I just love him a lot

The Meek Shall Inherit the Eldest Everdeen

For my lovely friend Kari, who wanted “something kinda dark, where super-innocent Peeta meets super-hardcore smut.” Why you want to read a detailed sex scene from my hand is beyond me, but thanks for the unconditional support. I hope you have a wonderful birthday!

Also, many thanks to sfcbruce for pre-reading even though I gave him little-to-no notice. I’m a terrible person. 

Summary: The boys all wanted Katniss at the slag heap. But Peeta Mellark just wanted Katniss. In-Panem AU.

Rating: E

Trigger Warnings: Underage, Rape/Non-Con (Katniss goes through a lot in this fic. It’s brutal, and dark. I’m sorry.)

Link: AO3

The first time Peeta Mellark saw her, her hair was pleated into two braids instead of one. She was wearing a red dress, one that almost hid the way her flesh stretched too tightly over her bones. His father pointed her out in the school yard, and the moment her name passed through the man’s lips, Peeta wanted to dedicate his entire life to memorizing its shape in his mouth. Katniss Everdeen. Katniss Everdeen. Katniss Everdeen.

She didn’t really have friends, and neither did he. It would’ve made sense, then, for him to approach her and make a bid for her company – but even the thought of sustained eye contact made his cheeks blaze. When it came to her, he was a coward. A hopelessly devoted coward.


ima just hop in on mikayuu week real quick

Day 4: Archangel Jofiel

  • Option A: Beauty, laughter, creativity
  • Option B: Mikayuu + Childhood or Childhood memory
  • Option C: Artist AU

also, i have a head cannon that yuu gets super weak after a lot of blood is drawn from him, especially since he doesn’t drink that juice pouch shit every time their session is over, SO it causes him to get sick every now and then and that just makes mika worry so much he never leaves yuu’s side 


I love him.

I love him so bloody much.

I know you guys all love me writing Harry and posting a lot of Harry stuff, but I can’t help myself when it comes to this beauty and his new haircut. How is one person this hot when soaking wet in Gatorade? **mega heart eyes**

How is one so beautiful?


I’ll be on soon to post some Louis blurbs. I’m feeling a lot of Louis feels tonight guys.. So be prepared for some Louis photos, and reblogs of Louis or just some heartfelt messages because I love him that much. ;) xxx

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unpopular opinion: i liked seb better when he was smol a la political animals and kings

I’ll take my Sebby any way I can get him ;) I can’t really say I have a preference for any kind of body type he has, I just sort of look at him in different ways?

This is my son, he is very smol and needs a lot of love and affection because he is a gentle, fragile angel. I love him dearly and will protect him. 


Send me an unpopular opinion and I’ll agree/disagree

Sam Winchester in kindergarten talking about his big brother Dee and how he takes care of him when Dad’s gone. Describing Dean like a superhero who makes him Mac and cheese and reads him books before he goes to sleep. Sam’s teacher hearing all of this and thinking how great it is that Sam has this older brother who’s looking out for him.

Then one day, the teacher hears Sam call the nine year old who picks him up after school Dee and she finally understands that Dee isn’t some superhero, he’s just a little boy looking out for his even littler brother.

By the time, she reports Sam’s situation to the higher ups, the impala is already packed up and the Winchesters are on their way to another town.

Merlin - Colin Morgan with camera.

The drawing of my favest actor Colin Morgan from behind the scenes of “Merlin” BBC.

Love Colin so very much! I just really can’t to stop to draw him! He is so amazing person and very talented actor! He inspires me a lot! Thank you so much for everything, Colin! You help me to believe in myself!

Koh-I-Noor graphite pencils and Derwent, Derwent Artists watercolour pencils on pastel paper.

Time of work: 2,5 hours.

Format: A5.

“Merlin was five years of my life. I enjoyed every year, every day. I had a brilliant time on it. But I’d be lying if I didn’t say I wanted to do more.(с) Colin Morgan.

