I just need to make it through this month

And I tried. I tried to be beautiful in a way that caught you off guard. I tried to be smart without having to use a calculator. I tried to be funny without having to think of some stupid joke to say. I tried to be sexually experienced for you. I tried to have all my shit together. I tried to figure what I wanted in life. I tried everything just so you could look at me the way I look at you. I tried to be something that wasn’t me and even when I tried all theses things it still wasn’t enough to make you look at me. It still wasn’t enough to make you want me. It still wasn’t enough to make you love me. Never again will I ever be something other than myself for a guy. Never again will I betray the body I was given. The home that I hated for so many years and treated like shit. Never again will I put a mans needs before me because really men ain’t shit. They do not home a person for 9 months just to go through extraordinary measures to bring that tiny human into the world safely. They do not bleed for a week and have extreme pain just because they aren’t pregnant. Women do not open their hearts and hips and birth a child when it feels like every bone in their body breaking and more just so a man can decide if she’s the one he wants for the week. My point is, do not ever settle for a man that does not see you as magic and more. Women are not ordinary. We did not give birth to civilization just so we could be treated like shit.
—  You not wanting me was the beginning of me wanting myself. // love, heartbreak & everything in between.// deeply feeling series

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How can I get myself in the best mindset?

This is a great question, and I’m going to answer it like in a personal sense cause I dont know what is good for everybody but, 

- Clean!! I know I always feel so much better when I clean my room or my space or wherever I am in that time, it helps reduce anxiety and I get the like anxious procrastination of just letting the mess build up but trust me if you put on some music and force yourself you’ll feel a ton better

- Take a shower, I feel like it helps you process things and be numb for a little while while you just stand there and think, which we all need sometimes. Afterwards put on lotion and brush your teeth, anything you need to feel clean. 

- Put together a playlist. Make one of your favorite songs, things that help you focus or make you happy (( or *cough* *cough* go check out our spotify for some cool tunes lovelysuggestions )). I personally make a new one with different songs each month, it really does give me something to look forward to. 

- Turn off social media, and youtube. I feel like when im on them I’m in a fishbowl of just like unproductivity and my brain is literally rotting away as I keep clicking different things every 6 seconds. Even netflix I feel is better than that, just getting through a show or something. 

- Do something productive. Do something that will stimulate your mind or challenge you. Read, MAKE SOMETHING, it’ll make you feel clean and help unjumble your head a bit, and I think the action of doing something start to finish is really rewarding. 

Those are my tips, I don’t know if you guys feel the same but that’s kinda how I get to my best mindset sometimes <3

Best Nap Ever

Harrison Osterfield ~ Tom Holland Fan Club

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You find a nap buddy that doesn’t want to nap anymore as much as you beg him to.

Requested by: @tanovic54321 wanted a fluffy Harrison imagine so

Written By: Head Honcho - Zoe

Reader: Could be any

Warning: Fluff, long af

A/N: Inspired by the episode in FRIENDS when Joey and Ross take a nap together. Also, I called that ‘fancy’ chair that actors get (the wooden foldable chair with the black ‘padding’ a director’s chair. Idk, I googled what it was but it was just that.


“Gotta head to set.” Tom stretches as he stands up from your couch.

“Aw.” You frown, pausing the scary movie Tom thought it would be smart to watch. “You guys are going to leave me in such a vulnerable state?” You pout out your bottom lip as they make their way towards the door.

“Harrison can stay.” Tom offers, you smile while Haz’s eyes widen.

“Really?” You gape, holding a pillow to your chest.

“Yeah, yeah.” The brunette nods, sending a smirk to his friend. “I’ll shoot you a text if I need a coffee or something.” He hits his arm and walks out of the trailer, closing the door behind him.

