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The Ocean Calls

If you don’t already know, I’m very much in love with @nightships​‘ Surfer AU verse, and while she was writing an extra in that world (it’s beautiful, go read it, no bias here), she was kind enough to let me join her and play around a bit with her characters myself! This is what happened.

Summary: Standing in front of her with a board tucked under his arm, the only explanation Killian could offer was “It’s been a long time.” It hadn’t been, though. Not really. Emma hadn’t even known him as long as he’d been off a board, and even for her, the thought of him in the ocean at the mercy of the waves and the sharks was terrifying. It hadn’t been nearly long enough to erase that fear. And yet here they were.

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The family’s girl (Batfam x reader) Part 2

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I hope you like it!

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“Well? Are you going to explain yourself? Or do I have to kick you out of my window?”

“SORRY!! I-I just came to your room, and ,and  you looked so warm and comfy! I couldn’t help myself.” Nightwing said. “Pls don’t kill me”

“You’re lucky I am happy today, so get out now before I change my mind.”

Nightwing, in all his risky nature, kissed your cheek and ran away thought your windows.

Your eyes followed his moves until his figure was not visible.


You sighed and went to get dressed, you put on a cute skirt and a blouse, no makeup and you brushed your teeth and hair.

You went to your neighbor’s door, you decided to ask him to breakfast as a thank you.

Tock Tock Tock

“Dick? Are you home?”






Five minutes after, Dick opened the door and leaned in the door frame.

“Hey…” He said with a confident smirk.

You broke in laugh attack.


Dick looked at you as if you were crazy, then he looked in the hall mirror and saw that indeed

He had his superman boxers over his pants.

Wow Dick, if you want a girl seeing you in boxers you could be smother.

He blushed in all the shades of crimson and ran to his room to change meanwhile you were laughing your ass of.

“I’m ready. What did you want, (n/n)?” He said, coming out of his room, now dressed right.

“I just thought, dunno, if you wanted to have breakfast with me, my treat! As a thank you for your help.”

Dick’s eyes shined

“YES. Let’s go! I know the perfect coffee shop.”


You decide for a hot chocolate and a croissant and Dick decided to have a coffee and a croissant.

“Wow, you don’t know how thankful I am right now. The only thing I have in my pantry is cereal.”

“Heh, thank YOU for your help.”

“So, (y/n), why are you so happy today? Got a date or something?”

“How do you know that?”

“…I’m a fortune teller…??”

“What? But yeah, I got a date with my friend who lives in Gotham. It’s been years since last I saw him”

“He’s more than a friend?”

“What? NO! We’re just friends”

“Then, I still got a chance?” He winked.

You  blushed but sipped your chocolate with a smile.


Tim Drake normally was a sleep deprived teen with too many preoccupations and didn’t think of going out with anyone. But he got kissed a lot.

So he must be attractive, no?

If so, he could win the heart of his long love interest in secret.

AKA (y/n) (l/n).

Alfred was surprised to see young Tim Drake, dressed prettily, without bags under his eyes, fresh as a rose.

It was a good surprise.

“Master Tim, what got this change in you today?”

“I got a date, Alfred! Tonight!”

“I’m surprised there is a girl so foolish that she would agree going out with you.” Damian said.

“You little- you know what? I’m too happy to fight you today.”

Bruce Wayne who was just reading the newspaper raised his eyes and looked at his middle child, eyebrows raised.

“I hope you will bring her home soon, if she is the same girl you’ve been talking about for years.”

“I-I don’t know when to bring her, for all the family to be present…” Tim said, but what he really wanted to say was:

“I don’t want to bring her home, all of you will scare her off.”

“Tomorrow would be a good day, Alfred was going to make your favorite for dinner. I’m also very curious of what makes this girl so special than she got you to sleep 8 hours.”

“heh, I-I don’t know if she will be able to atted…”

“You coward, you don’t want to bring her home? Are you scared I will take her away from you?”


“Oh, so her name is (Y/n)…hmm (y/n) Wayne it sounds better than (y/n) Drake.”


“Stop it. Tim you know Damian is just messing with you.”

“I now, but-“

“Sorry, to interrupt you master Tim, but at what time you promised Miss (Y/N) you would pick her up?”

“At 7”

“…” Bruce looked at his son. “Tim, you know it’s 6:50, right?”


Damian laughed at Tim’s distress until his father glared at him.

“I got the car ready, master Tim. Ready to go when you are.”



Tim was late and you were freezing.

Great day to pick a short skirt and a blouse.

“Where are you Tim?”

“Prince charming forgot about his Cinderella?”

You turned around and found Nightwing, hanging from a lamp post.

“You again…What do you want now?”

“Oh, nothing, just keep company to this really beautiful girl who helped me out last night. And if her date let’s her hanging, treat her to dinner.”

He jumps to the ground and smirks, flipping his hair fabulously.

“I don’t need your company, Tim is almost there I know it.”

“Well, why don’t we go-“

Suddenly a limo came up and Tim got off of it, running to you, his jacket in hand.

“I’m so so sorry, (y/n). My stupid little brother made me late.” He said as he put his jacket around you. You smiled at Tim and kissed his check.

“Don’t worry, I’m just happy you are here.”

“What’s Nightwing doing here?” Tim glared at his brother, jealous.

“Oh, he-“

“I was just keeping her company, and was almost going to take her to have dinner, seeing as you keep her waiting in the cold unforgiving night of Blüdhaven.” He glared back.

“Well, I’m here. So you can scram off.” Tim said snarkily.

Wow, Tim so OOC.

“Yeah, I’m going I have to find my colleague Red Robin, I have to talk to him about a …problem.” Nightwing said. “Have a wonderful night (Y/N) “ He kissed your cheek to Timmy’s displeasure, who grabbed your hip and dragged you to the car.

You entered the car and Tim sat next to you, meanwhile the car pulled off Tim and Dick’s glare contest was still going on.


“I’m so sorry (y/n)”

“Don’t worry, Timmy. Now shush and enjoy the movie.”


In the climax of the movie, Tim pulled off the oldest trick in the book as he stretched and pulled his arm around you.

You smiled at his smooth move and leaned your head on his shoulder. He blushed but a silly smile was on his face for all the rest of the movie.


“Did you like the movie?”

“Yeah, I did. It was better than some of the other prequels.”


“ Now what?” You asked. Tim smiled charmingly.

“Now he go to have dinner.”

After a short drive, the car pulled off on this really fancy Italian restaurant.

“Timmy! This is too fancy for me!”

“Nothing is too much for you. You deserve the best”

You smiled at Tim bashfully.

He was a real charmer.

Well, he is a Wayne.

“I had a reservation.”


“ Tim Drake-Wayne”

“OH. Mr. Drake, come in please! Over here, we have the best table for you and your date. Right this way.”

She looked nervous.

Huh, why? You thought.

Tim waited for you to sit and then brought the chair closer to the table chivalrously. Then he sat down himself. A waiter came up with the menus and after a short period of time your food was already served.

“So… How do you like Gotham?”

“It’s gloomy and dark…”


“I like it.”



Tim smiled and his ears turned red.

“I missed you, (n/n), a lot”

“I missed you too, Timmy”

“…Do you still want to meet my family? We’re really dysfunctional and probably, my brothers won’t be here and-and”

You put your hand over his, shutting him up.

“Yes Tim, I would love to meet your family.”


“Tomorrow at 9?”


“Wait, tomorrow?!”

“If you can’t we could-“

“NO-no It’s okay, I just have to go shopping for something…fancier.”

“No (n/n), you are beautiful dressed in a dress as you are in your gym clothes. You don’t need more fancy clothes, I’m sure my family will love you as you are just like I love you-“



“Don’t worry, I’m nervous too. And I think your clothes are beautiful” Your face and a tomato were the same in this moment.


After a wonderful diner and a walk in Gotham Park in the chilly night of Gotham with the city light as your stars, Tim took you back to Blüdhaven and walked you up until your door.

After a few moments of tension, Tim gained the courage to try and kiss you.

As his lips were about to touch yours, the door in front of yours opened and Dick come out of his home.

He wasn’t spying you two through the peephole.


“Timmy? Little brother what are you doing here?! Came over to see you favorite big brother?”

Tim blushed and turned to Dick who was smiling broadly while Tim glared.


To be continued…

#8 I Found A Love for Me

A/N: hey nerds. this week has been a doozy, but nonetheless i’m well and breathing. sorry i haven’t written in a while, writers block was full force and I was so stressed I was just creatively like…not there. at all. ANYWHO here we go. Back on track. lets do this shit. In the mean time, feel free to read all of my stuff here -> it’s always tagged under “ficshit” 

The List Be Here
1. Oh my god you’re in love with her
2. You’re too good for this world
3. It’s about damn time!
4. I just had to see you
5. Please let me help
6. H-How long have you been standing there?
7. Could you be happy here with me? (this one is my fave so far xx)

***I’m also going to be a douche bag and NOT write this prompt, I have another prompt i’ve had in my head for a bit and I’m gonna write that one instead. Don’t h8***

Based off of Ed Sheeran’s “Perfect” and “Hearts Don’t Break Around Here” BECAUSE I can’t not think of Bechloe when I listen to them. Assholes.

Dating for three years, engaged for one, these two were finally ready to tie the knot.

Most of the wedding plans were set other than the details regarding the reception. More specifically, their first dance. Beca had told Chloe she wanted to surprise her and to leave all the music to her, but Chloe didn’t not like knowing what was going on. 

They were sitting on the couch, Beca on her laptop - Chloe flipping through social media on her phone, their legs intertwined but bodies on opposite ends of the couch. Chloe nudged Beca with her foot. “Hey.. so like can you at least give me a hint?”

Beca looked up and took an earbud out, “A hint to what?”

“The wedding stuff. Just give me like a genre.”


“Babe pleaseeeee” pouty face in full force, Beca’s weakness.

“Nope. Notta.”

“I’ll give you a foot rub every night this week and do the laundry for a month.”

“You already give me a foot rub every night.”

“Okay but the laundry thing.”

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Hurricane Warning - Chapter Seven


Chris Evans stared blearily into the fridge, hoping that breakfast would miraculously appear. Unfortunately, it didn’t. His phone rang, and he scratched himself through his boxers as he looked for where he had left it last night. He found it on the kitchen counter. He really should have plugged it in, but considering the pile of clothes, both his and Sutton’s, that were on the floor next to the kitchen counter where his phone resided, forgetting to plug his phone in was understandable. He was too busy plugging something else in. That’s right. He laughed like a frat boy and high fived himself before picking up his phone.

