I just hate you so much

You get the worst of me. The fucking yelling when anger breaks out of a cage that was never locked in the first place, I guess I’ve got my priorities all fucked up again. The hate you but don’t leave me, I just need you to be unconditional, I just need you to stick it out for me. Thick or thin, please tell me that you’ll always be my friend. The attitudes and arguments, darling, I don’t mean any of it. The truth is I’ve got much to learn and that I’m still learning about myself. So please don’t go.
—  To our best friends
It’s just a TV-show...


SKAM is so much more than that;
In season 1, we learned that love can make you fuck up, that love is fucking difficult, and that it’s human to make mistakes.  

In season 2, we learned that we can’t control our own feelings, that it’s okay to set boundaries and stand up for yourself, and that things don’t always turn out as planned. 

In season 3, we learned that hate does NOT come from religion, that homosexuality is not a sin, and that mental illness is not something to define a person by.


Stop complaining so much about the game. Chino works really hard, and we don't need to pay for it. ChinoMiko does an amazing work on My Candy Love, she puts her life on her games. Why do you, guys, complain and criticize her so much? Do you think run a game is an easy thing? Yes, I know she has a team, but still isn't easy. Stop this hate. If the game is displeasing you, just stop playing it. But have some respect with her job.

@chinomiko, ignore these ‘fans’ who only criticizes you. You don’t deserve this! Chino is amazing, and there are a lot of people who truly loves your art!!
ChinoMiko deserves more love 2kforever

Okay but why do people seem to hate Izetta: The Last Witch so much?

Sure, I can understand that maybe the bits of nudity get to you. I can understand if you think the girls are only there for fanservice.
But please, just give the show a chance. The theme of it is so overwhelmingly that of love and care for each other. The relationship between Izetta and Finé is so well done, I can’t understand why you would think it’s an overdone cliché.
Because it’s not a show labeled “yuri,” it’s just a loving relationship between two girls. Like Yuri!!! On Ice, no relationship has been forced. Not at ALL. Sure, they haven’t kissed yet, but it’s been nine episodes, and their relationship is still developing. For a show that isn’t explicitly a yuri, I’m so happy that these girls are so obviously in love.
And the plot isn’t overdone, either. It’s, in my opinion, pretty original, as I’ve never seen it done before. And come on, who doesn’t want to see WWII with a magic lesbian and a beautiful kick-ass archdutchess?

I don’t think it’s easy to understand me, but you’re going to learn. Oh yes, you are going to learn. Lots of things about me. You’re going to learn my weird taste in music. How much I hate yelling whether it involves me or not. You’re going to learn that I write my feelings away because I can’t express them well just by talking. I write messy poetry about how you make me feel so alive and dead at the same time. I write in notebooks, at 1am, in notepad of my laptop, or in my phone. Small tidbits of an unfinished story or something running through my mind, I write all that stuff down. You’ll learn that I text in paragraphs, too and have the tendency to give awkward hugs. But hugs make me happy. You’ll discover the way I rest my hands on your lap when I get scared, and how I turn to music when I feel like the world has turned on me. I am pretty weird, but even with this crazy self that I’m in, I will love you…always.

trigger warnings; mentions of murder, child murder, child abuse, & terrible things. NSFW?

fenrir greyback is not a good man, not by any stretch of the imagination. he will laugh while brutally mauling or biting someone, taunt you after killing your best friend, force you to kill someone you love and turn children into blood thirsty beasts – if not killing the children. there is nothing moral or redemption worthy about him. humanity was forsaken long ago, wielding him to be a perfect weapon for lord voldemort’s cause. 

