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Oh lord, ho hey, so I have been working at my new store for two weeks, and i have already been given a whole department to look over by myself, and it’s not that I don’t KNOW how to handle everything that comes with it in theory, it’s just that it’s a lot of new routines and also responsibility, and (*whole body making revving up noises*) my anxiety is flaring up badly, I have to do sooooo much internal work rn to keep myself in check and not spiral into something…and it’s fine, I realize just how many strategies my therapist has taught me to deal with stuff, but it’s soooo muuuuuch work, in addition to the awkwardness of meeting soooo many new people and hrrrrrrhhhiioooooooo….. I’LL DEAL, BUT I’LL PROBABLY COMPLAIN A BIT ABOUT HOW EXHAUSTED I AM ON THE WAY

It’s disturbing how angry men get when they’re not pandered to or put ahead of women. Look at all the reviews for Ghostbusters and note the disparity between critical reception and audience reception. I’ve seen men commenting on voting sites bragging about creating multiple accounts just to vote this movie down more. I’ve seen every success with this film described as a flop by masses of men who have yet to even see it. The entitlement never ceases to amaze me.

In the past few years there’s two other franchise expansions that come to mind as provoking a similar reaction: Star Wars and Mad Max. The fact that both of these have female leads as well is not coincidental. It seems that even in this day and age there is still a clearly large group of men who believe women cannot be allowed space in our media without being objectified or designated as a damsel in distress/side kick. Empowered females in film are frequently attacked for being “too perfect” and one-sided, despite complex emotions, backstory, and personality. Misogynists reach for anything they can find to tear down these films and roles.

It needs to stop. It needs to be combatted. We cannot allow ourselves to be pushed back by hate.

So if you have the time and some extra cash, maybe go watch Ghostbusters. Then go home, write a positive review.


okay I needed to make a separate post about this. I am so done with everyone saying that Sarah J Maas is ruining the development of her characters by picking and choosing who she ends up with.

first of all, hello, this book series is about a badass fire-breathing bitch-queen who survived the brutal murder of her parents, was raised by the king of assassins, was betrayed by her master and saw the first person she ever cared about since then deeply murdered, survived a year in Endovier when no one usually survived for more than a month, won a competition to be the king’s murderer and champion, discovered a bunch of shit she really didn’t need to about our dear favorite Queen Elena, was held responsible for taking care of and cleaning up the mess the king/Maeve has created with the Wyrd keys, dealt with the fact that she’s been hiding her true identity as the Queen of Terrasen for ten years, traveled to a country where her evil aunt wanted to manipulate her and her power, accepted and embraced the fact that she was Fae, trained to become a badass warrior with fire power as strong as Brannon’s, and you’re all literally fighting over the fact that she has had three love interests?

I don’t know how else to put this: no. simply no. you know what? I love Chaol Westfall. I love Dorian Havilliard. I love Sam Cortland. I love Rowan Whitethorn. I love all of those beautiful, well-developed men, and I think they’ve gotten their fair share of who Aelin is in this series. but here’s the thing no one seems to understand: Lillian Gordaina, Elentiya, Celaena Sardothien, Queen Aelin Ashryver Galathynius—whatever you want to call her—is nineteen years old. I don’t know about you guys, but I think I’m probably still going to be dating well into my twenties, hell, even my thirties if it takes that long to find someone I want to spend the rest of my life with. and here we have this amazing, empowering young woman who has had the opportunity to be in a relationship with a fellow assassin, who had always loved her, the Crown Prince of Adarlan, who had so much in common with her, and the Captain of the Royal Guard, who cared and loved her like she needed to be cared and loved for after everything she’d endured at Endovier. and you know what, I’m glad she’s gotten the opportunity to cherish all of them in their own unique ways. she’s learned from them, gained friendships and trust and learned true loyalty. they’ve helped shape who she is now. and the whole deal with everyone hating Rowan is just baffling. I mean, are you really going to be that immature about wanting Aelin to stay with Chaol that you’re going to come up with as many excuses as possible as to why Rowan is a problematic character and totally wrong for her? and then go beyond that, and bash on the author that brought all of these amazing characters to life?

no, fuck you, don’t do that.

