I just love her so much

I ehhh. I finished this thing finally after two really busy days.

I am really conflicted because I loved who Betty turned out to be but then like… no? Don’t play with my feelings anymore please ;-; 

Glitchtale by @camilaart

you know who i’m so grateful for? amy santiago

  • firstly, she isn’t stereotyped at all but her culture isn’t ignored
  • despite her rule following and sucking up to her superiors she’s never been a killjoy and ruined things for the rest of the squad
  • she’s always been portrayed very much as jake’s equal, even though they’re so different, they’re still both super good at their jobs
  • she’s never just been a love interest, the show has given story lines outside of her relationship with jake and she has been allowed to grow and develop friendships with the other characters
  • her character development has been amazing. she was so concerned with impressing holt in s1 and now in s3 she’s become so great at standing up to him and making sure that he respects her as much as she respects him
  • she’s also become a lot more chill, without becoming, y’know, actually chill, probably thanks to her friendship/sister-in-law-hood with gina
  • she proves that you can be a nerd and be badass
  • she’s a disastrous chef and she doesn’t think that putting eIGHTEEN CUPS OF OREGANO in cooking is at all weird, what a dork
  • she outsmarted both jake and holt when they underestimated her also rosa called her an evil genius (because she fucking could be, okay)
  • she’s also really adorable and sometimes i find myself getting distracted by how pretty her face is

So yeah… JMo had to do all of that crying over and over again for like 4 hrs straight. We were there and had to listen to her wailing over and over and when she finally came out, she looked absolutely WRECKED.


Lydia Branwell appreciation post

● lost her fiance and the opportunity for a great career
● seems like a cold hearted bitch at first
● would do anything to succeed
● later on shows that she has feelings, helps Alec although it is against her oder
● defends Izzy, Izzy’s squad and a downworlder at a trial, upsetting her boss and risking her job by doing so
● doesn’t feel bad about it
● sticks to her decisions
● knows her fiance, a male, will never be able to love her the way she’d deserve to be loved because he is gay
● wants to marry him anyway to protect their families and keep the family honor of the Branwells and Lightwoods
● learns to trust the daughter of the bad guy instead of letting prejudice trick her
● gets dumped at the altar by her fiance as his love interest appears and
● despite facing (another) failed marriage, tells him that he deserves to be happy
● aka tells him to choose happiness over honor
● is happy for him
● is hella beautiful
● is hella badass
● deserves to be loved