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I dated a guy for 8 years before we decided to get married. He dumbed in the alter where I waited for two hours without him or one of the bridesmaid whom he apparently eloped with. We had sex the night before so it shocked me to the core and I only knew what he did because of a snap he took in Las Vegas about it. What would RFA + V + saeran react to that when the have crush one me. Sorry it's too personal but I'm hurt and I don't know how to cope. I know it's full of typos please ignore them.

*cracks neck* A few of these characters may beat up the fictional equivalent of that douchebag for you. I’m so sorry this happened to you. I don’t know if I can properly convey to you the sadness and anger I feel at your story. So I’m just going make sure that our MysMe friends take care of him.

Also, I make an exception about pronouns for you. It’s all you/yours for this HC.

I’m actually surprised this one flowed out so naturally… enjoy!


  • When he hears what happened, he’s like a deer in the headlights
  • How is supposed to respond to that?!
  • You’re crying, and it breaks his heart to see you cry, but he’s also angry that that douchebag hurt you so badly
  • And underneath it all, even though he tries to squash the evil little voice, a part of him is singing “Ode to Joy” because you’re now single
  • But not ready to mingle, so he keeps his distance in that way
  • He’s there for you, holds you, does his best to cheer you up


  • if she ever sees him again, she’s going to Judo kick him so hard in the head, his skull will fracture
  • When she finds out, she gets you out of the church as fast as possible, helps you change, and takes you somewhere safe from prying eyes, private, and takes your phone away
  • She calls the RFA (still at the wedding) tells them what happened, and asks everyone to clear out the guests
  • Zen’s so angry on your behalf that you even hear him yelling through the phone, swearing up and down that if he ever gets his hands on DB, he will kill him
  • She will bring you anything you need, tea, coffee, pastries, ice cream
  • Jaehee has warm blankets (fresh from the dryer), dvds, and time, so she stays with you until you need time and space, then leaves, and comes back when you call
  • You need to work your way through this? She understands if you need to take a quick cry break in the back
  • seriously, though, if she ever sees him again, she will probably Judo kick him into the sun


  • He.
  • Is.
  • Ready.
  • To.
  • Kill.
  • Zen’s never exactly been shy about flirting or expressing his feelings for you, even if it was one-sided, not taken seriously, and he never intended to seduce you away from your beau
  • But Zen is a hopeless romantic, so someone spitting on the name of love like that, regardless of you, pisses him off
  • He doesn’t play around with women’s emotions (not on purpose, anyways)
  • When he hears the two of you even had sex the night before, he’s so angry he wants to hit everything
  • But he’s here for you, and so he drags you out of the church, takes you either to a bar or his apartment (that way you don’t have to look at the place you shared with him and be reminded)
  • Zen ignores the looks two get while riding his motorcycle
  • Once your safely hidden away in his apartment, he isn’t afraid to hold you, give you anything he has- 
  • -in his fridge! That’s totally… what… um… h-he meant…
  • He has a ton of beer, and is more than willing to knock a few back with you and play games or watch TV
  • In the end, you play drinking games and watch bad TV
  • Years and years later, your in a happy relationship, married to Zen, you’re walking down street and see the guy the left you at the altar, and Zen bull rushes him and throws a few punches
  • Dude holds a grudge


  • We all know Jumin Han and how quick he is to jump into relationships
  • He wanted a relationship with before he found out you were engaged, and was only okay with letting you go because you seemed happy
  • So, with everyone waiting in the pews at the church for over an hour, he knows something is wrong and goes looking for you
  • When he finds you crying, he asks what’s wrong, and you show him the snap of DB in Vegas, eloping, he’s furious
  • Jumin immediately tells you deserve so much better, and if you’d like, he’d be more than willing to step in as the groom for this wedding
  • If you say no, he will accept your answer, but will be there, supporting you and hoping someday you’ll say yes to a spontaneous marriage proposal
  • However, if you say yes, he walks you out there, head held high, heart soaring, a small smile on his face
  • No matter what you say, he’ll probably send a security team after him to beat him up


  • Will do anything and everything to make you smile after hearing that terrible news
  • Saeyoung will try to distract you, protect you from prying wedding guests, and hack your now ex’s life simultaneously
  • He’ll even drag Saeran into the fun! or just hand off the hacking so that he can focus on distracting you more
  • Saeyoung will try his best to protect you from the pain
  • He hacks DB’s social medias and edits  any picture of him so he has devil horns, a tail, and a hitler ‘stache
  • So when you inevitably check, possibly out of habit, you see a small part of what he did
  • Also, btw, Saeyoung hacked int DB’s credit scores, managed to drop the whole thing to zero and lock it there, and he also got the IRS to look into him, just to fuck with him 😈


  • When he hears what happened, he just asks what you want to do now
  • Is there anything he can do for you? To help you?
  • If you say, “Take me home” he will escort you home
  • If you say, “hold me” he will hold you and hopes never to let go
  • He take care of you anyway you ask him to
  • The only time V says no, is when you ask for something that’s bad for you (like your phone, because you keep staring at that picture of DB in Vegas for some reason, like you can’t believe your eyes)
  • V is just very compassionate and giving, and eventually helps you through things, even if it’s only piece by piece
  • might ask Jumin to get a security team to track down DB and do something about him


  • Oh, this guy is so dead
  • He took a snap chat? Well, guess what, Saeran is a hacker and can not only trace his location, but fuck with everything around him
  • This DB is going to pay for making you cry
  • Saeran takes all the guys money, uses it on things for you to make you feel better afterwards
  • Seriously, on DB’s dime, Saeran arranges an entire day at a nice, fancy spa with a massage, a facial, mani-pedi, haircut, the works, all for you
  • Of course he doesn’t tell you any of this because you wouldn’t approve
  • He also pays a few guys off (again, on DB’s time) to go “rough up” DB
  • He watches the whole thing from a distance, recording it all with his phone

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Hi! Uhm, I don't know if you can help me, but do you know a cleansing and or protection spell against ghosts? A cemetary is right down the street from my house and I've already had 2 ghostly visitors on Halloween the last couple of years from there (forgot to close the window that night NEVER AGAIN). If not, would it be possible to direct me to someone who would know sth like this? I hope, I'm not too forward w/ this request. Thank you so much and have a lovely day!

Not too forward at all! My parents house is actually between a cemetery and a fairy mound, so we were always finding bits or charms people made to keep both at bay. It was an interesting childhood in the garden in that regard. One time dad dug one of them up and discarded it. The streak of bad luck that ensued led to my mother going to the Totally Not Witches in our church to get another one.

One of the main charms I am aware of for keeping unwanted visitors out of your house is to plant iron around the entryways. Everyone thinks this is always just for fae, but iron is just one of those good, solid, dependable metals for when it comes to protecting the home. My parents have iron horseshoes above the doors. Some people like to have them facing down the way (like a U) because they believe it keeps luck inside your house, other people flip them like an upside down U so that anyone with bad or unwelcome intentions, will feel turned away and be in theory unable to cross the threshold.

You can also take iron sheers and plant them in your yard, blades open and facing outward so that anyone unwelcome will cut their soul if they try to break in or enter where they are not welcome. You don’t necessarily need to do anything too magical too them either to do this. It’s the will of your intent as you bury them that does most of the work, but it doesn’t hurt to remind them every day when you walk over/past them that they are there to Protect you, and focus a little of your will toward that notion.

You can also create a protection charm like that out of pretty much anything, iron is just traditional and preferable to some people. I didn’t have any iron when someone tried to break into mine and Etd’s home (except the iron curtain rail I threatened the guy with, happy coincidence) so I actually took my favorite quartz crystals, told them they were going to look after my house now and buried them near the thresholds. Ocassioanly I will rework the charm whenever I am cleaning house, focusing on where I know them to be in the yard, and willing them to be filled with light and the general vibe of “if you’re here without my invitation fuck the fuck right off”. It works well for me. You could also use lemons or something else that is biodegradable, but then you need to redo the spell in full fairly often, which some people like cause it helps them feel protected, and some people don’t.

I also keep crystals by all the windows which I work with similarly, with the extra notion that I don’t want people looking in and they should feel uncomfortable if they try. This would also work easily for ghosts too. My preference is clear quartz or amethyst.

I will also once a year, usually on Hogmanay, go around all thresholds and windows with salt, imagining an invisible ward around everything that seals the house from malice or unwanted guests, living or otherwise. I’ll usually do each window individually. Then when I’m done I open them up and brush the salt outwards towards the outside world, as a symbolic gesture of brushing the evil/bad energies out of the home. It’s something my mother always did, which she got from her mother, and it stuck with me. Those are my basic house wards.

If you feel like your ghost buddies have decided they want to stay and are disregarding the wards, you may need to have a chat with them regarding boundaries. And by chat I mean reminding them this is your house and to kindly gtfo. You can do this with your average cleansing house spell, a million and one of which you can find in Google. But my personal fave is to bang my iron pots and pans together walking through the house saying firmly “this is my space, you’re not welcome here, leave please”. If I’m feeling particularly special I’ll light some incense, but if you couldn’t tell I’m a very “fuck off I’ve not got time for this bullshit” witch.

Also if it’s just specific to Halloween? Keep candles lit by the windows, or if you can, throw the traditional jack-o-lantern outside with a candle inside, give them something else to focus on, a bit like moths to a flame. But be sure to have your wards in place, you want them to focus on the light, not your actual home. Good luck.

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Dragon AU- You can't leave me with just that! Does Steve ever get a chance to apologize to Tony? How did he end up in Tony's clutches anyways? Will they become friends? Does Tony have any dragon friends? What sorts of things are in his horde (including that 12% of Pepper's?) (I hope you don't regret telling me I could throw questions at you.)

Tony was lonely, so Natasha does some scrying to find someone that could be his companion. She finds a displaced prince without a country and decides that he’s just as good a person as any (and also she has a soft spot for lonely people). She doesn’t see that the prince is waiting for a knight to bring horses for them. Bucky arrives just in time to see a hulking red figure flying away from where he left Steve, and something in the curl of the dragon’s tail was cursing up a blue streak. “Ah,” Bucky says, because that can be no one else but Steve.

Natasha thinks it’s funny how gullible Tony is so she tells him that Steve is a princess and Tony has no reason to doubt her. He thinks it’s very strange that this princess is using such uncouth language. He thought princesses were supposed to be prim and proper. So he asks. “What did you just call me,” Steve hisses, blood boiling after years of being small and sickly and bullies actually calling him ‘princess.’ Oh, Tony thinks. This human is hard of hearing. So he repeats himself, louder and slower. Steve kicks him under his wing, hard, and swears at him so violently that Tony scuttles out of the room in terror.

