I just loved this moment between them after the kiss

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Sharing is trusting

Alec’s hands are griping Magnus’ shirt backing him up towards the bedroom, leaning down to kiss him passionately as they go, lips crashing together as he’s pulled against the hard lines of shadowhunter body.

 Magnus is loving this turn of events just days after their first date but can’t help wonder why Alec suddenly seems so forward when something dawns on him. Quickly he breaks the kiss, gasping for breath with a hand on Alec’s chest to try and keep some space between them.

“Alexander…wait a moment please.” Magnus smiles at Alec and takes a small step away, hoping to slow things down a little.

“You do know just because I told you about the 17,000 doesn’t mean I expect to add you to that list right away. I think you and I could have something really special here and that means that I want to treasure every moment with you.

We don’t have to rush this, you only get one first time and you need to be sure you’re ready. And then, when you’re sure we’ll make it special, meaningful. Most of the others I don’t even remember their names, they were just a way to pass the time on lonely nights. A quick bit of fun, you already mean way more than that to me already, you know that right?”

Alec blushes and looks away, unable to hold Magnus’ gaze.

“I…I…I just want to make you happy. I don’t want you to find someone else Magnus, someone who knows how to do this, who can give you a proper relationship with everything that involves. How can I compare to all those other experiences you’ve had when I’ve literally done nothing! ”

Magnus slides his hand from Alec’s chest up to the front of his shoulder and rubs small comforting circles with his thumb until the shadowhunter looks at him again.

“Alexander, you don’t have to compete. You have my full attention and there is no one I want to spend time with more than you. I love just talking to you, I’d love to snuggle with you while we chat, kiss you some more but only if you want it too. It’s ok if we take this slow, just try not to overthink everything. You’re not the only one that feels vulnerable. ”

Alec searches Magnus face trying to figure out why the beautiful, confident man in front of him could possibly feel vulnerable.

“What are you worried about Magnus, you’ve lived forever, had so many experiences. You must know how handsome and wonderful you are, how attractive others find you.” Alec says, no heat behind his words just feeling confused still.

“Well, I try…” Magnus chuckles gesturing at himself, drawing attention to his make up and jewellery before looking a little more serious when he continues. “But there’s things about me you don’t know yet. I’m hoping you’ll get to know them eventually but let’s just say not everyone over the years has been as tolerant of warlocks as you are. Not all experiences are good ones.”

“You know that how I feel has nothing to do with you being a warlock or not. It’s you as a person that I like.” Alec reassures.

Magnus smiles up at Alec before taking a deep breath, his face now reflecting his inner insecurities and doubts, deciding if he really wants to continue with what he’s about to do.

“What’s is it Magnus? ” Alec asks as he notices not only the expression change but also the way Magnus whole body seems to have stiffened slightly.

“I want to show you something Alexander, I think it’ll help. You’ve told me about your insecurities and fears tonight so it’s only right I share a big one of my own. ” he tries to smile at the taller man but it feels week even to himself.

“Only if you’re sure…” Alec repeats back Magnus’ earlier sentiment.

“I’m sure…its just…I’ve lost people who I was interested in before over this, I don’t want to lose you but I don’t want to hide from you. I trust you and it’s important to me that you know exactly what you’re getting into before you decide if you want us to go further.” 

“Er…okay?” Alec says as he watches Magnus closes his eyes, take a deep breath and seems to steady himself for a moment. He takes both of Magnus’ hands in his, interlacing his own fingers with the other mans ringed fingers trying to reassure the man in front of him.

Slowly Magnus’ eyes flutter open and Alec’s breath catches at what he sees. Gone are the deep brown eyes that he’s used to seeing Magnus with, the expressive eyes that always give away what the warlock is feeling and now in their place are honey gold orbs with narrow almond shaped pupils. They seem to sparkle in the light and Alec can’t help but stare. 

Magnus looks away blinking as he puts the glamour back up, sadness reflected on his face as he tries to turn away and Alec immediately realises he’s not said anything yet and had just been examining the warlock marks, his gaze intense and emotionless as he tried to take in every detail. He quickly lifts his hand to cup Magnus’ face in his palm and guides it back towards him.

“You’re beautiful” he whispers, his voice breathy and low “seriously Magnus, I got a little lost looking at them and I’m sorry if that made you doubt my reaction but your eyes are just mesmerising.” Alec leans in to gently place a kiss on Magnus’ lips before pulling back to smile at him.

Magnus lets out the breath he hadn’t even realised he was still holding and smiles up at his boyfriend, his heart squeezes in his chest and he’s pretty sure it’s the last fragments of the walls he’d built crumbling and falling away. 

They stand like that for a few moments, neither one saying anything just looking at each other and smiling. Alec is the first to break the comfortable silence.

“Don’t feel like you ever have to hide from me Magnus, I love your real eyes and I’m honoured you felt ready to show me them. Now can we get back to where this night was originally going. I might have started with all the wrong reasons but I’m sure now. I trust you Magnus and I want to spend the night with you.”

“Alexander, you never cease to amaze me!” Magnus whispers as he reveals his cat eyes again and this time it’s him who reaches up to wrap his hand around the back of Alec’s neck, pulling him down to kiss him deeply as they slowly start walking their way to the bedroom again. 


Magnus stirs early the next morning, the rising sun shining in his eyes where he forgot to close the curtains last night. What catches his eye though is the perfect form laying next to him, the sheet covering Alec’s lower body but his torso is bathed in sunlight and Magnus reaches out to trace the runes across the muscled sholders and back. 

Alec yawns and groans as he slowly wakes up, rolling over to smile at the warlock as long fingers slide from his back, across his ribs to land on his chest as he moves.  

“Morning sweetheart” Magnus whispers as he places a chaste kiss on Alec’s cheek.

“Hi,” Alec breathes “so last night really happened.” A blush spreading on his cheeks. 

“You don’t regret it do you?”

“Of course not Magnus, it was wonderful, you were amazing. I just wish I could have made it as good for you as it was for me” Alec ducks his head, avoiding Magnus’ gaze.

“Darling, you have no idea how good it was for me too. Being your first was an honour but it was my first time too. The first time I got to be with you, a memory I will always treasure. It’s something I hope to repeat often though.” Magnus chuckles and gives Alec a fond look.

Alec just smiles and snuggles close and rests his head on Magnus’ chest.

“I think I like that idea…very much!”

“You know Alexander, I think I had to kiss a lot of toads first but I finally found my prince in you.”

Alec just rolls his eyes at the cheesy comment but suddenly every last doubt he ever had about not being able to compare to everyone in Magnus’ past has gone. They might have got to have a small taste of this magical man but Alec is the one who gets to keep him.

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could you do a malec prompt based in whatever moment of season 2B?? I miss your prompts btw :)

thanks love x


“Hey,” Alec said into his phone, his head propped up with his other hand. He sighed, “Thanks for calling me.”

“Well your message seemed urgent,” Jace responded. “Where are you?”

“Magnus’,” he mumbled sadly, refusing to let his emotions get in the way of his conversation with Jace. “He’s really upset, after everything that happened to him while he was in Valentine’s body, but I don’t know what to do.”

“What are you doing now?”

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happy birthday to the lovely, beautiful and, above all, thirsty @daddarioswife 💖  i hope you have the most wonderful day, i wish you all the best, you’re so sweet and amazing and deserve all the love in the world. love you lots and i hope you enjoy this 💕

Alec woke up and immediately felt uneasy, like something was wrong. As he blinked his eyes open, he realised where the feeling was coming from. He was alone in bed. Maybe Magnus had an unexpected client or just woke up early; in any case, Alec knew he wouldn’t be able to fall back asleep without him there.

He sat up, stretching his arms above his head, and then he heard the faint sound of music coming from outside the bedroom. He got up and walked to the kitchen, the music getting louder, and he was met with a sight that tugged at the corners of his mouth and he didn’t fight the smile that spread across his face.

Magnus was dancing around the kitchen, his hips moving in time with the music, his voice soft as he sang along under his breath. His hair wasn’t styled and from what Alec could tell, his face was free of makeup and he was still only in his pajama pants. He looked so at ease, so domestic that it made something warm settle in Alec’s heart as he watched him.

After a few moments Magnus turned on his heels and jumped as he noticed Alec watching him. The surprise was momentarily replaced by a bright smile, and in the warm light of the morning, with his face relaxed and his hair falling over his forehead, Magnus looked magical. Not High Warlock of Brooklyn magical, not lethally magical, no. A softer kind of magical that had nothing to do with magic, but everything to do with Magnus being freely himself.

“Good morning, love,” Alec said as Magnus walked over to him. Magnus’ hands found their way around Alec’s waist, pulling them close together. Alec wrapped his own arms around Magnus, taking in the shiver and then the warmth that spread through him from where their skin touched.

“Morning, Alexander,” Magnus replied. “And happy birthday.”

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Bughead in this episode

- Their sweet smiles on the red couch, Betty beaming at him happily when Ronnie calls him her boyfriend. Juggie trying to act cool, but internally proud to be called her boyfriend. Both comfortable with their new found relationship status and not at all awkward at it being discussed publicly.

- Adorable banter at Pop’s, Juggie’s sass shows up again “His name is Moose”, Betty literally snuggling up to him. Betty being very cool when asking him why he didn’t tell her the Serpents beat up Moose - no judgment, no anger, just plain curiosity - you go, girlfriend!

- Juggie playing supportive boyfriend to the hilt at the shower even though its not his “scene” and Betty acknowledging that! This is so so important to a relationship, they don’t take each other for granted, they’re willing to compromise to make the other happy - Juggie is there for her even though he could’ve easily begged off, it wouldn’t have mattered, but he wanted to be there for Betty. He was there because this was important to her. And she noticed that and commented on it! I loved their banter in this scene and Juggie’s sarcasm again when he talks about this being on his bucket list - that was so Juggie! Its great that they can be themselves around each other and not feel the need to change themselves to please the other!

- His worst fears being realized when Archie tells her about his dad being a Serpent. That looks she gives him, he feels pretty sure he’s lost respect in her eyes, that it could be all over for him with her, he’s afraid of what she thinks of his family and him now. That look of shock and complete fear says it all - he’s terrified of losing her!

- He waits. He waits until they’ve all gone and Betty’s sorted things over with her family and made sure Polly has calmed down and gone to bed. He must’ve waited a long time! And to face what? For all he knew, Betty could have come at him angry at the secret he had kept, could have accused him of lying to her, could’ve even broken it all off. But yet he waited. Because he wanted to tell her why. And that is why Bughead wins because of this complete honesty and trust they have between them. They are willing to bare their hearts out to the other, willing to put themselves completely in the others’ power, knowing the risks of doing that could cause them to get hurt, but still trusting the other above anyone else.  

- He opens himself up. He tells her he was ashamed. He immediately accepts he should’ve told her when he had the chance. He thinks it could be over. But he still wants to come clean now. And she deals with it so maturely! No anger, no admonishing, no judgment - just simply - Why didn’t you? And he comes back with a  simple - I was ashamed. See, its so simple when you tell the truth. These kids can teach us more about relationships than experienced adults can! And this is the first serious relationship for both of them! WOW! Its like they wrote the Handbook on successful relationships!

