I hope I did this right

y'know what??? I hope taylor is mad. I hope w this new album she goes after EVERYONE who ever said anything negative about her and puts them in their place. I hope she’s ferociously angry and is coming w a VENGEANCE. she has a right to be angry and I hope she makes all her haters feel pretty damn terrible about what they did, because they should. I hope she slithers up from the depths with some intense badass music that shows EVERYBODY that you don’t mess w swift. the end. bye.

tioretrog  asked:

Hello tsumire, I am from the page of fb Comic Cartoon Latino, I just came to ask you to accept these apologies and I hope you have not offended or angry, because for me you are a good artist and I only did it because I love your art, That I did not ask permission to do it, anyway I ask you to accept these sincere apologies, I hope and you understand me :) greetings

Thanks for sending me this message.

But tbh I feel no sincere apologies in this message.

I said multiple times on my tumblr and twitter, even you do like my art, doesn’t mean you have the right to repost them without my permission, no matter you want to share my art because you love them, or want to do advertising for me, you didn’t ask me first, so you are wrong from the beginning.

Also you didn’t credit most of the artists’ art, how can your followers know who’s the artist if they like that art ??

Some reposters saw my post about repost, they came to apologize saying they will take down my art. I’m happy when people say they love my art, but even if you love my works it doesn’t mean you can repost them. What you did it’s not helping me, only hurts me.

Beside repost, you even edited, translated and add your own watermark on our art, you did too much, this isn’t okay. Those artists spent hours on their hardworks, it’s wrong to think how we reacted was bad and you even support those fans who thought what you did was okay and you were just advertizing us. That was not okay to us. There were people trying to help us, but you only pointed out who sent them or their identity, even ignoring them .

I don’t want my art to be reposted, so i haven’t authorized any other page besides my own ones to post my work. I don’t have time to look for every page, if you know some pages repost others art you can tell the artists about that to help them.

I’m still mad and I hope you can understand why, so I wrote all these things for you.

I suggest you take down the art you reposted without permission, some artists like @treker402, @jearwork, @kaiken23, @dement09, and @beautysnake, don’t like their art being reposted, you should ask them first.

If you don’t know who drew the art, take them down aswell, you don’t know the artists doesn’t mean it is free to use.

I sleep only 4 hrs a day because I want to draw for my friends and my own followers, ofc I’ll be mad when I see ppl use my hardwork without permission.

Asking for permission is not that hard, I hope you will do that for me if you really want to apologize.


To my followers who dont know what happened, there was a FB fanpage called Comic Cartoon Latino reposted, edited and translated our art without permission.

They didn’t take down my art and other reposts, and deleted one of their post which we left some messages under it.

And the comments under this post really makes me sick,

Sick comments

No matter how you love the art or for other reasons, you cant reposted it without the artist’s permission, dont use it “sharing” as an excuse to repost ppl’s hardwork on your own page, you are not sharing if you do that, that’s stealing.

I should be asking kinder when someone steals my stuff ?? Whats wrong with these ppl ??

If you like ppl take your stuff away and show to others without asking then go ahead, I dont want to be like you.

At least I respect myself and other ppl.

170824 Leo Twitter Reply Compilation

T/N: Be sure to check this tweet first.


얘들아 알겠어 오로치마루 잘 알고있었어
실트까지 갈 일이니🙂

Kids, I get it, I knew Orochimaru
Did you have to make it a real time tweet🙂

크으으 실트도 알고 신세대네요👍🏼👍🏼

keuuu you know real time tweets you’re new generation👍🏼👍🏼

Leo: 뿜뿜도 배웠음

I learned bboom bboom too


You know FanAJou, right?

Leo: 팬아저는 뭐야?

What is FanAJou?

(T/N: This is short for ‘to save/download even if you aren’t a fan.’)

뿜뿜이 뭐야????

What is bboom bboom????

Leo: 말로 설명하기는 좀 힘들고.. 어…

It’s difficult to explain in words.. Yeah…

복세편살은 알ㅇㅏ?

