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Today is the day I’m shooting my first wedding, and so far it has not gone according to plan at all (but also I haven’t fucked anything up in a lasting way, so that’s good). I was going to do all these things beforehand, most of which I haven’t had time to do. I needed to print the shot list and other paperwork I flaked out and didn’t print yesterday, so I biked to Tufts, but then it turned out that the library is closed on weekends between Aug 20th and Sep 5th (which of course I didn’t check online before biking over), so I had to bike back and call my dad and get him to print the wedding stuff and courier it over. Between the biking I did yesterday and the biking I did today, I was pretty smelly. But when I got back, the plumber was had arrived (without warning!) and was replacing the hot water heater. I was like fine, I’ll take a cold shower, I can handle it, whatever. But the shower just would not produce water of any temperature, so – get this – I gave myself a sponge bath out of the kitchen sink and sprayed my hair with a spray bottle. Then I realized I should probably shave, so I used the leftover hot water Casey had boiled to make coffee and shaved with my haircut mirror in the kitchen. I probably won’t have too much razor burn. My life is a comedy of errors. Nothing major better go wrong.

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mmm yes headcanons 

  • ISABELLE:As long as I want it too does it matter? I wanted to get out of the Institute for the day sometime soon and I found a horse riding school not too far away where you can take the horses out on treks. Back in England I did horse riding frequently and haven’t had the opportunity since I came here. I thought you may be the horse riding type so as a thank you I wanted to pay for you to join me since you have done a lot for me too but it’s fine Sir. I’m sure one of the Dominants would enjoy the experience and I wouldn’t want to put you in an uncomfortable situation.
  • SEBASTIAN:I suppose you've got a point.
  • SEBASTIAN:Ah, while I do appreciate the offer, I don't know whether or not myself or the horses would enjoy the experience. Though I suppose a horse is unlikely to kick me a second time around, and I'm not an 8 year old, so perhaps it wouldn't be a horrible experience.
  • SEBASTIAN:I'll think about it, and get back to you by the end of the day?

Murderer’s Maze by @ibuzoo

“A new killer causes a worldwide media sensation by committing crimes so depraved, that they’re creating a global panic. Only Special Agent and Consulter Hermione Granger can stop the killer—if she can solve his most complex and terrifying puzzle. Will she see through his game before her time runs out? Or will she lose herself in his maze of terror?”

How To Trade With The Fallen: Second, You Test The Waters


Phaenna often wondered what went on inside of Pallaxas’ mind. The docked ex-captain sat still beside the campfire for almost an hour, staring intensely into his wrist-mounted computer. She had only captured rare glimpses of his screen on a few occasions; judging from what Eliksni text she translated, he still had old contacts among the dregs from the House of Kings in communication. Will he betray me? She wondered. After all these years, would he stab me in the back?

Despite their time and experiences together, Pallaxas remained somewhat of a mystery. He often kept his thoughts to himself and never told her about his dealings with the Kings dregs. She assumed that he was still considered “kill-on-sight” with his old House, or he would have returned long ago.

The Fallen looked up at her from his screen. “Pallaxas has learned interesting news,” he said furtively. 

“From your old contacts?” Phaenna guessed.

He ignored her question. “There is a reaver from the House of Devils, one named Na'harek, who spoke of belonging to the House of Wraiths.”

“That’s… unusual. I didn’t think usurping new members between Houses was a thing,” she said.

“It is uncommon. He may be telling the Devils the secrets of the Wraiths: their House has dwindled in number and in power. They may be desperate for supplies.”

“So… what are you suggesting?”

“We may be able to trade with the House of Wraiths, yes?”

Phaenna looked at him, unsure about his proposition. “I love your cultures and diversity, Pally. Despite everything that has happened, I still want to help us all… but If they are low on supplies, how are they going to pay us? We would just be donating our services to them, paying out of our own pocket. I know nothing about the Wraiths, for all I know they could backstab us like the Devils did.”

He stared at her without betraying any sign of emotion. “The Wraiths may lack the stability the Devils have. There are two possibilities: they may loot us and kill us, or they may cooperate, yes?”

“But how will they pay us?” She asked insistently.

“No standing House is without resources. Even the weakest Houses have glimmer, twists, weapons, and favors.”

She mulled this over for a moment and smiled at him. “Okay. Okay, I’ll bite, but if they kill us then I’m coming back from the dead to kick your ass.”

“You are House of Guardians now? You carry the Traveler’s Light?” He teased.

Very funny. Do you have any existing connections with the Wraiths, like you do with the Devils?”

“Pallaxas does not.”

“How do you suggest we strike up a trade deal with them, then?” She asked.

The Fallen lowered his computer and looked at her thoughtfully. “These deals must be made with the Kell’s retainers, yes? Pallaxas will be your representative, or the House will not speak to us. If they agree to work with us, we will be granted an audience with either the retainers or the Kell personally. The retainer will speak on our behalf - the Kell may be insulted by your speaking directly with them. I will contact the Wraiths and ask for a formal meeting. I will speak with the Wraiths’ retainer, who speaks with the Kell. We may not be guaranteed an audience with the Kell directly - the retainer may take the tribute and discuss with you the Kell’s desires as an intermediary, yes?”

