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I’m back again with another probably unpopular opinion and feels no one asked for whee!

I like to think that what Jheselbraum said was actually true (in more ways than just the interpretation where it was Stan she was talking about).  Maybe it was another case of a character getting exactly what he wanted in the worst way possible.  He did erase/destroy Bill but he had to sacrifice his brother to do it.   (And I think it does a disservice to Stan if we don’t recognize that it was painful for Ford to pull the trigger.)  

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High School 101

I’m a senior in high school this year and I think I can safely say that I’ve learned how this works. These are the tips that I wish I had had my freshman year of high school.

» Do the homework. I don’t care what the excuse may be, just do it please. For my Freshman and Sophomore year I was a competitive gymnast. I had school from 7am-4pm, then practice (4:15pm-9pm). I wouldn’t get home until almost 10pm and then I would do homework until later than midnight (this was EVERY DAY OF THE WEEK might I add). I spent my junior year in depressive type episodes…AND I STILL PULLED MYSELF TOGETHER JUST LONG ENOUGH TO DO IT. I AM LIVING PROOF THAT IT CAN BE DONE.

» But also don’t be afraid to take a day off. Use these kinds of days for mental recharging and catching up if needed. Don’t do this more than absolutely necessary. Missing classes can actually make it worse sometimes and you can also overdo your allowed absences. Just know your limits and be a good judge of when you should take these days. I try to limit mine to once a semester, tops.

» Write down the email addresses of ALL your teacher’s. This can be so helpful for asking questions! If you’re going to miss a class, email your teacher. They will let you know what you missed most of the time and respect the fact that the student took the initiative to get ahead after not attending the class.

» Also try to make at least one acquaintance/friend in each class so you can create a mutual agreement to share notes and help the other if they miss a day. Trust me, I know it’s hard sometimes but it helps. These can also be valuable people for group projects.

» Speaking of group projects, pick someone who has the same work ethic as you. If you pick someone more driven then you, you will drag them down and make them do all the work, they will hate you for it (trust me). Don’t pick someone less driven than you because then you’ll do the majority of the work. Basically group projects suck and you just have to deal with it.

» You aren’t going to get to be with your friends for every single class, I’m sorry about that. Unluckily for me, I have only shared a class with a friend for a semester in all of my high school experience.

» Don’t be afraid to talk to other people. Chances are, they’re just as afraid to talk to you as you are to them. Sometimes it’s really good to make new friends in high school.

» The probability of you and your middle school BFF being friends all the way through high school is actually really low. People change for the better and just naturally grow apart.

» High school isn’t about relationships. As much as you might want that boyfriend or girlfriend, it probably isn’t worth it in the long run. Young love is really unpredictable. The last thing you want to deal with is a significant other who takes up the time you could be using for that homework. It’ll save you from any heartbreaks or emotion as well.

» High school is about furthering you education! That is the main purpose. Remember this!!!

» The movies lie, it’s not about going to parties every Friday night and doing “teenage things”. Don’t be irresponsible either. No drinking, no drugs, remember that these choices could potentially effect you for the rest of your life.

» Friday nights (for me) are for homework. Do all your homework as soon as possible. Especially on the weekends. If you can get it over with on Friday, you have the rest of the weekend to destress and just enjoy yourself.

» Drink enough water. Please stay hydrated, children. Dehydration is the last thing you want to go along with anything else you might be dealing with.

» and make sure you eat enough as well! If you don’t eat breakfast, try to eat a small, healthy snack sometime before lunch. It will make such a difference in brain power.

» Study snacks are great! I really love almonds or peanut butter on celery. It keeps my brain focused.

» Learn to study in high school, while you still have the chance to acquire that skill before going into college (if that’s the route you chose to take.

» Study with friends. Have study groups when you feel like you need them. Designate a couple days of the week to do homework and studying together! I’ve found that having a friend in the same room, being productive together (even if you aren’t working on the same things) is actually really helpful for motivation. Find places to study outside of each other’s houses: the library, a local coffee shop, the park, etc.

» The pomodoro method works really great for me for everything I do. I use it for all of the work I do outside of school.

» Take care of yourselves please!!! I love you and I know you can do this! You will have rough times but you have to keep pushing. Find your support system, if you don’t have one, come to me and I will try to help in any way that I can!!

  1. galesofnovember

not to add annoying discourse to a post decrying frustrating discourse, but I really hate when people use “gold star” in a negative way. It has super creepy implications if you think it’s wrong for someone to be a “gold star type”.

What do you mean by “Gold star type?” There’s absolutely nothing wrong with having only had and wanted relationships with women, and I absolutely hate that women like this get shamed and pressured to “just try it out with a dude, maybe you don’t know what you’re missing,” or that women who only want women are somehow just “hiding” from men, or the million other bullshit hatred and shaming that gets dumped on lesbians. 

