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Okay, so sometimes people make gifs, and those gifs show up on my dash, and I am absolutely gobsmacked at Destiel scenes that have actually happened on the show. This gif is stolen from the very talented some-people-call-it-tragic (hope you don’t mind me using this) but what the hell?!

What is that look in Dean’s eyes? I am serious, like yes, we’re always joking about how 9x06 was one giant chick flick, but this is Dean’s face when he drops Cas off for what he thinks is Cas going on ‘a date’. 



Seriously, what else is that look? And if you’re not ‘playing it that way’, what even were you doing? Why is Dean looking at Cas like that? 

Exhibit A for when people ever call you delusional for shipping Destiel; this shit happened. 

Sprains & Fractures, from someone who's had them
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I was on this thing that spun, and it was titled at an angle, and you had to try to stay on it. I lost my balance and fell, landing of course on top of my right ankle.

I was not really able to stand up on my own, and my dad had to help me to a bench and wrestle my shoe off. The ankle was already swelling, and by the time they got me to the car, it looked like there was a grapefruit where the joint usually is. Once in the car, I almost passed out from the pain (keeping in mind my history of injuries, pain is not something I am a stranger to) and was light headed for a few minutes. My mother, who is also a lifeguard and has been one for more than twenty years, recognized it was the beginning of shock, and was able to calm me down enough that I didn’t go into full shock.

The pain was not constant. Sometimes my ankle felt fine, if a bit puffy and immovable. Then there would be a sudden throb and a really intense pressure enough to squeeze out some tears. I still felt weak and shaky, but not like I was going to pass out. Once we got to the ER it didn’t get any better; I wasn’t crying constantly, but the pain was like an 8-9 on the 1-10 pain scale. I wasn’t given any ibuprofen and it took like two hours for us to be seen (if you ever find yourself in the Bay Area of California and are injured, don’t go to Marin General, they really suck).

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I have seen a couple of posts theorising that Kanan will get his sight back - some because they cann’t keep him in his mask all the time and won’t want to show his actual eyes (I… think these people missed the above shot which was literally the first thing shown in the panel.), or because they think it’s narratively constricting and that the spooky dathomirian things from the trailer will do something since we see him with glowy green posessed eyes.

I really hope that they don’t give Kanan his sight back. I know this probably sounds odd, but I will be genuinely disappointed. I miss his beautiful eyes, his face as a whole (I am very much into the trauma!beard after some consideration.) But bringing back his sight would be wrong. 

Narratively, in terms of character… it’s a greater challenge keeping him blind. how does this work? How does he connect? How does he fight, cook, train, teach. What is his connection with the force like? The conflict of pain and darkness - literal darkness - within him as he has this real disconnect from the world that he needs to push aside for both himself and his padawan. And his crew. How do you not let that consume you?

They’ve cited references to blind samurai films (I am not familiar, so I can’t really discuss this), and the line that they are taking from these films.

We’ve decided to move forward with that…. giving him something to look at his life in a different way, literally. Change the way he’s doing everything, and you’ll see the implications for his character. The way this changes the way he looks at life will i hope make him a.. better Jedi in the long run. [x]

This suggests long-term ramifications, developments. Becoming a new and ‘better’ Jedi. And he is a jedi. A Jedi Knight, as declared by Quizzy/the Sentinel in Shroud of Darkness in the last season. He has his blaster still, but he is openly wearing his lightsaber. He’s lost his armour in typical Jedi fashion (looking at you Obi-Wan), and his costume is now symmetrical. Those lines are there, those Jedi lines. He may still effectively be wearing a jumper, but those detail lines are now overtly alluding to the tabards of the traditional Jedi tunic; those boots are more Jedi than his previous pair. (That triangle detail is more prominent and I am sure it’s relevant - hopefully not because Palps has a triangle brooch int he exact same place when he rocks up on Mandalore in TCW S5.) There is previous in having blind Jedi, thinking specifically of the Miraluka which, well. May be relevant thanks to things brought up in the season opener.