29. 07. 2015.

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Bowties- BuckyxReader

Could you do a one shot about Bucky hating fancy clothes (getting ready for a Tony bash) grumbling to the reader all about it and them trying to help him out. Kinda just ends up being fluffy and they end up skipping out on it just chilling out in their fine threads when Steve comes up hours later to look for them?

Words: 2,210

Warnings: None, mostly fluff but some swearing

Authors Note: This took me a while to write, sorry for the wait, I’m writing a lot currently! I hope you enjoy this, and as always I love feedback! Request me anything; give me feedback or anything you’d want to say! Enjoy! (Gif not mine credits to the owner)

Originally posted by love-buckybarnes

“Do we have to go to this gala? I don’t even care if Tony made a breakthrough in his solar energy-whatever.” Bucky groaned to you.

“I mean we are his friends, so I would think at most it would be polite if we went, even if he’s an asshole at times.” You laughed.

“You got that right. But I don’t see the need to spend money on a fancy suit I’ll only wear once in my life, stand in the middle of a crowded ballroom drinking expensive champagne that probably costs as much as our rent, and making small talk to strangers I don’t even know.”

“I see you’re point- but we live in a nice apartment and if the champagne costs more than our rent that’s a serious problem.” You said in a joking tone.

“Y/N, that wasn’t my point.” Bucky grumbled.

“I know, I know. I’m trying to lighten the mood. Buck, I know how much you hate dressing up and talking to people you don’t know, and it’s not my cup of tea to talk to the strangers either. But if it makes you feel better, I’ll help you get your fancy suit to take the pressure off, see now you have one thing off your plate.” You said rubbing his arm.

“Okay, okay, okay fine I’ll go. I’m only doing it for you, because I know how much you love dressing up for these things.” He smiled and kissed your forehead.

“Thanks Buck. Okay now let’s get down to business; we have some shopping to do.”

Later that evening

“That suit looks amazing.”

“No it doesn’t. I look like a pianist from the late 1800’s.” He groaned.

“I think you should add top hat and monocle for a charming touch, they would really tie the whole look together.” You laughed.

“Oh yeah, ha-ha-ha let’s put Bucky in tux’s that my grandfathers rich uncle could have worn, let’s make Bucky look like a dead billionaire, and finally let’s make Bucky look like a try-hard pianist from the 1800’s- real fun times I’m dying with laughter.” He gave you a sour laugh, making you erupt with laughter. He broke out into a laugh and smiled. “I really look ridiculous.”

“Yes, yes you do. Okay we’ve had our fun but I need you in a real dapper suit that doesn’t make you look like another dead billionaire.” You said, running over to the racks of suits. You loved to shop with him. You knew that overall he hated it but moments like this were the ones you knew he loved.

Scouring the racks, you found one that looks absolutely perfect. The tux is a sleek black, traditional and you knew how handsome he’d look in it- and not at all like a failing pianist circa 1800’s. You smiled to yourself looking at him, searching through the racks lost in thought. You two had come a long way since Steve had found him. You worked with him trying to get him accustomed to the new century, and help him with the nightmares and PTSD that he got quite a lot. When you first met him he was confused and angry all the time. Looking back at that and you seeing him now, he is a changed person. Yes every week he’ll have nightmares and forget who he is, but that’s where you come in to soothe him and kiss him until he calms down, because you’re in love.

“Hey Buck- I think I found the one.” You said, motioning a hand over signaling he should come over.

“Please make it look normal I can’t take another dead billionaire suit.” He laughed.

“Trust me, you’ll like this one. Now go try it on I want to see how it looks.” You chuckled, ushering him into the dressing room.

“So far so good, this is the best tux I’ve tried on today.” He called out from the dressing room.

“Are you almost done? I want to see how it looks; there is so much anticipation for this one I can barely even sit still.” You laughed. He stepped out and your mouth gaped open.

“How does it look? Besides the damn bowtie, I can’t ever get these things right.” He said fiddling with the tie.