- She wants to know all about him if they’re going to be together. *SCREAMS*. The way she takes his hand and that gesture is meant to be reassuring to him - to trust her, to tell her, to trust that she wouldn’t break at his darkness and that she would stay by his side no matter what. To trust in her strength and the strength of them together. That simple gesture of her taking his hand and saying those words? That sealed something so important between these two. And the relief in Jughead’s “Okay” and the affirmation is Betty’s echo. They are exemplary!!  It may seem like she was asking for too much, and that they’ve been together for only a couple of episodes, but they’ve been friends longer than that! That’s what makes navigating their new status so easy for them!

- That hand on her back, when she suggests talking to his dad, him agreeing immediately, ready to expose all his skeletons to her, lay them bare, because he’s now confident enough in her love for him. They are truly an inspiring couple.

- The meeting with his dad and then her asking him if he believed him. Jughead immediately looking for her opinion after speaking his mind. And this is again so important! He wants to know what she thinks because he respects her and values her thoughts as a rational, intelligent, analytical person. And when she says, “I believe YOU, Jughead”-  My God, I’ve already written paeans about this moment (X), but I don’t think we’re meant to think that she thought FP was shady and she didn’t totally trust him. I think she meant what she said. It didn’t matter what she thought. Jughead believed his dad and that was enough for her. She believed what Jughead believed. And she would support him in that belief. What a defining moment this was for Bughead! 

- The kiss that followed. He is so overwhelmed by her complete trust, her complete faith in him even after he’s exposed all of skeletons to her, she doesn’t judge him, just takes his word for it and completely and totally surrenders to her immense faith in him. What else could he do but kiss her? Words would be inadequate to express how he feels! 

The kiss itself was the most open and passionate we’ve had with them so far. And I could feel the love that was brimming between them, it was spilling over them in that kiss and they were bathed in light, it was almost like they were blessed with a divine love, and in all the shit around them, they are each other’s hope, sanity, anchor, light, reason. 

You know, when Archie said later “Pray for a miracle”, I wanted to say, “We already have one, Archie- in Bughead”

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Burning Passion

So, I was writing this because I’ve been having serious Moony feels. (And also Sirius/Moony feels……ignore my puns)(And because this is a Moony blog, so duh!)) This is my first smut, so please don’t judge! I also want to honor @aveeragemusings for all the shit she’s gone through! Hope you enjoy!! Also, a bit of a side note, PLEASE SEND REQUESTS!!! I HAVE SO MANY IDEAS AND CANNOT GET ONE DONE!!! GIVE ME A GOAL!!!


“Hey guys.” You said as you entered the room your boyfriend, Remus Lupin, shared with his best friends: James Potter, Sirius Black and Peter Pettigrew.

It was not an odd occurrence for you to be in the Marauders bedroom; in fact you spent the night at least twice a month despite being a (Y/H) and despite the fact that you were the opposite gender. Besides, none of them really cared; Sirius only spent the night about half the time, probably doing something with the opposite gender, and Lily spent about 3 nights a week sleeping in the room as well, and Peter, nobody ever noticed.

“Hey, (Y/N).” Was the collective response as you walked into the room and sit in the middle of the floor.

“How did everything go last night?” You ask. It seemed that last night had been one of the worst transformations, and you hadn’t been able to go because, you had just gotten over the flu.

“It was fine.” Sirius answered flatly.

You put your hands up in defeat. “I just asked a simple question.”

“Just ask your boyfriend, he won’t talk to us.” James said crankily.

You rolled your eyes. “Maybe you guys should leave.” You said.

“Yeah, let’s go.” Peter said, and left, having the two boys who were dead on their feet follow him.

You stood up, leaving your bag where you were sitting, walking over to where Remus was bunches under his cover.

“Remus?” You ask softly.

“Go away.” He said stubbornly.

You rolled your eyes, while placing your hands on your hips. “Why should I?” You challenged.

“I don’t want you to see me right now.” He said.

“Why?” You ask softly, your voice filled with worry. You step closer, before he ripped off the covers and moved to stand in front of you.

His face was littered with new cuts and a bruise was forming.

“Remus.” You whispered, your eye filled with worry. You reached out to cup his face, but he backed away and turned, so that his back was facing you.

“I’m hideous.” He whispered, his voice wavering. “I don’t know why you stay around.” He said.

“Oh Remus, you know I don’t think that.” You said, your eyes starting to water at how the man you loved viewed himself. You wrapped your arms around him, pressing your forehead to his back. “I love you.” You whispered.

He turned around to hug you back before placing a kiss on the top of your head. “I love you too.” He said placing another kiss on your forehead. “I don’t know why you love something as as disgusting as me.

“Remus, I don’t think that you’re disgusting.” You said softly, cupping his face to bring his gaze up to meet your eyes. Your (E/C) orbs, were soft, and full of love and pain. “I think you’re beautiful, Remus.” You said, your voice cracking a bit, and your eyes started to water up. “I love you.” You said a bit forcefully. “I don’t give a shit about your scars. What I mean is, I wish you didn’t have them, because they are a mark of how much pain you’ve been through, and I don’t ever want to imagine you in that type of pain.” By now, you were crying, the tears cascading down your cheeks. You sniffled once, before continuing. “I love you, and none of your scars are going to change that. I love you, you beautiful creature.” You told him. Your eyes closed, and you let the tears fall silently. You felt a pressure on your forehead, and opened your eyes to see Remus with his eyes closed, his forehead resting on yours. You placed a quick kiss on his lips. “I wish you saw yourself, the way I see you.” You whisper, your voice barely audible. You look up, into Remus’ green eyes. “Please, let me show you how special you are.” You pleaded, your (E/C) eyes, pleading with his. “Please, Remus.” You mouth.

You saw him nod, and you smile up at him, feeling yourself tearing up again. “I love you.” You said softly, before closing the gap between the two of you, placing a featherlight kiss on his lips, your lips barely brushing. After sweet, agonizing moments of your lips brushing past each other, you sighed happily when there was a little bit of pressure.

To you this was heaven. Kissing Remus like this; with so much love, as if it were only you two in the world. You loved this boy with all your heart, and you just wanted to live in this moment for together.  

You pulled away, slowly, looking up into his beautiful green orbs, the love in them mirroring your own. “I love you, Remus.” You said, your eyes tearing up again while you were gazing at the beautiful boy who had snuck into your heart.

“I love you too, (Y/N).” He whispered, his hands cupping both sides of your chin, before pulling you into a sweet kiss.

The kiss was sweet and shy, and somewhat salty from your tears, but neither of you could care less. All that mattered was that you were kissing the person you had grown to love so much.

The kiss had went from sweet and bashful, to passionate and needy. Instead of the brushing past each others lips with your lips, it was a flurry of tongues and teeth.

Your hand was cupping his face and the pad of your thumb was rubbing circles on his face. Your other hand was resting on top of his head, your fingers combing through his curly brown locks, pulling him closer to you. One of his hands rested on the small of your back, the other threading through your (H/C) hair. You arched your back, forcing your chest to rub up against him, making a small moan escape his lips.  

While the kiss was amazing, and breathtaking, the position was a little more than awkward. Your neck was getting sore from leaning so far back, and Remus’ back was starting to ache from hunching down so much.

You placed your hands on his chest and slowly started pushing him back, till the back of his legs his the wooden frame of the bed. You pulled away, before pushing him forcefully onto the bed, giggling at his little “Omf.” As he hit the mattress.

You crawled on top of him, almost acting as if you were drunk. You were most certainly drunk on Remus. He was your drug, and you were addicted.

You straddled his lap giggling slightly, before leaning down to kiss him firmly on the mouth. Your tongues were moving in a shared rhythm, instead of the normal fight for dominance that took place. You were both content with the peacefulness of the kiss. You pulled back lazily, looking down at Remus below you.

“Are you sure?” You ask, with a tone of concern. “We can stop now if you’re not comfortable.” You said, softly, while holding his hands, your fingers curling around his.

“(Y/N),” He said in the same voice as you, “I want this. I want to be with you. You are the only person I could ever see myself being with. I love you.” He said before quickly kissing you. “But are you sure that you want this?” He asked.

Instead of answering, you kissed him feverishly. He kissed you back, just as hard. Your hands found their way to the top buttons and you quickly unbuttoned the top three. You quickly pulled away, giggling a little. Your laughter died as soon as you noticed a large slash and most of it was obscured by the rest of his shirt.

You half smiled and placed a kiss on his neck, right below his ear. You nibbled at his earlobe, feeling him shiver below you. “You’re beautiful, Remus.” You whispered to him, before going back to kissing his neck. You placed butterfly kisses until you heard him moan softly. You smirked to yourself, before lightly sucking on the skin there, eliciting a louder moan from your boyfriend. You pulled away, and grinned at the mark you had left him. It wasn’t very visible, but it was enough of a warning to other people.

You kissed him on the lips again, before sitting back so that your bottom was resting on his hard-on. You smiled a bit at your heavily flushed boyfriend who was hiding his face with his arms. You snickered a bit at his embarrassment.

“Stop laughing.” He whined out. “It’s all your fault, you little minx.” He said, still hiding behind his arms. “It’s not funny.” He said, before moving his arms to rest on your hips.

“I wasn’t laughing at that.” You said, laughing even more at your mortified boyfriend. “I was laughing at how cute you are.” You said, booping his nose, before peppering kisses all over his face. “I love you.” You said, smiling at him.

He returned your smile. “I love you too.”

When he said that you both crashed your lips together for a passionate kiss. You were fighting aggressively to maintain dominance over him. Your hands slowly wandered down to where his shirt was. You slowly unbuttoned the rest of it, before pulling away from the kiss, tucking a strand of your hair behind your ear. He leaned up a little so that you could free him from his shirt.

You looked down at his chest and your heart filled with pain at seeing so many scars; records of how much pain he had ever been in. Without hesitating you leaned down and kissed across all of his scars. You placed feather kisses on all of them, and kissed the skin slowly.

“(Y/N).” Remus moaned out your name. You smiled up at him, before placing a kiss on his chin, and then again kissing down his chest. But this time, you were kissing every inch of available skin. You were reaching the dangerous territory of his waistband, and you could hear him take a sharp intake of breath.

You moved back, so that you were sitting on his thighs. You slowly moved both of your hands up over his crotch to the button of his jeans. You heard him breath in deeply and heard a low groan. You smirked internally before unbuttoning his pants at an agonizingly slow pace.

“(Y/N).” Remus groaned out. “Stop teasing me.” He said in a husky voice.

You responded by pulling down his pants. You stuck two fingers into the waistband of his boxers and released them hearing the elastic slap lightly against his skin. You heard his breathing pick up as you palmed him through his boxers, him grinding into your hand. His head fell back into the pillows, his eyes closed in ecstasy. You pulled away abruptly, his eyes opening, his dark irises looking slightly angry.

“(Y/N).” He growled out. “Please don’t stop, again.” He pleaded, his voice now sounding desperate.

You moved up again, so that you were sitting directly on his erection. “Patience.” You purred out, leaning down to nibble on his earlobe. You sat up, and rolled your hips a little to create some friction between the two of you, relishing in the moans you heard pass his delicious, plump lips. You slowly started to unbutton your school blouse. He was staring at you so intently, it made you bring your thighs closer together, causing you both to moan at the added friction. You had only unbuttoned half the shirt before you lost it and just pulled it off your head, very violantly, ripping off a few buttons. You threw it behind you, before leaning down to kiss Remus again.

