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So this one time I was telling my mom about how there was a play of The Outsiders, and how I wished more than anything that we’d be able to do it in Drama Club my senior year (as it turns out, one of the main advisors of Drama hates The Outsiders, so…yeah that’s not gonna happen), and I jokingly asked her what part she thought I’d be good at playing, and she threw me completely off gaurd and said Johnny.

I asked her why she thought that, and then she responded in complete seriousness “Because you have a big heart and you stand up for people.”

And sometimes I look back on that and I just want to start crying.

- i went to target in the middle of the day in the suburbs on a sunday and ruined my own life, AMA

- why is there always some Yoga Becky doing something fucking obnoxious and stupid to block any escape route like unfurling an entire 8x10 rug she has no intention of buying before stuffing it, still unrolled, into some crevice where it does not belong as she shouts into her otterbox, conclusion: death penalty

- i think i’m honest to god at my breaking point after being woken up, a g a i n, at 2:30 in the morning by screaming drunk after slamming car door after yodeling bro after shriek-laughing white girl, to lie there fully awake with fumes of white-hot hatred oozing out of every pore in my body and I HAD EARPLUGS IN. I WAS PREPARED. i can’t do this anymore, i cannot be around people, someone or something please lay waste to all of this, it was a horrible horrible mistake, we should never have evolved past the point of flicking shit clumps at each other in caves, tower of babel this nightmare already i am begging you

- i smashed my finger against a sharp chunk of metal jutting out of the door coming back into my building and got an instant blood blister, and i don’t know exactly how, but i know it’s the fault of the football field’s worth of yelling sticky toddlers i had to wade through for the privilege of obtaining only two (2) of the products i went there for because target doesn’t really understand like, keeping things in stock at all, and Pilates Patty had to drag her sweaty baseball cap Cargo Dad husband in with her along with the whole deafening brood instead of leaving him home to watch them and do his fucking JOOOOOBBBBBBBB

i think this is the foul mood that might actually kill me

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Appreciation Aesthetics | Day 3 | Under Appreciated Gem | Smoulder by @midnightstarlightwrites| Louis

Marinette traced her fingers down the smooth lines of the magazine, a blush creeping to her face. It wasn’t just his toned, muscular body that set her aflame, although that was certainly a bonus. It was his eyes. The way his body appeared, languid like a summers day. His body said relax but his eyes said devour. She’d seen those eyes before…

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  • i love varys so much????
  • Tyrion’s reaction to Jon being KITN tho I luved that
  • melissandre uniting jon and dany is enough for me to like her lol (or not idk)
  • grye worm scene with missandei was cute and all but meh it could have been shorter 
  • cersei you smart ass bitch
  • but hes so brave bless him
  • jon leaving sansa in charge was nice i just hope she doesnt screw this up
  • the arya scene with nymeria was beaitiful and sad at the same fucking time??!! lile :(((((((
  • the euron attack looked really good ngl
  • theon ugh you were doing so good goddammit
So Here’s the deal lmao

alright hello!!! if there are a ton of errors, blame tumblr being laggy whenever i make textposts on my comp


oh my gosh it has been way too long since I have posted a fic and!! I am super super sorry about that! I promise you, I have been trying to finish a few different HCs/fics! And if you want sneak peaks/want to just know what I have WIPs of, you can totally ask! Just please know that I haven’t forgotten, and that I do have a few different ideas for upcoming fics!

Okay but here’s the thing

as many of you know (from my constant babbling on it), i am taking two online courses! Spanish ll and H.O.P.E (online PE lmao). I am currently on the second/last segment/semester/what-have-you! However, for Spanish, I am only 36% done. For HOPE, however, I am about 53% done! I only have one more module for HOPE, but 3 more for Spanish. I also only have three weeks until I go back to school! Because of this, I really, really need to focus on my education, rather than anything else. This means that I really might not have any fics for the rest of the summer. I will be able to do HCs, seeing as those don’t typically take very long I say as I have those shopping and teasing Jared HCs still unfinished and I can get those out within a day or so! 

Not only do I have these summer classes, and family constantly visiting, but… Guess who’s going into freshman year lmao!! Which means that wow!! I have no fucking clue how it is going to go!! Because this is my first year of high school, I really want to make a good first impression, and really want to concentrate on my education shit. I really want to just focus on only school for maybe just the first nine weeks? Just until I get into the flow a little bit! Which also could mean an even greater lack of posting from me. Again, I am super, super sorry!! I just really do need to focus on school work, and try to help my mental health a bit? Regardless, I will totally try and work on some things!! I really will! I loved writing, but stopped for years! And this community brought me back into it!! All you guys inspired me, and welcomed me into this community so kindly and just!! I can never repay you for that! Thank you sososo much, and I promise that I will try and get a ton of things out for all of you <3

Also!!!!! Wow!!! I didn’t realize but!! I almost have 600 followers!! And don’t worry, this post is long enough, so I won’t go on a whole thing but!! Thank you sosososo much!!!! I never would have thought I would get to 300, let along nearly 600!!! I am forever grateful, and I am totally open to any ideas to celebrate!!

Anyways, thank you for reading this!! And it is probably really jumpy and hard to follow, but at least I got my point across? Regardless, thank you for all of your support and you patience, it means the world to me!! I love you all and I hope you guys all have a rad day <333 !!!!