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Daddy Kink (Ash’s Writing Challenge)

I know I’m a day late so it’s okay if I’m disqualified I just wanted to get this out either way! Also can we just talk about this gif fffuuuuuUUUUCCCKKKK!!!!! okay i need help 

Warnings: SMUT AFFFF, Daddy Kink, Overall Negan’s sexiness, cussing

Word Count: 1397

Originally posted by marythenurse

The sound of a washer machine hummed through the room, making the only noise to fill the void. Cleaning the saviors’ clothing had been the job you were assigned since Negan demolished your group and took you captive. You had lost track of the time since you arrived and faded into the routine. Weeks? Months? The answer was unknown and irrelevant. Lacking any social interaction, you could be found hiding in the laundry room or in your dorm. Avoiding Negan had been a speciality you developed. You were the kind of person to tend to hide away from your ‘crushes’. The amount of fantasies you had of him was quite embarrassing but it made a fun pastime during quiet evenings like today. The laundry room was tucked away in the basement, lacking light and people. You were pretty sure the only person who knew of this place was Negan. And even that assumption was debatable, until he had shown up that evening. You were daydreaming about him again, all outside sounds being drowned out by the cleaning machines. When he snuck in without warning, you hadn’t even noticed he entered until he spoke.

“Hey there darlin’” His husky voice sent a chill through your body and caused you to jump into reality. You gave a shy, weary smile in response. His eyes scanned the room as if he were seeing it for the first time.

“I nearly forgot about this fucking place. That is, until I thought of you.” He walked around slowly. His tall body making the room feel a lot smaller than usual.

“Believe it or not I’ve been fucking looking for you. I had almost given up hope until I was reminded of your duties. You haven’t been avoiding me have you sweetheart?” Negan held your gaze and he spoke those last words. Feeling your cheeks heat up you decided to continue your job to ease your anxiety.

Quit being a fucking pussy! You’ve dreamt of this man for the past few months and now you’re alone with him! Fucking do something!

You looked around the room and noticed a new box of dryer sheets on the top of the shelf behind Negan. Not only would that make you move instead of standing there like a deer in headlights, but it would bring you closer to his lean body.. Forcing your legs into action, you awkwardly moved past Negan.

Jesus Christ did you forget how to fucking walk? God I look like such a fucking dumb ass.

“No answer? That’s fine.” He chuckled to himself and leaned against the table in the middle of the room. Turning to face you as you attempted to reach for the dryer sheets. You went onto the tip of your toes to reach the box, but failed. After multiple tries of stretching your arms as far as the could go and nearly giving yourself a foot cramp with all that straining, you were about to give up.

Great. Now you can’t even reach the box. Now you look even more-

“Need some help? I’ve got to admit watching you struggle might have just made my day.” Negan laughed at your misery as he pushed himself off of the table and moved beside you. With his height, reaching for the box would take little to no effort. Your eyes roamed his body as he was about to assist you, but he stopped. You blushed as your eyes met his after thoroughly checking him out, a smirk spread across his face.

“What’s the magic word?” He teased.

“Please.” You spoke quietly making it so he could barely hear. He leaned down to your face and spoke low.

“What was that? I couldn’t hear you.” Without even thinking you took your chance, after all, you had desired this man for a long time and you weren’t about to miss your opportunity.

“Please, Daddy.” His eyebrows raised at your response as he smiled wickedly. His fingers lightly tapped beneath your chin and his eyes grew dark.

“Say it again.” He demanded softly, staring at your mouth. But you didn’t follow his order, instead you took it one step further. Lowering your eyes you dipped your chin, taking his middle and index finger into your mouth. He hummed in delight and your eyes met his, making sure not to break eye contact. Your mouth moved down his fingers, swirling your tongue around them, before slowly moving back up. When you pulled away, a trail of spit followed the two of you before breaking away.

“Please, Daddy.” You repeated yourself. But this time, you desired something other than the dryer sheets. To show him, you grabbed the same hand and moved it to your throat. Grasping the outside of his hand and tightening it around you, gazing up at him as he stared down at you with lust. His hand gripped your neck in response as he quickly moved against you, causing your body to press against the wall. The opposite set of fingers trailed beneath your skirt. You tugged on the back of his neck and pulled him into a deep kiss. It started off slow, before the two of your tongues entered the others’ mouth and moved rhythmically. His fingers roamed your body before sliding into your panties. Gasping into his mouth when he found your clitorius. Negan started to massage it before he decided he wanted more. He removed your underwear with one finger before moving both hands behind your thighs, he lifted you up and wrapped your legs around his body. You yearned for him in every way. His kisses trailed from your mouth to you jawline, and then your neck. He then sucked on the soft spot just beneath your jaw. You lifted your head to give him full access as he took your skin with his teeth and tugged.  Moaning in response, you could feel him smirk against your skin in satisfaction. You could hear him unbuckle his pants hastily with one hand, and when hearing the belt fall to the floor you could help but grow more excited. You pulled him closer to you with your legs and he laughed lowly in response.

