I just love that it's so new and magical to her like god bless jkr man


I met up with a friend today to have coffee. Basically, she lived in an Amish community for sixteen years before she got kicked out for questioning their ethics and exposing their corruption, and she then moved to my school for sixth-form and we became friends bc we sat next to each other in bio and I helped her out with easing into, for lack of a better phrase, normal life; helping her buy clothes, technology, etc.

And today we talked about how we’re both going off to uni in a month and she told me she wants to watch lots of films in the next month so she can catch references and the first film she said she wanted to watch was HARRY POTTER

Maybe I’m looking at this offensively but like she’s like an alien and it’s so exciting getting to show someone this? Like, it’s absolutely magical, she’s gobsmacked by the wizarding world and how well thought-out everything is and she is so in love with all the magic.

We got through the first two films today and she’s already decided she’s going to read the books. (I swear the only books she reads are sociology ones.) I 100% understand every criticism/analysis I’ve read about HP but it’s also refreshing seeing someone watching it in a child-like first time sort of way.

And bc she’s lived in an Amish community all these years, she doesn’t know any HP spoilers! None! Except that lots of people die by the end. It’s so so perfect, I swear the world would be a better place if we could all watch someone experiencing HP for the first time.