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Heya Frejann! I've been following you for a while and i thoight DAMN! If only I could draw lips as good as you! The worst thing in my opinion to draw are lips from the side because I end up goofing up a drawing when its a side angle of a face. So my question is... HOW DO YOU DRAW LIPS FROM THE SIDE?! I thank you ;3

Lips in general are kinda hard to draw, but as with everything, if you just look at them and draw them a couple of times it becomes easier every time, and you shouldn’t skip drawing lips just because you think its annoying, they can add so much to a face

Anyways, here are some tips from me, but please note it might not be super realistic looking, its just how I draw with my personal art style

Some artists I know have especially had problems drawing lips on male characters because they think it ends up looking too feminine which is just silly in my opinion, you just gotta learn the different shapes. As usually my best advice is to just look at pictures of lips (or awkwardly ask a friend if you can stare at their mouth for 30 minutes while you draw) and just practice! I hope this helps!


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hey just wanted to let you know that there is a new gift feature on battle nets app and i wanted to know your btag, was gonna get you some overwatch loot boxes !!

I mean, if you want?

My BattleTag is no secret, I’ve shared it in the past - it’s ManiaKnight#11608.

You guys can add me if you want, but I typically only play WoW or Overwatch. I saw that there was an update but I haven’t really checked it out, yet. I thought they always had gifting, though?

Edit: Oh, God, okay… I just looked at it and everything is everywhere and the new profile system is so confusing and unnecessary. You aren’t Steam, Blizzard!

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I saw at your IG that you suffer Irritable bowel syndrome. I was wondering if you had tried using ginger to help making its symptoms less present. I too have intestinal problems and I add a bit of powdered ginger to my lunch twice a week and i think it's helping me. If you feel like trying it, just first make sure you're not allergic to it and don't use too much of it. Start slow, your body needs to get used to it first since it's a strong spice. I really hope this will be useful for you too. <3

I have not but I will absolutely try that more when cooking

The Great Dialect Discourse™: Standard Tamil

So this is a project we’ve had in mind for a while. We’re going to explore the various dialects and colloquialisms found in the many, many (many, many…) varieties of Tamil! (Yes, it’s not just Chennai and Sri Lanka)

We’ll be “translating” a standard phrase into different dialects, and add some explanations of other colloquialisms afterwards!

Written/Formal/Standard Tamil:

வணக்கம். எனது பெயர் ______. நான் ________இல் வசிகின்றேன். நீங்கள் எப்படி இருக்கிறீர்கள்? நீங்கள் இன்று சாப்பிடீர்களா?

[Vanakkam. Enathu peyar ____. Naan ___il vasikiren. Neengal eppadi irukireergal? Neengal indru saapiteerkala?] 

Hello. My name is _____. I live in _______. How are you? Have you eaten today?

Some universal/cross-border colloquialisms, because people don’t usually talk this formally:

  • In general, if a word ends with ள் (ie. the polite suffix) it is dropped (but remains polite).
    • ex: ivargal becomes ivanga, neengal becomes neenga 
  • If you really want to get a headache look at all the ways that couples address each other and other familial terms lol
  • Sometimes if a word starts with எ / ஏ, people will pronounce it as யெ / யே instead, but not everyone does this
  • Standard Tamil uses fewer loanwords than other dialects. 
    • The less English/Hindi/etc you use, the more formally people will assume you’re speaking
It’s a Date

For @celestialsara.  ”Lucifer finally gets to take Chloe out on a date.”  And as is typically the case when I fill a prompt, just add “sort of” to the end of that.  ;-)


Chloe nervously shifts in her seat and looks around at the beautiful people seated around her.  “Lucifer,” she gets his attention with a stage whisper.  

Dark eyebrows raise over darker eyes as he looks up from his menu, a soft smile gracing his also-beautiful face.  “Yes, darling?” he responds.

“What are we doing here?” she asks quietly.  “We’re supposed to be on a stake-out.  I thought you said you had a lead here.”

Lucifer looks around then smiles at her again, “It would seem, Detective, that I have a lead on providing you with a lovely dinner this evening.  Much better than those dreadful vending machine sandwiches you insist on choking down.”

Chloe frowns, “We don’t have time for this.  We cannot let Fred Marshall get away while we’re sitting here eating…” she looks around in frustration, “…steak tartare!”

He tuts as he rests his napkin in his lap then gestures for the sommelier, “Don’t be ridiculous, my dear.  He most certainly will not be escaping anywhere this evening.”

