I hope u like; I spent all day on this

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Also I've spent days in your bellarke fanfic tag I hope u lnow


(most of these have smut) (do what you will with whatever that says of me) (I’ll label the most intense smutty things)

  • okay, so pretty much everything by monroeslittle is fan-fucking-tastic but Love Will Come Through is my absolute favourite because it gave me feelings which is weird because usually I’m like ‘ew feelings’ but in this case I was like ‘YES FEELINGS’ because I’m trash we all know this (it’s an AU btw; but in the sense that it tweaked the show idea a bit)
  • another one of my favourite authors is Chash because if there’s a specific type of trash that I am, it’s definitely AU trash and pretty much all (or at least most) her things are AU so I’m in my glory here. The first fic I read was Writing a Loving Letter, Boy (modern AU) and the fluff would probably suffocate you and if you want more feelings then there’s also this one
  • I think the very first bellarke fic that I’ve ever read was by somethingofatrainwreck and that was King and Princess talk over on ffnet and then I found the ao3 profile and read all the other things which you should totally do too
  • We Came Out on Top is another brilliant modern AU
  • long day is beautifully written; all her things are beautifully written and they’re like writing goals for me tbh (modern AU)
  • First Blood (SMUT)
  • One of the first fics I’ve ever read was I’ve Fallen Out of Favour and it’s amazing 
  • I used Pretty Lights (modern AU) to get my bff into fanfiction and her reaction throughout the whole thing was incoherent squealing because of how cute and fluffy it is so do what you wish with that bit of information (the same author also wrote Take my Hand which is sort of a sytycd AU and since I’m a dancer I love to read dance things and this one is probably the best dance thing I’ve read in a long time)
  • I love love love the writing style of the feel-good hit of the summer (rock band AU)
  • another rock band AU is Growing Two Heads that Rhiannon wrote and I was continuously snapchatting my reactions to her (this is what happens when your my friend on snapchat tbh)
  • Caught in the Fire (more smut; like hardcore smut. Hardcore multichaptered smut)
  • I had in the silence between worlds on my phone to read in between plane rides and long nights in hotels and it certainly did not disappoint everything by this author is absolutely beautiful
  • another amazing author is tacosandflowers I can’t just pick one fic
  • this entire series is gold and I loved it
  • Look! More fluff!
  • no capes (and no medals either) aka daredevil inspired au
  • this is going to be the last one I swear because I can go on for days with fic recs

I spent ages going through my photos and got kinda nostalgic so im gonna go to bed now bye guys have a great night!!

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A lot of rough things happened to me, all at once, and I spent a lot of time in bed reading all your old Carmilla stuff- the warm, winter-months, cuddle full stuff- and your Hospital au, and I'd just like you to know that it really helped me feel better, made me feel like one day my life could simple and easy and warm, too. So thanks.

aw thank u so so so much for telling me that’s lovely I hope ur feeling a bit better

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ahh hi guys long time no talk it's gym/iwa anon and it's been a while. I just wanted to drop by and say hello, how are both admin g and m doing, I hope you guys had a good fourth(if you guys like that stuff idk) and everything. I was on vacation and I started reading the manga (I'm like at the end of the second set of seijou vs karasuno and all these caps of iwa make me happy but I'm worried bout daichi..) but basically I wanted to say hey and hope u guys r spiffy ok bye!!! (▰˘◡˘▰)

we actually spent our fourth together!! m had to deal with me singing and dancing with her mom and i had a lot of fun. i hope she did too. she had a busy work day today so i’m just gonna say she had fun.

what did you do for your fourth??

how was vacation??

are you in love with kunimi yet?

we are spiffy and we hope you are as well!!

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ratchet story that could pass for a love story. this entire year one of my close cousins has been telling me about his new gf-ish figure overseas. (she lived in his neighborhood back in the philippines) 3 mnths ago he flew for a visit and met her parents and they were like "wait u have the same last name as her ex bf. do u know a chris?" they apparently spent an entire hour talking about me afterwards LOL. he is still salty that but how was i supposed to know she was the same person? sorry hyung

-slow clap and laughs like a hyena- the world is soooo small omfg wtf hahaha. Aww Chris…I hope they said good things though..and if I was your cousin, I would side-eye you like all day err day. But then he didn’t send you pics of her or give her name? what? or did you forget her name?! O_O thanks for sharing though lmao, now I have more blackmail material. It’s a love story though, I enjoyed this very much.

share your love stories/nonexistent love stories/any stories :)

i work 14 hours tomorrow and 14 hours on wednesday and i really need to go to bed but i’m not tired and i feel like i’m forgetting something i got food and i have all my fancy nice clothes for dinner out so i remember to bring them and i just remembered i have to bring my bcp too cause i have to take it like right in the middle of dinner ugh i’m nervous and i don’t want to drive i spent 3 hours driving back and forth from the hotel back to campus but i’m still kind of nervous ugh i hope these next 2 days are like not shitty even though.. they probably will be.. u_______u


So, you are on of people I met here at my early state of blog (whatever this meaned). I liked you since our first conversation and the August I spent talking to you nearly all day was awesome. We continued talking and I can say you are really close to my heart aka I love you so freaking much. You are my sister. You are awesome, beautiful (YES U ARE DON’T EVEN START) and you are such a queen. You have amazing blog (as all other stuff connected to you)

Shorty, I love you, you are my beautiful friend and I hope we meet soon so we can eat cevapi and burek together

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i am v v excited for this i havent see a good tumblr rp in the tags for a few days and im stOKED!!!! def be getting an app from me in the next couple days. just wanted to say this rp is fab tho and i hope u get all the apps ever tbh

i think this is the most happy i’ve ever been, oh my god, thank you so so so much, babe !! that really means a lot to us, considering we spent like, countless hours trying to perfect everything, and i just. this absolutely made my day, stay perfect, lil gray face !! can’t wait to see an app from you. 

shadowjutsu replied to your post: *doesnt want to sleep tonight in case …

i hope your cat is okay! i’ll keep my prayers to them

in all honestly she’s probs not gonna b okay. she’s 16 and my parents spent the day giving me childish phrases like “she’s an old girl” “she had a good life” “theres not much we can do for her” etc etc 

thank u for your prayers tho. i’m just hoping she isnt in serious pain rn 

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i applied for fourteen too omg i'm so hyped but then again so nervous like ?? ? ? ?

Ahhhh yay!!! I hope we both get in and become a cute lil rp fam but if not, it’s all good too. I typically try to stay chill until like the day of acceptance when I will definitely lose all chill but just try to remember that no matter what you’ll be fine! and if you spent a long time on your app and don’t get in, the bright side is that now you have a fully fleshed out character you can use as an oc or for a 1x1 :-)

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omg hellooo i've been ok, i visited my aunt this week and she lives in the middle of nowhere in the south of my country so i had no internet (i really missed your posts ((and you what who said that)) i hope that doesnt sound creepy) and today i spent all day in a car in 30+C i thought i was gonna melt away... i didnt think you'd remember me ahahah -vine anon

ohmygod u actually messaged me omf i even told my friend about u the other day bcs ur too nice *sob sob* ofc i remember u // and thank u omf dkfjsndf // ohm ygod haaaa no internet sucks ;-; hopefully u had a good time at your aunts tho ^-^ // and omf bby i pheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeel u here it’s also been over 30º whenever i have to drive i feel like im about to die ?!!? i have AC but in summer the best option is to open windows lmao