Why was Pine calling him? He thumbed it on. “Wasn’t expecting to hear from you this morning.”

“Did Dani get home okay?”

That startled him into a bit more alertness. “Wait a minute. You didn’t bring her home yourself?” He had thought Pine was a good guy, but what kind of asshole didn’t personally escort his date home?

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ankitsukai  asked:

SaruMi + ring, christmas/holiday, music, photograph, sunset, comfort, daydream, flower crown, letters, chains, soulmates, realization, glasses, falling, secrets (Sorry for so many, I just really love your writing)

Sarumi + Ring

“Hey Misaki,” Fushimi whispered as he slipped into the hospital room, eyes fixated on the still form on the bed, searching for some sign of change and feeling the familiar, bone-deep pain that came with the realisation that nothing had changed. “Misaki…”

    Quietly he followed the familiar path to the uncomfortable chair next to the bed, sinking into it with a groan before reaching out for the vanguard’s hand, hating how still and small it felt in his but still twining their fingers together. For a long moment he just sat there staring at their linked hands, before reaching into his pocket for the ring he had been carrying for weeks, hesitating as he stared at it…this was not how he had imagined this going, he had been waiting for the perfect moment, wanting to see Misaki’s eyes sparkling and to see his blush…but he needed to give the vanguard a reason to come back to him, a reason to live, and he took a deep breath before slipping it onto Misaki’s finger. “You have to come back to me…I want to hear your answer, I want to marry you…”

Sarumi + Christmas

   Fushimi came to a halt as he realised that there was something, or rather someone blocking the door to his apartment, eyes narrowing as took in the sleeping vanguard. Part of him was tempted to just turn around and go back to work, or to see if he could sneak in without disturbing Yata because he really wasn’t in the mood for an argument, but as he watched a shiver work its way through the smaller teen. Sighing he moved up the steps and crouched down in front of Yata, reaching out hesitantly to shake the vanguard awake, fixing a scowl on his face when the other teen stirred with a sleepy mumble.

“What are you doing here Misaki?” He asked, tone sharp as soon as he caught sleepy hazel eyes, and for a moment irritation washed over the vanguard’s face, but then he lunged forward and wrapped his arms around the startled blue. “Misaki, what the…?”

“Merry Christmas!”

Sarumi + Holiday

“Saru…” Misaki grumbled as warm arms tightened around him once more, pulling him flush against his partner, and he twisted so that he could peer up at Fushimi who was smirking at him…his breathing sped up at that expression, and he swallowed nervously. “I thought we were going to go out today…?”

“It’s my holiday,” Fushimi pointed out, leaning in to kiss the vanguard and playfully biting at the end of Misaki’s nose, chuckling when the vanguard yelped and turned bright red. “I think I’d much rather spend it right here…after all it’s been too long since I got to have you all to myself.” If Misaki hadn’t been blushing before, he certainly was now as he buried his face against the taller man, muttering insults under his breath but not protesting when he was pulled closer, and tilting his head to the side when Fushimi began to press butterfly kisses to the side of his neck.

Sarumi + Music

   It had always surprised Fushimi that Misaki was still using the headphones he’d brought him, although some part of him had clung to the sight of them hanging around the vanguard’s neck…hoping that maybe just maybe, it meant that Misaki wasn’t trying to get rid of him completely. However, he was stunned to see the look of utter devastation on Misaki’s face the day the headphones broke, shattered when the vanguard had been sent tumbling off his skateboard during a skirmish with the Blues. Normally the rest of HOMRA had to tear the vanguard away, but today he had just stopped in the middle of the fight…mouth moving soundlessly as he stared at the broken headphones, before slowly lifting his head and staring at Fushimi for a moment, letting the younger teen catch a brief glimpse of tears in the hazel eyes before Misaki was gone, practically fleeing the fight.

   It was that image, the sight of Misaki so close to tears that found Fushimi leaving work early that night and heading to the store, debating with himself the whole way…it wasn’t like new headphones would fix anything, and these wouldn’t have the emotional value the others did so the vanguard might just toss them in the bin. It didn’t stop him buying a pair, or from leaving them on the vanguard’s door later that night when he was sure he was home…and it didn’t stop him from smiling to himself when he saw them around Misaki’s neck the next time they met, even if it was hidden beneath a scowl and a familiar insult.

Sarumi + Photography

    Fushimi had always scoffed at his partner’s obsession with documenting every part of their life, unable to see why they would need photos of them doing boring things like shopping or tidying the house…and they’d had more than one argument about it. Yet right now he was glad that Misaki had never given up, that his stubborn crow had taken snapshots of every aspect of their life, filling their hard-drive and numerous albums with the story of their relationship…because it was all he had left. He had long since run out of tears when he holed up on their bed, still mussed from where Misaki had forgotten to make it the day he had…the day he had…pain lanced through his chest, the grief deepening and his hands trembled as he reached for the albums he had been combing through endlessly over the last few days. There were so many moments, tiny things that he had forgotten…the way they had both ended up covered in cake batter the day Misaki tried to teach him to bake, Misaki catching him trying to feel all the Christmas presents…too many moments, and something shifted in his chest as he let his fingers ghost over Misaki’s face, tracing the familiar grin before a tear landed on the photo, blurring the image as a sob shook him. Misaki…

Sarumi + Sunset

“Come on,” Misaki urged, yanking on Fushimi’s hand and the younger teen reluctantly let him guide him along, trying to tell himself that it was easier just to agree…and not that he couldn’t resist those sparkling hazel eyes, or the bright smile as Misaki guided him out onto the rooftop. Fushimi growled under his breath, was this really what the idiot wanted to show him? Dragging him out a perfect winning streak at the arcade to go climbing on roof tops?”


“Look,” Misaki cut him off, seemingly unaware of his irritation as he gestured at something behind Fushimi and the Blue slowly turned…and his breath caught as he realised what the smaller teen was pointing at. The city was bathed in beautiful reds and oranges as the sun slowly began to sink beneath the horizon, and his irritation faded, because right now the world was bathed in Misaki’s colours and when he turned to look at the vanguard, it was too see the sunlight reflected in the bright eyes and he couldn’t help but reach out to twine their fingers together.

Sarumi + Comfort

    Yata sighed as Fushimi began to stir again, restlessly moving his head from side to side once more, hands clenching and unclenching in the duvet as his expression twisted into one of distress. Even before his fingers brushed the other’s forehead he knew that the fever had risen again and he growled under his breath, his boyfriend had made him promise not to take him to the hospital, but if it got any higher he wasn’t going to have a choice. For now, he would do what he could, reaching out to retrieve the cloth that had been soaking in a bowl of cool water, wringing it out and gently beginning to run it over feverish skin, washing away sweat and soothing the overheated skin.

“Come on Saru…” He murmured softy, jolting when weak fingers caught his wrist and managing a weak smile when he finally caught a glimpse of dark eyes. “Hey there…”

“Hey…” Fushimi’s voice was barely above a whisper, his eyes already drifting shut even as he leant into the cooling touch of the cloth, and his breathing evened out a moment later as he settled and Misaki sighed, smiling slightly as he reached in to press a small kiss to warm skin.

Sarumi + Daydream

“Damn it Misaki!” Fushimi cursed as he rushed across to where the vanguard was slowly sitting up, blinking in surprise at finding himself on the ground and then hissing as he moved, drawing the younger teen’s attention to the nasty grazes on Misaki’s knees. “What were you doing?”

“I was thinking…”

“Daydreaming you mean,” Fushimi retorted, the older teen had been distracted all morning and refusing to tell him what was bothering him…it was why he had suggested they go to the skate park, aware that skateboarding helped to settle Misaki when he was worrying about something. But now he was regretting the suggestion as he took in the blood on the pale skin, the pain in the hazel eyes that met his gaze for a moment before looking away again and he sighed. “Come on…let’s get you up so I can take a look at your legs.”

Sarumi + Flower Crown

   Fushimi blinked when something landed on his head, reaching up to brush it away, only to freeze when Yata grabbed his hands to stop him….and didn’t let go…

“What are you doing? And what have you put on my head?! The vanguard sighed at the suspicion in his voice, squeezing his fingers before letting go, allowing Fushimi to reach up and search his head…blinking at the feel of flowers beneath his searching fingers, gently lifting whatever it was and staring at it when it came into sight. “A flower crown? How old you Mi-sa-ki?” He teased, but when Yata went to snatch it back he held on, hastily dropping it back on his head before catching the vanguard’s hands in his own. “Leave it…”

“How old are you?” Yata retorted, but he didn’t make any attempt to pull away, instead twining their fingers together before leaning in to steal a kiss. “It suits you…”

Sarumi + Letters

   Fushimi cursed under his breath as he sent a box flying in his search for his PDA, immediately bending to retrieve it as he realised it was the small wooden chest that Misaki had always asked him to leave a lone, wincing as he took in the broken hinge. Damn… Gingerly he lifted it, wondering if he could fix it before the vanguard returned, but then it swung open and he froze, staring in confusion at the dozen envelopes hidden inside…all of them addressed to him in Misaki’s scrawl. Curiosity warred with caution, and in the end, it won out and he sank down on the bed, setting the chest aside before pulling out the top envelope, relieved to find that it wasn’t sealed and carefully opening it and pulling out the single sheet of paper from within. Misaki’s handwriting really was appalling, but he had become adept at deciphering it over the years and he scanned the letter, feeling an unpleasant weight settling in his stomach as he realised it had been written during their estrangement…Misaki had been reaching out to him, pleading with him to come back or for them to at least be friends, but he had never sent it…

“Saru where are…?” Misaki’s voice cut off abruptly, and Fushimi glanced up to find the vanguard stood in the doorway staring at him with wide eyes, colour draining from his face even as red rushed into his cheeks.

Sarumi + Chains

   Yata groaned under his breath as he came too, head pounding and the sharp pain that accompanied each breath telling him that the blurry memory of a knife catching his side wasn’t his imagination and for a moment he tried to sink back into unconsciousness, at least it didn’t hurt there. However, as he moved slightly there was a strange rattling sound and a feeling of his stomach flip-flopping, and a sudden uneasiness had his eyes creeping open…wishing he hadn’t as he took in the unfamiliar room, and the fact that he was suspended off the ground, feet barely touching and he shifted again, whimpering as it tugged on his injuries.

“You’re awake.” The voice startled him, and he blinked, clearly his blurry vision just enough to focus on the strain that he had been fighting earlier. “I thought I might have killed you.”