On the other hand, I definitely have no fucking time for the cluster of terf-y assholes who call bi women shit like “bisluts” and even tear down other lesbians who have experimented with guys in the past due to compulsory heterosexuality. Especially because people like this usually do it while claiming to be 2FEMINIST4U and supporting wlw, all while eagerly supporting the incredibly misogynist idea that a woman’s “virtue” and worthiness are based on whether or not she’s ever touched a dick. That shit can fuck right off, and I’m not going to humor it as making you a “purer” special snowflake or making you a better wlw

@agonyandagony @space-bakery I can’t add on to Eva’s original post bc I’m on mobile, and also I don’t know any of the other participants, but I just had to add my own tales of woe, circa 2005. Please note in the above photo: the thrice-failed box dye job, the bangs I hacked off with paper scissors in my dorm bathroom, the fact that I’m wearing turquoise tights from wet seal under my drawn-on-with-pen flared jeans. If my smile whispers to you “I’m ashamed, I’m so ashamed,” it is because I was

Also, all of my makeup knowledge came from other peoples’ copies of teen people. I’m Asian; I didn’t learn how to put on eyeliner until I was 27

bowlerhatwearer  asked:

Eggman: æ Blaze and Marine: (*^◇^)_旦 , zzz

æ = The character and languages (Known or Want to Learn)

Eggman is superbly fluent in binary, to the point where he can tell if Orbot’s making a joke at his expense. Granted, it takes him forever to decode the joke, but once he does he chases Orbot around the base with a heavy-ass textbook and socks him upside the head with it.

Other than that, he doesn’t really want to learn other languages because he assumes everyone will speak his native tongue once he unites the world under his empire … either of their own volition or by force.

Just wanted to add, this question is particularly interesting because Deem Bristow’s Eggman voice does seem to bear some kind of slight European accent. Maybe his dad had one as well … ?

(*^◇^)_旦 = What the character likes to eat and drink

Blaze: I’ll tell you one thing: she’s sick of fish. Because it’s seafood every. Single. Day. 

Marine: Sushi, much to Blaze’s chagrin. :P

zzz= What time the character enjoys sleep or being awake

Well, Blaze has to constantly monitor the Sol Emeralds, so I imagine she doesn’t carve out much time to sleep. But cats are also nocturnal, so she probably likes being awake in the dead of night. Same for Marine, but because she’s a hyperactive little raccoon. :>

saturn--babe  asked:

So I've been contemplating if I have ADD for quite a while now and I've always shrugged the idea off because I never thought I had it that bad? But procrastination has been a problem that I've had for a long time (and a bad case of it too), and when I looked up common symptoms I found that they were pretty accurate (zoning out during conversations, unable to follow directions, that kind of thing). I guess my ultimate question is, what's the line between ADD and just being a procrastinator?

Lots of people procrastinate. I highly recommend the book The Procrastination Equation, by Piers Steel (https://procrastinus.com/), to understand it better, since there are a bunch of reasons why it happens and a bunch of ways to deal with it. I found when reading it that he was describing an awful lot of ADHD behaviours and symptoms, so it’s actually quite possible that chronic procrastinators are all actually ADHDers and that’s one of the signs.


anonymous asked:

Do you think that when a Titan Shifter is eaten by a mindless titan, they pass their will to the new shifter? Like, when the first king passed his in-wall living style to the next Reiss and the rule of not leaving, or when Ymir feels the need to save Reiner and Berth(just like Marcel did) . Maybe Armin will get Berth's ideology to go to the warrior's toen, or protect Annie and Reiner. Just threw that theory out of random thoughts i had, heh.

I went into it here, but it’s unclear. The way the memories were unlocked might imply that it only works with a blood connection - Eren’s memories were his father’s while Historia’s memories were her sister’s (and family’s). Add to that while Eren seemed to have bits and pieces of Frieda’s memories, as seen in chapter 53, but none of them unlocked and we know the First King’s ideology carries from Reiss to Reiss. So, as I said in that ask, it might just be that it’s a family thing, not entirely a Reiss thing.

My personal idea about Ymir’s behaviour is that she felt guilty about killing their friend - she says she doesn’t remember that she ate him and she feels bad in chapter 47, so she most likely doesn’t have his memories or any of his will, so to say, otherwise she probably would remember:

The other part of her behaviour might be that she did all of that considering Historia’s safety, as well. An interesting bit to me has been that unlike Reiner, Ymir did not see Eren having the Coordinate ability as a bad thing in chapter 50, well, indirectly:

It could entirely be that the transfer of memories doesn’t depend on a blood connection, too, of course, but these things make me think that might just be it.

