I just hate you so much

Also guys, I’m in NO WAY anti klance. I love klance, I love my boys being silly and dumb and gay and I’ve reblogged SO MUCH klance. I’m just really pissed off at how the fandom is acting rn. I WON’T JUDGE YOU FOR SHIPPING KLANCE. I WON’T JUDGE YOU FOR THINKING IT SHOULD BE CANON. I WON’T JUDGE YOU FOR ASKING THE CREATORS IF IT WILL BE CANON ON TWITTER. I WON’T JUDGE YOU FOR NOT LIKING SHEITH. I WON’T JUDGE YOU IF SHEITH MAKED YOU UNCOMFORTABLE. I WON’T JUDGE YOU FOR ANY OF THESE THINGS. I WILL judge you if you harass other people for their ships, send them anon hate and death threats, if you yell at others because they ship something you don’t or say that they should kill themselves for shipping something. THEN I will judge you, because that is NEVER, EVER acceptable! I won’t judge a person for their ships. You really shouldn’t do it either.

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How do you help a close friend who hates themself? He is overweight but doesn't understand that there's more to life than physical appearance! You post a bit about mental health so I hope you don't find this to be too much of an odd ask! 💓

Not an odd ask at all! I think it’s a very common situation, and it can be very difficult and frustrating at times to help a friend look past and overcome an insecurity. This is just my personal perspective, but having dealt with severe self esteem issues in the past I hope my advice can help.

If it seems his insecurities are heavily impacting his life, it may be worth suggesting proffessional help. It may sound a bit dramatic but there is only so much you can do as a friend, and a therapist/psychiatrist will be trained to help him deal with and hopefully embrace what he previously hated about himself. 

As a friend, with situations like these I think its important to ‘show not tell’ in a sense. I’ve learned you can’t really convince people with argument and reason about why life isn’t all about being attractive. Most of the time they know their thoughts are irrational, but that doesn’t stop their feelings from screwing everything up. What you can do is try to ensure the people around him (including you) and his environment aren’t further contributing to his self-hate. Watch your own language- don’t talk negatively about your own weight/appearence or that of others. Stand up to people who do. Don’t associate food with guilt. Compliment others, including him on things other than their physical appearance. These things are only very small gestures but are very important in helping not only your friend but also others around you who may also be suffering from crippling self hate. 

I want to share a quote that really helped in my recovery about 4 years ago now, and it seems relevant to your friend’s situation too. 

Just here to point something out.
Yesterday, Namjoon did a vapp live. There were VERY little amount of people who were asking for other members, which is still totally wrong, but I don’t think we need to start a hashtag over that (it’s still nice tho). Yesterday’s vlive with him was so positive! He was blushing and smiling from all the comments fans were telling him. He was telling us what he’s been doing, how the weather is/what fashion he wears, to work hard in school/work, what dramas/films he’s been watching, and he was interacting with the fans. I’m just saying, the vlive comments wasn’t as bad as before. I only saw a few, but mostly positive ones. There’s no need to say, “Sometimes I hate this fandom so much” just because of that.. If you want to prevent it, just keep sending really sweet messages and support the member!

TOZX Episode 8

This episode shall forever be known in my heart the one that made me kindle a newfound love for Edna and make me hate Zaveid just a little bit less.

As most of you can tell, this episode centers around Edna and it is at this part of the game you find out about dragons being a thing. But unlike in-game, our first time seeing Edna in the anime we see her be caught after falling down the mountain.

Then this fucker shows up.

And this is why I will forever love the way Tozx shows the story of Tales of Zestiria, because they didn’t fight zAVEID THIS TIME. I might not have expressed my sheer hatred here much for the Zaveid battles in the game but I shall do it now. The battles with Zaveid are fuckin bullshit. When I was playing the game every time I saw Zaveid show his face before he joined the party I had to contain my inner rage because Are you fucking kidding me? Again? Really?


I really like how the anime contrasts with the game, especially since it’s showing Zaveid work with Sorey and Lailah so by the time he does join the party, you aren’t wanting to rip his throat out with the pure salty bitterness you have because he kept showing up like Pidgeys in Pokemon Go or Zubats in Pokemon Pearl.

Besides that, we got some backstory between Edna and Eizen and if you want to make me cry show me a picture of these two or write me something with them because I am wEAK.