“Sorry to disappoint you,” his voice was weaker than he liked, and he growled under his breath when the man smirked at him…he reminded him painfully of Fushimi, and Misaki felt a jolt at that thought before he shook his head…no, Fushimi was many things, but he had never truly tried to kill him and right now Misaki would give anything to see the Blue, even if it meant owing him for saving him. Saru…now would be a really good time to show up…

Sarumi + Soulmates

    Fushimi wondered just what had possessed the higher powers to give him a soulmate like this…to be honest a small part of him had always hoped that he wouldn’t find his, it seemed like more trouble than it was worth…it was more trouble than it was worth, he corrected as he glanced at the man currently sleeping in his lap. Rather than introducing himself like a normal person, the smaller man had literally thrown himself into Fushimi’s life…charging into a fight to protect him, and getting himself hurt in the process, managing to blurt out his name before passing out and leaving the startled Fushimi to deal with the strain and his own personal complication. Part of him had been tempted to call for an ambulance and let others deal with the idiot, but something had stopped him…which was why he had ended up back at his flat, with a stranger in his lap, blood staining both them and his sofa and a strange warmth flooding through him as he studied the pale face.

“Why is it someone like you…?” He whispered, hesitantly reaching out and ghosting his fingers over the others face, wondering what was going to happen when he woke up…would he be happy? Annoyed? Scared? Why…why are we meant for each other?

Sarumi + Realisation

  It felt like he couldn’t breathe, couldn’t move, couldn’t think…unable to do anything but watch as the Blue King disappeared into the distance, leaving nothing but his voice and the words that had just shredded the image he had of the older man…of Fushimi. The dull ache in his chest that had been constant companion from the moment the younger teen had left HOMRA, burning their friendship along with his tattoo, flared to life…a sharp pain that had Yata clawing at his chest, eyes burning as realisation washed over him. He had actually believed that Fushimi could have betrayed the Blues and he’d been wrong…how many other things had he been wrong about? How much of the situation between them was his fault?  He closed his eyes, every interaction they’d shared since Fushimi had left HOMRA flashed through his mind, Saru…. why didn’t you tell me?

Sarumi + Glasses

   Yata’s heart was hammering in his chest as he hauled Fushimi to safety, forcing the other teen down as the trap that the Blue had triggered went off, covering him as rubble and flames roared through the air above them…fairly sure he could smell his hair burning. He could feel the Blue squirming, protesting and he pressed him down, not trusting that there wasn’t another trap ready to go off…and not wanting Fushimi wondering around blindly again and setting something else off.

“You really need to get contacts…” He growled when he finally deemed it safe to move, rolling over and blinking as he realised the warehouse was now minus a roof. “What happened to your glasses?” He had seen them on the blue’s face barely five minutes before, and yet in those five minutes he had manged to lose them and blunder into a tripwire.

“No idea…and thanks…”

Sarumi + Falling

   The blade had left Fushimi’s fingers, a perfect throw as always, but he knew that it wouldn’t be enough…it never was, and that was why they could fight like this, without hesitation because they knew that the other could handle it.  That was why it took a moment for him to realise that Misaki hadn’t moved in time…a moment too long…and another blade fell from suddenly nerveless fingers as he took a cautious step forward, eyes widening as he watched the vanguard lifting shaky fingers to the knife in his chest, hazel eyes slowly rising to meet his gaze.


   A shaky laugh escaped the vanguard, the sound so out of place in the situation that Fushimi physically flinched…hand trembling as he reached for the smaller teen, but it was too late, crimson staining the front of the cream top and then Misaki was falling and terror jolted him forward with a frantic shout.


Sarumi + Secrets

“Saru…” Yata’s voice trembled as he stepped into the room, eyes darting nervously around as he took in the hospital room, the silent machines that should’ve been keeping his boyfriend alive. His breath caught, and it took every ounce of strength he had to move forward on shaky legs, wishing that the others had come with him…whilst also relieved that there was no one there to see him as a sob shivered through him as he reached out to grasp Fushimi’s fingers, twining their fingers together and trying not to focus on the chilling flesh. “You promised me that there weren’t going to be any more secrets…Saru, you promised…so…” Why?! Why did this happen? Why didn’t I know where you were or what you were doing?

Stars (Open Imagine)

So, I got a request to do a one shot based off of my ten word story: “You smiled, and I swear I could see the stars.”

I’m making this a renaissance-y, fairy tale au type thing because I’m feeling it today.


She was beautiful. The daughter of a wealthy Lord, many a man wanted her as his wife for political reasons, but it was more than that. It was the way her soft hair fell about her shoulders. It was the curve of her full lips, the long lashes framing her eyes, the sway of her hips when she walked with confidence, the sweet innocence of her smile. Everything about her was desirable, and it was obvious that everyone knew it.

He wasn’t the most important man in the lord’s court. Though his mother had been the youngest daughter of the Lord of a nearby province, he had followed in his father’s footsteps and become a knight at a rather young age. He was strong, and skilled, and a hard worker. Many of his fellow knights trusted him with their lives, and depended on him in battle and at home. He wasn’t unattractive; There were always two or three girls from the nearby village hanging around and vying for his affections, and although he was polite in his dealings with them, none of them ever sparked his interest.

There was only one woman he had eyes for.

They had only spoken once.

He remembered the day well, though it was almost a year ago now. He had just returned from the village, where he saw the blacksmith about getting a new shoe for his horse. As he was entering the castle, he bumped into a young woman, knocking her off balance. She would have fallen, ruining her soft, elegant dress, had he not wrapped one hand around her arm, steadying her. He had mumbled an apology, recognizing from her clothes and hair that she must be the daughter of someone very important and very wealthy. She had looked up at him with a cheerful expression, assuring him that no harm had been done. She smiled, and he swore he could see the stars in her eyes.

Though not much of a conversation, it was the only spoken words that the pair had ever exchanged, and he remembered every second of it. From that day on, he was more aware of her, always picking her out in a crowd, ever-aware of her distant presence. The thought that she didn’t feel the same, that she might not even remember him or their brief interaction, nearly choked him.

When the young Lady (Y/N) turned sixteen, there was a great celebration in the castle as well as the village. Her father, the lord of the small province, had announced that this year he had finally elected to find a husband for his daughter. Everyone was on about it, gossip and whispering running ablaze. Sixteen was quite old to remain unwed; most girls (Y/N)’s age were happily married, and many of them were already mother’s. Even the lord’s other daughters, all several years elder, had been married at much younger ages, all in strong political matches. By this time, the fair (Y/N) had multiple nieces and nephews, though she herself had never even been courted.

The rumor mill was turning, of course. Some said that the lord’s youngest daughter had suffered a terrible illness, which had been kept a secret, and had recently made a miraculous discovery. Some said that she had already been married in secret to a common boy, someone who would shame her family name, and her father had just finally had the marriage annulled. A few of the more adventurous gossips said that she was… of an unconventional preference when it came to partners, and had refused to be wed to a man. The real reason for her late marriage was, of course, simply that she was the youngest child, the baby of the family, and that her parents weren’t quite so eager to lose her to their future son-in-law.

One the eve of the young lady’s birthday, her father planned to make an announcement. The festivities had already begun; The air crackled with youthful enthusiasm, a bonfire warmed the night, adults and youth danced, and the children of the castle and the village played together with loud excitement. The loud, joyous celebrating suddenly hushed to a low hum when the Lord stood, ready to make his announcement. “I have concluded that for my youngest daughter, I shall not arrange a marriage of political convenience.” This sent whispers through the crowd, which quickly died out as the dignified man continued to speak. “Instead, there will be a tournament. In one week’s time, all the eligible young men of noble blood shall be allowed to compete in a series of events. The winner will, of course, be awarded Lady (Y/N)’s hand in marriage.”

This caused quite a stir in the crowd. A tournament such as this meant more celebrations for them, more wine, more food, more long nights of singing and dancing. And yet, the young knight could do nothing but stare at the young woman in question. She sat quietly on her father’s lefthand side, head bowed respectfully during his announcement. She accepted her fate with soft dignity, almost expressionless as she watched the men and women of her father’s court and the village people reacting to the news. She didn’t look upset, but she didn’t look happy either.

All he could think was how, thanks to his mother’s family line, he was technically considered a young man of noble blood. And he was certainly eligible – until this moment, marriage had been the furthest thing from his mind. But for her, for the beautiful girl always just a bit out of his reach, he was more than willing to consider the possibility.

He had to fight for her. He was going to compete.


When the first day of the tournament arrived, the entire castle was in an uproar. Lady (Y/N)’s mother had ordered her daughter a new dress for each day of the competition, and insisted that she look her best for the suitors. Half a dozen maids scurried around the chambers, getting her ready for the big day: smoothing any wrinkles from her dress, braiding her hair, and doing everything else to prepare her and make her look her best. Her stomach fluttered nervously. She was going to see her future husband today, though of course she wouldn’t know who he was until the end of all the competitions. She found herself hoping he was good looking, giggling at the thought.

She was now seated next to her parents, watching the competitors introduce herself. Some of the young Lords were sending forth champions, rather than competing themselves, which she thought hardly seemed fair. One by one, the young men were announced, each bowing to her father before assuming his position on the field. Towards the end of the (much longer than she had expected) procession of suitors was a young man who couldn’t have been much older than she was. He was more handsome than many of the other competitors, oddly familiar, and as soon as he had bowed to her father his gaze lifted, drifting to her. Of all the men who had been announced so far, he was the first to really look at her. She lifted her lips in a polite smile, pretending not to notice the warmth rising to her cheeks.

From that moment on, she knew who she hoped would win.

The tournament began. There were two events on the first day, with half of the competitors knocked out in each round. She sat a bit taller and watched a bit more intently whenever her special knight was competing, always sinking back with a relieved sigh and a small smirk when he won. There was no denying his skill.

That night there was a feast for the suitors who were still in the competition. (Y/n) managed to escape her parents by claiming to need a moment to collect herself. As soon as she was out of their sight, she rushed to the table where he sat, placing a cautious hand on his shoulder. He looked up at her, his entire face lighting up when he recognized her delicate features. He stood, allowing her to lead him to a secluded corner of the party. “May I assist you, my lady?”

“Please, call me (y/n).” She curtsied with a playful smile. “I’m afraid I do not recall your name, my good sir.”

He told her, watching her perfect lips from the syllables as she repeated it. She smiled. “I like it. Do not tell the others, but you are my favorite.”

He couldn’t stop the wide grin that took over his face, nor the blush that rose to his skin. “In that case, I will double my efforts to win for you.” He took her hand, raising it to his lips and pressing a gentle kiss to her fingers.


