I just love this scene a lot ok


“There stood the famous detective in his long Belstaff, holding tightly onto the little pathologist in her white lab coat. Her feet continued to dangle some inches above the ground as he held her in place. Neither of their faces were clearly visible, as they were both pressed into the other’s neck. Not that it even mattered. Faces clear or not, it wasn’t exactly a mystery as to what they were feeling in that moment.”

I Told You So, Chapter 12; by writingwife83

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  • wit studio: *animates a flashback scene*
  • the entire snk fandom: yes, eren's mother is dead, we know, she has passed on, she's been gone since episode 1, you love showing this so much, you're showing us her death AGAIN, we KNOW, his mom is dead, she was fucking killed, ok we know, we get it, EREN'S MOTHER IS DEAD. WE GET IT.

carwood lipton
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highlights of 4x03
  • day trip 2.0 let’s goooo 
  •  of course Bellamy thinks he won’t get a spot on the Ark and OF COURSE Clarke is like YES YOU FUCKING WILL
  • hi luna!!
  • the hand nuzzle
  • every indra scene is awesome
  • hi jackson!!
  • can bellamy and clarke stand any closer?? like for real get closer go kiss
  • bellamy driving the rover hot damn
  • the hand nuzzle
  •  also yay!! papa miller’s back!! 
  • murphy stealing the medicine to help a child just like his dad did for him :“”((( 
  • the hand nuzzle
  •  "SHE’S LUCKY TO HAVE YOU" “YOU’VE GOT IT BACKWARDS"ok they love each other so much ok
  • Bellamy sure has a lot of fun with that rover wow 
  • the bellarke hand nuzzle did you guys see it
  •  Hmmm ok Octavia I respect you for helping my girl Gaia like that 
  •  OH MY GOD 
  •  "If you’re on the list, I’m on the list” aka IF YORE A BIRD IM A BIRD 

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can we just–can we please talk about the chair scene for a moment? because it’s so incredibly important to me. 

by the ‘chair scene’ I mean the page(s) in the voltron comics where we see Allura alone in the castle and she is riding around the halls in a floating chair.

and it’s important to me because I love Allura and I want to see her happy and she was so clearly having fun (boy oh boy I can’t wait to hear that laugh get voiced!) but also because it’s really speaks to her character

Most of the time we see Allura she is serious, the rare moments when she loses her composure are usually out of anger or frustration. The reason so much of the fandom mistakes her for an adult is because she acts like one. Because Allura is the princess of Altea; and Altea is the planet that created the lions and Voltron. 

Her planet may be dead but Allura feels the responsibility of what happened to the universe in her absence because she feels it was on her to stop it. To carry on her father’s legacy by destroying Zarkon, she admits as much in season 2; but there are hints before that, like when she insisted on stopping for Nyma and Rolo’s distress call or when she refused to give up on the Balmerans. Or the multiple times she over extends herself for the sake of others.

Allura has the weight of the entire universe on her shoulders, on top of all the loss she’s faced. The only time where she lets herself genuinely just relax and be a goofy teenager is when she’s alone. (We see this a bit in Space Mall too, where Allura spends the day playing with the mice.) As soon as the paladins call her in the comics, Allura de-musses her hair and acts the part of a princess again.

I’m hoping Allura’s character arc heads in a direction where she realizes that all of this isn’t her fault or responsibility; that she’s just one person and she doesn’t have to burden herself like she does.

Let’s Break Down the Riggins Scene - Meta

OK so the new comic has lead a lot of people going to the conclusion that Riggins is a total and complete fucknugget. Relying on the comics is dangerous - fuck’s sake, just look at their Ken characterisation - but are they bringing in something we need to be aware of?

For reasons which are ficcish and shall at the moment remain tangential I’ve gone back through the Dirk - Riggins scene in Season 1 Episode 3 bit by bit to try and properly evaluate their reactions to one another. This is my interpretation, and I would love anyone else to volunteer their suggestions!

