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Red (soulmate!Michael imagine)

Summary: A soulmate AU in which you only receive the full spectrum of colours when you meet your soulmate (pls i suck at summaries but it’s good i swear)

Word Count: 2.6k

A/N: Flufffffy Michael bc who doesn’t love Michael tbh

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Michael’s sight has been black and white for as long as he’s been alive. 

Ever since he was a little boy and he was moved into the ‘colour impaired’ class along with twelve other students, he’d been taught about the impact of soulmates. He was told that when he met his soulmate, someone who understood him like no one else, he’d get to see in colour.

Across the country you’d heard a similar lesson but, instead of being promised colours, you were told of the deep blacks and crisp whites that would grace your eyes the moment you touched your soulmate.

To Michael the whole concept of having a soulmate felt like some kind of sick joke. There’s over seven billion people inhabiting the earth and you’re supposed to find one person? It sounded impossible.

But, when his bandmates started to receive the full spectrum of colours as they met their soulmates, he began to collect a yearning feeling inside his chest. It was as if only now he was realising what he was truly missing.

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Injury Daveed Diggs x Reader

Sorry it’s been radio silent for ages but I haven’t really had the time or motivation to write. This fic is my first RPF and the first fic I’ve written for quite while (and I didn’t spend much time writing it), so sorry if it’s bad. I know it’s a lot shorter than usual. It’s for a great author who has unfortunately broken their wrist, @protecting-my-legacy. I hope you guys enjoy!

“Come on Y/N, come roller-skating with me! It’ll be fun! Please?” begged Daveed. You groaned and picked yourself up off the couch, you were really hoping for a relaxing night in.
“I suppose, just this once” you said with a long-suffering sigh. Daveed jumped up excitedly and pecked you on the lips.
“Thanks! I know this isn’t really your thing but you won’t regret it!”

You regretted it.

You were unsure on your feet and managed to get into a collision with another rollerblader. Of course, being the gentleman that he is, Daveed immediately swept you into his arms and was in the process of taking you to the ER. 

“I’m so sorry” he whispered, pressing his lips to your forehead. “If I didn’t force you to come, you wouldn’t be hurt right now”. You blinked back tears as your arm ached.
“It’s ok ‘veed, you didn’t know it was going to happen.”
“But still I-” You shut him up by gently pressing your lips to his, wincing as you shifted your wrist.
“Hey be careful!” He said, worried.
“I know, I know.” You replied, before snuggling into his arms for the rest of the taxi ride there.

*Poke poke*
No reaction.
*Poke poke*
Still nothing.
“I’m bored 'veed!” You said, trying to get some sort of entertainment.
“I can tell.” He chuckled. “We have been here for 3 hours now.” You gave an exaggerated sigh.
“It better be my turn soon cos I’m about to go crazy”.
“Patience, love. You’ll see the doctor soon.”

You saw the doctor and, 2 x-rays and a mental breakdown later, it was revealed that you had a hairline fracture. Of course, Daveed felt extremely guilty about the whole thing. He tried to make it up to you by taking care of you.
“I’m not a baby, I can feed myself. Besides, it’s not like my other arm is broken too.”
“I know love but let me take care of you, just this once”. You sighed but eventually allowed it.

Not 10 minutes ago, Daveed had walked into the room, precariously balancing a tray in one hand and opening the door with the other. Since you had injured yourself, Daveed had been bringing all your meals to you in bed. He barely let you leave the bed (despite it being perfectly fine for you to do so) in case you fell and injured yourself even more. You were a little irritated but allowed it (at least for a while) because you knew Daveed was just worried about you.

After eating and watching a movie on Netflix together, Daveed held you close and started humming softly in your ear.
“You should get some rest and heal up love”.

He continued his humming and you drifted off to sleep, safe in his arms. 

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How do you think the RFA/Saeran/V would act if they broke something important to MC (like a keepsake or something emotionally valuable)?


  • He dropped an old family picture of your parents and you
  • Poor bby was just trying to clean for once
  • He was so scared that you’d kill him for it
  • So he tried to fix it lol
  • It looked like trash by the time he was done with it
  • He tried to play it cool and put it back where it was
  • But when you came home you noticed it immediately
  • “Ah! Yoosung, do you know what happened to my family picture?”
  • He literally bursts into tears
  • “I’m sorry MC!! I know how much you like that photo!! I was just trying to dust and- and I broke it!!!”
  • You were a little sad at first but you realized how upset he was so you hugged him
  • “It’s okay, Yoosung.”
  • “No it’s nooot!!!”
  • “The photos still okay! Just the frame is a litltle…”
  • He eventually stopped crying and bought you a new frame


  • He was practicing his routine for a show in the living room when you were out shopping
  • “One and Two and- OH SHIT”
  • He twirled around and knocked over your favorite vase with his hand
  • “Oh nonon”
  • He ran over to it
  • He was so sad he couldn’t see his reflection in it anymore!! ruined the vase your Grandma gave you!
  • He looked around before sweeping it up and putting it on the counter with the super glue
  • “Okay… I got this….”
  • He glued it together almost perfectly??
  • And added new roses??
  • When you got home you didn’t even notice it
  • Why is he so perfect
  • But he was so nervous when you went to water the flowers in it
  • “Um… Zen? My vase seems… different
  • *Sweats nervously*
  • “Uh what do you mean babe hahaha”
  • “Oh! You changed the flowers! They’re so pretty!”
  • Phew


  • So you have this shell that you’ve had since childhood (Like one of those fancy polished and expensive ones)
  • And you asked Jumin to polish it
  • And poor thing can’t do anything by himself
  • In the end he dropped the shell and it shattered into 1000 little pieces
  • His eyes widened and he just looked at the shell
  • He got someone to clean it up without you noticing and went to an antique store
  • “Yes. I’d like a shell just like this one.”
  • He showed a picture of a shell that sorta looked like yours to the cashier
  • He got the shell an hurried back home
  • “Where have you been, Jumin?”
  • You yawned when he got home
  • “I wasn’t very proficient at polishing your shell, so I went to a professional.”
  • He was so good at lying.
  • “Ah. Can I see?”
  • He handed the shell to you
  • “Oh! It’s so pretty!”
  • “…Good.”


  • You have a stuffed animal that your Dad gave you
  • So, you left and Jaehee was watching Elizabeth the 3rd
  • But while Jaehee wasn’t looking that cat freaking tore the whole thing in half
  • She let out a gasp and picked it up before glaring at the cat
  • “Well, she’ll find out eventually, I should just sew it together.”
  • Jaehee sewed it together quickly and it actually looked pretty good
  • “I’m sorry MC. The cat got to your stuffed animal. I sewed it the best I could.”
  • She was very honest about it
  • “Hmm? Oh…. Well it looks okay. It’s like you put your own touch on him.”
  • You smiled, more happy than sad
  • “Really?”
  • “Yeah!”
  • You hugged her
  • “Thanks.”


  • You have this really cute picture of your cat that passed away
  • Seven would just casually admire it from time to time
  • But this time he “accidentally” touched it and knocked the whole picture over
  • “Oh nonono”
  • He bent down and worked good to clean up the mess he made
  • Not even a trace
  • Then he it away and ordered a new frame online because he can’t leave the house lol
  • He was so sneaky about it too
  • When you walked by him he hid the picture behind his back and was like “Hey girl~”
  • You never expected a thing but as soon as you turned around he was back to fumbling with the new frame trying to get the picture in it


  • If you blame him for breaking your things you can come fite me


  • He ended up knocking a family portrait off the wall
  • Poor boy has the worst luck because the water on the coffee table spilled over and soaked the picture
  • He looked at it for a second before whispering,
  • “Shit… shit shit shit FUCK”
  • He looked around before running into his room
  • He heard you gasp and ran out
  • “Oh no!”
  • You leaned down and picked up the soaked photo
  • He started sweating
  • “Uh… what happened?”
  • “Oh nothing. I have another copy of this one anyway.”
  • “Phew…”
  • “Oh. and Saeran.”
  • You turned around and smirked at him
  • “Next time, be a little more obvious.”
Alternate “You”niverse *Avengers x Reader*(2/?)

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Summary: Another one of Starks failed experiments causes a rift in Universes causing their Actor selves from another Parallel Universe to come through. Steve has to face Hayley, the women that looks like the girl from his past, Tony has to deal with another him & you have to put up with another set of Avengers. 
Warnings: Swearing, fluff moments and breaking the 4th wall A LOT!
Admins Note: I had a dream about this, I told Angie and she has basically helped me write it by giving me title ideas, ideas in general and telling me what I should and shouldn’t put in. Not really a specific plot, just that Steve doesn’t know whether to move on and it’s made more difficult with Hayley Atwell coming through the portal also, Bucky has to put up with being in love with you but seeing Sebastian make better ground & Wanda is forever crying over Aaron & Everyone keeps getting Scott Lang and Paul Rudd mixed up.  This will probably end with Bucky x Reader getting together, also be prepared for me to mess you up- Rosalee

Alternate “You”niverse Part One
Alternate “You”niverse Part Three

“I’m not going near any of them” Bucky sulked and you sighed deeply with defeat, he was being stubborn and refusing to speak to any of the actors, especially himself. You had briefly met other Thor, Bruce and Tony; the others would have to wait till you coax Bucky out of hiding. 