She sat on the very edge of her seat, biting her lip and gripping her arm rests. The last match of the tournament: jousting. Her knight, the young man she could already feel herself falling in love with, was one of the two remaining competitors. She sent up a silent prayer to anyone who was listening, begging them to let him win.

He looked up from adjusting his lance, smiling reassuringly, though nerves were eating at his stomach. If he did this, if he won, she would be his. And if he lost… he lost everything.

The horses began to run. The knights lowered their lances. The entire crowd drew in a collective breath, holding it as the lances collided. She nearly cried out when her knight was struck, wincing as his shoulder was obviously injured. He looked up at her, silently promising not to give up.

The horses charged again. She brought her hands to her face, covering her mouth to keep herself from shouting. There was a loud, angry sound as lance struck chain mail. The opposing knight slid from his horse, dropping to the straw covered ground with a thud. Her knight looked up at her, smiling triumphantly. She gasped. He had won. She was his.

She watched in awe as her future husband dismounted, leading his horse over to where she sat. He bowed to her parents. “My Lord. My Lady.”

He looked up, and she could practically count the stars in his eyes. “It is my honor to have won your daughter’s hand.”

Halloween Dress-Up

When Marinette’s school decides to have a costume contest, she and Alya dress up as Ladybug and Chat Noir. Little do they know how much they’re amusing a certain black cat.

(AO3) (FF.net)

Look, Marinette! Costume contest!“ Alya pointed to the sign that had appeared on the classroom door. "It’s on Halloween!”

“That’s an entire month out,” Marinette commented as she peered over Alya’s shoulder. “They must have anticipated that some of us would be making our own costumes.” She glanced in Alya’s direction. “And costumes for our friends as well.”

“We could go as Ladybug and Chat Noir!” Alya suggested, clapping her hands together with an expression of glee. “You’d make such an adorable Ladybug, Marinette!”

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Seasonal Cycle

Pairing: NicoMaki
Words: 2000+


She shined brighter than the rays of the summer sun; she was joy, warmth, and light. Most importantly, she was your joy, your warmth, and your light. She was the illumination on your dark summer nights. Just like the sun, her presence was powerful, fierce, and filled with passion.

You admired her. You respected her. You adored her. But you would never tell her this because unlike her, you’re cautious and always guarded. Opening up is a whole other thing for you and no matter how much you want to say what you’re truly feeling, it’s almost impossible.

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Keeping Cool ~ Stiles Stilinski

Request:  A Stiles imagine where you have a pool day with him. You play games, kiss a lot, and other things.

Pairing: Stiles Stilinski x Reader

Warnings: Sort of steamy make out session, swearing

Word Count: 1,888

Author’s Note: The anon who requested this wanted it somewhat sexy, and this is my first time writing sexy, so I don’t know how well I did. I’m awkward and like the opposite of sexy, so just bear with me. 

“Wake up, Y/N.” Stiles says, placing soft kisses on your nose. You groan and keep your eyes closed. “You may be cute, but that’s not gonna work.” Stiles announces, ripping the covers off of your sweat covered body. 

“It’s too hot to live, I’m dead, let me sleep.” You plead, not yet opening your eyes. “Well I’d hope not, I’ve got plans for you.” Stiles says. 

This gains your interest, so you open one eye. “What plans?” You ask. “I see that I’ve gotten your attention. You’ll know what plan if you get out of bed.” Stiles answers. 

You reluctantly open both eyes and start your day. 

Today was not like any other day. Today was normal. There was no supernatural coming after you, nothing trying to kill you, just boredom plaguing you and the rest of the McCall pack today. 

Graduation had happened the week before, and summer was in full swing. You were all desperate for something to do, but glad that you didn’t have any life or death obligations. 

“Care to tell me what these mysterious plans are?” You ask. hoping to get an immediate answer. “Nope.” Stiles replies, handing you your coffee. 

“Why am I dating you again?” You playfully question, narrowing your eyes. “I might be wrong, but because you love me?” Stiles suggests. “I don’t know, maybe it’s your pretty eyes.” You say.

“Yeah, that must be it.” Stiles agrees, placing his hands on your waist. He pulls you flush against his body, until your lips are centimeters apart. Your noses touch slightly.

“If this is the plan, I like where it’s going.” You whisper, pressing your lips to his. They move together feverishly, while your hands find their way into his hair. 

His tongue slides at your bottom lip asking for entrance, but you decide to make him work for it. You swear if your eyes were open, you could see him glare at you. 

Stiles’ hands moves down from your waist to your ass, lifting you onto the counter, but not before he could get a good squeeze in. This amuses you. so you grant him entrance.

Stiles smile into the kiss and quickly picks up the pace. You break the kiss and  then move your lips down his jaw. You keep going to his throat, sucking slightly, which in turn makes him let out a groan. 

Stiles reluctantly pulls away. “As good as your plan is, we actually have somewhere to be at a specific time.” Stiles says, breathlessly. 

“And this place would be?” You ask. “Lydia’s.” Stiles answers, finally. 

“Now was that so hard?” You question. “No, but the make out session definitely made me more inclined to answer.” Stiles says. 

“You’re pathetic.” You say. “You know, you’re not the first person to say that to me. So, you’re attack is not effective.” Stiles replies. 

“What are we even doing at Lydia’s that worth leaving your barely air conditioned house? I’m already sweating my ass off.” You state. “And what a fine ass that is.” Stiles comments, and you roll your eyes. 

“Okay, okay, I’m done with the sexual comments, for now. She’s breaking in her pool, and for once, we’re invited.” Stiles says. “What are you talking about? I was always invited, Mr. Nobody.” You tease. 

“You’re evil, and you and I as a we have never been invited anywhere, so my logic still stands.” Stiles argues. “And Lydia is our best friend, so inviting us is an obligation, and it’s probably a pack thing.” You reply. 

“There is no winning with you. Just get your stuff and meet me in the Jeep.” Stiles says. “There is winning with me, it’s just that I’m the one who does the winning.” You state. 

You pull up to Lydia’s house, and see that Scott’s motorcycle is already there. You ring the doorbell and Lydia answers, already in her bikini. It’s turquoise and she looks perfect in it. 

“Damn Lyds, you look hot.” You comment. “Should I be concerned about you stealing my girlfriend?” Stiles asks, with a playful glint in his eyes. 

“Oh please, as if you wouldn’t get excited with a little girl on girl action. And you’ll look just as great in the one I got you.” Lydia states. “You didn’t have to get me anything.” You say. 

“Sweetheart, I wanted to, so let me share the wealth, and at least try it on.” Lydia says. “Alright fine.” You sigh, turning to Stiles, “If I’m not back in ten minutes, send help.” 

“Will do.” Stiles replies, giving you a thumbs up. He then goes out the sliding door, into Lydia’s backyard. 

Lydia then pulls you into her room. A black swimsuit is pulled out of one of the many bags in her room, and handed to you. “How do you even know what size I am?” You ask, raising an eyebrow. 

“I just do.” Lydia says. You still look at her questioningly. “Just try the damn thing on.” 

You change into it, and you have to admit, Lydia knows her stuff. It fits perfectly and shows off your body in all the right ways. If you didn’t have confidence before, you definitely had it now. 

You and Lydia make your way into the backyard. Scott, Stiles, and Malia are already changed and waiting for you. 

Stiles was in some heated conversion with Malia about how deer was not a viable option for grilling today, so he hadn’t noticed you had come down. 

“I don’t get it. Deer is meat, you like meat, what do you have against it?” Malia asks, more curiously than aggressively. 

“I think this might just be another argument you don’t have enough valid points to win.” You say, successfully turning Stiles into a mess of flailing limbs. 

“When the hell did you get there? Do you take pride in making my life- oh damn, y-you look nice.” Stiles says, eyes not so subtly scanning your body. 

“Seeing you shirtless isn’t the worst part of my day. While you’re at it though, got anything to say about my eyes? Which are up here.” You tease, pointing to your face. “They help you see.” Stiles replies, with a smug grin. 

“I hate to interrupt whatever the hell this is, but I’m not waiting forever. I’m getting in the pool.” Malia announces, jumping into the water. 

You shrug and then follow her example. Pretty soon, the pool is filled with the entire McCall pack. 

At this point, everyone is mostly lounging around in the water. Taking this time as the relaxation that has been much needed. It was all fine until Stiles demands, “Let’s do something.” 

“We are doing something.” Lydia argues, from her floating position in the pool. 

“Well then, let me rephrase. Let’s do something fun.” Stiles says. “Like what?” You ask. “I don’t know, something. Someone has to know pool games.” Stiles answers. 

“Pool games? What are we, seven?” Lydia asks. “Some of us are.” Scott says, looking directly at Stiles. 

“I don’t take offense to being young at heart.” Stiles replies, with his hand on his heart. “I like the idea. I never really got to do any of this kind of stuff when I was a kid.” Malia says. 

“Okay, fine. We could play chicken.” Scott suggests. 

“There would have to be rules. Us puny humans an be easily overpowers by you were-folk. We need to make it fair, so there needs to be a were-something on the bottom, and a human on the top.” You state. 

“That sounds about fair.” Scott agrees. Everyone thought that if would be you and Lydia on the top for the first round, but Lydia said that she wasn’t one for being hoisted onto someone’s shoulders. 

So the teams ended up being, you and Malia, and Scott and Stiles. “You’re going down, Stilinski.” You tease. “In your dreams, Y/L/N.” Stiles responds. 

 Malia moves you forward, and Scott moves Stiles. Your hands push at his shoulders, but Stiles seemed anchored to Scott. “Is that all you got? I’m supposed to be the puny human remember, Y/N?” Stiles teases. 

“Oh it’s on now.” You reply. You get in closer and try to push with all of your might. Stiles takes your close proximity as an opportunity to grabs your sides and start tickling you. 

This makes you loosen your grip on Malia just enough for Stiles to push you in the water. 

“You dick! That can’t be legal.” You say, once you get your head out of the water. You hadn’t put your head underwater until now, for the purpose of not getting your hair wet. Now your hair is wet and acting as a curtain around your face, so you can’t see anything. 

“There isn’t a rule against it, or that really mentions it at all. So, I won.” Stiles says, as you move your hair out of your face. 

“I think you mean we won.” Scott interjects. “Yeah, yeah, whatever.” Stiles replies, motioning his hands towards Scott. You roll your eyes at how much Stiles is beaming. 

“Since you made me soaking wet,” You begin, slowly approaching Stiles. “I do that all the time, and you don’t seem to complain.” Stiles interrupts, with a proud smirk on his face. You could hear Lydia snort at his comment. 

“As I was saying, I think it’s only fair that I get an eye for an eye, you smug little bastard.” You say, jumping on Stiles and dunking him underwater. When Stiles comes up, he has a look of surprise on his face. 

