I just

*talks about other RT stuff* *loses three campers immediately* Y’all…

You know, i’m forever grateful with every single one of my followers and friends, i am, truly, however right now i’m on this dead end where i feel and see that no matter what i draw it won’t get as many notes or recognition as with any of my old Gotham Fox drawings.

And it’s not being greedy, or something, because freelance artists NEED notes and recognition, reblogs and support more than anything to achieve their goals and dreams, they are always in need of people’s help, support and reblogs. I want to do new things, Joker, Scarecrow, BatJokes, original stuff, much more that my old gotham fox stuff.

Right now? Gotta be honest, i’m slowly getting away from Gotham, and i want to feel comfortable doing something different thay people will like as much. It kills me to see that one of my favorite drawings that i’ve made of Joker has like 70 notes and my sketchy Gotham ones have 1,000, and don’t get me wrong, i don’t take for granted my support with gotham art, but right now that i want to expand myself it doesn’t seem to work.

I don’t know, maybe i just need to work harder, maybe i need to really start all over and make my way through, i just really want to feel comfortable.

Imagine having control of more money than you could ever spend in your lifetime, and then going out of your way to try and bleed even more money out of people who can barely make ends meet. Imagine being the kind of person who could literally just spend all your days painting or writing or playing with dogs or helping to nurse orphan baby sloths, with no worry that you will ever lack the funds for housing, entertainment, health care, vacations, etc, imagine reaching that point, and then deciding you are going to work your ass off to screw everyone else over instead. You are going to spend your days bribing politicians so that you can charge some minimum wage single working mother an extra $40 a month for her ability to use Facebook. So that you can charge some uninsured kid so much for his insulin that he can’t afford it and ends up dying while he begs strangers on the internet for help. That’s what you want to do with your life.

I do not understand billionaires.

[A tweet from Liam O’Brien answering the question “ I’ve been tortured with this question for months and I made it to the mic today JUST in time for the panel to shut down. WHAT CHARACTER DID YOU HAVE READY TO PLAY IF VAX DIED?? “

Liam’s response:  The idea was a Halfling Druid/Monk from the Air Ashari, sent by Keyleth’s father, to be of aid to her in her grief. He himself was going to be a widower(?) to another Ashari fella named Riegel. That was the back up plan.]

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