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his name should be no thb haha
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“Shoulda known you’d wanna stick up for him,” mutters Joker. “Stoic, heroic. He’s so your type.”

Kaidan laughs. “I don’t know about that,” he says. “I’m not big on being left behind.”

mshenko // mass effect. 1915 words, slightly nsfw. 

this is for @killbarry​, who i love and adore and have had the incredible gift of knowing for four years now– you are so good to me, and i am so glad to have your friendship after all this time x

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Nonnie Prompt: :) Post season 1 Oliver doesn’t go to Lian Yu, but Digg convinces him to go with him on vacation (lake, beer and fishing) and Oliver accidently meets Felicity somewhere and invites her too and she’s beyond happy and they go together as OTA :)

A/N: Again my prompts are closed, I’m just completely what’s left in my inbox. I don’t even know what I did with this, my brain just sort of changed things but I hope you enjoy it anyway.

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anonymous asked:

could you do "things you said before you kissed me" with Pbg/Hana please ?

This will be added on my prompt AO3 fic later so I’ll give you the Tumblr version for now. ((FEEL FREE TO SEND ME MORE ASAGAO PROMPTS YOU HAVE))

PBG/Hana “Things you said before you kissed me”

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Street Artist AU [Jaspar fanfic]

This fic is based on an amazing graphic AU made by @casparleeds which you can check out right over here

He sketched her expertly, his piece of charcoal gliding smoothly across the A3 piece of paper. “You’ve got gorgeous hair, ma’am,” he told the adolescent who seemed about his age. She clearly felt flustered by that comment and let her fingers slide through her hair before putting her hand back on her lap.

“Thank you,” she said with a wide smile on her face.

“No need to thank me, miss. I’m just telling the truth,” he replied, tilting his body to the side so he could see her properly. He flashed her a charming smile and then straightened up in his chair, continuing to sketch her.

There was indeed no need to thank him, but not because it was the truth. It was because the complimenting came with the job. It was common knowledge on the streets, especially with the artists working on these streets, that complimenting your customers earned you tips. Sometimes if you were lucky, enough tips to have a fancy meal at the end of the day.

Fortunately, Joe’s earnings weren’t dependent on how well he was able to compliment his customers, as he wasn’t a full time street artist. This wasn’t his job, it was his passion, and whenever he wasn’t out thatching roofs, he was sketching, sometimes painting and even drawing whatever inspired him.

Joe wasn’t surprised at the heavy tip that he received from his customer after he gave her the sketch. It hadn’t taken him a long time to analyse and find out which compliment would be the most effective on her. He’d seen her fixing her hair while she’d been walking around with her friends, and when she’d been sitting down in front of him, she’d been twirling her hair around her fingers.

It was almost evening when Joe finally decided to wrap up and take his last customer of the day. Joe had been scrolling through his phone, texting his friends that he would be home after he took one last customer, when a shadow fell across him. He could hear the heavy breathing and make out from the shadow that his customer was a male slightly taller than him. As he looked up, he realised that he was indeed right.

This boy seemed slightly younger than Joe and had the most beautiful blue eyes that Joe had ever seen. They were so clear and deep that Joe was instantly fascinated by them. The boy had a messy lump of blond hair on his head, which he tried to tame by swiping it to the side, and he wore a blue t-shirt with pyjama pants. Joe personally thought that the t-shirt brought out the blue in his eyes and he had never imagined that any one could pull off wearing pyjama pants in the middle of the busy streets of London, but here blue-eyed boy was.

He waited patiently as Joe checked him out, and then cleared his throat. “I was wondering if you were still…like…sketching,” Blue-eyed boy managed to say.

“Oh, yes, of course. Why don’t you sit down?” Joe quickly chose one from a variety of different shades of charcoal, as blue-eyed boy settled down. “What’s your name?”

“Um…Caspar. Caspar Lee,” the boy muttered, and Joe tried to remind himself that the only reason he’d asked that was because he had to write his name on the paper. “What’s your name?”