“I was gonna just splash you at first, but then you had to go and be a smart ass. You put this on yourself.” You state. Malia then insists that her and Scott have a breath holding contest, and then Lydia has to be the timer. 

Stiles backs you to the edge of the pool, effectively caging you between his arms. “Still sweating your ass off?” Stiles asks, his lips brushing yours. 

“No, completely cooled off. I might even need some help getting warmed up.” You answer, latching your lips onto his. His hands go into your mop of hair as he deepens the kiss. Then you wrap your legs around his waist. 

Coughing gets your attention. “Uh guys, we’re still here.” Scott says, making you remember where you are. You remove yourself completely from Stiles, and you both have a slight blush on your cheeks. 

“I think this is as good of a time as any to get the grilling started.” Lydia suggests, getting out of the pool. “’Yeah, I could eat.” Malia agrees, following Lydia. 

Everyone files out of the pool and is wrapped thoroughly in towels. Stiles leans over right next to your ear. “We’ll finish this later.” Stiles whispers, pressing a kiss to your cheek. 

You try to suppress the flush that will immediately go to your face at those thoughts. They begin to plague your mind. “Y/N!” Lydia yells, shaking you out of your thoughts. 

“What?” You ask, beginning to focus on the real world again. “I asked if you wanted to help me get the plates.” Lydia answers. 

“Oh sorry, sure I will.” You reply. “Something bothering you?” Scott asks, genuinely concerned. 

“I think that she probably just has a lot on her mind.” Stiles suggests, with a wink. 

Mine - The sequel to 'You Are In Love' - Chapter 1

“Adam, where the fuck are you? And where’s Taylor? Your wedding is in a few hours!” Karlie yelled into the phone. “Please tell me you’re not with her right now.” She groaned and I looked at Taylor my eyes widening as she put on a shirt.

“What? No! I am not with Taylor and we I mean I will be in my room getting in my tux and my future wife will be getting ready for the wedding in like five minutes.” I told Karlie, as I reached for my boxers and Taylor winked at me.

“How do you know Taylor is going to be here in five minutes? You’re totally with her aren’t you?” I could mentally picture Karlie rolling her eyes at me. It was impossible to lie to that woman, I swear.

“I have to go. Bye.” I hung up the phone as Taylor laughed at me. “Come on! We have our wedding to attend.” I grinned at her. She stepped closer to me, wrapping her arms around my neck, as mine went around her waist, pulling closer to me. “We just had sex in a closet five hours before our wedding.” I laughed, kissing her lips.

“And it was mind blowing.” She smirked, tapping her fingers against my chest before pecking lips and turning around. “I’ll meet you at the alter.” She told me, winking before opening the closet door carefully so no one would see us. Our friends had prohibited us of seeing each other the night and during these few hours until the wedding so we had sneaked out and found ourselves in this closet where I smiled to myself thinking of my best friend.

I would be marrying her today. The woman I have been loving since I was sixteen, I was marrying her. After all we had been through, we were finally getting married. It felt like a dream and it was. I was living what I had dreamed for years.

I proposed a year after we got back together and now six months later, the day had finally arrived. I loved her so much, with everything that came with it. I had been stupid enough to have given up on us after her career took off but that night at the Brits, I knew I had to have her back. I waited long enough to have her all to myself. Now that woman was my fiancé and in five hours she would be my wife, it was crazy to think about it. My best friend since I was sixteen, the most amazing girl I had ever met, the girl I fell in love with. I couldn’t ask for more.

I snapped out of my thoughts and got out of the closet, walking to the room where I was getting ready. I looked out the window, facing the ocean. We were getting married on an island, away from the prying eyes of cameras and away from all the stress in New York City and Los Angeles. It was peaceful here and it was also beautiful. We flew our families and our closest friends here.

Our life hasn’t been easy up until the wedding. Taylor was right, the attention she had, media wise was worse but this time I could take it. Everyone speculated about everything and anything we did, they created rumors and it could get annoying but we ignored it all. We were in our own world most of the time but everyone wanted a piece of us, wanted to know more about our relationship although we had remained relatively private about it. Only posting pictures once in a while. I had become quite successful in the EDM world and on the charts too. A lot of people considered me to be the king of EDM and Taylor was on top of the music game. I loved watching her work and play sold out shows to fifty thousand people. We were considered a power couple, winning all the awards and having millions of fans, especially Taylor.

“Adam? You ready, mate?” Charlie knocked on the door, walking into my room as i stood in front of the mirror in my suit, fixing my tie.

“Yeah. Is it time?” Charlie nodded and I grinned, taking a deep breath and walking with him out of the door. We went outside, where everyone was. I stood on the alter waiting for my love. My heart was beating so fast. I wanted to see her already. She hadn’t let me see the dress, so I was excited because I knew she would be beautiful, she’ll probably look like a goddess and my knees felt weak just thinking about it.

My breath was caught in my throat when the music started playing. Then she came into view, that beautiful angel appeared in front of me. Our eyes locked and tears started streaming down my cheeks. She looked so beautiful, so perfect. I couldn’t believe that I would get to call her my wife. Taylor’s uncle was the one walking her down the aisle since Taylor’s parents didn’t speak to her. I knew that hurt her but seeing the smile on her face as she stepped closer to me, my worry vanished. I took her hand, grinning as she stopped in front of me and the minister began the ceremony.

When it the time came to say my vows, the ones I had written myself, I stared deep into her eyes and everyone else around me disappeared.

“Taylor,” I began. “When I first met you, I was fifteen. It’s been more than ten years since that. We’ve been through a lot together and I’ve always loved you through all of it, even if I hadn’t told you. I know everything about you, I lived with you for seven years and you discover a lot about someone when you spend so much time with them. You’re my everything and I mean that. It took too much time to get here, to our wedding day but I just want you to know that as I stand here today in front of our friends and family, I’ve never been more grateful. I could give you a million reasons why I love you and it wouldn’t be enough. I promise to be by your side and to love and cherish you for the rest of my life. You’re my best friend. The one who I’ve had countless adventures with and I know that we’ll have many more. I love you so much more than you could ever imagine.” I smiled and she sniffled, gripping my hand, a huge smile on her face.

“You always make me cry when you say stuff like that.” She wiped her tears, giggling to herself lightly. “You know I love you. And I know that there’s no one else in this world for me than my goofy and idiot of a best friend. There’s no one else I’d rather spend my life with. I want to have everything with you. I know you better than anyone and I love everything that I know. I guess I kind of knew all along, that I was in love you with you. And I really am. I’ve never experienced something as intense as what I feel for you and I don’t think I ever will. I promise that whenever you need me, I will support you. I will love you and I’ll never take you for granted. You’re my world, Adam and I hope that as we go through this life we have the happiest life we could have.” She smiled me and I started letting the tears fall out.

“Will you, Adam, keep Taylor as your favorite person — to laugh with her, go on adventures with her, support her through life’s tough moments, be proud of her, grow old with her, and find new reasons to love her every day?” The priest said, glancing at me.

“I will.” I replied not taking my eyes off of Taylor. He asked Taylor the same questioned and my knees felt like jelly as she responded, her simple ‘I will’ sounded like the Angels had gathered around to sing the beautiful melody ever produced. We exchanged rings. I placed the ring on her finger and it was all official. Taylor Alison Swift was my wife. Taylor Alison Swift -Wiles.

My lips pressed against hers and everyone cheered but I didn’t hear a thing because I knew that we were forever. She my wife. My fucking wife and that was all I ever wanted.

regal-believerxrizzlexaddict  asked:

Hi I'm looking for the sneakpeek of WHIV where Robin tells her he checked them out of the hotel and now staying at the Four Seasons for the rest of the wedding weekend. Would you be able to link or just link the pictures of it on Twitter? Thank you!

Y’know, I think I only did that one on twitter. But I’m happy to post it here for ya:

“Come with me.”

She appears out of nowhere – he’d lost sight of her for a few moments there, figured she must have escaped to the bathroom while he wasn’t looking, but she’s back now, only slightly unsteady despite the many glasses of champagne he’s handed her since the reception began. She’s weaving her fingers with his, leaning a little heavily against his grip. Definitely a bit drunk, but not yet sloppy.

“Come with you where?” he asks, winding his arm around her waist instead.

“To our room,” she says, a little light of mischief in her eyes as she walks him toward the doors of the reception hall. “These heels are killing me, and I forgot my sandals this morning.” She leans in close then, whispering perhaps louder than she’d meant but not so loud as to be easily heard by others, “And maybe a quickie.”

Robin chuckles, but halts them just a few feet from the door and draws her in close. He takes a quick glance to make sure there’s nobody within hearing range, then murmurs, “I’m sorry, my darling, I’m afraid we can’t go back to the room.”

Regina frowns – more a pout, really, as sloshed as she is – and asks, “Why not?”

“Because I checked us out of the room this afternoon, right before the ceremony.”

His stomach twists with nerves at how she’ll take this little revelation – hopes she’ll come round quickly once she has all the information – as he watches her eyes go wide, then narrow, her brow furrowing, her voice a hiss when she questions, “Why the hell did you do that?”

“Because we’re not staying here anymore,” he tells her, with what he hopes to be a soothing stroke of his palms up and down her back. “You’ve been a nervy ball of anxiety since we got here, and I know there’s supposed to be brunch tomorrow, but I think you should blow it off. I got us another room, elsewhere, away from your mother, and your family, where we can just relax for a day or two.”

“Or two?” she questions, brows rising.

Robin gives a guilty grimace and then his most charming smile, “I may have booked us two nights. We can head out early on Monday if you want to get back, but you’re self-employed and I know you said you had a light beginning to your week.”

“What about Roland?”

“His grandparents will happily keep him for another night. I spoke to him this morning; he’s having a grand time with them,” Robin excuses, and then she asks the question he’s been waiting for, her face still doubtful and grumpy.

“Where are we staying?”

“The Biltmore.”

Her brows pinch, and then smooth, and her lips part, not quite a jaw-drop, but close enough. “The… Biltmore as in the Four Seasons?”

“That’d be the one, yes,” he tells her, smiling now, rubbing her back again.

“You got us a room at the Four Seasons? Today? How?” she questions, shock making her voice rise enough that he glances around to be doubly sure Cora’s nowhere near enough to hear. He’s not whisking her away for a very expensive few nights’ getaway just for her mother to find out where he’s stashed her.

“Shh,” he coaxes, teasingly. “We wouldn’t want your mother to hear.”

She presses her lips together, shakes her head soberly. And then grins at the realization of just what he’s done. There’s the glee he was hoping for.

