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I’ve been searching (not really) for cute pillows for when I decorate for my sims rooms and whatnot. Sooo, I just made my own personal ones. And now I’m sharing them with you all! I hope you like them. I used Ctrl+9 to position pillows up to fit on bed. Don’t forget to get the mesh. Enjoy simmers<3


Thanks to ShinoKCR, for the pillow mesh! xD
Pinterest and Deviantart for cute textures.

-Don’t re upload and claim as yours
-Be sure to tag me when used, if you want :D

Mesh Here
Download (dropbox)

every time he forces himself to think before acting, it’s her voice in his head telling him to slow down. He wants to tell her, but she’s always so busy in the medical jet — and you don’t just go to somebody and say, 

I’m a better person because you’re in my head.” ( x )

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sos faisa i can barely find good kuramiyu-only fics HELP

Yessss we need a lot more kuramiyu-only fics. Hope you enjoy!!!

Pick Off  by buttday

Buzzed Hair and Side Cuts  & Illusionary by @kuroyaku ​ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In a Glittery Mist  & Sunflower Boy  by littlemachines  (was so nicee)

Flower boy & Kingdom come &  Dust and gold by theweakestthing (all v good!)

The author listed above writes lots of kuramiyu-only fics, here’s the page

Fools by @tobiologist

Bloom by  shitshitshit

Candor & Ensemble by @aeryn-reany ​ (pls read omg!!) 

Series: How to Fall in Love with Your Best Friend  by @emeraldwxves ​ (enjoyed this one lots!) also Staring is Rude

We are Timeless, Timeless by hahasnort  (smut  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) )

Blue by wingspike

We are Beautiful, We are Doomed by @shusuke-fuji ​ 

Series: Step by Step & Fall for you by  cjoycoolio

Losers by @sheenaxzelos ​ & Miaou Jones

Early Riser by  Shinatobe


Jac Vanek Inspired Sweatshirt (x x x)
This is my very first time using Sims 4 Studio, so please be kind.
I really hope you like them, let me know what you think and if you use them on your game send me some screenshots if you want :)

DOWNLOAD (Mediafire)
- Female T-E
- Mesh by EA
- Requires Spa Day

Have an awesome day!

Marriage(Mark Tuan)

Thank you so much for the request I hope you like it and I didn’t know if you wanted them as one so I hope you don’t mind that i decided to do it as two separate ones instead of putting them both into one <3

It was the day of your wedding and you couldn’t believe it finally came, you will no longer have the last name that you’ve had all your life, you’ll finally be a Tuan. You were feeling a bit tense though. What if it didn’t go as planned? What if he didn’t want to marry you after all? What if YOU didn’t want to? But that was absurd,the two of you had been talking about marriage since your 4th anniversary.

However Mark on the other hand was more shaken than you, he had the same questions running through his mind but with those thoughts came scenarios which were frighteningly realistic. “Calm down son,” Raymond Tuan said as he adjusted Mark’s tie. “But what if she leaves at the alter? What if she doesn’t even make it to the altar?” Panic was now clearly visible in his eyes and voice. “Do you even know who you’re marrying, you’re marrying y/n, Mark, and you know she’d never agree to marriage of she was going to walk out on you, plus she’s put up with your bullshit for this long I don’t think she’s going anywhere.” This made the mood lighten a bit since it made Mark laugh but he still had that feeling in the back of his mind.

As he made his way down the aisle the nerves really hit him, this was it he was getting married to you, the love of his life. However all that pressure sort of lifted off his shoulders when your entrance music began playing and he saw you walking down the aisle with your dad by your side, he couldn’t help but show his bright smile, it was already going better than he planned.