He’s going to be learning and changing, looking deeper into both himself and his wider galaxy; looking through and understanding. Going by just the pictures shown in the panel, Kanan is working on the isolation thing at first, shutting himself away from his crew and family and presumably the wider rebellion, but we know that won’t be for long thanks to the trailer. He’s out there, he’s kicking arse. He’s learning how make this drastic dramatic traumatic change work for him. To push him through  all that - and it will be a push, it will be hard in itself, but especially with everything else going on and oh my gods Ezra what are you doing. To build and work and develop Kanan and then flip that around and give his sight back will feel like a disservice to the story and to Kanan. The audience will learn with Kanan, the other characters will. There will literally be a new perspective on everything,  a new way of seeing. Dismissing that may not mean ignoring all of his growth over the coming season but some element of that will be inevitable and a bitter shame. 

(I do think that perhaps they will lose the mask? Once he connects back with the world, becomes comfortable in his new self. But I guess that is based on animation decisions, as I think Filoni mentioned using the mask to make it easier to show where and how Kanan’s attention is focused.)

On a very personal level….I got my first pair of glasses when I was 5, by 8 I was told that there was a very high chance that I was going to go blind. By 11 I was in contacts because my eyesight was so bad that the distance between my actual eye and the glasses lens was no longer assisting and there was very little point in upping prescription any more unless I swap to contacts.  As it turns out, I’m not blind (yay!). However, without my lenses I’m legally blind, with my glasses I’m basically useless. My eyes only stopped their rapid deterioration in the last year or two, but that possibility is still there and I’m at near constant risk of tearing which could lead to massive fully-blind black spots. Laser treatment won’t do anything for me.

Ok, so what, you may ask. Geordi LaForge on Star Trek: The Next Generation was so, so important to me growing up as a blind character that got shit done. He was brilliant and functional and had a jazzy visor. I got the chance to meet the wonderful LeVar Burton at Star Trek London a couple of years ago and he kindly listened as I told him how important a blind character was for a girl with a dim (gettit?) future, he was lovely and encouraging and we talked for a solid five minutes and I definitely wasn’t crying.

Functional blind characters are important to give hope and promise. Isn’t hope what Star Wars is all about? A magic fix won’t make Kanan whole, won’t make a poor sighted person whole (which isn’t to say that if you can get it, you shouldn’t. But that isn’t an option for some.) A character that has suffered this personal trauma - physical or otherwise - learning how to live with it whilst it is very much a constant presence is important. Brushing things away, hiding them, hiding from them isn’t the only way to develop and proceed. An adjustment and a new understanding of self in a new context. There might be another little girl out there waiting for the world to go dark learning that maybe, maybe there is another side to that future.

Hey, my name’s Rob and I’m a young photographer from the north east of England. I shoot my personal work on film, mostly 35mm but I have dabbled with 120 and 5x4. My intentions with my work is to either relay the emotions and atmosphere of the moments I shoot in or to demonstrate interesting geometry in the spaces we live in. I want the audience of my photographs to have a feeling of what it was actually like to be there in that moment. Therefore, my photographs can capture very personal moments which I want to share.

I am currently a photography student with big aspirations, I am very excited for the future.

I hope you enjoy my work, I put a lot of care into it.

I’m trying to absorb you
into this moment, to wake up to this
and realize it’s actually happening.
I’m not sure if I’m constantly
trying to validate my experiences
or just attempting to ensure
that I’m not asleep and dreaming;
I have no idea which is better.
I used to talk about essence a lot,
used to believe it too. I’m not sure
I believe it any less but I’m sure
I’m not any closer to understanding
what exactly that means either.
I feel like the older I become
the more distracted I am,
the further I find myself from
the meaning of things and places
and people. I’m reading sentences
twice over to make sure I read them
right the first time. I’m reading people
twice in hopes I actually read them
wrong the first time. Am I stuck or
is everything around me just
standing still for once? I don’t know.
I can’t remember the last time
I slept well but I remember
pretty much everything else.
I’m living without feeling fully alive.
Perhaps when this endless cycle
of self scrutiny finally breaks
I can say that I’m here,
genuinely aware of the present,
however painful that, too, may be.
—  Nav K

Hi and welcome to my blog!

My name is Amanda and I am a 16 year old girl from Sweden.
In this blog you will be able to read about me, my life and probably a lot of fashion and inspiration. 