“And yes,” he continues, “As for how, sheer luck. But I called this afternoon, and was able to book us a room, and a full spa treatment for you at two o’clock tomorrow.”

Her jaw does drop then, her head shaking slowly before she blurts, “Robin, that’s so much money.”

“Well, I have rather a lot of that,” he shrugs, admitting for the first time that he’s not from as modest of means as he knows she’s assumed.


“You’re not the only one who’s wealthy, Regina. Taxes will be murder.”

“What – you said – what happened to you having horrible credit?” she stutters, and he recalls that conversation, the day they’d met, him telling her not to run out on him while he fetched her clothes and saline because she’d get stuck with his bad credit.

“I lied,” he shrugs. “I was leaving you with all of my things; what if you were going to fleece me? I didn’t want you to think I was an easy mark.”

She’s smiling again, laughing and shaking her head, and then she’s launched herself at him, arms flung round his neck, painful shoes apparently forgotten as she murmurs into his neck what an idiot he is. Some thanks he gets for blowing several grand on what he likes to imagine is something akin to a proper honeymoon, especially now that they’ve agreed to sleep together as much as they like in this little seaside town.

“You’re the one who married an idiot,” he parries back, and she drops down to her heels again (a little wobbly but he steadies her easily) and shakes her head.

“I’m starting to think that wasn’t such a horrible idea.”

Robin’s grin is quick, and pleased. “I told you I’d win you over.” She rolls her eyes, crosses her arms over her chest, tips her chin up. She doesn’t quite sell the glower, what with her lips twitching out of the attempted frown every half second. “Now go kick off your shoes, dance barefoot for a little while, and then we’ll get the hell out of here. How does that sound?”

“Perfect,” she tells him, doing just that, leaving her stilettos behind with him and snagging the first friendly face she sees – Zelena, this time – and dragging her out onto the dance floor. Robin hooks her heels off his fingertips and heads off in search of the bar for another glass of champagne – can’t have her on empty, after all.


“Whatever then..” you said into the phone, and you heard Dillon sigh. He was away on tour, and whenever he was away you two always had miscommunications. You would miss a call, he’d miss an important text and somewhere down the line a fight would start. It usually always happened, but this was about your birthday.
He had promised before he left that he’d come home in time for your birthday, and said he had planned a whole day just for you two. Well, apparently that wasn’t on anymore because the tour had been extended by a week. You had incidentally never gotten his text saying that, so when he called you up telling you that he was sorry he couldn’t make it, you immediately got upset.
“But baby, you promised!” You had whined sadly, feeling like a child. You usually didn’t whine and complain about things, but Dillon had been gone over a month and you missed him.
“I know, I know but that was before they added an extra week. I can’t change that, babygirl.” He had explained, his patience wearing thin. You hated making him upset, and you hated being upset, but either way you couldn’t win. It was either tell him how you feel and make him angry or sit and suffer in silence, slowly growing to resent him. And you’d rather not end up hating the love of your life, since you did plan on spending the rest of your life with him.
After a hushed and short fight, you hit the end call button, feeling sick to your stomach. You went to bed worried, your insides churning as you tossed and turned. Tomorrow would be your birthday, and Dillon wouldn’t be there.

You woke up the next morning to breakfast in bed from your parents, and your younger sibling jumping on your bed, holding a huge bag containing your presents. After you managed to calm them down and eat, you opened your gifts in front of your parents, thanking them immensely for everything.
“Well, your birthday only comes once a year. Better make it a good one!” Your dad said, and you smiled at him. He wad right, just because Dillon wasn’t there didn’t mean your birthday had to suck.
After hugging your parents and thanking them again, you asked them if you could invite a couple friends over for a little party. They agreed and your mother ran around trying to make the place look “festive” or something along those lines. She loved company, and you think she might enjoy rushing around, decorating anything in her path.
You invited a good amount of friends over and started getting ready, putting on your favorite dress and perfecting your hair like your mother had taught you, then applying some makeup. By the time you were done it was 11 AM and you could hear bustling around downstairs, so you went down to see.
“Should we get another cake? Maybe some balloons too? Wait, hun, could you pick up a sandwich tray?” Your mom asked, and you couldn’t help but smile.
“Mom, it’s fine. It’s just a few friends coming over to hang out.”
“I know, but it’s your birthday!” She exclaimed, and then went back to running around, asking where her streamers were and the table covers.
The day went by fast and before you knew it, your friends were gathered in your living room, laughing and goofing off. You tried to ignore the sinking feeling in your stomach as you checked your phone to find no messages from Dillon. Not even a single call. Was he still mad at you? Why would he be so mad as to not wish you a happy birthday?“
The doorbell rang and your friends looked around, wondering who was arriving.
"I ordered some pizza, I hope you don’t mind!” Your mother said and you smiled at her.
“I’ll go get it, thanks mom!” You said, grabbing the cash sitting out on the counter and heading toward the door. You opened it and there was a guy in a snug baseball cap with the pizza place’s logo on it standing there, holding maybe 6 or 7 pizzas stacked high in his arms.
“Hey, hows it going?” He asked gruffly, shifting the pizzas in his arms.
“Uh, pretty good. You?” You asked, taking the pizzas from him and handing him the cash. He counted it and pulled his hat down even farther, shielding his face.
“Why’d you order so many pizzas?” He asked, handing you your receipt. You wondered why he didnt tape it to the box, but you shrugged it off. Maybe the guy didnt know how to deliver pizzas.
“Uh, my mom ordered them. I’m having a little birthday party thing.” You said, confused over why he was still standing there. He had his money plus a tip, so why was he still there?
“A birthday thing? Is it your birthday today?” He asked, still looking at the ground. He was beginning to sound familiar, but you couldn’t place it. It was on the tip of your tongue, but his rough voice threw you off.
“Yes, it is.” You said, putting the pizzas down on the table next to the door. Maybe he’d take the hint to leave if he realized you were going to go inside.
“Well, happy birthday then you beautiful girl.” He said, but in a different voice. A voice that sounded a lot like…
The guy took off his cap and threw it to the ground, revealing himself.
It was Dillon.
You shrieked and jumped on him, hugging him tight. His arms immediately wrapped around your middle, pulling you closer to him. After going over a month without seeing him, you never wanted to let him go again. Excitement bubbled inside of you and you let out a muffled yell into his shoulder, making him chuckle.
“I missed you too, baby.” He said, and you could feel the rumble of laughter make its way through his chest.
You jumped down and looked at him, taking his face in your hands.
“You said you were gonna be gone another week?” You asked, and he shrugged.
“The show can go one without me. My babygirl needed me, it’s her birthday after all.” He said, and you hugged him again, pulling back only to let him kiss you, and you more than enthusiastically kissed him back.
“Would you two maybe want to come in?” You dad asked from behind you and you jumped, but Dillon laid a reassuring hand on your waist, and smiled at your dad. Your dad went from a stern look to a grin, and pulled Dillon in for a hug.
“Pretty sure you just made her birthday ten times better. Don’t go hurting her now.” Your dad said to him, and Dillon nodded.
“I won’t, sir. I promise.” Dillon said gentlemanly, and held his hand out, indicating for you to go inside first. You did, and he followed you inside, locking the front door behind him.
The party deteriorated around 10 PM, but Dillon was still there, his things in the guest bedroom which was conveniently located next to yours. He’d be staying for a few days before heading back to the tour, just in time for the last show.
Late that night, or really it must’ve been early morning, Dillon snuck into your room, whispering your name.
“What?” You asked tiredly, and he chuckled softly.
“You’re so cute when you’re cranky.” He said, slipping into the bed beside you. You felt his hand snake around until it found your waist and he pulled you to him, your back hitting his chest softly.
“What’s up, babe?” You asked him, and he hummed.
“Nothing. I just couldn’t stand being so close to you and not at the same time. If we’re gonna be within 100 feet of each other, I want to be with you at all times.” He said in your ear, and his hot breath tickled a little.
“I love you, Dillon.” You said, letting the words slip out. You had never said them, but now that you did, it felt right. It felt good and natural and the words filled you up and swallowed you hole at the same time, flipping your stomach dozens of times as you waited for him to respond.
“I love you too, baby. So much more than you’ll ever know, more than I’ll ever admit because it’s scary.” He said quietly, and you rolled over to look him in the eyes. His were big and full of emotion, from what you could see in the dark, and yours must’ve been the same way because he brought a hand to your cheek, smiling at you.
“I hope you had a great birthday, babe.” He said, and you smirked at him.
“It was great because you came.” You said, closing your eyes and relaxing in his arms. Thoughts flew mindlessly and soon you found yourself asking him a question.
“Dillon? Where did you get the pizza hat from?” You asked, and he laughed.
“I saw a spare in the real pizza guy’s backseat and took it when he wasn’t looking.”
“Dillon! That’s stealing!” You said, but you didn’t really care. What he did was too cute to makr you angry.
“It’s only fair, I mean look at you.”
“What? What do you mean?”
“Well, you stole my heart.”
You blushed and chuckled. “You’re so cheesy it hurts.”
“You know you love me.”
“I do, I really do.”

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#3, the first kiss.

Carter: You don’t usually like to kiss on the first date, but this time is an exception. You just had such an amazing time with him, and he was so polite but still so hilariously fun. Just as he’s walking you up to your door, you turn back to smile at him. “I had an amazing time,” he nods his head, a perfect smile still on his lips. “Me too.” you lean forward and his hand cups the side of your face as your lips touch effortlessly. “Goodnight,” he whispers onto your lips in the pale moonlight. 

Cameron: He really loves when girls play hard to get with him, because he likes a bit of a challenge. On the second date, after a beautiful moonlit walk and a delicious gelato date, you’ve arrived back at your house. He walks you up to your door like the gentleman that he is, letting go of your hand. “I’ll see you soon?” he asks hopefully. “For sure.” “Do I get a kiss goodnight?” his smile is too charming to resist. Your hand threads in his hair as your lips connect, bridging the gap between you. “Yes. Goodnight.” he’s left completely stunned.

Nash: Both of you were kind of unsure about going to this ‘beach party’ with mutual friends, but now you’re sitting on the beach together while the sun sets. It’s all horribly cliche, but as soon as the sun goes down you go to a quiet place to just be together. His hand lays atop yours as you watch the sky turn from blue to pink and orange, and he looks at you. “Today was fun!” you exclaim, looking at him longingly. He leans forward, pressing a soft kiss to your lips. “I agree.”