Joe blinked at Caspar, surprised. He hadn’t been expecting Caspar to ask him that. None of his customers ever had.

“I’m Joe. Joe Sugg,” Joe looked down at Caspar’s hand, which was awkwardly held out and it took a few seconds for him to keep the charcoal piece somewhere safe and wipe his hands before he could shake Caspar’s hand.

“Well it’s nice to meet you Joe,” Caspar quickly spoke with a smile as Joe began sketching him.

“You know Caspar, you have the most beautiful blue eyes,” Joe said after a few minutes, looking up from his work. He could make out a blush forming on Caspar’s cheeks, but Caspar’s face didn’t seem show any emotions.

In fact, Caspar narrowed his eyes at the compliment and said, “I bet you say that to all of your customers.” Well, wasn’t that the god’s honest truth? But the truth was also the fact that unlike most of the times, when he was just saying that for the tips, this time, he genuinely meant it.

Joe laughed at that. “I’ll tell you what, Caspar. How about a deal? I’ll give you this sketch for free if you agree to have dinner with me.”

Caspar’s eyes widened slightly. Yes, Joe was aware that this was a long shot and that there was a chance that Caspar wasn’t really interested in guys, but Joe was willing to take that chance. He wanted to get to know this attractive boy and he hoped that Caspar would accept to go out on a date with him.

“I don’t know…maybe…we’ll see,” Caspar seemed deep in thought, as if thinking about what he should do.

“Alright, take your time,” Joe tried not to seem too disappointed with the answer and dove straight into his sketching. He didn’t say another word, but neither did Caspar, as Joe concentrated on his sketching for the next few minutes.

After he was done, Joe handed Caspar the painting and heard Caspar thanking him and complimenting his sketching skills while Joe cleared everything up. As soon as he was done, Joe turned to Caspar, waiting for him to pay up.

He was surprised though, when Caspar suddenly looked up from the sketch straight into Joe’s eyes. “I’ll pay for dinner,” he said.

Joe raised an eyebrow, even more surprised as he saw Caspar’s hand moving towards Joe’s. Joe bit his lip. Noticing the slight hesitation in Caspar’s features as his hand touched Joe’s, Joe took the final step, entwining his fingers into Caspar’s. The smile that graced Caspar’s lips made a sudden warmth spread through Joe’s chest and he found himself smiling even wider.

“Sorry about this,” Joe said pointing to himself, “I’m a mess. I know that I should probably go get changed but I’m starving.”

“No you’re not,” Caspar said, sincerity ringing through his voice as he squeezed Joe’s hand. “You look beautiful, Joe. Just the way you are.” Caspar’s voice was soft and full of underlying emotions.

Joe felt his stomach flip at that, his heart beat rising and his face heating up. For the first time in his life, Joe Sugg was struck speechless. He didn’t know what to say to that. He could play it off with a sarcastic answer like he usually did, but something stopped him from doing that and he decided to answer just as genuinely as Caspar had. “So do you, Caspar.”

He put his free hand through his mop of muddy brown hair and decided that he’d made the right decision when he’d decided to skip going clubbing tonight with his friends and had decided to go out with Caspar instead. 

So I hope you guys enjoyed the fic. Tell me if you guys want a part 2 or if you’ve got any requests.

Joker Game Scenario Booklet EP 1 Translation

Hello, sorry for the long wait. I don’t have as much time as I used to. I’ll get onto the EXPERT WORKS as soon as possible. While there aren’t any huge differences from the episode and novel, but it’s still interesting how the episode one could have played out as there are a lot of cuts and edits. Although the storyboards are slightly different from the scenario booklet, I’ll also add in some pictures to the matching respective scenes. I hope you all enjoy this long read.

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Pairing: Castiel x Reader

Warning: None

Word Count: 475

This is part of my “500 Follower Celebration”. There will be five drabbles in total; fear, happiness, anger, love and sadness. These are just scene shots in the form of drabbles. They may eventually be turned into fics. I hope that you enjoy them and thank you again for following!

This drabble is a prequel to “A Thousand Years”.