Rowan Whitethorn is a problematic character at heart—tell me something I don’t know. but hey, here’s a thought! Aelin, our beloved badass girl who loves makeup and reading—is also, unfortunately, an assassin. she murdered innocents in her years growing up with Arobynn. she’s cruel and cunning and calculated, and she’s every bit as ruthless and Rowan is the first time we meet him. the difference is, Rowan hadn’t gone through the enormous transformation he underwent in Heir of Fire when he “abused” Aelin. let’s be real here: Rowan is a slave to a corrupted Fae queen who also lost his mate and has never had anyone real to depend on other than her in his whole existence. both Aelin and Rowan are problematic characters, so don’t bash on Rowan just because you want her to end up with Chaol. also, let’s remember that up to this point, Rowan and Aelin’s relationship has been 100% platonic so let’s please chill out on that one.

back to the previous statement: Aelin is just a teenager. she’s living her life and trying to get through all of these trials and tribulations that make focusing on boys a little difficult. so I don’t care if she gets another 50 love interests in this series, as long as she ends up with someone who truly makes her want to spend the rest of her well-deserved, happy life with. or, you know, she could totally end up alone too. that’s also okay.

and, lastly, onto the last topic: Sarah J Maas created Dorian, Ansel, Rowan, Chaol, Manon, Arobynn, Sam, Nehemia, Aelin—all of them. she brought to life every one of these characters that we love and care for and freak out about so constantly. she created every single plot twist and storyline that has taken us on an unbelievable journey—and sometimes in directions we had no idea even existed. Sarah J Maas has made every decision along the way about who Aelin would kill, love, trust, betray, and overpower, and we have loved every second of it. so why are we doubting her now?

I’m gonna say it plain and simple: if Sarah J Maas decides she likes Rowan or Chaol or Aedion or whoever more to be with Aelin, that’s not her being biased and “throwing away” her other characters’ development. that is her doing her job as an author. she is literally picking which guy she thinks is best for the character that SHE created and that SHE knows better than we ever will. that is her picking the character that SHE most likes, because, quite frankly, our opinions mean nothing in the grand spectrum of it. therefore, let’s all do each other a favor and get over the hate and the frustration and the immaturity that this fandom is way too good for. we all love these books, so let’s please just acknowledge the fact that the main character’s romantic interest, in the end, will never be more important than Aelin Ashryver Galathynius’s heartbreaking, dangerous, and commemorating story of which we’ve been given the opportunity to be a part of.

I saw Trump using we are the champions in his opening at the RNC (via the late show) and I was literally groaning with disgust. It’s just so appalling to hear Queen’s music being associated Trump for obvious reasons…. which Colbert sums up perfectly. 

oh, and ps, Queen doesn’t like it either

I’ve been stewing all day thinking about this and I figured I would get my thoughts out. I’m sure there will be people that disagree with me and I’ll probably get a lot of hate for this, but I still feel like it needs to be said. If it it helps one person, then I did what I came here to do.

I’ve been seeing a lot of posts and replies and messages from people saying that Calvin is doing all of this because he loves/misses/regrets breaking up with Taylor and that he doesn’t know how to handle it/channel his emotion/cope/etc. I’ve seen others defending Calvin’s behavior, saying that Taylor started it/deserves it. Still, I’ve seen others cheering Calvin on for behaving the way he has over the past couple days (and weeks, arguably, if we are to include the instagram posts and twitter posts when Hiddleswift was first made public). While I understand wanting to defend your fave, there is a distinct line that should not be crossed and, in my opinion, it has been crossed in this situation ten times over.

What Calvin has done is not only rude, manipulative, and uncalled for, but absolutely emotionally abusive. He has taken a situation where Taylor has virtually said nothing on the matter, and turned it into a Taylor Swift bashing party. He has turned himself into the ultimate victim. 

With that said, I’m not being naive Taylor Swift fan, as I’m sure plenty of you are dying to accuse me of being.I’m aware that Taylor has flaws just like the rest of us. I’m sure she had her part in this break up and am in no way blaming Calvin for their relationship falling apart. However, I am blaming Calvin for his behavior after the fact. 

Let us start with the instagram comments. He felt the need to get his story out there without Taylor having said a thing. He claims she controlled the media, while the only confirmed media source we saw was People magazine when the break up was announced, which claimed it was mutual. He tweeted that it was as well, so we have no reason to believe that, at that point, the break up was not a mutual decision. They seemed friendly, as exemplified by the instagram like shortly after the announcement. As far as I can remember, there were no damaging articles written about him, other than opinion based articles from bullshit sources. Now, I’m not one to believe “a source close to Swift/Harris”, so I’m not going to drag in the numerous articles bashing Taylor that supposedly came from Harris’ camp. 

However, Calvin made it so that I didn’t have to. He spoke openly about his ongoing beef with Taylor. He made comments such as “I’m free”, making it seem as though she was controlling. He made comments about her being calculated. He made comments portraying her as manipulative. He painted himself as the victim in what he once claimed was a mutual decision. 