Bucky glanced up at you, he could sense your defeat, he wanted nothing more than to walk out of this room with you. To stand beside you as you meet the others but he couldn’t bring himself to trust any of them; this seemed like HYDRA’s work, he could explain it but he could sense something bad about it all, he didn’t want part of it but yet you were standing in front of him looking so… defeated that he felt guilty even putting you through this.

“Well, I think they are nice people and you should give them a chance like you gave me one, they are just the Avengers and you, just different lives and names” you shrug gently at him, he refuses to meet your gaze, you figure it would be best to leave him than to force him into this.

“Well, I’ll be with the others if you need me” you sigh, gently rubbing his shoulder as he sat on the end of his bed, he nods slowly as you leave his room and towards the common room where everyone was mingling and getting to know one another. ***

“(Y/N)” you jump at Steve’s voice “is Buck okay?” you let out a long sigh and he chuckled “that bad, huh?” he asked and you nodded “I’ll have a few words, even if he is just here sitting in the corner with his usual broody face, that would be enough” you chuckled at him. 

Your eyes scanned the room and landed on the women who looked remarkably like Peggy, Steve coughed lightly and looked awkwardly away from her, you grinned up at him. 

“You haven’t spoken to her have you?” you smirked, he rolled his eyes but nodded, a blush creeping upon his face “you should, it might help with the whole moving on business you’ve been trying to do for the past… what? Two years” you shrugged lightly and he nodded. 

“I’m going to chat with Bucky, see if I can get him to come out or something” he left in a hurt, not a few seconds later you hear a groan and turn to see Peggy, running a hand through her hair you offered a small smile and extended a hand.

“Hayley Atwell” she introduces herself, you gave your first name, she looked in the direction Steve left in and a small frown came upon her face.

“Hey, don’t take that personally, ” you tell her, “I think the whole appearance caught him off guard, he’ll eventually pluck up the courage to say something, if not I’ll make him for you” she chuckled at that. 

“I just don’t want things to be awkward whilst we are stuck here” her voice had a slight twang of British-laced into into it but it was more American “anyway, enough about Captain America, why don’t I introduce you to Sebastian?” she asked and you frowned at her, she let out a small chuckle “He plays Bucky, you’ll love him” you nodded, allowing Hayley to lead you to the couches where; Sam, his double and Sebastian sat all talking, well actually Sam and his double talked and Sebastian sat with his eyebrows raised.

“Sebastian?” Hayley called, his head turned and he grinned at her “come meet, (Y/N)” he nodded fast and got up just as quickly, his eyes looking thankful at her she chuckled at him “that bad?” she asked, his blue eyes narrowed as he nodded at her.

“Listening to Mackie compliment Wilson on his good looks is kinda revolting, I mean I can handle one Anthony but two, I’m gonna need therapy” she chuckled and he patted her shoulder “thanks for the rescue” you were slightly taken back, he looked so much like Bucky… but happy, a short-haired happy Bucky, he was full of sunshine and it made you wonder why Bucky never smiled because it was beautiful. 

“(Y/N)” he smiled taking your hand, shaking it firmly but not too much, you just stared at him and it possibly freaked him out but it was odd. You look behind his shoulder and see Sam walking towards you guys his double beside him, both smiling and chuckling delightfully with one another. 

“(Y/N), look at this handsome devil, isn’t he beautiful?” Sam asked you, you chuckled as Sebastian rolled his eyes “he’s married, a successful actor and he has children” you smiled at them both, Anthony looking slightly embarrassed because of Sam “Man; I did really well in both Universes; I’m an Avenger in this one but over there; I am a married man, great dad and brilliant actor” you nodded trying not to full on laugh at him. 

“Hi, Anthony Mackie” he extends his hand, you shake his hand, trying not to laugh at them; Hayley drags them away telling them both to calm down. You look back at Sebastian who was looking around the room, till he smiled awkwardly back at you. 

“Sorry, just it’s weird seeing Bucky… look so, happy and light” you tell him slightly embarrassed and he nodded in understanding “makes me wonder what we are all doing wrong, does he ever become happy? In the movies?” you asked, he let out a sigh. 

“Maybe, we haven’t really gotten far with his character development, yet” he tells you truthfully “I hope so, he probably deserves to be happy most, he has his moment’s though; I’m sure you are doing the best you can for him, but it’s him that has to break out of his outer shell” he tells you, you frown and nod.

“I suppose but a girl can’t help but try, right?” he chuckled and nodded. 

“You are just like her” he comments, he frowned whilst chuckling at himself “I mean… you, you are just like the other you, so understanding and positive; you always try to make others happy” you grinned and nodded.

“Is that Paul Rudd?” Mark Ruffalo asked, you turned and follow his gaze to Scott Lang, chuckling you shake your head with Tony. 

“No, that’s Scott Lang, Ant-Man; understandable that he doesn’t have a movie yet” Tony chimes in, Robert chuckled at Tony, already shaking his head in disagreement,

“Actually, Ant-Man is a movie” he states, Tony raises his eyebrows “played by Paul Rudd, comedy genius and did really well at bringing the movie together, admittedly a lot people weren’t keen but he turned it into something brilliant” Robert tells him, Scott comes up and stands beside everyone.

“Hi, I’m Paul Rudd” yourself, Tony and Mark all stare at him, there was no difference between Paul and Scott, they liked exactly alike. 

You had known Scott for a full year, you would be able to tell if it was him or not, only… you couldn’t! Jeremy and Clint had subtle differences, same as most of them but Scott and Paul? There was no way to tell, 

“WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED HERE?” Scott asked from the doorway, looking at all the doubles still in his suit, his eyes fixed on the other him “Why is there another me? Not that I don’t enjoy it but why?” he asked, everyone was dead silent, his face that was scrunched into horror slowly drifted to one of disappointment “was this Tony again?” he asked and everyone nodded as Tony disagreed. 

“Ya’know seeing Cap with a beard is not a bad sight” you say obnoxiously loudly, Wanda nodded in agreement as you both shamefully stared at the actor who plays him in the other universe, he obviously heard because he and other Natasha laughed “can Steve even grow a beard?” you frown and look at Wanda.

“I don’t know” her mind was elsewhere and you look to see someone you didn’t expect; Pietro. Well not Pietro, his other-self; brown hair and stubble and a British accent as he talked beside other Wanda who has blonde hair longer than other Natasha’s. 

“Why don’t you go and talk to him?” you asked, she shakes her head, looking away eyes welling up and she sniffs back a few tears “Wanda, I think it could help” you mutter patting her back

“I can’t” she tells you “It’s not him but it is, like I can feel it’s him but I know it’s not really my Pietro” she tells you and you nod “I’m feeling tired, I’ll check on Bucky and then go to bed, I’m fine” she tells you and leaves.

You look up as Natasha was sauntering up to you, her other self-towing behind her, your confidence dropping slightly at the sight of these two beautiful women. 

“This is Scarlett, she’s me but with nicer hair” you shake the women’s hand as you both laugh at Natasha’s comment “what? I’ve always wondered what I’d look like with different length hair, or colour and now I do… I look good” she smirks. 

“Well, some of the movies I’ve been in means I have awful haircuts, Natasha’s is one of my favourites so far” Scarlett smiled, eventually Wanda’s double joins in, her name is Elizabeth and she is one of the cutest human beings you’ve ever met.

“So… what is this other (Y/N) like?” you asked, both women plus Natasha laugh “c’mon, Sebastian tells me I’m just like her, I gather she must be awkward like me” you grin.

“She’s hilarious,” Scarlett tells you “she pranks Chris- Steve Rogers all the time, um… she spent a week in New York last year with Sebastian because he went through a bad break up” you smile “you two are best friends, like yourself and Bucky here, I gather” and you nod with a grin, at least your friendship passed through to that Universe. 

“Ooh, me and you are actually thinking about moving in together because we are working on a movie over in London, so it seems only right we rent together” Elizabeth tells you, you grin, that’s funny because you recently moved onto Wanda’s floor.

“Ha, I moved onto Wanda’s floor last week because of the whole…” you trailed off and they all nodded, it was silent “wow that sounds really awesome. Kinda wish I could meet myself” you chuckle light-heartedly.


“What do you mean you don’t like him?” you asked Steve, he rolled his eyes at you and Natasha, he had just had a small dispute with basically himself “he is you?” you conclude and Steve scoffs at that statement. 

“There is no way that man is anything like me” he points to the doorway, Tony and Robert stood watching, well actually keeping Chris Evans from coming out and carrying on the argument; you don’t even know what happened, one moment you were laughing with Jeremy Renner - Clint’s double and Sam Wilson, next thing you hear is Chris and Steve yelling at one another “he’s so… arrogant, more so than Tony” and you raise your eyebrows “In what world is he like me?” he asked.

