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B l o o p e r s p l e a s e

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I have a blooper reel made and I originally planned to release it after I finished episode one of the series. But if enough people want to listen to it then I can release it as a hype kinda thing for the episode! -Sealand (Jay)

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Hello I would love to cosplay aqua from Kingdom Hearts, but I'm having trouble with the bra pads on her shirt. Everyone else either cuts up a bra or get a bra cup, cover it with their fabric of choice and stitch it on. I actually don't want it to be an actual bra cup but a design thats a part of the shirt. I want it to be just the fabric part of the bra. Now while i had a template for the shape, no matter how many times i cut it out, hem it or add darts, it just never comes out right. Thanks!

Hello there!

That’s a really weird design, even for Kingdom Hearts. Wow.

To me, it looks more like fabric pieces sewn on than actual foam bra cups, so I think you are on the right track, though I can see why molded foam cups would be much easier!

What I would do is use the saran wrap method of patterning. Wear the undergarments you are planning wearing with the costume and possibly even the top if you have it in a wearable state and the fabric isn’t going to get damaged by this method. Get Glad Press N’ Seal wrap. This has a light adhesive on one side, so it will stick to you and to itself, making your patterning much easier. (You can also use a layer of regular saran wrap with masking or duct tape over it, if you choose, but this is the method I use for unusual patterns.) Once you have a good few layers of plastic on, use a permanent marker to draw the shape that you want. I would recommend just wrapping your breast area and drawing on the triangle shape of the cup and at the very least a vertical princess seam, or a vertical seam ending at a horizontal seam (like a 3-piece bra cup), though with how low this sits on her breasts, you will likely only need the one seam if yours sits in the same place.

Carefully peel yourself out of the wrap, and cut the pieces along the seamlines you just drew. Flatten these as well as you can. Take the two sides and try to square them with each other the best you can so you have an even pattern. Make sure to add seam allowance. Sew these out of a test fabric as a mockup, and make any changes you should need before doing them for real. For reference, the pattern will roughly be shaped so that the princess seams are curved, with the pieces curving outward toward each other in the middle (the top of the piece will be smaller, and the outward curves towards the middle and bottom will allow for extra space in there once it is sewn). The degree and location of the curve will depend on your breast shape and size.

By doing it this way, you’ll end up with pieces that are shaped and sized to the specific shape and size of the breast, rather than a flat piece you are trying to fit over a rounded surface, or a flat piece you are trying to dart. The correct shape of the seamlines will be built into your pattern, rather than added later.

The tricky part here is that the top appears to be a stretch material, so I would also make the cups out of a stretch material. Even though they are seamed for shape, they still need to be able to stretch with the fabric underneath. If you use a non-stretch material, wear the top, pin the cups in place very well, and sew them with the top stretched so that it mimics how much it will be stretched when worn.Otherwise, you’ll end up with the top either being too small in that area (because it wasn’t stretched) or lumpy and rippled.

I hope that helps! If it doesn’t, let me know exactly what was going wrong with the previous versions and with this version and I can try to help troubleshoot.

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I just got told to ‘do the world a favour and drink bleach’ because I ship bughead. I mean really someone wants me to take my own life because of my ship preferences. I am so baffled at the hate I have received over these two beautiful characters… two fictional characters may I add. I’ve never had hate directed at me and I ship Captain Swan and Dair which always gets quite a lot of hate but never had anything like that… I mean disagreeing and debating is fine but telling someone to kill themselves because you don’t like what they ship is just pure craziness and might I say in my opinion the actions of a total asshat. Anyway I guess my point is people need to grow the fuck up!!!

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Just some fanart I did mostly at school when I was bored. I’m surprised at how it turned out! I love the Underverse series as much as I do with Glitchtale, GZtale, etc. I also used the same backgrounds for this from the Underverse intro where it introduces each Sans. I tried to make the spaces even and although I didn’t intend to, I added Cross into it as well. This one too kind about 8 days in total. One day to finish the sketch, three days to add the details, three more days to color in, add shading, and darken the lining, and the last day was the background. I would’ve gotten this done faster if I had my iPad but meh, my mom wants to be a pain. But anyway, just some fanart for Jakei!

Sans, UNDERTALE © Toby Fox

Art © Me

Cross, X-TALE, UNDERVERSE © @jakei95

Fell, UNDERFELL © Respective Owner

Blueberry, UNDERSWAP © Respective Owner

Outer, OUTERTALE © Respective Owner

Geno, AFTERTALE © @loverofpiggies

Ink, INKTALE © @comyet

Error, ERRORTALE© @loverofpiggies


Red Dwarf re-watch slash watch

As I have been on a re-run of Red Dwarf in the last few weeks (it had been an entire six months since I last watched it!! Nightmare!) I though I’d take a break from spirk and post some episode analyses from a rimsy x listy POV. Feel free to add anything you think I’ve missed. It’ll take a few months to do them all. To be clear, I am not saying they are simply gay, or even that they are in a relationship; just that they are more than friends and they develop complex feelings for each other. If you can’t handle it, don’t read it!