“You look very dapper, very handsome.” You said, still staring at him. He caught your gaze and your cheeks flushed. “Let me help you with the bowtie, out of my limited talents I actually know how to do this.” You stood up and walked over to him.

“Thanks for this, not just for the tie and the suit, but for everything. You’ve made things so much easier for me. When Steve brought me back into reality, when I was just getting my own mind back- not the one of the master assassin- you gave me something I haven’t had in a long time. You gave me cuddles, you gave me pizza Fridays, you gave me bar shenanigans, and you gave me love.” He said, looking into your eyes, caressing your cheek with his warm hand. You work your fingers through the tie before answering him.

“James- you don’t have to thank me for this. I’d do it all a thousand times and more adding onto that, because I love you and you know that.”

“I do owe you that, because of everything you’ve done for me- making my life easier and calm enough where at times I don’t even remember my past and what I used to do.”

Wrapping your arms around him you said, “You pay me back every single day when I wake up beside you, you pay me back every time you make me laugh, and you pay me back every time you’ll let me help you.”

He kissed your cheek gently and then replied, “Well we both benefit from those things, I still thank you for everything. I love you so damn much Y/N.”

“And I love you too you handsome devil.” You grinned.

“I do look quite sharp in this; it works well with my metal arm.” He laughed, straightening out his tux.

“Indeed it does. Your legs also look fabulous, you don’t skip leg day do you?” You chuckled in response.

“I don’t skip leg day, but you do.”

“Okay maybe a few times a week but I at least do cardio don’t take that away from me.” You swatted his arm laughing.

He ran a hand through his hair, yet again adjusting the suit looking into the mirror. “I tolerate this one; given the fact that I hate dressing up like this.”

“Well you look great, you’re happy, so I’d say this is a victory. So what are you saying to this tux?” You laughed, taking a line from one of your favorite shows, Say Yes to the Dress.

“I’m saying yes to the tux.” He grinned and laughed, understanding your reference. “The only reason I knew what you’re saying is because you’re always watching it.”

“Oh you love it.”

“It’s alright.” He said teasingly.

“Well we should celebrate this victory by going home and eating something, I’m starving.” You said, as he walked back into the dressing room.

“So am I, So am I”

The day of the gala

Rummaging through your vanity, you groaned.

“BUCKY WHERE THE HELL IS MY MASCARA? DO YOU WANT ME TO LOOK LIKE A MOLE RAT?” You screamed from your room, to Bucky who was in the kitchen.

“Y/N calm down it was in the bathroom where you always leave it. And you wouldn’t look like a mole rat; you’d just like a very old and grumpy witch.” He teased.

“Yes Buck because that’s so much better.”

“Well it is, because it could be a beautiful grumpy old witch.”

“Okay fine, but I won’t be your beautiful grumpy old witch tonight, now go away I’m getting ready I want to surprise you.” You said, motioning your hands as an indicator for him to leave. After finishing your makeup, with all your jewelry lined up on your vanity, you walked to your closet taking out the gown you would wear for the evening. It was a strapless sweetheart neckline dress, with a red silk bodice. The bottom of the gown flowed out with a soft red tulle, falling from your natural waistline, synched in with a small diamond belt.

Looking into the mirror, you smiled.

“You look absolutely stunning, Y/N.” Bucky said breathless, leaning against the doorframe. You turned around to look at him, clad in his suit, the bowtie undone.

“And you look devilishly handsome James.” You laughed.

Walking over to you, wrapping his arms around you from behind he said, “I still hate wearing suits, but if it means seeing you look this radiant in your gown, it’ll be all worthwhile because I’ll still be spending the night with you.”

“It really means a lot to me that you’re doing this for me, well for Tony, but also for me.”

“Well that’s what love is, doing something you may not want to do, but know you should, for the person you love.” He said kissing your cheek softly. And in that moment you realized you didn’t need to go to that gala. He’d make himself do something he clearly didn’t want to do if it’d make you happy. You knew that the gala didn’t matter, what mattered was this, you and him.