“Hmm, let me think” you pretend “how about the fact you both have a really quick temper” he rolls his eyes “Steve, what’s going on? You don’t normally hate anyone out of the blue, what did Chris do that upset you?” you asked and he shrugged, shaking his head, muttering it’s nothing.

“Clearly people prefer Chris, the guy says the word ‘bro’ and he dresses like a what’s the word?” he asked,

“Complete douche?” Tony offered, earning a slap from Robert.

“Yes, that’s it.” Steve pointed at Tony who was glaring at Robert “Plus he does this weird left boob grab when he laughs; what’s right with the guy?” he asked and you answered ‘beard’. “I didn’t mean actually answer, (Y/N)” he spat slightly, eyes narrowing “that guy portrays me but he isn’t me, when he is offset the resemblances finishes, he’s so loud and sure of himself it’s disgusting; he probably walks into a room and thinks he can have any girl he want’s, not caring for their emotions” he sulks, crossing his arms.

“Is this about Hayley?” you asked, he looked at you and shakes his head “is it isn’t it?” you asked, he rolls his eyes walking away towards the elevator “you should just speak to her yourself” you call, sighing and Tony pats your back. 

“He’ll come around” Tony mutters to you “for now, we have to see if Chris Hemsworth is worthy of the hammer” you chuckle, following both him and Robert into the room where everyone stood around the two Thor’s, placing bets with one another over if Chris. H can lift the mighty hammer.

(I said some of them won’t get along, bet you ALL thought it would have been Tony and Robert, nope Steve and Chris have a falling out. I have some surprise plots that not even Angie knows about, so… this is gonna be fun, I hope you all enjoy this. This part is just setting up the characters, seeing who is like who, who is different and stuff. I didn’t mention some or have them talking, I just feel like, pacing myself with this would be easier; in some parts others won’t be mentioned, so… sometimes Hayley or Jeremy for example won’t be in them it’s all about pacing and setting. Let me know what you think. - Rosalee)

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Tagami hitting on Hirahara and everybody but Hirahara realizing what he's doing. It takes one of the escorts feeling pity on Tagami and telling Hirahara for him to realize.

Admin Notes: Okay but. Imagine. Tagami has a manual or a handbook or something. “How to flirt with clueless people.” And nothing’s working. He would probably get frustrated with the book and throw it at Hirahara. -Admin Hirahara

Of all the people to have a crush on, Hirahara was probably the worst choice. Not that he wasn’t a good person. The problem was trying to get him to understand the feelings of love. The energetic escort, being that he was, was the kind of person who would easily say “I love you” to just about anyone. But Tagami’s problem was that his “I love you” was meant to be special. So after a thorough debate with himself, the lazy escort decided to deploy every tactic be knew to try and get Hirahara to comprehend his love.

Tagami’s first flirting attempt was asking Hirahara how his day was, making sure he didn’t interrupt or talk too much about himself. He made eye contact, tried smiling, and even nodded along. But honestly, the happy escort just blabbed away at how he helped some deceased one, how the weather was really nice, how he found this huuuuuuge sunflower on the way home, and oh Giara ended up eating it but that was okay and… Honestly at some point Tagami just couldn’t take it anymore. He had to leave before his head exploded, or he found the need to punch Hirahara.

The next thing Tagami tried was going for direct compliments. Surely even Hirahara could understand a compliment. “You have great eyes,” he tried, when he and Hirahara were going together into town. “They’re pretty.” Hirahara just blinked but smiled, saying that Tagami had equally pretty eyes. That didn’t work… Tagami groaned. He tried something else. “Your smile’s nice too.”

“Tagami’s smile is also nice!” Hirahara countered without missing a beat. “You should smile more.” Dammit! Tagami glared to the side, deciding to just be blunt this time.

“I like you.” He stared, waiting for a response. Hirahara didn’t give one immediately.

“I like you too!” Hirahara smiled, making Tagami think he’d actually understood. But it turned out the escort wasn’t done talking. “And Kirishima, and Saeki, and-” Tagami threw his pickax at a wall.

If words and listening weren’t going to work, Tagami had to try something more physical. While the escorts were all in the break room, Tagami poked Hirahara in the arm. “Eh?” Hirahara asked, looking at the other in confusion.

“Nothing…” Tagami muttered before poking the same spot again. Hirahara just kept staring at the amber eyed escort, but then eventually ignored it and went back to idly staring at the TV. Being ignored, Tagami tried to up his game. He scooted closer on the couch, making sure his shoulder bumped into Hirahara’s arm. The golden eyed escort’s yelp caught everyone’s attention.

“Tagami! You surprised me!” He exclaimed, smiling. “Ehehe! I know, it’s because it’s cold, right?” Again, he didn’t understand the meaning of that gesture. Tagami gave the whole thing one more try. This time, the put his legs on the couch and leaned backwards into Hirahara, putting his head on the other’s lap and closed his eyes. For a moment, he felt the taller escort stiffen, and Tagami was silently celebrating when- “Tagamiiiiii! You really can fall asleep anywhere!!!” Hirahara still missed the point completely.

If small gestures like this weren’t working, Tagami would have to kick it up a notch. He was going to have to try harder. When the two were walking down the hallways to have breakfast, Tagami turned Hirahara against the wall and slammed his hand next to the other’s head. They made direct eye contact for at least thirty seconds. Tagami stared straight at Hirahara, not giving way when the other finally broke off. “Tagami… are you still half asleep?” Hirahara asked.

“N… no.” Tagami sighed, dropping his arm to the side. “I’m not.” He mumbled an apology and walked quickly to the dining room, where he sat down slump in his chair. Everyone else was already there, eating quietly. They all knew what Tagami was trying to do at this point. Everyone but Hirahara. The event in the break room not too long ago was still very embedded in everyone’s mind, but no one really knew how to act on this newly gained information.

It was Saeki that finally decided it was time to tell Hirahara, after Tagami had exhausted a lot of energy buying the energetic escort candies and sweets. He asked for a private conversation with the golden eyed escort, hoping that he’d be able to clear the air a little.

“Hirahara, Tagami likes you.” The icy eyed escort stated. Hirahara nodded, still clueless as ever.

“Yeah! And I like him too!” He smiled, blinking his eyes. Saeki put a hand to his head and sighed, and tried explaining it again.

“He likes likes you.” Still no response. “He’s been trying to flirt with you.” A pause. “A lot. He’s been flirting with you a lot. For a while.” Maybe at that point, some wires finally connected in Hirahara’s brain, and his face suddenly turned a bright shade of red.

“W-W-W-Wh-” He stammered, unable to form proper words. “F-for a while?!” He shook his head frantically, but now he was finally starting to connect the dots. I like you. Tagami had said that. Hirahara just didn’t understand it properly. “SERIOUSLY?!” The yell echoed throughout the manor, picked up by everyone else.

“Oh, I think Hirahara just realized you’ve been flirting with him,” Kinoshita laughed. He and Tagami were in the training room, and both heard the faint but clear shout. “Someone probably told him for you.” Tagami, in embarrassment, looked down on the ground. He then proceeded to take out his frustration on Kinoshita, who was not at all prepared to take the sharp end of a pickax to the face.

In A Few Breaths - RazzaBang

Title: In A Few Breaths
Prompt: “Imagine Person A writes Person B a love letter. B can’t read A’s handwriting, so A has to read it to them.”
Fandom: Game Grumps
Pairing: Barry Kramer x Dan Avidan/Danny Sexbang
Word Count: 1626

(A version of Barry’s speech that includes spaces will be at the end of the fic for those who need it. This will make sense later and the speech will be slanted.)

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Ouija Board

randomnow submitted: 

  I live in a two story house in Michigan. I’ve lived there for about two years with my dad and my aunt lived here before us.

About a year ago my dad brought home a Ouija Board. I’ve always been wary of the things and I immediately asked him to get rid of it. Needless to say he didn’t. He explained that he wanted to take it up to our cabin to scare his girlfriends kids with. They both thought it would be funny to give them a bit of a scare and he had been winding them up telling them stories about how haunted it was. And truthfully there have been some weird things that have happened there.

Either way he took it up to the cabin and had his fun, but things started getting weird after we got home. I started hearing things in the room next to me, like knocking on the wall and on the door. It had been a few weeks since we’d gotten home from the cabin and I had made the mistake of leaving the board in the garage, which was directly under the spare room. 

I started seeing things in the mirror in that room and soon I wouldn’t even go into the room. My friend kept telling me to get rid of it but I kept putting it off, which was a huge mistake. I started to have nightmares but I couldn’t remember them completely. I would wake up half asleep and would see black figured, and once a person crouched on my ceiling. Needless to say I was terrified, but thought it was all nightmares. 

