I just loved this moment between them after the kiss


Okay, I know Harry lost the ability to speak Parseltongue after he defeated Voldemort, but hear me out. Imagine Harry whispering sweet nothings in Parseltongue and just barely touching Draco’s ear with his lips, imagine this sending shivers down Draco’s spine and turning him on more than anything. Imagine Draco being eager to learn as much of the snake language as he can. Imagine after an intense and passionate kiss between the two of them Harry whispers something against Draco’s lips and the blonde boy says “What does that mean?” and Harry just looks deep into Draco’s eyes and says I love you in English and Draco smiles broadly while repeating what Harry had said moments ago in Parseltongue.

I had to get that out of my system, the Parseltongue kink is real over here

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top5 Hyde/Jackie kisses ;)

Prepare for hot cuteness. This part ½. Part II here.

1. When he basically admitted he loves her, too

This one is kind of obvious for me, I mean, look at my icon lol.

I love the way he closes his eyes, and holds onto her as if he was afraid she would go, probably thinking “she can’t be serious. Me? From all people?”, but she is dead serious. And he knows is true, like I said, he realizes she truly does wants him the moment she lets him be afraid and still stays with him. I love this kiss and what it means. And I love that he isn’t wearing his sunglasses, that they yelled at each other, and that they were able to talk it out instead of just fighting and breaking up like writers always did with them after.

He reminds calm after that, I really like the way they hold each other after that first big fight, it shows that things are serious and growing between them, and that is meant to last and they work out pretty good. She loves him, and he loves her back. I liked the detail that he says perfectly: “I’m not saying it back” when he could have said, “I don’t” or a simple “whatever”, or honestly? ANYTHING ELSE, even nothing. But by saying that, he implies he does loves her, but is not ready to say it out load yet. And I think she gets that, and that’s exactly why she tells “I don’t care”, she already knows. She knows him, and knows he is afraid, and all this is new for him, and she loves him for good: she is his chick, and she is with him, and the only person she will fight for, is him.

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Olicity NFLU (No Fic Left Unread)

These will replace my usual recs for awhile. I won’t post them regularly, but whenever I have collected some recs. Enjoy the read and please drop the writers some love!

Part II of the fics I read

Before the Dawn by @olicity-i-believe-in-you -  Just a stolen moment between Oliver and Felicity before Oliver goes to fight Ra’s Al Ghul for an epic final confrontation.
So great!

I love you by OlicityFan25 - Felicity saw Oliver through the corner of her eye when she and Ray was kissing, and run after him.
I loved it!

Bali by sadfangirl - Ficlet inspired by What Oliver was thinking when he suggested they go to Bali from 4x10.
Reading something about Bali is always great!

86 years by @charlymo - Oliver’s death at 86.
That is how I want Oliver to die… if he has to die at all…

You’ve always been my girl by TruePlainHearts - Oliver kissing Felicity’s scar.
Loved it!

Jet Lag by @felicityollies - Felicity travels a lot and jet lag fucks up her sleep schedule so she starts to wake Oliver up in the middle of the night then it starts causing Oliver to be late for mayoral duties and he calls an intervention to fix that scheduling.
This was soooo cute!

It was just a dreamby @sarcasticfina - “There are a lot of things I can survive. Losing you isn’t one of them.”
Heartbreakingly beautiful!

When you open your eyes by Cdngirl_85 - Some of Oliver’s thoughts as he sits and stares at Felicity as she lays in bed in a coma.
I wish we would have seen something like that in 4x10…

Bed by little_angry_kitten18 - Felicity loves Oliver’s bed.
A sweet little something!

Please everyone join in on the fun!
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I’ve been obsessed with Shamy for years.  Even after all this time, the right moment between them gives me butterflies.  I still sigh happily when they kiss.  I don’t know.  It’s just fun that I still have such a strong reaction to a couple dorks in love.  <3