I just had to add it on there

This is tecnically a WiP.

it’s a sequence for an idea i had in mind, where the TF2 Spy act like McCree from OW, or you can just call him “SpyCree” if you want.

It’s only the “highlight-like” sequence that is ready, but it will be part of future animation.

I wanted to finish this one sooner so that i had an additional cool thing to add on my animation demo reel in time for the comicon i will attend.

Things I love about Harry:

(Feel free to add on)

•his inhaler use
•wheezing in his sleep
•the lip freckle
•the way his feet point in a bit when he walks
•little bit of chest hair
•his toes (and I hate toes)
•his loud shirts
•the nervous tick he does when he scrunches his nose and messes with his hair, pushing it back
•how he talks with his hands
•the freckle on the side of his lips
•little baby ears
•the bright open mouthed smile
•the way he says “us”
•his breathy laugh and how his tongue sticks out just a bit
•his hugs (haven’t had one but they look so warm and cozy)
•how hay fever makes him even more adorable??
•his knack for making people feel welcome
•green green greeen wanna get lost in eyes

•love handles
•the “eye”

honestly, thinking about it more i’m less upset that the credits didn’t have a hint of johnroxy and more upset over the fact that everyone got a happy ending, except for john. which i guess does lead in to the masterpiece, but yeah. the lack of johnroxy is salt in the wound and the people screaming “haha johnroxy is dead!” just add more salt, mainly because the malice at john’s expense, and the kid already had enough. 

like from the start he always saw himself as a joke, which was metamorphosed in to harlequins. various conversations where he puts down something but in someways can also be seen as talking to himself. John has not ever thought of himself as highly, and feel like everyone else is more important the he was. everyone else in the comic are show to either be happy and or doing something important but him. He stayed alone in his home and by the 20th year, he spent it alone. it’s pretty depressing.

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What are Your top 10 favorite inukag fanfics??

Oh ‘Nony, I love this question! But it’s also very hard to answer, because there are so many good fics! As it happens, I’ve already compiled a list similar to this, but I’m gonna go ahead and create another list, because there are some new and ongoing favorites I want to add to it. There may just be a little overlap between the two lists.

  1. Sachi by Quillwing717. I am so obsessed with this story, it’s almost ridiculous. The amount of time I’ve spent thinking about it and imagining different backstories for Kagome… *sighs happily*
  2. Waiting on a Wish by Quillwing717. Ugh, the InuKag chemistry. So good.
  3. The Half Breed’s Wife by Gypsyn (who is now on Tumblr, by the way! Rejoice and be glad!). I was so jazzed to find this fic (Grape and I even had a little squee fest about it XD). It’s just wonderful: the pacing, the budding relationship between InuKag, the world-building details, everything! I highly recommend it.
  4. Speed Dating for Dummies by Reinamy. I reread this one a lot, because it’s so funny and so cute and just ahhhhh.
  5. Phony Digits by StoatsandWeasels. I love how this story translates the InuKag dynamic into a modern setting. It’s funny and so entertaining, but it will also punch you in the face with feelings when you’re not expecting it. Go read it, you won’t regret it!
  6. Stolen by Discord1. I literally stayed up all night to read this, and then I reread it the next day.
  7. Therapeutic by everstar. It’s short, but man does it pack a wallop of feels. I reread this one a lot too. 
  8. I Hear Your Silence by KeiChanz. Oh gosh, I love how this story portrays the bond between Inuyasha and Kagome—all the little intimacies and silent moments they share. Augh, my heart.
  9. Metamorphosis by Sueric. Honestly, I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve read this.
  10. Unspoken by forthright. I’m actually kind of a fiend for oneshots (and short stories in general), and this is one of my very favorite collections.

Most of these you’ve probably already read or seen, but they are all way up there on my list of favorites. (Also if you feel like squeeing about any of them, PLEASE FEEL FREE TO DO SO IN MY ASK BOX, I WILL SQUEE WITH YOU.)

masterpost of who gets a link

you get a link! you get a link! everyone gets a link!

on the list:

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In Ed's defense (I cannot believe I am defending Ed right now, he is not on my good side after the heartbreak we know is coming with Os.) but if I saw someone who I had loved (and especially accidentally killed XD) seemingly reincarnated it would fuck me up too. I would either be scared as shit, or want to hold on to that person like crazy. Add the riddle and you can almost see why it was love for Ed. But poor Os, and she is obviously not good news...