She was so smol when she was little, which makes Eizen’s departure even more painful.

I’m just gonna– *lowers self into trash can*



In all actuality, putting a face to Eizen really made the reality of what happened in the game hurt even more. I know I’m going to cry when I get to the part where you kill Eizen in the game.

Besides that, my floofy haired son got a little bit of screen time as he found the Bow for the water armatus. Now all we need is for the Sormik armatus next week and all will be right in the world.

Good lord is it possible for him to look prettier

I really need prayers and encouragement. I fell into sin today and it sucked. I start my new job tomorrow. There’s been so much good God has been doing but when you are an idiot like me it just feels like all progress has been lost. I know this is my fault and I am so disappointed in myself. I had a chance and help to choose the right thing instead. I didn’t. How can God love me in a place like this where I hate myself over one mistake? I don’t feel motivated to do anything now, I want to mope around in my failure. How does He pick me up out of this?

I know God loves me in Christ and His forgiveness and grace covers. But it’s like I ruined growth He was doing. I ripped down progress. This isn’t a performance-based relationship with God but why do I suck sometimes. Why do I fail. Why do I choose the wrong things when I see so clearly how beautifully He works when I keep after Him over following my own foolishness.

Jesus, take my crap. Take it away and show me who I am in You. Show me how there’s more if I trust You. Heal how broken I feel and restore.

thank you!/谢谢!

Last day, I was making researches on internet and I found this adorable fanart on a taiwanese website (I think it was taiwanese???):

This made me so happy. This is soooo cute, and I was not expecting to find weeabootale fanarts on other websites. I’m so surprised that this AU actually get fanarts. I just  made it as a joke, and  people started following me, and some of them even made drawings of it.

Thank you so much. This AU is a shame, yet I’m so happy to see that some people actually enjoy it. (how do you do to enjoy it tho)

And to the adorable artist who made this:

thank you!! your drawing is so cute!! (谢谢! 您的圖片是太可愛了!)

(I’m sorry I can’t speak your language ;A; I used google translation…)

Artist: 梅花糖MHT

 here’s the link of the drawing.

 and here’s the gallery of the artist.

 this drawing does not belong to me. I just needed to say thanks to the artist ;w;

please do not use or repost this drawing without asking the original artist. (I don’t even know if they’re ok with me sharing their drawing gibthngolqhjgtgihregmhqerg)

so i’m on het.pho.bia’s list of “problematic people” lmao….. idk why jay thinks it knows my identity more than i do, especially it doesn’t identify as a lesbian ? (not that it’d be much better if a lesbian was saying this, but still) 

anyway if you follow hetph.obi.a i really don’t care tbh, im not asking you to unfollow it or hate it or anything. just know that this is seriously lesbophobic on its part and that it’s not okay at all? 

as for the “abusive/abuse apologist” part, i honestly don’t know for sure where it’s getting this from. but i do think it’s worth noting that he.tp.hobia defended someone who abused me, and while they may have lied to jay about me, this still isn’t okay (do not ask who that person is, i don’t want anyone to hate them either) 

anyway this is a not a callout post, please don’t treat it as one. i’m only posting this because het.phob.ia is sort of a popular blog and it has probably showed this list to a lot of people, and i just don’t want anyone to believe this ?? 

I had a really rough day at work today and it made me really hate myself for being a sex-repulsed asexual, so I just want you all to know that I love you so so so so so much.

How do those two things relate, you may ask?

Because when the outside world sucks, it’s so nice to come on this blog and see all my lovely followers and your lovely messages. I seriously love you guys so much you have no idea.

And while I’m on the topic of my rough day, let me tell you something else.

It’s completely okay to not like being asexual sometimes, or, heck, all the time. Most of us go through that at some point.

It’s okay to want things to be different.

It can be hard sometimes. But all of us- you, me, everyone- can get through it because we have each other and this huge, loving (usually), community.

That is all.

Someone reblogged one of my posts casually adding in some Tauriel hate, so I would just like to point out that even if Thorin at FIRST is not down with having an Elf in the family he WILL CHANGE HIS MIND.

He’s pretty good at changing his mind actually, so this should not be shocking news.

Just wait until he realises that Tauriel has no problem telling Thranduil to go fuck himself (metaphorically speaking) when needed. Or that she’s capable of kicking so much arse. Or when he sees the look in her eyes as she’s looking at his nephew. Because Thorin has seen that same look in Bilbo’s eyes.