“He doesn’t like me,” Tony tells Natasha, voice small, and Natasha purses her lips, but she should have expected that. She forgets that she’s the outlier sometimes. She’d been alone so long that finding Tony in her castle had actually been… kinda nice. She hadn’t thought about how a normal person would react to Tony. “Give him time,” Natasha decides after some thought, because she can’t imagine anyone not growing to love Tony.

And then Bucky comes and Tony shivers with terror because knights still make him think of Howard roaring and trying to protect his mate and Maria trying to cover Tony with her body before a sword was plunged through her. But Bucky just warns Tony that he needs to let Steve go for his own safety. It’s not that Tony doesn’t believe him, it’s just–he believes Natasha more. And Natasha said to give him time. So he says “no” and “go find your own princess” and is very proud of himself when the knight retreats with nothing more than a “suit yourself” and a shrug. He must have been very intimidating.

Tony thinks that maybe this will sway Steve in his favor because he’s defended him against an evil knight. But Steve just yells louder and kicks him again and oh, that hurt! Tony shuffles backward, frightened, and realizes that Natasha made a mistake. Steve doesn’t like him. Steve is never going to like him. No noble’s ever going to like him. Rhodey is the only good knight and king. Everyone else is bad. He should have realized that when Rhodey was the first knight to help him.

Luckily the knight isn’t too far away. Tony drops Steve and goes home, and Natasha tries to heal the bruising as best she can, even though she’s angry and upset with herself for sending Tony to get someone who was just going to hurt him.

To his credit, Steve keeps trying to apologize even with Natasha flinging green fire at him. He just wants them to understand: kidnapping him, calling him a princess because someone thinks it’s hilarious, and holding him against his will was not a good way to start a friendship. Rhodey comes by because news of a ruckus going on at the “old haunted castle” got back to him and sighs loudly when Natasha and Steve both shout their sides of the story at him. “Natasha, you were wrong for having Tony kidnap Steve and having him call Steve a princess,” Rhodey tells her, and she scowls petulantly and crosses her arms. Steve doesn’t have time to bask in his smugness though, because Rhodey turns to him and adds, “But you shouldn’t have kicked Tony when you realized he was a gullible dummy. All he knows of humans are Natasha, me, and the knights that murdered his parents in front of him.” Steve makes a horrified noise and covers his mouth. “Nooooo.” “Steve,” Bucky says. “I am always amazed by how well you manage to stick your foot in it.”

Pepper just shows up one day, says, “The man they want me to marry is gross,” and Tony sort of shuffles his claws before asking her, “Are you a princess?” “Yes,” Pepper says viciously. “So you won’t swear at me?” “Of course not!” Tony thinks he likes princesses much better than princes. So he lets her into the castle. Natasha won’t mind probably. Pepper wrinkles her nose at how much ruin the castle is in. “You live here?” “Rhodey fixed it up so it’s not dangerous anymore,” Tony insists. Pepper figures that’s alright then. She offers Tony her favorite book that she’d brought with her when she ran away as payment for keeping her. Tony misunderstands and shows her to his hoard, which includes but is not limited to: books, gems, candlesticks, gold and copper coins, fleece, and she’s pretty sure she sees a few pillows. “I thought dragons only hoarded gems and gold.” Tony shuffles his claws awkwardly. Maybe that’s true. He wouldn’t know.

Pepper rolls up her sleeves and gets to work because she hates clutter. The shelves are cleared of the gems and coins and fleece to make room for the books. She asks Tony to find some empty crates and he does her one better and finds a couple empty trunks. She fills one with the candlesticks and the other with the fleece and pillows. She’s just trying to figure out whether she should separate the coins by type when Natasha bursts in and shouts, “Who the hell are you?!” “I’m Princess Virginia Potts,” Pepper tells her. “The man my parents want me to marry is gross so I ran here.” “Get out!” “No,” Pepper tells her firmly, and then decides she should at least separate the coins between gold and copper. Natasha hovers by the door awkwardly before turning to glare up at Tony. Tony shrugs, peering down at the book Pepper had given him. It’s got a sword in a stone on the cover. Maybe Natasha will read it to him. “Okay but twelve percent of this is mine now,” Pepper says when she’s finished, covered in dust and sweat. Natasha sputters, but Tony just shrugs again, turning the book this way and that. If Natasha won’t read it to him, Rhodey will when he comes to visit. Maybe Pepper will even read it to him!

Dragons outside of family groups are solitary so he doesn’t have any dragon friends. :C It’s part of why he’s such a strange dragon. He didn’t have anyone to teach him how.

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What were ur thoughts on Kent that ngozi agreed w!!

ok this is gonna be really long because it was basically the Best Day Of My Life, so. settle in kiddos.

(this is also very very heavily referenced from chat logs where I talked about this the day after it happened and a couple of posts I made / tags I wrote around that time. so even though all of this happened like four months ago, I think it’s still reasonably accurate. but obviously memories are flawed things etc)

  • so ok first of all ngozi is SO FUNNY AND NICE in person ahhhhh
  • I was wearing my kent parson jersey that I made!
    • …… but when I first saw her table, I got super overwhelmed and nervous so I like…… walked by really quickly without looking at her and just did a lap around the dealer’s room??? so I could calm down??? haha oh my god it was so awkward.
    • I was actually hoping she hadn’t seen me but apparently she DID because later I was talking to someone who’d been standing by her table when I walked by and APPARENTLY she whispered, “PARSE JERSEEEEYYYY” when she saw me omfg
  • but anyway she was super friendly right away and asked me if she could take pictures & wanted to know how I made my shirt / etc etc. we talked for a minute and then (of course) she asked me, “so, why do you like parse?”
  • and tbh…… I’m still not sure how I was this smooth but I immediately said, in a Very Diplomatic Voice, “I like characters who have a lot of room to grow.”
  • which made her laugh!!! she was like, “that’s refreshing!! that’s a really great answer!!! a lot of people are just like, ‘I like him because he’s an asshole!!‘”
    • …I think it makes her sad half because she doesn’t get why someone would like a character just because they’re mean, but also half because she doesn’t think of parse as an asshole? she didn’t clarify explicitly, though…. she just expressed that she’s sad and disappointed when people say stuff like that to her.

MORE under the cut oh god I’m sorry there’s a lot

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Hi there, and welcome to the new mods. :) Hope you're all doing well! I got a question about writing villains. I don't mind if it takes a long time to answer, so feel free to put this to the bottom of the list if you've got a backlog, I have a feeling it'll be a hard one to tackle - or if you don't answer it at all that's fine too! Here goes: I have a really hard time writing villains. I've read and absorbed loads of advice on how to write them well, that's not the problem. (1)

My problem is that I don’t CARE enough about villains. All efforts I make to flesh them out feel like a mandatory chore, and (like anything you write out of obligation rather than enthusiasm) it shows in my writing. No matter how much work I put into the villains, they feel flat, and you can tell in the narrative that I had zero enthusiasm for it, that the villain is only there at all because the hero needed an enemy. (2)

I care more about my heroes and don’t want to spend time with villains, and forcing myself to puts me in a rut and puts me off working on my story altogether. I also find most villains in other stories unappealing, especially the extremely evil, power-hungry types. Do you have any advice for how to tackle this problem, to get inspired to work on something your story needs, when you don’t want to work on that? PS. Sorry for the length of this, I didn’t realise it’d got so long! (3 - end)

Hi, love!  Thanks so much for your question :)

Many of us have felt exactly what you’re feeling right now.  Villains are such an integral part of a good story, yet they’re written so distantly (and often poorly) in modern fiction that it’s hard to get a good example.  Even the Harry Potter series, which can be hailed for many great attributes, left us wanting a bit when it came to Voldemort.  I always got that same impression from J.K. Rowling – she had all these amazing characters, but when it got down to the villain, it felt like she just thought of a menacing name, removed a random body part, and called it a day.

Originally posted by yerr-a-wizard-harry

The good news there is that, despite a somewhat two-dimensional antagonist, J.K. Rowling had no problem selling her story.  Antagonists are important, but they’re not going to make or break your story – so if this is an area where you need improvement, that’s okay.  Take it slowly and give yourself grace while you work through this :)

Writing Villains – What Makes It Difficult?

With that out of the way, I’ll address your problem.  It sounds like you’re having trouble connecting with villains, and it’s the root of that issue that interests me.  Ask yourself: what is it about a villain that feels uninteresting or unlikable to you?  What deters you?  Could it be that you struggle to write characters who…

  • are immoral or dishonorable?  You may not want to write your villains because their personalities or actions are abhorrent to you.  The more evil a villain, the more prominent this problem is – if you truly hate the antagonist’s actions, you may be reluctant to write them.  You may even feel gross when you get to their scenes.

If this is the case: I’d suggest you try to dig into the reasons why their moral compass has been compromised.  Think about the character’s past and personality.  Were there influences in their life that desensitized them to this type of behavior?  What inspires them to act this way?  The more human and realistic these reasons are, the easier it will be for you to understand their actions.

  • interrupt, harm, or conflict with your protagonist?  Sometimes when we develop our stories, we become attached to our protagonists – so much so that we begin to dislike any enemy or obstacle to the protagonist.  It may be that if you’re strongly in support of your hero and their goal, the idea of writing the antagonist becomes sour in your mind.

If this is the case: Think of how the villain’s actions will affect your protagonist positively.  Wanting to protect your protagonist from all evil (or just the really strong evil) may sound ideal, but it’s really denying your hero a chance to grow.  How do the obstacles and setbacks change your protagonist?  Does your hero grow into a more resilient person?  Do they meet new people who will change their lives forever?  Do they learn more about themselves?  If you find that the villain’s actions don’t change your character in the long-term at all, then you may have a plot problem.

  • are not relatable to you?  There can be two causes for this.  For one, we as writers naturally create protagonists who we can support, appreciate, and relate to.  So the next logical jump is to create villains who are the exact opposite of all those things.  You may need to diversify your villain – make their personality more complex, and not just bad bad bad.
    The second cause of unrelatable villains – when people do bad things in real life, others often struggle to understand why.  That’s the major question when tragedy strikes: why did this happen?  Why would they do this?  People with strong morals just don’t know how to think like that  They can’t rationalize how these actions benefit the villain, or how the villain can live with themselves afterward.