Yeah I have nothing against her coming in! Since I’m trash so BRING ON SOME CLICHE JEALOUS!OZZIE stuffs yaas. Though just for a time not a one-sided forever relation but I doubt that, Ed will come around :D

As much as people may hate me for it, I will hate on Cherelle for forcing more heteronormativity in the live play when we had it bad enough in the book with the whole date thing and fantasy but to steal our nose bop? That is not okay. She has no respect for us and I most certainly won’t have any respect for her. And someone had the nerve to say she is just doing her job? What job? By adding something unscripted? Sam and Anthony have every right to add unscripted moments to Scorbus because of how much we were screwed over even though the build up was there and the fact they are in love with each other is canon. So yes, we deserve the minor details. I will hate JKR for not making Scorbus canon and I will always resent her. She may have written Harry Potter and I could care less. If she actually went through with Scorbus my hatred for her would cease to exist. She wrote a love story with them and those who say it wasn’t her intention, you couldn’t be more wrong. She queerbaited us. She used us. She took advantage of us. These things are all true. And I am sorry but Cherelle doesn’t have the right to take a moment Sam and Anthony added for Scorbus and give it to Sco/rose. The amount of disrespect we receive, I am done. I am at the point where I will not even write Rose in my cursed child play. I want to take her out completely. This nose bop was the final straw for me.

You know how after Act 7 came out, how we were all rushing to find an explanation, how we needed something, no matter how little sense it made, to hold on to, to convince ourselves that it wasn’t as awful as it seemed? Whether that was escaping the alpha timeline, or mercy-killing Lord English, or whatever?

For the first time since then, I feel I don’t need to make excuses for Hussie, that I don’t need some wacky theory to hold on to to convince myself that it had a point, had meaning.

The credits were the Act 7 we deserved all along. I’m finally content, now that I know that Hussie didn’t just abruptly end the comic with Act 7. That there’s more after that, and even more to come in the form of the epilogue. I haven’t been  able to feel this way about Homestuck since April 13th. To think of it and not have the ending add a blemish to the experience.

Thank you Andrew. I still think you should’ve been more specific about whether the epilogue would answer our questions and that there would be one from the very beginning, but, I also apologize for doubting you. Thank you for putting my tired soul at ease, once again.

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Suggestion: iced: when a joy dies of hyperthermia (usually when they walk out on a cold night) "Yeah, she got iced last night"

Ooh ooh, what if it had two meanings and the second one is when someone gets ghosted in a a way that’s kinda sketchy, because ‘chilly’ means suspicious

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Shaya, I was shocked to see the notice you had added to your stories on FFN. I think it is a shame you have chosen to remove your stories from there and move elsewhere. If the problem is people not being warned about the content, why not just add a warning to each chapter that has explicit content? A warning to the readers works wonders. If the FFN admins have not warned you or removed any of your stories, then you are fine! Please keep posting there as I prefer FFN to anywhere else :(

Because I put a warning at the beginning of the story that there is a certain type of content within. If people don’t like that type of content, they shouldn’t read ANY of the story. I think putting chapter-specific warnings on things that aren’t triggers (like self harm, non-con, or abuse) is ridiculous. 

I’ve never read a book and reached a chapter that says “Just a heads up, there’s sex in the next few pages. I know you bought this book in the romance section, and it’s listed for mature reading, and everything the author has ever wrote ALSO contains sex scenes, but just a heads up.”

That’s insane. It might work for some people, but for me, it completely ruins a story.

I will keep posting to FFN, but the content will be severely edited compared to what I’ll be posting on Ao3. And that’s all on FFN. I’ll just be following their rules and regulations with states that there is to be zero explicit sexual material.

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I love Daryl and I don't think he's an indecent guy or anything, but honestly people need to stop excusing him, you know? He is at fault, he knew there'd be consequences and he had seen what Negan had done. In that respect, he was the reason Glenn was killed. However, that's what his character is like and he has done hundreds of good things; him killing Glenn doesn't make him a bad person or a murderer and the writers didn't just "use his actions to kill off a poc" glenn was my fave but (1/2)

People need to stop hating on as well as defending Daryl (2/2)

nope sorry i habe to disagree here: for the first time in the history of the walking dead fandom, people are finally understanding that in order to add another man pain storyline to daryls story, another main character died. just look at sophia, beth, denise and now glenn. 

and people are angry, i am angry too.

im sorry but i can’t defend him anymore, not after he was the cause that the kindest character on the walking dead who was a symbol of hope, died. in the end, the straight white man is the reason a man of colour died. that’s exactly what the writer did by writing this scene. stop making excuses.

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So it's going to be Halloween and I've talked my best friend's boyfriend into letting me make him into a drag queen, I mean full out makeup, tape, wig, bra, boobs, butt, corset, tuckin that dick up and heels. Who do you think would let me do this and how far would they let me go? I'm not above bartering/doing favours to put men in makeup. Maybe add it...who's gonna let me bang them all dressed up?? Oh! And P.S. I love the asthma headcanons you've done! they're really cute and funny!

so you have asked me about the drag thing before, so i’ll link that here for the others. but for the guys who would let you go extra far

  • i reiterate, you could set Lee or Gai on fire and they would say thank you, they really have no problem with anything if it makes you happy. they might not be ecstatic, but they’d never tell you otherwise anyway
  • Haku, tho he kinda lives the life regardless
  • Orochimaru was in a female body at point so he can handle it. you will owe him a lot of favors tho, a lot
fic posting alert

I’ve been a little stuck with writing lately, so decided to clear out some old stories I’ve had on my computer for ages - like, 1-2 years!!