Eventually things got so bad that I finally decided to get rid of it. I was in the living room one night when I heard my dog whining to come inside. I started for the kitchen, and the backyard, before I realized that my dog was sleeping at the foot of the stairs right by the kitchen. I stopped at the kitchen door and the sound stopped. I refused to go into the room and decided to act like nothing had occurred  It happened again a few nights later when I was going out to my car. The sound was coming from the side of my house and it sounded exactly like my dog, who has a very odd, distinct whine. I thought I saw something but I was too scared to stick around and ran into the house. That night I had a nightmare that something got into my house and tried to drag me out of bed. It was a horrifying black thing with the head of a dog and too many sharp teeth for it’s mouth. It had ears like a husky but there were really ragged and it’s eyes were just holes. The thing that struck me though was it’s fingers, which were far too long and had sharp gnarled claws and the fact that it’s body was human, although with too long limbs to match it’s fingers. When I woke up in the morning I had a horrible bruise around my wrist that hadn’t been there before. At that point I wasn’t sure it was a nightmare at all.

I knew burning it was out of the question(I’ve read enough stories) so I asked for advice from my friend, who is pretty heavily into spirits and things like that. I wasn’t about to doubt her so I decided to take her advice. She told me to bury it far away from any houses, and preferably any trails, in the woods. She said to wrap it in a new sheet and cover it in salt. She also told me that if I really wanted to to work I should take some sort of food offering for any spirits that might live in the forest. I decided that it couldn’t hurt. 

I went home right away and grabbed the board, still in it’s box, and a sheet. As I was trying to wrap the board up it kept sticking to my fingers, like someone had spilled a sugary drink on it or something, but my hands were dry and the box was spotless. For some reason I couldn’t get the box wrapped up, the sheet kept tearing, which was pretty startling considering it was a new sheet, and even then I kept wanting to stop and just leave it. I eventually got it wrapped as well as I could and jumped in my car. It wasn’t hard to find a good place to bury it.

The whole drive there I had chills and it felt like someone was sitting right behind me, but there wasn’t anyone there. I had the same feeling the whole hike to where I was going to bury it. It took me much longer then it should have to dig the hole, but my spade (I wasn’t about to carry a shovel out there) kept bending when I was trying to dig even though the ground was soft. I eventually gave up and just used my hands. I put the board in the hole and covered it with salt and left a food offering. The walk out of the woods was much better then the one in. 

Since then things have almost completely stopped, but every once in awhile I’ll think I see that thing again. I just hope that it’s my imagination. I’ve stopped seeing things in that mirror but I still hate the room.  

Fuck Yeah Nightmares Mod Fey : 8/10 for scares and thank you for sharing!

Queer [White-passing Person of Color]

I do just want to say that as a white-passing person with a mixed ethnic and racial background these POC profiles have been giving me life. My mom’s side is white and my father’s family is not and my sister and I grew up between two worlds, never knowing anyone else who did.

We were told my father’s racial/ethnic history in dribs and drabs over the years. Like, I knew his mom had moved to San Fransisco from El Salvador with her husband, but it was years later that I learned his dad (my paternal grandpa) was Palestinian, and it was years after that I learned my paternal grandma’s father had been Italian. My mom’s family is white. Like, Irish-background, freckles instead of tans white, descended from early Presidents white.

Folks ask me if I’m Jewish, more so when I had longer hair, but my larger and bold nose shape still prompts questions. “Are you Jewish?” has been used as a pick up line to me, which does add extra joy to explaining that my grandfather’s parents moved to El Salvador from Palestine, so close but no cigar. “What are you?” has also been used to chat me up by folks of all colours, stay classy world!

My sister reads as more Latina, which has been a hassle for her where she lives, because (like me) how white-passing she is varies on season and situation and neither of us ever quite fit. At this time, she and I are pretty much each other’s only family, so most situations described below are from when we were children and young teens.

Frustrating as it’s been, as a queer person I’m glad for the disconnect I experienced with race and ethnicity when I was younger. I’ve never been brown enough or white enough and, as a fluidly gender-fluid person with a straight male partner, I’m never queer enough or straight enough either.

Beauty Standards/issues

When I was born (I’m the first-born), my father’s mom was excited, because I had blue-grey eyes, like a lot of babies do. She was so excited that there would be a blue-eyed baby in her family and my parents had to be like “it’s going to take a lot more white folks to dilute the brown eyes/dark hair genetics, Ma.” At the same time, my father thought I wasn’t his, because I looked too much like a full white baby, which is a pleasant thing to learn later in life. My sister had darker hair and darker skin as a baby and was easily accepted.

As kids, my sister and I were both medium-brown eyes and hair, with her skin tending to be a little darker than my pasty ivory, because I was a hardcore indoor kid. Our cousins (all of which also had a white parent!), who live in a sunny state, all had dark beige skin that ranged from terracotta to tawny. My sister and I were from a rainy area that didn’t see lots of sun and we had to be slathered in zinc and tended to burn as kids.

From about five or six on, my mom used get my aunt to curl-perm my hair in various ways to try and make it “behave.” Sitting for what felt like ever while my aunt wrapped strands of hair into spiral curlers was a normal thing until I was about ten and got the guts to ask them to stop. As all the perms never seemed to stick or fix my curls, she relented. I was taught to brush my hair and it wasn’t until I was an older teen I realised I could and should use a wide-toothed pick if I didn’t want constant breakage and a wedge-shaped cloud of frizz. In college I learned to stop washing my hair every day.

In the end, my sister ended up with wavy, naturally auburn hair that is easy to straighten and style and light fawn skin with yellow undertones. I’ve got naturally black hair that’s a messy mix of 3a/b curls and is surprisingly horrible to straighten unless I go pay for a blowout. But,I don’t need a hair tie if I braid it, which I love. I’ve yet to find a foundation that matches my beige skin that has, I swear to gawd, yellow-greenish undertones (most especially if I put my tanned arm next to my partner’s, who has a defined red tone to his skin). Both my sister and I freckle and tan when exposed to sun and no longer burn easily.


In the winter, I wear a scarf in a way that covers most of my hair and neck, which can definitely change how others move around me. Though not that significantly, as there are a lot of folks in the area I live who cover their heads and hair in distinctive cultural and religious ways.


While our cousins on our father’s side were all taught at least working Spanish growing up, my sister and I were never taught more than a few words. Which meant family could and did talk in front of us together in Spanish to exclude us. My sister wasn’t young enough to notice, but I did. Our family never went back to El Salvador on vacation, but cousins and aunties did, so there were constantly pieces of a world we knew we were related to but not let in on around us.

We were raised in a predominantly poor white area by a mother who told my sister and I it was fine if we wore dress-up veils and danced to “Ahab the Arab” because we were Arab. My father didn’t really care.

Though my sister and I didn’t look a whole lot like the kids we went to school with, we looked enough like them it didn’t matter. My mom taught us to mark “Hispanic” on school forms, in hope it’d give us more benefits, or something? I don’t know why. I mark “Other” now, if I do.

My partner’s family is from cowboy country and we drive out there every other year or so. Trips across these rural areas are interesting, because he has very long hair and I’m clearly some sort of mixed race and my gender presentation isn’t always 100% clear. We’re regularly surprised by the reactions or lack of that we encounter in the small towns we visit and pass through. We’ve also encountered areas that have gotten better about distrusting folks who you can’t label right away.


I grew up eating a lot of beans, rice and tortillas. But everyone I know did, to some extent. It might be a West Coast thing? My father’s mom would make epic amounts of tamales and load us up when we visited. My mom’s side made pies a lot. They made a lot of the stuff you see in 1950s’ and 60s’ Betty Crocker cookbooks, because that’s what the home-ec classes they took taught.

Both my parents spoke pretty decent or fluid Spanish. I don’t know why they didn’t bother to teach us. Were we supposed to ask? We were children.

I took Spanish language classes in high school and into college, but it super messed up my English spelling, for some reason, so I stopped. Now I can get the gist if I read Spanish, but that’s it.


My father and his siblings and their kids all went to Catholic schools and did the full shebang of all the ceremonies involved. My mother’s family is all varying forms of Evangelical and Pentecostal Christian, so I grew up in a church that spoke in tongues pastored by my mother’s father and then later, we attended a conservative Baptist church and I was 11 when I started teaching Sunday School. I was often cast as Mary in the Christmas plays because of my nose shape and hair type.

I was regularly jealous of the cool private schools and dress-up ceremonies my Catholic cousins were a part of. I think the religious difference was one of the things that really did set my sister and I apart from our cousins as kids.

Now I’m just an existentialist and I think my sister is some sort of Christian.


Used to be terrible, because I craved a label or explanation or group as a kid. I’m pretty okay with me now, though. It only took me to my late twenties and early thirties!

Identity issues

White-passing, raised the way we were, my sister and I often felt adrift from others. Where did we fit? Nowhere. Our mother wasn’t that into me, because I didn’t fit her idea of femininity and my father’s family wasn’t that into my sister and I because we weren’t brown enough.

Eventually I just gave up trying to find a label. I’m a hella mix of cultures and experiences, like a whole lot of folks out there. How I present, gender- and race-wise, fluctuates.