“Easy baby girl.” He whispered into your ear. Before you could react his thrusted into you, causing a gasp to erupt from your lips. He gave you a chance to adjust to his size, as if it were possible. When he felt you were comfortable he started to move, fast and hard. Moving your hands to his hair, you gripped onto him not knowing what else to do with this pleasure. You bounced against him as your back was pressed against the wall. Nibbling on your ear, he moaned huskily into you. You replied with a muffled moan as you pressed your face into his neck. You slid your hands into the top of shirt and dug your nails into his back. Negan wasn’t the only one marking his territory. You attempted to catch your breath but the only thing that occurred was a pleasure filled wince. A wave of pleasure started to rise within you and you squeezed your eyes shut in response. Unable to comprehend, it overtook your entire body as Negan moved faster into you. You cried out loud and dug your nails deeper into him, he rode out your orgasm and continued for his own. Your walls tightened around him causing Negan to shudder against you as you felt him throb inside of you. He attempted to hold in his noises but failed as he released a low moan, cumming into you.

“Ah, fuck!” His head pressed into your chest as he tried to contain himself. After he finished he pulled out slowly and allowed you to finally touch the ground and fix yourself up the best you could.

“Fuck sweetheart, I should help you out with laundry more often.” He smiled evilly as he pulled his pants back up and wrapped his belt around him.

“Of course Daddy, you know where to find me.” You winked and turned away to tend to your duties, swaying your hips as a tease. Feeling him watch you, you bent over to open the washer, giving him a clear view up your skirt.

“Or we can just fucking continue now.” He gripped onto your waist and pulled you into him for round 2.

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Business and Pleasure - Part 13

Summary:  Bucky AU. After a major deal falls through, your father’s business almost falls apart. In a desperate attempt to save his livelihood, he seeks the help of his oldest friend, George Barnes, who happens to be the CEO of one of the most influential businesses in New York. He agrees, but on one condition. You have to marry his son.

Word Count: 1,413

Warnings: Swearing

Originally posted by naih-reedus

“Y/N Barnes?” the nurse’s voice, however kind it may have seemed to everyone else in the room, sent shivers down your spine. You weren’t ready for this. You didn’t want to be here. In fact, you could think of several places you’d rather be at the moment, but you tried to keep a neutral expression as you stood.

“Do you want me to come in with you? Or I can just wait out here. Whichever you’d prefer.” Steve asked, giving your hand a reassuring squeeze.

Nodding, you squeezed back tightly, “Please. I feel like I’m either going to puke. Or pass out. Maybe both. I don’t really know.”

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Ricky Whittle talking about Gillian Anderson as Media, in American Gods

What was it like working with Dana Scully herself, Gillian Anderson?

Do you know how hard it was, to not call her Scully? So the first scene was the Lucille Ball, the ‘I love Lucy’ scene in the store and I was so excited. I, like you, have grown up with Scully, X-files, you know. Mulder and Scully were my jam, that was my thing and I was so excited. And I saw her make-up, we were talking about her charity and I  drew a doodle for her charity and I was like ‘Oh my goodness, Gillian Anderson just asked me to do something for her charity’ and she was so cool in the make-up chair and she is so wonderful and so we went to set and we kinda went through it and stuff and then when we went to, go for the take she was ‘You can go home’ and I was like ‘Excuse me?’  She was like ‘Well, it’s only me talking to the camera so don’t worry about it. You can just go. I don’t need you here’ and I was like ‘Oh, okay.’ That’s fine, I get it, I get it’. I don’t wanna distract you.’ But I was really gutted. I literally worked all day, every day for like a whole month, I hadn’t had any time off and then the one time I actually really really really wanted to work, Gillian Anderson gave me the afternoon off. So I was very grateful but I was really gutted because I really wanted to work with her. You know, she was talking straight down the lens so she didn’t actually need to see me. And she said it’s just gonna be distracting if I was the side of the camera. 