Listen to an acoustic version here.


You both sat there together, watching the stars high above lighting up the night sky. You laid back against his chest, resting your head on his shoulder as his arms wrapped around you, feeling the warmth of your body against him. He breathed in the scent of your perfume as he leaned his head against yours, getting lost in the moment. There was no place in the world where he would rather be than right there with you on that rooftop. This was his happy place.

This is where he always went to find you when you snuck off by yourself. When things were quiet and you found yourself free, you would leave the formality of the bunker and climb the stairs up to the roof. You would get lost star gazing for hours, often falling asleep on the blanket you sometimes dragged up from your bedroom.

It was your secret place that only he knew about. The boys didn’t know where you always ran off to and he had sworn to keep it that way for you. It was the place that you and he shared on beautiful nights like this when the lights of the city didn’t reach far enough to drown out the stars in the sky.

He had told you all of the stories; how all of the stars were made and which ones his father allowed the angels to place. He had shown you his favorite, a small star so far in the distance that reminded him that everything was put in place for a purpose; that his father had placed you in his life because he knew that he had needed you, then and there. You were his blessing and he would never let a moment go by where he took you for granted. Every look, every touch, every kiss echoed through him as a memory that he would carry with him throughout his existence.

He held your hands in his as he felt you sigh and nuzzle your head into his neck as your breathing slowed and you quietly drifted off to sleep. He pulled you closer, letting you curl into him as he covered you with the blanket and softly kissed the top of your head. His father had not made another human as wonderful as you were. He was lost the minute that he had laid eyes on you; your smile disarming him immediately when the boys introduced you.

His fingertips softly brushed the hair out of your eyes and he smiled down at you, his beautiful human. His chest tightened and he wanted to keep you like this forever; safe and happy in his arms.

He looked back up at the sky and watched as a shooting star streaked across the night. He smiled and silently thanked his father for bringing you into his life.


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I saw one of the questions someone asked, about an Emerald an Ice fusion. My Gemsona was Emerald, so I thought I’d do a concept of what mine and yours would look like. I had trouble with the hair. I’m too lazy to do the body uwu. Hope you enjoy 😅.

i’d like to say you seem to have a really cute style of drawing and they look really  handsome uwu 

((If it’s too small to read, this is what Photon said:
“And fuck you, thespecificgentleman. You’re nothing but trouble. You’re not God. You’re not even anything good. You’re a thorn at everyone’s side. Especially to those you attack. And to those who were dumb/foolish enough to befriend him (lookin’ at you, Sketchy and Rose), it’s only a matter of time before he decides to make you his next targets. Hope you enjoy getting hate from him.”))

Just because I asked someone a question, doesn’t mean I befriended them, y’know. I mean sure theyre mean sometimes but at least they’re smart, unlike you. The shit between you and Rose happened for a pathetic goddamn reason. The shit between you and Astral happened for a reason that you could’ve avoided if you weren’t an ass. The shit between you and me…well its just a lot of things in one, like your bad decisions, asshole attitude etc. altogether, but I just snapped and had ENOUGH after I found out about the shit between you and Astral.

Since being blocked, can’t get mentions or reblogs, could a kind soul mention or message Photon about this post please. I’ll check if he responds but eh I doubt he will since every time someone’s right in an argument, he just doesnt know what to say, bcus he’s a pussy.

Sorry for the long post y’all <3


(via https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PyXVjMUTGD0)

So… my bro and I did a little trolling today. I hope you enjoy! XD

fantansizer  asked:

GOM competing for a girl's affection! ♡♡

Oh my god this is absolutely massive… IT’S JUST LIKE AN OTOME GAME OR SOMETHING BUT I REALLY ENJOYED WRITING IT uwu I hope you like it too! Thank you so much for requesting~

PS. Cookies for anyone who catches the John Tucker Must Die reference! I am actually a complete dork for chick flicks…

Your life has recently turned extremely topsy-turvy. The strangest things have been happening to you, of late, and you absolutely cannot fathom why.