There are white folks I know who I know don’t think I’m brown enough to have opinions on race things, or who discount my experiences. And there are queer folks I know who do the same thing. But here’s a thing I know: when I was four I saw my father’s dad on his deathbed. He was deep golden terracotta and spoke a language I bet he’d wished somebody had taught me. I spent my life meeting cousins and cousins-of-cousins who’d stumble over the Irish name I was given and praise my pale skin. My hair was always a “mess”, never curly in the right way and my brows were too thick and I didn’t know my nose was big until my mother told me.

Things you’d like to see less of

Siblings that look alike. Most mixed kids I know don’t look like their siblings, they move like them. You see still pictures and you’re like “that is not related to you,” but you watch them talk together and you see their relation in their hand movements and head movements and shared slang.

Things you’d like to see more of

Ambiguous mixed race! Curly hair that is a Klein bottle of nonsense and frizzes and halos and is a beautiful mess. People who don’t belong. Arab-looking people who are just people. Doctor Bashir of Deep Space Nine was my first big crush. Seeing a face that didn’t necessarily look like the faces I saw in my family, but had familiar signifiers was immensely important to me.

Read more POC Profiles here.

815) So yesterday I got my hair cut. My mom was with me and unfortunately she’s really transphobic. Before I got my hair cut, I was looking though a style book and my mom was peeking over my shoulder. She kept saying things like “Short hair looks weird on women.” and “I don’t get why any woman would cut her hair like THAT.” Which is really hypocritical because she also kept saying “Get whatever hairstyle you want, it’s your choice.” But yet when she saw me looking at short hairstyles she’d say stuff like that and act annoyed with me. Then she fucking grabbed the book from me and turned to the section with long hairstyles. “See, don’t those look prettier?” Eventually I just gave up and got a hairstyle she wanted me to get. This whole thing probably sounds stupid, but it really meant a lot to me because most of the time I have to present feminine to keep my family happy. I thought I could at least get away with cutting my hair a little shorter but noooo I have to have long hair because according to everyone else I’m a girl and girls have long hair. I guess in her mind gender roles are more important than a loved one’s happiness. I’m 16, I’m old enough to make my own decisions, and I’m old enough to know that despite what everyone tells me I’m not a woman. Why does everyone fucking lose their minds when someone wants to present differently? Why does anyone even care how other people identify? It doesn’t make sense. I wish I could just be myself instead of what others want me to be.

A Nonny Mouse (email redacted) submitted: Concerning The Source of the Classpect system and Classic examples of Classes [RAMBLING WARNING]

I would like to hear your opinion on the origins of Hussies classpect system, specifically, its roots in fairytales/other “basic” stories and tales. Here are some I thought off:

Rouge: This class is quite clearly taken from the tales of Robin Hood, a fact Hussie reminds us almost constantly with Roxy, and I would say that Robin himself is a Rouge of Light (*gasp* liek Connie?!?!?) as he starts off as a rich nobleman who cannot deal with his wealth and starts giving it away to peasants, and eventually learns how to deal with wealth and how to take it off of other Light players/people possessing Light (ie the Sherrif)

Maid:….Uh…I guess Cinderella may have been the inspiration or this class?? I mean she is treated like dirt at the beginning of the story and then develops into someone who can create the royal families new generation (I think that’s how the story goes at least….). So that may make her a good candidate for a Maid of Space, or maybe a Maid of Time, as her name is to do with the fact she used to sleep in a fireplace and “cinders” which can be connected to burning which I think to be a timey thing as it has to do with the progression of events and destruction and ends (and thus, simultaneously, beginnings)

Bard: This Class I would say, is not actually based around a character from humanities lively legends and tales, but rather a reference to Hussies rather *ahem* relatively unsuccessful adventure Bard Quest, where the adventure itself starts off as a “Bard of Heart” as it tries to be unique in comparison to Hussies previous adventures due to its use of mimicking the “choose your own adventure” genre, but ultimately deprives you from pursuing the option that you want as the options that the more Hearty (a totally legitement adjective) people out there would like to choose ends in the protagonists demise and eventually shifts to being a Bard of Mind when Hussie gave up on the whole “free will” thing and just wrote an adventure following the path that he thought to be most logical…..Actually, I guess then this adventure may be a Bard of Life, as the whole Life = freedom to grow and Doom = restrictions and rules….Moving on!….

Prince: I have no clue. Maybe Prince Charming was a Prince of Heart or Blood??? You tell me oh wise overlord of classpect-related knowledge!

Seer: The Wyrd Sisters from MacBeth are an excellent example of Seers of Doom in my opinion. I don’t know, I could be wrong

Mage: Literally, any “Wizard” figure ever. Merlin from the whole Knights of the Round table thing sounds pretty good. I think Hussie may have at this point had made the Active/Passive distinction in his system and just thought this up as the active form of Seer

Page: Take your pick. Ash Ketchump. King Arthur. That one scrub from Dragon Ball Z. Heck even Jiminy Cricket based off of that one episode of “Once Upon A Time” a friend showed me.This archetype is in almost any story, it wouldn’t have been that hard for Hussie to add it to his system

Sylph: I have no clue, and this is pretty poor coming from someone who is one. I guess, maybe Calypso could be one, or …I don’t know, this is too Lighty for me….I am not too good at spotting Sylphs other than peeps who are really obviously the “Healer” archetype, other than Princess Bubblegum who I am certain is an excellent example for a Sylph of Mind and thus she is someone to work towards becoming :D (I just really don’t want to over-embrace like she does from time to time, like she can be seen doing here)

Thief: Lets see, anyone who uses what they are good at to cover up what they are bad at and tries to accumulate large amounts of Aspect-related acumen… I guess the Pied Piper might be a Thief of Void??? Or maybe a Bard? OH WAIT! The Master Thief!  Yes! Bamm! Sorted!

Witch: Take your pick. 

Everyone else: I have no clue

What do you think? I realise this document became rather rambly rather quickly, but I would like to see what you think of the concepts of “where Hussie got his inspiration for different classes” and “Classic Examples of Classes”. I wait for your guidance Grand High Doctrate On High Dahni of Knowing about Classpects


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-That one Guy (T.O.G)

lol Grand High Doctrate On High Dahni of Knowing about Classpects XD

well my thoughts for what I think Hussie’s inspiration for the classpect system comes from a few things, the idea of of Reality being created from different facets or parts in opposing pairs, aka Aspects, comes from Gnosticism’s idea of Aeons and is just one of many mythological references/ideas he takes from there, while giving it his own twist

The Classes are a mix of Video Game RPG Job Class reference and Fairytale/Myth Hero Archetypes

I don’t think Hussie had specific characters in mind when creating classes, moreso i think he had general concepts in mind to reference based on RPG job classes and old timey medieval “job” classes and mythical/fairytale archetypes

Knights/Pages coming from the actual Knight/Squire/Page system of medieval times that was highly associated with a Boy’s Youth, as in almost every boy was part of that system or a Page at some point that “Knighthood” became synonymous with the word “Boyhood” and also a ref to one of the 3 standard rpg classes Warrior, but in history the focus wasnt on teaching them warrior stuff so much as general life skills and genera respectful attitude and a chance at giving male youth a job in service to someone while on the path to becoming a Knight and horse back riding in particular is what they were most famous for, think of it like old timey mandatory bootcamp, most boys were Pages or even Squires in their youth, but less went on to actually become Knights

Thieves and Rogues is from the charlatan/rogue/ne’er do well archetype and also one of the three standard classes of RPG, which is Rogue, stealing and usually being very quick witted, charming tongues and very fast on their feet, giving them strong associations with a Relocation Power in Homestuck

Princes and Bards are paired together and reference High Court life in royalty and court jesters and both are male associated in that Prince is male royalty and court jesters were almost always male servants, female servants were more often maids, even though males could also be servants in other ways, almost all the time a jester was always male, since jesters were also often (but not always) disabled or mentally ill or drunks and made a spectacle of because of court finding them funny, whereas female mentally ill or disabled people were thought of as evil hags and witches and thought of as more dangerous than funny (yay old timey misogyny and ableism) and Princes being thought of as young arrogant kings using power unweildy and Jesters as bumbling idiots both make a strong association for different kinds of Destruction

Maids and Sylphs reference the mythical associations between young girls/children and Fairies, Maid being an archaic term meaning young girl child and Sylph a term meaning a slender or skinny woman, and the various myths of women promising firstborn to fae folk, the idea of children being enchanted by fairies or turned into/swapped with changelings, and also a reference to the Healer job class of RPG’s