“Buck, we don’t have to go.”

“You want to go though, don’t let me drag you down.”

“No I don’t- I want to spend the evening with you, I just want this, you and me how we are, clad in our gala attire.” You said.

“Well-” He said, picking you up bridal style, “-how about a night in my lady?”

“Oh kind sir, that would be marvelous.” You laughed, grinning.

Lying in bed, with his arm wrapped around you, watching bad reality TV shows with tubs of ice cream, you both were happy. You spent hours doing nothing but lay there, cuddling. Your head in the crook of his neck, his arms wrapped around you, planting small kisses on your head occasionally.  



“I think you have some ice cream on your face.”

“No I don’t where would it be-.” And that’s when he flung a spoonful of chocolate gelato at you.

“Oh so that’s how the night is going to go down.” You said, playfully narrowing your eyes at him.

“Yes that’s how it’s going to be, master assassin versus SHIELD combat leader.”

“Bring it on Barnes.” You laughed, throwing a handful of your vanilla gelato at him, instantly followed by you getting hit with more gelato.

Screaming and laughing, you run from your room to the kitchen yelling, “YOU CAN’T CATCH ME.”

“I’VE GOT A THINK OF GELATO AND A METAL ARM I THINK I’LL BE GOOD ANYWAYS.” He screamed back to you. Hiding behind the door, you waited until he entered the kitchen before you made your attack. You jumped on his back, dumping the container of ice cream on him. Playfully, he threw you off of him onto the couch, hovering over you.

“OKAY OKAY YOU GOT ME I SURRENDER.” You said between fits of giggles.

“I think that since I won I get to have a prize.” He said mischievously.

“And what may that prize be Barnes?”

“I was thinking something along the lines of this.” He said kissing you. You tangled your hands in his messy, sticky hair, tasting the lingering gelato on his lips. He slid his hands under your shoulders, pulling him up towards you, the kiss intensifying. You felt his hands caress your cheeks, gliding them down to your shoulder blades, your lips moving in perfect harmony. And then you both heard a knock at the door.

“I’ll get it, I’ll get it.” Bucky said, standing up walking over to your apartment door.

“Steve- what’re you doing here?” Bucky asked confused. “I thought you went to the gala.”

“I did go, but you and Y/N never showed up and people got worried so Nat and Tony told me to look for you two.”  

“We’re fine; we just decided to have a night in.”

“I can tell.” Steve said glancing at Bucky’s gelato covered suit and your gelato covered dress and the apartment a mess from your ice cream fight. “I won’t ask what happened- but I’ll leave you two be. I’ll tell everyone you’re okay and put your fancy attire into uses of other kinds. Bye Buck, bye Y/N, I hope you have a good- rest of your evening.” Steve said laughing and shaking his head, closing the door behind him.

He looked at you and chuckled, and you smiled.

“I’m glad we stayed in tonight, bowties, gowns, gelato and all.” You said.

“So am I, this beats any gala.” Bucky replied.

“Even if we went we would have looked too good for anyone else to handle, we saved all those people from embarrassment.”

“Exactly, because we’d walk in and everyone would drop their expensive champagne and just stare, and we don’t need all that attention.”

“I much prefer our reality TV and gelato fights.” You laughed.

“As do I, Y/N-.” He said, walking towards you. “-now where were we?”

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My and my bf have been together nearly a year,we argue a lot about silly things as hes over protective;doesnt like me meeting other boys and i think thats understandable 👀 however all my friends say that hes a fuckboy and i can do so much better,but i love him and i dont want anyone better 😭 idk what to do anymore should i listen to my friends or should i listen to myself 😓😓😓

You don’t love him, I don’t even have to know you or your relationship to know that, just you simply messaging me a stranger for relationship advice is obvious you don’t really want to be in a relationship. There’s a difference between being over protective and someone not trusting you, over protective is when a child want’s to go out and a parent is afraid they’ll get hurt or lost. Someone not trusting you is exactly what your experiencing, your boyfriend’s scared in case you go out and guys flirt with you and you enjoy it. That’s not understandable that’s delusional, lots of girls with boyfriend’s have guy friends, not all guys are attracted to all girls or have any intention other then being human and friendly. 