If this is the case: Rewrite the outline of the story through your villain’s perspective, as if this is their story.  Think about those big scenes where the villain succeeds, fails, plots, attacks – imagine them through their eyes.  What are they feeling?  What are they gaining and what are they losing?  What do they want, and why do they want it so badly?  Why are they doing what they’re doing?  If you can’t answer these questions, that’s your problem right there.

  • aren’t as extreme as you feel they ought to be?  For any number of reasons, many writers wind up “softening” their villains before the final draft.  For some, they feel they’re “wasting space” on the villain or letting the story become too dark or dramatic.  For others, they just feel uncomfortable unleashing their “inner evil” like that.  For some still, they never let their villains get too extreme in the first place.  Either way, if you’re writing a muted version of a true villain, it’s going to wind up boring you!

If this is the case: Let them get nasty.  Get some paper and just brainstorm the worst possible things for your villain to do (while staying true to their character and motivations).  For a second, forget about the age rating or demographic of your story.  Think of terrible things.  Think of actions that would change your story, change your protagonist’s life, in irreparable ways.  Don’t hold back!  Even if you don’t use most of these ideas, get them out there and see how they taste.  You’ll feel more freedom when the antagonist is on the page – the true sense of power, knowing that your villain (and you, by extension) could do anything and no one can stop you.

  • you know are going to fail?  Writing a story can be like watching a movie when someone’s already spoiled the ending for you.  You know exactly how things end up, and the only decision left is, are you going to take part anyway?  Is the journey important enough that you’ll watch, even when you know the endgame?  And most importantly, will knowing the ending affect how you experience the journey?  Logically, you should be able to just make the decision to watch the movie.  But it’s not that easy.

If this is the case: Consider the ending.  Is the villain truly going to lose in every way?  Are they going to come away with any kind of victory, even if they ultimately fail or die?  And even if they don’t find happiness or victory, how can you improve their journey to make it worth the time?  How can you make an interesting enough villain that you can write their story, even knowing exactly how it ends?  This is a true problem of any character, of course, but it’s the most challenging for villains, who often wind up with the worst endings.  This is, in my mind, the most challenging hurdle when writing villains.

Of course, there are other less common reasons to struggle with villains, so if none of these address your concern, send another ask and we’ll get back to you.  I hope you can find the cause behind your problem! :)

Happy writing!

- Mod Joanna ♥️

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Insta Live -Daniel Seavey

Requested: Yes 

I got the request for a random Daniel imagine, so this came from scratch. Hope it works!

Word Count: 1,111 !!!  (sorry i thought that was a cool number ok?)

Synopsis: Story in which your relatively new boyfriend and you bicker like a married couple whilst enjoying a game night. Your relationship gets revealed over an Instagram live stream. 

“Cheater! You aren’t allowed to do that!” Daniel threw his hands in the air and shouted.  You slid your metal game piece across the board and took a pile of colorful, fake money. “Last time I checked, you didn’t make up the rules to Monopoly. Did you?” you jokingly snapped back at him. Your boyfriend of one month sat across from you and stared down at the intense board game that was unfolding. “You always win! It’s not fair. There either has to be something I’m not understanding, or the more probable option: You are a dirty little cheater!”  

 “But I’ve played this way my whole life!”

 “I don’t care! That is the most stupid rule I have ever heard of!” Daniel yelled and tossed his Monopoly piece into the air. You fell back onto the floor in a fit of laughter. There was only one thing better than beating Daniel at Monopoly: Daniel getting fake mad about it.

Then, he joined you in laughter as well, finally breaking character. The boy couldn’t act angry with you for more than a minute and everyone knew it.

“Hey! You two!” Jack marched through the hallway of the Why Don’t We house—iPhone in hand. “I’m trying to do a live stream on Instagram and you are screaming over my thoughts!” He swung open the door and panned the camera across the room, revealing the messy game night set up that you two had created. You and Daniel sat on the ground of the living room, surrounded by pillows and blankets. A bowl of popcorn had been overturned in the process.

Instinctually, you held a hand over your face. “Jack! I didn’t sign up to have my face broadcasted to thousands of people.” Of course, you were half joking. You knew that when you started dating Daniel, people would eventually find out and would probably give you extra social media attention for it. So yes, tons of people would see your face at some point. There was just one little problem. You and Daniel had yet to go public with your relationship. A lot of fans speculated your relationship status, but most were still convinced that you two were good friends.

Jack laughed at your camera shyness and started reading off the flood of comments. 


“Is that y/n?”

“#yourshipname is real.”

“Date already!”

 Jack raised his eyebrows and winked at both of you. “Looks like they want you two to stop dancing around the obvious.”

 You gave Jack the evil eye and shook you head. “I have no idea what you are talking about. The only obvious thing here is that I am beating Daniel’s butt.” Daniel raised a hand to his chest, pretending to be shocked. “Not true, y/n! I am a Monopoly master!” You waved your stack of bills in front of your face and proceeded to play along with his banter. “C’mon Daniel. Don’t lie to your fans. It’s not nice.”

Daniel protested again, pushing his default accusation that you were cheating.

“I think you’ve landed yourself a spot in that Monopoly jail cell. I suspect foul play!”

You cupped a hand around your ear and plastered a puzzled look on your face. “Sorry. What was that? I can’t hear you over all of this cash.”

“Fine, fine. You’ve got me,” he raised his hands in surrender. “Win. Lose. I don’t care, because at the end of the day, I still get to kiss your face. So, who’s the real winner here?”

Your eyes widened. His comment actually caught you by surprise. Despite your prior agreement to keep your relationship on the down low, he seemed to be revealing it all on camera. Jack’s jaw dropped at Daniel’s flirtatious response.

“Well there you have it folks! The cat is out of the bag!” The comments immediately started going wild again.

Heat began running to your cheeks, so Daniel reached over and gave your hand a squeeze. “Sorry, love. I couldn’t resist that one. I saw the opportunity and I had to take it.”

Jack passed the phone off to Daniel. “I think you are getting quite a few questions. (yourshipname) is taking over my live.” Daniel grinned at the viewers’ reactions. “Aw y/n they think you are cute! Come talk to the fans.” 

There was no going back now, so you chose to finally embrace being in the public eye. Your boyfriend’s eyes scanned the comments as they poured in.

What’s her name?

- Well this is y/n y/l/n. I think she’s pretty cool.”

Where did you meet?

-We met at The Grove in L.A. I was trying to pull ‘a Jonah’ and just go up and talk to her, because I thought she was really pretty and probably out of my league.” You could feel yourself start to blush again so you ducked out of frame.

Daniel laughed at your attempt to avoid the attention and reached out to grab your arm. “Nooo y/n. They want you to come back!” He moved so that he was sitting next to you and pulled you into his side. “Look!” he said as he gestured towards the crowd of humans on the other end of the screen. “They are being super nice!” Daniel was excited to finally be able to gush over you, so you couldn’t object.

You read through more of the questions and picked out one that caught your eye.

Can you tell us a secret about Daniel? ;)

“Ooh someone asked if I could spill some dirt on you!” you teased. “I can’t say no to that. Can I?” He rolled his eyes in response. You guys were always playfully trying to push each other’s buttons.

“Well. Daniel was actually late on our first date.”

“Hey! In my defense, I was-”

“I know I know,” you interrupted. “He claims that he was late because he spent too long holding the door for all of the people exiting the mall.”

Daniel slung his arm over your shoulders and looked you in the eyes. “It’s true! I promise!” All you could do was laugh at how honestly innocent he was.

“I know! If that excuse came out of anyone else’s mouth, I wouldn’t have believed them. But, that definitely sounds like something you would do. You’re too nice sometimes.”

Daniel kissed your cheek and smiled. His eyes always lit up the same way when he looked at you and fans definitely noticed. The way his eyes scanned your face was what made people doubt your “just friends” act in the first place.

 “Hey!” Jack shouted from the other side of the room. “No PDA on my Instagram live!”

Just some quick Daniel humor/ kinda fluff 

Hope you enjoyed! 


P.S. Message me if you need anything :-)

I really want to talk about the conclusion of the Lost Children arc, and Jill’s importance as a character.

One thing I see a lot of Berserk fans wish for is that the series could go back to the darker tones of arcs like Lost Children, the latter half of the Golden Age, and of course, the Black Swordsman arc. But the lighter mood is something that’s actually been developing since the manga’s beginning - it’s been gradual but it’s been consistent, and all the different characters Guts has encountered on his travels have been meeting better and kinder fates. Colette died horribly and had her corpse desecrated, then Vargas died cleanly and with hope of being avenged, then Theresia survived and carried physical and psychological scars as the price…and now Jill lives too; not undamaged, but she makes it out clean and strong and hopeful. And even though the Lost Children arc contains piles of dead children and shows Guts at one of his lowest points morally, this is the moment where the light breaks through at last.

And Jill is the character who brings this light into the story, and an incredible amount of hope too.

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Okay I'm totally going to need you to convince me how this is going to be okay because right now I actually feel pretty sick. I don't see how they have enough time once they leave the framework for Fitz to deal with this trauma. Fitz has killed a woman now, even if he wasn't aware he was doing it. And if he tortures Daisy, I just don't think I can watch that. To come out and have their happy engagement would be wrong and rushed. When do they get to heal? Where is the payoff???

Hi Anon!  And anyone else who needs this…

Its Going to be Okay!

This story isn’t supposed to be happy or fun, we are in a reality built by a crazy, evil book influenced, programmed by the questionable Dr. Radcliffe, and obsessed with becoming a real girl AIDA here.  She has twisted each and every single character.  Fitz and May more than anyone else. 

I’m just going to run down my major points here.  I hope it helps.  Again I am not ashamed to say that I am still enjoying this arc.  Its uncomfortable and frustrating as all get out.  But it has me rooting SO HARD for Fitzsimmons right now.  For the entire team right now. 

Fitz partly a distraction:

We all know that something the writers do is the fake out.   They have us looking at and focused on one thing so we literally don’t see the truck that is coming at us from left field.   Season 2 for example.  When Real Shield made their move it looked like they were our big bad of the season, that would be the arc.  When in fact it was Jaiying and the Inhumans that were the bigger threat.  So right now they have the fandom so wrapped up in Fitz….that we are ‘missing’ that thing over in left field about to hit us.  A betrayal is coming guys and its going to hurt.

Fitz has been brainwashed:

This is not our Fitz.  Period.  Iain said at Wondercon that they were two different people.  Two different characters.  Radcliffe said when talking to him, he talked about our Fitz as a different person, because he was.   We saw over and over throughout the episode AIDA manipulate him.  I see things like taking his hand, asking for him to protect her, of vocalizing they are trying to take him from her as the triggers.  You know how we know he’s been brainwashed…how down right TERRIFIED AIDA was of Radcliffe talking to him.  That Jemma was taken out of the picture even before she could be a factor in his life.  That AIDA boasted that she had manipulated this world and those in it to meet her needs and wants.  Yes, she fixed a regret but each regret built on her fantasy.

