I hope it was good

Shout out to @gayblackhat for their awesome Villainous fanfic, Irresistible! Absolutely gorgeous writing style and the ship ain’t half bad either! Keep up the great work, my friend. The feels are hitting hard right now.

Dear studyblrs,

I love reading tags. Especially when my posts land on my dash, i love to read the tags of the one who reblogged and the who they reblogged it from and so on. Those little compliments and remarks always brighten up my day ♡
There have been days when little sweet messages and asks have been the highlight of my day!
I just wanted to remind everyone of how grateful i am to be a part of this wonderful studyblr community where everyone is sooo positive and supportive of each other! (´▽`)

aku-no-homu  asked:

did you see LWA is getting a ps4 game

I did but I do not play games sooooo I guess I’ll be watching let’s plays or something….


things have been… not so great irl for me.  work has had some issues.  i thought they’d been resolved but apparently not.  i also have a month to find a new place and am trying with limited success not to stress out about bills.

my writing is suffering because i’m just so down and tired.

i did get two more parts of the secret side project done  (42/75 + 1 bonus)

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16 with Michael Jones for my sixteenth birthday today??💛

“And tada!” you sang as you proved to Michael the level could be beaten.

He glared at the screen for a few minutes then finally sat down next to you, “Teach me.”

“I- what?” you looked at him confused.

“You got anything better to do?” he raised an eyebrow. You shook your head, “Good so teach me.” He took the controller from your hands.

Michael started the level and you glanced at him once more, smiling. You were just happy to have the excuse to spend some time with him alone.

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hello I followed you for bnha but now I curious about psychonauts can you explain what it is <:3

Oh hey! Thanks for following, and thanks for the interest! TBH I’m kind of a relatively new fan (I got interested through a Mob Psycho 100 crossover with Psychonauts, then my friend @x-i-l-verify poked at me to actually play it a few months ago :’> ) so I don’t feel the most qualified but…I’ll try my best! Here’s a brief plot summary, and some reasons why I, personally, really heckin loved this game.

Originally posted by samid11

“Psychonauts follows the player-character Raz (that poor kid getting smacked with a clip-board in the gif above), a young boy gifted with psychic abilities who runs away from the circus to try to sneak into a summer camp for those with similar powers to become a “Psychonaut”, a spy with psychic abilities. He finds that there is a sinister plot occurring at the camp that only he can stop. The game is centered on exploring the strange and imaginative minds of various characters that Raz enters as a Psychonaut-in-training/“Psycadet” to help them overcome their fears or memories of their past, so as to gain their help and progress in the game. Raz gains use of several psychic abilities during the game that are used for both attacking foes and solving puzzles.” -via Wikipedia

First of all, this game was so much fun to play. Possibly the most fun I’ve had playing a game in a very long time. It’s interesting, charming, challenging, and incredibly funny while still managing to explore many “adult” themes in super creative ways (seriously this game is rated T for Teen for a reason. It’s generally lighthearted but there are indeed some dark themes sprinkled in). It felt like the games I used to play as a kid (like Banjo and Kazooie or some old Mario games I used to enjoy) which gave a good nostalgic feeling, but it actually had a great story and wonderful set of characters, which is something I felt my childhood video games lacked. 

And goodness gracious the characters. The story of the game was enjoyable enough but it’s the characters that really made it for me. Raz has to delve into many peoples’ minds, like the summary says, and each person’s mind you visit is a brand new level to explore! Sure the graphics are a little dated, but those levels are chock full of so many details, puzzles and so so much symbolism to help you get to know each character. There’s so much thought and love in all the level and character designs, it’s a good example of the “show but don’t tell” and story through gameplay methods, both things I really really love and appreciate as an aspiring concept designer myself. 

Each of these characters has a story. And it’s up to Raz to uncover those stories, and maybe even help them cope with/overcome their pain. You really start to feel for these characters along the way, and I love that the game gives you the ability to try and help them instead of just fighting them out of the way like most games have you do. And even the characters you DON’T explore the minds of, they all have so much personality and their own tidbits of story, it’s so cool. 

Psychonauts also has a good variety of reactions to things you might have Raz do. You can punch any character, and each will have different reactions (this game is fully voice acted by the way, with a great cast). They will also react differently if you try to set them on fire with pyrokenesis, or if you use Raz’s other powers on them. There’s so much dang detail in this game, I cannot begin to cover it all…! It’s really amazing! Like if you wonder if you can do something, you usually can, and the game almost always has a programmed response for it. I love it.

Now this is a very old game (it came out in 2005 I think), and I expected to just play it and that’d be the end. But as it turns out, there’s a new side game that came out recently called Psychonauts: the Rhombus of Ruin which, while short, clarifies some things and bridges the gap to Psychonauts 2, a brand new game that’s meant to come out next year! So now would be a good time to play the first game, I think! It’s like…$10 on Steam. pretty cheap for a game like that, I even bought it again on the Playstation store for my sister to play

So yeah I hope this answers your questions!! and probably alot more you didn’t have lol 

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the prickly feeling of change bringing rooms of silence

if i write a poem that believes in itself enough to say
“yes i am tired of silence, then suffering”

from a different room i can hear it calling
“i will be okay, probably, i hope”