He is no more capable of telling someone with that look to fuck off than he’s capable of slapping a baby.

So he will be nice, and pretend to be totally okay with it, and eventually he really will be okay with it.

pls dont go up to people and pressure them into giving you compliments just to ‘feel validated’ because it’s ingenuine and frankly makes me dislike your character lol


“I just don’t know how much more of this I can take” You murmured as Sodapop wrapped his arms around your shaking body. “Why don’t they love me, Soda? Sometimes I’m not even sure that they know I exist. I can’t do anything to make them proud.” 

“Hey, hey, Y/N, stop talking like that.” He gave you one of the smokes he had lit, he knew that when you were upset the only thing that could calm you was a weed. “I’m proud of you, so darn proud. They don’t hate you, they hate themselves.” 

“I came along and I ruined all their big plans and they resent me for it. Did you know my momma wanted to be a ballet dancer? Or that my dad wanted to go to Yale to become a lawyer? I messed it all up.”

“Don’t talk like that, please. You’re so wonderful and beautiful on the inside as well as the out… if they can’t see that then they do not deserve to be in your life. Can you do me a favour? Don’t go home tonight, okay? You come home with me. You can sleep in my room. I sleep with Ponyboy most nights anyway.” 

“Are you sure you Darry won’t mind?” 

“He won’t.” He got up from the ground and outstretched a hand toward you, you accepted and he hoisted you from off the floor. 

“Hey Soda” You murmured shyly, refusing to look you in the eye. “I know you’ve been sleeping with Ponyboy lately because he’s been getting nightmares, but, if it’s okay with you, would you mind spending the night with me instead?”

“Of course, Y/N, I’m sure Ponyboy won’t mind” 

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omg so i wanted to tell you that i cosplay Ford and i've taken the cosplay to a few conventions and every time i go to a photoshoot i ask for mabel and ford bonding and people always think its so weird like??? why do you people hate pure, innocent joy?? he loves his niece so much.......

you know dipper is close with ford in the show so cosplaying ford and dipper bonding wouldnt be a problem probably

but it’s basically the same thing as ford and mabel bonding…hes just the nephew and shes the niece..ford and mabel are the alpha twins. sweater twins. headstrong believes-in-one’s-own-intuition twins. the creative artsy twins who are wacky and weird

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okay id like to add to that last anon about the lightwood fam arguing in spanish; but clary convincing either simon or magnus to call raphael to convince him to be their translator when the argument is Out of Control (meaning they're probably fighting over something stupid & pointless like what they should get for dinner or something)

omg yes and like theyre always arguing about movie plots or something because theyre obviously huge nerds and simon knows exactly what theyre saying and ends up getting roped into the argument and clary is like woah it must be really serious so they get raphael and he listens and he just lets out a long sigh and is shaking his head and he doesnt even translate it he just walks out muttering “I hate you, I hate you all so much….. never call me again”

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Hi! Im a scorpio who's bitter about the portrayal of scorpios only wanting sex and hating everyone. Why is that portrayal common?

i completely agree with you, i despise that so much because there’s so much more to them. basically it’s just because scorpio’s can come off as very intense and intimidating and they’re ruled by pluto which is the planet of death, perception, sex and everything that’s dark and basically the underworld. so the whole vibe that they can give off can be very powerful and such and everyone just automatically thinks that they hate everyone or they just want sex which i think is rather the opposite of what scorpio is all about. scorpio’s would rather just have sex with someone who they trust and are loyal to. when it comes to sex and scorpio, they’re all about giving not taking. and they don’t want to just give to anyone. it has to be someone they love and are loyal to. they’re known for being one of the signs that can actually abstain from sex as long as they need to, soooo I really don’t know what that stereotype is all about but it’s far from what scorpio’s normally do. I mean yeah, obviously some out there can be like that but they’re definitely not supposed to be stereotyped as that because there’s just so much more to them tbh

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OK real talk rn. I can't stand Armand like at all! Please tell me I'm not the only one, I just hate him, like what is his issue with literally everyone but sometimes Louis and Marius???

Well Armand probably wouldn’t like you, if that makes you feel any better! I feel that he is essential to the series and he’s my best friend’s spirit animal so I have to defend him.

