I hope your day is filled with happiness and that all your dreams come true



I am so proud of all your accomplishment this year! MADE was AMAZING and you truly showed all VIP how talented and wonderful you are! You are inspiring and you fill everyone with joy and love with your music and each of your personalities. 2015 will forever be a great year to remember! The next years will be busy and filled with support from all VIPS as each of you begin your military service and solo activities. Don’t worry too much, we will be here waiting until you can become whole once again on stage. I hope 2016 brings many wonderful things for all of you. Jiyong I hope you continue to do follow your dreams and passions. TOP I hope you have a amazing days ahead and good luck with your service duties that are coming soon. Daesung I hope you continue to smile with true happiness and that you are it with others always. Seungri, I hope you continue to o the same and that you continue to show everyone how talented and amazing you are! And Taeyang I hope this next year brings many dreams to reality for you. I love you all~!

Merry Christmas and a Happy new year~!

love, Your VIP, Envil May.

video credit: Bigbang 2006 Christmas Party

@diannaagron: Wishing the happiest and most magical of birthdays to this beautiful Khalessi. You’re one of the most amazing people I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing and calling a friend. I’m not sure how I got to be this blessed, but I thank my lucky stars for it, and more importantly; you, on days like today. You’re truly one of a kind and I sincerely hope you know that, and also how much you mean to me and those around you. You’re such a light of happiness and positivity in my life, and you inspire me daily to try and have the same outlook on life and be a light in someone else’s life. I love you dearly, Ems. Happy birthday. I hope your day is filled with nothing but joy, laughter, fun, and absolute love. May all your wildest dreams and goals come true this year. @emilia_clarke @emilia–x 💕

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY FELLOW DESTIEL TRASH <3 Hope your day will be filled with rainbow and unicorns, may all your dreams come true and, hopefully, Destiel becomes canon ;D Love you to bits <3 (For many reasons, one of them being introducing me to deancasjimmy ^^)

Thank you so much hun ❤ I’m so happy we’re friends. And I am very happy i was able to introduce you to the sinful trashcan ship that is deancasjimmy ;);)