After being on tumblr for over a year I thought it would be interesting creating a “regular” blog where I can write things of my own instead of reblogging other people’s posts all the time. Therefore I started looking around for different blog portals, but I gave up quite quickly as I realized their customizing pages were nothing like tumblr’s HTML coding - and I cannot accepting having a terrible-looking blog design! 
Since tumblr is the only thing in life I can actually understand I started to accept the fact that an other blog portal was completely out of my reach. So, I started customizing a new tumblr blog instead, and this is the result!

I hope you will enjoy your stay on my new blog because I am sure I will. 
Stay amazing! xo

Love, Amanda

Jet-Lagged | Harry Styles

Jet-Lagged | Harry Styles Mini-Shot

*A/N: my gif hunting skills are so low i h8 me. but i hope you liked this and i might do a 3 am talks one-shot some time, where it’s like,,, their actual convo u feel? i hope you like ittttttt let me know if you do!!



“Harry?” She noticed he was awake when she rolled over to find him on his phone. “What are you doin’?” She asked lazily, moving to cuddle into him. 

“M awake.” He rasped, voice scratchy from being in its resting state for so long. “Like, I’m up for the day,” He chuckled slightly, but she knew he didn’t find it funny. “And it’s 3 AM.” He sighed locking his phone and setting it on his chest. 

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anonymous asked:

am i the only one who thinks magnus' makeup and hair this season look more... modest? like, from all the magnus pics we've got, he only has some simple eye makeup and his hair is simply pulled up (no little curls or anything). i feel like they try to make him look more manly, comparing to season 1 where he looked rather soft and beautiful (when he doesn't have the facial hair). i hope we'll have lots of differents alternated looks (makeup, hairstyles, shaved/facial hair).


but actually Magnus doesn’t look much different than he did in 1.01, 1.02, or 1.13. Harry’s commented that in S1, Magnus switched it up to see what Alec might like and that in S2, we’ll see him dress as more himself. I’ve always believed that Magnus softens his appearance when he wishes to look a bit less Untouchable High Warlock™, whether for the sake of flirting with Alec or for the frightened warlocks he’d herded into his home in 1.04, which included children like Zoe. Otherwise, he leans more towards the look he had in early S1 before he met Alec, and currently now in S2.

That aside, I prefer not to label Magnus as ~manly~ or not because it brings up two unfortunate implications:

  1. that Magnus cares at all about gender norms
  2. that the feminine coded aspects he incorporates in his appearance is only acceptable if he looks less traditionally masculine

Like, I don’t care if aesthetically you just prefer a different look, that’s fine. Personally, I agree I’d love to see some highlights in his hair in the future.

But Asian men are already stereotyped as effeminate and often when people bring up this topic, feminine coded words like beautiful/pretty/soft/less manly come into play. It’s as if these traits combined with a feminine coded appearance (i.e. no facial hair) are desirable on Magnus while their opposites are to be looked down upon as “not suitable” for his character (because the idea of an Asian man possessing traditionally masculine traits is discordant with the stereotype and/or because it’s threatening when men of color are masculine-coded, i.e. physical strength like being muscular or tall.) It’s all a little uncomfortable honestly.

You’re An Idiot(ReaderxBucky)

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Title; You’re An Idiot

Pairing: Reader x Bucky

Anon Requested: Could you do a bucky AU non avengers imagine where the reader and Steve are sibilings and she loathes bucky but end up actually loving each other?? Fem!pronouns please and thanks!!

Warnings: Language (maybe??)

A/N: After nearly three months of writer’s block, I am back at it. I am not sure how good this is. The request is kind of vague, so I hope I did it justice. Idk. Let me know what you guys think considering I am kind of rusty.

Your name: submit What is this?

“Bucky is finally coming back from his family vacation today.” Steve gleamed as he paced around the living room. “And please don’t take offense, I have enjoyed hanging out with you constantly, but I miss my best friend.”

“No offense taken.” You assured.

Bucky and Steve had been inseparable partners in crime since elementary school. Wherever one went, the other followed. Except for this time. Bucky left for the summer to travel through Europe, leaving Steve all alone. And from Steve’s behavior, you would think he had been gone for years.

As you watched your brother eagerly await his friend’s arrival, you couldn’t help but feel conflicted.