As far as we know Marcel is not connected to Ymir by blood and as far as we know Armin is not connected to Bertholdt by blood, either. Aside from that, they also seem to have to be unlocked by someone, as I pointed out in the ask I referred to above, so maybe the key here is in that, too. Are, both, a blood connection and unlocking the memories needed? Is it just unlocking the memories? It’s unclear.

Thank you for the ask!

anonymous asked:


It would be so cool! There’s so many different, weird buildings at amusement parks for them to camp out in, and they would probably get really creative and take parts of rides to add to/modify their space. They’d be super decorative too, very killjoyish. Old game booths could be repurposed into like a flea market. All the junk leftover in the giftshops would become parts of people’s outfits and such. Repurposing old equipment. There’s so much potential!

anonymous asked:

Julia, pls give your take on the lovey dovey tweets today :). Also, curious as to why this weekend's panel is all male? I mean Cait is also the lead in the show. Not that she needs to go to these events where some overzealous and no-boundary fans might just get batshit crazy.

I think @rainmanjdog said it perfectly: it may have been for PR but it was them. Some of their best banter has been when they’re publicizing something (i.e. the kissy selfie). They effortlessly bring their normal, every day sense of humor and flirtiness no matter what. I love, love LOVED it. It was the best way to wake up. Plus, if it had ALL been for PR, Sam didn’t have to add the kiss face ;)

Isn’t the name of this con Highlanders? Claire technically isn’t a Highlander, I guess? idk Caitriona doesn’t really go to Cons. I know she was invited to Ring Con back in March but for whatever reason didn’t go. I don’t blame her. Like you said, some of the fans at these events can be absolutely batshit. I wouldn’t wanna go either. The only one she goes to is Comic Con and I kinda wish Sam would follow her lead. He can do so much better than these events. 

((I’ll add this to the rules sooner or later, but.

I am a mom-type friend.

If I see someone I follow being sad or upset, I will come after you and try to help and be there to talk and love on you and listen if you need me to. I also tend to use a LOT of endearments, such as “hun”, “sweetie”, “sweetheart”, “dear”, etc. It’s just kind of impulse at this point.

If this makes you uncomfortable in any way, let me know and I’ll try my hardest to remember that.))

tokugami  asked:


never watched | want to watch | terrible | boring | okay | good | great | a favorite | ????????????????

I had to add a category because I google image searched this to figure out if it was a sentai I hadn’t heard of (not a hard task, I live under a rock) or what and

I don’t want context but I’m also so curious.

Someone needs to plop me down for old(?) toku marathon night and we need to watch this because what is this even you got a dude in a unicycle jet bike thing getting held by some other guy like a cannon and the hubcap on the one wheel looks like it was drawn on with sharpie i love it and I just

hang on I found a picture of this being used

it’s literally a cannon??????? WHY DOES BLUE NEED TO SIT IN IT??????????????

how is this an actual thing that actually exists

I don’t know a thing about Bycrosser but I feel like everyone should watch it at this point because if that’s the finisher then we just should.

magicofdisney13  asked:

May I request Belle and Phillip in wedding attire getting married in the church from the hunchback. Maybe with some Disney guest to witness? If its too much then just belle and philip getting married.

If I had decided to add some guests I think it may have taken forever x’D It was either this church like you requested or me placing them at for example Ariel and Eric’s wedding and then use those guests. I hope you care more about the church than the guests haha x’D

Katie Hopkins asks Twitter fans if Camber Sands victims were mentally ill

I completely forgot this horrible woman existed but now she’s trending again because of this insensitive poll she made. Basically, the Camber Sands vicitms were 5 men who died at Camber Sands beach (UK) and it’s thought that they could have got into trouble after failing to realise how quickly the tide would come in. [Read more].

However, the one thing that really pisses me off about this insensitive poll, is that having “mentally ill” as an option kind of doesn’t help with the stigma mental illness(es) already have. It just adds to the stigma. “5 men got taken by the sea? Oh they might’ve been mentally ill to end up in a situation like that!” Which mental illness would they ALL have to have had in order to end up in an awful situation like this? Katie Hopkins is an insensitive mess and I don’t even want to think what the family and friends will go through if they see this shit. 


I have no idea if that’s how police cams work just let me dream.

I told myself I am going to draw another one in full-body version in colored. Here is my own version of Genji/Reinhardt fusion! This is so much fun to draw it out. I had to use the concept art between both of them to combine it and just add something more dragon like because Reinhardt is a knight while Genji is cyborg ninja who summons dragon from his sword. Reinhardt armor suit is more sharp than Genji.