But she is a phenomenon. She is incredible. You know, when people exceeds your expectations like that…Sometimes you are scared to meet your idols and these great actors ‘cause you don’t wanna be disappointed. Gillian Anderson will blow your minds. And I eventually did get to work with her and it was fantastic but I think, I’m not sure how much I can say about her different personalities as Media coming up but David Bowie blows my mind. Her as David Bowie is one of the best things you will see on TV. She is incredible and I’m looking forward to the world seeing that. I think Gillian Anderson dressed as David Bowie T-shirts will be everywhere. 

Bryan Fuller, Micheal Green have already gave all the cast these David Bowie T-shirts. Well Media, they are Media T-shirts actually. But she is dressed as David Bowie. They are great T-shirts and people are gonna lose their minds when they see it. They’re gonna want them everywhere. But as down to Gillian just doing an incredible job of portraying these kinda iconic stars of the past. (X)

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Tommy Shelby x Reader

Request: Can I request and imagine were you’re an Ex of Tommy’s but he always looks out for you so he gives you a job in the company, when grace comes around she forces him to fire you out of jealousy, he does it his family go crazy at him and you can choose how it ends

Running through the streets of Small Heath, tears pouring from your eyes as you made your way home. The last person you wanted to see right now was your ex-boyfriend but it’s like the big man had it out for you today as you collided with a man and fell to the ground.

“(Y/N)?” You knew the voice too well, you looked up into those icy blue eyes and cursed the heavens, of course, it was your ex.

“Shit sorry Tommy. I have to go.” You say rushing past him. He runs after you calling your name but you don’t want to speak to him not now. It had been 6 months are so since you ended things, it wasn’t really working out. Neither of your families was happy about the split and no one saw it coming but you tried to remain friends.

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“Buried” (Chapter Two)

Welcome back!
This chapter is pretty heavy on the Tony/Pepper feels, we get to learn more about Tony’s relationship with Howard, and how he has been living his life. Sorry if it is a little boring?

If you would like to be tagged in upcoming chapters please drop a note in my ask box!!! I’m legit the worst about checking private messages/comments and remembering who asked! Also, if I missed tagging you… so sorry, just let me know!


Enjoy :)

Present Day

“Tony.” Pepper knocked on his office door as warning before pushing it open. “I’m assuming you’re decent because you didn’t say anything, so please quickly correct me if I’m wrong.”

“Pepper, darling, when was the last time you walked in on me in a compromising situation?” Tony asked without even looking up from the paperwork on his desk.

The pretty redhead opened her mouth to list off all the times she had walked in on her boss doing something indecent– but then stopped when she realized she didn’t have a single incident that was sooner than six months ago.

“I stand corrected.” She said cautiously and made her way around the desk to feel his forehead. “Are you feeling alright? When was the last time you ate?”

“Um, yesterday.” Tony set the file aside and leaned into her touch a little more. “Just trying to slog through all this crap. I had no idea… no idea what Dad did everyday in this office. I wish I would have been paying more attention when he tried to show me. Wish I would have been doing this all year instead of… instead of doing what I did.”

“What you did?” Satisfied that Tony wasn’t sick, and after texting a quick order for delivery so he would have food to eat, Pepper perched on his desk, rubbing at his shoulders comfortingly. “Tony, no one blames you for reacting the way you did to losing your parents. First your sweet mother in the accident, and then Howard only a few months later? Honey, no one blames you for going a little off the rails.”

“A little off the rails.” Tony laughed bitterly. “I spent six months partying and drinking and high as hell, Pep. Everyone should blame me for that. I blame me for that. What was I thinking? I had a company to run, and instead I was doing body shots off of girls named after…colors.”

“Colors?” Pepper asked, even as she told herself not to, because it had never worked out in her favor to ask for specifics about Tony’s women.

“Yeah.” Tony groaned. “You know. Ruby. Sapphire. Tangerine. Um… one called Peaches?”

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The Yielding

Author: @sugarlips-jensen
Word Count: 3,810
Pairing: Dean x Reader
Warning(s): Unprotected sex, kitchen sex, mild cursing. (I can’t think of any others, so if you can let me know)
A/N: So this wasn’t a request, but it was the only thing that I felt like I could properly write. I promise to try and get to more requests soon!