He kissed you back just as eagerly, one of his arms wrapping around your waist, pulling you down onto him. His other hand moved up slowly up the your back, until it reached your bra. He unclipped it, and you both broke away momentarily so you could slide your bra off and throw it somewhere behind you. You went back to kissing him hungrily, a moan escaping your mouth as one of his hands cupped your right breast. You moved one of your hand to his brown hair, playing with it as you other hand slowly crept down his chest to palm him again. He moaned into your mouth, his hands going down to remove his boxers, yours removing your skirt and underwear, someone not breaking the kiss.

You ground your hips into his, slicking his hard cock up with your juices. As you pulled back from the kiss, Remus and your hand went down to guide his long member to your opening. You slowly slid down onto him, both of you moaning loudly. His hands moved to rest on your hips and your went to the middle of his chest to provide yourself support as you slowly moved up and down.

You threw your head back, your eyes closed as you moaned in pure bliss. You were surprised to feel him hitting a different angle and you opened your eyes to see Remus sitting up and his arms were wrapped around you. His mouth latched onto one of your nipples and you moaned at the heavenly feeling.

The room was filled with the sounds of moans and slapping of skin on skin. You felt your high coming on, and you brought one of your hands down to rub at your clit furiously.

“Remus, I’m close!”

“Ugh! Me too, baby!” He groaned out.

He started moving inhumanly fast. You screamed out his name as you went over the edge, and heard him come right after you. He drew out your orgasms, and when you were both completely finished you both smiled at each other before kissing each other. You both pulled away, and he took you of of his softening cock, and grabbed the covers pulling them over you two.

He pulled you into him, being the big spoon and placed a kiss on the top of your head.

“(Y/N)?” He asked.

“Hmm?” You hummed, half asleep and snuggling into him.

“I love you.” He whispered.

You smiled and mumbled incoherently, “I love you, too.”



A girly scream woke you and Remus up. You both sat up, and then you realized you were still naked so, you pulled covers closer to you, while Remus put an arm in front of you acting as a shield.

In front of the two of you were Sirius and James staring wide-eyed and looking traumatized. Well, Sirius looked more traumatized.

“You guys did it on my bed!?!?” He yelled, terrified.

Remus and you looked around, realizing that, infact you were not on Remus’ bed and you looked shocked.

“I’m sorry, Sirius!” You yelled frantically. “We didn’t know it was your bed!”

There was no point in denying what happened, so you were just freaking out.

“We’ll just go now.” James said awkwardly, dragging Sirius who was in mourning of his bedsheets. As they were walking away from the room, James yelled, “Hope you used protection! We don’t need a Miny Moony running around!”

“Remus.” You said, frozen in place even after they left.

“Yes, Sweetheart?” He asked, also frozen.

“I hate your friends.”


Okay, I know Harry lost the ability to speak Parseltongue after he defeated Voldemort, but hear me out. Imagine Harry whispering sweet nothings in Parseltongue and just barely touching Draco’s ear with his lips, imagine this sending shivers down Draco’s spine and turning him on more than anything. Imagine Draco being eager to learn as much of the snake language as he can. Imagine after an intense and passionate kiss between the two of them Harry whispers something against Draco’s lips and the blonde boy says “What does that mean?” and Harry just looks deep into Draco’s eyes and says I love you in English and Draco smiles broadly while repeating what Harry had said moments ago in Parseltongue.

I had to get that out of my system, the Parseltongue kink is real over here

Just a note on the Commander

Last night while playing chess with Cullen in the garden at Skyhold, Sene flirted with him because, you know, cute boy, and she was like “We should spend more time together.” Then something happened that had never happened before, and maybe that’s because I usually get to the chess scene BEFORE I soft-lock on Solas after the balcony kiss. In any case, here’s what was said:

Sene: [flirts] We should spend more time together.

Cullen: Wouldn’t you rather spend time with Solas?

Sene: [awkward pause] Yes, uh. I mean, as friends.

Cullen: Right. Friends.

This really caught me by surprise. It was such an organic moment, and for it to happen between them, I was like, just really in love with the writing here. It made me love the Commander more than I already did. He’s this courteous, self-sufficient, calm but assertive man who directly addresses her flirtation as being detached from any true romantic intention. He knows she’s with Solas, and he has no intention of a.) stepping in where he does not belong, or b.) continuing idle flirtation that has no viable, romantic outcome attached. He does not turn into an asshole or act offended. He does not become angry or sulky when she says “I meant just as friends.” He is, perhaps, disappointed, but he had already braced himself for as much by asking her to clarify her intentions in the first place. Cullen values Sene, but he communicates here that he doesn’t have much interest in being led on by Sene. This catches her off guard a little bit. His dialogue here is actually super assertive.

This is a mature, confident man, and I’ve always thought so, but this did a lot to paint that picture as one that goes deeper than simple, surface-level behaviors that seem to communicate confidence and social assertiveness, like charm or that thing some people refer to as “game.” Cullen may not be a “smooth operator” (though that is arguable and highly subjective), but he is a man of code, honor, and confidence in his place and stature. He does not need a woman to validate him as a romantic interest in order to spend time with her, even if he does find her attractive, and this, in and of itself, makes him more attractive. I just found this to be very interesting.

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"Harry stop!! I think I'm having the baby"

The picture has zero to do with this blurb really. It just made me think of the attitude that Harry and the missus might playfully have with each other.


The belly has been getting in the way recently.

She doesn’t realise how much it protrudes from her body; knocking her in to the sides in the kitchen, thinking she can still fit through the tiny gap between her and the car next to them in the car park, forgetting that she can’t cuddle up to Harry at night so much these days.

Not with the baby boy nestled safely inside.

Harry’s missing the touch as well. Everyone forgot to tell him that it’s not just the six weeks after babies are born that are sexless; people neglected to mention that the last few weeks of his girl’s pregnancy would be so uncomfortable for her and so draining that she’d struggle with almost every position, if they got that far without her falling asleep on him.

Neither of them had thought this through. 

Domestic bliss was a hormonal, angst-filled war zone with sexual frustration and midnight cravings causing more arguments in nine months than they’d had in four years. Muttered words in the silence, rolling of the eyes disguising their sighs of annoyance at each other.

He knew it wasn’t her fault and she didn’t mean to get angry at him, but that didn’t stop words slipping out of their mouths at each other; words they never meant and would never say to if it was just the two of them. The little mister clearly just wanted to start his life as he probably meant to go on when he was born; with trouble.

That’s not to say the raging hormones weren’t sometimes welcome. She was always brushing her fingers across his skin, touching her hands on his back whenever she walked past. He hadn’t missed the way she looked at him when he came downstairs in the morning (she’d been waking up hours before him in recent weeks) dressed in just his boxers, his bare skin and tattoos on show. She would graze her eyes over him, trying to be discreet, desire evident and the tension clear. Harry would simply smirk his way through his morning coffee, revelling in her gaze.

He had a plan tonight though. A romantic, candlelit dinner, aware that any evening together might be their last as just the two of them, less any alcohol for either of them, not when he might have to drive to the hospital at any moment, and her favourite dessert of French silk pie.

She devoured his cooking skills, taking up his offer of seconds because “the little one just needed a little more” and reminding Harry that she couldn’t load the dishwasher because the bump was in the way.


He now had her where he’d been needing her for so long. He just wanted to feel her close, have his hands roam across her body. Not content with finding a comfortable place on the sofa, they took refuge on the brown leather bean bag from his office, Harry throwing himself down on it and pulling her to sit next to him, her legs swinging across his, and her arms cuddled around his neck.


Soft and slow but needy and lustful.

They’d been craving closeness.

He swears he feels a tear run down her check at one point but leaves out the need to tell her. It’ll only make her cry more.

They go on with their bean bag kisses for what feels like an age. His hands cupping her face and her fingers tracing, blindly, across his arm full of tattoos.
Until she feels a pop, and Harry…well, he hears the pop instead.

“What was tha’, love?” He breaks away from their kiss. “Did you just let rip on me again?” He reminds himself of a moment a few weeks ago. Embarrassing for her. Hilarious for him.

“No…I think…no it’s ok, it’s all fine.”

Harry dives back in for his afters, relishing in the feeling of her lips on his, his tongue eagerly exploring her mouth for the millionth time.

She feels something wet though. And he feels it too, creeping on to his jeans, and down in to the small gaps that are left between them. It makes him giggle more than anything. He knows what it is and he knows what’s coming, and he’s excited for it, but he wants to prolong their life as just the two of them for as long as possible, even if it’s only for just a few more hours.

But she pushes him away with a wide-eyed look of shock on her face. “Harry, stop! I think I’m having the baby…”

First Time With Minho (Smut Fic)

Prompt: You had been wanting to be a Runner for a while now, but Minho (your boyfriend) would never allow it. After he finally caves and let’s you be a Runner, you decide to give him the night of his life.

Bonus: Y/N calling Minho “Mean Hoe” for any reason whatsoever.

Warning: Smut

I had been in the Glade for four months now. It was a strange thought, to think I only had four months worth of memory stored in my brain. But those four months had been amazing.

It hadn’t taken me long to form friendships with the Gladers. My two best friends were easily Minho and Ben, but it didn’t take long for Minho to make his feelings for me known. It took even less time for us to get together. Yet it was mainly Minho who held me back from my dream: to be a Runner.

He knew I was fast, he knew I was smart - still, he refused. Until today.

“Y/N, can I talk to you?” Alby said, looking at me. I nodded, quickly following him to a more isolated part of the Glade.

“What is it, Alby? Everything’s okay, right?” My thoughts turned to the Runners, but it was still hours before the Maze shut for the day.

Alby nodded. “I’ve been talking with Minho.”


“He wants to take you out on a run tomorrow. Depending on how you do, he’ll decide if you become a Runner or not.”

I squealed loudly, filled with joy. Alby pressed his hands to his ears, but he didn’t bother trying to stop the smile that appeared on his face. Once I had finished, Alby lowered his hands back to his sides.

“I couldn’t tell. Were you excited?” Alby questioned, smiling brightly.

“You have no idea.”

For the rest of the day, I was super bubbly and couldn’t stop smiling. By the time Minho had gotten back from the Maze, I was more than ready to greet him and tell him how excited I was.

Just as Minho came into the Glade, his body covered in sweat, he stopped. He allowed himself a moment to catch his breath, and in that moment I rushed to his side. He smiled when he saw me.

“Hey, Y/N.” Minho stood straight, his hands on his hips. I wondered vaguely if I would be just as out of breath tomorrow, or if I would be more so.

“Hey.” I smiled and kissed Minho. He smiled into the kiss, but pulled away.

“Guessing Alby told you?”

“I’m going to be a Runner.” I announced proudly.

“Only if I say so,” Minho reminded. He wrapped an arm around my waist and we walked towards the Map Room. “I still don’t like the idea of you being out in the Maze. But shuck me if you’re not persistent.”

I couldn’t stop myself from being a tease as I sent him a smirk, whispering seductively into his ear, “If you let me be a Runner, maybe you will get shucked.”

Minho suddenly stopped, just feet away from the Map Room. “Seriously?”

“We’ll see.” I sent him a fliratatious look, gave him a wink, and then walked away from him.

“Y/N! That’s not funny! Are you being serious?”

I giggled, continuing forward.
“There’s the Glade,” I gasped out. My lungs were burning and my muscles ached. I hadn’t ran that much in… Well, I wasn’t sure. I was incredibly grateful to Minho for finally caving and letting me run.