I get a little perfectionist about editing fic, which is why a lot of these never got published. The idea was I’d edit them a little more or add more scenes, but I’m just going to post most of them with minor edits, or an “incomplete/discontinued” tag where appropriate.

There’s some ASOIAF (Sansa/Margaery, Arya/Margaery, Throbb, Jaime/Cersei, gen fic), and several AUs that basically include me transposing ASOIAF characters into different TV shows or movies. Then there’s a handful of random pairings: Cartinelli from Agent Carter, Bucky & Tony gen fic, Natasha/Maria from Marvel. Ariadne/Mal from Inception. Two stories from The East because Ellen Page kissed Brit Marling in that movie and I was obsessed (this was right before she came out). It’s really a grab bag.

When I’m done I’ll do a roundup post. Then the idea is I can move forward with generating new fic (and yes, updating WCOOC)!

So, ignore my spammy posts, or if you have me on author alert on AO3 (I’m heart_nouveau there), this is a heads up. 

was gonna add process pic but tumblr wont let me so here have this

was just attempting to draw a person smiling without it looking like they old but it did not work n then suddenly i realized that i had callie n sophie so callie n sophie it is except sophie looks nothing like in my head lmao fuck

i really gotta learn to paint better shapes urghurghugurg 

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thepiratebay DOT org/user/891976/ NOW has all 10 season packs as 720p plus Blake Shelton not so family Christmas special as 1080i, Since most people won't seed it for very long uploading with a 5Mbit fiber is a little bit slow, Sorry about that. Will add more high quality stuff there in the future...

Wow!!! Thank you so much. I’m hankering after my old computer harddrive (which actually had SPACE on it), so this’ll be a slow process for me, lol. Will try and seed for at least a few days after each set that I do end up getting. Slowness is FINE. I just appreciate the hard work and effort in even uploading them in the first place. *bookmarks* Cheers!


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I just saw in your header that you crack ship Peggy Carter/Susan Pevensie and can I just say- HOLY SHIT!!!!! I never thought about them but now that I have I LOOOOOOOOVE IT OMGGGGGG. Like, two of my fav fictional ladies, they're from the same time period/country- i just- ooooh my god. I am now going to see if you have made any posts/fic about them but first I just had to let you know that my life is officially changed because holy fucking crap!!!!!!!

I agree. They are such a great pair. I love them both individually but together is the BEST. I have a WIP about them, Interested in Lipstick, which I hope to add too soon. 

Thanks for dropping by. 

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I just listened to your background music in your blog and it was so good. I literally had the chills running through my spine. I felt the music. I'm just curious to know how you select songs. Mind to tell me what are the title of the tracks on your playlist?

I was supposed to add one liners to each song but some are too long and it won’t fit so I just put a number on it. I don’t know, I guess I pay more attention to the meaning of the song, if it relaxes me in a way that it inspires me to write I’d listen to it even if it’s not so popular. Thank you for dropping by! :)

Here are the songs:
1. I Don’t Feel It Anymore - William Fitzsimmons
2. All I Want - Kodaline
3. Lost Boy - Ruth B
4. A Little Braver - New Empire
5. Love Me So - Stereo Kicks
6. Vegas Skies - The Cab
7. We Can Never Go Back - Joy Williams
8. Long Gone and Moved on - The Script

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What do you think of people who think ouija boards are evil because their mother/auntie/cousin/friend of a friend had a "bad experience" with one? I think a lot of it is made up because people want a cool story to tell, but it only adds to the (undeserving) bad reputation of ouija boards ๐Ÿ˜

Totally agree with you. They’re mostly made up to convince people not to play or just because they want to sound cool. There’s a lot floating around Tumblr right now (that time of the year) and it’s like… fine, creepy stories are fun, but a lot of people use them as evidence that you shouldn’t play at all.

TEMPORARY HIATUS - I’m so tired, and I’ve had a near-constant headache for like two week straight. I can’t concentrate at all and writing stuff IC is just.. not happeningl. I keep logging in with the intention of replying to threads but nooope. I figure that if a I take a hiatus it’ll take some of the pressure off and I won’t feel as bad for replying late.

I’m on SKYPE && LINE && SNAPCHAT – if we’re mutuals feel free to inbox me or IM me for the details, I know I’m super quiet and not very chatty lmao, but I’d still love to talk. So yeah, it won’t be a long hiatus. I’m not leaving, I’m just.. so tired.