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So I know this is a retail blog but I just wanna add my little coworkers from hell story (if it's not allowed please fell free to delete mine) so my two managers literally had a fist fight in the middle of the office and when one of the admin people tried to stop it he got hit himself. So obviously I tried to call the police because this was escalating but the SM literally hit my phone out of my hand and now IM the one in trouble. Idk what to do right now and any advice would be appreciated.

Call the cops fill out a police report against him for assault. I guarantee you won’t get in trouble if you agree not to press charges. But do it fast.


Somehow Part 2 (Poly!Hamilsquad x Reader)

Warnings/Triggers: Depression mentions, suicide attempt, ANGST, hospital, sad Alex :(

AUs: None

Time Period: Modern

Notes: This is so short! I’m sorry :/ Part 3?

 Tags: (Tagging everyone who wanted Part 2) @justfangirlingaround @monumentalhero @because-katiedid @hamilbroke @laichisenpai @supergalaxykittens

If there’s a warning I need to add, please let me know! I want you to feel safe and comfortable reading my stories! Thanks!

John was right. Somehow they managed to do it. A whole day, which turned into a week. A week of waiting for you to wake up, maybe it was two weeks. Honestly, Alex couldn’t tell anymore, nor did he care. He just wanted you to wake up. He barely slept anymore, which wasn’t a big change for him, but this time he wasn’t up doing work, just looking at you. Doctor after doctor had come in, all saying the same thing.

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Assuming one of guys are into Persona 5, what would the Elgang's palaces be like if they had one? ouo)9

(I’m only about halfway through the game - just barely on Fushiba’s palace.  No spoilers!)

The only Elgang members with palaces are Raven, Add, Ara, and Lu.  Eve would probably have a palace, but well, she’s a robot.  She can’t have a distorted view of the world because programming.

Raven’s palace is pretty much a fun house of mirrors. Except, well, it’s not fun, because every other moment a Shadow appears, or your own reflection is trying to stab you in the back, and whenever you think you’ve found suitable cover, something betrays you.  It’s definitely representative of how Raven views the world - treacherous, dangerous, and he doesn’t even trust himself anymore with the Arm.

Add has a palace even crazier than Raven’s.  It’s a giant junkyard, full of strangely moving parts, ghosts that whisper things like “you can trust us” that turn into Shadows, and scraps of old blueprints and projects.  He views the world as somewhere he doesn’t belong, views humans as fleeting wisps that can’t be trusted, and is constantly looking everywhere for things he can take advantage of and use - just like old scrap.

Ara seems like her palace is nice at first.  It’s an old temple, run-down, in the style of her old home.  Going inside isn’t as nice.  She - rather, the spirit fox inside her - views the world as her playground, and the temple shows it, the claw-scratches of a fox everywhere and fur on even the most sacred objects.  Nothing is spared her mischief, and intruders experience the full force of her wrath.

Lu’s palace is… well, interesting.  She views Elrios as just a stepping-stone, a transient place, and her Palace reflects that.  It’s always changing.  It’s a tomb on the days she feels depressed, like she’ll never get out, it’s a prison on the days she feels restless and longs for her home, it’s a wide-open (but giant) plane of volcanic rock when she’s determined and optimistic.  The only constant is Ciel, who patrols as an undefeatable Shadow, and the theme of the four-pointed star.  


GOT TO MEET SEVERAL COOL CATS IN-GAME. 8D!! Vex and Kai got to meet XD and be meat-head bros.

I don’t know everyone’s tumblr to GW2 username so please let me know i you’re in one of these shots and I can add you to the post! :D

Raffix, Kaizelle Noxx, Demon Tears, Tatsumi Lightchaser, Darklinux, Rok of Faith. AND MORE! Vex also gave Ainne a tiny pat..AND PROMPTLY RAN AWAY.

New persona look

So, after watchin this really cool video someone made, showcasin this awesome kind of helmet thing that could display various different faces and such on it, I had a few thoughts.
And one of them was “what if, instead of a helmet, it was just a mask?”
And another was “And instead of havin a physical control box to change the faces, what if you had a few cameras in said mask that were runnin facial recognition software? And said software was tied to an emote index that changed the display to whatever emote matched the expression?”

This was too cool of a concept to just let dissipate from my mind, and so I decided to try it out on my persona. Once I did so, I realized what a cool look it was, so I decided to keep it.

And thus, this is how my sona is gunna look from now on. The emote and “ears” will change dependin on mood/expression. ouo

I will be usin said look to respond to things with from now on. ^u^


I forgot I had made these posters.