Series 2, Parallel universe

This is a great episode for Rimmer and Lister analysis. For a start, during ‘Tongue Tied’ they are beside each other dancing almost the whole time, and at one point stand sideways and do a sexual thrusting motion. Not to mention just the sheer gayness of the whole ‘Tongue Tied’ sequence!

When the scene moves to the quarters we see Lister doing a traditionally female thing YET AGAIN (he is so Rimmer’s wife, I don’t care what anyone says). Lister is knitting something, and it is pink! Rimmer is on the exercise bike, which he has apparently moved from wherever it is kept just so that he can be in the same place as Lister. I mean, surely Red Dwarf has a gym? Why is he exercising here other than to spend time with Lister?

The subsequent conversation demonstrates that Rimmer is so poor at chatting up women that he has books to help him with it. He is so disconnected from women, in fact, that Lister points out he sees them as an “alien species”. Rimmer is not a nervous person. The problem is that he feels no connection to women at all. He can’t chat them up because deep down he doesn’t want to, because he is gay. Moreover, Lister is very able to empathise with Rimmer’s date’s feelings when listening to the story about the girl with no nose, both because he knows how it feels when Rimmer makes you feel like that, and because he is quite feminine and, therefore, more in touch with feelings than Rimmer. Lister’s comment about how women are people is interesting too: he talks to men and women in exactly the same way, lending credence to the idea that he is bisexual. They then embark upon a role play, where Rimmer is chatting Lister up. A deleted scene shows The Cat comment on how suggestive their role play is!

When they meet their female counterparts, Lister, who is bisexual and comfortable with sex, is instantly up close in Deb’s face. Rimmer, who is gay and ill-at-ease with sex because of his repressed homosexuality, stays a comfortable distance from Arlene. Once in the quarters, Rimmer isn’t comfortable with the semi-naked men everywhere. I think this is because he likes it but doesn’t like the fact that he likes it. To back this up, we see later that Arlene is OTT in the sexual attention she gives to men, in fact she is sexually aggressive. To me, this is the opposite end of the ‘gay but can’t handle it’ spectrum to Rimmer. He is unable to articulate any desire for intimacy with the opposite sex, whilst she is over-compensating; making it look like she is gagging for it lest anyone suspect otherwise. They are two sides of the same repressed gay coin. This makes sense because they are, of course, opposites as well as doubles, if you see what I mean.

Later on, in the disco, the Rimmers’ and Listers’ behaviour mirrors each other. The Rimmers are struggling to keep a conversation going and look uncomfortable, but Arlene soon shows that she’s an over-compensator, as I mentioned above. Rimmer is extremely uncomfortable with her touching him. He hasn’t had sex in over three million years and yet he is repulsed by her sexual advances. This speaks volumes, in my opinion. He even tells her he’s “not that kind of boy” and, later, sneaks off to hide to avoid any sexual contact with her. Lister’s comment about Arlene being the female equivalent of Rimmer is not correct. As I said, they are opposites as well as doubles. Rimmer doesn’t get women but he doesn’t behave towards them like Arlene does to him. Likewise, Deb isn’t exactly like Lister. For instance, as he points out, she thinks of men the way Rimmer thinks of women. Well, Lister thinks Rimmer thinks of women as an “alien species”, so by that logic Deb thinks of men as the same, but Lister doesn’t see the opposite sex that way at all. Moreover, Lister is definitely more empathetic and sensitive than Deb. Therefore, they are not simply the female equivalent of Rimmer and Lister. They share traits and qualities, but it’s not as simple as being female equivalents.

Once Lister saves Rimmer from Arlene’s advances, Rimmer mentions his bottom and Lister immediately has a good, long look at it. Lister then says that he doesn’t think he wants to sleep with Deb. What? He hasn’t had sex in three million years, and he was pretty sexually active before that. Surely at this point he’d sleep with anyone who showed an interest?! As it turns out he does, but not before expressing distaste as the idea. Is it because he is love with someone else? Then, when Rimmer tells Lister he is going to bed, the pair are huddled up tight together, faces close enough to feel each other’s breath and looking into each other’s eyes.

I like how keen Rimmer is for Lister to be pregnant! I know they like to get one up one each other, but it seems a bit too keen! I think he loves the way it would cement the idea of Lister being the woman, submissive and in distress, and of him being the rescuer.