It all started when you subbed in for your friend Momoi as the Generation of Miracles’ manager during a tournament, just for a week. She had assured you that your job wouldn’t have been anything worth worrying about, so you had accepted the offer. Why not? It was only a week, right?

You should have realized something was not right on that very first day, itself.

“I was kind of annoyed when I realized someone would be replacing Momocchi, but…” Kise Ryouta had said, eyes widening and blushing upon seeing you, “you are really cute, you know, [Name]-cchi…”

Midorima Shintarou had pushed his glasses up his face, scowling. “Stop ogling the girl, Kise.” But his intentions were, to an extent at least, subjective, for he had blushed as he observed you out of the corner of his eye, as well.

Murasakibara Atsushi, in all his imposing 2m giganticness, had leaned down, so close to your face that you had to skitter back in shock, to observe you a bit more thoroughly. “Huh… you look cute with a clipboard, [Name]-chin…”

Aomine Daiki had grinned at you, eyes filled with promise. “Ignore these losers, [Name]. You’re new around here, eh?” His next words had made you blush, especially considering the mischievous light in his expression. “I can show you a good time.”

Kuroko Tetsuya had tapped your shoulder, seemingly appearing out of nowhere and startling you out of your skin. He had given you a soft, gentle smile. “Sorry about my teammates, [Name]-san. They can be a bit crude.”

Akashi Seijuro had greeted you last, regarding you with hooded eyes, saying your name in a voice so silky and smooth that it had made you blush. “I am pleased to make your acquaintance, [Name].” He had taken your hand, fingers gentle and caressing but his hold firm and strong against your skin. “I hope we can work together closely in the future, as well.”

Well, Momoi had warned you about them being a bit strange, so you passed all these off as characterized oddities, but little did you know… the eccentricities were only just beginning.

Kuroko is the first to make a move to get your attention. You are walking home from school one day when a mop of soft blue hair suddenly impedes your path, and a soft yap of a bark fills the air. You squeak and skitter back in surprise to find Kuroko standing directly in front of you, expression impassive but eyes quietly contemplative as he looks at you. He is holding a tiny dog in his hands, and your eyes widen when you realize that both the puppy and its owner had exactly the same type of eyes.

Yap!” It barks again, and you can’t help but swoon internally at how cute it looked and sounded, wagging its tail as it looked up at you adoringly like that.

“Number 2 likes you, [Name]-san.” Kuroko says, holding the dog up to your face so that it can nuzzle against your cheek, panting contentedly. His eyes peek out at you from behind the dog, and you smile at him weakly, feeling overwhelmed by their combined cuteness.

“Shall we go for a walk together?” He suggests in a gentle, innocent voice.

The next to grab your attention is Kise Ryouta, and his approach is a lot more direct than Kuroko’s. It is lunch hour, and you are standing in the courtyard, basking in the sun when you hear a distant cry:


You barely have a moment to turn around in surprise when a yellow blur tackles you in a friendly hug, making your eyes widen in surprise. You pat this new arrival awkwardly on the back and pull away, flushing slightly from the sudden contact.

“H-Hello to you, too, Kise-san,” you say, smiling uncertainly. The fact that you smiled at all seems to invigorate the loud blonde, and his face lights up with happiness as he clasps his hands together in excitement.

“[N-Name]-cchi said my name! I’m so honored, you know?”

You gape at him sheepishly, not knowing how to respond. It doesn’t seem to matter, because the blonde had plenty of words to offer.

“You know, [Name]-cchi! I’m really surprised I haven’t noticed someone as pretty as you before!” He loops his arm around your shoulders and steers you away from your group of stunned friends, lowering his voice as he continues speaking. “I’m really glad you’re subbing for Momocchi, okay?”

He gives you a wide, cheerful smile, but his cat-like eyes glitter with mischief as he leans a bit closer slyly. “It gives us plenty of time to get to know each other really well, right, [Name]-cchi?”

Midorima Shintarou is thankfully, a lot less loud, but not any less strange. If anything, he has the most eccentric approach of them all.