Jack J: It was no secret that you two had been best friends since… well… forever. And late night horror movie marathons were kind of your thing. But what no one really knew was the details of the feelings you had for each other. So, during one of these marathons, when you’re all cuddled up on the couch together you find yourselves seriously ready to make a move. “Look, (y/n)…” he starts when he feels the tension in the room. “Shhh,” you giggle, pressing a tiny, warm kiss to his lips. He of course kisses back. “I know.”

Jack G: Your boyfriend of one month, Jack, has invited you on a weekend trip to his lakehouse a couple of hours away. He tells you that it’ll be the two of you and Sam, because his parents were going away and he didn’t want to be alone. You were less worried now that you’d learned there would be 3 of you, as you were the kind of person to take relationships more slowly and you weren’t sure Jack was the same way. Once you get settled in, Jack suggests a boat ride. You agree almost immediately, you love going boating. Sam decides to stay back and get some rest. Jack drives the boat out to the middle of the lake and then turns off the engine. “Look at the sunset,” Jack said with a happy sigh, “it’s so beautiful up here. Almost as beautiful as you.” You look at him, blushing. He stares back into your eyes longingly. You both lean in, and you know this first kiss couldn’t have been more perfect.

Taylor: You’d met Taylor at a party only 4 hours ago. You and him immediately hit it off, as you both have a spontaneous and wild attitude. “Taylor,” you say, “I dare you to jump in the pool with all your clothes on!” you say. “Seriously?”, he looks at you, grabs your hand, and before you know what’s going on, he yells, “you’re coming with me then!” You both land in the pool with a splash. “You look so hot right now, I could just-”, you cut him off by pressing your lips against his. After you finally disconnect your lips, he asks, “hey, you wanna get out of here?”.

Hayes: “How fast can you get over here?” You pick up your phone to hear your friend Hayes crying on the other line. “Why? What’s wrong?”, you ask, “is everything okay?” “No! Please come fast.” You arrive at Hayes’ house and see him sitting on his front steps, head in his lap. You sit next to him and put a hand on his back. You notice that his dog, Spud, isn’t sitting in the front window like he usually is. Your heart drops as you realize what must’ve happened. “He was such a good dog! He didn’t deserve to die! It’s my fault.” “What happened?” you ask somewhat reluctantly. “I let him out last night and didn’t realize the gate was open, and he ran into the street and got hit by a car. It’s my fault!”. Hayes begins to sob. You pull him into a hug and tell him “it’s not your fault. It’ll be okay, I promise.” He looks up at you. “Thank you so much. That means a lot. You know, I couldn’t get through this without you.” Hayes’ eyes wander down to your lips, and then back up to your eyes. He plants a neat kiss on your lips, and you pull him back in for a longer one.

Aaron: For your third date, Aaron announces that he’s going to take you to a carnival and win you all the prizes you could ever dream of. You laugh, knowing how terrible he is at games. But to your surprise, you’ve only been at the carnival for 2 hours and already you’ve acquired a stuffed panda and dolphin. “When did you get so good at ring toss?” you ask Aaron. “The best men never reveal their secrets.” he answered with a smirk. You spend the whole day giggling, eating carnival food, and going on rides. “The fireworks start in 20 minutes,” you tell Aaron, “we need to find a spot to watch them!” “I have the perfect spot!” he says, grabbing your hand and pulling you somewhere. You stop at the Ferris Wheel, and there’s barely a line. You get on, and just as you reach the top, the fireworks start. “This is so wonderful,” you exclaimed. “Everything is wonderful with you.” Aaron smiled in response. He then kisses you, softly yet passionately.

Shawn: “Ever since I was a kid I loved space,” you said, looking up to the night sky, “I always wondered how far it went. How many different things were up there, if there were different realities than this one.” You finished, looking at Shawn. The party had died down considerably since when it started, there were only a couple people left, including you and Shawn.` You were suddenly very aware of how close he was leaning into you. This made you realize how tight your clothes were and how little makeup you were wearing. He must’ve seen how nervous you were because he carefully placed his hands on yours and held them, “I hope not,” He whispered, careful not to break the silence “because than there’s a reality where I don’t have you.” and with that, very gently, he touched his lips to yours, and now you understood what it was like to be in the stars. 

Matt: You’ve only been out with Matt twice before but today he was taking you the the pier to get ice cream and than go to the beach. The day was filled with laughs mostly, and stupid jokes and puns, which is the best way to spend a day. after you got your ice cream you decided to go to the sand. you both stood in the water and watched the waves. Suddenly a massive wave hit Matt in the torso making him fall down, dropping his ice cream in the water. You couldn’t breathe with how hard you were laughing, which is when another wave came, hitting you too making you fall. Matt laughed and splashed water at you, “That’s what you get for laughing at me!” He said, splashing you again. “Whatever, it was worth it.” You said, smiling. In a matter of seconds it got quiet, very slowly Matt leaned in and kissed you. You wrapped your arms around his neck and he pulled you closer, not breaking the kiss. “Matt?” You mumble against his lips. “Yeah?” He asks, “i think my ice cream landed in your hair." 

Dillon: You and Dillon had never really been together, yeah you guys flirted and hung out and sometimes cuddled during horror movies, but it had never been more than that, until one day during truth or dare with all of the boys. You guys were in Nash’s hotel room when Hayes suggested you play truth or dare with them, Which of course you said yes to. At first it was okay, but as it got later everything got more intense. Nash had just had to hit on the next person to walk through the hall which happened to be an average looking male. ”(y/n)“ Nash said, a wicked grin on his face, "truth or dare?” “Dare.” You said, truth was for pussies. “I dare you to kiss Dillon, NO, I dare you to make out with Dillon… for 2 minutes.” All of the boys went slack jawed. You turned to Dillon and put your hand on his cheek. “Sorry,” you whisper in his ear, “but I’m not a wuss.” And with that you passionately kissed him, and he kissed back. It was the best moment of your life, and it wasn’t the last time you kissed that night.

Sam: You and Sam had been long boarding through LA for most of the morning, which would have been a great time if you would’ve remembered to put on sunscreen this morning. Near noon you and Sam take shelter under the pier, close to the water. “I can’t believe you didn’t put on sunscreen!” Sam exclaims, trying to suppress a laugh. “I know! oh well, I’ll just stay inside for the nest few days.” You say. Sam carefully tries to put his hand n your shoulder but you yup in pain. “It’s really that bad?” he asks. you nod your head. “kiss it better.” you say, pointing to where you’re burnt. First you pint to your shoulders, than you point to your ears, than your cheeks, than your nose, finally his forehead is touching yours. “Sam?” “yeah?” “i think my lips are sunburnt." 

Jacob: You and Jacob had known each other ever since you were kids, you used to to pick on each other and have sleepovers and play together, you were insuperable, until he met Mahogany. Of course you were still there for him during their relationship, and even more so after, but that didn’t mean you weren’t surprised when he invited you over for dinner at his place one night. You both sat on his couch in silence, the Chinese food was finished, the movie was done, and now it was silent. "look, (y/n)-” “Jacob stop, when you and Mahogony started dating, I could see that you were happy, and I was happy for you, but just because you start dating someone doesn’t mean you can ditch your friends.” You say, trying your hardest for your voice not to crack. You looked over, expecting to see a surprised look on your friend but soon found there were tears streaming down his face. “You’re right,” he said, “you’re completely, totally right I have been a terrible friend but please (y/n) I love you please don’t leave me like I left you I didn’t-” “you love me?” His eyes went wide, “I didn’t mean to say th-” he didn’t have time finish his sentence before you were on the other side of the couch kissing his guilt away. 

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I saw the request about a scenario where Akashi+Kise+Kuroko's clueless s/o BestFriend, so I was wondering if you can do the rest of the GoM (Midorima, Aomine, Murasakibara)+ Hanamiya+Imayoshi+Takao+Kasamatsu. Sorry if too much, it's just to adorable!

Midorima: He didn’t know what he was expecting, really- but he did expect you to be smarter. More perceptive and less com-fucking-pletely oblivious to what’s right there in front of you. Midorima thought you would understand.

He was wrong in many ways. No matter how or when he confessed, you would either A) laugh it off, B) tell him to stop joking, or C) “confess” back (he learned that you were joking about it the hard way, unfortunately).

“_______. I’m being serious now,” he says, looking you in the eye. You roll your eyes, placing your hand on your hip. “Jeez, Mido-kun, this is like the fifteenth time today! Is this another confession?”

He nods, and you sigh exasperatedly. “I don’t get it! I don’t! Why are you so oblivious? I mean it, I meant everything I said-”

You stop him right there by grabbing his phone out of his pocket and showing him the date. He stands there in shock as you walk away, this time wondering why he could have been so blind.

April 1st.

Aomine: did it here~

Murasakibara: He honestly doesn’t know how you haven’t caught on yet. Everyone around him noticed; they whispered and giggled and nudged at you, but you still didn’t understand.

It was time for plan H. He had already gone through A, B, C, D, E, F, and G- and all he managed was to make a personal note to himself: you don’t like lizards.

Plan H was going to be the final, most obvious attempt at getting you to realize that he has feelings for you. Murasakibara didn’t want to plan past that; he had enough trouble planning after his first attempt so he didn’t even want to try. There’s a certain level of effort he puts into things, and this is probably his limit.

He shared his food with you.

Heads turned, food and utensils dropped, and the world went still.

“Aw, thanks, Mu-kun!” You accept the food as if nothing odd happened, or that even some of the professors have their eyebrows raised (they know all too well what Murasakibara does to people who steal his food).

That’s it. He gives up…

For now.

Hanamiya: He had no idea that you could be so oblivious to his flirting. “Hey, _______, I really like you.” Laughter from you, and a casual shrug. Frustration. Repeat.

He would’ve taken it personally if it didn’t sound like you were joking about it. So, he spent the entire day without so much as a word to his friends, instead walking around glued to your side, trying to get you to change your mind about him. When he wants something, he gets it, no matter how long it takes him or what kind of lengths he needs to go to.

He tries everything. Flirting, flowers, candy (at least whatever was leftover after he went through it), compliments… he even asked your friends for tips, but they were too intimidated/amused to give him a straight answer.

When he finally asks you why you won’t listen to him and if you’re only playing hard to get, Hanamiya freezes at these next words, shoulders slumping. Damn it.

“Sorry, Hanamiya-kun, but I can’t take you seriously! You’re always flirting with so many girls.“

Imayoshi: did him here~

Takao: While he’s usually easygoing and ‘plays cool’ naturally, he can’t help but stress out over how oblivious you are to his advances. What kind of person wouldn’t understand? Normally girls would jump at the chance to go out with him (not that he’s bragging).

