I just loved this moment between them after the kiss

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Paris Toronto

Paris: Describe your favorite kiss. (you’re mean because it’s literally impossible to pick a favorite kiss omg)

I can’t choose between the two so I’ll describe both of them.

Kiss 1: The first kiss my girlfriend and I share the moment we see each other. Because we’re long distance (for now), going on trips and being able to actually see her and hold her and kiss her is just breathtakingly fantastic. It’s such a relief honestly. Being able to kiss her after months and months of waiting. It’s reassuring, passionate, loving, emotional, intimate, and heated. Like all of the tension melts out of me and I know everything is going to be great.

Kiss 2: I’m not gonna go into a lot of detail about this kind, cause it’s personal. But it’s the kisses Alex and I give each other after sex. She knows exactly what I mean. It’s intimate and loving on an entirely different level. It’s Divine. Like otherworldly Divine.

Toronto: Describe your ideal partner.

Someone I can grow with, that helps make me a better person, someone I can laugh with til the end of my days, someone who’s always up for an adventure or for a pajama dinner night at home. The kind of person that I can be content with as we sit and do nothing. Someone that motivates me to be better. Someone that supports me, my dreams, and is proud of me. Someone that makes my heart skip a beat every time I see her. Someone that isn’t just the love of my life, but is also my best friend.

And I’m so lucky to have that all