“You can’t know that!” she fairly shouts.  A number of diners glare and she leans closer, “You can’t know that, Lucifer!” she hisses across the table.

He smiles enigmatically as he reaches into the breast pocket of his coat then withdraws his phone, which he waggles at her.  “Actually, Detective, I can.  And I do,” he smirks.  “Daniel messaged twenty minutes ago to say they’ve apprehended the baddie and have him in custody at the station.”

Her mouth drops open for a moment then closes as she scowls at her partner, “What?!  Why would he message you and not…?”  She reaches into her back pocket and pulls out her phone then growls in frustration as she sees exactly why.

“Oh,” she huffs in temporary defeat.  Her phone is dead.  She drops the device onto the table and gives Lucifer an even more irritated look.  “Why didn’t you just tell me?” she demands.

It’s Lucifer’s turn to shift uncomfortably in his seat.  He shrugs as he plays with his glass of water, finally raising it to his lips for a sip.  He seems on the cusp of answering her question when the sommelier arrives with the wine list.

Recognizing a lifeline when he’s thrown one, Lucifer happily dives into an in-depth conversation, in perfect French of course, with the gentleman over whether the 2012 vintage from Italy is better than the 2010 vintage from France.

Chloe rolls her eyes as her partner finally makes a selection and sends the sommelier away.

He looks back at her and deflates a bit to see she still expects him to answer her question.  “Right,” he fidgets again.  “Where were we?”

“You were going to explain why you didn’t tell me earlier that Marshall was arrested,” she responds.

Lucifer nods, “Right.”  He takes a deep breath and opens his mouth to speak.  As he looks up, he meets her eye and flashes a shy smile, “I simply thought now that your time has freed up,  you might enjoy an evening out.  With a friend,” he qualifies.  His dark chocolate eyes are slightly wider than usual as he pauses to take a breath.

Chloe smiles gently, “Lucifer…”

He raises a staying hand, “Just friends, Detective.  You’ve made it quite clear…”

She chuckles softly, “Lucifer…”

“…there will be no coworkerfriendswhohangoutnakedtogether…”

“Lucifer!” she snaps as her hand comes down on his.

His mouth clicks shut a he looks at her.  He swallows heavily.  “Whot?”

She looks at their hands, hers resting atop his, then smiles as she strokes her thumb over his fingers, “It’s okay.”

He blinks but says nothing, so she continues through the smile creasing her face.  “Maybe we can be coworkerfriendswhosometimesgooutondates?”

Lucifer blinks again as her words process through his brain.  After a long moment, she almost hears the ‘click’ of comprehension then his slow smile gives proof of his name.  


About the Time Andrew Lincoln Broke Jeffrey Dean Morgan's Nose
How did the TWD star make it up to his pal?

“If you had to choose to work with an actor who is unbelievably awesome, it’s Andy Lincoln,“ Morgan gushed about his co-star. "We get so excited about the opportunity whenever we get to work together, we’re texting each other in excitement. And then we go to work and it’s hard…”

“It’s hard as s–t, but it’s great fun, man,” Lincoln jumped in. “And to work with someone as experienced and as brilliant as this guy—I’ve said it before, but he just adds to this show in such a unique and beautiful way and it’s a thrill. It’s like tennis—you play with someone better than you, you raise your game.”

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Hi there! I just wanted to pop by and say I really love your work! I can't remember if I asked to be on your tag lists or not, but if I'm not, could I please be added? (P.S. Have you had a chance to watch the season premiere? What did you think???)

Thank you, dear! and I’ll be sure to add you to the tag lists for future fics. 

As for the season premiere, I thought it was awesome. The pacing was perfect and we dove right into the war without wasting time on character arcs nobody really cares for. One thing is for sure, Negan is shaking in his boots and it’s fantastic, as is seeing Rick get his mojo back.

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pssssst can we talk about that headcanon you had where stan and kyle cuddled in their pre teen stage


i can either see stan nervously initiating it or maybe no one does and they just wound up that way? theyre both so still at first because their hearts are RACING but as time passes they slowly relax into each other. they enjoy each other’s presence

thinking a lot about how in 2017 bill calls eddie ‘eds’ a lot and he doesnt object to it… combined with eddies immense worship-crush on bill in the book… something something reciprocation across timelines. really wish they had included eddies feelings about bill in either movie, it feels like it adds dimension/realism to eddie’s coding– in the book i get a sense often of him feeling jealous but still awed by guys who are 'normal’ (aka straight) and i think bill is part of that, and the contrast between bill as an ideal, maybe the person who makes you first realize you aren’t straight, and richie as a more down-to-earth friend you could actually be with, is just… interesting to me!! eddie loves them both very much and bill and richie are very vulnerable with each other and the difference between richie’s vulnerability with bill and playfulness with eddie is Also a bit of a study in types of gay crush and if bill would just… notice eddie… hhh. if only

