I have too much power

fanart receives <10 notes: i am a failure, a sham, no one cares about me or what i do

fanart receives 10+ notes: nice, people like my stuff

fanart receives 100+ notes: whoa that’s… that’s a lot

fanart receives 500+ notes: i have been given too much power. do i have enough responsibility for this? is this okay?

fanart receives 1000+ notes: what have i done

original art/oc art receives a single note: cool

original art/oc art receives 5+ notes: whoa

original art/oc art receives 10+ notes:

England as an Air Raid Warden during WWII because he would be out there helping people and y’all fucking know it.

Also, because I like both, here is the unfiltered, colored version under the cut:

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No matter how much I love you, if you asked me to get back together right here, right now I would’ve said no. You’re not worth me breaking my heart over and over again over someone that clearly doesn’t love anyone but themselves.
—  I love myself too much to ever let you have so much power over me // a.s 

Me, at least once a day : *tearing up* i love mob psycho 100 and its characters so much