Do you know BokSePyeonSal?

Leo: 복받을세상편하게살자

Let’s live comfortably in this world receiving happiness

(T/N: It actually is short for ‘let’s live comfortably in this complicated world.’)

오빠 어덕행덕은??

Oppa, what about OuDoukHaengDouk??

Leo: 어묵은덕분에행복했덕

The fish cake was happy thanks to you

(T/N: It actually is short for ‘If your going to be a fan, let’s be fans happily.’)





RAVI (@AceRavi):

오로치 착하지

Good Orochi

(T/N: Ravi is making a play on words with Leo being like Orochimaru and the beginning of ‘Chained Up’ when he says “good boy” (or technically the genderless equivalent;;))


Ravi: 레오 여권사진으로 쓰면 되겠다🙃

Leo should use that for his passport photo 🙃

Leo: 지금 뒤에있으니까 얼굴 보고 말해 트위터 하지말고👽

I’m behind you right now, so look at my face and say it, don’t do it on Twitter 👽

RAVI (@AceRavi):

나른한 분위기의 멋진 레오로 훈훈하게 마무리🙃

A heartwarming ending with a cool Leo with a drowsy atmosphere🙃

식이가 이제 반말해ㅋㄱㅋㅋㄱㅋ 형의 위엄이 낮아진건가ㅋㄱㄱㅋ

Shikie speaks informally now ㅋㄱㅋㅋㄱㅋ Has your dignity as hyung deterioratedㅋㄱㄱㅋ

Leo: 2년은 넘었다

It’s been over 2 years

Leo: 뜬금없만 고맙다

It’s out of nowhere, but thanks

(T/N: This last ☆ account is private so their message doesn’t show up.)

Rika spoilers
I have a lot of conflicting thoughts about her character. I hate what she did but I understand she was really sick. No matter how deeply you love someone you can’t love them into better health. Medicine and therapy failed her and she quit both and fell into her delusions but I wonder how she would have turned out if V was somehow able to do the medical decision making for her to get her help until she found something that worked.

If I end up having to play as Rika for V’s route I really hope the story includes her gaining stability and peace. Also making things right for the people in Mint Eye.

Jon would never, but Lord Snow did.

It always gives me feels when I remember that I watched Jon Snow go from a sweet summer child, dreaming of battles and glory, to a man who, despite not wanting, have leadership trust upon him.
Jon would do what is right, what it needs to be done and I hope for the love of my got fan card that the writers keep this in mind, ‘cause man, don’t do this OOC thing with one of my favorites characters.
Hoping for undercover!Jon to be true so I can stop suffering for now. Turning him into a grey character, deciding to finally play the game, to save his home and his people? Yeah, I like this.
Turning his character into a lovesick fool who would give his home and savety of his people to someone else 'cause the person 'deserves it’? Sign me the fuck out.
The fans don’t deserve this storyline.

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youre legally required to contact me after you finish that episode/black sails 2.05












anonymous asked:

I really hope Dany wears her hair down (like she did with Daario in s5, she looked absolutely ethereal) and Jon goes back to his pre-resurrection curls.

she looked SO BEAUTIFUL in that scene, you are absolutely right and i think it’s quite possible that her hair will be down. but i’m not as optimistic about jon and i miss his curls dearly :(

satotengoku  asked:

Hello! I've never done this before; I'm scared ._. I don't even know if I'm doing this right. Can I request RFA+V+Searan doing Kabedon on MC? In case you don't know the definition: Kabedon is the action of a guy placing one or both hands on the wall to pin a girl who has her back facing the wall (got it from Google 😅). I hope I didn't mess up (I probably did 😂). Have a nice day! :D

oh, honey, don’t worry, you’ve done everything right! 
thank you for this  request, i enjoyed it!


credit: @ littlecloverstar


credit: @ babyybluebear


credit: @ annekan29


credit:@ yoharuyuri


credit: @ babyybluebear


credit: @ exoturnback


credit: @shokugekis

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It WOULD be berries today of all days wouldn’t it? Don’t worry, I have no desire to write anything horrific about today’s events… yet. But seriously, I couldn’t resist Rhink with this. Here we go. Hope you like. 

