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The Engineer and his Bestfriend

-Hunk is a brilliant engineer

-Lance knows this, it’s why he spends hours just just watching Hunk work, keeping him company and telling him that it’s time to go to bed whenever it’s late

-Lately Hunk has been getting ready for the final battle with the Galra, taking inspiration from the trap they created intended for Allura and Coran

-It is a machine that will get its intended target into a never ending black hole, no time loops, no time jumps, just nothing

-And it seems like the machine works because they have experimented on inanimate objects and have tried everything possible to bring them back and once it becomes impossible they know that they can then build one on a bigger scale

-Hunk’s machine works and it will save the day but

-Something goes wrong with the machine, it was something that kept cropping up in the beta testing, it’s a certain screw that just never really wants to work

-And see the only people who know where the screw is and how to fix it are Lance and hunk

-And once you fix it, it’s game over, there no coming back from it

-Lance and hunk both know this

-Before Hunk can even go apologize or go fix it

-Lance is already on his way to the machine

-But just before he gets there, he stops and through the intercom tells Hunk “You are the best damn engineer and friend in this world, watch me make your machine work buddy”

-And hunk is just sobbing repeating “I love you Lance and please don’t do this, I can’t do this without you, I can’t do this without my best friend”

-And now the rest are starting to catch on to what Lance is really doing but by that point it’s too late the galra are gone

- Lance is gone

-And because Hunk is such a good fucking engineer there’s no way to ever get him back

-But you see it’s because Hunk is such a good engineer that he doesn’t give up

-He works non-stop for almost a year trying to get Lance back

-Pidge spends more time on the computer becoming more withdrawn, more obsessive in finding his family, including Lance

-Shiro takes it hard, he feels as if he’s let down his team for not being able to keep them all in one piece, he goes back to being very tense and stiff around the others

-Allura spends days, even weeks trying to find Lance, pinpoint where in all the universe he could be, she won’t say it but she misses his bad pick up lines

-And Coran is just hurt and upset that the young man who would get so homesick and yet try his best and be there for others would give up his chance to see his family and that is what pains him the most

-And Keith just starts spending even more time training, withdrawing from others, trying to act as if though he doesn’t miss Lance, trying to move on, failing to move on

-Hunk just well he needs to get Lance back because what is life without your best friend?

-Who just sits for hours on end just to watch you work and tinker

-A friend who has been there for so long they know what tool you need with a look

-A friend who knows that food isn’t the only important thing to but goddamn we need to find small things that bring us happiness

-A friend who makes you go to sleep when it’s late and you’ve been on a creating binge (the others don’t know but that’s okay the person who needs to know, does)

-A friend who just wants you to succeed

-A friend who loves you for who you are and ask for nothing in return

- A friend who would die for them, for him…..

-What is life without your best friend?

-Hunk already knows and he never wants to live through that again

-Because you see it’s because Hunk is such a good fucking engineer that he does get Lance back


I’ve updated my commissions info for the 2017 year, as well as changed pricing. They’re still open! (My previous commissions post was my first attempt, and at the time I didn’t realise how time-consuming commissions can be.)

Note: If you’ve already emailed me before this post, you still get to keep the previous commission prices. Otherwise these are the new and updated pricing. 

Wherever You Are Is The Place I Belong [Narry] 4/?

Summary: (part three) Niall and Harry get a little help, and everything goes right this time. 

A couple days later and Niall is in gym class, finally feeling like he’s shaken off the bad feelings from the past few days and grateful for the good distraction of burning muscles and a shirt stuck to his back with sweat. They’re in the middle of a pretty intense footie game, when Niall accidentally collides with a player on the opposite team and they both go down, to some extent.

Niall gets up but the other guy, an omega named Josh Niall recognizes from his Literature and Comprehension class, he stays on the ground, curling up and clutching at his stomach.

“Shit, are you okay?” Niall asks, crouching down and putting a hand to Josh’s shoulder. Josh groans weakly and rocks back and forth, and so Niall lifts his hand to flag down the teacher. Mr. Higgins blows his whistle and Niall winces. At the shrillness of the sound, nothing else.

“Devine!” Mr. Higgins says, running over and moving Niall out of the way so he can crouch beside Josh instead. “What’s wrong?”

“Hurts,” Josh finally groans, covering his eyes like he’s trying to hide his tears.

“It hurts like five minutes on the bench or,” Mr. Higgins trails off, looking around at the growing crowd like he isn’t quite sure what to do, and, great, that’s exactly what they need.

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Hi can I have Neji, Gaara, Shikamaru, Kakashi, Iruka, and Yamato having their female S/o teach them to dance cause they have two left feet.

