I hope u like; I spent all day on this

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I'll tell you about my day? I had art today which was cool and I wore a large shirt with paint splattered on it and idk I felt good, then at lunch I managed to eat something and drink in front of people so I was pretty proud. I spent majority of my day with my crush, he came to my house and we cuddled in bed for a while; it's days like today when I think of everyone in the world, and what others may be doing. I really hope you're feeling better soon, take deep breaths darling

thank u your shirts sounds wonderful im tryin those breathing exercises but i fee like they’re doin fuck all

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could u make a play list for nico

Sure. Here goes… It’s mostly musical theatre… But I hope you like the list!

“If I Could Dream This World Away,” from The Woman In White. [I think this song works for the time he spent in the bronze jar in Mark of Athena]

“Superboy and the Invisible Girl,” Next To Normal. [No idea… This is just very Nico.]

“All For Laura,” The Woman In White. [The lyrics… Seriously…]

“Time of Dying,” Three Days Grace. 

“I Should Tell You,” RENT

“Prodigal Son,” Heather Dale [Battle of the Labyrinth era.]

“Tarnished Silver,” Heather Dale. 

“Into The Open Air,” Brave

“Demons,” Imagine Dragons. 

“It’s Time,” Imagine Dragons. 

“Exile,” Heather Dale. 

I’m going to leave it at that. I could probably list twenty more songs, but I won’t. 

heyYY HAPPY 17th CLAUDIAAA🎉 first of all don’t kill me for posting this photo kk u’re cute here!!1!✋🏻 u’re younger than me but act like my unnie hAHA😤 thank you for all the years that we’ve spent tgt since i stepped into npcc till now :’) thank you for putting up w my nonsense heh you’re a great chingu😚 hope you had a blast tdy & hope u liked the “gift” i got u frm kr HAHA if we meet i’ll treat u to smth ok🎈once again, happy b'day laoban! love you, my bus 188 buddy🚌💖 (u didn’t reply my ws btw im hurt)

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(Part 2) My day was okay, not much done. I volunteered for four hours but it was dead the entire time. I had like 15 people come in the whole shift, half asking where maternity/ER was and the other half asking where the bathroom was. How was your day

u volunteer at a hospital?? that is so cool!! one finally opened up on my side of town so I’m hoping to do that this summer if I at all possible
yesterday was just spent with my momma and it was relaxing and nice :)