We stopped just inside of the Glade. Minho was sweating, his breathing a lot quieter than my own ragged breaths. I was drenched, my hair sticking to my neck and face in what I was sure an unflattering way.

“You did good, Y/N,” Minho said, kissing my cheek. “You can be a Runner.”

“Great. Busy dying now.”

Minho laughed, pulling me towards the Map Room. “You can die after you finish your map. When you’re done with that, die all you want.”

“You are so mean to me.” I paused in thought. “Minho, the Mean Hoe.”
Minho smacked the back of my head. “Shuckface.”

“Ow! Bad hoe.”

We began laughing. It was nice being with Minho, not having a single problem in the world. Well, other than not knowing what was actually in the world, where we were, why were here, and -

“Don’t think so much. You’ll hurt yourself.”

“Shove off.”
That night, the Gladers celebrated me becoming a new Runner. It was amazing. There was a huge bonfire, plenty of drink (Gally’s own secret recipe that was foul, yet no one could get enough of it), music, games and dancing.
As the night started to wind down, though, I suddenly remembered how I had teased Minho. It hadn’t been the first time that I hinted I’d have sex with him, but now, seeing Minho laughing with Newt and Alby, I suddenly wasn’t so sure it was just me teasing.

He looked gorgeous. Tan skin, dark hair, and his arms… Maybe I had a slight thing for his muscular arms.

Newt must have caught me staring at Minho, because he suddenly bumped Minho’s arm and nodded in my direction. Minho turned, saw me, and then a huge smile lit up his face. He jogged over to me, careful not to slosh his drink out of its cup.

“Like what you see, Y/N?” he teased.

“Yeah. This drink.” I quickly took it from him, downing a gulp to help collect my thoughts. Tonight was the night.

“You’re no fun,” he pouted. I smiled and kissed him.

“Thanks for making me a Runner.”

“Thanks for stealing my drink.” Minho took it back. I waited until he put it to his lips and began to drink before I leaned forward and whispered into his ear:

“Wanna have sex?”

I jerked back, giggling like mad as Minho started choking on his drink. His eyes found mine after he finished his coughing fit.

“Are you serious?”

I kissed him. “I love you.”

Minho’s face split into a wide smile. “I love you.”

The next thing I knew, Minho was leading me away from the others, calling out a “we’re going to bed” when Ben shouted after us. I didn’t miss the shouts of, “Go Minho!” By the way Minho only pulled me towards the Homestead faster, I knew he didn’t miss them either.

“I know you’re a Runner and all,” I said once Minho closed the door to one of the rooms in the Homestead. “But I don’t want this to be rushed.”

Minho nodded. “Never. I want to enjoy this.”

For a second, we both just stood there. And then Minho was moving towards me.

He kissed me tenderly at first, but it quickly became passionate. He lifted me up and my legs instantly went around his waist, my arms going around his neck to better hold me in place. Both of his hands were on my butt, keeping me firmly against him.

He sat me down on the bed. His eyes were dark with lust and I vaguely noticed that he had an erection.

“Take your shirt off,” I told him, tugging on the hem of his shirt. He quickly slid it off, his muscles tensing. I placed a hand on his abs, loving how they tightened and relaxed under my touch.

“I think you’re wearing too much.” His voice was deeper than usual, and it was oddly erotic. I moved to take my shirt off, but he pulled me to my feet again, stopping me. “I want to do it.”

A shiver of pleasure coursed through my body. Minho kissed his way from my mouth down to my collar bone, his hands dipping under the fabric of my shirt. A moment later, he was tugging it over my head. The second it was gone and thrown to who knows where, Minho had attached his mouth to my neck. His hands fiddled with my bra, trying to undo it.

I was just about to laugh and offer to do it myself when he bit down on a particularly soft spot. A rather loud moan escaped my lips. That damn shank smiled against my neck. He knew exactly what he was doing to me. A second later, he pulled away, tugging my bra away from me smugly.

“Took you long enough,” I commented breathlessly. We hadn’t even done much of anything yet, and I was already excited beyond belief.

“Taking it slow, remember? Or did that last moan make you forget?”



And then we were pressed together again, our mouths moving in sync. One of my hands was on his tan shoulder, the other in his dark hair. I had always loved his hair, but I was rarely allowed to mess with it. Now was an exception. One of his hands was on my hip, pulling me tight against him. I could feel his arousal pressing against me. His other hand was on my breast, gently massaging it, earning another moan from me. This one was, at least, much quieter than the other.

Both of his hands moved down my body, stopping at the waist band of my shorts. I pulled away slightly so he could see what he was doing. He made quick work of undoing the button and zipper, letting my shorts fall to the floor. I stepped out of them, kicking them and my sandles to the other side of the room, thankful I had changed out of those stupid running shoes after leaving the Map Room.

“You still have to take your shoes off,” I pointed out to Minho.
“Shuck me,” he muttered, sitting on the bed and taking off his shoes. When he was finished with those and his socks, I pushed him back down on the bed so he couldn’t get up. “Y/N?”

“I love you.”

“I love you, too.”

Minho flipped me, coming to rest between my legs. He kissed me passionately, his tongue eventually making it into my mouth. After a moment, I felt it - Minho, slowly yet deliberately rubbing himself against me. I pulled away, out of breath. My face was surely red and my eyes must have been just as dark as his.
“Minho, get rid of those pants.”

At once, Minho stood up and undid his pants. He looked at me for a brief moment before letting them drop to the floor. We made direct eye contact as he slid his underwear off. I couldn’t help but let my eyes trail down his body to see his hardened member. It wasn’t overly big, but it wasn’t small - it was perfection, just like the rest of his body.

“One of us is naked.” Minho said, gesturing from his body to mine.

“And one of us is sexy,” I added. “But they’re not the same person.”

Minho let out a laugh. “We’re in the middle of a very naughty thing and you’re making jokes.”

“Until I die.” I smiled up at him. “But, you know, you can always take my pantis off whenever you want.”

He didn’t need to be told twice. His fingers dipped under the waist band of my underwear and in one swift motion, he pulled them down my legs and threw them behind his back. He stared at me just long enough to make me feel slightly self-conscious. I was just bringing my legs together when he stopped me, crawling back up my body and kissing my ear.

“You’re beautiful, Y/N.”

His hands moved over my naked body, feeling me for the first time. It was a feeling unlike anything I had ever experienced, being with someone in such a way.

“Minho… I want you.”

Minho slid his hand down between our bodies. His fingers brushed my clit and I tensed, my body suddenly filled with a shock of pleasure. He didn’t stop there, though. Instead, he brought his fingers down to my entrance. He slid a finger into me, softly, carefully. My eyes closed at the feeling.

It felt good, but it was obvious that I had never had anything in me before. He slid another finger into me and I moaned out, one hand going to his hair and one hand resting on his bicep. He slowly moved them in and out of me. With each movement, another shockwave pulsed through me.

“M-Minho,” I moaned. He didn’t respond. Instead, he brought his lips down to my nipple and began to lick, kiss and suck the delicate flesh there. I moaned loudly, my body arching.

“Shuck me, Minho. Please. I don’t want your fingers anymore.”

Minho slid them out of me. He shifted his weight and I realized that he was lining himself up with my entrance. He looked up at me.


“For you? Always.”

Minho slid in to me, slowly stretching my walls. I groaned out in slight pain, but such pleasure that I had no memory of ever knowing before. Minho moaned, dropping his head to my neck as he eased himself the rest of the way inside of me.

“Shuck, Y/N. You’re so wet and tight.”

My legs wrapped around his waist and he managed to go a little deeper inside of me.

Slowly, Minho pulled out until just his tip was inside of me. He quickly pushed himself back into me, the both of us moaning at the feeling. The slow pace continued until it was nearly torturous.

“Faster, Minho,” I begged. “Please.”

He quickened the pace, pumping in and out of me. My nails were most likely biting into his skin by this point, but my brain couldn’t focus on that. The only thing I could focus on was the feeling of Minho above me, in me, and making those amazing noises that he made.

Suddenly, I felt one of his hands go between our bodies again. It trailed down my stomach to my womanhood. It didn’t even hesitate as it found its way to my clit, rubbing slowly at first and then gaining speed.

I screamed out his name, my body tensing around him. I could faintly hear his voice, but at this point I could no longer make sense of his words.

A strong feeling was building in the pit of my stomach as my moans increased in volume. Minho’s thrusts were faster and more wild and finally I felt it. Minho’s erection twitched inside of me, filling me with warmth as he orgasmed. It nearly sent me over the edge, but I wasn’t quite done. Minho, realizing this, quickly sped up his finger on my clit. He moved his lips to my neck and bit down on that place that he knew would make me moan out.

The feeling kept building until finally it exploded.

My body tensed, Minho’s name falling from my lips like a swear and a prayer, all in one. My body arched against his. All too soon, I came down from my orgasmic high and relaxed beneath Minho, who had pulled himself out of me. He rolled over onto his back, pulling me against his body.

“That was shucking amazing,” Minho breathed out.

I cuddeled up against his side, resting my head on his pounding heart. I didn’t have words yet, my mind still in a lustful haze from what had happened.

“I love you, Y/N.”

I smiled, cuddling up as close to Minho as I could get. “I love you, too, Minho.”

“Please tell me we can do that again.”

“Whenever you want.”

Bad Ideas (13)

Our boys are just funny for a little bit here, and Wade is adorable and fluffy, and important words are said!!!!
….. and then shit goes down.

Catch up on any missed chapters HERE!!

Love all my readers :)

Wade looked up when Peter did a slow sort of shuffle and waddle into the kitchen.

“Hey Peter-pie how-”

“If you say anything at all, I’m going to break your jaw.” Peter threatened, and Wade took a huge gulp of scalding hot coffee just so he wouldn’t laugh. “I’m not kidding Wade.”

“You could have said no.” Wade countered, and ducked when a piece of toast came flying at him. “Well you could have!”  He said and Peter leveled him with a glare, but still limped over and settled himself in Wade’s lap, nosing into his neck to scent him. “Sweetheart, sitting like this can’t possibly be comfortable for you. Lay down on the couch or something.”

“Need to be close to you.” Pete muttered, draping his arms over Wade’s shoulders. “Kinda hate you right now but need to be close. Can’t help it.”

“I know, honey.” Wade slid one big arm around Peter’s waist and took another drink from his coffee. “I feel it too. Need to be close to you too.”

Peter wiggled against him, whining uncomfortably. “It didn’t occur to me that I wouldn’t be able to walk afterwards when I said I wanted you again. You should have told me no, should have told me how sore I was gonna be.”

“Sweet cheeks, the day I say no to shower sex with you is the day you put me in my grave. And you know Pete, it wouldn’t kill you to learn a little self control. Addiction to anything isn’t healthy even if it’s to my c–”


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Okay. How about this? List all of these and why. Favorite WA kiss? Favorite WA angst? Favorite WA love declaration? Favorite funny WA scene? Favorite Barry moment? Favorite Iris moment? Favorite WA moment in general?