Witches and Heirs comes from the mythical associations of Manipulator and Manipulatee, think Heir to a throne and a wise old nefarious advisor, also the traditional associations with Witches and deceit and in fairytales the general trend for an inheritor of a wast wealth or power to become the target for manipulation

and finally Mages and Seers share a mythical association with fortune telling, mysticism, magic, knowledge and the people in charge of and associated with knowledge, the Wiseman archetype. They are also references of the Mage/Wizard class of standard RPG’s

the active passive system I think was something more of Hussie’s own Thing, but if i had to guess for possible source of inspiration since he already references the zodiac a lot, its probably taken from that, in which signs have lots of different things that group them

like the four Elements, Air Earth Water Fire, 

Positive/Active/Male/Yang etc “energy” or polarity sometimes marked as a plus sign + or male sign and Negative/PassiveFemale/Yin “energy” or sometimes polarity marked as a minus sign - or female sign

 and a 3 label system of Cardinal/Fixed/Mutable which basically means Cardinal as in barrelling forward energy, marked as an upwards Arrow  ^ or Plus sign + , Fixed as in stable unmoving energy marked as an equals sign = or Mutable as in avoidant, changable energy sometimes marked as a minus sign as well - 

for instance Leo, Sagittarius and Aries are Fire signs, Capricorn, Virgo and Taurus being Earth and etc

Virgo, Sagittarius, Gemini and Pisces are Mutable Signs while Taurus, Leo Scorpio and Aquarius are Fixed signs

and Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn and Pisces are being the “female/negative/yin/passive” polarity signs

of even just the idea of Yin/Yang stuff in general from chinese mythology and Taoism (which I think Western Zodiacs probably appropriated from them anyway)

I made a few posts like this before, and if you go into my class tags on my blog, like Witch Class or Maid Class or Page Class, you should be able to find my longer more indepth explanations of the associations of the mythical archetype references

as for single characters or people being referenced or used as an inspiration, I don’t think there is really, besides the Witch outfits socks and shoes pattern obviously being a reference to the Wizard of Oz bad Witch of the east/west whichever it is

“I can't stand to see you with him.” STILES STILINSKI IMAGINE

It had been three months since you and Stiles broke up. You had a difficult time being with him because you felt so out of place with his friends, with the pack. It hurt you a lot. You were starting to fall hard for him and that scared you, so you broke it off.

Stiles seemed to feel mutual about your decision which made you mad so you hadn’t been speaking to him for weeks. Since then you had been hanging out with another guy on the Lacrosse team. He was a normal guy, not involved in the supernatural side of your life which was…nice. 

You went straight to your locker after last period on a Friday. You were in a hurry to get to the lacrosse practice in time. Your shoved your books in your locker and grabbed your sweater and your bag. As you were trying to lock your locker back up, you dropped your sweater. Before you could reach down to grab it, a hand held it out to you. “Here.” You looked up to see Stiles holding it. “Thanks.” You said as you took it. There were only a few seconds of silence before Johnny, your new…sort of boyfriend but not really…showed up beside you. “Hey Y/N, c’mon we gotta go! practice starts in ten. Hey Stilinski, you better hurry, the bench needs some warming up.” he laughed, and Stiles scoffed. Johnny pulled you away before you could say anything, your hand in his. 

You sat with the small audience and watched the team warm up. You looked at Johnny, muscular, tall, blonde and well..the typical jock. He was nice. Then your looked at Stiles, skinny, puppy eyed, awkward Stiles. The kid who made your stomach flutter. “Hey! We are about to start wish me luck!” Johnny ran up to you and kissed you in front of everyone. Something you weren’t expecting at all. Your eyes went straight to Stiles, he was looking straight at you, anger in his eyes. You didn’t know what to do so you just sat back down.

After practice, Johnny went to shower and change and you waited on the field. You were fidgeting with your phone when you felt a presence. “Hey.” You looked up to see Stiles. “Uh hey.” You said. “Can i umm…can i talk to your quickly.” He said while furrowing his brows. “Yeah i guess.” You guys walked even further away from the crowd. “I umm. I don’t even know really what to say…i umm. I just  i wanted to ask you if you and umm.. Johnny were a thing?” You looked down at the floor, not really knowing the answer. “Uhh i don’t umm..i ..maybe i think. Why do you want to know?” You crossed your arms. “I uhh I just..i…umm.” He trailed on. “Stiles i gotta go. So if this is nothing…” You said as you started to turn. ‘No wait.” He grabbed your arm and turned to back to him gently. “I…i don’t like it. I just don’t like him..and you..him with you.” You felt those butterflies again. “Well i don’t think it really matters anymore.” You said. “Well. It matters to me.” He said firmly. “Stiles what are you doing? I thought you were on board with the whole break up thing.” His hand dropped from your arm to your hand. “I was never on board with it, i just thought you wanted it. I thought maybe if i gave you space and stuff we would eventually just find our way back to each other.” He looked sad. “I…Stiles i just i couldn’t be the outcast in your…pack. I just don’t fit in.” You dropped your head. “Y/N, this isn’t about the pack, this is about you and me. Me and you.” You looked up at him. “I need you.” He said. Before you could say anything Johnny was behind you. You dropped Stiles hand. “Hey babe, ready for some friday night fun?” He put his arms around your waist and kissed your cheek. “Um yeah yeah.” You stared to walk away. You looked at your hand in Johnny’s, something just didn’t look right, or feel right. He wasn’t Stiles. You pulled away and turned.

“STILES!” You said as you ran towards him. He turned towards you just in time to catch you. You slammed into him, wrapping your arms around his neck. “I need you too.” You said as you both smiled. He kissed you, hard then soft. You could hear Johnny swearing in the background which made you and stiles giggle together. 

Today, I fucked up... by pulling a gun on someone

So I live in the great state of Texas, where everybody and their mother has guns. So I’ve been wanting a go-pro for a while and was a little short on cash so I decided to sell one of my guns and go buy my gopro. Anywho I find a buyer and decide to meet up at a local chicken place parking lot. Cool. I get to the parking lot of the place and see two gentlemen in a vehicle and they look like they’re waiting for something, cool I found the buyer. I pull next to the driver side and get off my truck and look at the driver and say hello. He replies and says hello as well. Ok, so this whole time I’m thinking he’s buying the gun so I open my back door and proceed to pull out my gun. The look of horror on this guys face as I try to hand the gun over to him and jokingly said go ahead and try ‘er out there’s a round in the chamber (was a joke chamber and tube were empty) Ok… so now the passenger is studdering something and the driver is just staring at me with his mouth open. So i asked you got the money right? then BOOM it clicked! I got the wrong GUY! shit shit shit I said I was sorry and noped the hell outta there. eventually the guy who was gonna buy the gun called me telling me that he saw the whole thing happened and gave me an extra $5 for a giving him a good laugh.

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OKAY, okay....Okay so I know the writers have us all tangled up in this whole ‘triangle,*in a baby voice* but not a triangle’😒 thing. I mean bulls**t, this is obviously a triangle. ☝🏽But ☝🏽 but, can we all just take a moment to appreciate this

And this

and this

And this

You know what, let’s just take a moment to forgive the writers because they gave us these great subtle but not so subtle riarkle scenes. Now it may take a while for them to get married and eventually do the things on my totally-cute-and-adorable-things-I-would-so-want-to-see-Riarkle-do-as-a-married-couple list.But, these two make waiting worth it.

So…actually that’s it, that’s all I have to say. So ahh here, let’s just look at another gif😃


One Last Summer - A Jack Gilinsky Fanfiction

Introduction Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4

Chapter 5  Chapter 6 Chapter 7 Chapter 8  Chapter 9

Chapter 10 Chapter 11

Chapter 12:

I woke up to find a sleeping Jack beside me, his toned arm wrapped securely around my waist. I couldn’t help but smile at the state he was in. His face was completely relaxed, his mouth hanging open the slightest bit, his chest rising and falling as he breathed heavily.

 I guess I never went back to my own room last night. I know we didn’t have sex or anything, but this was still a big step in our relationship. And that make out session last night was particularly intense, I remembered, instantly blushing at the thought. Shit. I’m in way too deep now.

I pushed whatever doubts I had lingering in my head and snuggled closer to him, pressing my face into his neck and taking in a deep breath, trying to engrave the smell of his skin and the sight of his sleeping figure into my brain.

The sense of ease and security I felt was cut short by the sound of Jack’s door opening, his mom peering into the room. I instantly shot out of bed, waking up Jack in the process.

“Good morning y/n,” Katherine greeted me. “Um, hello.” I just stood there awkwardly, shifting my weight from one foot to the other. I tried to gauge the look on her face, but she looked completely normal to me. “Hey mom, what’s up?” Jack said, rising from the bed and stretching. My eyes couldn’t help but stare him up and down. They widened at the sight of his boxer briefs, and I cleared my throat, feeling a blush creep into my cheeks. Jack raised an eyebrow at me, turning back to his mom. “Just wanted to let you know that your dad and I have plans for the morning, but we’ll drop you off at the hotel later. What time do you have to be back?” He shrugged his shoulders and turned to me. “2 o'clock. And thank you..” I trailed off. She simply smiled and shut the door.

I looked to Jack, who had his signature smirk plastered on his face. “What?” I asked, annoyed. “The look on your face when she walked in was priceless. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone jump that high or move that fast.” I rolled my eyes. “Can you blame me for feeling embarrassed? And when did you take your pants off?” I asked. He laughed again, pulling on his basketball shorts again. “Relax, I get hot during the night. What’s the big deal anyways? We just slept in the same bed.” I crossed my arms, turning away from him and facing the mirror, looking at myself in the reflection.

“It’s a big deal to me Jack. And it kinda bothers me that your mom didn’t even bat an eyelash at the sight of her half naked son and a girl in his bed, which leads me to believe that she’s seen it many times before….” I saw his expression in the reflection contort into one of concern. He walked towards me and wrapped his arms around my shoulders, kissing my cheek. “Hey now, there’s no need to think like that. My mother wasn’t upset at seeing us together because she really, genuinely, likes you. Now I’ll admit, I’ve been with other girls before, but you already know that, and I’m sorry I’m not the kind of guy you want me to be but I can’t really change the past.”

I sighed and faced him. “I know, I’m sorry. You’re right, I shouldn’t be acting so weird."He traced my eyebrows with his fingertips and pressed a kiss to my forehead.
"It’s alright. So, do you have plans for the day?” He asked, keeping his eyes trained on his feet. “What do you mean? Besides hanging out with my boyfriend? No…” He flashed a huge smile at me before he moved too quickly for me to protest. Before I knew it, he had me slung over his shoulder, holding me by my legs and walking down the stairs. “I like it when you call me your boyfriend.” He chuckled. “Oh you thought I meant you? I was just gonna call Sam to pick me up, we had plans to hang out.” I laughed. I felt his grip on my legs loosen, and I squealed. “I swear Gilinsky, you better not drop me!” He narrowed his eyes at you as he set you down on the counter top. “That’s what I thought. I’m your boyfriend.”

He was kinda sexy when he got jealous, and just then i was made aware of how little clothing he was wearing. I watched him carefully as he dug around the refrigerator, taking out a carton of eggs, making his way to the cupboards to find whatever it was he was looking for, stretching so that his shorts hung below his waistline and his v lines were visible and god, my boyfriend is beautiful. Thankfully, he was too preoccupied with making breakfast to notice me staring at him. “Do you need any help?” I offered. “Yes, I’m gonna need you to give me one kiss so that I can focus on making pancakes instead of how good you look in my clothes.” “I don’t think kissing me will help you focus but I’m willing to try.” I winked and he came over to where I was sitting on the counter, standing in between my legs. He pressed his forehead to mine. “I like mornings with you.” He said, bringing his face closer so that his lips barely touched mine. He kept it there for a second until I eventually gave in and kissed him with full force. Like last night, our kiss started out innocently enough, until it wasn’t innocent anymore. More lip biting took place, and more tongue was included. I needed him even closer, and since he wasn’t wearing a shirt I could pull him by, I improvised and wrapped my legs around his waist, rubbing my foot up and down his ass until he pulled away from me. “Fuck, alright, maybe you were right about this whole kissing not helping me focus thing. Maybe you should just get ready while I finish these pancakes that are about to burn.” I laughed and hopped off the counter. “I told you!” I said in a sing song voice as I headed back to his room to change clothes.


You know that feeling when you’re talking to someone & you feel like they’re secretly thinking that they’re in love with you? I couldn’t get the vibe from any of these guys. Like, literally none of them were acting like any of the romance in the chat room happened. I couldn’t get any of them to even kind of lust after me. Which sounds awful but I was trying so hard to make that spark happen with one of them & it was just not going well. I wanted to know which one of them I’d been chatting with & having intimate situations with. But they weren’t helping me. I’d stare at them while I was doing their makeup & they just smiled or made small talk. Nothing worth use to me, though it was extremely cute. I just wanted to punch them all in the face while I was doing their makeup because their faces were giving me horrible butterflies from being so close.

I’d been weaving around hair stylists, wardrobe people, & random staff to get all 12 member’s makeup done. I was the only makeup artists working so it was all on me to get things moving. It was harder than I’m sure I was making it look but I wanted to pass out from all the moving around. I’d positioned myself at Kyungsoo first since they told me he didn’t need very much of anything. He was such a cutie, the way he looked at me & smiled. He looked so innocent & happy. I couldn’t help myself but smile back. 

“I’m sure this is weird for you.” He said in a quiet voice, probably so the others wouldn’t hear. He looked around at everyone, most of them were on the other side of the room getting their hair done, aside from Xiumin who was sitting closer to us & looking at a stack of papers in his lap. I couldn’t look at him for too long, I knew I’d start staring at some point. I think Kyungsoo noticed because he touched my hand lightly with his, curling his fingers around my wrist but not closing his fist. “Just so you know, we deleted our chat stuff because we didn’t want anyone to know we were planning this. Our manager kind of knew we were doing something & we didn’t want him to go snooping around. I hope we didn’t upset you.” His eyes were soft & kind. 

I shook my head but I knew how much of a liar I was being. “It’s okay. I understand. I kind of figured something happened.” I patted at his face gently with my makeup sponge, taking in the fact that I was touching his face. But like I said, I wasn’t trying to be creepy about it. He had such nice skin, I was jealous. I saw him admiring something as I was finishing with him & I had to force myself not to look. I didn’t want to be face to face with one of them off guard again. It was too much. I just kept myself busy & gave Kyungsoo the go ahead to get up out of the chair. He stood slowly, taking his time, kind of giving me the impression that he didn’t want whoever was next to be next. Or he just didn’t want to stop talking to me. I suspected the first one so that I didn’t seem so conceited. Before he actually moved out of the way, his hand met my waist. His fingers clutched at the hem of my shirt & he pulled me closer so he could whisper in my ear. His hand was firm on my hip so I couldn’t resist even if I wanted to. Which I didn’t. I didn’t have a reason to.

“Don’t let them bother you too much, okay? They’re kind of a lot to handle all at once.” His voice was barely even a hum in my ear & I felt his breath tickle down my neck. I tried my best to hide the goosebumps but I was pretty sure he saw them. He stepped aside to let the next member into my chair & I couldn’t help but peak out of the corner of my eye as Luhan sat down in front of me. He had this smile that made me really irritated but also my heart wanted to jump out of my chest & wrap itself around his stupid face. He didn’t say very much the whole time I was working on him but he’d whisper little things every now & then that made me roll my eyes. Little comments about my ass that he knew I’d get flustered by. I tried my best to ignore him but the effort was more work than it was worth. I eventually just gave up & let him be his irritating self. 

“You seem much sassier in person.” His hand flicked at the fringe of my cut-off shorts while I worked. I didn’t appreciate him flirting with me like this. Especially since he wasn’t the one I’d been talking to but I couldn’t help the little blush that would pop onto my cheeks when he’d touch my thigh with his thumb or when his hand would graze mine. I couldn’t let him in my head though & I was strong enough not to. He was just a pretty face. I had to keep telling myself that. I finished him off… his makeup, I finished his makeup off & let him get himself out of my face before I started weakening like the trash that I’d become. Next was Kai, stupid Kai. He was so handsome & I still couldn’t get over how soft his hands had felt. He was smiling at me again with those teeth that sent me into a whirlwind of questionable thoughts.

“We surprised you, right? This was all worth it? Because it was really hard to set it all up.” He sighed, but it didn’t show on his face. He still looked cute & happy. I couldn’t stare at him for too long, even though I was doing his makeup so I kind of had to. I just awkwardly brushed his face with whatever I’d picked up because I definitely wasn’t paying too much attention. I didn’t really need to. I could do this shit in my sleep. But right now it was so distracting. I just nodded because I couldn’t manage to get words to make sense in my head. He tilted his head when I didn’t speak but that smile stayed put. He poked at my side with his stupid soft fingers, making me slightly cringe because it was a little pleasurable. I was slightly embarrassed but I think I hid it well. I tried to compose myself enough to speak so he’d know I was actually not a total nut.

“I was surprised. Both times. I wasn’t exactly expecting any of this. So, your hard work payed off.” I shrugged, trying to act cool about it but on the inside, I was shrieking like a… thing that shrieks. I couldn’t really believe that I’d even managed to speak actual words. To any of them. But it was oddly easy.

“Good. I hope you like the other surprise. It’ll be better.” His eye shifted to look up at me while I was brushing over his forehead & I made eye contact. It wasn’t a good idea. I couldn’t look away. I couldn’t stop myself from admiring every little detail in his eyes. Like the color. I’d always though they were dark brown but I could see a little hint of yellow in there that made them glow a little bit. I didn’t even know what I was doing anymore. I was basically letting myself get googly over every single one of them instead of focusing on the one I’d even gotten myself into this mess with in the first place. I needed to chill. 

He stood up when I was done, letting his hand brush passed my hip & I wanted to die again. The touching with them was starting to become overwhelming. I didn’t want to think about anything right now that had any type of sexual tones to it. I just wanted to get through this with as few awkward moments as I could manage. I turned around for a second to clean my brushes off & when I turned back my heart literally felt like it stopped. I stared at him for way too long & I knew that was true when he raised an eyebrow at me. But there was that smile. You know that smile? That big one that says “I know, you’re in love with me.” that you just want to scream about because it’s true & you hate that he knows it? Yeah. That’s the one I’m talking about. 