Out of the several things in your life that were meant to exist, your relationship with Bucky Barnes was not one of them. From childhood up to now, it had always been a relationship filled with aggravation and difficulty. Though you had tried to be civil with him for the sake of your brother, Bucky had proved countless times that he was incapable of being anything other than insufferable towards you.

Yet, a part of you had missed him over the summer and you had difficulty understanding why. Whenever he was present, you wanted nothing more than for him to be gone. However here you were, anxiously waiting for him to walk through the door.

“Honey, I’m home!” Bucky’s voice sang from the entryway.

“Buck!” Steve chimed as he made his way to hug his best friend. ”How was Europe?”

“It was another world. I loved it. But, I will have to be honest. It would have been a lot better with you there.”

While him and Steve were all over each other, you couldn’t help yourself from admiring him. His dark hair had gotten longer in the time of his absence. His skin was also tanner and he looked as if he hadn’t shaved in a few weeks. He had also appeared to have gained muscle and wasn’t as skinny as he used to be. Nine weeks away and he appeared to turned from a boy to a man.

“Did you actually get hotter this summer, Barnes?” You asked observingly.

“See, I would be offended if you had asked me if I had actually gotten hot this summer, but you used hotter. Which implies that you already found me attractive.”

Both him and Steve laughed, while you felt your eyes roll into the back of your head. Whatever part of you had thought you missed him was gone after that comment.

“No, but thank you. You don’t look too bad yourself, doll. How’s your meat-for-brains boyfriend doing? Oh wait. Don’t answer. I don’t care.”

“Well considering we broke up due to him sleeping with that blonde girl from his work. I don’t either.” You responded without looking up from your phone.

“Oh, wow. I am sorry, y/n. Truly.”

“Do I detect sympathy in your tone? Wow. Europe changed you.”

Bucky laughed in a mockingly manner as he diverted his attention to Steve.

“Do you want to go over to Tony’s tonight? You can bring the leech, I mean your sister, with you.”

“I wouldn’t mind that. What do you say, Y/N? Would you like to tag along?”

“Sure, I have nothing better to do.”


It only took being at Tony’s for an hour before you were irritated and ready to go home. The boys were being their usual annoying selves and you were struggling to resist the urge to punch one of them. As they sat around playing video games and bad-mouthing one another, you made your way up to Tony’s room where you could have a few moments of quiet. Sometimes being around people, even those you loved, could be overwhelming.

There was a light knock at the door followed by a concerned voice calling out your name.

“Go away, Steve. I don’t want to talk to you.” You groaned.

“Good thing I’m not Steve.” Bucky grinned as he entered the room and sat next to you on the bed. “Are you okay?”

“Wow,” You scoffed. “I got an apology earlier and you’re asking me if I am okay? Why are you suddenly acting like you care?”

“Because you think no one cares or notices you and it’s always been a hobby of mine to prove you wrong.” Bucky gave you one of his cocky smirks. “Plus, I’ve always cared about you. You’re my best gal.”

“You’re a really bad liar. Besides, I am fine. I just get anxious easily.”

Bucky skeptically looked at you before cautiously pulling you towards him. You allowed yourself to rest your head on his shoulder as he rubbed your back.

When was the last time you had even touched Bucky, let alone be this close to him?

The two of you sat in silence for several minutes before Bucky broke it.

“I think I am in love with you.” He whispered. “I just didn’t know how to show it. Which is why I think I was always poking at you. But while I was in Europe this summer, I saw all these beautiful people and could only think of you. It made me sick. I don’t want to run away from it anymore though.”

You lifted your head off his shoulder, leaving the distance between your face and his to only a few inches.

“What did you say?”

“I am in love with you, y/n.”

Like a flash of lightning, your lips hit his. The intensity between the two of you increased dramatically. All of the frustration and annoyance towards him was gone and replaced with a new type of feeling; passion.

As the two of you kissed, his fingers ran through your hair and down your back. He squeezed your upper thigh and pushed you flat onto Tony’s bed. You couldn’t help but laugh as Bucky towered over you.

Bucky only tilted his head in curiosity.

“Are we really going to desecrate Tony’s bed while both him and my brother aka your best friend are downstairs?”

“Who cares about them? Not me.”

“Buck,” You smiled. “You’re an idiot. Get off of me.”