“How’re your berries, man?”

Link looked at Rhett across the room and held up a bag of frozen peas. “This is helping.” He set the bag back down onto his lap gently, making a little “oomph” as he did so.

Rhett giggled. “Yeah, it’s going to be different. We can still enjoy things though.”

Link considered this as he looked up at the ceiling and smiled. “Yeah.” He looked back at Rhett. “You’re just talking about sex right?”

“Well, there’s other things I enjoy.” Rhett said, his voice full of anticipation.

“Show me sometime?”

Rhett grinned and chuckled. “Sure thing.” 

Send me a one word prompt and I’ll do my best to write a good drabble, creepy or rhinky.

“Do you think they’re okay?” Melissa asked quietly, glancing up at the clock. It was almost night time again, meaning that they’d soon have to go to bed. “I mean, we don’t even know if either of them made it to the bottom okay. It seemed like a pretty big drop.”

“I’m sure they’ll be okay. I mean, there’s not a lot else we can do but hope, right?” Jacob mumbled, looking over at Melissa as he did so. He hoped that their two friends were okay, but he didn’t know; he couldn’t know.

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(You always find the best prompt lists, I hope you don't mind if I steal a couple of these from you eventually) How aboooout... Barry and Lup for "So... did you miss me?"

(dude take em! idk i somehow get a lot of prompts lists on my dash? and im always like should i?……i should.) 


“So, did ya miss me?” Lup says, lying with her head dangling off of the bed of their Starblaster bedroom. Neither of them technically need to sleep right now, but, it had seemed like the thing to do, after everything was over.

Barry jerks like he’s been shot, whipping his head around to stare at her, his glasses dropping out of his hands.

“Of course!” He says, “How could you ask —”

“Hey, hey I was just teasing,” Lup cuts in, sitting up. “Aw, babe.”

She scoots closer to him. “Hey. Are you, like, y'know, alright?”  

Most of the moonbase is in shambles. After the high of victory wore off, they had all been left standing around wondering what to do. And now her and Barry are sitting in bed in their shared bedroom and it could be any other night from a decade ago, except it’s not, they’re going to live here forever and they defeated the Hunger and it’s been a decade since she’s sat in bed with him.

“Sorry,” Barry says. “Sorry. It was a long decade. And I didn’t know what was happening, or where you were, and shit, and you were stuck in an umbrella, I shouldn’t be complaining to you—”

Lup wraps Barry in a tight hug.

“I missed you too,” she says.

awesomesquirrelstuff  asked:

For a prompt how about Mevie how about Mal gets hurt and doesn't tell anyone but Evie finds out and freaks out and its really fluffy.

Hey! Thank you so much for leaving a prompt and since I’ve already made this one I decided to make a part II for this one right here and still writing what you want. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did writing it! <3

[AO3 - ff.net]

        At this point, Mal was a pro at getting hurt even when they were doing nothing dangerous. Even in the most normal situations like walking to class, she would suddenly stub her toe against the nearest door which would cause her an amount of pain that could not compare to that time she burned her side.
                  Okay, maybe that was exaggerating things. But it did hurt.
The thing was that Mal hated asking for help. She would never do that. Bothering someone because she was sick or really hurt wasn’t in her plans. Her mother had always taught her that she needed to take care of everything on her own. Maleficent thought that no one was trustworthy of her, and her daughter… well, Mal felt like a bother most of the time.

        And being stubborn didn’t make things easier.
                   Even with her shirt already drenched in blood.