Dirk has literally just had his purpose affirmed and the case put on the rails: Todd has finally accepted that he needs to work with and help Dirk, there’s another clue, Amanda and Farah are working together upstairs. All. Is. Amazing!

Dirk camps his way down the stairwell and we see Riggins. In darkness. The music - a sharp, high-pitched, nails-on-a-chalk-board sound - begins. Riggins says “Hello Project Icarus” unemotionally. This is a solider. An army man. A complete contrast to Dirk’s colourful craziness that we, as the audience, have been enjoying. 

Something is wrong.

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ok finn and rey have a lot of Iconic scenes but, imo, the most iconic is the scene at maz’s castle bc like…..my guy finn absolutely 100% did not have to tell rey the truth about who he was but he did anyway?? furthermore, he really didn’t have to ask her to run away with him either, like he literally just met her but he was totally down to head off and start a life with her. im not crying, you are.

(and as a little sidenote, when kylo kidnapped rey - bc yes, children, that was a kidnapping - did finn have to go try to get her back? did he have to literally walk right back into the place he’s spent the entire movie up until this point running away from? HELL NO. but he did anyway bc #love)

AND EVEN FURTHERMORE when he stormed away from the table, did rey have to follow him? NOPE. sis could’ve just been like “ok that guy isn’t down with the cause no sweat off my back” but she did bc it was important that finn was a part of finishing what they started (together, might i add). and fURTHER, FURTHERMORE - in what is perhaps the Greatest thing rey could have ever done for finn in that moment - when finn does tell her about his stormtrooper past, sHE DOESN’T EVEN FREAK OUT ABOUT IT????? like there’s no overdramatic reaction about him lying to her or about who he really is was. like there’s just this look of…..understanding (is that a good word to use here?? idk) and i, for one, think that is Beautiful

point is, this is nonsense but finn and rey are very much in love and tfa is full of factual evidence to support that thank u.

NaLu in the Grand Magic Games Arc. (Analysis.)

Warning. This is probably going to be very long. 

So, I do believe that Natsu DOES INDEED love Lucy and I think the GMG arc shows a lot of his feelings for love. I have WAY more pictures, but I’m to lazy to get them so here is my:


Firstly in this scene when Lucy lost to Flare and she was crying and the audiance was trash talking her because they didn’t realize that Raven Tail cheated no one was ever obligated to go down there and comfort her and tell her everything was going to be alright. But you know what? Natsu went down there anyway and told her that she did amazing. What I think Natsu means by “Thanks to you, I realized we can fight in this world." Of course he’s trying to comfort her, but he’s going to fight for her during the Grand Magic Games. He’s going to show her even though she got screwed over this round, it’s all going to get better because they’re together. Thats why he reassures her by saying ”Lets save the tears for when we win!“ and "Well turn it around from here on out!”

Ahh, Lucy gets fucked over part two. I absolutely LOVED the Naval Battle. Mostly because of all the NaLu but aww well. I think this part is the most significant because it’s a battle, you’re really not suppose to beg for mercy for your own teamate during it. But Natsu did anyway, why? Because Natsu absolutely can not standwatching Lucy get hurt or suffer. Especially for a stupid reason such as Sabertooth hated Fairy Tail’s confidence. So, he just swallows up his pride and begs for Minerva to stop hurting Lucy when the battle is clearly already over. While Lucy was getting beaten to death who kept calling out her name in concern? Natsu. Who was the one who didn’t wait to rush down to where Lucy was when the Ref called the match and he jumped over a wall? Natsu. Who was so pissed at Sabertooth for what they were doing to Lucy that there was a vein sticking out of his head? Natsu. Who loves Lucy? Natsu. 