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please post your tags from your last post. people need to see it

#okay first of all #i am an Indian #and what jonghyun did was not extreme #the media in india itself spoofs their culture too much #i can see why some people are offended though #he has an international following and a joke sometimes misrepresents the culture #i can understand that#but the guy realized it immediately and TOOK RESPONSIBILITY OF IT #he didn’t wait at all for his company to take control nor did he let them do it on their own #he was just unaware of how deep the culture runs #and he accepted his mistake and removed that problematic part #he has done everything a person can do to fix something like this #i don’t think he deserves this hate #please#i am sure everyone has made such ignorant mistakes and just because he is an idol you can’t give him such a tough time #esp when he is trying to fix his mistakes #when he is thinking so much for every fan why cant us fans be more understanding? #seriously i’m sick of this matter blowing up like this when it’s actually resolved #ugh #and all my fellow shawols who agree with me #be strong #and jonghyun tho in the wrong doesn’t deserve this much #its not everyday that a celebrity deals with the consequences like this and try to fix things #he’s a precious one #i hope this matter just settles because i’m sure he’s feeling worse than he should and no one deserves that

Why do people hate Sun so much?

I mean, would you rather Blake go through her journey with no one to cheer her up and keep her happy? If you look at their interactions, it’s obvious Sun just wants to support her- he treats her like how he treats his other friends… If Blake is alone, she’ll probably get depressed or in danger, having someone cheery accompany her will not only help her overcome physical challenges but also mental ones too. If any character interacts with another- it doesn’t always mean they are romantically attracted to them so calm the fuck down.

He’s a Pervert

REQUEST: writing-rogue okay okay so your steve’s younger sister (by like a year) and you are dating jonathan in secert and he finds out and shit goes down. please?
PAIRINGS: Jonathan Byers x Reader
WARNINGS: cursing and sibling trouble
LENGTH: 660 Words

“Just come over.” you whined, squeezing Jonathan’s hand. 

“I can’t. You know your brother hates me.” 

“So what? He doesn’t rule my life.” Jonathan turned in his seat, his hands resting on the wheel. 

“Steve is the popular guy and I’m– well, me.”

You raised a brow at your boyfriend. Sure Steve was close minded, but Jonathan was perfect. You loved spending time with him, watching him sing and cook for his family, secretly snap photos during school. He had so much love and compassion to give. 

“Don’t pout at me Y/N.” said Jonathan, looking forward to avoid your gaze. You sighed and left the car.

“It’s a good thing I love you!” you called as you slammed the door shut. 

Giving you a smile Jonathan drove off, making his way home. After a minute you walked inside your house.

“Anybody home?” you called, closing the door with your foot. 

Steve walked down the staircase, leaning against the railing.

“Did I just see you leave Byers’ car?” he asked, raising a brow at you.

“He was just dropping me off.” you said, looking down and walking past him. Steve just followed.

“You sure about that? I’ve seen you get out of his car for over a week now.” 

You stopped and turned on your heel, facing your brother.

“Jonathan is nice. He is my friend.” you said, your hands tightening around your bag.

“Byers is a pervert and I will not have my little sister hanging around someone like that.” 

“What do you know about him? Tell me one thing about Jonathan. You never talk to him. I actually know him and care about him. God no wonder he didn’t want to tell you about us.” you mumbled, walking into your room. As you closed the door Steve slipped his foot in the way.

“Told me about what?!” 


The door flew open and Steve stood there, his anger slowly growing. The two of you stared at each other for a moment before Steve turned around, running down the stairs. Panicking you ran after him, managing to slip yourself into his car.


“No. You can’t do this Steve.”

“I can and I will.” With that he pressed the gas pedal, speeding off to the Byers’ residence. 

The drive was completely silent, Steve was stoic and you were panicking. You needed to protect Jonathan. You knew what Steve could and would do to him. When the car stopped Steve got out of the car, slamming the door behind him. Running after him you found Jonathan sitting on the porch, fiddling with his camera.

“You pervert.” said Steve, pulling his arm back and punching Jonathan in the face. You watched as dark blood dripped from Jonathan’s nose. You screamed and ran over to him.

“STEVE STOP IT NOW.” you screamed, causing the boys to freeze. “Do you honestly think I have low standards? I am your sister after all. Jonathan is kind and caring. If you actually spoke to him you would know that, instead of just assuming these things.” you said, daggers in your eyes. 

Steve swallowed, his eyes darting between you and Jonathan. Relaxing he sighed, pressing his fingers to the bridge of his nose.

“I just want to make sure that he isn’t going to hurt you.”

“I would never.” said Jonathan, his voice squeaking slightly. 