Keep reading

Ikon reacts: Stealing (Hanbin) (23.08.17)

Hey It’s me. I’m so sorry that you had to wait for me to do this request for so long. I’ve been really busy last week and didn’t update this blog as much as I wanted to. I hope I did this request as good as you expected it..
(I’ll separate it into two or more parts as well since I don’t have the time to do it in one go and I also want to update you and my other followers )
Thanks for being patient xx -BP #

(Pic will be inserted soon! My wifi isn’t working that well right now I’m super sorry!)

You were currently leaving your friends apartment.
 You spent the day with your best friend Jamie, the both of you  went out for lunch, watched a movie and did a beauty evening. Everything was fine until her boyfriend got home and wanted to spend some ‘quality time’ with her.
You decided to leave and visit you boyfriend and his band members at their dorm.
“Bye Jamie.. see you on tuesday” you said as you left her apartment, she just smiled and waved at you. 
You hated it when your Boyfriend interrupted the two of you but unfortunately you couldn’t do anything about it.
-Meanwhile at the dorm-
“Bro relax it might just be in the-”
“No it’s not in the washing machine I’ve already asked Yunhyeong.”
Hanbin said annoyed, rolling his eyes at Bobby
“Well damn, sorry..” Bobby said sighing going into the livingroom
- Back to you-
You took the bus to the dorm, as you got out you stopped at a 7/11 store and bought some sweets and chips for the boys.
“The cashier will think I only consume junk food.. good thing I don’t care.” You thought, going towards him.
You bought the stuff and went to the dorm.
Hanbin was still freaking out about his lost hoodie, it was his favourite after all.
You rang the bell, a couple of minutes later Junhoe opened it. 
“Oh Y/n , nice to see- wait is that hanbin’s- “ he said grinning “Come in.”
You thought his reaction to you wearing Hanbin’s hoodie was weird but you didn’t mind, Junhoe has always been a bit strange.
You went to the living room, gave some of the boys some of the snacks and started looking around for hanbin.
“Babe?” You asked looking around. You couldn’t find him anywhere so you decided to look inside his and Bobby’s room.
There he was. Completely exhausted. He looked at you, first he smiled but it soon faded.
“Is that my?!” He literally jumped up and quickly went to you.
“I looked for this the whole evening..” 
He looked down at you, smiled again and took your hands which were covered by his sleeves.
“You look beautiful though “ He said pulling you closer.
“Just tell me next time alright?” 
Hanbin would be the type of guy who’d absolutely adore you every time you wear his clothes. He loves it when you wear oversized hoodies or sweatshirts. 

Hey guys I hoped you liked it, thanks for reading. The others will follow soon!
Much love!


alright here we go,  i hope this doesn’t come off as self centered or anything  but  one thing  that will always  make  me feel comfortable is that i tend to understand people easily so its not that hard for me to make friends and i really need that support / need healthy friendships and it comes kinda easily to me and i like to think its because i’m a nice person / very approachable and that makes me really warm inside because i’ve always wanted to give people the love and attention they deserve because i have such a fear of loneliness and to know that i can make people feel less lonely makes me so so happy with myself.

another thing ! for most of my life i’ve been incredibly skinny, and it used to bother me so bad bc i’ve been tiny chested / kinda short but i’ve grown to like it? i can wear heels and i feel very very comfortable in my height and weight now and i eat healthy and thats been such a struggle for me over the years and now its okay and i feel like myself in my skin and thats such a good feeling. i used to feel so gross about being brown and muslim but i’ve really fallen in love with dark skin and being able to be part of this amazing religious community of muslims and that makes me feel so nice so yeah

and the last thing is that i’m really happy about the fact that i used to worry so so much about the idea that no one will like me or that i’ll end up back w/ someone abusive but ? i really put myself out there and its really nice to know that after almost a year and a half i’m engaged to the love of my life and thats so comforting like holy shit i made it

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tagging  : @dangeress / @warosey / @mchenries / @galahadry / @rosewit / @screwcool / @highnis / @vigilanse / and everyone following my blog + whoever sees this post ! please say i tagged you i want to hear you talk about yourself <3 

Happy Birthday Mom!!