You are working on your homework in the library during a free period when you hear a pair of footsteps approaching your desk. You decide to finish the sum you are working on before dealing with the arrival.

“Yes, how can I—eep!

This last part you say upon noticing the truly grotesque voodoo mask lying atop your table, grimly staring up at you in all its gruesome glory. You follow the pale hand resting atop this crazy-looking mask, up the immaculately ironed uniform sleeve, to meet with the face of a furiously blushing Midorima Shintarou.

You raise an eyebrow, and he scowls more, cheeks turning a truly alarming shade of burgundy. He does not speak whatsoever, and instead just slowly pushes the voodoo mask towards you and retracts his hand. You blink, looking up at him questioningly.

A few seconds of a terribly awkward silence pass between you two, where Midorima is just glaring at the far wall instead of paying you any attention whatsoever, so you clear your throat tentatively, trying to get his responsiveness.

“Um, Midorima-san…?”

“Y-Your lucky item, nanodayo.” He says, making you frown in confusion.

“Excuse me?”

“This is the lucky item for [your sign] for today, nanodayo.” He elaborates. You cannot fathom why he is so angry at the far wall, for he seems to be glaring at it like it personally offended him.

You grimace at the ugly mask. “A-Are you sure this isn’t cursed?”

Midorima exhales heavily, possibly trying to calm his agitated nerves. He pushes the mask closer to you and turns away from you almost immediately. You raise your eyes, for even the back of his neck is all red.

“I-It is a gift, nanodayo.” He says the next part whilst walking away rapidly, and his hands are shaking with embarrassment. “Please accept it, [Name].”

Murasakibara Atsushis’s level of eccentricity doesn’t fall short of this, either. You are sitting in class, waiting for the teacher to show up when all of a sudden a shadow falls on your desk. You look up sleepily, and then start in surprise upon seeing the towering Murasakibara standing by your desk, looking down at you with lazy lavender eyes.

Wordlessly, without even so much as greeting you, he lifts a truly enormous plastic bag – filled with junk food, as is apparent from the see-through material – and drops it onto your desk. You raise your eyebrows, mostly because the words 4 [nAme]-chin (he misspelled your name, incidentally) has been scrawled over the bag with a black sharpie.

You look up at him in shock and confusion, and he pouts at you sullenly, cheeks slightly flushed. “Nn… take it, [Name]-chin… before I change my mind…”

Your eyes widen when he says the next bit. “If you don’t eat it… I might have to crush you…”

But perhaps it is Aomine Daiki’s approach that really takes the cake. You are sitting on the bench, a bit excited, because the team is one point away from breaking the national record for score difference in a basketball match, and there are only 40 seconds left on the clock with the ball in your side’s possession.

You do not expect what’s coming next, and when it happens, you are shocked beyond words.

The timer is counting down the seconds, and there are only 30 seconds left as Aomine expertly weaves his way through the defense – and much to your awe – dribbles his way with the ball towards the sideline; straight towards you.

“Looking good, [Name].” He grins slyly, and your jaw drops. The defense tries desperately to get at the ball, but Aomine is unbothered as he keeps it out of his reach with lazy but decidedly meticulous skill.

“Y-You’re crazy, Aomine-san!” You exclaim, not knowing whether to be angry or flustered. “Time’s running out! Please shoot the ball!”

Aomine smirks at you, blue eyes wild with a type of electricity that is leaving you a bit breathless. 15 seconds.

“I will if you go out with me, [Name].” He says mischievously, and you frown at him, blushing despite the circumstances.

13 seconds.

“Aomine-san, please…” you blush, hiding your face behind your hands. I-It was all too sudden. How on earth are you supposed to respond in a situation like this?

“Aomine.” Akashi’s voice calls out sternly from behind Aomine, and Aomine’s face falls slightly, knowing he has no choice but to adhere to the game. Nonetheless, he cocks his head towards you with an excited grin as he does a rollover and dribbles around the defense to step towards the pot.

