This is why the newspaper in the time vault changed. The byline, this is why it’s not Iris. This is, Iris didn’t write that story anymore eight years from now because, she’s dead. I just watched her die. I saw myself try to save her but I wasn’t fast enough. Jay, tell me this isn’t my destiny.
—  Barry Allen, once again making everyone simultaneously start sobbing

Oh my gosh. (cries)

I just read the chapter where Honey gets a cavity…. and I wish the episode had followed along with the original plot line a bit.

It was actually the Valentines Day story, and so when the Host Club turned down sweets it was actually including all the chocolate they would get on Valentines Day. 

And then at the end of the chapter, after things are resolved with Honey, Tamaki announces that they’ll be celebrating Valentines day in the club and the twins are like: “Nobody is going to give us chocolate, it’s the day before, it’s too short notice to make any.”

And he’s like: “No, we’re going to celebrate it the European way!”

And then: 

They give all the girls a rose. 

And it’s just so cute, dANG IT.

I was becoming far too comfortable in my world. The universe decided to remind me that there are people who label all anime as ‘horrible and filled with crappy animation’ automatically without any research.


I have a confession to make: I can’t watch my Quizzie kissing Cullen. I always skip the scene, even though I will dutifully send her to kiss Cullen at every single trip to Skyhold.

It’s just too much. My face goes up in flames. I make dying noises. I grip my chair. And it hurts me because they love each other and it’s too much????

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I can watch other Quizzies. But when it’s my Quizzie? I get overload with emotions and I can’t watch it.

ok but honestly? the best part of yuri on ice is that its so….normal, in terms of characterization. like sure, theres exaggeration of character as is usual for any tv show, but the characters do so many normal things like…take random selfies, or zone out, or experience anxiety…its very easily relatable

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so i've never been through a "big" or "severe" trauma, like there's never been one defining moment in my life that i can pinpoint as the cause of my (possible) PTSD. it's more like a jumble of mildly to moderately traumatizing moments. can i still have PTSD?

ptsd by definition is a disorder resulting from one traumatic event, so one event may have caused ptsd and the rest may influence it. unless they’re all within a short time span, then maybe it’s different? i’m not too sure. maybe ask a professional? I’m sure if you’ve got the symptoms then they’ll diagnose you


this was in the recs for that last video and I don’t even have a reaction tbh 

List of People I’d Much Rather Watch Fall in Love in Space than Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt

Gina Rodriguez and Oscar Isaac

Lupita Nyong’o and John Cho

Gugu Mbatha-Raw and Kate McKinnon

Zachary Quinto and Rami Malek

Aja Naomi King and Dev Patel

Constance Wu and Diego Luna

Feel free to add more, as I’d imagine it’s a long list.