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Unfaithful (Part II)

(Part I)

A Little late, I know… But hopefully worth it!

Warnings: Language, mentions of domestic violence (on reader)

I adjusted Daniel, making sure he did not fall off my hip as i walked down the streets of my old hometown. Nothing changed since the last time I was here.

I walked towards Polly’s house, trying to keep my head down, in the hopes I could avoid all of the other Shelby’s. When I knocked on the door, I saw the curtains peel back a little, then the door swung open quickly, hitting the wall.

I was pulled into a hug by the woman who I considered a second mother, trying not to flinch when she squeezed me. After a few seconds of silent embracing, she pulled back to look at me. My eyes flew to the ground, not wanting to look into hers as she saw the reason I was here.

“My god…” She whispered, placing her hand on my chin to fully examine my wounds.

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the fact that there hasn’t been a SINGLE Very Popular Voltron Fanfiction (VPVF) in months is so unsettling…like i can scroll through my dash without one (1) person talking about this fanfic that they just LOVED, it’s AMAZING, go read it NOW! and like…that never happens, what the hell. there needs to be another call me beep me or watercast or something, and soon. this silence makes me so uneasy. we need to all pick a fic to create a subfandom for like we did with all the others (dirty laundry, call me beep me, watercast, etc.) so the world can be back in balance again. pl ease i’m begging you, someone, help,

dating dallas - hcs

requested by 3 anons!

  • ok well he isn’t the most outwardly affectionate guy
    • and i mean affectionate in the lovey-dovey, what-a-cute-couple sorta way
  • it’s really difficult for him to express his love for you in a way that’s clearly understood
    • but that ring of his that he’s constantly twisting around and  tapping on shit with?? yeah, it’s yours now and it’s on a chain he gave you 
    • but he’s 9/10 times looking out for you
  • of course that’s when he’s not stickin his hand up your skirt/dress, or sliding a hand into your back pocket or pinching ur ass
  • w him it’s almost always ‘baby’ or ‘babe’
  • in all honesty if y'all disagree on something, the likelihood that there’ll b a petty argument or constant butting heads on it is pretty up there
  • dates are actually v spontaneous/casual and not always thought through 
  • he has this thing that if ur leaving to go somewhere and he doesn’t want u to leave yet
    • he’ll rarely grab u by the arm if ur wearing jeans bc he most often just gently tugs u back by one of the belt loops on ur jeans
  • he just loveS?? holding onto ur hips?? 
    • he’s also the jackass who’ll stick his hands up ur shirt when his hands are cold bc apparently “ur chest is so warm”
  • if he knows you’re easily annoyed, he’s def the type to bother u!!!
    • but the thing is that sometimes he doesn’t know when to stop
    • like even when you’ve had enough, there deadass has to be an argument about him stopping smh
  • a lot of repetitive and empty one-sided conversations about how dal needs to start acting a certain way
    • him “yes”-ing you away and then continuing to do the opposite
  • him being an actual fuckn dick when he’s hungover
  • ur one of the only ppl that he’ll have a full-blown argument with and still chill w afterwards
    • and one of the only ppl who can full out yell at dal without getting their lights punched out
  • amazing (rough) sex???
    • it doesnt even have to b makeup sex or angry sex to b great, in all honesty
    • but if he knows u like it gentle, it might take him some learning to be gentle, but it’s passionate af nevertheless
  • wow jail visits!!!!!!!
    • being the person who helps scrape up the money to post his bail
    • bc darry got tired of that shit over time
  • once, when he got arrested - since many officers just know him by name- they just asked him if he wanted to make any stop and he told them ur address
    • he was at ur door and he used the tip of his foot to kick the door to knock
    • u opened the door to see him and then immediately closed it when u saw the officers
    • the next time he knocked, ur literally just shouting through the door lmao
    • “NO”
    • “SO DONT”
    • *opens door to hurl the leather jacket at him*
    • he aint got no hands cause he’s handcuffed so it just lands over him covering his face and shit lmaoo
  • he has a secret stash of cigs in the case he ever runs out??
    • it’s located in an old sock in his sock drawer
    • it’s probably not even his sock it’s probably darry’s or buck’s
  • after every time y'all get into an argument about whether dally’s goin to a rumble
    • dally always goes to fight in the rumble
    • “you’re going to the rumble? yeah well i hope u get punched in the eye bitch”
  • really nOT a fan of you being passive aggressive to him
    • but when he gets all riled up and can’t fuck someone up
    • he becomes THe mOST passive aggressive person evER
    • but passive aggression is most often how he holds a grudge w u
  • literally always askin the gangs (yup the shepard gang and curtis + randle, mathews, cade gang) to look out for u while he’s stuck in jail for however long
    • so if dal can’t b there to make sure ur safe, almost everyone else is tbh