With Fitz this goes well beyond fixing a regret.  I still believe that initially making him the son his father wanted was just step one in AIDA’s process.  AIDA took him as her own. 

Everyone is Dark:

We’re not done yet here guys.  We have more oh please no moment coming with everyone coming.   And yes, Fitz is one of the most drastically different and one they are making sure to highlight but I am uncomfortable with everyone.

  • Coulson:  Yes he’s breaking thanks to Tahiti but he still let Hydra take off with one of his own students.  The big reason I think we have Coulson back is he is getting that “you did make a difference/Shield needs you arc here”.   Mace is not the leader that Shield needs…he wasn’t in the real world and he won’t be here. 
  • Mace:  I am really worried about this version of Mace.   While he is doing the right thing I’m afraid he’s going to do some things in that quest that aren’t good.  Not to mention that he is a massive threat to the lives of May and Fitz.  He will kill either one of them given a chance.  He almost reminds me of Jaiying a little here with the “One of us” comment from the promo especially makes me thing of this.
  • Mack:  He will do ANYTHING to protect his daughter (and low key worried how he found the Resistance so easily here guys).  He sold out Daisy.  But what was very interesting was his view on Inhumans.  When we first met Mack he was ‘against’ them for lack of a better word.  It was work with Daisy, Coulson, and Shield that helped him change his mind and become one of their greatest protectors.
  • May:  Has been twisted as much as Fitz has.  She has been in there the longest.  Gone through the most ‘reboots’ of the Framework.  It was her team that beat up Daisy.  It was her that manipulated Mack using Hope. She is number 3 in Hydra and is a huge threat to her own team as well as a target.
  • Ward:  So leery of Ward.  I really fear Jemma will be who he betrays again.  And its also interesting he could have gotten a shot on Madame Hydra there…#1….instead aimed for Fitz Hydras #2.  Just saying guys…our master manipulators might be at work again here.  For him if it comes down to giving up Jemma to save Skye…he’s going to give up Jemma to save Skye.  Just as Mack gave up Daisy to save Hope.

They are their own worst enemies: 

AIDA is likely the worst villain they have gone up against, a horrid culmination of everyone they have faced before.  She isn’t dumb she built this world for HER.  She is using loopholes to her advantage.  Otherwise I firmly feel that everyone but Fitz would already be dead.  So since she had to keep them alive she manipulated (even bragged to Radcliffe that she’d done it) those regrets for her gain.

She also has been in everyone’s heads.  She’s been around the team before. She knows they are the biggest threat to her when they are working together as a team.   So she either split them up or turned them on each other. 

She has also made them each others dragons.  It is clear now AIDA is in Madame Hydra.  She knows right where Mace and the Playground is but allows the Resistance to continue because it feeds into the manipulation.  Especially with Fitz, its another thing he has to protect her from.

I discussed in my meta last night that AIDA seems to be trying to make it so the team won’t ‘want’ to save Fitz (more lies, more manipulation).   Here he’s The Doctor, Mace won’t bat and eye if he can kill him  Isn’t going to give Jemma the resources she needs to get him alive.  AIDA has painted Jemma as the villain.  Leaving Jemma pretty much alone now in trying to save him (oh look another parallel).  She has Coulson for now but I’m betting he will be pulled away too soon by saving Daisy or getting to May.

She took Fitz as her own:

A lot of what AIDA has done was to build this world how she wanted.  To get who and what she wanted, and she wanted Fitz.  Someone who would love and protect her.  Made her happy.  Her interaction with Radcliffe very telling.  We said that Fitz treating her like a person would come back…and boy has it ever.  She also wanted someone that loved and protected her like Fitz did with Jemma…so she took Jemma’s place.  May too, she’s ‘rewarded’ May with a high position because I believe May respected her, liked her, called her brave.

But in taking Fitz in so many ways we really do have an epic love story set up here.   Jemma is going to have to fight to get him back.  I feel like part of that whole spectacle on the island with Agnes was for show.  That AIDA knew Jemma was there  set up that whole thing with Agnes so Fitz would see it.  Try to shake Jemma, make her think that he was too far gone,.  It also took away the little support Jemma had found.  Leaving her alone in trying to save him.  AIDA is scared as heck of Jemma and her saving him.

AIDA also doesn’t have him fully yet.   Fitz says he would cross the universe for her but he HAS done it for Jemma.

Fitz is in there:

In the horror of feels that was last night we saw Fitz peeking through more than once.  And every single time we saw it it was because Jemma was in the mix either in person or in a picture.  And only with Jemma, May, Daisy, and Radcliffe had no effect (though Radcliffe planted seeds, very important seeds). 

Originally posted by stydiaislove

Aside for Coulson who is aided by Tahiti we haven’t seen anyone else ‘break through” at all. 

  • May:  Came into contact with Fitz, Daisy, and Mack…nothing. 
  • Mace:  Came into contact with Jemma, Mack, and Coulson…nothing.
  • Mack:  Came into contact with Daisy, May, Mace, and Coulson…nothing.

Engagement is Endgame:

When we look back at interviews from Loeb, Jed, and Mo they have been hinting at this arc all season.  And they have been setting up an engagement for Fitzsimmons all season too. 

“This young man as you have never seen him before” that was what Leob said at SDCC and also where we first heard the ‘reward’ talk.  And we have seen them pay off everything so far. And coupled with the timing of Jed’s quote in EW, engagement coming up in 15, hints all season, and getting their middle names.  I think once they are out they aren’t going to risk it again.

“It could happen.  If they ever get back together, that’s something that could happen in their future.”

And I’m sorry to say this but this is TV, A drama at that, we have to jump through all sorts of hoops to get this kind of pay off.  That is part of why we are now tearing our hair out and crying until Jemma gets him back.  And when she does the pay off will be worth it.  Look at what we got after Hogface.

The Fallout:

AOS has never ‘dealt’ with trauma and recovery very well.  Even Daisy’s recovery a victim of the Ghost Rider Arc.  It is often done over hiatus or “off camera.  Now we have a situation where its the whole cast that will have things to deal with.  So yes, we will miss seeing it but because we don’t see it doesn’t mean it won’t happen. 

We can also have the healing ‘begin’ in the Framework, especially for Fitz as he helps get everyone out or plays a part in stopping AIDA once as for all. 

Sorry that was a lot but I hope it helps.  Just remember its always Darkest before the Dawn and our Sunrise is coming guys.

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Hi Anon! I know you were feeling super down lately and you wanted a quick Starco thing. I had my friend @elladoodles pick the prompt, which was “Marco braiding and playing with Star’s hair” and “Marco sneaking in to her room in Mewni for wholesome movie time.”


Star peers at him from behind her bedroom door she’s opened only partially to stick her head out of. It’s late and she’s tired between wand practice with her mother and fighting with him. She’s still pretty annoyed – their argument in the back of her head practically all day, thereby making training difficult. She really just wants to sulk in bed for the rest of the night, but he’s standing at her doorway and she really can’t bring herself to tell him to leave.

He smiles down at her, sheepish and nervous, the laptop he’s brought along with him tucked under his arm and a movie in the other. She raises an eyebrow, waiting for an explanation.

“I…uh,” Marco brings the movie he holds up as a sort of peace offering, looking around at the castle hall to avoid her gaze. “I was thinking, um, maybe if you weren’t busy that – uh,” Star’s head tilts a bit, confused, because he’s not usually so uneasy around her, even after a fight (Though, my crush on him may have changed that a bit, she thinks sadly). He hesitates, taking a deep breath, finally meeting her eyes. “Would you wanna watch a movie with me? It is Friendship Thursday, so maybe you and I could…” He trails off, hopeful, as Star pulls the door open further.  

She takes the DVD from his outstretched hand. “What’s it about?”

“It’s about a dumb guy that screws up and wants to make it up to his best friend.”

Star stares at the cover. “That’s what happens in Captain America?”

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heyo- so i have a weird request as in its not like a fic request. im a slytherin and my friends all aren't and they don't seem to get that slytherins aren't inherently bad. I'm shite at explaining it out and youre just so eloquent that I was hoping you could explain why slytherins are great cause the ARE lol

Ok kiddos, buckle up because I’m going to explain to you why Slytherins are great people.

Versatility/Cunning: You could throw a Slytherin into any situation, even at a disadvantage, and they’ll make it work. They change with circumstances, adopt a chameleon personality because they identify what people like and dislike, and therefore shape who they are around them. Now some could interpret this as manipulation or being “fake” but it’s actually a very great tactic for avoiding confrontation or disagreements. An example of how this amazing trait is deployed can be seen in the example of Margaery Tyrell. For those of you who don’t watch GOT, basically Margaery is wed off to a total of 3 people throughout the series, and she changes her personality around each to appease them, therefore being able to have some control over them. 

Neutrality: Slytherins like to hold the middle ground, and are often pragmatic centrists. Many people see this as a weak standpoint, since they are hesitant to pick sides. An example I’ll give for this is video game related (lol soz). Have you ever played an RPG where you had the option of siding with factions? And once you chose, the other became instantly hostile towards you, providing more difficulty to your play-through? Imagine if you (and in some games you can) chose the option to play them both, be friendly with all the sides yet reap the rewards from quests they send you out on. Slytherins simply chose to be smart, only turning on people when they’ve gotten everything that they can get out of them. The best video game play-through would be one that ended with the character playing a moderator between all factions, then choosing their favoured one at the last moment, bringing that faction all the information they had gathered from the other and providing yourself, and your chosen allies, with a major advantage. 

Charisma and Uniqueness: Slytherins, as mentioned above, have Chameleon personalities. They charm the socks off teachers and peers, and can appear to be the wolf in the chicken’s pen. However, if you surpass this initial impression, deep down you’ll find that no two Slytherins are exactly alike. Each has their own passions, their own motives, their own beliefs. Some procure an evil reputation, while others can be extremely kind and empathetic. Just because a few choose to be bad by no means condemns the rest to this fate. Slytherins can use their skills for helpful endeavours, not all of them manipulate others to gain power, some do it just to be able to fit in.