1) Favorite WA kiss: Other than the hot make-out in episode 4, I would have to say my favorite kiss between them happens in episode 9 of season 3, because Barry just gifted Iris with their amazing loft and he was so excited to show her. After that, Barry tells her that moving in together isn’t a big step for him (because really, it’s not – Barry has waxed poetic to Iris multiple times, and done things like get her a replica of her mother’s ring). He was ready to move forward with her, to take the next step in their future together. The moment was just so sweet, also because he basically proposed to her when he told her that she was the last thing he wanted to see when he went to bed, and the first thing he wanted to see when he woke up (before Iris cut him off with a kiss lol). I know they had two kisses in the scene, but I’m mainly talking about after Iris said she loved him (and SHE USED FULL NAME WHICH KILLED ME) and Barry told her he loved her too. That moment was so sweet and genuine, and that scene alone showcases how much they love each other. Both kisses had me shook, though!

2) Favorite WA angst: Hands down, and I think my favorite scene of all time in season one, was the scene from Grodd Lives 1x21, where Joe was kidnapped by Grodd and Iris questioned why the team couldn’t figure out how to save him. The angst aspect was when she walked out, and Barry followed her. I loved their argument in that scene in the hallway, mainly because Iris got to express how she felt about Barry lying, which we all needed to hear since she were kept in the dark for pretty much the whole season. It’s also my favorite because Iris was tearing up, because she was truly hurt that her dad and mainly Barry would lie to her, because “you were supposed to be my best friend, Barry!” That line.. shook! “I am your best friend!” I literally know the entire dialogue in that scene, lol. It was just heart breaking because Iris was truly hurt, because she gave Barry that much capacity to hurt her, because she loved him. Also, I will never not laugh (and roll my eyes) at Barry equating keeping the secret from Iris to her hidden feelings for him. Not only that, but the acting from both of the actors, specifically from Candice was A1. Definitely my favorite scene from season 1. 

3)  Favorite WA love declaration: This is so hard to choose! I feel like moments that can’t be considered love declarations, are in my opinion. I’ll keep this one short, but I guess I will go with Barry’s first confession in 1x09. I think it was so sweet and raw from Barry, and it’s been the most open he’s been to everyone. He wore his heart on his sleeve, and he felt like how owed it to Iris to tel her then – although it was ill-timing. The part that made me choose this declaration was because of Barry’s “I loved you before I even knew what the word love meant.” That line did it for me because Barry defines love int he way he loves Iris. When you’re young, you don’t really know what love is. You know it’s characterized my some feeling, but Barry as a child knew whatever he felt for her, must be love. He essentially said, “that, that right there, whatever I feel for her, it has to be love.” And that makes me cry. Of course Iris’s silent tears added tot he scene, because you could tell she were mad and sad, because it’s like “Why now?” in her mind, everything has completely changed for them. She’s always seen Barry as her best friend, and probably couldn’t differentiate her romantic feelings for him vs her platonic ones, so she buried them – and characterized them as one. Now, that Barry told her he loved her this entire time, you have to imagine in her head she’s thinking about and questioning every single moment they have shared, because for her it’s always been one thing. Now that Barry told her this, she knows that in every moment they have shared, he’s been in love with her. I lied, that wasn’t short at all lol! 

4) Favorite Funny Scene: Have WA had many funny scenes? Lol. I don’t know if this scene be classified as funny, but the first scene that popped into my head was in episode 3x09, when Barry just showed Iris their soon-to-be lovely home together, and Iris said “I got you a wallet.” LOL. That line made me alight and cry, because Iris was so genuine and sweet and she’s in shock that he gave her that, while she gave him a wallet. And Barry’s “I’m sure I love it” made me CRY (but also laugh while crying) because HE WAS DEAD ASS SERIOUS. Barry is going to cherish that wallet for everything it’s worth, simply because Iris got it for him lol. I’m sure he tells everyone t work that Iris gave him that wallet, just to show it off. This scene also solidified that Barry is the better gift giver :) 

5) Favorite Barry moment: If this is speaking about them individually, this is tough, because there are so many Barry scenes to choose from, lol. I don’t know if this classifies as “favorite Barry moment” because it’s his tears and his conversation with Nora in Welcome to Earth 2 on the phone that made me cry. It was the first time Barry heard Nora’s voice since he were a child. Technically it’s not his mother, but Earth 2 Barry’s but it was still all the same for Barry. The moment he heard her voice on the phone, and had to play off as E2 Barry and started to cry (which makes it even more sad? Because E2 Barry still has his mother). It was just a heart breaking scene, and well-acted one all around. Kudos to Grant.

6) Favorite Iris Moment: This is difficult as well, but not as difficult because Iris has had so many wonderful scenes that made me cheer for her. I loved the scene where she’s talking to Joe in Grodd Lives in CCPN, because she was again, expressing her POV which was lacked in season 1 due to her being in the dark about Barry’s secret. My favorite moment so far though, is in 3x11 where she has the conversation with Wally in CCPD. She had so much agency in that episode, but in that scene alone because she wanted to mattered. She got to express her fear of dying, but also getting to do something about it because she got to be. She knew about her potential fate, so she took matters into her own hands and didn’t let her consume her (at that moment). She wanted to be more than just a daughter, or sister, or a girl friend. The dialogue in that scene was A1, and really shows what kind of person Iris is. She loves being all of those things, but it doesn’t always define her. Her compassion, her need for justice and truth is what’s also important, her job as a reporter! I cried and cheered for her so much in that scene and the entire episode (like I always do). 

7) All of my favorite WA moments are here, although they aren’t that updated. I want to add the scene from 3x10, where Barry tells Iris about her potential fate int he time vault. 1) the acting was so good? Grant and Candice play really well off of each other, but I felt like this particular scene had a much bigger impact because of the context and the emotions. 2) Poor Iris! Her whole life has been turned upside down, and she was so selfless to the point where her first thought was to tell Barry to stop letting criminals go to save her, and to protect Joe after. I loved Barry’s anger in that scene as well because he felt like Iris gave up a bit when she asked when it would happen. For him, it’s like Savitar already won. The entire scene just had me in shambles. 

Hope this sufficed! Gifs by @westallengifs and @valeriemperez

how andreil got together aka an excuse for another hc of my icos au:

  • andrew and neil have to do an undercover mission for a like a year
    • in like russia maybe bc they both speak russian canonically
  • they have to change their appearances so no one can trace them back to the Agency
    • andrew now has black hair and green eyes and neil has brown eyes and blond hair and no this is totally not based off hsin and boyd shhh
  • for the first few months they don’t really see each other bc they’re out trying to find jobs according to the bio of the profiles they were given
    • andrew works as a bartender and neil works at a nearby uni’s bookstore
  • then they start finding leads on their target
  • some low level drug dealer who’s been scamming a mafia boss who’s getting po’d or something and got the help of the Agency in return for some files about a janus op
  • one day they get the chance to track the guy down and send andrew after him
  • he follows the guy into some building and manages to take an employee’s key card
  • he’s in the middle of downloading some files to send to neil when an alarm goes off and he’s stuck in the room
  • of course he could just kill everyone and get out but they’re trying to be discreet
  • so he’s kinda just waiting in the room furiously whispering at neil to shut the security down
  • and then a bomb goes off
  • fortunately andrew was only like 3 or 4 floors up so he books it tf outta there
  • his comm busts bc he was thrown back and it fell out so there’s no way he can reach neil
  • there’s another explosion before he reaches the front doors and the entrance is blocked
  • at this point neil kinda realizes that andrew is either unconscious or unable to reach his comm so he runs to the building
  • he gets there about 10 minutes after the second explosion and there are a bunch of people scattering and ambulances coming
  • and he doesn’t see andrew at all
  • and he’s thinking fuck what if andrew didn’t make what if i was too late to get him out
  • all he can think is that andrew lived through so much just to die like this and it’s so unfair
  • and then a hand grabs his shoulder and turns him
  • and neil’s first thought is to punch whoever it is but then he sees andrew’s face and he’s just so relieved
  • andrew’s body is littered with bruises and scratches and neil’s pretty sure a piece of glass cut his side pretty deep but they decide to go back to the shared apartment they’re staying in
  • and neil is helping andrew with his injuries and at the same time he’s also confused as to why he always feels so weird around andrew when it’s never happened around anyone else before
  • and he finally figures out that he’d been scared that andrew might have been dead
  • which ?? didn’t make sense to neil because he never really seemed to care about andrew’s near death experiences on their previous missions
  • anyways flash forward to a few months later when the mission is winding down and they’ve gathered all they can even with the loss of the files bc of the explosions
  • but they’re just sitting in their apartment one day watching tv or something an exy game probably
  • and andrew shifts so he’s turned towards neil
  • and he reaches out and lets a hand hover over neil’s cheek and asks “yes or no”
  • neil of course says yes even though he doesn’t know exactly what he’s saying yes to
  • and andrew starts leaning in slowly
  • and neil finally gets it and his eyes go wide at first before he closes them and bridges the gap between them
  • they just sit there for a few moments with their eyes closed and lips touching
  • then andrew pulls back and continues watching the tv
  • they don’t speak about the kiss until after they get back to the Agency but for the time being both are content with just leaning against each other
Second Chances

What the writers should have shown after Emma and Hooks reunion.

Rating M

Emma watched her mother slowly walk away, leaving her alone at Robin’s grave. She couldn’t help but feel that this was all her fault.

If she hadn’t made Hook into a Dark One, or brought her whole family to the Underworld none of us this would have happened and Robin would still be alive.

All another funeral did was remind her of Killian, and how she will never see him again. Tears streamed down her face at the thought of his death, how she herself had to kill him.

She thought that ramming a sword through her one true love would be the most painful thing she would ever have to do but leaving him as she rode up that elevator was ten times worse. It was like leaving a part of her own heart down there.

She was lost in her own thoughts of grief when a powerful beam of light blasted her back, knocking her off balance. A surprised shout left her lips as she looked around utterly confused.

“Swan?” She knew that voice, but it had to be too good to be true. Emma turned around, looking over her shoulder. There stood her partner, her pirate, her true love.

“Killian?” Emma cried, running towards him. She placed a kiss on his lips before either of them could say a word. His lips felt like home. She loved the feeling of their arms around each other.

“How, why the hell are you here?” Emma wept, kissing every inch of skin she could touch, she couldn’t get enough of him. “Zeus must have sent me back. As a reward for having defeat Hades,” He smiled, giggling at her embrace.

“I mean what!” Emma beamed. “You know Zeus the most powerful,” She cut him off with another kiss, revelling in the simple bliss of being in one anothers arms. “I don’t care, I don’t care how you’re here. I’m just glad you’re alright,” Emma sighed, tears still streaming down her face, but this time her cries were from happiness not grief.

“You too, I am so happy you’re alright,” He shared, burying his face in her hair. “Not all of us are,” She admitted, nodding towards Robin’s grave. They held each other tight for a moment longer before walking hand in hand towards Granny’s.

Very little words were shared between them, it was more about being near one another. Before they reached main street she stopped them. She reached into her pocket and pulled out her phone, texting Snow saying that she needed some time alone.

“What’s wrong, love?” Killian implored. “Nothing, I just know that some other crisis is going to happen or as soon as we get to the diner everyone will want to ask a million questions and right now, it’s just I don’t want to share you. I know it’s selfish, but I don’t care,”

A single tear escaped down her cheek. “Hey, it’s alright, love,” He smiled, wiping the tear before reaching her chin. “We can do, or go anywhere you would like.” She knew what she needed. Without another word she magically transported them back to their home with a poof of smoke.

Killian found himself in their bedroom for the first time. The atmosphere was completely different from when she was the Dark One. The home was now warm and inviting instead of dark and cold.

He spotted his favorite T-shirt on her nightstand. It was one of the first modern things he purchased in Storybrooke. He also saw his old long Captain Hook leather jacket hanging on a hook next to her makeup table.