I decided to go with short scenarios instead of headcanons, I hope that’s okay. ^^ 

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Neji’s face was lightly flushed as he once again stumbled over his own two feet, only to be caught by his s/o. He straightened back up with a huff and started to pull away, “I think that’s enough for this evening.” Y/n frowned a bit, “no wait, you’re just starting to get the hang of it.” He cast a doubtful look at them but decided he could afford to give it one more shot. He placed his hands back on their hips and took a breath. “Okay.” They began to guide him to the tune of the soft music once again. It wasn’t much longer before Neji once again stumbled. There was a long pause before y/n smiled up at him. “Lunch break,” they asked. “Lunch break,” he agreed. 

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Y/n moved to put on some soft music before coming to stand before Gaara, a hand outstretched. He looked between their hand and face with a bit of confusion. “Come dance with me,” they urged with a small smile. Gaara’s expression changed to one of concern. “I’m not too sure I know how.” They took his hand and pulled him up, “Then let me teach you.” Y/n placed Gaara’s hands in the proper positions. “Like this.” They maintained eye contact and gently guided him. Though he was a bit clumsy his s/o really didn’t seem to mind, even when he stumbled into them and they almost fell over. 

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“Damn,” Shikamaru huffed softly when he accidentally stepped on y/n’s toes once again “sorry.” Y/n smiled at him patiently. “Don’t worry, you’re getting better. Come on let’s try again.” Shikamaru had to bite his tongue to keep back a complaint. He knew this was important to his s/o and he could at least humor them, no matter how bothersome it was. He watched as his s/o moved a bit closer and gently rested their head against his shoulder as they danced. He guessed maybe he didn’t mind this too much. 

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Kakashi watched from the doorway as his s/o danced around the living room  carelessly, still blissfully unaware of his presence. Finally they turned around and noticed their boyfriend loitering in the doorway. Playfully they danced towards him and tried to pull Kakashi in for a dance. Chuckling he stepped back. “No, no, I hate to ruin your fun.” Y/n pouted slightly, “What? No come on, have fun with me.” Without anymore room for argument they seized Kakashi’s arm and pulled him into the center of the living room. With their arms around his shoulders they started to lead Kakashi in a simple dance which he stumbled his way through, exposed eye fixed on his feet as to make sure he didn’t crush any toes. Y/n didn’t seem to mind at all however, just enjoying being close to him.  

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“Hey, quit laughing!” Iruka’s face flushed at his s/o’s outburst. “S-Sorry, sorry. I guess I had just assumed you would know how,” they had to take a few breaths and wipe away a tear from the corner of their eye. “Oh, and why would you assume that?” Y/n gave Iruka a sly smile and moved to wrap their arms around his shoulders, “because you’re so good at everything.” They had to butter him up now that they’d wounded his pride. He only hummed softly in response. Slowly his hands came to y/n’s waist and they started to sway together softly. Gaining a bit of confidence Iruka moved to do a small spin with his s/o but as he did his leg caught the coffee table and they tumbled to the floor. There was a few seconds of silence before y/n snorted and began to laugh, Iruka’s own laugher followed soon after as he pulled them closer, making sure they were okay.  

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He tried to look calm but it was clear from the stiffness of his limbs and the way his eyes continuously darted down to make sure his feet were in the right places that he was nervous. Y/n playfully shook his arms out, “Just relax, you’re doing just fine.” Yamato’s eyes darted back up to look at his s/o. “Ah, okay.” He let his limbs relax a bit, some of the tension leaving his shoulders. “That’s better.” They pulled him in a bit closer and moved across the room in small circles. “See, you’re no bad at all. You just need a bit of practice.” Y/n smiled up at him and he gave a small smile in return. 

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he's a bit late, but lori would still like to give frajyle some hydrangea! - lampentdaily


Unlike his distant personality with others, Frajyle is quite happy to see one from his line. He appreciates the flower, accepting it from Lori and puts it along his mask. “Thank you for your generous offer. Unfortunately, I came unprepared and was not expecting to exchange flowers with many or none at all.” He doesn’t know many pokemon, and it seemed silly to exchange flowers with a stranger. Though he supposed in this case, it was okay.

“I can present you with a flower of your own, if you wish. We can head to the Flower Forest, but if you’re fine without one, then I suppose that’s fine as well.”