Intelligence/Talent: It is widely known that Slytherins are resourceful, and this even applies to academic endeavours. Sometimes even as smart as Ravenclaws, Slytherins have the ambitious drive that gives them the motivation to seek information, and strive to learn. Albeit sometimes this drive is through competitive attitudes, and sometimes showcases a Slytherin’s proud nature, it certainly isn’t something to underestimate. They can often be seen as being good at everything, and for the most part this inherent talent comes from their over-analytical nature, where they can understand things much quicker and easier than others. Even those Slytherins who don’t appear smart are probably hiding it up their sleeve, in one way or another. Finally, linking this back to resourcefulness, Slytherins are creative when finding solutions, using their wits to solve problems in easy ways. This may make some seem lazy, but in reality they have just found the easiest way to get stuff done. 

Loyalty: Once a Slytherin deems you their friend, you’d have to do something really stupid to lose that friendship. They’re just a fiercely loyal as Gryffindors, and although they may not be as brave, they’ll risk everything for their loved ones. Slytherins can be selfless in this aspect, putting those they care about before even their own ideals and morals. A Slytherin would definitely be the one to call if you need help hiding a body, even though they might not fully agree with the action. 

Leadership: Finally, Slytherins make the best leaders. Gryffindors are great too, but they too heavily rely on moral superiority. Slytherins are commonly utilitarians. They understand sacrifice, and the need to do things for the greater good. An example I like to use for this is one I learnt in my political science class. So, I’ll spare you the minor details but the story goes like this: A man is powering a football stadium holding a 100,000 people. To do so, he has to hold up an electrical lever while standing in water. This electrocutes him, causing great pain, but the people watching are all happy. A Slytherin understands that the main priority of a leader is to maximise happiness and minimise sadness. They will leave the man to suffer, because it means a 100,000 more will be content. A Gryffindor for example, being very noble and kind, will think “what the hell?” and obviously get that man out of there, leaving the football stadium in darkness. Because saving one man won’t affect the others, right? They’re not in pain, so they’ll be fine, a little upset, but fine. But the 100,000 people can’t see in the dark, some will stumble and fall, hurting themselves. Others will take to the streets and riot, after all their day was ruined! The Gryffindor’s choice will lead to say, five thousand people injured and two hundred local businesses ransacked. The electrician will be fine, but at this expense a lot more are hurt. Slytherins see the big picture, the future outcome, whereas others are more focused on the now. They understand that, sadly, others will suffer for the benefit of the majority. It’s nice to think that we can save everyone from pain and suffering, but that’s just not the reality of the world, as Slytherins have come to understand.

Overall, I’d like to summarise with this. Slytherins are seen as evil because they do what is NECESSARY. They are selfish because they know that this world is a harsh place, they are selfless for the same reasons. They know that no one can be 100% bad or good, the world is not that black and white. And if you just take a moment to try to understand, you’ll see that the world needs more people like that. People who really see the truth of things, people who understand: Slytherins

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Heeeeey, I love your blog! I came for the fanart but your writing pulled me in completely! If you don't have too much on your plate right now, could you do the 5 prompt for paperhat, with the first confession of feelings (maybe an i-love-you 😏) and a bit of humor? Don't feel pressured into doing any of them, we all love you no matter what 😘❤❤

“Why are you helping me?”

Blackhat nearly tripped over his own two feet when Flug asked him that question. He was also carrying several crates of supplies with the help of some extra shape-shifted hands, and he almost dropped those as well. Blackhat turned to look at Flug, who was up on a ladder near one the many cabinets in his lab and raised an eyebrow.

“No seriously, sir, you’ve never helped me clean up the lab before? What’s changed?” Flug inquired.

“Nothing has changed!” Blackhat huffed, doing his best to act nonchalant. “I just thought that maybe if I helped out you’d be able to get back to working on a new invention sooner!” Flug seemed to deflate a little, but then he shrugged.

“Well, I just thought maybe you were being nice to me, but I guess that was too much to ask for.” Then he returned to storing top shelf items in a nearby cardboard box.

Blackhat internally let out a sigh of relief. There was no way that Flug could find out that he really was trying to be nice; he couldn’t find out that Blackhat liked-

No, no, no, stop letting those thoughts in! Blackhat chastised himself. I can’t to be emotionally compromised like humans get, eugh.

Flug, up on his ladder, was becoming increasingly frustrated with his boss. For weeks now the eldritch had been dancing around him, probably thinking he was being subtle, but oh so obviously harboring feelings for him. The scientist had tried several times to coax a confession out of the man, but he stubbornly refused to give in. Now, with his most recent failure, he was ready to just march up to Blackhat slap him, kiss him, and then tell him he loved him too.

That may have caused a volatile reaction through, and Flug would rather avoid that.

Hmmmm…. I could try maybe… I got it!! Flug thought. Wriggling the ladder a little, he took a deep breath and hope that this plan wouldn’t end with several broken bones.

Blackhat had just set all the crates he was carrying down in the corner, when he heard a startled yelp come from across the room. His eyes widened at the sight of the ladder, which had been precariously balanced to the point where it was almost straight up and down, falling backwards, with Flug still holding on.

“FLUG!” He yelled. He got there just as the doctor jumped, and Blackhat caught him in his arms. “Flug! Are you all right?” The man appeared a bit dazed, but otherwise appeared unharmed.

“Y-yes, sir,” he stammered. Then he looked up at Blackhat face and exclaimed. “You saved me sir! Thank you!” The only word to describe the color that burst across Blackhat’s cheeks was ‘Explosion.’ Promptly, Flug was dropped to the floor with a THUD.

“I just wanted to make sure that my best scientist didn’t break an arm and become unable to work or something,” Blackhat snarled. Then he popped his collar up in a poor attempt to conceal his blush. “I’ll handle all the top shelf cleaning now.”

Flug wanted to slap himself now.

Once they’d finished cleaning up the lab, and Blackhat had gone back to his office, Dementia climbed out of a vent near the ceiling.

“Hey Flug, what’s up?” She called out cheerfully as she clambered down to ground level. From where he sat, with his fingers steepled together, Flug simply said,

“Dementia, how do you feel about doing something to make Blackhat jealous, or force him to confess his feelings for me?” There was a scuffle of shoes across the floor, and then Dementia was leaning seductively on the table next to Flug. An evil grin was splitting her face in two.

“What’d you have in mind?”

Blackhat was walking down the hall on his way to Flug’s lab - NOT because he wanted to see the Flug, he just wanted to check on his progress - when he heard a crashing sound.

“Dementia let go of me!” Flug shouted. Blackhat’s pace picked up, and he threw the door open to find quite the scene.

Dementia was lifting Flug into the air over her head. As soon as Blackhat saw this, she smirked and tossed the doctor up, took a step back, and caught him bridal style. Then she dipped him so she could kiss his bag covered cheek and burst into a fit of laughter.

“You’re so light yah twig!” she squealed. Something in Blackhat’s stomach writhed like a nest of snakes while watching this. Anger bubbled up in his chest, and spilled out in the form of action.

Blackhat ran forward and took Flug from Dementia’s arms into his own.

“You heard him, Dementia, let him go!” he snapped. A growl rose in his throat when

Dementia tried to snatch him back, and he pulled the man closer to his body.

Flug was screaming internally. His plan was working and - Holy shit he just growled, Flug thought. He could just barely make out the shocked yet excited smile on Dementia’s face, as he was pressed extremely close to Blackhat’s chest.

“Jeez, Blackhat, didn’t know you loved Flug that much,” Dementia teased. For the whole two seconds that it took for Blackhat to process her words, he held Flug impossibly closer, but then suddenly Flug found himself on the floor for the second time that day; his tailbone was going to be so bruised.

“I don’t LOVE flug,” Blackhat snorted.

And that was the final straw for Flug.

Standing up with a speed that startled both Blackhat and Dementia, he faced the eldritch and put his hands on his hips.

“Well if you can’t admit your feelings then I’ll say it first!’ He yelled. “I love you, you big idiot!” Dementia’s mouth fell open, but she cheered her friend and his sudden burst of courage on quietly. Meanwhile, Blackhat was standing in stunned silence on the receiving end of Flug’s determined glare. Then he began to sputter,

“I- I- I don’t-”

“Do It need to say it again?” Blackhat squirmed under the scientist heavy gaze. Then his composure cracked and he finally blurted out,

“Iloveyoutoo.” But then he noticed what was going on behind Flug. “NOW STOP LOOKING AT ME LIKE THAT DEMENTIA! ARE YOU RECORDING THIS!!!???” There was a shriek of laughter from Dem, and then she was running for the door. Blackhat wasn’t far behind.

Flug did slap himself his time, right on the forehead. He’d gotten Blackhat to admit his feelings but at what price? Now he’d have to convince Dementia to delete her recording, or Blackhat was going to hole himself up in his room like a pouty child for the next week. Flug sighed out his frustration, and then went to go find the two villains. At least he had a supposed boyfriend now through, right?

You ask for a little bit of humor and i just went kinda of crazy, whoops. Gosh this was so hilarious to write some “I can’t confess my feelings” Blackhat and some “I’m done with this” Flug. Thank you so much for this request, and i hope you get a good laugh out of it anon!!! Also, i am so flattered that you love my blog and art?? Thank you??  Well i love you anon!! Thanks!!

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Idk man like I get that Luke was pissed with the gods and had every right to be angry in which made him the perfect person to become and be Kronos but like are we also going to ignore how shitty he was for like making Percy beleive he had a friend or someone to look up to, be betrayed, turned his back on Annabeth when he promised her that they'd always be a family (and spent like his last literal moment of life asking if she loved him) luke was a shitty person just saying ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Anon, you have no idea how enraged you have made me over the past few hours. I’m going to let you know I’m pissed, I’m not going to hide it, why would I? You need to know just how angry I am, because that has literally driven me to writing this answer. Before I start with the topic of Luke Castellan in general, let’s get a few things out of the way. The first thing, is going to be debunking this absolutely horrid and stereotypical ask you sent me in the first place.

  • There’s no need in telling me Luke was an absolute imbecile when it came to his judgment skills, we all know he absolutely failed that test.
  • Not once on this blog have I ever said in my life, that what Luke did to Annabeth wasn’t shitty. It was so horrible, Luke and Annabeth’s relationship was manipulative. He knew she looked up to him and he used it against her and that’s not okay. But just because he was manipulating her, does not automatically rule out the fact that he couldn’t have been being manipulated himself.
  • PSA: Because I know I’m going to have to repeat myself, I’m not excusing his behavior. I’m looking at the bigger picture.
  • Lastly, saying Luke was a shitty person because he made Percy believe he was his friend, is a weak argument and wouldn’t make it very far in an actual debate on the grounds that: Percy knew Luke a total of like what, a week? Luke, more likely than not, knew Percy was the target from the very start and treated him like a friend on purpose. He was being manipulative for who? Oh, I think we all know that. And Percy was not nearly as blinded as Annabeth this early on. He got pissed off the second he figured out it was Luke and he stayed pissed off. Percy was fully aware of what Luke was doing and he wasn’t even a quarter as affected by Luke’s betrayal than Annabeth was.
  • And that last thing, about the love thing? I’m going to get to that at the very end when we get into Luke’s character, but feel free to scroll all the way down right now.