“Sorry, I took some of your things, I hope you don’t mind. It was the only way I could sleep, the shirt spells like you,” Emma choked, attempting to hold back her tears thinking about his death.

“Love, you don’t have to apologize for anything. I’m sorry you had to go through all of this alone. If I wasn’t so weak none of this would have happened, I’m so sorry, love,” Killian voiced, the guilt weighing heavy on his shoulders.

“Hey, don’t do that. I spent days going over every decision I made, trying to find what I could have done differently to change the outcome but it’s not worth it. In the end we all made mistakes but the most important thing is we are together now,” She sighed, inching closer to him wrapping her arms around his waist, resting her head on his chest.

Killian kissed the top of her head. “You must be exhausted, love. Have you been able to sleep at,” Emma cut him off, kissing him passionately, much like she had earlier that day.

“We can wait, Emma and sleep if you want,” He replied, between kissed. “I can’t wait. I need you.” Emma could feel the tears swelling up again. She just needed to feel him, to make sure he was real. She was afraid that all of this was some amazing dream that she was gonna wake up from.

“Emma, I can wait if you need to rest,” Killian smiled against her lips. Emma just continued to kiss him with everything she had. She could feel him harden against her stomach, indicating that he needed her just as much as she needed him.

Emma trailed her hand down between them, stroking his generous length. He moaned into her mouth, telling her exactly what she was doing to him. Emma walked them back towards the bed, as soon he felt the bed under his knees he fell back letting her take control.

Killian still couldn’t believe that he was alive and here with his one true love. He tried to put off all other thoughts stirring around in his head, and just enjoy being with his Swan.

Emma wasted no time, peeling off all their clothes trying to get as close to each other as possible. They lacked the patience to remove his hook, as their make out session escalated.

Soon nothing was between them as she straddled his hips, sliding his cock through her folds covering him in her essence. She reached between them giving him a few pumps before lining him up at her entrance. Killian sat up so he was face to face with her, kissing her once again.

“Love, you must let me attend to you first,” He choked out between kisses. “Later, I just need you right now,” Emma finished, before sinking down on him. Their twin moans mingled together through the bedroom as Emma set a hard and rapid pace. They both finally felt at home after weeks of pain and suffering.

The drag of her walls felt like heaven. Throughout his three hundred years nothing was more amazing than sharing a moment like this. Sure, they’d made love countless times, but this was far more intimate and meaningful than either of them had experienced before.

Emma wrapped her arms around his neck as he placed tender kisses down her pulse point. He trailed down her breast, taking a one in his mouth. She arched into him, giving him better access to the rosy bud.

Emma could feel his fingers digging into her hip bone as he rocked against her. She knew she would have bruises there come morning, but she didn’t care. If anything, they were a reminder that he was real.

Emma lightly pulled at his dark locks, as he released her nipple with a soft pop. The cool air rushing over it felt incredible. She didn’t know why, but tears began to wallow in her eyes. So many emotions flooding her body at once. Anger, love, guilt, happiness, regret, she felt her mind overload. But she made herself shove all other feelings aside for the time being, and just enjoy the present.

Emma began to feel her orgasm build, tingling at the base of her spin. Her legs began to quiver as he increased their pace. He found her lips once again, using them to anchor himself. Without her soft touch he would surely let go, but he wanted this to last for them. And most importantly he wanted her to get the most pleasure possible.

Emma could see the ongoing battle behind her lover’s eyes. She knew him all too well. He was holding back for her, but she didn’t want him to.

“Let go, Killian. It’s okay,” She comforted, looking him in the eye as she brushed a bit of hair out of his face. “But love, you havent,” Killian started, but was quickly cut off by Emma’s lips. “It’s okay. Come for me,” Emma replied, driving down on him faster. His breathing increased drastically.

She placed little kisses all over his cheeks, nose, and forehead when she felt a tear drop roll down her face. Killian finally let go, spilling his seed into her. He came hard, moaning into Emma’s mouth. It was like she was kissing away the pain. They both suddenly felt lighter and more free.

She let in down gently from his high, gradually slowing the movement of her hips. Making sure to milk every last drop of pleasure from from his body. Emma left a parting kiss on hip lips; feeling him soften inside her.

Before either of them could say a word, Hook flipped her over so that she was now underneath him. Emma was confused to say the least. He trailed open mouth kisses down her body, stopping at her breasts briefly, lightly biting at the hard peaks.

Traveling down further to find she was still wet and wanting. Without any warning he dipped down tasting their combined essence, but at this moment Killian didn’t care. He made quick work lapping at her folds, sucking her sensitive bud into his mouth. Hook slid one finger, parting her before gliding it into heat.

Even though they had been apart for weeks he never missed a beat, reading her flawlessly. That was one of the many things Emma loved about him. It was like he could read her mind. He knew what she wanted, sometimes even before she knew.

Killian added another finger whilst lavishing her clit. The two together had her seeing stars in the matter of seconds. He loved the feeling of her clamping down on his fingers as her orgasm ripped through her. But he was disappointed in himself for not being able to push her over the edge whilst inside her. As amazing as it feels on his fingers, it feels ten times better when she rides him. He promises himself that the next time this happens he’ll make sure she will come on his cock.

He brought her down ever so lovingly, wanting her to enjoy every second of her high. Once he was sure she was done he left tender kisses on each of her thighs. Then made his way back up to her touching every part of her soft skin that he could reach.

Killian laid himself beside her as she rolled over on top of him, melting into his embrace. After a few silent minutes Emma whispered, “I missed you so much.” His fingers were drawing smooth patterns on her back. He simply kissed the top of her head, knowing there were no words to comfort her. He just held her as she cried.

“I’m sorry that I spent so many years pushing you away. That was something that haunted me at night when I would close my eyes. I would have this recurring nightmare of me leaving you. And all I could think about was how I could have had so much more time with you. If I wasn’t so stupid and stubborn we could have had this years ago,” Emma cried into his chest.

“Hey, love, everything happens for a reason and at the right time. But now we have a second chance. We get to start a new chapter. We have spent far too long being apart in our relationship. Now we get to begin again and enjoy the quiet moments,” Killian joked, as she smiled up at him wiping away tears.

“I’d like that,” Emma answered, still grinning. “Me too,” Hook replied. They both soaked in the hope of a new start and a second chance.

“Do you know when I feel in love with you,” Emma asked looking up at him, smoothing her hand over the planes of his abs. He looked puzzlingly down at her, shaking his head. “Was it when we were all in that bloody alternate reality. When I was just a mere deckhand?” Killian smiled.

“No, that was when I admitted it to myself and finally said it out loud. It was when we fell into Zelena’s time portal. I knew there was a pretty good chance I would never see my family again. At least not the family that knew and remembered me. The only thing that kept me going was you. But then when Regina caught me and threw me in prison it hit me. I just kept staring at my mother’s ring and all I could think about was you. How I may never get the chance to see you again or tell you how I felt,” Emma finished, feeling the tears start again.

She had no idea what got into her. In the past she she was never much of a crier. “I love you,” He whispered, kissing the top of her head. “I love you too,” Emma replied quickly.

“See I knew as soon as you put on that bloody wench outfit. I was sold,” He teased, as Emma playfully slapped his chest. “Now, love, get some sleep. We can explain all of this to everyone tomorrow.”

For the first time in weeks they both fell asleep with smiles on their faces and love in their hearts. Knowing that they were given a second chance, and they sure as hell weren’t gonna waste it.

Backseat Taxi**



Joe has been attending meeting after meeting for the past week and you barely got to spend anytime with him. He would come home exhausted and if he didn’t have a video to edit or film, he’d kiss you goodnight and head straight to bed. 

A few days ago, Joe had apologized for not spending as much with you and asked if you wanted to go to one of his meeting with him later on in the week. It was a meeting with a travel company and since he was planing on taking you with, it only made sense for you to be at the meeting as well.  

“Hey love, are you ready? We’re running late” Joe said running down the stairs, adjusting the watch on his arm before shoving on his shoes. 

“Yep, waiting on you” You closed your laptop and walked towards the door grabbing your coat. Joe quickly wrapped his arms around you, kissing your cheek before opening the door for you. 

“You’re always a gentleman, even when were in a rush”

“Always” Joe said locking the door behind him.

In the car on the way to the meeting, Joe wouldn’t keep his hands to himself. If they weren’t intertwined with yours, one was resting on your thigh. You understood the signs that Joe was sending your way and you decided to have a little fun with horny Joe. 

You adjusted your chair at the table so you were closer to Joe, your eyes still focused on the board, avidly listening to the key points of the meeting.

There weren’t very many people in the room, just you, Joe, and 2 of the Gleam team members and one representative of the travel company that Joe would be working with. To add as a bonus, you and Joe had sat opposite of everyone else at the table, allowing you from ‘privacy’

With your eyes still focused ahead, you extended your arm, placing your palm on Joe’s upper thigh. He shifted slightly at your touch, as if to say ‘not now Y/N’ but you ignored his attempts at a protest and moved your hand further in between his legs until you found what you were looking for. 

Joe cleared his throat at you touch, once again shifting in his seat. Still ignoring him, you started rubbing your hand on the small tent that was forming in him pants. 

Joe let out a low groan, causing the group to turn their attention over to you and Joe. He played it off by asking a question that led to a further conversation. You continued your action a little while longer, before pulling your hand away and repositioning your chair slightly.

Once the meeting had ended, Joe quickly thanked everyone for attending and practically dragged you out the door. 

“What the hell was that Y/N?” Joe growled as you two stepped into the elevator. 

“I don’t know what you mean?” You said innocently.

The look Joe gave you when you looked his way sent shivers down your spine. This was the exact response you were hoping to get from your previous actions. 

Joe said nothing to you until you two had gotten in the taxi. He was tapping his fingers on his knee looking out the window. 


“Y/n don’t.” Joe said sternly still looking out at window.

“Don’t what?” You said generally confused. You thought Joe was mad at you for what happened earlier and that was definitely not the plan.

“Don’t…” he took a deep breath and turned to look at you. He’s eyes were full of lust and you knew you were in a different kind of trouble than you had thought moments ago. 

“..Jesus. Fuck it” He said lunging for you, his lips attacking yours. The next sequence of events happened so quickly, it was all just a blur in your head. During your makeout sesh, Joe had unbuckled your seatbelt and pulled your on top of him after unbuckling himself. 

“Joe” you breathed in between kisses. “we can’t do this now”

“I can’t wait any longer because you are the biggest tease I know”

“You love it” you smirked as you moved your hands down to Joe’s jeans, working at the buttons and pulling them down slightly. 

Luckily you had decided to wear a dress that day so all Joe had to do was hike it up your bum a bit to gain access to your core. He moved your panties to the side and suck a finger inside of you, teasing you a bit before pulling out. 

“You’re so wet love. Does me wanting to have you in the back of this taxi turn you on?” Joe growled in your ear and you nodded frantically, trying to speed up the process. 

Joe pulled out his handed cock and pumped it in front of you a few time until he was fully erect. You positioned yourself up above his length and slowly came down onto him with a low moan. 

You started bouncing up and down, picking up the pace while Joe met your actions with his hips coming up to meet your bum, intensifying the sensations in your stomach. 

“Fuck Joe” you moaned throwing your head back in pleasure. 