I feel like you both need a huge reality check of what a relationship is, what love is and what life is, because this is not that. It sounds harsh but I’m telling you straight because this relationship is controlling and delusional. He sounds like the type of person who is scared of being alone and is a control freak, these type of guys trap girls and get them pregnant so they can’t go anywhere and try to make everyone else’s life as miserable as how they feel. So I’m doing you a huge favour by being real with you. 

Listen to yourself, and I guarantee you will come to conclusion that this relationship is not what your worth. But there’s a possible chance instead you will listen to your ego and try and convince yourself that this relationship has more meaning then it does and stay there because you let your ego make the decision for you. 

Sorry it probably wasn’t what you wanted to hear, but I’m at work and have no time for sugar coating things and I’ve said a million times on my blog don’t ask me relationship questions, I don’t like them, I don’t enjoy relationship problems, It’s over stepping boundaries into people’s personal life, it’s uncomfortable for me, I’m not a nosy person I don’t like knowing people’s personal lives. Once you dump him though I can give you great advice on how to start loving yourself and appreciate yourself for what your really worth, I enjoy helping people feel beautiful and to know how much their worth  ❤️


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Does ruff like anybody ??

Okay I’m not going to lie, I’ve been asked questions like this or “When are you gonna give Ruff a girlfriend” or similar things a lot and I’ve been purposefully avoiding it but I guess I might as well answer now. 

Honestly, other than the fact that I don’t want him and T-Bone growing up too quick, I’ve never made him a love interest because I’m still not 100% certain about his sexual orientation yet. I’ve honestly, since day one of making him, seen him as bisexual but I’ve never openly said that because I thought if I did people were going to accuse me of only making him that way so that I have “more bases covered,” which just isn’t true. 

I see Ruff becoming someone who likes to flirt a lot (but is still polite) to all the ladies, but also gets crushes on guys too. I think he’s going through a lot and he’s confused and isn’t sure what he wants in the long run. Sure he flirts and teases and tries to impress people, but he’s not a player either. He was raised to be considerate and courteous to people so he wouldn’t string anybody along, he just isn’t sure yet. He hasn’t met any ONE person in particular (regardless of gender or gender identity) that he can honestly see himself having a future with. He’s too young to do any dating to test the waters anyway. 

I know a lot of you probably won’t agree with that. Heck I even have some friends who probably don’t picture him that way. But I seriously have always had it in my mind that Ruff is bisexual.

Lost a lot of followers probably because of the Zayn post. Let me explain, I love the boys individual but I’m not a fan of them individual - I’m a fan of One Direction (the music). The band One Direction. I’m really happy that Zayn’s finally pursuing his dream, that he’s doing what he wants to do. But he left the band, and I’m not obligated to support him just because he’s an ex member of the band. I’m not obligated to support any of them or their project outside One Direction. If you feel that strong connection to them and you want to do it - do it! I’m not forcing you not to. Just that I don’t. I don’t feel that connection in an individual level.