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I just read that post about Ganondorf in the fandom. I wanted to add that as an Arab poc myself, I had initially been excited to participate in this fandom since I finally found a community that engaged in the idea that Ganondorf may not be just a one dimensional villain. However, as I began to engage with a couple of fans that had written long thinkposts about the Gerudo and Ganondorf, and wanted to talk about how I can realte and that it really sucks that Nintendo continues to depict

oriental coded people as evil and hyper sexual, making a person such as myself kind of irritated, I’ve been met with reactions ranging from silence, to “oh okay” before continuing to rant about how the Gerudo were persecuted and how sad it is that the white Hylian overlords continue to treat them like trash, despite little to no evidence of that even happening in game. The overall sentiment I’ve gotten from this side of the fandom is that everyone just loves to talk about how unfairly Ganondorf

and the Gerudo are treated and how racist the Hylians are etc etc, but as soon as one brings up real world context to it, no one wants to talk about it, as if they’ve done their part about speaking out on racism and white supremacy by writing their elaborate Gerudo headcanons. In fact, what baffled me the most is that a couple of these people who spoke so passionately about the Gerudo also agreed that banning people from entering the US from several countries was just a safety measures, as well

as letting Nazi people have their opinion was just “their opinion” and totally not harmful to poc. It just seems like, instead of acknowledging that Nintendo did indeed make a concious decision to make a villain giving him every stereotypical background that people associate to being “evil”, they want to interpret the game going through loopholes to prove that Ganondorf isn’t that bad and neither are the Gerudo,

and that it is Hyrule in fact that is bad. It’s just annoying that the obvious is being iignored, as if Nintendo wrote a good story and we’re the blind ones for not seeing it that way. Anyways I’m sorry for all the asks but I just wanted to share, and I’ve always been a fan of your social justice posts, thanks for listening!

Thanks for taking the time to submit all of this to me, through tumblr’s terrible ask system. I extremely agree that awareness of real antiblack, anti-arab racism is critical in approaching Ganondorf and that things don’t stop with just looking at a fictional situation, declaring it unfair, and then somehow segregating that from real life.

As somebody who likes to write fanfiction that fleshes out the Gerudo and Ganondorf, I can see where you’re coming from and I acknowledge that often the black-and-white terms of ‘who is bad and who is good’ that fandom defaults to aren’t compatible with writing a strong, nuanced character. Especially if you want to write a villain protagonist. It’s often my interpretation that Hyrule is ‘worse’ than the games let on simply through looking at evidence we can see in-game. Most countries that proclaim a divine providence suppress other religions or are aggressive towards their neighbors. Most countries that exile their prisoners or criminals to someplace outside their borders are not very good. The Japanese nationalist myths that form the vague inspiration backstory of Hyrule have enabled imperialism in our real world. Other cultures in the world of LoZ are not as fleshed out as the Hylians are (Until BOTW, the Gerudo inhabited only dungeon areas!), which means we’re supposed to look at Hyrule from their point of view, and a dominant or imperialist culture often asserts that perspective.

But this is basically in the frame of reference that Nintendo wants us to believe that Hyrule as a nation is pure, good, and righteous in all senses. That it’s the natural default state for the world it inhabits, with all alternatives being ‘wrecked’ or ‘ruined’ or ‘flooded’ etc. But that doesn’t mean that if Nintendo wants us to believe that Hyrule is the ultimate good, it really must be the ultimate evil, and the evil king Ganondorf must in turn be Really A Good Guy.

The fact of the matter is that Nintendo’s storytelling in Legend of Zelda relies on mostly, well, legends. Stuff that’s told to the protagonist, from a certain point of view, with motivations baked in to telling it. There’s no reason to believe The King of Red Lions is telling the truth when he tells you about ‘Ganon’ the first time, or that what you’re hearing from authority figures around Hyrule is 100% accurate. I can count on one hand the number of times we’ve actually SEEN Ganondorf (or any villain short of a monster!) do things right in front of us, rather than be told secondhand about the intentions or deeds.