“If you do I will not hesitate to do this again.” said Steve, stomping off.

You turned to Jonathan, pulling off your sweater and pressing it to his nose.

“I’m so sorry.” you said, brushing the side of his head with your arm. Jonathan held you close.

“I will never hurt you.”

“I know that.” you said, pulling him away from you. “Steve just doesn’t have a filter and acts on his emotions. He’s just being protective. I just wish he could be protective without being violent.”

Jonathan smiled sheepishly, the blood from his nose stopping. 

“He’ll warm up to you eventually.” 

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Klance Headcanons and Au's

@whoopsyouslut c:

 Fave klance au’s:

- Au where Keith never got kicked from the garrison and lance actually became friends with him while he was coping with losing shiro
- Au where Lance is Altean; hes allura’s younger brother and his relationship with Keith is slightly less bitter at first.
- The soulmate au where the first thing your soulmate thinks about you are written out on your arm. “Why does he have a mullet?”
“He is so straight.”
-Au where lance has freckles, and Keith loves it
-Au where Keith has a jersey accent and Lance hates it (that and the mullet combo is,,,, just too much)((ignore this one))
- Any modern/college au. Roomate shenanigans.
-Almost any coffee shop au
-Almost any flower shop au.
- The atla!!!! Au!!!! I live for waterbender/healer lance. pls

Fave Klance Headcanons:

- Keith is like pining so hard for lance, but Lance is still trying to figure out how he feels about Keith
- They are clearly both pining for eachother but they are also both oblivious as to what the other really thinks of them
- Lance is high maintenence af!! He loves skin care, hair care, painting his nails, clothes shopping. The whole shabang.
- Keith is the exact opposite which leads to Lance trying to teach him how to take care of/groom himself properly and Keith secretly loves it.
-Keith is Lactose intolerant (i blame tumblr for this one) and he eats a lot of dairy products to cope with his feelings.
- After they start dating, Keith goes from quitely asking for a pinky link to suprise piggy back ride. Lance was not expecting it but boii, does he love it.
-Basically just touch-starved and clingy keith.
- They train together and and practice their dynamic a lot!!
-They just make a really good team okay guys.

There are wayy more that i enjoy but i just cant think of any rn, im typing this shit at 2AM.

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I'm sad that people are saying things to you because you ship Yurio/JJ, you're one of the first artist (if not the first one) I started to follow and I'm happy you liked YOI that much!! And just a little thing: the age gap between Yurio and JJ is exactly the same between Yuuri and Victor, so there's that ;3

Awww thank you so much!!! Glad yo enjoy what I do. I hope I won’t disappoint you! I’m sad they can’t mind their own business. Lol. Oh well, it’s their time they’re wasting. I’m a Sith Lord. I feed on hate and anger and turn it into memes and art.
The salt is in me and my saltiness will turn shade to pink lemonade. Like gurl. Lol.

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I can’t judge this Mamas because is my first year watching them. I’m so tired seeing peolpe criticize “oh YG wasn’t there” “this is the worst year”. Breaks my heart seeing all this comments , I’m just gonna say being a multi Fandom all kpop groups have work hard DAY AND NIGHT NOT JUST ONE COMPANY, ALL OF THEM.ESPECIALLY GIRL GROUPS , THEY PASS BY COMMENTS “ OH THEY ACTING SLUTTY ” JUST STOP. Every artist that was in this event should be respected like any other human being .It isn’t easy to be on this kind of industry especially music.YOU KNOW TAEYONG FROM NCT, HE WAS RECIVING SO MUCH HATE, JUST BECAUSE OF HIS PAST ,SEE HIM CRY ON HIS ACCEPTING SPEACH,IS A PERSON THAT WORKED EVERY SINGLE DAY JUST TO GET WHERE HE IS . YOU ARE TELLING ME THE MAMAS SUCKS???

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Ahhh Bonny please don't get down about the comment; you have helped so many people (me included) with eating disorders and disordered eating. Some people will forever hate or be jealous but they radiate too much negative energy to even appreciate your and Emily's advice. ❤️❤️❤️

Thank you lovely ❤️❤️ I don’t think it’s necessarily hate or jealously, just a defensive mechanism that is natural to a lot of us. It is easy to see the negatives and ignore without recognition, the positive gains from something or someone.