Moving on to recent twitter activity. After remaining silent on her split from Calvin, Taylor confirmed she had written “This Is What You Came For”. ALL that was confirmed was that she had written the song. She didn’t bash Calvin. She didn’t accuse him of forcing her to keep the secret. She simply came forward with the fact she had written it. While I can understand Calvin’s frustration, as he was apparently blindsided by her admission of this, what I cannot understand or excuse is the comments he made regarding Katy, her new relationship, and her character. 

Here is a man who knows this woman’s every insecurity. He knows what makes her tick. He knows what hurts her. He was in a relationship with her for fifteen months. He loved her as she loved him. And what does he do? He turns around and uses every insecurity he knows he can use against her. He attacks her character, he attacks her as a business woman. He makes out as though when she’s bored, she finds someone to drag down. He uses the fact that so many people dislike her because of a distorted view the media has placed upon her as serial dater, Regina George in sheep’s clothing to his advantage, knowing that if he says what people already think, he’ll only be “confirming” their beliefs. He knows that she can’t speak out against it, because it’ll only make the situation worse. He knows she’s already getting flack for her relationship and can’t defend herself without being told it’s fake. He knows how long she’s been fighting the reputation other’s have placed upon her. He attempts to guilt her for her new relationship, for moving on, as if she’s somehow done something wrong by being happy when he’s so miserable. 

Yet all I hear is that he’s upset. He’s sad. He’s having trouble moving on. He still loves her. And I’m here to tell you that that isn’t love. You don’t intentionally seek to harm someone you love, emotionally, in their career, in their love life, no matter how upset and hurt you are. You don’t attempt to destroy their image because your feelings are hurt. 

This man is 32 years old. STOP saying he doesn’t know any better. STOP saying he can’t help it. STOP making excuses for him. Feeling hurt, angry, sad, upset, jealous, etc.  Those are ALL valid feelings to feel during and after a break up, whether or not your ex has moved on. He is entitled to feel those things. It is his behavior which is inexcusable. It’s not romantic. It’s not cute. He knows how to behave like an adult. Being upset and hurt and still loving her are not valid excuses OR explanations for what he has done recently. STOP acting as though he is a child. He knows what he’s doing. He knows that it’s wrong. But because there is a HOARD of people standing in his corner saying things like “Poor man, he’s just so sad, he’s hurting. He doesn’t know how to handle his feelings. This is how he copes, let him cope the way he needs,” he is going to CONTINUE to act like this because these people are PERPETUATING  the belief that it is okay for a man, for ANYONE, to tear another human being down because their feelings are hurt. 

We have GOT to stop perpetuating the belief that this is normal break up behavior. This is NOT normal. This is NOT acceptable. This is ABUSIVE. This is HARMFUL. This is DAMAGING to every young person, every woman, who believes that someone who “loves” them will show them that by behaving in a destructive way, whether to themselves or to another person. It is NOT normal to try and garner the sympathies of others by using another person’s insecurities, relationships, past, etc against them. It is NOT normal to publicly humiliate someone else because your feelings are hurt. Do not let ANYONE tell you otherwise. It is manipulative and destructive behavior, and the fact that there are people willing to stand behind him and hashtag “TaylorSwiftIsDoneParty” while he all but ENCOURAGES it, yet tear a woman down for claiming credit on her work, the fact that SHE Is the one being called a snake while a grown ass man sits behind a keyboard and singlehandedly attempts to destroy her career because he is bitter and jealous and upset is what is wrong with this society. And if you continue to defend him, if you continue to stand behind a man who has shown nothing but animosity and pettiness since a break up over two months ago, you are part of the problem. 

So some people are suddenly saying Gray's being ‘‘ooc’’ towards Juvia...

I feel like they are being quite hypocrite because he was already behaving ‘’ooc’’(I’m putting those quotations marks for reasons I’ll explain) after the 1 year time-skip. I didn’t see them making a scandal of them back then. (tho honestly those people are just giving any excuses to not accept Gray and Juvia ending up together)

So let’s start after Gray’s cover got blown up. He started showing how his character’s changed probably thanks to his time with Juvia.

I’ll start with how he seemed to be happier than before and teasing Lucy.

And now this moment…Which could probably be the most ‘’ooc’’ thing he did in the whole manga if it weren’t for the time-skip…

Yes this. Do you honestly see pre-time skip Gray acting this way? I don’t think so.

That’s just how he came to be thanks to the positive influence of a certain person… A Gray Fullbuster more open with his feelings and happier than before. Isn’t that a great thing? So I don’t see what’s so shocking about him being so casual with Juvia and considering seriously his feelings for Juvia.

Aren’t some people just mixing ‘’ooc’’-ness with actual character development?