I hope he's able to find real real real love - and openly too - one day


genre: fluff + dashes of angst, toy!au

star of the show: NCT’s Mark 

word count: 2,353 words

author’s note: this is told in toy!mark’s p.o.v. *extra points for you if you can guess what kind of toy Mark is before the revealing in the fic itself.*

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opening line: “If only you were real–then I can confidently tell everyone about my new friend who I talk to and play with every day.” 

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Summer House ~ Chapter 4: Confessions

Again I’m just floored by the positive response! All of you make this world a better place! 

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Chapter Four: Confessions

 She stood there with her fingers slipping back and forth over the camera’s lens for what felt like hours. He remained posed like some Greek statue along the door frame of the bathroom door; while the leftover heat from the adjoining room gracefully highlighted the many rivets of his sculpted features. She gulped making his lips curve, her arms finally fell limply to her sides while he chuckled nervously, “That’s what you chose for self defense really?”

 Felicity babbled with a nervous sounding scowl over her full lips, “I, well…I…oh fuck it! What the hell? How? Why and, more importantly when did you come back from the fucking dead if that’s actually what this is!!!!”

 When his head shook droplets of water flew freely from the tips of his hair until they splattered down to the pale floors. Felicity’s ire waned when she heard him whisper, “I can’t believe how much I’ve missed you…” She kept quiet but something in her stomach jumped violently… whether it was positive or negative had yet to be determined.

 After she regained enough equilibrium to form a coherent sentence she suggested that he perhaps put on more than a fluffy white towel. She also remarked beneath her breath that for a dead man he looked incredibly hot for the second time in the span of five minutes. He of course appeared to have hearing like a bat and, rasped back almost inaudibly, “Well the years have been kind to you as well…”

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Romance and Sport in Yuri on Ice... from the perspective of an actual sportsgay

I am a sportsgay–bikesexual, as I say often. And I love Yuri on Ice, not only because it’s awesome to see two out athletes in media (even if it’s a cartoon rather than real life, but I digress…) but because it depicts a relationship that is so familiar to me as an athlete: the coach and the competitor–and makes it gay. Actually, the whole series is pretty awesome about capturing just how gay sports culture is as a whole.

Full disclaimer: I am not an ice skater. I ride bikes. I work at a bike shop. I am a coach. I’ve been doing this for more than a decade. While I am nowhere near a professional cyclist, and never was, not even at my peak, I live a life that is absolutely bike-centric, even though my involvement is on the amateur level. If there’s one thing I can tell you about being an athlete, it’s this:

Sports are gay.

Yes, it’s true about all sports once you get begin to seriously train with the goal of competing. You can be the straightest bro ever, and if you pursue any kind of sport at a competitive level, you will experience a level of homoeroticism you will never experience anywhere else. Unless, of course, you are actually a gay athlete, in which case, your involvement in sports makes your life exponentially gayer than the average gay.

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