I just can't..

Imagine telling Woozi how amazing he was as a goalkeeper during the futsal match at ISAC.

BONUS: Woozi gets a little flustered when you say he looks sexy when he’s focused.


EXO’s precious leader 💗
(Day 10/14) [10/12]

barduil fic rec list

I’ve been thinking about making a rec list of my favourite fics for a while now, so I guess tomorrow being my 1st ‘writing anniversary’ is the perfect occasion to rec a few amazing stories! :D (except I couldn’t wait so I’m posting this today *coughs*)

There are many (many) (many) more fics I’ve enjoyed and loved, but in this post you’ll find my favourite faves. :)

In no particular order, let’s do this! (see at the end for a few Fingon x Maedhros fics because reasons)

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