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it seems like you have some strong headcanons for your rev!billdip; are there any you're willing to share? i'm not much an artist but i do write and i just love your rev!billdip so much ;o;

haha it’s not so much headcanons as it is stuff i’ve pulled/altered from the rev!au fics/arts i’ve seen, so i have that in the back of my mind a lot:

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Your Parents Visit

requested by anon: Hey I was wondering if you could do an imagine where y/n lives with Nate and Sammy in their apartment and is dating Nate and her parents come out and visit from her hometown and like Sammy, gilinsky, swazz, and Johnson show up and they all just get to know each other? Sorry if it’s a lot! I absolutely love your writing btw ❤

A/N: Here it is and I hope you like it! ❤

Y/L/N: Your Last Name


“Guys, clean your shit!” I yelled out from my boyfriend, Nate, and I’s shared bedroom to him and our best friend, Sammy. “My parents are coming over in an hour!” “Uh yeah hold on babe,” Nate yelled back from the living room where he and Sammy were playing their video games. “Now! Or I’ll cut your dicks off” I yelled sounding serious but kidding. Those boys ran as fast as lightning to the rooms making me laugh really hard. They finished cleaning in half an hour which was pretty impressing. “Wow, you guys can actually clean,” I said admiring both bedrooms. “Ha ha ha, very funny Y/N” Sammy said sarcastically. We were interrupted by the door bell ringing. We invited the rest of the squad over so my parents can meet them because I always talk about hanging out with them. I walked to the door and opened it to see Gilinsky, Johnson, and Swazz. We were all best friends and would do anything for each other. “Come in guys, my parents are almost here.” We just talked and the boys played video games until my parents came. “Hi mom, hi dad” I said greeting my parents. “Hi honey,” my mom replied, “Hi Nate, how are you?” My mom knew Nate because we’ve visited my parents before. “I’m good, Mrs. Y/L/N, how are you guys?” Nate said, hugging my mom and shaking my dad’s hand. I started giggling because of how polite Nate was being. He turned around to face me and his back facing my parents and whispered, “shut up Y/N,” making me laugh harder. I cooked some pasta salad while the boys and my parents got to know each other. Everyone ate dinner and when it was getting late, my parents went home. “Well that went better than expected,” I said surprised, “Well I’m pretty tired, I’m gonna go to sleep.” “Okay babe,” Nate said turning back to the game. “Good night babe!” Sammy yelled causing me to laugh. 

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So my boyfriend is quite slim and I'm rather chubby, and I'm afraid that when we try to have the sexy time that I'm going to be really embarrassed about my weight and it's going to ruin the experience for me. I love him lots and I know he loves me but I just feel so self-conscious about my weight and I think that the second he sees me partially naked he won't find me attractive anymore:/ Any advice plz?

Talk to him about these fears so that both of you know what’s going on with each other physically. Communication is so important sexually, especially if there is insecurity involved. He probably has insecurities too, and this could be the perfect time to address them, reassure each other, and work towards getting past them.

having a lot of angry feelings over the arthur petrelli arc again

because you know what should’ve happened? you know what should’ve happened? 

leave adam out of it. just leave him in the coffin. don’t reveal who the man in the bed is. no lingering shots of the petrelli family ring. let him establish himself as an ominous figure before anything else. 

then send in peter. send in the boy who wept at his father’s death even though he hated the man. send in the guy who loves to do fake-out hugs before bolting. send in the man who can regenerate

have peter come in and freeze. have peter tell us who this villain is. have him trust him. have him touch him to make sure he’s even real. have him teary-eyed to see his father alive.

and then have arthur depower the strongest character on the show, who also happens to be his own son. his son, who loves his abilities. his son, who wants to save the world. his son, now a defeated enemy–

“you don’t have your powers anymore, peter–because I have them now.”

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Do u know omaha boys's types of girls? I mean what they prefer in girls? Thanks love 💋

Hmm this is just my guess! ☺️
Nate- curvy girl that lives for music, maybe tatted and down to smoke, has to be positive and not all about fake shit
John- a quiet girl that gets wild around him and his friends. Definitely likes curvy women (fact checked that on insta), good taste in music ✌️
J- natural girl that doesn’t wear a lot of makeup, funny, passionate about everything, down to earth
G- likes makeup and when a girl dresses up, charming personality, common interest (music), understanding about tour life
Sammy- definitely a girl that can get down, likes to have a good time, likes makeup and fresh outfits, definitely into chillaxed girls that can vibe