Everybody Hurts Sometime by Jeff Giles
Excerpt from Newsweek interview with Michael Stipe
Newsweek, 9/26/94, Vol. 124 Issue 13, p60, 3p.

What can you tell me about “Let Me In”?
That’s a song that I wrote to Kurt Cobain after he killed himself. [Pause.] I, um…I should be able to do this without getting emotional. [Pause.] I lost a friend in October – River Phoenix was a very, very close friend of mine. And I’ve never suffered such a profound loss. I couldn’t write for five months. We had started the record in September. I’d written two songs and then River died. And, having written “Automatic for the People,” I was not about to write another record about death and loss. So it took me five months to sit down and write again. Then, halfway through making “Monster,” Kurt died. At that point, I just threw my hands up and wrote “Let Me In.”

So when you sing “Hey, let me in” – that’s you talking to Cobain?
That was me on the phone to him, desperately trying to get him out of the frame of mind he was in….In the most big- brotherly way – God, I hate that term – in the most genuine way, I wanted him to know that he didn’t need to pay attention to all this, that he was going to make it through. If R.E.M. had sold 5 million copies of “Murmur,” none of us would be alive to tell the tale. I really believe that. I’d have died with Quaaludes in my blood and a lot of Jack Daniels.

What else did you and Cobain have in common?
One of the things I think I’ve done successfully as a media figure is avoid a lot of the cliches, like the macho posing. I’ve tried really hard to blur the lines, and a lot of that does have to do with sexuality. I like fucking around with gender. I like writing songs that aren’t gender-specific. And I really felt an alliance with both Kurt and River in that both of those guys, in their respective fields, were doing the same thing.

The cliched take on your career is that, when you started out, you were very shy.
It’s not a cliche. It’s the dead truth. I was unbearably shy. And that’s part of what drew me to River. I recognized that in him. The first time I met him, his hair was completely covering his face. And I was like, “God, that was me at 22.” There’s an incredible vulnerability at the core of what River, Kurt and I do – or did.

Just before his death, Cobain said all he wanted to do was record with you. Do you know what sort of music he had in mind?
Yeah, he talked a lot about what direction he was heading in. I mean, I know what the next Nirvana recording was going to sound like. It was going to be very quiet and acoustic, with lots of stringed instruments. It was going to be an amazing fucking record, and I’m a little bit angry at him for killing himself. He and I were going to record a trial run of the album, a demo tape. It was all set up. He had a plane ticket. He had a car picking him up. And at the last minute he called and said, “I can’t come.”


Hopefully Wednesday’s post was just cryptic enough to catch your attention. You want the news? You’ve got it!

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You’ll notice that I said “months.” And I mean “months!” WC has two months of major planning events and writing support coming your way.
Here’s just a taste of what’s in store:

  • Daily Resource Masterposts in October: That is one writing masterpost, every day, to make sure you have all the planning resources you need to breeze through NaNoWriMo.
  • Daily Planning Prompts in October, Daily Writing Prompts in November: We’re going to have daily prompts for you all throughout October and November so you can stay inspired for a solid two months.
  • Daily Slack Write-ins in November: Yes, we’re moving to a DAILY schedule for our write-ins over on our Slack community for November.
  • Biweekly Slack Plan-ins in October: This is your chance to chat in real time with other writers about your novel plans. It’s a great way to get extra feedback or keep your planning momentum!
  • Weekly Feedback Nights in October: Have a character that’s giving you fits? Can’t seem to get your setting pictured? Just need some motivation? Submit your question and our NaNo Ask Team will provide their thoughts or cheer you on!
  • Emergency Plot Assistance Helpline in November: This is for anyone who runs into The Dreaded Writer’s Block during November. Give our NaNo Ask Team a rundown of what you’re struggling with and we’ll brainstorm ways to get you moving again!