So today is @quackmom‘s birthday and because I love her dearly I have been working to put together a birthday post for her for a few days. 


All the Thwip Kids love you dearly and you have our backs constantly and without question. I’m going through a world of shit right now but whenever I’m on with you, you can still make me laugh. I hope you have a great birthday because you deserve it!!


@spideythewebsitter did a thing for you ^^

Also the other thwip kids had some very nice things to say about you:

Lauren - @mc-universe:

Happy Birthday Momma Bear!

I love you so incredibly much like I can’t even put it into words. You are always here for me when im absolutely fucking wrecked and you are always here to make me smile and laugh. You treat me so much better than my actual mom and I’m legit down if you wanna adopt me. I love and respect you so much and my heart is so full with love from you and I’ve never been happier Mom. Youbare a blessig in every sense of the word. Thank you for always being their and I love you.


Mom is one of the sweetest people in thwip kids, and even though I don’t know them too well, I’ve only seen a lot of positivity and love from them ❤️

Ren - @spider-hlland:

mom is one of the kindest, caring, and most compassionate people i’ve met. her soul is beautiful and bright, and there’s a fire in her that you don’t see in most people. mom is a wonderful inspiration who’s a breath of fresh air on tumblr.

Alice - @spideychelle-romanogers:

mom is one of the most comforting, kindest people you’ll find on this side of the tumblr-sphere. she is selfless, charming, and entertaining, and really really can’t hold her wine.

And @observantmj made you a thing too ^^

and @spectacularspiderling did this one vv

In short we all love you very much and thank you for making the Discord chat amazing, welcoming, and a place where we can talk about whatever we need to from screaming I’M GONNA NUT for thirty minutes, talking about mental illness, to jamming to musicals and That Spidey Life. We all love you. Have a great birthday!!!!!!

New Studyblr Introduction!

Hello everyone! My name is Mika and this is my introduction post to the studyblr community!

How did I end up here?

Well…. I created this account in 2016 and completely forgot about its existence till during summer break 2017. I stumbled upon this community and was completely taken aback by the kind of material and motivation you find here, and we definitely can’t forget the beautiful notes! 

Since I’m a junior in high school right now, I really want to create a system which can hep me with my studies and keep me motivated even when I really feel like giving up. I also hope to meet some wonderful people along the way.

So yeah, that’s about it.

Some Info About Me:

  • My name is Mika.
  • I’m 16 and a highschool junior co19
  • I’m trilingual (English,French and Hindi)
  • I’m a Ravenclaw 
  • I’m not sure about my MBTI type, so I’ll update my profile when I’m sure about it.
  • I haven’t decided what exactly I want to become but I know that I’ll either pursue pure sciences or humanities


  • Sketching, doodling, painting
  • Reading books and fanfictions
  • Watching Anime!
  • Psychological thrillers ( I LOVE this genre!!!)
  • Listening to music

My Goals For This Year:

  • Get good grades (duh..)
  • Become more productive and learn time management
  • Try my hand at photography
  • Restart dancing

My Subjects:

  • English
  • Physics 
  • Chemistry
  • Maths
  • Biology

Studyblrs that have motivated me to start one too:

@equaticns @emmastudies @bookmrk @studyign @studyblr @rhubarbstudies @helixstudies @studylustre @universi-tea

Can I have a selca ship with Wanna One, BTS, and GOT7? (I hope I’m doing this right tumblr on a phone is confusing XD). Thank you~

A/N: Tysm for requesting!!! You did just fine don’t worry :) I hope you got your biases and sorry if you didn’t. Btw you’re gorgeous!!


I ship you with:


Best Friend Out Of the Boys:


Secret admirer:


First date:
-Where you go:

Amusement park


Cute Couple Moment:


I ship you with:


Best Friend Out Of the Boys:


Secret admirer:


First date:
-Where you go:



Cute Couple Moment:


I ship you with:


Best Friend Out Of the Boys:


Secret admirer:


First date:
-Where you go:



Cute Couple Moment: