I just cried my heart out

kryptonights asked:

Do you think being heartbroken has to do with romantic relationships?? My best friend and I stopped being friends months ago and I felt so heartbroken, I cried when she cut me off and I just felt so broken loosing my best friend. People usually look at it oddly, like if it's not about romantic then why are you so hurt..

God no, I think that heartbreak comes in multiple ways, friendships being broken, death, cheating, losing a job, falling out of love with yourself. Your heart is a very delicate thing. Romance is only a very little part of how your heart can be broken.

And I hung up before I could hear him say it
Though I wasn’t sure what “it” was yet.
The written message tore my heart out
And sent my anguished cries into the night
But this will be for the better
And I just hope he’s happy.
—  Maybe one day I’ll hear your voice again and not cry. (readyfornothing)

Please help me mend my broken heart, and let me live again. { x }


because after learning that sawamura actually likes to read i just had to do a megane!sawamura (●♡∀♡)


"You’ll help me, right?"


"Don’t kill them"


Secretly Greatly, 2013

We provide…

Even though it was tOTALLY EXPECTED I still get so genuinely upset that Morgan didn’t get a special conversation with Lucina as her brother in Future Past map 3.  I MEAN THERE’S GOOD REASON AS TO WHY since Morgan can be anyone’s brother/sister/child/wife/husband…

But since they didn’t get one I sit here and imagine Morgan running over to see that world’s Lucina and she sees him, runs over to him and hugs him and just starts sobbing because her and that world’s Morgan have probably been separated since they were children and god knows if Lucina would’ve known if Morgan was okay and was in icky face’s army or if she had no idea and thought he might’ve been killed when things went to shit and even if she did know she’d just be so happy to see him because she loves and has missed her brother so much and rAAAHAOIHGAOERIG breathes and cries into oblivion my children will be the death of me ((o(;△;)o))

I draw so many sunset scenes I blame FP tbh bUT I LOVE IT especially working with the colors which I must thank two of my friends for for helping me on this one ubububu I’m so so happy with how this came out cries (ノД`)・゜・。

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mk characters to fob songs:

lydia bennet to - disloyal order of water buffaloes
"i’m coming apart at the seams"




Sometime, when the time comes,
the loneliness overwhelms my heart..
I don’t want to be all alone, it’s so bittersweet

One day, when the day comes,
You’ll find your precious one..
When you look up at the sky, there’s the one shining star -

♪ KAT-TUN - Precious One(131120 Shokura Premium)


It’s okay. After all, my life would have no meaning without you. Follow your heart. Besides, you won’t die. I won’t let you!


out of nowhere? sure it wasn’t because of the congealed pork blood taco in your mouth, chief?

  • Sorrow
  • The National
  • High Violet

My heart turns to ice and my stomach drops. “Now? But…now?”
His voice is gentle. “What’s the point of delay?”


He nods. “I suppose in some sense, I am fortunate.”
“Fortunate? How?”
“I do get to spend the rest of my life with you.”


I kiss his face over and over. I’m aware that I’m talking to him but I don’t know what I’m saying. I may be telling him I love him. I may be telling him I’ve never loved anyone else and never will. I may be cursing him for leaving me. I really have no idea. It doesn’t matter. Those things are all true, whether I am telling him or not.
He takes his last breath a few minutes later. Exhale, and then – nothing.
I stare down at his face. It is not real.
He can’t hear me now. So I say it all again and this time I know I’m doing it. I talk to him until my voice gives out.


“Wait. One moment.” I must sound calm enough for them to stop when I say so. He is covered with a sheet. I go to the gurney and peel the sheet back. 
I just look. Perhaps I had something to say but it’s gone now. It’s too late. The man I’ve lost wasn’t just my best friend, not now.


I stand up to give his eulogy. I only do it because I can’t imagine anyone else doing it. I talk about his brilliance, his dedication to his work. I talk about the people he helped and the criminals he brought to justice. I don’t talk about how he made me feel alive, or the way his eyes glowed when the sunlight slid behind them from the side.
I tell the mourners that he was my friend, and I am honored to have known and worked with him. I don’t tell them that I loved him, and that I love him still, and that if I had one wish in the world it would be that I could make it stop. 


“Will you come?”
He sighs. “You’re the next best thing, John.”


“Hmm. I’m impressed.”
I smile. “You’d never say that if you were really here.”
“I am wounded by that accusation, John.”
Sometimes I can almost see him. I shut my eyes and picture him. “I love you.”
He doesn’t answer. He never does when I say that. 
Six months out, I resign from the surgery. I have new business cards. John Watson, M.D. Consulting detective.
Still the only one in the world.

Alone On The Water - MadLori

The Tokyo Ghoul Cycle
  • Me:ahh what a beautiful day the sun is shining and I'm in a good mood
  • Me:*goes on tumblr and sees a picture of kaneki/sasaki*
  • Me:*cries my heart out and is depressed, wishing that kaneki/sasaki would be happy and that ghouls and investigators could just get along*
  • Me:*cries more because I watched Tokyo Ghoul/ Tokyo Ghoul Root A again*
  • Me:why do I do this to myself everyday
"Fight for.." magcon blurb 1/9

Shawn - “Fight for the love of your life.” Shawn’s mother says to him as he cried in her arms about a fight you and him had. Y’all were the verge of breaking up, you were tired of the cancelled plans. Him not showing up to a play or science award or even your birthday. So ya fought for about two hours via Skype and finally you said, “Just leave out of my life like everyone else I should’ve known you wouldn’t have stayed.” It broke his heart and so he went to his mother.
“She wants me to leave, she doesn’t want me anymore.” Shawn sobbed.
“Of course she does, do not give up on her. You fight for her, fight for the love of your life. Cause finding someone who makes you happy is hard to find so when you find it keep it.” She said to her son. Shawn felt at peace with those words and he knew what he was gonna do.

-a few days later-
You were doing math homework and crying cause 1-it’s math and it stresses people tf out 2-you were heart broken over your semi breakup with shawn. Then you heard the oh so familiar knock and you ran downstairs and opened the door and stood the man you haven’t seen in month. Y’all stood in silence looking at each other and then you just broke down and hugged him sobbing.