To put it simply, he thought you would catch on way easier. Now he’s literally spelling it out.

Takao’s writing you a long, long note on how he wasn’t joking when he confessed and how he hopes you’ll take it seriously this time. How much writing does it take to make you understand? The world may never know.

When he’s done, he goes out in the hallway to track you down. He can’t find you, so he goes up to your locker and slides the note in. Takao didn’t write his name on it; you’ve read his writing long enough to know who it is.

Near the end of school, he notices a cluster of girls in the corner of the courtyard, laughing and giggling with something in the center of their attention. He gets close enough to look at it- and- and-

It’s the note that was intended for you.

He put it in the wrong locker. Red in the face, Takao takes off running before those girls could connect the dots. 

He can already imagine the headstone to his grave: RIP in pieces, you dumbass.

Kasamatsu: It really should have been obvious. The flowers, the hug, the expression on his face as he waited for your answer. Every girl should’ve known that it wasn’t a joke.

Ahahaha! Kasa-kun, if you’re practicing on me, at least say so. I thought you were serious there for a second.” He feels his positivity drop through the floor like a weight. “If you want my opinion, I think you should be less show-y and more feel-y, ya know? Good luck next time! I gotta run to class.”

He stands there for a solid five minutes, and people started to stare and whisper behind his back.

When he recovered, though, he had sort of regained the courage to clarify things with you again. As determined as he is, he’s never felt more inclined to faint in this moment.

He finally gets you alone again, and this time he confesses to you with such sincerity he relaxes at the end, knowing that only an idiot would still think he wasn’t being serious.

You smile at him. “There you go, that’s a perfect confession!” You grab his shoulders after spotting a familiar face, shoving him towards them. “Now go win Kise’s heart!”

Thankfully, you were relatively alone, but un-thankfully, Kise heard.

He wouldn’t leave Kasamatsu alone about it for the rest of the day.

We Found Love Where We Are,part 2

A/N: This was called “being best friends with Harry” but I figured it deserved a better title.

So I decided to do a part two of the “you and Harry are best friends but you both like each other so Liam helps set you up” (here is part one) because I had so much fun and I have a lot of ideas for it so I hope you enjoy reading! Do you want me to carry on with this? Let me know!x

*for those who aren’t from the UK/aren’t familiar,an unconditional offer is an offer from a university which means they basically liked you so much they offer you a place before you get your final exam results (probably a crap explanation)

** Y/I= your initials


“I did it,Harry! I got an unconditional offer* from the university of Chester!” I squealed down the phone to Harry as soon as I got the confirmation email. Thankfully, I was home alone so there was no one around to be frightened by the high pitched noise I just made.

“Y/N! That’s amazing! I can’t believe it. So,you’re definitely going to go there? I’m so proud of you”,I could hear him grinning down the phone, “You’re going to be so close to Holmes Chapel, I might have to move back there…”

“Don’t be silly,Harry!” I don’t know why I quickly dismissed it because it was a brilliant idea, but I know being in London is more convenient for him. “But yep, in six months time I’ll be a photography student at Chester!” ,I couldn’t contain my excitement. 

Harry hadn’t replied in a few minutes which worried me “Earth to Harold…hello?" 

"Oh,sorry babe. It’s just…I wish I was there with you,to celebrate”. I heard him exhale loudly. 

Me and Harry had been dating for almost two months now and it had just breezed by. We hadn’t made it completely official yet, but the other boys and our close friends and family knew. Harry had suggested we wait til my exams are over til we go public. I agreed, I didn’t need death threats from Directioners whilst I was revising for my exams.

“I wish you was too”,I tried not to sound too sad  because I know it would hurt his feelings knowing I was upset so I changed the subject “You’re going to win a Grammy in a few days though! So you and the boys can celebrate that and I’ll celebrate about getting into uni with Pebbles”, this made Harry laugh.

“A. what makes you so certain we’re going to win? and B. you can’t celebrate with your cat”. I glanced a look at my Daniel Wellington watch- it was coming up to 3pm meaning it was morning where Harry was. 

“Because you’re amazing and I don’t have any other options. Anyway, I’ll leave you to it because I imagine you’re super busy today”. Harry let out a groan.

“Hm okay, we do have a few appearances to make and then rehearsals. Send your love to your mum. And hey, congratulations Y/N, I’m so proud of you.” He sighed again, “I miss you, have a nice day.”

“I miss you too, see you soon”. 

“I love you”, he mumbled down the phone and sending my heart crazy. Although we’d told each other we loved each other so many times over the last 3 years, since that night 2 months ago it now meant so much more.


After spending a solid three hours studying, I dragged myself away from my desk and made myself downstairs when I heard my mum walk through the front door.

I made my way into the kitchen where my mum was unpacking some shopping. She turned around and smiled when saw me.

“Hello love,how was your day?”, she yawned as she was placing things into the fridge.

“It was good. So, guess which amazing daughter of yours got an unconditional offer from Chester?” I said as casually as I could. I watched my mum slowly retrieve her head from the fridge, her eyes starting to glaze with tears.

“Oh,Y/N! That’s just wonderful! Exactly what I needed to cheer me up after a crap day at work.” She’d run over to the door which I was leaning against and grabbed me into a hug. “I’m so proud of you!”

“Stop it mum,you’ll make me cry.” I’d done enough crying after Harry and I ended our call earlier. I missed him too much. 

“Okay,okay.” she pulled a tissue from the tissue box that was sat on one of the kitchen counters and wiped her eyes. “Let me put these away”,she pointed to the shopping on the kitchen table,“and we’ll go and celebrate. Just you and me.” I could see that she was tired but I know I’d just spend the rest of the night waiting for a text from Harry and I hardly got to spend time with my mum so it would have been silly to turn her down.

“Sounds perfect mum, I’ll go get dressed!”


“Y/N,you look incredible!I can’t believe my baby’s all grown up.” My mum gushed when I entered the living room ready to go our for a meal to celebrate me getting into university.

I’d put on a wide leg black jumpsuit with simple silver bracelet, accompanied by black pointed heels. I’d kept my makeup simple, just a few coats of mascara and some red lipstick. I checked for a text from Harry.I wasn’t surprised to see that there wasn’t one; it would be almost 3pm in LA so he’d be really busy. I put my phone on silent and placed it into my red cube clutch.

“Thanks,mum”,I smiled. “You look lovely!”. She did, she had on a black pencil skirt and and a navy blue shirt tucked in. I was in awe with how good she looked for age, hoping I’d look so good when I got to her age. She was an incredible woman my mother. She’d had me when she had just turned 18 and had raised me,with the help of her supportive parents,as a single parent. My dad,also 18,had moved to Australia when I was 3. He claimed he was too young to be settled down and wanted to see the world.Although it did feel like I was abandoned by him,I hardly knew him so it was weird when I saw him again at age 11 when he’d come back to Wolverhampton to see some old friends.He was a stranger to me.

“I’ve got to take a picture of you before we go!”,I internally groaned. I hated when mum took photos of me because she’d no doubt put it on her Facebook with a cheesy status, but I didn’t want to disappoint. 

I stood in the middle of our small living room,a plain white wall in the background and let my mum take a few photos. I smiled away as she made some funny faces behind her phone,trying to get me to smile. “Just think of Harry,love!” ,an ear to ear grin spread across my face. I thought I’d Instagram one of the photos so I quickly sent one my mum had taken to my phone via iMessage. It was the one where I was thinking of Harry so decided to send him the photo.

Guess which idiot I’m thinking of in this photo? X

I pressed the lock button on my phone, placed it back into my bag and handed my mum her phone back. “Right,let’s get going then. The Italian restaurant down the road is calling my name”.Me and my mum made our way to her car outside,I took one last look in the mirror in the hallway before stepping out, smiling at the thought of Harry liking the photo I just sent.


After my starter, I made my way into Rosso e Nero’s bathroom. After using the facilities, I washed my hands and glanced into the mirror. My lipstick needed reapplying so I opened up my clutch. When I was searching for my lipstick I noticed my phone was glowing, so I took it out of my bag to find that I had several message notifications. I was a bit gutted to see there wasn’t one from Harry.

Liam: Why didn’t you tell me you got into uni?!Well done Y/N,so proud of ya x

Louis: Who knew Harry would end up with a smart and good looking girlfriend ey ;) congrats from me and Eleanor xx

Ellie: I can’t believe I had to found out my best friend has gotten into her dream uni through HARRY STYLES’ Twitter. Well done babe,drinks tomorrow to celebrate?Xxx

The last message from my friend Ellie made no sense. What was she talking about. I quickly replied back to Liam and Louis before opening up my Instagram app. Before I went on to Harry’s profile, I noticed that I’d gained 467 followers. What the hell? When I got onto Harry’s profile my mouth hung open. 

There it was, the photo of me I had sent him on his Instagram with the Inkwell filter.

“Y/I**,my love,beautiful as always. Congratualations on the whole getting into your first choice university.No big deal.x" 

My heart melted. The photo had been up for just under an hour,shortly after I had sent it to him. It had 60k likes and so many comments that I just stood there in disbelief. I browsed through some of the comments there seemed to be a big debate about whether I was his girlfriend, a lot fans knew that I was his best friend but agreed that caption suggested that there was more. At this point, I didn’t really care if people knew we were together, all I cared about was Harry.

I contemplated phoning him but after realising my mum would be wondering where I was, I decided to send him a quick message:

What are you playing at Styles? You can’t just be so damn cute like that x

I placed my phone down next to one of the three sinks in the bathroom, fumbled around for my lipstick and reapplied some. I put it back in my bag and saw my phone flash just as I was reaching to pick it up.

You bring it out of me,Y/N. You looked so happy on the photo, hence why you’re coming to New York tomorrow so I can see that lovely smile in person x

I almost dropped my phone into the sink. What was he talking about? I was so confused. I wasn’t going to New York tomorrow. I was going to lounge around in my pajamas like I do most Saturdays. I quickly dialed his number and he answered on the first dial.

"Harold would you please explain your last text to me as it doesn’t appear to make any sense."I jumped right in there, not even giving him the chance to say hello.

He let out a low chuckle and I felt my heart flutter. I imagined those green eyes glistening and his nose wrinkling slightly and it made me want to melt.

"The thing is Y/N, I couldn’t not see you after your good news and I miss you so here’s the thing”, he paused for effect,“if you leave the bathroom and return to your table, your mum has a plane ticket for you.” I gasped. “Your flight leaves-"he must have turned his phone to check the time-"in about two hours. See you tomorrow,love”

That boy did crazy things to me.


Had so much fun writing this! Would anyone be interested if I wrote another part?