This is really bad for Ganondorf, as they ask us to accept the big, brown, nasty-coded guy from the desert is The Worst Person Possible just from telling us what he does or intends to do. Real people (mostly arab, middle-eastern, and black people in white-majority countries) get the worst assumed about them, profiled, and endure violence based on not real evidence but instead a ‘potential threat’ that others think they possess.

When I write Ganondorf, I try my best to point out that that kind of stereotyping isn’t appropriate, but also that he probably has done bad things in the past or really does have his own agendas to harm others to achieve his ends. In Zelda, Don’t Be Racist, Ganondorf has done horrible things in the past, and planned to do horrible things in the future, but overall he’s not the worst guy ever. Potential for justice exists in him alongside the potential for wickedness and there is an opportunity for him to develop in another direction just like everybody else. He’s just a human guy, who could be the villain in a story but maybe not this time. Zelda’s father, the King of Hyrule also has done bad things in the past, and has the potential to be be an antagonist as well. Even Zelda, who is just a kid in that story, has lashed out in prejudice and had the potential to be a bad person.

I guess what I am trying to say is that fandom has a habit of needing to establish ‘the good guys and the bad guys’ in ways that do a disservice to characters of color, especially ones that already are handled poorly by their home work of media. The right for characters of color, for Ganondorf, to be a person is essential, and that right can’t be realized so long as we use black-and-white thinking to talk about them. We often interpret one-dimensional white and light-skinned characters to be more complex and complete people. Without question we give them development arcs, choices, internal challenges and even failings that the canon story doesn’t include. There’s no reason to fall short with characters with darker skin.

Also, where are these white supremacist apologists. I’ll clobber them. I don’t tolerate that stuff in any space I inhabit.

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2. I had a dream where I was dressed like princess belle only with short black hair and it was this large masquerade ball and I was terrified for some reason?? so I left the party in mid panic attack. Then like a time skip happened and I had stopped crying and was standing outside of the party when this girl, wearing a fitted suit might I add, came and comforted me. I'm not sure how it got to this, but it started raining and we were under this shelter thing and we kissed and I woke up really sad

dreaming about kissing people makes me so sad cause when i wake up i’m just like “oh.”

So since going vegan I’ve been trying to get a good egg replacement. If you’ve followed me for anytime at all you’ll know that (pre-veganism) eggs were my go-to with every meal. After many failed attempts I think i’ve perfected my tofu scramble and duhhh I had to share with you guys! This is a very basic recipe and if you’re wanting to add fresh veggies you know i’m down! Just make sure you add them before your tofu because it cooks super fast.

Tofu Scramble

serves 1


5g vegan butter

150g Very Very Firm Tofu (should almost be hard)

½ tsp garlic powder 

½ tsp paprika 

½ tsp turmeric 

pinch coarse sea salt

pink black pepper 

1. On a medium heat add your vegan butter to a heated pan. Let this bubble up then turn to an even lower heat. Add your tofu (make sure you’ve drained away too much excess liquid - it doesn’t matter if theres a bit, just give it a bit of a pat). 

2. Mash the tofu in the pan with the back of a spoon, you can then create your desired consistency of ‘egg’. Add your spices and cook for a further couple of minutes. The scramble should be a beautiful golden colour. 

Add a bit more salt and pepper to top and serve on buttered toast with a rocket garnish, I sometimes add hot sauce if i’m feeling a lil fiery. 

Not a great piece but that being said, it helped me improve a lot. It made me choose thinner lineart in the future, which ended up really helping me out, and dabbling around with shading really helped (even if its not too great here.)

It also helped me grasp on how to draw Rick too. Again, im not going to say its GREAT here but it helped he realise the areas previously i had been in the wrong. I think its in the face and i just need to add a bit more expression c:


get to know me1/10 movies; marvel cinematic universe. 
“let’s do a head count here: your brother the demi-god; a super soldier, a living legend who kind of lives up to the legend; a man with breath-taking anger management issues; a couple of master assassins, and you, big fella, you’ve managed to piss off every single one of them.”

Fun Things to call Composers
  • Sound Artists
  • Aural Architects
  • Mediocre Performers
  • Pencil Musicians
  • Meticulous Crazies
  • Wordless Authors
  • Shapers of Time
  • Unappreciated Unless We’re Old
  • Practitioners of Spirit
  • Molders of Emotions
  • Colorless Painters
  • Harmonious Engineers
  • Vibration Directors
  • Gay (Most likely)
  • Rhythmic Producers
  • Failed Concert Pianists
  • Orchestral Rule-Makers
  • Antique Rule-Breakers
  • Auditory Innovators
  • All-too-familiar with Mental Struggles