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Could you write about Neil just looking at Andrew and his eyes soften and is just really gay ? I love your writing ❤️❤️

Neil pauses by the door. It’s rare that he can walk into the apartment without Andrew being alerted by simply the sound of the key in the lock, but some nights, now, he sleeps more heavily than he used to. That’s good, Neil thinks. He feels safe.

Andrew lies with his back to the wall, blankets bunched around his waist, and arms placed so casually around the pillow that it doesn’t quite look like he’s hugging the blanket.  It’s a habit left over from when knives were kept under Andrew’s pillow, Neil knows, but the arm placement is now pure comfort. With his blonde hair out of place, falling over his forehead and the pillow, Andrew almost looks soft. He never looks this unguarded awake.

Neil drops his bag to the floor with a light thud, and Andrew stirs. Neil’s shirt follows, then his jeans, and by the time he’s lifting up the covers to slide into Andrew’s bed, hazel eyes are watching his every moment, alert. “Good morning,” Neil mutters, acknowledging the sunlight that’s streaming through the slightly open curtains.

“Too early,” Andrew responds. It’s not even 5am - Neil’s flight was a later one, and he didn’t manage to get on it until midnight, from an away game. He hasn’t managed to sleep yet. He nods in response.

Andrew traces a finger in an abstract shape on Neil’s shoulder; a ball caught him there earlier, and a bruise must be starting to form. Neil lets out a breath he hadn’t realised he was holding and closes his eyes. He lets himself be lulled to sleep by Andrew’s breath and the heat of his body, mere inches away, finally, finally.

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Hello! Your art is amazing! I love the dadReyes and SonMccree relationship, and the way you portray that is beautiful! If you are still open for requests, may I respectfully request perhaps the moment that Mccree first called Gabe "Dad?" I always imagined Gabe telling Mccree that he's improving after a mission and Mccree hits him with "Thanks, Dad." And Gabe is just so touched but he doesn't know how to deal with this information.

[Later that day…]

i had far too much fun with this one.


Sansa Stark and Daenerys Targaryen > parallels (requested by anonymous)


Catelyn smiled despite herself. “You are braver than I am, I fear. Are all your Bear Island women such warriors?”
“She-bears, aye,” said Lady Maege. “We have needed to be. In olden days the ironmen would come raiding in their longboats, or wildlings from the Frozen Shore. The men would be off fishing, like as not. The wives they left behind had to defend themselves and their children, or else be carried off.”
(Katey Sagal as Maege Mormont)


anonymous requested → sapphic daisy + gravel to tempo

I don’t feel adequate
Thinking I’m a monster in disguise

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ugh hi I'm stuck at an airport and won't be getting home until 3am, do you have any zimbits airport HCs?

Oh gosh, um! I’ve only ever flown twice myself? (Once there and once back.) So I don’t have a lot of airport experience to pull from lol. That said!

- Jack hates sitting and waiting. The flights themselves are long enough, so when there’s a delay, he walks the terminal. He likes people watching when he does this, and takes pictures with his phone, sends them to Bitty. (Bitty in turn speculates about the people in the photos, and soon time is passing quickly with Bitty’s assertions that the family of five in matching Hawaiian shirts and haircuts is on their way to audition for America’s Got Talent [plate spinning] and the gentleman in the tweed suit with wire-rimmed glasses is taking notes for his next steamy romance novel [set in an airport]. He makes Jack laugh, and Jack aches with how much he wants Bitty’s voice in his ear and Bitty’s hand on his arm as they people watch.)

- Bitty hates watching the planes take off. He sets himself up in gift shops, and though he doesn’t travel as much as Jack, he brings back souvenirs for Jack and their friends, key chains and shot glasses and postcards with state flowers and birds and crests embellishing them. (Shitty loves the shot glasses and arranges them alphabetically. [Jack once reordered them by the year they become states and chuckled like the big dork he is when Shitty finally noticed.])

- When they travel together, they find seats tucked out of the way, two together with no arm rest between. Jack sits back, doesn’t mind being still when Bitty is pressed against him, tucked under Jack’s arm where he belongs now that they’re out. They people watch, and Bitty tweets and plans and jitters beside Jack until Jack puts a wide hand on his knee and stills that nervous movement. Bitty smiles at him, bumps him with his side. Grabs Jack’s hand, lacing their fingers together, and tugs him with to the gift shop.

- I am now thinking of all sorts of Love, Actually airport scenarios with missed connections and Jack and Bitty meeting for the first time when their flight is delayed due to a snowstorm. They end up playing cards together on the terminal floor and trading stories from their childhood that they normally wouldn’t tell someone so soon. They play cards and they laugh and Jack buys them cocoa out of a questionable machine and Bitty tells him about the pies he’s planning to bake over his Christmas break and Jack tells him about the book he’s reading and then Bitty mentions going to the rink to skate and Jack goes from 0-110% just like that. (Okay not really, he was already at like an 80% because Bitty is all golden and pink and warm and smiling and funny and Jack has been wondering if his hair is as soft as it looks and if his lips are as sweet and he’s head over heels by the time Bitty mentions skating.)

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Fave dean/reader fics? Maybe a slow build

Hmmm let’s see 

Where She Stays by @ibetthathurt (maybe the most slow-burn of these?)

What You Need by @rizlowwritessortof

Wake Up Sex by @winchestersandwordprocessors

Like Ocean in the Desert by @saenalife (who is now thoroughly sick of me reccing this fic left right and centre haha)

Is it bad form to rec a couple of my own here? //shifty face// here and here (that second one’s not really a slow burn but i just love young Dean k)

The Pickup The Hookup and The Spoon by @deanfiend, honestly if you read one thing on this list read these (the second one has maybe my fav Dean sex moment ever)

Stake Out by @sp-oops (God in HEAVEN let me write like this when I grow up)

Bait and also this drabble by @withoutaplease

Tequila, Whiskey, and Beer by @deansdirtylittlesecretsblog

Watch and Learn by @littlegreenplasticsoldier

On Your Mind by @spnsecret

Twenty Minute Warning by @deandoesthingstome

Tangled Up by @anotherwinchesterfangirl

Tomorrow by @aprofoundbondwithdean which is just pt 1 but presumably there is a sequel (looks meaningfully at Kale)


Artemi “Doe-Eyed” Panarin (x) | requested by anon