“I’m not going to last much longer love” Joe said, picking up the pace with his thrusts. 

The taxi was filled with your moans and the sound of the radio that the driver had turned up during your heated makeout. You didn’t even care that you were fucking your boyfriend in the back of a taxi on the way home. You didn’t care if the driver was listening, which you couldn’t get mad about honestly, you brought this upon yourselves and apparently Joe didn’t care either. 

Joe’s thrusts slowed as he came inside of you, sending your over the edge shortly after just as the driver had turned down your street. 

Joe rebuckeled his jeans and you pulled your dress back down after you rolled off of him, propping yourself up against the window. 

The taxi stopped in front of Joe’s building and Joe paid, thanked and apologized for the scene that the driver had just witnessed. Joe wrapped an arm around your body, mostly for support as you were still catching your breath. 

“We’re not finished here love” Joe whispered in your ear as the two of you stepped into the elevator. 

Code: Safeword (chapter 23)

Pairing: Megamind/Roxanne

Rating: M (for sexual content and language)

Summary: Roxanne calls time-out on Metro Man day before the death ray happens. 

Additional tags: alien genitalia; a rather surprising amount of plot; sex and social justice


tap…tap tap

Minion blinked groggily, frowning as consciousness slowly dawned.

tap tap…tap

What in the world…?

tap tap tap…tap

His bleary eyes focused on the brainbot in front of him—number 98, he thought. It tapped once more on the glass of Minion’s sleeping tank, and then, seeing that he was awake, retracted its arm and bobbed excitedly in the air.

“Bowg,” it said, eyestalk moving rapidly.

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anonymous asked:

yeah but those "almost kissing" moments between mac and dennis were always ruined by a third party, or there was a third party present. like dee coming into the bar and ruining the moment, and charlie being there when mac goes in to kiss dennis. i would just love the moment between them to be when they're alone, and when mac goes in for it, i want dennis to be so unaware that it just happens. like he has no time to dodge it and dennis stands there with that look from the valentines day episode.

i only brought up those almost kisses because the least we deserve is a sweet, private moment between these two, exactly like you’ve described it! 

i can totally imagine mac just going for it after they’ve come back home from their monthly dinner. their spirits are high and they’re a little buzzed from wine and each other, and mac looks over at dennis, whose face is positively beaming, and before he can stop himself he cups dennis’s face in his hands and brings their lips together and it’s perfect and overwhelming and electric and over as quickly as it started and dennis is left stunned and breathless. 

anonymous asked:

hey... what do you think... of non-platonic burrjeff?? asking for a friend ;)

Ya know, I have thought about this many a time. While I personally love them having a close platonic relationship (that was one of my fave things to write in DWYD), I can see it being more!

Just both of them being at college around the same time and being in some of the same classes. And we all know Jefferson answers every damn question a professor asks and he interrupts people or shoots down their arguments. And he succeeds at doing that until one day Aaron has just had enough and starts arguing a point with Jefferson in class.

And it seriously turns into a full blown debate. Jefferson turns in his chair (he’s in the front) to look at Aaron (who is in the back of the room) and they start debating back and forth and much to everyone’s surprise, Aaron manages to silence Jefferson and win the debate.

And Jefferson, instead of being upset, is just like, finally! Someone who can keep up with him! So he intercepts Aaron before he can leave the class and asks him if they can continue their conversation over dinner. But Aaron just rolls his eyes and says no, because goddamn he gets annoyed listening to Jefferson in class, no way is he gonna listen to the guy outside of class.

But Jefferson doesn’t give up easily.

Every day in class Jefferson makes a point of trying to get Aaron riled up enough to start arguing with him again. He’ll just be talking and talking and lean back in his chair to throw Aaron a smirk over his shoulder. And Aaron will bite his tongue in an effort to not give in, but eventually he’ll just sigh heavily, and then start arguing with Jefferson and he does his best to ignore Jefferson’s satisfied expression. Soon, Aaron finds that he’s actually starting to enjoy arguing with Jefferson. Hell, he’s even starting to look forward to it every day.

Then Aaron starts to notice that he’s running into Jefferson everywhere.

Jefferson appears at Aaron’s favorite study spot, sprawled across a chair at the table with a cheeky smile on his face when Aaron stops dead in his tracks. Then Aaron just rolls his eyes and slams his books onto the table, shooting Jefferson a glare as he starts to study. And Jefferson gives him about 3 minutes of silence before leaning across the table and asking Aaron how his day is going.

And honestly, Aaron would be lying if he said he hated Jefferson. Sure the guy is annoying, but he’s also incredibly smart and has a certain charm that Aaron can’t deny he’s attracted to. But he would never actually tell Jefferson this. The man’s ego is big enough already.

But Aaron doesn’t tell Jefferson to leave him alone or go away. So they start studying together almost every day, and soon that studying turns into getting dinner together as well. And sure most of the time they spend together consists of them bickering back and forth, but Jefferson always has a smile on his face as they argue, and soon, Aaron finds himself mirroring that expression.

Aaron, without really understanding why, finds himself even spending time in Jefferson’s dorm room during his free time. And in his own habitat, Jefferson is even more interesting to Aaron. The man seems less uptight and less pretentious when he’s alone, cracks more jokes and shares more about himself. And Aaron slowly finds himself opening up to Jefferson, wondering at the same time why this loud, bouncy, snarky man makes him feel so comfortable? Jefferson is the type of person that Aaron usually despises. But for some reason, he can’t stop thinking about Jefferson.

But Aaron is confused. He likes Jefferson, and he’s pretty sure Jefferson likes him, so why hasn’t the man asked Aaron out again? Does he not like him anymore? Does he only want to be Aaron’s friend? Had Aaron misinterpreted the first dinner invite? He’s so confused.

And Jefferson is just as confused. Aaron is suddenly around him all the time, looking at him with those beautiful eyes and falling asleep on his couch when they stay up too late working or talking. He’s overwhelmed by how much he likes Aaron, and he really, really doesn’t want to mess it up. Especially since he got pulled aside by Aaron’s roommate, Bellamy, and had been told/basically threatened that if he hurts Aaron he will be kicked in the ass. Once Jefferson told Bellamy he had only good intentions, Bellamy tells him that Aaron isn’t used to letting people get close to him, and freaks out when he starts to feel attached to people. So Jefferson is trying to take things slow.

It all kind of comes crashing down one day when Aaron and Jefferson are walking back to the dorms. It’s snowing and Aaron is grumbling about not having a scarf and Jefferson barely even hesitates before unwrapping the purple scarf he’s wearing and then wrapping it around Aaron’s neck. Aaron stands perfectly still as Jefferson’s fingers brush over his skin, and when he looks up, Jefferson is staring down at him with parted lips and wide eyes, both of them leaning towards each other, but the moment is broken when Laurens walks past them with Hamilton and yells, “Aw! You two are the cutest couple!” And Jefferson, worried that Aaron will be freaked out by the assumption quickly responds back that him and Aaron aren’t dating. Aaron, taking that as meaning Jefferson doesn’t like him, pulls away from Jefferson and mumbles out that he has to go before almost running back to his dorm.

Weeks go by without them speaking, and Aaron spends most of his time moping in his room and staring at the ridiculous purple scarf lying on his floor. And Jefferson is being an even bigger mope, sometimes not even showing up to class because he is so terrified of seeing Aaron, who he thinks hates him now. And of course Aaron thinks that Jefferson is just showing that he never liked Aaron in the first place.

Eventually, Aaron gets so fed up with everything that he just runs outside in his pajamas one evening, not even throwing on a coat, and goes to Jefferson’s dorm, knocking loudly on his door and yelling his name. He falls silent when the door opens, greeted by a disheveled Jefferson clad in sweatpants and a white t-shirt, his eyes puffy and his hair a mess. Aaron opens and closes his mouth a few times as his mind spins; he had thought Jefferson was just messing with him, that he had never cared, but now…well, Aaron thinks he might have misread the situation.

He convinces Jefferson to let him in, and they just stand there staring at the floor until Aaron blurts out that he thought Jefferson had liked him before and now he’s confused. And Jefferson just stares open mouthed at Aaron before half yelling that of course he likes Aaron, he was just trying to take things slow.

And Aaron lets that sink in for a moment before throwing himself at Jefferson, wrapping his arms around his neck and kissing him square on the mouth. When they pull away a few moments later, Aaron tells him that he doesn’t want them to go slow. He wants Jefferson to be his stupid, annoying, pretentious boyfriend that drives him crazy.

The following weeks are the same but a little different between them. They still argue in class, still bicker back and forth at meals, but they also hold hands now and kiss each other on the cheek after an argument, or just sit and stare at each other with love struck expressions while trying to study.

And Aaron wears that purple scarf every damn day.

Noticing The Little Things

“You know, I sometimes wonder if Joe even has a girlfriend.” Caspar teased after Y/N had left, and Joe turned his stare onto his former roommate.

“What is that supposed to mean?” He asked, confusion etched across his face.

“You never act like she’s your girlfriend.” Caspar shrugged.

“If anything, you treat her like one of us.” Josh scoffed, “I’m sure she just loves that.”

“What are you on about?” Joe looked between them, still confused.

“Couples hold hands,” Oli started, drawing Joe’s attention. “They flirt, they tease, they have cute moments. They kiss around other people. You and Y/N…you don’t really do that.”

“I think I’ve seen you two kiss once.” Caspar told him.

“And I think I’ve only heard you compliment her once too.” Josh supplied, and the look he gives Joe makes the smaller man shift uncomfortably.

“It’d be nice to see you actually be a real boyfriend,” Oli shrugs, “That’s all.”

“I am a real boyfriend,” Joe told them, looking from face to face. “Right?”

“Well, you two are together. Have been for a couple of years. So I guess. But you are the least romantic couple ever.” Caspar laughed, the other two joining in as Joe leaned back against the couch, pouting.

“You guys are all assholes.” He mumbled.

The boys words stay on Joe’s mind for the rest of the day and into the evening.

He thinks back on moments when he and Y/N are out in public, and he realizes that the boys are right. They didn’t act like a couple. And that’s when the worry sets in.

Because what if he is a shit boyfriend, and she wants more? What if she’s unhappy because Joe doesn’t act romantic around her?

The questions jump around Joe’s mind as the couple sit across from each other on the couch, computer in their laps as they edit.

He’s supposed to be finishing the video sitting open on his computer, but his mind keeps drifting over to Y/N, and his eyes follow.

Her focus is on her screen, so she doesn’t notice, giving Joe ample time to look at her.

She was beautiful, he knew that, it was one of the first things that he noticed about her, and then he was drawn in further by her kindness. But now, now he was noticing the other things about her.

The way a line would appear between her brows when she was concentrating. Her eyes, normally so light and carefree, were focused and serious. Joe smiled as he watched Y/N’s nose scrunch up a little, meaning something on the screen didn’t go the way she wanted.

Her hair was tossed up into a bun, nothing special, with a few pieces falling out, framing her face. It softened her face, even with the fierce look of concentration.

And the way she was curled up on his couch, she looked at home. Comfortable. At ease.

“Can you stop staring?” Y/N spoke, causing Joe to jump. He met her eyes, and saw the teasing look shining in them. “It’s kind of distracting, feeling your boyfriends eyes on you.”

“Sorry.” He mumbled, his cheeks growing warm.

“It’s fine, babe.” She laughed, “But can I ask why you’re staring? Do I have something on my face?” She lifted a hand to her cheeks, but he shook his head quickly.