[^Armand by @garama]

He has very specific reasons to have tension w/ Louis and Marius, you might not have gotten to that info yet ;) Maybe you’ll change your mind about him when you get more of his background.

This is why I loved earlier canon so much more than the recent stuff, there were rich layers with characters like Armand. We first meet him in IWTV as the mysterious leader of the Theatre des Vampires, he’s unlike anyone else Louis has ever met and they are enthralled with eachother. Armand is as alluring as Lestat was to mortal!Louis, but in entirely different ways. The more we learn about Armand as we go on through canon, the more we find that he wasn’t simply a survivor of horrible crap that’s happened to him, he’s actively tried to improve his circumstances, he learns from experiences, he is a sponge for knowledge, he has major trust issues with alot of other characters, he’s got a great sense of humor but he’s also really bitter, he craves love but struggles with receiving it, just, ARMAND. SO MUCH MORE than meets the eye.

Anyway if you like Louis at all, ya gotta remember that Armand rescued him from being walled inside a coffin upside-down for eternity so… y’know… there’s that.

Keep in mind mortal!Louis suffered from claustrophobia, and still felt it as a vampire sometimes, so this would have been an even worse punishment for him.

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U probably heard this a hundred times and ur gonna hear this again, cos I absolutely love your blog!! I do have a jxh blog too but it disheartens me to know that you get so much hate :( just want u to know that I appreciate u & lots & lots of love 💓

You have no idea how much things like this mean to me :) Thank you so much <3

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you know.. I almost gave up on exo a few weeks back. I love Jongin (maybe a lil too much) & the never ending hate he gets wears me down so, so much. My heart constantly hurts for him. But earlier when this newest 'scandal' (if u can even call it that, it's just haters invading on his privacy) hit, I initially thought it'll be my final straw. But it actually made me.. calmer? Seeing kfans defending him, making that lovely hashtag for him & the ifans joining in too. It just made me realize (contd)

(contd) that we’re in this together. We all feel tired & devastated bc Jongin has been through so so much, but it also made us Jongin stans spread positivity instead of retaliating w/ more hate (some shippers are extreme, but i hope in time they will learn). I guess all the positivity from us stans during another ‘storm’ like this tells me that we are also growing up & getting stronger :) It’s not going to be easy, but let’s keep on supporting Jongin bc as they say, this too shall pass <3 (/rant

You are me! I know haters words make me tired sometimes but I’m also kinda.. immuned? After April 1st, I seriously had the hardest emotional breakdown. Every day is just another day of hearing what haters are saying about him, and him being injured and not being able to dance.. it was so so tiring. I felt so useless because I couldn’t even make anything better for him. It doesn’t even get better. Things keep happening and people keep talking. I too, at some point, felt like giving up.

But then I see few good things from this. First, the fake fans are already gone. Those fans who can’t accept him being in a relationship and those fans who believe those stupid rumors into thinking he’s actually a bad person. They’re all gone. The ones who stayed are really here for him and believe in him no matter what, no matter who he chooses to be in love with.

Second, it made us stronger together. Like you said, Jongin stans are always giving strength for Jongin and the other stans by spreading positivity. Honestly, we had to deal with so much shit this year. SO MUCH. But we know how Jongin would feel so much worse. So fans are determined to support him more, determined to let Jongin know their presence, cheered him on louder, giving more fan supports so that he could see how many fans are there for him.. Even in the midst of all that mess, we will see a lot of loving words for him, ‘our Jongin please be happy’, ‘our Jongin is the best, isn’t he?’, ‘our well mannered Jonginnie..’. And every time something happens again now, we will see ‘Jongin-ah saranghae’ trending. Those warm words and support, everything is just so beautiful to see. It’s like they all have this mentality now, ‘go on provoke him all you want but we will still be here cheering for him and believe in him’.

Jongin stans are together and stronger so don’t worry, like you said, this too shall pass <3

Wow, aren’t you guys the ones that started this whole thing? We never hate Rukia to the point we told Kubo to ‘kill’ her off in the manga. I love Rukia. You IchiRuki 'fans’ hate her because she didn’t marry Ichigo and get to be captain (weird i know). In fact Orihime is the only one who is hated so much just for being kind. All this bullshit you’re doing to us, and now you are just butthurt about the ending.