“So, we got you.” Chanyeol’s deep, thick voice crashed into my ears before I was ready to even hear him speak. I blinked probably 20 times before I could shake off whatever was going on in my body to make me this stupid. I nodded because I was afraid that if I spoke, my voice would crack & sound stupid. I knew it would happen because it almost always did. He gave me another smile & pushed out his lower lip, probably proud of himself. I wanted to shove one of my makeup brushes into his eye. His beautifully perfect eye. But I wouldn’t because I wouldn’t dare mess up his gorgeous face. No matter how much I wanted to.

“I don’t know why you’re all asking me that. Obviously I didn’t come to work with the thought of this happening.” I shocked myself with how calm & collected I sounded. I was a mess on the inside. I was screaming at myself, trying to stop from attacking him & just giving into my fangirl instincts. He was so pretty & that sparkle in his eye was making me swoon. I didn’t want to swoon. I refused to swoon. No swooning for me. He let out a loud laugh, clapping his hands but in more of a toned down way than usual. Probably because he was trying to act cool. But I could see straight through him to that big idiot inside.

“You’re happy we’re here though, right?” His tone went from slightly arrogant to a little sad. I think he was sensing the fact that I was holding back so much. It was crazy to think that he could read me though, he didn’t even know me. As far as I knew, we hadn’t even talked. If my suspicions were right, then he wasn’t the one I’d had all those talks with. I felt like I’d know as soon as we had any kind of moment together & with this one, I didn’t get that spark. I did feel something but I figured that was just because he was my bias.

“Yeah, of course. This is cool.” I nodded, trying to sound more excited. I’d been a little distracted by them being there that I hadn’t really let myself feel just how happy I was to have met them, or to just be in the same room as them. I saw him bite his lip a little bit & look off behind me. He was looking at someone & he didn’t really seem as happy. They were all starting to confuse me. Their moods would shift & throw me off so badly. I was good at reading people but this was just ridiculous. He let me finish without saying anything else, but I secretly wished he’d keep talking just so I could hear his deep voice some more. 

When his turn was over, he smiled at me one more time & squeezed my arm before walking off. I was getting really confused by all the touching. But I still liked it. I just wasn’t sure what it all meant. I let myself get lost in my thoughts for a long time & I was only pulled back to reality when a slight touch on my shoulder scared me out of whatever I was thinking about. Kris’ face was like right in mine. Except he was taller than me so not really. He just looked at me with his eyebrows raised & gave me a small half smile.  I wasn’t phased by Kris’ charms. He wouldn’t get into my protective barrier. But he was doing a really god damn good job. He didn’t ask me anything or really even talk, he just let me work. He’d give me those little smiles though & it got really awkward after the third or fourth time. As cute as he was, I wanted to just smack him.

“You have very gentle hands.” He said with his eyes closed while I was blending eye shadow. I was trying my hardest not to just ask “what the fuck?” out loud because I thought that would sound rude. I just said thank you & kept going. It was awkward. So awkward. Why was it this awkward? Normally he didn’t have any kind of power over me but right now I was trying so hard not to let the awkwardness be sexual tension. Because I was feeling it really strong. He laughed at nothing, completely out of nowhere & didn’t explain himself at all. These guys were going to seriously be the reason I lost my mind. I wanted him out of my chair but I knew that it would only get worse if one of the others replaced him. I didn’t need that. Not at all. Ever. No thanks. 

He opened one of his eyes & I think he was trying to wink at me but because, you know, only one eye was open, I couldn’t actually tell. I just pretended that I didn’t see it & scooted him off out away from my chair. He was so tall… He was immediately followed by the biggest of big idiots. I know what you’re thinking. The biggest of big idiots is Kris. No, not in my eyes. The biggest of big idiots to me was always Chen. Him & his stupid eyebrows. They were so cute.

“We finally get to see you in person. This is so cool.” He bounced up & down in the seat once he’d finally sat down. I wanted to laugh, I almost did. But I stopped myself. I didn’t want to show interesting. Even though he was cute as fuck. I would have totally say on his lap if I wasn’t supposed to be doing my job. He stayed pretty quiet the whole time, it came as a surprise to me. But he kept touching my hip when I would turn around or I’d feel his hands playing with each other as they rested on his lap & they would just slightly touch my stomach. It wasn’t like any of it was that intentional but I couldn’t get it out of my mind that they’d all touched me somewhere, in some way at some point. Like… I couldn’t figure out why. It was strange & oddly enjoyable. I was starting to think they were all messing with me on purpose so that I didn’t figure out which one was him. But I didn’t question it. They could do what they wanted. They obviously had some kind of plan. 

Chen was harder to get out of my chair, he wanted to sit & talk to me when I was done with his makeup but the other kept teasing him about it. Telling him he was being a clingy puppy. Which wasn’t a bad thing in my opinion. I thought it was kind of cute. But eventually they won & he got up. He was followed by Lay who I’d been watching out of the corner of my eye the whole time. He looked so cute & nervous. He didn’t actually talk to me at all. Other than a smile & a tiny lip bite, he barely even looked me in the eye. It was so adorable & creepy at the same time. He left without a word, letting Sehun follow him. I kind of dreaded this one. I wasn’t ready for him. Even though he’d been nice about catching me when my knees gave out earlier, I thought he would be the most quiet of them all. He seemed like that type. Apparently I was wrong at thinking these things though because I thought Lay would have actually spoken. Sehun for damn sure did. 

“This was such a pain in the ass to do. I hope you appreciate it.” He said with a snarky tone. I found it more adorable than anything but I pretended. 

“Well, it was your idea, not mine. So…” I gave my best fake snide expression & he smiled a little bit. I couldn’t be sure if he knew I was kidding or not but I didn’t really care that much. It was funny to me that he was trying so hard to be difficult right now. I didn’t know why but I didn’t ask because I’d never really understood why he did or said most of the things he did… or said. 

“Get out of my chair, I’m done with you.” I shooed him away, still only being half serious about it & he smiled again, giving a tiny hint of a laugh too as he lifted himself from the seat & walked off. He was the only one who hadn’t put his hands on me. I was kind of sad, as creepy as that may sound. There was a break in between boys coming to my seat so I could have a moment to rest my hands & I could see a group of them talking closely. They were using their hands a lot & from what I could see, they were speaking Korean. I’d never thought about it, but they could have totally used that against me. The fact that I didn’t understand Korean or Chinese. They could have conversations right in front of me & I’d have no idea what was being said. I didn’t mention it though. 

I watched them all from where I was & my eyes widened when they all looked over at me at the exact same time. None of them were talking, they were just staring at me. I got a weird sense of dread because… I mean, if eight really good-looking guys were staring at you, you’d probably feel scared too, right? Or am I just totally crazy? Because I was really getting a kidnapping vibe from this whole situation. I wasn’t going to say anything though because then that would make me seem crazy & they’d gone through so much to find me, surprise me, basically they did this all for me. Somehow. I still wasn’t totally sure how they knew where I was. But I just kind of looked over that for the moment. If they did kidnap me though, at least I could say I was suspicious.

A/N: I made this SO long. omg. But I wanted it to be a good hearty chapter since you guys were so patient with me. It will continue from there in the next chapter so she’ll actually be one on one with Suho, Baek, Xiumin & Tao too. I just didn’t want to make this super ridiculously long. I CAN GO REST MY FINGERS NOW. Well, I have to make reactions now so not really, but whatever. I hope you’re all still enjoying this! xo

eyeballsarchive  asked:

Hey, sorry if you've already been asked this, but did you ever remember where you heard Alex said each season was supposed to match up with a month of summer?

Yep here it is

Each season of Gravity Falls will play out over the course of a month in the summer, which is why Hirsch says he has already plotted out the show’s first three seasons. “We have a three-season arc conceived, and at the end of season three, summer is over,” he says. “Right now things are just ramping up. And at the end of season one we have an exciting cliffhanger that will blow some kids’ minds.”

I knew it was from a TV Guide article and I must’ve glanced through it like, five times before I gave up and started browsing other articles. Eventually I gave that up too and just googled this blog hahaha. But it was there the whole time. (I must be totally blind.)

Keep in mind however that Alex mentioned that Gravity Falls may only end up being two seasons after all, during his reddit AMA, so this probably doesn’t apply anymore. 

You Guys

So I was touring my college campus today (I say “my” because I’m officially enrolled, yay!) and my guide called for a guy named Thomas and for a split second I thought Professor fucking Hunt was about to step from the shadows.

Also we have a thing called Dining with a Professor and it’s just where you can eat lunch/dinner with your professor to talk about stuff and I couldn’t help but think that MC would use every opportunity to talk to Hunt. She would bug him every day until eventually he gave up on the whole thing and ate by himself somewhere else