Even thought Natsu isn’t even with Lucy in this scene, I think it still holds a lot of meaning. Natsu and Gajeel are about to go against the twin dragon slayers. Of course they’re going to be tough opponents! They should be mentally and physically preparing for the battle, but Natsu is going to take time out of his preparing to go and see how she is doing even though he knows she is ok. Maybe Natsu just needs to see Lucy is okay and safe before he goes into battle to know that she is protected and nothing will hurt her. Maybe Lucy is a calming factor for Lucy, like Lisanna told Lucy on Tenrou Island Natsu does better when his most trusted friends are around. Well Lucy wasn’t going to be around Natsu this time while he was fighting, so maybe he took time to go and see that she would be there mentally instead of physically.

Look how cute my husband is… anyways. Like stated before, Natsu should be preparing for his fierce battle against the twin dragons but instead he’s checking up on Lucy. I mean just look at how gentle his look is to her? Also, who knows how long he has been there? How much time he took out of preparing to go and watch her sleep? Not even mentioning that he was smiling the whole time he was watching her, whether she was asleep or not. Natsu’s usually a very rash, impatient, tempermental person. He’s not patient, he loves to charge into things head on. So, why is he so unbelievebly patient with Lucy? Because he loves her cough cough.

Natsu always makes sure Lucy is taken care of before anything. Whether its him protecting her, or him asking someone else to take care of her. Usually he always asks Happy to take care of Lucy when he isn’t around but since Happy isn’t around he asked Wendy and Carla. It was obvious that they were going to take care of Lucy anyway, so why did Natsu ask them to do something they were already going to do? I think it was to give him some peace of mind when he is out in the battlefield that Lucy is being taken care of and to make sure it was going to happen he needed to vocalize it. Lucy’s safety comes first to Natsu.

I think it is absolutely adorable that no matter what, Natsu ALWAYS puts Lucy’s name before anyone else’s. Of course Natsu wants to fight and win for the guild, but mostly he wants to fight for Lucy. I think we can all agree that Lucy got totally screwed over in the GMG Arc and, depending on how you look at it, Eclipse Arc as well. Natsu knows Lucy feels guilty since she thinks she’s the reason why they’re in last place in the GMG. Natsu however doesn’t think of it like that at all. He wants to reassure Lucy that even when all hope is lost, theres always a reason to keep fighting. Thats why I think Natsu is mostly fighting for Lucy.

Ahh I love this moment! Its the heat of the battle, Sting just came at Natsu with the attack that killed a dragon. Natsu isn’t scared as he counters it though, he just thinks about Lucy. And you know what? He kicks Sting and Rouge’s asses after he thinks of Lucy. I really do think that Lucy is always in the back of Natsu’s mind and she’s a reason why he keeps pushing himself to fight even when all hope seems lost. 

Aww, blushing Natsu is so cute. Honestly a person blushes for two reasons. They’re embarrassed or the person they like more than a friend just complimented them. Well guys, Natsu’s not embarrassed. In this scene Lucy told Natsu that she’s believed in him ever since she’d joined the guild. How is someone suppose to react when they hear that? Just smile and say thank you. No, not Natsu. He stands there dumbfounded, blushing, then smiles while still blushing  and tells her “Thanks, leave it to me!”He’s reassuring her that since he knows that she is with him, he’ll be sure to win because with Lucy, Natsu can do anything. 

After the battle instead of boasting and gloating to the crowd about his one on two victory with the toughest competition in the Games, he immediately wants to go over and tell Lucy about how he did and to indirectly show her that anything is possible when someone you love is with you physically, or in this case mentally. This just goes back to my point about Lucy is Natsu’s first priority and one of the first things he thinks and worries about, besides Igneel and Happy of course. That, and Natsu wants to go show off to Lucy about how awesome he is and did to hopefully get a smile on her face because he knows she likes his goofy side.

I saved the best for last, GiHi. I mean come on guys, do I even have to say that much? Look at his eyes! His smile! Who gives a “friend” a look with this much love in it. He’s relieved that she never doubted him in his battle with Sting and Rouge. That she believed in him enough to not even ask about the battle because she knew he won, because Natsu always wins because Natsu never gives up no matter the cost. And Natsu just fights better when Lucy is around, whether it be mentally for physically. I mean come on guys, do you look at a friend like this? Or do you look at someone you like more than a friend like this? I may be looking to much into it… but aww well, I will go down with NaLu.