As a side point, what this episode has to say about patriarchy is entertaining. The satirical ‘this is what it would be like the other way round’ angle highlights to men the unpleasantness of gratuitous nudity, patronising language and the male gaze. It also suggests that it would be perfectly possible for women to have written amazing literature, or taken humanity to the moon, and it points out the ridiculousness of the anti-feminist brigade by calling Rimmer a masculinist for objecting to the car magazine. I especially love Arlene’s comment about Rimmer asking for it because he is wearing tight trousers! A commentary on blaming clothes for rape years before it was a mainstream grievance. Finally, Red Dwarf did male pregnancy in the 80s, can we just appreciate that for a moment!

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A cute + awkward scenario where LP awkwardly confesses his feelings to BH?

“Add, is there a reason you’re trailing me?”

A very red-faced Nasod researcher stepped from an alleyway to face her.  Elesis had thought she’d heard the distinctive swoosh of his Dynamo gliding over sandy roads.

“I’m just in town to buy supplies!” Add protested before Elesis could even say anything else.  “I wasn’t following you!”

It would be more believable, Elesis thought, if he wasn’t protesting so much.  Or if his face wasn’t as red as her hair.  She squinted at him.


He squirmed.

“F-fine,” he stammered, and looked away.  “I was trailing you to see what sort of gifts you like.”

Gifts?  But it was nowhere near her birthday.  Elesis blinked.


“For a confession.”


“I love you,” Add blurted.

Elesis’ heart stopped.  She stared at Add, trying to judge if he was telling the truth or just trying to get out of her anger - holy crap, he was still blushing and shrinking from her gaze and not meeting her eyes.  That might actually be real.

Her heart slammed into overdrive.

“Roses,” she said.  Add blinked at her.


“For a gift,” Elesis elaborated.  “I like roses.” Then she grinned.  “Or, if I accept your confession, a kiss would do.”

Add stammered.  Elesis drew herself up on her tiptoes and kissed him.

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1. coke or pepsi: neither
2. disney or dreamworks: both?
3. coffee or tea: both
4. books or movies: books since they add much more detail
5. windows or mac: i’ve never had a mac so i’ll just go with windows
6. dc or marvel: i used to like the marvel movies but i’m not really into superheroes anymore
7. x-box or playstation: neither
8. dragon age or mass effect: neither
9. night owl or early riser: early riser, i woke up at 7:47 this morning
10. cards or chess: both
11. chocolate or vanilla: usually vanilla
12. vans or converse: converse since i have a pair
13. Lavellan, Trevelyan, Cadash, or Adaar: i don’t play dragon age
14. fluff or angst: both are good
15. beach or forest: both
16. dogs or cats: cats
17. clear skies or rain: both
18. cooking or eating out: it depends on my energy level and how long whatever i want to eat will take to make
19. spicy food or mild food: spicy
20. halloween/samhain or solstice/yule/christmas: solstice/yule/christmas
21. would you rather forever be a little too cold or a little too hot: i’m already a little too cold so i’ll just stick with that
22. if you could have a superpower, what would it be: nothing
23. animation or live action: both
24. paragon or renegade: neither
25. baths or showers: showers
26. team cap or team ironman: neither
27. fantasy or sci-fi: no preference
28. do you have three or four favourite quotes, if so what are they: n/a
30. harry potter or percy jackson: neither
31. when you feel accomplished: i feel like the weight of the world is lifted off my shoulders
32. star wars or star trek: star wars but to be fair i’ve never watched star trek
33. paperback books or hardback books?: no preference
34. handwriting or typing? typing
35. favorite film? n/a
36. Favorite Place in the world?: n/a
37. CDs or vinyl?: neither
38: song lyric that’s important to you?: n/a
39: whats your favorite form of self care?: lighting a vanilla-scented candle while watching youtube videos (usually cooking asmr), reading a book, and/or simply listening to music.

40. what language/languages would you like to learn?: i’ll answer my own question and say that i want to get better at spanish and tagalog, and also learn asl. i might also want to learn french, but i think i’ll stick with the three for now.

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just to add on. popfan4ever actually exposed zenlikejen a while back (maybe even as long as a year back) about that yes of course always story. they used to be friends but when they fell out popfan told on her blog how jen had made that story up. i remember it happening because it was one of the first times i saw larries turn on each other and i made a point of getting the popcorn out.

lololol well they’re messy people. tbf they could all be lying about each other as much as they lie about larrie, their relationships are all so fucked up that the idea of making shit up to attack each other seems plausible. but i don’t know how these high level larrie confessions work. I guess if they weren’t discussing their secret doubts, bromanceshmomance wouldn’t be able to make incriminating recordings of her friends?

the idea of someone outright, knowingly making up a story like this and then insisting upon its honesty for over a year and also insisting on the completely harmful, fucked up, hate-filled worldview that it’s intended to bolster… and then telling your friends it was a lie in private… jesus that’s disturbing. i prefer to think of them as just so deeply taken in by their own lies and bias that they blindly spread bullshit stories told to them by other people who at least don’t stick around to watch the destruction their lies cause.

but who knows. maybe jen did go around telling her friends about her lies. i wouldn’t be shocked, just incredibly disturbed.

either way, the story itself is just hilariously untrue.