He says his vows to you and this is when he gets really nervous, this is where in his scenario you’re supposed to change your mind and say no. “And do you take Mark to be your husband?” The vicar finally said and this was it he was so scared of your answer. “I do.” You replied and with that he looked up at you tears forming in his eyes, this was the best day of his life. He leaned in and passionately kissed you to now end the ceremony, he was so happy he didn’t even care when a tear fell from his eye and rolled down his face. You broke the kiss when you heard the rest of Mark’s band members cheering with excitement which caused you to laugh, but Mark who’s life was now complete never took his eyes of you even for a second.


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BTS reaction to their crush being in hospital in a coma from really bad food poisoning and their reaction when their crush(you) wake up? (I love your blog btw😊)

Thank you ^^ Hope you like it! I did them as like mini drabbles instead hope you don’t mind~

Jin: As soon as you felt his presence by your bed, you felt relieved. He hadn’t visited you in about a month, but you couldn’t blame him. He was busy, and surely sitting by an unresponsive girl’s bed all day was boring. You wished you could tell him how much you loved it when he came to see you; how much you liked him altogether - and somehow managed to move a finger. You willed yourself awake with every ounce of your being, managing to move your right hand wholly. You heard him give an excited shout and struggled harder as he called for the nurse. Just as the nurses came around the corner, you managed to open your eyes. You looked around, vision clouded and feeling dizzy, and saw Jin looking over you nervously. You heard the nurse tell him to be careful as you’d still be dazed and left you alone with him for a moment so they could fetch a doctor. “You don’t know how worried I was.” he said quietly, taking your hand. “Do you need anything? Food? A drink? A blanket?” you shook your head weakly and gripped his hand, smiling lightly. 

“Just you.”

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Suga: He came by for what seemed like the millionth time in a row, as he came to the hospital to see you every day without fail. One time he even charmed his way in even though visiting hours were over after a tiring day in the studio. He wanted to be there for you at all times, knowing that you weren’t able to appreciate it all but wanting you to know he cared anyway. Or so he thought. You’d listen to him as he’d pour his heart out to you for hours at a time, unloading all of his stress and many secrets he thought you couldn’t hear. However today’s secret proved more shocking than the others, shocking enough to wake you from the comatose state you’d been in for months.

I like you.

You could hear him gasp when your eyes opened, your heart racing and your head spinning as you looked around. He was out of sight at the other edge of the room, but he saw you open your eyes and was about to get the nurse when you called out his name quietly. “Yoongi?” He took the chair by your side uncertainly, smiling. 

“I’m here.”

“I like you too. Thank you for coming by every day.”

Originally posted by syubbie

J-Hope: You felt his hand around yours only moments after he entered the room, the atmosphere already lighter as he looked down at you with a soft smile. “When will you wake up? You silly girl, making me worry…” he laughed to himself and sighed. “I choreographed a new dance that I want you to see. Maybe then you’ll realize how much I like you?” he laughed to himself again and patted your hand, letting it go by your side before standing up. He paced around your room as he was so fond of doing before returning to your bedside. “Will you ever?” You wanted to tell him yes, to tell him that you liked him too, to tell him that you’d known for a while but were too shy to tell him of your own, and tried to wake up and say at least a short ‘yes’. Your desire seemed to be enough as you found yourself able to move, slowly stretching your fingers out before opening your mouth.

“Yes. I love you too.”

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Rap Monster: “I told you not to eat it when it was so undercooked…” He sighed as he shifted his seat so he could sit right next to you. “Why do you never listen to me?” he sighed and stroked some hair away from your face. You were mentally kicking yourself, wondering the same thing, and wishing you could just wake up right then and apologize and confess your feelings and just let life be okay but no, you were still in an unconscious condition. He sighed again, gently fluffing up your pillow and being extra careful not to cause you disturbance as he looked fondly down at you. You looked so peaceful like this, and it was hard for him not to admire you. You could vaguely feel his eyes on you somehow, as feeling returned to you and your hands and feet tingled. You tightened your grip on his hand slightly, making him jump, and slowly opened your eyes to meet his adoring ones. “Y-you’re awake!” he tried not to be too loud, understanding that you needed to reorganize your thoughts and come to terms with everything even though you’d only been out a few days. You felt unable to speak, simply looking up at him through your eyelashes like a curious child. “It’s okay, I’m here. I’ll go get the doctor, okay?” As he was about to leave you managed to grab his wrist, opening your mouth to speak.