Right now though, we’re not going to talk about Luke right away, because we all know Luke! He was a spectacularly written character! We know him very well, but do you know someone that no one seems to pay attention to? The very cannibalistic, titan lord that was canonically labeled “The Wicked One” in this series.

(I’m putting this under a read more because it’s just that long, but my read more’s on asks haven’t been working lately, so I’m really sorry if you all get stuck with this long post on your dashboards.)

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I Don’t Care (m)

Word count: 5,718

Warning: Namjoon smut

Based on an awesome anon request that I got, which motivated me to write this entire thing in two days… I got too into this.

“Are you ready?” you say.
“Always am,” Namjoon says, looking at you with a casual smirk.
Nervously, you start fidgeting with your seatbelt. “Shouldn’t you, well, be a little nervous?” You look out the window, seeing the streets pass by one after the other. All of their names are starting to sound familiar the closer you get, and memories of your childhood appear as if they were waiting for this moment.
He leans back in his seat, tapping his hand against the steering wheel rhythmically. “Should I? Do you think they won’t like me?”
You are startled by his question. “What? No, I… I don’t know, I was just saying…”
He chuckles, hearing you stutter like that. “Don’t worry, babe. I got you.” And, frankly, he’s right. You’ve never seen him lose his cool and you don’t expect him to do that tonight either. Even when he’s driving, he seems in a state of slumber, his eyes barely open, his slow breath, one-handedly steering all the time without any difficulty.
As he looks at you, he winks, almost as if to calm you down. You are pretty much compensating for his lack of stress at this point. Every worst case scenario that could happen is imagined by your mind, and as you feel your heart sink a little, he starts humming a song.
“That’s it, right?” he says.
Your body is paralysed. “Y-yes.” There it is, inching closer as your mind predicts all kinds of disasters. “Please don’t fuck this up, okay?" 

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miyakokurono  asked:

Hey can I get a hc for Zen x MC or Seven x MC playing a game like silent hill or outlast and mc is good at it but when ever there's a jumpscare she starts either singing something along the lines don't kill me to the game or swears and screams out of fear, but then goes back to playing. Even though their playing at 3 in the morning as mc is a serious night owl and their both bored. Thank you 😊

Hi! Sorry for keep you waiting, but finally here it is. I don’t know if this is what you were asking for but I hope you enjoy it!:D

Note: I’m using they/them pronouns, so it’s the most neutral it can be.

- Mod Apu


  • Zen doesn’t play videogames, so when MC got their laptop out of its bag and turned it on Zen thought it was something related to school/work. 
  • Then he remembered it was friday night and MC liked to stay late (and wake up late).
  • He thought maybe they wanted to log in on facebook, twitter or watch some videos on youtube.
  • But no, MC just wanted to play Outlast. 
  • So Zen as a good boyfriend decided to stay awake to do some company to his beloved MC, besides, he was about to act as Oedipus in a new version of Oedipus the king, so he had to read the entire script and some context,
  • They started, one reading and the other playing, even though Zen didn’t have any idea of what the hell was MC playing.
  • He then hears some muttering of MC,
  • “Holy shit holy shit holy shit” on loop, for about one minute.
  • “FUCK” they scream.
  • And then they keep playing like nothing happened.
  • At that point Zen was curious about what they were playing.
  • “MC what are you playing?”
  • “Oh, I’m just playing this game called Outlast, is about a NO GOD PLEASE NO, DON’T YOU HAVE A BETTER THING TO DO LIKE STICKING SOME FUCKING CACTUS IN YOUR ASS OR SOMETHING INSTEAD OF FOLLOWING ME?, anyway, I was saying, Outlast it’s a game where you’re basically a journalist investigating in some asylum because of a letter that accused the place of doing some illegal stuff or something”
  • Zen just leaves the script on the night table and gets closer to MC.
  • He’s just watching carefully every move MC does in the game. Turns out they are pretty good. Zen quickly understands the game, and soon he’s into it.
  • “Babe please hide I saw someone there just hide please, please please I don’t want you to get killed by that thing”
  • “Don’t worry I have this and ohmyfuckinggod you were right there’s something I’ll go hide somewhere okay I’m- OH FOR FUCK’S SAKE THIS CAN’T BE HAPPENING, WE’VE BEEN STUCK ON THIS PART FOR THE LAST FIFTEEN MINUTES
  • Hours keep passing by, and suddenly it’s 3 AM. Concept: Zen and MC are playing in complete darkness, both are muttering curses and screaming.
  • Surprisingly they finished the game before 4 AM, but adrenaline was just too much to handle so they tried with Five Nights at Freddy’s
  • They ended the game pretty quickly but oh god their nerves are a disaster and worse; they are theorizing about the game.
  • They don’t sleep til 6 AM RIP.
  • Basically their night is something like:

Originally posted by sonido-bestial

Seven/Saeyoung Choi

  • Seven’s also a ight owl so one night hey are just watching some shitty movies like Sharknado or something.
  • MC got bored so they had an idea
  • “Hey Saeyoung what if we play some videogames instead?”
  • Seven was like “This is my fucking jam”
  • Actually Seven suggested something to laugh like Superman 64 or ET the game, but MC said N O.
  • MC then asked about Silent Hill
  • “Can we play Silent Hill? Please?”
  • Seven couldn’t say no to them so both started.
  • A first they were pretty chill, even talking about the game itself.
  • “It’s kind of shitty that the most promising Silent Hill got cancelled don’t you think?”
  • “I even heard that Gullermo del Toro would have collaborated”
  • “Even Junji Ito… what a pity”
  • It was like slow burn, the scenarios were getting creepier and creepier.
  • Shit was pretty tense, they were hugging under a blanket.
  • “Fuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuck…”
  • “Come on Saeyoung this isn’t really that sca- DEAR GOD WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT
  • Then it calms down again
  • “Hey MC you’re actually pretty good at this, you’re even better than me and Yoosung”
  • Again it builds up
  • FUCK NOT AGAIN said MC just before going back to play.
  • It was kind of surreal to Seven, when he played horror games there was a point where he would just turn off the console and stay away from te game a few days. It happened with Ib, it happened with Corpse Party, it happened with Clock Tower, it happened with Resident Evil. MC just cotinued playing, they took jumpscares like a champ even though they screamed and cursed. 
  • MC’s screaming scared Saeyoung more than the game itself
  • But every defeat and failure filled them with determination
  • They kept playing til sunrise.
  • Their night was like:

Originally posted by burntpasta

I don’t usually cry

Request: You should do a Peter Parker/ reader fic where the reader is also a new avenger and they’re training together, but the girl is super dark and mysterious. idk she could have some dark secret or something, whatever you think is good.

Warnings: None

“Woah” I said as I stepped into the giant avengers tower.  It was much bigger than the tiny one person apartment I used to live in on my own. The black widow- Natasha, had one and recruited me from my very own apartment. Something about signing some papers.. I don’t know I wasn’t really paying attention, but the avengers are having some sort of battle, and I guess they wanted me because I’m one of the most highly trained assassins at HYDRA.. Or, I used to be. I’m only seventeen so I had my advantages at HYDRA for also being one of the youngest.

Third person POV.

We entered the room to see tony and vision sitting on the couch.

“guys this is Y/N, she used to work for Hydra-” Natasha stopped speaking when you looked up at her face sadly.“-She’s.. On our side” Natasha smiled at you.

you pulled your hair further in from of your face. You liked your hair, it made you feel hidden, more powerful as if nobody knew who you really where. If that makes any sense.
“Natasha why don’t you show Y/N, the training room”

“Good idea” Natasha showed you the Training room and you loved it. She even let you fight her a couple times. Of course, she wasn’t trying as hard as she could, but she had to admit, you were really good.

It wasn’t long after that, that tony entered the room with a boy around your age. You were trying to figure out who he was, until you saw him shooting a spiderweb out of his wrist.. Or at least, that was what it looked like.
“You’re spider-boy!” you shouted excitedly in his direction.

“Spider-man actually” he half mumbled quietly. You laughed at his need to correct you on that.

Peter looked at you for a good ten seconds, you where beautiful. Not that he could see your face that well through your hair, he suddenly felt a compulsive need to know everything about you, where did you come from? What was your power? Heck, he didn’t even know your name.
“This is Y/N Peter” tony pointed in your direction.

“Oh h-hi” he gave you a hopefully smile.

“Hi” you said so quietly that you didn’t even think anyone heard. But Peter smiled at you, so maybe he did.

The next morning you decided to go and train on your own, so you woke up early and headed toward the training room. When you entered the room you heard the sound of fists hitting a punching bag, and saw it was Peter.

“Oh hi Peter” you looked down. “Do you mind if train in here with you?”

“N-no not at all” He smiled and shoved his stuff over so you could out your bag down.

After a long awkward while you had decided to just fight each other. So you had a little conversation while you did so.

“So, Y/N, what school do you go to?”

“I don’t go to school” you dodged his punch.

“So.. Where do you live?“  he shot out a web towards you and you dodged it again.

"y'know, around”
Peter turned his head to the side and stopped for a moment, but then continued fighting. He’d never met anyone so mysterious… Secretive. But he was incredibly Intrigued.

The next morning, Peter came into the avengers kitchen to see Tony already there drinking coffee and looking deep In thought.

“Mr stark?” Peter cleared his throat. Tony jumped a little bit and then turned around.

“Oh, underoos what’s up?”

“Well, I wanted to ask you about y/n”

“Ah, nice kid… Considering her background and all”

“Background?” Peter was lost.

“Yeah Y'know, the whole ‘Working for HYDRA’ -Tony made quote marks with his hands- thing.”

“Y/N worked for HYDRA?” Peter was very surprised. He had always imagined everyone from HYDRA being completely evil, sure you had been kinda mysterious, but he never would have pegged you for one of the bad guys. Peter was lost in thought until someone cleared their throat.
He saw you sitting on the couch behind him. He haven’t noticed you before.You had a tear running down your cheek and your lip quivered when you made eye contact with him.

He walked over and sat down next to you, you put your head in his chest and started to cry.

“I’m sorry” You said between sniffles.