He threw his hands up as a playful defense as a smile played across his face.

“Maybe so.” Bucky admitted as he made his way off of you. “But I was wondering if I could be your idiot?”

“Pretty cheesy, but a strong possibility. We just have one obstacle to get past first, and it may not be easy.” You warned, making your way onto your feet. “Telling Steve that we may not hate each other after all.”

Bucky rolled his eyes before kissing you again.

“With you by my side, I am confident I can do anything.”

SO A WHOLE BUNCH OF PEOPLE ASKED FOR HOST!FURI. Okay so I thought this was gonna be shorter and I’d have time to write two things and I was wrong this thing took on a life of its own. But I am still working on a few other things you guys requested, so look out for those in the coming weeks I suppose.

Title: Entertaining Akashi Seijuurou

Synopsis: Furihata tends to overthink things, Akashi proves he isn’t very subtle, and Nijimura just wishes his club had a different name.

AU: Host AU

Pairing: Akashi/Furihata; hinted others

Word Count: 5,100+

Can be read under the cut.

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okay but… the Sigma in Epsilon’s head is not THE Sigma that did THE THING. That Sigma was eradicated and never came into contact with Epsilon between PFL and his destruction at Freelancer Command. So any likeness that Epsilon assigns him is really just him inferring from limited data. The same can be said about basically all the fragments in his head. Delta is actually the only fragment Alpha was on contact with before he data dumped on Epsilon then blew up. 

So I’m saying Sigma fragment popping up just like, “Hullo, Carolina. I was hoping we wouldn’t have to encounter eachother. Epsilon tells me my appearance would… distress you. But Epsilon is in trouble now and I am what’s needed. Please understand: I am not him.” 


Question: So did you leave any part of the hallway scene [in “The X-Files: Fight the Future”] cut on the floor of director’s cut room? Maybe you really kissed and the director decided not to show it in the movie?

Gillian Anderson: No! [David Duchovny and I] never kissed, but what we did is to shoot our own side of the scene. Which is really funny. Actually I attack Mulder in a sexual abusive way! I think that only Chris has this copy and I am pretty damn sure that no one will ever see it. (laughs) Mostly in the Internet, I am pretty sure that no one will ever see it, so don’t hope.

Cinemania Magazine, November 1998 (Article translated from Spanish)

I’m actually really happy with my life. 2013 may have been the hardest year, but it was definitely an eye opener I will always remember for the rest of my life. I am a grown woman now and I am hoping for nothing but the best this 2014. I am greeting the New Year with a smile cause you know what? Fuck the past. It’s not going to stop me from having a wonderful future ahead.

I need someone who gets Dean very good to give me Dean’s POV on this scene in ‘Sacrifice’ when Dean asks Sam if he’s been to confession, to make his blood pure, and then tells Sam all the “bad things” he’s done (and done to him, and things he’s done too, as if they were his fault) . I am not paying attention to the (lame) “joke” that was this girl from school who is actually Dean’s story. this isn’t my issue here. 

I can’t get around the list. it was horrible, and Sam was sick and about to do a huge thing for humanity and this is what he came up with? 

Instead of, say, assuming Sam’s blood is pure as it is. no need for confession. or,  Sam has atoned for his wrongs BIG TIME already there’s no need to think they’re making his blood un-pure. or, you know, just not buying that the pure thing is due to saying something in a dark room? maybe it’s me, since I don’t see confessions as something that make you pure, but the change of actions and doing good (which, Sam has done and keeps doing all the time) but i just can’t get my head around it. while I can sort of understand many questionable things Dean has done, and see where they’re coming from, this one i just can’t. 

So, help me understand him better? 

Dear friends! 🙋

Slow but steady gains of my physical wellbeing can be remarked. Thus, it is finally possible for me to say ‘hello’ again.
Your support, thousands of postings and personal messages have not just been completely overwhelming, but also so highly motivating that I can’t even wait to start my spinal cord rehabilitation. THANKS SO MUCH! 🎉

So far, I am feeling fine. Well, I cannot exert movement in my legs, but there is some kind of rest sensitivity present. That means, I can actually feel and localize wide area contact in the paralyzed area. On the other hand, my arms are widely intact, I am just lacking strength. I have daily therapies with my doctors and I have even been outside twice already. 😄 What a feeling to breath in some fresh air again! Suddenly, humble goals and visions rather than high professional success gains importance - even if it’s just to sit up free from giddiness and dizziness.

