “Um Barry can I ask you something?”

“What is it?” he looked at me

“Um what happened last night?”

“You don’t remember?” I shook my head no and he let out a small laugh. “Well you called me last night telling me how you needed to tell me something and-” just as Barry was talking memories from last nights events came flooding back.


“It’s my birthday bitches ! ! ! Let’s get drunk” my friend Alexa shouted as she raised her glass. We were celebrating my friends 26th birthday and she always made it her mission to get all of us drunk by the end of the night. This year though she specifically said she was going to get me drunk. That’s because I never actually get drunk when we celebrate her birthday.

“We’ll see” I replied under my breath as I took a sip of the shot she ordered for us.

“Come one y/n” she shouted “chug chug chug” she began to chant. Our friends began to chant as well and giving into peer pressure I chugged the shot.

“That was disgusting” I scrunched up my nose.

“That’s because you need more. Bartender man more shots” Alexa shouted for more. “This year my love, you’re going to get drunk. Mark my words”

Two hours and many shots later I found myself proclaiming my love for Barry.

“I just love him so much” I I giggled as I took another shot.

“Just tell him ! ! ! ” Alexa told me “you’re hot, he’d be crazy not to like you back”.

“Ooooooook ok” I hopped off the bar stool and made my way outside to call Barry.

“Hello?” Barry’s sounded tired on the phone.


“Are you drunk?” he laughed

“MAYBEEEEEE” I replied with a little laugh.

“Oh my gosh who are you with right now?” Barry asked

“Technically I’m alone right now but I’m with Alexa” I hiccuped “and the girls celebrating her birthday. But that’s not the point-”

“why are you alone? Are you outside? Please tell me you’re not outside alone.”

“I am indeed outside” I replied “but that’s not the point b-”

“Please go back inside” he sounded serious

“Whyyyyyyy I don’t wanna” I complained

“Oh god, stay there then.” I heard him sigh before the line went dead.

“So much for proclaiming my love” I said to myself as I was about to go back inside.

“Y/n?” I turned around and saw that Barry was there.

“BARRY ! ! !” I ran up and hugged him. “How did you get here so fast? Oh wait it’s because” I covered my mouth before I said anything else.

“It’s nice to know that even when your drunk you still know how to keep my secret” he laughed “how much did you have to drink? If I remember correctly, you hate drinking”

“I stopped counting after ten” I batted my eyelashes at him.

“Alright I think it’s time for you to go home”

“But I was celebrating my best friends birthday ! ! !” I whined “and I still need to tell you something.”

“I thought I was you’re best friend” he questioned “stay here, I’m going to tell your friends your leaving.”

“Ok” I watched as Barry entered the bar and came out a few minutes later.

“Alright let’s go” he grabbed my hand started walking but I didn’t move. “What?”

“Carry me” he crouched down and I wrapped my arms around his neck before he got ahold of my legs and stood up. “Onward my fast friend” I held onto him tight as he started to walk. Ten minutes later Barry set me down and got the spare key I kept under my doormat.

“Alright go change, I’ll go make you coffee” Barry walked me to my room before walking out to give me privacy. I started to pull my shirt over my head but got stuck.

“BARRY” I shouted

“What ! ! !” he ran back inside

“I’m stuck” I managed to see part of his face.

“Here let me help” he laughed before he helped me out. “Better?” I nodded back.

“Can I wear your shirt? It looks so soft.” I asked with a smile

“Ok” he removed his shirt and handed it to me.

“Oh Barry is shirtless” I winked as I slipped on his shirt. “Hey Barry guess what?”

“What?” he was still blushing from my comment.

“I’m in love with you” I replied as I took off my pants. “I’ve actually been in love with you for the past six years.”

“Are you being serious y/n?” Barry sounded serious.

“Yes I am” I pouted “but I see you don’t feel the same, shit I just ruined our friendship! ! ! You can leave if you want.” I felt like I was going to cry.

“Hey listen to me” I felt his hands on my shoulder. “You didn’t ruin our friendship, I just can’t take you serious because you’re drunk”

“Drunken words are sober thoughts” I responded. “I love you Barry Allen.” I grabbed the back of his neck and pulled him into a kiss.

“I’m going to go make you some coffee to ease the hangover you’re going to have in the morning” he placed a kiss on my forehead. A couple of minutes later Barry came back holding a cup of coffee and aspirin. “Here take these” he handed me the coffee and pills.

“Thank you” I swallowed the pills and drank the coffee. “Cuddle with me” I asked.

“Of course” I laid down and he laid down next to me before he pulled me into an embrace. “I really hope you remember what you said tonight in the morning.”

“I will don’t worry” I muttered as I fell asleep.

*end of flashback*

“Oh god” I groaned as I buried my face with my hands. “I’m so sorry Barry”

“It’s ok” he pulled me into a hug.

“No it’s not. I just ruined our friendship” I bit the inside of my lip.

“You didn’t ruin anything” He got ahold of my chin and made me look at him. “I love you too. I didn’t tell you that last night because I had a feeling you wouldn’t remembered anything that happened. I was right by the way.”

“You don’t have to say you love me to make me feel better.” I looked into his eyes.

“I’m not, I’m in love with you” he place a kiss on my lips. “Go sit down while I finish cooking you breakfast”

“Ok” I gave him a kiss before I sat down in my dining room, excited at the fact that Barry loves me back.

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I woke up at 1am last night to hike the Ijen volcano and admire the blue fire which you can only see here in Indonesia and Island. 

The views were beautiful but I had to wear a special gas mask because I had trouble breathing.

The men working there carry baskets of yellow sulphur weighing 70 to 90kg up a steep rocky path from the crater floor a few times a day. They make 5$ for one basket and it takes them about 3 hours to hike up, get the sulphur and hike down. 

Traveling makes me realize how LUCKY I am. Thank you God and bless these hard-working men.

My name is Anna Nadia Bandura, I’m from Poland and I’m traveling the world alone, just with Taylor Swift’s album 1989. I called this project #1989TravelsTheWorld. This year I’m going to visit 20 countries and spread Taylor’s music around the world. I’m going to the 1989 World Tour in Amsterdam or Germany ( I hope so!).