And there you have it! My top ten NaLu moments in the GMG Arc, hopefully this all made sense and remember, THIS IS TOTALLY MY OPINION ON THE WHOLE THING. YOU CAN AGREE OR DISAGREE AS YOU PLEASE. 

Thank you for reading (: 

So Like ...

I’m doing my second vid in my SE 8x16 marathon and each time I watch the scene, there’s always something different I love about it because there are so many nuances in the physicality of their parting. Today, what I find endearing about the goodbye is this hug:

Because it’s after Stefan says this:

So this is Stefan saying “goodbye”, he’s ending their time together without actually saying the word because like Elena in 6x22, he’s unable to actually say “goodbye” to her like she was unable to say goodbye to him:

to which Stefan agreed, “I can’t do this, Elena, not now, not ever”, which is literally true because like I said, even in 8x16 Stefan cannot bring himself to actually say bye.

But back to the point, he’s saying farewell and Elena can’t handle it, her devastation is quiet and subtle but the moment Stefan takes his hand away from her face because he’s about to leave:

Elena reaches forward to hug him because she’s not ready to let go:

and back when theories were flying around about Damon erasing Elena and Stefan’s memories of each other, I told anons the only way I would be OK with it is if they did something like BTVS where Buffy was freaking out when she was losing her memory of a Human Angel and she goes, “it’s not enough time, it’s not enough time”:

and while the SE scene was a lot more subtle and less urgent than the Bangel scene, I think that they did their own unique version of “there’s not enough time, I’m not ready to let go” with that hug:

and it showed just how much they love each other.

*none of the gifs are mine*

me writing for always sunny

charlie: hi peyton so we’ve had a chance to look over your script

peyton: ok great! well i’d love to hear your thoughts

rob: well there’s a lot of strong stuff in here

glenn: yeah. great premise. the gang going to gay pride. good potential there.

charlie: but here on page 18 it just says… “dennis is struck by a giant rainbow on a parade float and goes unconscious.”

me: yeah

rob: and then it just says, “CUT TO THE FEELING by CARLY RAE JEPSEN plays to completion as dennis hallucinates himself and mac re-enacting every iconic cinematic romance scene of the past fifty years.”

me: right yeah what’s the issue

glenn: okay well first off we don’t have the budget to recreate the set of james cameron’s titanic just for a five-second shot of dennis and mac kissing at the front of the ship

me: i mean… cgi

rob: and i don’t actually have the physical strength to lift glenn above my head like patrick swayze lifts jennifer grey in dirty dancing

me: okay so… body doubles? like?

charlie: and for the part where mac’s wearing a santa hat and standing behind a cash register in an old-timey department store and then dennis walks in wearing a fur coat and a pillbox hat like… people just aren’t gonna get it

me: gotta be honest guys i really feel like you’re stifling my creative vision here


You just feel bad for the dead in your wake. I don’t feel anything.

If that were true, you would have killed me by now. 

Small rant...

Ok I love Hannibal so much I really do. I love the way it looks, I love the writing, the costume, the actors, the fight sequences. I have one issue ok. It’s an issue that I have with a lot of crime/forensic scenes WHY DOESNT BEVERLEY TIE HER HAIR UP WHEN SHES WORKING?????) SHE IS JUST GOING TO FIND HER OWN HAIR ON STUFF!!!! and breathe………

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I DOn’t think now is the best time… 

The W & E “wedding scene” from AWE

This is dedicated to Barbossa (Hector Barbossa, to be precise) and also to the two character’s from the original trilogy (Will & Elizabeth). 

I love Barbossa in this scene. (I’m a little busy at the moment). 

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love the little details in this scene - michael’s ‘heeey amanda’ like a lost puppy, the awkward, nervous dance & smile he does after, jimmy being a total mommy’s boy, mandy sweetly greeting her son and then immediately shooting a disgusted glare at fabian….