And there are even more goodies being announced next week!

So if you’re gearing up for NaNoPlanMo (AKA Prep_Tober) and NaNoWriMo, we’ve got your back!

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I’m really tired of seeing people pity B.A.P. Like the entire “they’ve gone through so much with their law suit and their shitty company and losing fans when they went on hiatus!!!”. Like yes this all happened but B.A.P is so incredibly strong and beautiful that they didn’t let them bring them down, they all worked through their hardships and all came out of it prouder of themselves and their fans, stronger than ever and more free to do as they please making music that fits all of our needs.

Stop trying to pity B.A.P, they honestly don’t need it???? Just support and cherish and love OT6 for as long as you can, that’s how you can show your love for these boys.


•  You just were keeping company to him at rehearsal
• Dance rehearsal
• You really loved dance rehearsals because Zen was just… amazing at dancing
• All those sweaty muscles and fast moves
• You loved watching him
• And actually… it really turned you on
• So by the time you both got home, you were only thinking about taking off all his clothes
• And he was just clueless about your intentions
• So you just got to make him know
• “Zenny~” You whisper to his ear
• You caressed his arms up to his neck
• “Is the beast here? I need to talk to him”
• Your voice was so needy and seductive, so he just lost it
• He hold your hands between his and looked at you straight in the eyes
• Desire filling his own eyes
• “Is my baby needy right now?” he asked while he touched you with his other hand
• You bite your lip and nod
• His hands knowing your weak spots and making you more excited
• “Then the Beast is here…”


• You were cuddling on his couch
• One thing leads to another, so now you were on his lap kissing him so hard
• His hands were on your hips, holding you hard and close
• “Daddy… Please touch me” you started begging
• He was a little surprised
• It was the first time you called him like that and actually
• It kind of turned him on?
• “Like this babygirl?” He whisper at your ear with a low voice
• You moved your hips still on his lap, and he just bit his lip while he looked at you
• He loved to have you on his lap like this
• “Tell me what you need babygirl, and daddy will give it to you”
• You could feel him through his pants
• Getting bigger every single moment
• “Daddy, I need you to fuck me until we woke up the neighbors”
• He smiled with hunger in his eyes
• “You’re going to need crutches when I’m done fucking you”


• She was so stressed with work
• You could notice by the way her arms tensed and by the look in her face
• So you decided to relaxed her a little
• A massage on her shoulders to relieve the stress
• “Rest a little, honey” you whispered softly
• She was slowly getting relax under your touch
• “I need to finish this, MC” she muttered with her eyes closed
• “Later, please~” you started kissing her shoulders, causing her shivers
• She sigh and surrender at you
• She could never say no to you
• And that was good
• “You look like a sexy little angel, baby” you whispered to her
• She looked at you with a blushing face
• You took her hand and guide her to the bed
• “Uhm… MC…”
• “ Relax… just lie back and let me make you cum”


• This man’s dominant, he knows exactly how to please your body, where to hit to have you crying out his name, and where to touch to make you putty in his hands
• So you decided to pay him back for the hickies scattered across your back and shoulders, especially the big ones on your neck
• You dressed in his favourite shirt and a pair of his boxers and walked into the living room where he was located with Elizabeth the 3rd
• You drop down into his lap whilst he was working, he paid no mind to you, his focus completely on the papers in front of him
• You lean close to his ear and start nibbling on it, purring softly at him
• You can feel his arms wrap themselves around your body and shift you into a more comfortable position, aligning your hips with his perfectly
• You grind down softly, and continue purring in his ear
• “Daddy, I miss you, I miss your hands running themselves down my body, I miss your lips covering my body, but most of all, I miss the way you feel inside of me, dominating me until the only thing I remember is your name.”
• You can feel him tense up underneath you
• You play with his tie as you continue telling him what you love about your passionate moments
• Suddenly you’re whimpering and fidgeting against his hips as you tell him some of your fantasies of him
• You ask him if he’s ever wanted to try a few things, silently unbuttoning his shirt on your body
• You can hear his soft growls and groans as he tells you that he can’t because of his work
• That was before his breathing hitched as you take his hands and slide them up your body, telling him what parts of you that you love him touching the most
• You start to softly tell him all the things you love about him when you two have sex, how sexy he looks when he’s dominating you, how much you adore his grunts and growls as he ruins you
• Soon enough you’re pushed face down on the couch with a growling Jumin above you, tying your hands behind your back
• His growls get harsher as he tells you that he hopes you weren’t hoping on moving for a few days before he’s biting, sucking and licking all over your body, marking you as his
• He demands that you tell him more about what you fantasize about, about what you like the most when you have sex
• He ravages you until you can’t talk anymore, nor can you move anymore, and you got a bigger collection of hickies now, making it difficult to wear dresses or skirts again for the next few months
• You plan on doing it for your wedding anniversary