“No. Nothing. It’s, nothing. Sorry for distracting you.”

She tilted her head, studying him for a moment, but he simply lowered his gaze back to his computer, cheeks burning.

“Okay. But I don’t mind you distracting me, you know that?” Y/N asked, stretching a foot out to nudge him.

“Do you think I’m a bad boyfriend in public?” Joe blurted out, eyes still on his computer.


Sighing, he closed his computer and shifted in his spot, turning to face her fully.

“I just…I realized I don’t really, you know, do boyfriend stuff in public.”

“And that makes you a bad boyfriend?”

“I don’t know! Does it?”

“You really need to find new friends.” She told him, rolling her eyes as she closer her own computer, placing it on the floor so she could move over to him, wrapping an arm around his waist.

“How do you know this wasn’t just my own thoughts?”

“Because in the two years we’ve been dating, you’ve never thought this. And I’ve never had an issue with it. But suddenly, after hanging out with the boys, you’re worried about being a shit boyfriend.” When Joe remained silent, his own arms wrapped around her, Y/N laughed softly. “Exactly. But no, you aren’t a shit boyfriend just because you don’t act boyfriend like around others.”

“So you don’t wish I wish different?”

At that question, she sat up, looking him in the eye. “Joe, have I ever complained about you not being all affectionate in public?”


“Then there you go. No, I don’t wish you were different. Because I know you love me, I don’t need you to hold my hand or kiss me in the middle of the street or any of that. I just need you to be here with me, that’s all that matters.”


“Yes!” She groaned, letting her head fall back. “How dense are you?!”

Joe chuckled softly, his fingers slipping through hers. “Apparently, quite dense.”

Smiling, Y/N lifted her head to look at him again. “So why were you staring? Because you were worried?”

“Actually,” He blushed, “Because I was noticing the little things about you.”


“This is so embarrassing…” He mumbled, but she shook her head, leaning against him again.

“No, it’s cute. Now tell me all the little things you love about me!”

“Well, the way your eyes change when your concentrating….”

And Joe lists off every little thing he noticed.

anonymous asked:

Simon and baz have a BAD argument. Simon goes somewhere else. Later baz finds him attempts apologizing. LOTS OF KISSING.

Anonymous said: If you wanted to, maybe something for the “don’t fucking touch me” one? 

(This almost didn’t end the way it did. Also, maybe not as much kissing as you had hoped?)
This one took me all night and ended up at 1336 words, so I hope you like it!

Shout-out to @consultingreaders​ for helping me come up with fight inspiration!

Baz almost can’t remember the last time he drank blood. He can remember the feeding itself, but he’s not sure how long ago it was, which is…well, not good. Going long enough without drinking blood sets him on edge. He gets irritable and all his insecurities are magnified.

Normally it doesn’t bother him. Seeing people look at Simon when they’re out. Boys, girls. It doesn’t matter. They all look. And they should. Baz can’t blame them. Simon is beautiful.

But Baz is crotchety today and this is the third time he has caught someone looking at Simon. He lets it go, but it sits in his gut, twisting at his insides. They go back to Snow’s flat and start catching up on a new series.

“Wow. She’s gorgeous,” Simon says about the female lead.

That’s all it takes for Baz to completely lose it. He knows he’s being irrational. Simon is allowed to appreciate other people’s beauty the same way other people appreciate Simon’s. Baz knows this. But he’s thirsty and irritable and - at the moment - a bit insecure.

“Are you fucking kidding me, Snow?” Baz says, his anger taking control of his whole system. “You do realize I’m sitting right next to you.”

“Baz, what-” Simon starts, only to be cut off by Baz kicking over the coffee table in front of the couch. “Baz!”

“All those people all the fucking time.” Baz starts rambling. “I bet you see them, don’t you? Everywhere we go.”

“Baz.” Simon warns.

“What about me? Do you even give a shit about me?” What are you talking about, Baz? You know he does. You need to stop talking now.

“I’m not doing this with you again.” Simon stands and starts to walk towards the bedroom.

“Don’t walk away from me, Snow.” Baz gets up to follow the boy who walks to the other side of the bed and sits, back to the door. “So you’ll look at her, but not me?”

“What are you even talking about, Baz?” Simon stands, turning towards him again. “You sound crazy right now.”

“Maybe I am crazy if I ever thought you really loved me.”

He regrets the words as soon as they pass his lips. All the anger dissolves immediately into shock that he actually let those words come out of his mouth. He see’s the look of pain flash on Simon’s face for a moment before it twists into anger. Hate.

“How dare you.” Simon takes a step back.


“Don’t.” The boy holds up a hand in warning. This time, Baz steps back.

“I-” Baz starts, but Simon cuts him off again.

“I can’t even look at you right now.”

Simon looks around the room, everything in here reminds him of Baz. His drawers are full of the boy’s things. The bed that they share whenever Baz stays the night, sheets only covering half of the mattress. The boy’s shirt is still lying on the floor where Simon threw it the night before in the midst of a heated moment. He can feel Baz everywhere in here. Surrounding him. Touching him. Kissing him.

Simon shakes his head attempting to clear the fog that has settled in it.

“I have to get out of here,” he says, eyes still scanning the room. Taking in everything that is Baz.

Simon starts to walk towards the door.

“Simon, wait-” Baz says, reaching for him as he passes.

Simon avoids the boy’s outstretched hand. “Don’t fucking touch me!”

Baz pulls back as if burned by the air between them. “I just,” the boy’s voice cracks before he continues, soft, “This is your place. I should be the one to go.”

Simon looks at Baz then, taking in the boy’s wounded expression, eyes filled with hurt. It only makes him angrier.

“I can’t-” he takes a breath to calm the storm raging in his blood. “I can’t be here,” Simon spits out, shoving his way through the doorway.

He doesn’t hear Baz’s whispered, “These aren’t the droids you’re looking for,” through the ringing in his ears. The front door slams closed behind him.

The first stop Simon makes is to the cafe because the thought of tea and scones seems comforting in theory, but his stomach turns before he even walks inside. Instead, he starts walking. He walks around for hours before he ends up back in front of the flat he shares with Penny. Simon wants to go inside, but he’s still not sure he’s ready to face Baz. He stares at the door to the building for a few minutes before deciding to sit out on the stairs and watch as the darkness settles around him.

As if summoned by the darkness, Baz is standing in front of him.

“What are you doing here, Baz?” Simon sighs, his voice exhausted, not filled with the heat it held earlier.

“I went looking for you. Ended up back here.” Baz sits next to Simon on the step, leaving a space between them.

Simon lets his head drop into his hands. When he speaks again, his voice is muffled. “I don’t know if I’m ready to talk to you yet.”

“Simon, please?”

“What do you want from me, Baz?” Simon turns his head so his cheek rests in his palm. He sees the shining in the boy’s eyes. Tears on the verge of spilling free.

“I want you to forgive me.” A single tear escapes and trails slowly down Baz’s cheek. Simon fights the urge to reach out and catch it with his finger. “I know that’s selfish, but that’s what I want.”

“I don’t know if I can do that,” Simon whispers and turns his head so his face is back in his hands. He won’t be able to hold his will if he sees Baz cry. It’ll break him and he needs to stand his ground.

“Simon, please.” Baz repeats, a plea instead of a question.

Instinctively, Simon knows Baz is crying now. Even if he hadn’t heard the sniffling, he could feel it in his gut. If he looks he’ll break, he knows it.

“Look at me.” It’s a question, though it doesn’t sound like one.

If I look, that’s it. There’s no going back.

Simon turns his head to look at Baz again. The boy has wiped the stray tears from his face. There’s still a slight shining on his cheeks and in his eyes, both now red. Another tear springs free and this time Simon doesn’t fight the urge to reach for it it. Baz catches Simon’s hand against his cheek, leaning into the touch.

“I’m sorry.”

“I can’t keep doing this, Baz. If I haven’t convinced you by now that I love you, I don’t know if I ever will.”

“Simon,” Baz says again. Simon’s pretty sure Baz has never used his first name this many times in one day. “I know you love me. I don’t know why I said that last night. It’s just - I haven’t been drinking. It sets me on edge. I wasn’t thinking. I’m so sorry, Simon. Please forgive me. You have to forgive me.”

Baz starts to cry again, choked sobs tearing through him. Simon catches the boy’s face with both hands, holding it up for him. He closes the distance between their bodies and pulls Baz’s face to his. Baz doesn’t kiss back immediately, but after a moment the boy melts into it.

Baz’s lips are salty with his tears and Simon licks them all away with his tongue. “Shh. Baz, it’s okay. I’m right here. It’s okay,” Simon mumbles between kisses. “It’s all going to be okay.”

He keeps working his lips with the other boy’s. I love you, they say. I will always love you. I’m right here, love. I’m not going anywhere.

When the tears stop and Baz is no longer shaking, Simon pulls back, hands still on the boy’s cheeks, and locks their gazes.

“I love you, Baz.”

“I love you, Simon.”

Simon smiles. “Good. Let’s go inside.”

So today marks the begining of the #30daypsychonautschallenge !!
As a huge fan of this game, I knew I had to do this as soon as I saw it. If you want to do it yourself, here’s the original post by @psychonaut-hobbit​ !
Now onto the question… :^)

1. Favorite Character?

Oh boy! Thanks for starting on an easy question! If you can’t tell by my blog or the little banner I made for this, it’s gotta be Sasha Nein. I’m always a sucker for well-dressed men with polite attitudes…and accents. Just look at him.

I absolutely adore him, okay. When I first played Psychonauts, I lovingly reffered to him as “Frankenstein” because I didn’t catch his name. (For a while, I thought Milla’s name was Sasha…) I also thought he was Russian until I went to the GPC haha.

What I love about Sasha, besides literally everything, is his relationships with Raz and the counsellors. Sasha seems to think of Razputin as a miniature version of himself, which I think is great. I like to think of Sasha as a father figure for Raz, especially since Raz is a huge fanboy for the Psychonauts, I’m sure he’d admire Sasha as ‘the father he never had’.

The dynamic between Sasha and Milla is incredibly strong, (I say this as if nobody knows this) and good God I just want them to kiss already? The tension is killing all of us, especially after those moments in the Rhombus of Ruin… :^)))) I scream over these two a lot. I love that Sasha holds high respect for Milla, even though she has her own quirks. Such a gentleman.

His backstory was incredibly strong for me, and cracking open his Memory Vaults was an experience for me honestly. The game does such a great job of portraying small scenes and ideas in one reel, but also giving it the emotion needed, and I really did feel for Sasha and his father. It’s upsetting to me that he never really remembered much of his mother. I can highly relate to what he went through, but I’ll get to that in a few days time. I’d like to add here, that his level design was really cool! It brought out his personality and his mental problems well, and I kind of hope we’ll be seeing it again.

I’ve already mentioned his personality before, but I’d like to reiterate it again since it’s one of my favorite things about his character. Even though he’s incredibly blunt with the poor children, he is very understanding and even kind at points. In the Rhombus of Ruin, it’s interesting to note that Milla seems to be the one to calm him down and lets him be more understanding with children, yet another thing I love about their dynamic, but talk more about that later on. :^)

And finally, let’s be real, what a lovely design.

Well, that concludes my first entry for this challenge!! I hope it wasn’t too boring to listen to me rant on about my husband favorite character, over here. I’m excited to do the rest of the questions! <33