“I really like you. I’m sorry for not listening.” your words were low and mumbled, almost indecipherable as they were slurred, but he understood. He smiled, showing his beautiful dimple.

“It’s fine, you’re fine… everything is fine. I’ll b back soon, okay…” Hesitation “Jagi?”

Originally posted by jeonggu

Jimin: He hovered over you carefully, looking at your emotionless face as you lay unconscious.He moaned lightly and sat on the stool by your bed, resting his head on the bed by you. “Can you hear me? The doctor said it wasn’t that serious and that you’re aware of your surroundings…” he murmured, smiling at you. Yes. You said, only he couldn’t hear you. Yes. “I’m sorry this happened. I should have been there to ensure it didn’t.” he brushed some hair from your face and hesitated over you, eyeing your lips. “I’m shy, which you know. Does the fact that you’re unconscious make this wrong?” NO! You shouted in your head. After liking him for so long you wanted him to kiss you, right then and there. Which he did. It was only a second long, his lips soft on yours and ghost-like as he placed a light kiss there. You started to feel as if you could move again as he moved away, slowly coming around feeling very confused but happy as you lifted your arm slowly and slightly. “Y/N! You’re awake?” You found it hard to speak or open your eyes and so squeezed his hand a little in confirmation. “I’ll go get a nurse. I hope you felt that though. You need to know how I feel.” You squeezed his hand again before he left your side, making him smile and nod.

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V: He felt somewhat lost without you, his light in life, unresponsive and laying in a hospital bed instead of coming to see him in practice daily. So he repaid you for every day you visited him and visited you as often as he could manage, bringing a single flower every time and placing them in a vase so you could see just how much he cared. He placed the 50th lily, your favourite flower, in the vase and looked down at you, petting your head briefly. “When you wake up, you’ll smell the lilies, and see them, and then you’ll see me, and hopefully everything will be okay. The doctor said it isn’t that serious…” he adjusted the flowers a little and opened the blinds on the window to let in a little light before turning back to you. “When you wake up, I’m finally making you my girlfriend.” The thing you wanted the most, making you determined to wake up. Of course you had no control over that, but as a believer in miracles you believed with enough will you could wake up right then. And you did. You curled your toes over and over as they were the only thing you could at that time, however that was enough for Taehyung. “That was enough for you, huh?” he smiled and walked over to you, placing a gentle, sweet kiss on your forehead. “Well, you’re my girlfriend now.”

“Of course…” you managed to mumble, groaning uncomfortably. “Please go get the nurse for me, though.”

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Jungkook: “Pabo…” he sighed, shutting the door behind him as he entered. You heard the rustling of a bag and heard him place some things on the table by your bed. “Here are cards and things people wanted to give you. Of course I wanted to bring them, because it’s an excuse to see you. You know I love those.” he laughed, stroking your hand lightly before withdrawing sharply. “Your hands are cold.” he placed his hands around yours, feeling the muscles relax a little. “That’s better. Anyway, notice how my card’s the biggest. Notice how many hearts I drew in it. Do you think that comes easy? I almost threw it away but I don’t know if you’ll wake up when I’m here or not and as soon as you wake up you need to know of my feelings. Granted, you’ll probably by dazed, but the sooner the better. This whole thing just confirmed everything for me.” he noticed he was rambling and laughed again, smirking. He felt your hand twitch in his and almost let out a yell of surprise, instead letting out a small squeak. “Y-you heard all that, right?” you nodded very slightly, but thankfully he noticed. “Then please, date me.” You hadn’t even opened your eyes, and felt very confused with a head spinning and full of unorganized thoughts, but somehow you still managed to agree through another small nod. You could envision his bunny smile as you did, and he merely sat there in silence after you did. “I’ll just wait for you to come around and go get the nurse, okay?”

