I just LOVED this line when I read this poem

yellowteakid asked:

hey! hope your day is going swell. :^) say 5 things that you make you happy, and then pass this to 10 of your followers!

hope you’re day is going swell as well! (swell is such a funny word to say out loud… i love it) 

1. laughing so hard ur stomach hurts

2. writing something that you’re really proud of- whether it’s a line for a story, a poem, an essay or simply advice

3. listening to your favourite songs on a rainy day when you’re feeling sad and just playlisting in general 

4. snuggling up and reading books and falling head over heels in love with fictional characters

5. the smell of a wood stove (weird i know, but i’ve had wood burning in a wood stove every winter for my entire life and to me it smells like home and comfort) (also the smell of a bonfire makes me happy too)


I haven’t posted anything (written) in a while and don’t want to fall of the edge of the world again. So whats new? I haven’t written a poem in about a month and I don’t see me writing anything soon. I get so upset and anxious about writing. I feel silly or stupid half of the time. Most of the poetry I used to read was love poetry. And when I try to write something other than romantic poetry it just seems to fall apart. 

What am I going to do?

I will just keep reading and writing snippets of lines here and there. Wish me luck. 

The long love that in my heart doth harbour

The long love that in my heart doth harbour

The sonnet, which originated in the thirteenth century in Italy; is a short poem with fourteen lines, which usually have a particular rhyming patter, and originally had contrasting ideas – or emotions or themes, which were usually resolved, or sometimes just expressed in the verse. It is a favourite form of mine – not to write, although I did write in sonnet form when I was young, but to read. I…

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