Thank you

announcement time -

I just want to thank you guys for your love and support. This sounds so cheesy, but it’s true.

Most of the time, I really hate myself. I don’t think I’m pretty and I don’t think I’m good enough. I don’t think I’m funny, or have anything good to say. I don’t think I’m interesting and i never thought people ACTUALLY LIKED ME

You guys made my life so much better, and I don’t think you know that. SO THANK YOU, SO VERY MUCH



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Oh good god. After you mentioned your post on Bakker I thought I'd give it a read and seeing as you also mentioned the man himself appearing in the comment section a number of times I read the entire thread. I think I need to lie down. I'm in pain. The number of people responding to completely reasonable statements (delivered with citation and without hyperbole) with claims of 'irrationality' and 'man hating' simply because the speaker identifies as a feminist is agonising. I need to rest.

*wraps you in a blanket, provides hot chocolate*

Shh, shh. It’s okay now. Just take deep breaths.

Seriously though: there has been some spectacular fuckery in comments on my blog over the years, but that Bakker thread remains a tarnished beacon of no; a fractured cabochon emerald in the gemstone setting of What Not To Do On The Internet. Rarely has so little been said with so much. 

To quote @seananmcguire, THE NOPETOPUS RIDES AGAIN.

  • Shiro: Keith, i want you to lead Voltron.
  • Keith: ARE YOU kidding me? Shiro STOP STOP this is not funny, you asshole, you better come back, or i'll hit you seventeen hundred billion times in a row. just shut up you ugly shiro-chan and stop giving up, i'm here, coming after you, stop or i swear i'll blow up this planet with us!
  • Shiro: babe?
  • Keith: yes, i'm listening to you!
  • Shiro: do you remember about the toaster?
  • Keith: I hate you.
  • Shiro: haha... yeah. me too.
  • Keith: ...i hate this so much.
  • Shiro: please don't cry, babe.
  • Keith: i'm not! i just hate your toaster...
  • Shiro: it wasn't a coin in the toaster.
  • Keith: whatever...
  • Shiro: it was a ring.
  • Keith: ...fuck you!
  • Shiro: stop crying!
  • Keith: I AM NOT!
  • Shiro: babe pleaaaase!
  • Keith: i love you, please don't give up.
  • Shiro: i'm sorry. the ring is still in the toaster. i know i'm not funny, and i know i'm a terrible lover, i'm sorry.
  • Keith: Shiro?!
  • Keith: Shiro! are you there?! Shiro!
  • Zarkon: Shiro says he loves you.
  • Zarkon: forever.
  • Zarkon: sweet.
friendly reminder that islam is toxic

its so hard to not become a misandrist when your dad is a muslim. i hate my father’s convictions so much. i just want to scream in his face, sit the fuck down youre not my fucking king. you will not marry me off to a man like you, to a muslim monster. nor do you have the right to do that. men get no say in who their adult daughters marry. men are not superior to women. men in a family are no more important than their wives. men are not the fucking supreme authority of their family. useless segregation of the sexes is fucking stupid. us girls and women have the right to go wherever we damn please without the permission of male relatives. who gets to see our beauty is up for us to decide, not you. YOU muslim men are stupid and backwards minded, not the western world. ppl wearing bikinis at the beach is not fucking “macabre” you idiot prude. god muslim culture is a crock of shit, someone pls make it disappear before it infests western societies any further. i cant wait to leave this family, go wherever i want whenever i want, dress how i want, talk with whoever i want however i want, play whatever instruments i want, cut my hair however i want, get a ton of tattoos, date ppl, be my “kafir whore” self in peace, and not see my idiot fathers ugly misogynistic face for as long as i live. fuck islam, seriously fuck it.

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Matt, Tom loves you so much, you really want to try and hate the one person who accepts your flaws and has been with you through thick and thin even before this whole mess?

Matt: I’m…

Matt: I know.. I just… Dont think theres another way for me to accept the fact that he chose world domination over the one i thought he loved…