I sincerely hope you guys keep the support in such a lovely and mesmerizing way. You are the main resource to summon up all my vitalizing power.

I am so thankful and wish you the best from the hospital in Graz!

- Lukas Müller via Facebook

*buying yet another book to start learning yet another language from scratch* I’m fiiiine! I’m feeling Really Emotionally Stable and Totally Ready For This Commitment and pssh I can keep up with all the commitments I’ve already made! haha no I don’t know why I’m crying actually I’m totally happy and healthy right now and I Am Definitely Achieving What I’d Hoped To Achieve In The Past lmao actually on second thought I think I’ll buy a book on Ancient Greek too


Happy Aceday everyone!! I’m Yanitza(21), I’m Mexican-American and I‘m an alloromanantic asexual gal(she/her)! I get crushes on just about anyone I meet and have a warm conversation with! That being said I am not actually repulsed or have experience aversion with sex, I’m just not interested in it at all. What I’m interested in is communication and how people interact without bringing the sexual side into the mix. 
-I couldn’t find my deck as I am cleaning my room at the moment so I had to google an image oops
-Also I look like a hot mess right now so have these old selfies of me from about 4 months ago up until now!
Also I hope everyone has a wonderful day and remember to never ever feel ashamed for being yourself. I love you and I hope you do too. And if you don’t then that’s ok too. Take your time. This is about you.

Who Am I Dressing For?

Thursday | October 13, 2016

One answer: ME

Yesterday, in the middle of class, my phone lit up with a messenger notification. It was from a relative who sent me a link to an article about mothers being concerned about the way their daughters are dressed. From the title alone, I already knew what it was going to be about but I still read it hoping that it wasn’t what I was expecting.

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He holds your hand for the first time

A/N: Just another prompt completed for you, I hope you like this one :)


 “Louis no” you whined, chasing after him while ran to, from what you could see was a haunted house ride. He came to a stop in front of the old and desiccated looking building turning back to you when you arrived beside him with a cheeky grin covering his features. “Louis I am not going in there” you said, giving the building an apprehensive sidelong glance. “Oh come on Y/N these things are never actually scary it’s just a whole lot of people dressed in ridiculously fake costumes trying to scare you in the most cliché ways, it quite funny actually.” You looked at Louis in a disbelieving manner while he returned your stare with a pout. Almost immediately knowing you were going to regret it you sighed “fine Lou, but I swear to god if I have nightmares after this I am holding you personally responsible for it”  you told him with a threatening tone in your voice. Louis laughed, “sure” he brushed it off leaving you to trail after him once more when he left to buy your tickets and beckon you over to the line.

As soon as it was your turn and the wooden doors creaked open to reveal a dark corridor you were already seriously regretting your decision, your heart beating sporadically in your chest. Subconsciously you moved closer to Louis until your shoulder gently brushed his arm. Louis looked sideways at you and noticed your lip pulled between your lips and your eyes darting from side to side looking for the first surprise. You jumped slightly when you felt a hand brush yours, but looked down to see it was Louis wrapping his hand protectively around yours and pulling you closer to him and slightly behind. You leaned into the touch. your hand holding tightly to his and you could already feel a sense of safety rushing through you. “It’s alright, I’ll protect you, from nightmares too” Louis told you. leading you forward into the darkness and thankfully missing the blush that coloured your cheeks at his words.


It was only through your friends convincing you that you had even agreed to go on the date with Niall.

