I just love Amber a lot okay

nnooorraa  asked:

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Amber why do you do these things to me, that’s a lot of questions haha 

4- Which Season is your favourite and why?

My favourite season is season 3 ( i know shocking right) I love all the seasons and i think they all teach important lessons, i think i just connected more with season three, isak is an extremely interesting character and it’s great getting to experience this world that has been built through his perspective and all the storylines are handled in a responsible and grounded way and it was just really good storytelling and i could go on forever okay i’m done now. 

14.- Did you discover new artists/bands through skam?

i mean my spotify is literally only used now to listen to skam playlists, so i would say yeah haha 

24.- Have you ever gotten a friend addicted to the show?

Sadly no, none of them will watch it 

34.- If you could be best friends with any character who would it be?

ugh this is difficult 

i want to say even because he’s pretty cool and chill and like the biggest bundle of sunshine, but he’s like literally 1000 times cooler than me so that wouldn’t work 

um hmmmm jonas or isak or sana ( I CAN’T CHOOSE) 

44.- Who is your NOTP 

I have no idea actually 

54.- What is your favourite squad moment? 

The boys helping isak text even, like wow best scene 10/10 

64.- Which kollektivet party did you want to attend most and why?

errm it’s a tie between the christmas party and the neon party, because the christmas one was totally chill and exactly my scene like i’d fit in better there but the neon party looked like fun, like it had good music and neon paint and i want to go to it  

74.- Who is your most favourite person in the fandom and why?

ugh i guess it’s @nnooorraa because she makes me answer a tonne of questions and gives most possibly the worst advice i have ever received, no i’m joking she’s super cool and everyone should love her 

80.- What is a fandom related url you wish you had?

for skam i like the one i have now so i dont really know what i would wish for and for like fandoms in general anything to do with my bae remus lupin because he is the best and deserves nice things and i want to have a url related to my favourite hp character