“Hey.. It’s OK. You’re different now” Peter smiled down at you.

“I know, it’s just…. I don’t usually cry”

HEYYYYY! I hope you liked it! I don’t know if its quite what you wanted but.. I think it was okay :)

I’m Currently only working on “Mystery girl Part four”.

anonymous asked:

Who are the characters in the Defenders you know?? If you don't mind talking about them some.

They didn’t have communicators, they didn’t have a team jet, they didn’t have a team leader, they didn’t even have a headquarters. They only fought evil because they were just hanging out together at the time. 

Defenders, the “non-team,” was one of my favorite comics, but it only REALLY got good when Steve Gerber started writing it after the Avengers/Defenders War. As a friend put it, Gerber realized that the reason the Defenders work is that they’re all somehow socially unacceptable, and despite the fact it’s a team assembled by what seems like a computer error, under Gerber, it actually worked for that reason. 

Valkyrie, a Norse goddess who came to life, was a woman without a past. She was that very Gerber Defenders combo of aggressive bravado on the outside but very, very broken vulnerability and fear on the inside. 

You know how teenagers like to “map” their high school cliques as the Sailor Scouts or the Buffy gang or something? As in, “I’m Sailor Moon, Janet is Sailor Mars because of her temper…” etc.? Well, Defenders lends itself to that activity more than anything else I’ve ever seen because they’re all outsiders banding together. Hulk is the angry big guy; Nighthawk the rich kid with pain on the inside; Doctor Strange is the cool, weird guy you know who likes old Italian horror movies and listens to awesome music; Valkyrie is like the one girl in your weekly D&D group who gets flak for being a softball player and not acting their gender. Patsy Walker, Hellcat is the normie, like the redhead from the Goonies: “I’m not a Goonie, Andy. I want to go home.”

Nighthawk, a “poor little rich kid,” who was kind of like Batman except he had a jetpack and gained superstrength when the moon was visible. He was actually more like Lego Batman, actually: he was “damaged goods” instead of a “cool badass,” and his arc was realizing that being a loner and cutting yourself off from others damages you. One of my favorite stories was one where the Defenders had to actually mentally travel and fight inside of Nighthawk’s psyche. That’s a great example of a way a scifi element can actually help characterization better than other genres can. 

Looking at what I wrote, then…I hope that didn’t come off as dismissive, as in “those aren’t MY Defenders!” or something like that, because I really, really, really like the Netflix shows (although I think they need to master a bit better the skill needed for any serial show in the streaming age, the art of telling “stories within stories”). I swore a solemn vow that I would never be THAT kind of old school fan, who hates everything new. I even found the approach of the much-maligned Iron Fist interesting. He has a far out background where he punches a dragon in the face, so why not introduce the Fantasy of Iron Fist via the “12 Monkeys” route, where he’s introduced as a homeless guy and we wonder if he’s nuts?

anonymous asked:

Okay, I REALLY need some positivity after that episode. We didn't get any Fitzsimmons fitzsimmonsing, I don't even think they talked to each other... And what in the world was that ending??? How are we supposed to wait a whole year to figure out? I'm also scared for what season 5 will be like... What if they mess it up? Ugh. This does not look good. I'm losing all hope and faith in this show. Any positivity would be great! Thanks!!!

Originally posted by destinysblogthing

Okay Anon, let me see what I can do here for you.  

Was that the ending we wanted or even that they built up to all season when is comes to Fitzsimmons.  To many in the fandom it wasn’t enough, but to the writers it was.   “Their’s is a forever love” and “They will only ever love each other” was the pay off they were building up too.  I think they underestimated the toll that the Framework Arc and lack of time together all season was going to take on the fandom.

That scene in the pod is so profound and so epic that it shall live in infamy as one of the best scenes of the series…and no words were even spoken.  Simple touches enough to convey a thousand words.  

Originally posted by bridget-malfoy-stilinski-hale

And speaking of payoff…we did get THIS.  Jemma getting a chance to unload a ton of bullets into Fitz’s kidnapper/tormentor.  Honestly it was a scene I wanted so bad and I didn’t think we’d get.  AND Jemma got a go at Fitz’s horrible father!  She got not one but two of his tormentors!  That’s our girl, no one messes with her man.

Originally posted by rosamund-pike

We did get Fitzsimmons Fitzsimmonsing a little bit, no not bickering in the lab but we got the fake out parallel from Season 2 with Fury’s tool box on steroids.  They tricked the crazy, intelligent, evil infused former Android and baited her right into the trap that lead to her defeat!.  Fitz got to use the LMD how he intended it for, to protect Jemma.  Allowing AIDA to attack and think she’d killed the real Jemma.  Thus the LMD protected her just as Fitz had intended.  And Fitz got a bit of poetic justice in being able to use her own tech/creation against AIDA.  

I also see that scene with Coulson on the Zephyr where he said I know you guys have a lot to talk about but now they have to deal with AIDA as almost the writers way of acknowledging that as well.  They were saying yes, there has been trauma, they do need to talk, but we don’t have time right now.   And its true, they didn’t really.   The bright side is they are going to do what the fandom wants and have Fitzsimmons working through the trauma of the Framework over a period of time and together.  

I know some of you will outright deck me for bringing out a Jed Quote right now but I’m going too from the IGN Post Mortem.  

IGN: I want to talk a bit about Fitz and Simmons. You’ve put them through the wringer over the past couple seasons, and my working theory is it’s because Iain De Caestecker and Elizabeth Simmons always deliver such fantastic performances of those traumatizing events. Considering what they’ve gone through this year, are you considering them as a couple who will remain rocks for each other, or are you still planning to throw a bunch more terrible things at them?

Whedon: First of all, it’s the nature of the world. I think even this year with the flashbacks of May and Coulson and the rules we’ve stated through many seasons, that there are rules about agents not getting together for this very reason. Your love will be tested. That’s sort of the nature of the business. I think it’s safe to say from these past two episodes that they love each other and won’t love anyone else, but that doesn’t mean that they’ll be able to repair their relationship and all that pain in between. One would hope that they could because everybody roots for FitzSimmons and the fans do and we do. We love the two actors, and so I think that seeing them together is a reward that the audience deserves, but how that happens, we’ll have to wait and see if it does.

That hopefully will be what we see happen in Season 5.  Fitzsimmons healing together and dealing whatever the crap has happened that has landed them in space.  They were so close to getting out, Shield was out of the Shadows, things were going well, and we had ourselves a Love nest with a breakfast nook…and it was ripped away.  Ripped away from them and ripped away from us.  That is the nature of shows like this. Until they are ready to give us the happily ever after, its give an take.  

Ghost Rider was an add on but LMD and Framework were the arcs they intended all along.  The writers knew even back at SDCC this is where things were going.   They teased Darth Fitz back then…”This young man as you’ve never seen them before”.  Ending with Fitz needing to heal was likely the intention all along as well.   I think it was just unfortunate that they continued to give us those bits like “Oh the engagement/wedding will come up again”…it will…just not THIS season.  Its about NEXT season as they come back together personally and professionally.  They should have gone with their standard wait and see rather than put some false hope out there.  Again I think the very much underestimated the toll the Framework Arc took on the Fitzsimmons fandom.   This season they established that they love each other and no job change or memory wiping androids can change that.  

Another positive we got was as painful as it was to not have Fitzsimmons together how we’d envisioned we did get to see them both grow substantially in their own stories.  Good, bad, right or wrong, that is something I have seen the fandom want.   They wanted to see each of them with arcs outside of their relationship.  Was it perfect, no, they could have given them the separate stories but still had them come together more…heck be in the same room more.  But hindsight is golden and makes me treasure those moments we did get even more.

Originally posted by agentsofshield

The episode was good, it wrapped a lot of stuff up nicely but also left far more questions.  They ran out of time.  We knew it when we were still in the Framework going into 20 that there wasn’t going to be enough real estate left to cover what they had put out there.  I spoke in previous metas as to this is where we felt the bit Ghost Rider took out of the time.   Fitzsimmons weren’t the only ones that didn’t get a really good tie it in a bow resolution.  They resolved what they absolutely had too.  AIDA, Darkhold, Robbie/Rider, and Radcliffe…and set up next season.  Daisy, Robbie, and Philinda also had their arcs suffer a bit at the end (and Philinda took a step back ala Fitzsimmons start over in 3x11).  Sadly that happens and for me 4x21 was the Fitzsimmons resolution for the season and then we will pick back up with them again in season 5.  

The writers know the fandom is upset, they know they dropped the ball.   I really do think they thought what we had in 21 was that payoff the fandom was looking for and planned on continuing this next season as this is not where their story ends.  They didn’t break up.  This wasn’t a deal breaker.  It was another roadblock and one only puts roadblocks in the way of something they want/plan to get too.   We can offer our polite feedback and support for the show and characters we love so much.  

Now the best news of all Anon is we have a fandom full of absolutely amazing writers that are already hard at work on fix it, missing scene, AU, and this is how it SHOULD have happened fics.   We will have a whole hiatus of recovery fic fest 2K17…now in SPACE.   

Speaking of space, they have essentially been kidnapped by some mysterious rogue organization that seems intent for them to work for them.  At least they’ve been kidnapped together this time and will likely be working and sciencing together until they can find a way to get out of they are get to Perthshire.   A united goal!  And who doesn’t love sassy sciencing barely tolerant of their captor/new employer Fitzsimmons.  

Its okay to be mad, upset, and disappointed right now.  Nothing wrong with that at all.  I’m there, last night I was feeling a bit betrayed by the writers until I was able to take a step back and take a breath, look at the longer game…and we are in a long game here as we are ENDGAME.  Until then…bring on the fics!