I was in a poster making mood and Voltron just happened to be what I was obsessed at the time..

I know I know i’m missing Hunk…. I’ll add him when I can xD

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Hello "Kirsten". I have had a realization. If you take away the Da from Dan, and add some new ones, it spells Kirsten. Coincidence?? I THINK NOT. I bet my life that you're actually dan, and the "dan loves phil" post was just your way of telling us

uuuuuuuuuh i gotta dash bye i got phils to bang I MEAN people to see

hahahaha a ha


Peter ParkerxReader

Not Dad!Tony

Word Count: 1453

Request from @buckysendoftheline: Peter x reader where y/n is known for being optimistic and smiling! But all is just a façade and one day in class y/n has a full on overwhelming breakdown and runs out of class! And Pete runs after her?

A/N: Short angst. Also, I’m being lazy and can’t think of a good picture to put, so if anyone has a suggestion I will add it in. If not this is just how it has to be.

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I’m here to BLIND YOU WITH SCIENCE!! -Well, color, at least.. For once. Wow. Art block broken? I hope so.
This is incredibly rushed just because it wasn’t really something serious…. But ended up being fun enough to finish. Spent just an hour on it (Inbetween computer freezing because my dumbass had the canvas size at over 3 feet with a bunch of programs running…)
Random Youtube playlist played Living Tombstones Remix of “We Are Number One” And so… The first doodle was created, and I decided to actually redraw it and add a scene.
….Part of me is ashamed, part of me is just a ho for drawing Rick crossovers. I mean there are several crossovers in the actual show, so. Why not.

Abrosexual Polyagender Pride Moodboard for @deadly-assassin417

I wasn’t sure how to do this one at first but when I saw the Abrosexual flag it reminded me of watermelons and I had to add them in. Also to answer your question about considering Abrosexual part of the aspec community: My opinion on certain sexualities/genders being in a community for sexualities/genders is that if you feel like you’re apart of that community and aren’t strictly the opposite of the community (strictly cis straight people for example) then you decide wether your apart of it and if you’d like to be apart of it. That’s just my opinion though, if you feel apart of the aspec community then you are apart of the aspec community. The other mods can chime in on this.

-Mod Matt

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just wanted to add that during ed promo tour he talked about breaking france since taylor was the only one that had done it

Iconic! Yeah, I think a lot of the hot music in France is French language. And rightfully so because they have soooo much good music.

future muses to add:
+ kamui / fernand from fe15
+ lukas from fe15
+ berkut from fe15? :^)

future blogs to make:
+ kamui / fernand from fe15

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Do you ever get overwhelming feelings of lonliness? Lately (since college has ended for now) i feel like i work at my job, work for my dad and sleep. All my friends are far away, and i've got about $30 to my name- and my paycheck is going to a $250 speeding ticket. I talked to my bf yesterday, and def feel a LOT better, but last night (and the days prior) i felt so alone and just going through the motions. If you ever felt this way, how did you work through it?

I’ve had those days, and the only thing that helped was talking about it and attempting to make some kind of plan. Also, you could do little things in the meantime that break up the monotony, like taking a relaxing bath or shower once a week, or picking up a book you like and reading it every now and then. Just little things that you can add or take out of your schedule as needed and doesn’t need a lot of commitment.

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May I please have a blessing for me to be more motivated in practising my music? Thank you :)

From Edgar, a musician who has performed at Carnegie Hall: “Listen to the kind of music that you want to play every day. Set aside time every day to practice. Every day should just be a little bit more, but start small - start with 10 minutes a day. Every week, add five more minutes until you get to 30. Motivation is fleeting; discipline gets things done. Don’t forget why you do what you do. If nothing else, it should make you happy.”

Listen, I have had this in my inbox for several days because I have been thinking about it intently. Anon, music is literally altering the sounds of the Universe. Music decorates space and time in a fleeting, eternal liminal space that connects us with emotions, concepts, and the Universe itself. Music is a portal that transports us to other worlds and dimensions. When you listen to music, you are no longer fully in this realm. Music is so incredible, so beautiful, so magical. Please, practice. I believe it will do you, and the world, a world of good <3

Edgar: “Every sound you make, travels in to the infinite cosmos, forever. Fill the Universe with beautiful sounds.”

Peace and Joy to you, Anon.

(Need a blessing in your life? http://spiritvexer.tumblr.com/blessings/)