He held out a palmful of glowing glimmer. “Of great importance, we must present the Kell with tribute as a sign of respect. They will not accept favors from you, but they may accept valuable technology, the heads of their greatest enemies, they may accept a skiff, or glimmer.”

“Welp, the only thing I have to give is glimmer.”

“They will accept no less than half a million to speak with you.”

Phaenna leapt up. “Half a fucking million?! This had better be a hell of a business arrangement.”

“You are an independent and unknown agent, not a friend of the Wraiths. With this tribute, you would have the ear of an entire House, and perhaps a return on your investment - far better than your dealings with the Devils.”

“Wow, okay first of all - where did you learn to talk business?”

“From you, my captain,” he purred.

“Smooth, Pally. That was actually pretty smooth. Hmm, it sounds like they’re not fans of the Devils… Think you can send them a message now? Tell them I am Phaenna Serov, captain of the Kingswind and opponent of the Guardians. I stole my skiff from the House of Kings, I stole from the House of Devils, and I am seeking to do business with the Wraiths - we might be able to help each other. You are my representative, I seek a retainer, and I will have tribute ready for their Kell.”

Pallaxas gave her a slight bow and entered the cockpit of the Kingswind. There, he accessed the skiff’s comms, and from there, a stray Wraiths comm channel gleaned from his data. He submitted his video message showing his entire torso, docked arms and all.

[I am Pallaxas, representing Phaenna Serov, captain of the Kingswind. She is an enemy of the House of Guardians, she took a skiff from the House of Kings by force and guile, stolen goods and twists from the House of Devils, and is seeking to do business with the House of Wraiths. We bring glimmer as tribute, and ask for a retainer of the Kell. We welcome your reply.]


hi so this is me singing and you dont have to listen but i enjoy it. have a great week. 

The Middle: Alexis and Caleb

Alexis stared in her mirror unhappily. She had changed dresses six times at this point, discarding the ones she decided against on the floor. She didnt know why she cared so much, but she didnt want to look to prissy, or too slutty, or to childish. She finally settled one one and sighed, accepting the fact that she was incredibly nervous. It was like going on a first date. Except the pre judgement was already there to cut through. Picking up her purse, she walked out and locked the door, making her way to the lobby. “Caleb?” She called from behind him, seeing him there. She pressed her lips together and hoped for the best.

Adventure Time [Closed rp]


Zoey ran her fingers into Smiffy’s… slimy hair? It was soo cool and disgusting. Like, her hands are in this dude’s head. She yanked her hands out then repeatedly started smacking the top of his head, laughing as it jiggled. She could do this for days. “Do you realize how fun it is to play with your body? You jiggle more than I do, and I got boobs!” She shoved her hands back into his jelly-like hair and smiled.


Danny grunted in pain as he slid into the shadows of an alley. That had been a close one. He prodded his side and hissed as his fingers made contact with something cool and wet, yet warm at the same time. “Great… not as a clean of a get away as I would have liked.” The Ghost King muttered to himself as he glanced around him. Something was up with the energy of this area… it felt like a portal was trying to form. The twenty-six year old bit his lower lip in thought. If this was a natural portal trying to open he’d better stay nearby and make sure nothing came. It was times like this where he wished he’d taken to actually using the Crown of Fire more. He was still getting over the fact that Clockwork had all but made him wear the Ring of Rage nearly all the time. 

He took a steadying breath and took a few more steps toward the area that felt the most off. He head the ghost hunters enter the alley as he turned to face them the portal he was investigating opened. He had no plans on actually entering said portal, but he wasn’t given the chance to as the two fired their weapons at him sending him through the portal and into a lab that definitely wasn’t his parent’s. The last thing he saw was the last person he expected to see as he knew for a fact that Vlad was in Japan at the moment. 



John opened his mouth to snap something scathing and quickly shut it, thinking better of the situation. Bennet would write that shit down, Leo would see it and then Kirk would see it.

And his commission? He might as well kiss that mother goodbye.

Arms crossed over his chest, where he’d taken a rather pointed stance, John glowered at her. “I hate these sessions, doc. No offense. But I do. I don’t need anyone muckin’ around in my head.” He knew he was fucked six ways from Sunday. He knew he suffered from a lovely host of maladies. He didn’t need the doctor before him reminding him that he was skating on thin ice.

“‘Sides, I’m not that stubborn.”

“You are totally one hundred percent stubborn as all get out, don’t you pretend otherwise.” he was also one of the few whose mind was completely locked away from hers. She wasn’t sure why but reading his thoughts was an impossibility for her. Of course, his emotions she could get a small taste of and ‘annoyed’ was on the top of the list of emotions he felt the most.

Probably because he was around her.

“Don’t you act all high and mighty with me. I’m just trying to get a feel of you which is harder since I can’t actually read your mind. Its going to take a few extra sessions because of that but after that I’ll only need to see you in certain cases. I promise.” she insisted. 

“So please ,take a seat? I just have a few simple questions today.”