“Y/N what are you so worried about?”your friend questioned in exasperation, “you’ve hung out with him plenty of times before” she reminded you. “I know” you sighed, “but that was as friends, this is different, I don’t know how to date Niall.” She laughed, “what do you mean, you date him the same way you would anyone else, you like him don’t you?” “Well yeh” you agreed slowly, “then just let it happen” she told you. You took in a long deep breath before letting it out in a huff, “you’re right, it’s Niall, I like him, just let it happen,” you said, finally convincing yourself. You were nervous as you got ready for  your date, hands shaking slightly as you text Niall to let him know that you were ready. The two of you had decided on something simple for your first ‘official date’ opting for a simple dinner though he had insisted on picking you up. You saw through the front window  when Niall’s car pulled up and quickly made your way out, letting yourself into the passenger side of the car, “hey Ni” you greeted with a soft and nervous smile. “Hi Y/N” he returned. his own smile seeming easy. You drove along in silence for a few moments, the music playing on the radio the only noise in the car. Niall was the first to break it, looking at you with a half smile, “you know this is ridiculous, why are we this nervous we’ve been friends for ages a date shouldn’t change that” Niall said. “It shouldn't” you agreed, “but somehow it has.” Niall shook his head “well I’m not going to let it” he told you firmly and with that he turned the dial on the radio making the music blare through the speakers and started to sing loudly along with it. You laughed, joining in within moments. Once you were laughing Niall reached over with his spare hand and carefully took your own hand into his, threading his fingers through yours and squeezing slightly. You realised then that you had no reason to be nervous, every part of being with Niall felt right.


You had been spending time with One Direction for quite awhile and honestly should have been getting used to all of the attention that was constantly trained on them, but unfortunately you had not, which lead to your current predicament. You had gone along to their latest concert and had joined them afterwards as they left the venue. Unlike most venues the boys had to leave the secure area to get to the bus and you were left surrounded by security and of course the usual swarm of waiting paparazzi and fans. Noise surrounded you and you and the boys were ushered through the crowd. You could barely see past the security in front of you but they couldn’t do anything to block the bright flashes of the cameras and the screams of the fans. It was all a bit overwhelming and you could feel your breath starting to come faster. When you felt hands starting to reach through and grip at your clothes and arms, begging you to stop for photos, you froze unable to figure out what you should do. Frozen to the spot you only stared around at the chaos still unfolding around you. You only managed to come back to some form of reality when you felt a strong hand grip your own. Fingers threaded through yours, sending a warmth straight through your arm, your eyes shot up to meet Liam’s deep brown ones, “Come on Y/N it’s alright, we’re almost there.” You nodded and let Liam lead you through the crowd, the fear from before lessened by the security of his hand wrapped around your. Only a few moment’s later you reached the bus and Liam moved you ahead of him to go first. Once on the bus you looked quickly down at your intertwined hands wanting nothing more than for them to stay like that even though you knew it wouldn’t be long till Liam dropped your hand. Despite what you thought, once everyone was safely inside the bus, Liam only moved to pull you onto the lounge beside him keeping your hands linked and held tightly on the top of his thigh. You couldn’t help but lean into the touch allowing yourself to rest against his side and lean your head against his shoulder, “thank’s Li” you whispered. “Of course” he replied, giving your hand a gently squeeze.


 You had been more than a little surprised when Harry had invited you to accompany him to a musical. It was no secret that you loved musicals but you had never heard Harry mention that he enjoyed them, but you weren’t one to turn down such an offer and had excitedly agreed. Honestly you weren’t sure what the night was supposed to be and were far too nervous to ask Harry. Therefore you had gotten ready for the night unsure of whether it was romantic or not. The beginning of the night gave you no indication, a couple of friendly drinks and discussing what you were expecting from the show before entering the theatre to find your seats, leaving you with questions and emotions running through your mind about whether or not Harry shared your feelings towards him. You felt the familiar excitement stir inside you when the lights dimmed and the first character stepped out onto the stage and forgot about Harry’s intentions when you were immediately swept up into the story. The first half of the show passed quickly and it was nearing the intermission of the show that the two main characters were singing a love fuelled duet together and your eyes flickered to Harry, your thoughts from before the show returning. Harry was smiling down at the stage his eyes crinkling slightly at the sides. You could tell that he was enjoying the show and felt a smile tug at your own lips while you watched him. Obviously having sensed your gaze Harry’s eyes flicked over to meet yours and his smile widened, blushing slightly at being caught you turned your attention back to the show. It was only a few moments later that you felt Harry shift beside you before you felt his long fingers slid between yours; his large, warm hand encasing yours. You looked quickly at him and smiled, both of you finally seeming to sink comfortably into the seats, hands clasped comfortably between you and your questions from earlier finally answered.

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