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Idk how this all worked but hopefully you liked!! Last thing I’m queuing before I sleep for tomorrow phew



Vanilla Cream (Villy) and Raspberry Macaroon (Mac)

All pictures are transparent!

Bonus: Villy’s cutie-mark, line-less Mac (because turning off the line layer pretty much did this and it looked cool) and the chibi i made with Mac’s colour guide :p

Hope you like them @asktwilightandditzy!

ps- colors appear brighter on mobile than on computer but both are good)

Gifts Galore!(First Batch)

Given my lack of time to work on these, and very low motivation levels, I have decided to go ahead and post these in sets of three until I get them all out. 

As some of you know, I had planned on working on a bunch of gift are for friends/people who inspire the hell out of me. These are just the start, there will be more to come, so if you don’t see one yet, keep an eye out, ‘cause you just miiiight get one in the future :)

either way, I hope you guys at least like them, I know my quality is not always the best, and some come out better than others.




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Any kind of headcanons for asahi in college please? Like dorm headcanons, class, new friends ect.

((these are the few I have~ c: I hope you enjoy them!



  • Like most people Asahi will see this as an opportunity to start anew. He will promise himself to become involved with activities and make new friends.
  • Remember those rumours about Asah in high school? Well he doesn’t hear any of those anymore, much to his relief. He fits in well with the college kids.
  • Asahi would be a very good dormmate. He wouldn’t make any messes, clean up after himself, and make sure to be out of his roommate’s way. Though I feel as if the first few weeks of college he wouldn’t be out of his dorm too much, so his dormmate would have to coax him a bit.
  • Asahi’s character grew a lot during his third year in high school but I can see it growing more during college. He would become more confident in himself. Asahi was never someone I considered completely shy but he would easily become nervous over things. In college he would learn to open up to people and converse with them well.
  • At the beginning of his college career Asahi wouldn’t know what to major in, so he would take many introduction classes and the basics to learn what he truly likes. Would there be existential crises? Definitely. Asahi would always second guess his choices and wouldn’t know what to study.
  • Asahi would continue volleyball in college whether it be on his school’s team or intramural. Though I can see him participate more in intramural volleyball. It’s not as stressful being on the school’s team and he will also get a chance to become closer with the students at the college.

DickKory Week: Days 3 and 4

Since I missed days 3 and 4 and wasn’t in the mood to write anything, I’ve compiled these sketches into one post!!  I wouldn’t say my art is the best but I worked hard on them and that’s what matters right? I hope you like them!!

Day 3: What if?

So for day 3 I did “What if they were in a high school choir?” . Kory would definitely be a soprano and Dick would probably be a tenor/bass. Honestly, half the stuff that goes through my head is choir related so why not put our fav otp in one?!?

Day 4: Height Difference

I had two ideas for height difference.  One of them is a police lineup (don’t ask) and in the other one Dick is just mad at the fact that even when he put on some heels she’s still bigger than him. (But why is he even in heels in the first place?? That’s the real question)

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Hey love - I had an amazing idea - why don't you combine your bodysuits with the Balmain collection and release it all this weekend? Just feels easier for you - you work so hard for us! Love you xo

Hey, thank you so much sweetie :)

I really appreciate the suggestion but I’m going to upload the bodysuits later on today and the Balmain stuff tomorrow or Sunday. I wanted to keep them separate because the bodysuits are part of a larger mix and match kinda series that I made a new colour palette for.

Really hope you guys will like them xx

A portrait of @strawberry-siren ! It is unfinished in certain areas due to me having a very complicated and busy past week or so, so please forgive my somewhat laziness. i’m so happy i was able to paint them! This experience helped me learn a lot! I hope you like it!

Also, if anyone else would like me to draw them, it would really help me as I am trying to get a hang of portraits. Thank you again!