• You were needy
• Seven was working a lot lately, and not paying attention to anything beyond the computer
• You didn’t want to bother him, so you decided to play by yourself
• It was late but you were still on the bed
• Your hands caress your own body, turning you on even more
• Seven had just finished his work, so he was ready to check on you
• So when he entered the room and saw you with your hand inside your underwear and in underwear
• Something inside his just started burning
• “MC, what are you doing?”
• “I’m sorry… It’s just that Daddy was busy…” you said in a innocent tone
• His eyes got darker and he closed the door behind him
• He was looking at you from head to toe while he got closer
• “My babygirl needed his daddy? I’m sorry, but my babygirl needs a punishment for playing by herself”
• You bit your lip at his answer
• “I need punishment, daddy”
• He took you by your hips and pulled you closer to him
• He was already getting undressed when his eyes glinted with desire
• “Now babygirl, don’t make a sound until I tell you to… and if you do, I’m going to pause and wait until you can be quiet again, like a good babygirl”


• The alarm sounded on the morning, waking you and Saeran up
• He complaint by your side
• You both were going on a date, so you decided to prepare yourself early in the morning
• So you went to the bathroom to get ready, while he get dressed
• “Babe, we have a problem” he had called you from the other side of the bathroom door
• “What’s wrong babe?” you asked, coming out from the bathroom
• “It’s raining”
• Amazing. Simply amazing.
• It was your first day in months! And you were all excited by it
• You just sat down on the bed while looking at the rain ruin your whole day
• “It’s not fair” you muttered
• He was looking at you, feeling bad because of your sad eyes
• “Don’t worry babygirl, we can do other things here inside” he whispered to you, while he kissed your neck from behind
• You felt shivers going down through your back
• “I need daddy to make me feel better” You whispered back
• You both were used to dirty talking
• He smiled at you
• “Come and sit in Daddy’s lap, babygirl”


• Wearing one of his shirts, you feel like teasing your little (cinamonroll) boyfriend
• You climb onto his lap and settle against his chest whilst he fiddles with his camera
• Softly you’d read out sexy pick up lines from your phone, laughing softly at them
• You decide to try them out
• You make him laugh with you as you attempt to tell him the lines
• You successfully distract him from his camera and make his attention focus on you completely
• You turn around in his lap and start whispering in his ear
• You start telling him all the things you love about him, trailing your fingers down his body
• You watch his face as his cheeks get a light dusting of pink as your fingers get lower and your comments get more… impure
• Softly you nibble his ear and start telling him all the things you love that he does to you
• Shifting your hips closer to his and wriggling slightly, you can feel his hands grip your thighs tighter, leaving slight marks
• Softly you start telling him all the things you want him to do to you
• You tell him some of your fantasies that you have of him
• You guys don’t hide anything from each other, so you start asking him if he’d like to try a few
• Next thing you know, you’re upside down on his shoulder, staring at his gorgeous ass as he starts moving towards the bedroom
• When he finally throws you on the bed, you see his darkened green eyes filled with hunger and hear his low, deep voice telling you that he’s going to show you that your fantasies weren’t even close to the real thing
• You guys didn’t leave the house for three days, the only times you both leave the bedroom, is when you’re bathroom having sex in the shower and in the kitchen, teasing each other before it gets too much and both of you are at it again

Momma’s Boy

Prompt: A witch turns Liam into a toddler causing the reader and Scott to take care of him. (Requested) 

Pairing: Liam Dunbar x Reader (platonic) , Scott McCall x Reader

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