“This ones on you, [Name]!” He exclaims as he leaps into the air and slams the ball in just as the buzzer sounded. The stadium explodes with excitement, and you can’t help but cheer along with them, because honestly, what on earth was wrong with these idiots?

Akashi Seijuro meets you after the game, smiling apologetically at you and handing you a can of pocari sweat from the team’s cooler. You accept gratefully and take a long swig of the drink.

“Congratulations, Akashi-san.” You say after you’re done, grinning because you are in fact, a little proud of the entire lot of them. “Your team broke the national record.”

Our team, [Name].” He corrects gently, regarding you with a soft smile. “I am afraid you have become one of us, whether you accept it or not.”

You flush slightly, understanding what he is talking about. Something about this enigmatic team captain really invigorates you, for some reason…

“I am sorry about Aomine’s behavior from earlier,” he says softly, “it is my duty as a captain to bear responsibility for my teammate’s misdemeanors.”

“I-It’s okay,” you say, flustered, “I didn’t mind that much…”

Akashi studies you for a moment, and then reaches out to tuck a stray strand of hair behind your ear. Your eyes widen in surprise at the movement and you blush, because your temple is tingling where his skin came into contact with yours.

“Do tell me if they bother you again, [Name].” He says, his voice so light and feathery that it is leaving you at a loss for words.

“Because of course, your happiness is of utmost priority to me.”

A Throne of Glass and Fury: Part VII

It has been a ridiculously long time since I’ve updated ATOGAF, and I sincerely apologize for that! I’ve been so busy lately with school and cheer and everything else, but you guys have been so supportive and I can’t thank you enough for that.

I also reached over 1,000 followers, which is crazy!! I never thought I would reach 1K. So lot’s of love to all of you who follow me:) This part is short, but I wanted to show everyone’s moods before the dinner. The next part will be the much anticipated dinner!

Hope you enjoy!


“Oh please,” I grumbled, examining my perfectly manicured nails. “It’s just a dinner, for Cauldron’s sake.”

Cassian spoke from his closets. “For your information, Morrigan, it is not the dinner I’m worried about.”

I knew by the use of my full name that there was truly something worrying Cassian. He may be a pain in my ass—and that was on a good day—but he was still someone I cared for deeply, and if there was something on his mind, I wanted to know. 

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“Sonic and Eggman”

I was watching Rob play Sonic Colors, and I came up with my own idea for a reimagining of Sonic the Hedgehog in the style of the earlier, side-scrolling games. I hope you enjoy.



The game begins in an idyllic area which recalls the Green Hill Zone or Emerald Hill Zone from the earlier games. The sky is blue and patched with white clouds, and palm trees stand guard over crystalline waterfalls. There are no enemies or dangers, and Sonic runs through loop-de-loops and vaults across suspended platforms, accompanied by his companion, Tails.

But then we encounter small patches of “Eggman”; little glitch-like patterns from which tiny Eggmen bubble forth. Though Sonic can kill many of them (with these Eggman being empty inside; devoid of the animals once needed to power Eggman’s creations), the smaller ones elude any attack, flying through the air like insects. The Eggmen appear to be moving towards a large wall that divides Green Zone from a more industrial-looking area. At this boundary, Sonic fights a humanoid Eggman that looks quite like the Eggman that we know from the first Sonic the Hedgehog; this Eggman pilots a robotic car which also bears his image. Sonic destroys the Eggman, which breaks apart into smaller Eggmen that disappear like water through cracks in the wall. In the wreckage of the robotic car, the first chaos emerald emerges, its color a vivid green. Sonic collects the chaos emerald and enters the next zone through a door in the wall.

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 So it hasn’t even been a month since I created this account, but on the 24th of August 2016, this blog hit 1000 followers!

I just wanted to say that I’m sorry if I’m not able to post frequently! I’m a bit busy with school and I’m having an existential crisis right now. Please believe me when I say that I want to make every request that’s sent to me. I’ll do my best to put out every single one of them. Until then, I hope you enjoy the other requests/my own imagines I’ll be posting first.  Something is queued for the next few days!

Thank you for the love!