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playlist: who cares if it's raining let's go outside asshole

This is so specific

  1. “A Raindance in Traffic” - The Wonder Years
  2. “Renegades” - X Ambassadors
  3. “I Have Friends in Holy Spaces” - Panic! at the Disco
  4. “Umbrella”  - Rhianna but tbh the Train or All Time Low versions also work
  5. “Dancin In the Rain” - Shane Harper

This is so inconsistent lol my apologies

Send me the name of a playlist and I’ll give you 5-10 songs that go on it

Bering & Wells - On the Run 29 (FIN)

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Character Development Questions: Hard Mode
  1. Does your character have siblings or family members in their age group? Which one are they closest with?
  2. What is/was your character’s relationship with their mother like?
  3. What is/was your character’s relationship with their father like?
  4. Has your character ever witnessed something that fundamentally changed them? If so, does anyone else know?
  5. On an average day, what can be found in your character’s pockets?
  6. Does your character have recurring themes in their dreams?
  7. Does your character have recurring themes in their nightmares?
  8. Has your character ever fired a gun? If so, what was their first target?
  9. Is your character’s current socioeconomic status different than it was when they were growing up?
  10. Does your character feel more comfortable with more clothing, or with less clothing?
  11. In what situation was your character the most afraid they’ve ever been?
  12. In what situation was your character the most calm they’ve ever been?
  13. Is your character bothered by the sight of blood? If so, in what way?
  14. Does your character remember names or faces easier?
  15. Is your character preoccupied with money or material possession? Why or why not?
  16. Which does your character idealize most: happiness or success?
  17. What was your character’s favorite toy as a child?
  18. Is your character more likely to admire wisdom, or ambition in others?
  19. What is your character’s biggest relationship flaw? Has this flaw destroyed relationships for them before?
  20. In what ways does your character compare themselves to others? Do they do this for the sake of self-validation, or self-criticism?
  21. If something tragic or negative happens to your character, do they believe they may have caused or deserved it, or are they quick to blame others?
  22. What does your character like in other people?
  23. What does your character dislike in other people?
  24. How quick is your character to trust someone else?
  25. How quick is your character to suspect someone else? Does this change if they are close with that person?
  26. How does your character behave around children?
  27. How does your character normally deal with confrontation?
  28. How quick or slow is your character to resort to physical violence in a confrontation?
  29. What did your character dream of being or doing as a child? Did that dream come true?
  30. What does your character find repulsive or disgusting?
  31. Describe a scenario in which your character feels most comfortable.
  32. Describe a scenario in which your character feels most uncomfortable.
  33. In the face of criticism, is your character defensive, self-deprecating, or willing to improve?
  34. Is your character more likely to keep trying a solution/method that didn’t work the first time, or immediately move on to a different solution/method?
  35. How does your character behave around people they like?
  36. How does your character behave around people they dislike?
  37. Is your character more concerned with defending their honor, or protecting their status?
  38. Is your character more likely to remove a problem/threat, or remove themselves from a problem/threat?
  39. Has your character ever been bitten by an animal? How were they affected (or unaffected)?
  40. How does your character treat people in service jobs?
  41. Does your character feel that they deserve to have what they want, whether it be material or abstract, or do they feel they must earn it first?
  42. Has your character ever had a parental figure who was not related to them?
  43. Has your character ever had a dependent figure who was not related to them?
  44. How easy or difficult is it for your character to say “I love you?” Can they say it without meaning it?
  45. What does your character believe will happen to them after they die? Does this belief scare them?

Falling Into Place by summerwine

Rating: Explicit

Pairing: Harry Styles/Louis Tomlinson

Word count: 40,754

Louis let the hot tears stream down his cheeks as he leaned forward to attach their lips. He pressed into Harry’s soft bottom lip and brought one hand to scratch at Harry’s curls. Harry traced his tongue lightly against Louis’ top lip and gently pried his mouth open to deepen the kiss. Every emotion from the past few months was poured into the intensity of the embrace.

Every swipe of the tongue was an apology and every soft whimper was forgiveness.


Louis and Harry spend nine years apart but inevitably find their way back to each other.

DROP THE MAMBO (ft. Lance)  ► animation meme ᕦ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)ᕤ

mambo was created in cuba
lance is cuban
and his hips never lie

ARIES, keep it together, and keep it clean. i know you can.
TAURUS,  i can see you eyeing the stars, so what are you waiting for? fear will only win if you wait. 
GEMINI,  you’re holding a dozen roses, so enjoy it while it lasts. change doesn’t happen overnight, but i admire your effort.
CANCER , i had a dream your wish came true, have faith in something. i love you to a limitless degree.
LEO, stay warm this winter and keep on growing. the soil will never be cold enough to stop you.
VIRGO, believe in yourself. we all do.
LIBRA, i’m glad you’ve made it so far.  it’ll only get it better from here.
SCORPIO, work hard but make sure to have some time for yourself. you are a gold champagne feeling, my definition of content.
SAGITTARIUS, dare to be yourself even when it’d be easier to hide. you are something to watch for.
CAPRICORN, square one isn’t a failure, but rather a chance. don’t waste it.
AQUARIUS, you’ll be the first person to breathe underwater if you get through this. hold on.
PISCES,  continue the drive, this highway doesn’t end for miles.  i’ll always be in the passenger seat, whenever you need me.

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