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Any tips on drawing guys? Mine always look like girls

I had this exact problem for a long time tbh.

My first advice is to study the kind of men you want to draw so you know like how to apply their anatomy to your style, like look at fashion mags or find them on Instagram or just Google image search tbh.

Some quick cheats are like anatomy hacks. Widen the neck, add definition to the Adam’s apple, square/flatten the jaw. Men’s eyes are generally very close to their eyebrows. Whereas women usually are drawn as an hourglass men’s structure is more inverted-pyramid like at the shoulders and then they meet at the hips where their legs just straighten out.

A common anatomy mistake is giving men hips that are too wide because your brain wants to use the same anatomy for all your drawings so training it to use more than one shape and direction will take time.

As far as technique goes, use more angles and jagged edges, I find that even if you’re drawing a man who’s softer, such as being overweight or just not being superhero-muscular, a good collection of hard angles at places like the jaw, shoulders, collarbones, knees, other places really helps make a difference.

Tbh if you make the way you draw women and the way you draw men dramatically different early on you can slowly learn to marry different aspects of both styles together to create more varied body types.

Hope that helps!

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To add on the topic of the sources, it's amazing how larries select exactly what they want to believe. I remember once stumbling upon PR stunt relationship theories for another famous couple. I interned in PR for the famous GF at the time had 'insider knowledge' on the fact that it wasn't staged, but the person dismissed my testimony and preferred to publish a 'proof' from an anon that apparently had stayed in a 1000€/night hotel room next to the 'fake' couple at Cannes Festival, much more real

I’m just–


Aromantic Asexual and Agender + Art Forms for Anon! 

“Much of the beauty that arises in art comes from the struggle an artists wages with their limited medium.” ~ Henni Mattisse

I saw the quote and i just had to add it in there! If there is anything I need to change just let me know!


Bury the pink in deep enough and the school can’t complain, right?

This is my “do something minuscule but significant for myself” thing. Because my mental health has been a clusterfuck lately and we’re coming up on the anniversary of a bunch of miserable things for me. So I had my hairdresser add some rose gold into my hair.

'ello !

i just like to randomly pop up here, is that weird ? probably
anywho FH and i have been wondering how you guys feel about this blog.
is it going well ?
is there something we should add ?
also i had this idea for the blog which was a bit of a fun game contest but FH turned it down saying we were literally too new to be doing stuff like that but i thought it’d be fun !
please let me know if anyone’s interested in it !
have a good night !


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Can we all agree that rafa is a gift to mankind? Also, I love his relationship with Adrienne and his friendship with Daveed. I mean, move to the other side of the country because your friend wasn't answering your texts? Damm, that's real friendship there. He had everything to be an ignorant white boy, but he is the complete opposite! I just love him so much

he’s definitely a gift and i absolutely ADORE his relationship with adrienne. his friendship with daveed is so important to me because i love seeing two men supporting and loving each other unapologetically.
but i’m pretty sure that rafa actually isn’t white

edited to add that i’m nearly certain rafa is latino

I had just gotten them to a point where I didn’t hate how they were looking. Then the most dynamic of the group snapped right at the ankle and doesn’t want to glue, it seems.

Add this to me already being sort of demoralized because my custom rangers look like garbage and these Harlequins are just sitting there mocking me with the arms I forgot to buy for them and I’ve got to watch my meager funds because I think it’s going to come down to a choice between Rouboute Guilliman Redux et al and Mass Effect: Andromeda this month so I can’t even pick up the cheap-ass wych arms that would do the job much less the Farseer Skyrunner to finish off my cool new project™ and, just…

Fuck it, that’s it for tonight.

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Spider-Man Homecoming trailer: Am I the only one who thinks Tony actually meant to hug Peter? I mean, Tony is just a sweet insecure kid with lots of money and a huge armour.

So, I had to look it up and see for myself. And I completely agree with this! He totally did. He adds his emotions, but we can all see the big softy. 



So long time no see everyone, sorry this blog is getting rather abandoned lately, but everytime I come back here the tons of porn blogs that keeps following me had increased exponentially and it’s seriously getting me crazy just looking at it.

Anyone’s in Goodreads? Or just wants to discuss books? If you want I’m also Cerulione there, if you want to discuss Neil Gaiman or some other books (currently hesitate on Anthony Doer’s All the Light We Cannot See, Neil Gaiman’s Neverwhere & Stardust, Stedman’s Light Between Oceans and Ransom Riggs Miss Peregrine #2 Hollow City). Please don’t hesitate to add me for book discussion :D