  • Priest: So who have you got on the outside? A boyfriend, from what I hear?
  • Aaron: Is this the bit where the kind priest makes friends with the nasty inmate?
  • Priest: Kind? I've not even offered you a biscuit yet. But, yeah, sometimes this is where friendships form, within accepted parameters. Other times, someone acts how you're being now, then it gets tedious.
  • Aaron: Well, come on. Let's get on with it. Pat me on the head and give me some rosary beads and tell me it's all gonna be all right.
  • Priest: I never tell anyone it's gonna be all right. I hope it will, but I can't see the future.
  • Aaron: My mim and my little sister... on the outside. A few mates.
  • Priest: What's your boyfriend's name?
  • Aaron: Robert.
  • Priest: And how's he doing with all this?
  • Aaron: Fine, I guess.
  • Priest: He doesn't have Jason to contend with, I suppose.
  • Aaron: I can handle him.
  • Priest: You're doing a good impression of someone who can't, if you don't mind me saying.
  • Aaron: Well, actually I do mind you saying, yeah, because you know nothing. You flounce round here with your 'Bless you, child.' You met me an hour ago and you've only just scraped the first millimetre of the tip of an iceberg you can't even imagine the size of.
  • Priest: Oh! Poor baby's had it hard, has he? Did your mum used to hit you? Did she start before you can even rememberand hit you every day and tell you you're useless and you'd made your dad run off and you'd ruined her lif? And did you dread going home from school because you knew there'd be something new you'd done that gave her another excuse? And did she put you in the hospital when you were ten and tell the nurses you'd been in a fight because were an evil little git? And did you push it all down because it's wrong to hit girls? But then, one time, after years, when she came at you with a 6"stiletto, did you put her on her backside with a broken nose and end up in a young offenders' instiitute? Or was that me? We've all lived a life that's brought us to this point... and we all think our stories make us special. They don't.
  • Aaron: And did she rape you, your mum?
  • Priest: No, she didn't your dad did. So what? I could go out on the balcony and spit on half a dozen people who've been through the same. Be a bit harsh, though.
  • Aaron: I'm just sick of being this person.
  • Priest: Hard luck. You're all you've got.
  • Aaron: You know he actually said something that makes sense. Jason. He said that I, erm... He said I could change my name, but it doesn't change who I am.
  • Priest: He's right. You're always gonna be Gordon's son, but it doesn't have to define you. Be proud of it.
  • Aaron: Proud?
  • Priest: You're the son of a man who repeatedly abused you, but you've still made something of your life. I mean, obviously right now, you're in prison for assault. You're a thug, no offence. I'm talking about the future, if that's the one you decide for yourself.
  • Aaron: Yeah, cos it's that eaysy.
  • Priest: Well, it's easy to try. You remind me of Jason, you know. Not the waste of life you know. No, the Jason of five or six years ago, on his first time around. Broody little thing, had his issues, but had a bit of spark as well. Some decency. He was havong a rough time with the prison hards and he was missing home. Him and his girlfriend had just had a baby. Trying to front it all out. I said 'You can't. You need to talk to her, to someone.' He wasn't having that. Too proud. Said he'd sort it himself. Proved me wrong, I suppose.
  • Aaron: Good for him.
  • Priest: Oh, yeah. Girlfriend moved to new Zealand. He'll never see the kid. Probably spend moft of his life on here, or somewhere like it.
  • Aaron: And I'm supposed to feel sorry for him?
  • Priest: I want you to look at him and then at yourself and see if you see a difference. There is one, but it'll get smaller. And if you bottle all your problems up and deal with them how he did, when you leave here, you'll be going back to your boyfriend, your sister and your mum, another loser who the system spat out. Is that who you wanna be?
  • Aaron: No.
  • Priest: Then tell the people who matter to you what you're going through. It'll help.

anonymous asked:

Who are your favorite characters in The Get Down. I don't really like Mylene she's never there for Zeke like he's there for her. And Shaolin is cool but he's holding Zeke back in my opinion. Its like he doesn't wanna see him move on. And I'm actually happy for Cadillac cause it hurts me to know his mother is so evil to him. I also think RaRa is the smartest one in the group and Yolanda needs a better storyline but not with shaolin. I just don't see that at all.

My favorite character is!!! Zeke!!!! That’s my baby!! When I have a son one day, I want him to turn out just like Zekey-boo. I literally have always loved the name Ezekiel so that’s even funnier but, yeah I love me some Zeke-baby. Sensitive bae. Extra bae. Annoying bar Zekey-poo is where it’s at

Originally posted by sorenkingsley

NOW, if you ask me who I’m most attracted tooooo 

Originally posted by dizzeikipling

Look at bisexual bae. Weird bae. Artsy fartsy bae. Love him. He cute and he talented. Revolutionary spirits turn me on. His storyline is cute and well done.

As for MyMy… 

Originally posted by poedermeron

Ok, alright, Mylene ain’t shit. However, she is fairly mature in her and Zeke’s relationship— HEAR ME OUT, HEAR ME OUT HEAR ME OUT!! 

When he kissed that yt girl, she ain’t blink. Now, that makes me feel two type of ways: 1. She don’t really care 2. She don’t perceive anyone as a threat in Zekes eyes and is willing to overlook because of her hectic schedule and to keep the love alive or whatever 

Both of which make me a lil cringy, but I fuck with her for riding with him since she knows she gave him hellllllaaaaa shit. At least she recognized she couldn’t be type mad about some shit a nigga she ain’t claim on national tv did, ya feel me?

I’m excited to see her storyline develop more after everything that has happened. I’m here for all the slutty MyMy scenes and performances. 

I think her lil non-black poc friend gone stab her ass dead in the back :) 

I think Yolanda will have something to do with preventing her downfall, if she approaches one, and I hope they do give her more of a story line as one of the only dark skin boos on the cast like, come on? She deserves more than a snitch role for sure but it was HELLA refreshing to see the DARK SKIN GIRL as the HONEST and what’s the word for not slutty? Can’t remember. BUT IT WAS REFRESHING FOR HER TO NOT BE CAST IN THE LIGHT THEY USUALLY DO IN CINEMA WITH DARK SKIN WOMEN BEING OVERTLY SEXUAL BEINGS. SHE WAS THE GOOD GIRL AND IT MADE ME HAPPY BECAUSE PEOPLE LOOK AT DARK SKIN GIRLS YOUNG AND OLD AND HAVE PRECONCIEVED NOTIONS ABOUT THEIR SEXUALITY AND SHIT AND YOU SEE THAT TROPE SO OFTEN IN MOVIES WHERE THE DARKER ONE IS THE BAD ONE/LIGHTER ONE IS THE GOOD ONE and THAT AINT HAPPENIN ON THE GET DOWN. GO YOYO!!!

Originally posted by tgdsource

Also, just for the record I love me some Rara, he is the smartest one, and he on a money making mission to prove that Hip Hop is GOING SOMEWHERE before he even knew what to call it. Rara a genius. Rara-einstein. I love how innocent his new lil romance is and I think his woke shawty gone steal that virginity like a box of menthols in a Detroit corner store.

Originally posted by klchaps

Boo boo needs to be slapped. YEAH I SAID IT. SLAPPED SILLY.

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Who I’m missing? I’m missing somebody. Oh yeah! Shawty Shaolin is holding Zekey-poo back and also needs to be slapped. I did also appreciate that scene where he connected with Cadillac, I hope they become homiebros and fuck shit up. Cadillac’s money and pull, and the brothers talent and they can #win


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Too much.

I hit a breaking point today when I heard about what happened in Barcelona. I think it’s something that’s been building up ever since September 11th in 2001. I heard the news about Barcelona first when I got up and went out to get my dad his breakfast and take care of cat stuff (litter box, fresh water, food). I kind of avoid the news after initially hearing about something horrible. It’s not that I don’t care, it’s just I don’t like to sit and listen for every little morsel of information. I prefer to find out about it, then go away from it and come back later when there’s more details rather than seeing the same ones reported over and over.

The breaking happened at noon for me. My dad has Parkinson’s and part of my routine with him is helping him do some therapeutic exercises that are supposed to help him be more mobile and flexible. I help him by holding his walker steady for the standing up exercises and counting his movements to make sure he does the total set of each exercise.

Fox News seems to be the “background noise” my parents prefer while waiting for other things to come on. Naturally, that meant it was all about Barcelona. 

My heart started to race when my dad began his first set of exercises. I recognized the sensation of extreme fear beginning to come over me, but I kept myself deadpan, tried to take deep breaths and control my exhales by counting out loud. I mean, I do that anyway, but I wasn’t pausing to breathe between every few numbers. I tried so hard to turn the reaction off. My throat started to get so tight that it was hard to breathe and I started gasping quietly between every other number. I felt like I just ran across the country at a full sprint and then the urge to cry started to build up.

I kept focused on my dad as much as I could until I got him all the way through all his standing up exercises. He has one more he does sitting down where I have to push his knees straight while he flexes his toes “towards his face” as much as he can. Part of his walking issues are his legs don’t straighten all the way, so this helps that.

Anyway, I got lightheaded as I helped dad get to the recliner and my knees got suddenly weak. I said ‘excuse me’ and I have no memory between that and finding myself sitting sideways on my bedroom floor while crying so hard I could barely breathe. My mind was racing with horrible thoughts of something similar happening at Disneyland or my church or the grocery store or the school where my sister works and all the myriad of public places accessible to vehicles and people with evil intentions. 

I started screaming in my mind for Jesus to come down here like He promised and end the world because it was so full of evil and suffering. I was hyperventilating so bad that I couldn’t see much through all the phosphenes (”static”) and my skin felt numb. All I could really hear was myself gasping and crying. My mom came in at some point and I have zero recollection of what we said because all I remember is she was there very briefly.

It took me almost half an hour to calm down enough to help my dad finish his exercises. He was really concerned about me. He doesn’t give me crap when something is scaring me. I didn’t know how to explain my feelings to him other than to say there’s too much crap happening and I couldn’t handle it, so I freaked out. He thought the images on TV were upsetting me and told me not to look at the TV. This is an understandable thing and I didn’t comment because my ability to use the right words was (and still is) too hampered to make sense of it. Then we did his knee push exercise since that was his last one.

I hate the news. It’s starting to feel more like gossip where people discuss the same two or three facts endlessly until new information that may or may not be correct arrives. I just like to hear that something happened, get just the facts and then get away. In situations where my emotions are high, I react more to tone of voice than what’s being said, and today it’s a parade of reporters sounding so grim and sad that I just couldn’t take it anymore.

It’s the suffering that’s affecting me, not the actual events themselves. It’s thinking about people who won’t see someone they love come home. It’s wondering how many people walked away after a fight and now they can’t apologize and make up. It’s all the death and destruction and being unable to comprehend why anyone can do such evil, horrible things.

But in the midst of all that, I had the presence of mind to challenge both of my parents when they said “what kind of sick headed freak does this?”

I said, “It’s not mental illness. Mentally people are usually the victims of violence, not the cause. That’s a lie movies perpetuate. Mental illness is not evil. The people who do the kind of crap we see on TV right now are evil people choosing to be evil.”

And they got quiet real fast. As I walked away to type this, I heard my dad say to my mom, “Our kid just schooled us.”

At the moment, I can’t really tell if more bad things are actually happening, or if we just hear about and know more often because people with phones can now insta-upload something to a news agency while on the scene of something awful. I really hope it’s “more tech” rather than “more evil”.